Mehta’s LA-Phil, BSO-CSO

Originally from Who Is My Teacher?

Funny that all Americans, including Zubin Mehta, considered Mehta’s LA as the heyday of Maestro Mehta. It was my longtime mystery until I actually heard their performance from the radio.

You Stupid Folks…

Who was Mehta’s predecessor? Zubin Mehta was destroying everything that his predecessor had achieved… It has been years that I read articles and forumites. Still no American who picked it up.

Well… You wrote.

“The Boston Symphony now has a brass section as gleaming and polished as the Chicago Symphony’s during Sir Georg Solti’s tenure, and its playing in this perilously brass-heavy work was spectacular. (July 11, 2005)”

I seriously recommend you to listen to their individual sound, for the function of each sound is exactly opposite. From the BSO to the CSO, from the CSO to the BSO.

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