Theory is to Practice as the Musicologist is to the Performer

Originally from Who Is My Teacher? 

But when did I want any performers to lose their professor job because of me? I never did. I only wished Ms. Bloch’s daughter be given the exactly same treatment from her teacher wherever she goes.

I just didn’t mind UM-KC’s musicologist being fired. And she is still there. Is her name Olga Dolskaya-Ackerly?

By the time I arrived at the UM-KC, this music school looked like an Amazon Kingdom, which was owned by Russians. And professor Olga Dolskaya-Ackerly looked like a Russian owner’s only daughter. Furthermore, the performance and the academic department were weirdly opposed to each other. Please imagine her notorious fame among the students in the performance department.

I still remember her hilariously greedy, burning eyes. I didn’t know what a greedy pig a human being could be transformed into until I saw her walking toward me in the library. Her greedy eyes wanted to prove that the academic department was far superior to the performance area, and therefore, not the horn professor but she was the one whom I should follow first. This pig never gave up her academic plan even after she received a special instruction from Someone-Above-Pig. She suddenly changed her attitude when she figured out that there was another music school to which I could be transferred.

Well… I’ve never experienced the terrible lecture like hers: funnily unorganized bla-bla-bla…

I’m still wondering… Are all her students still required to listen to all the Wagner operas in one night? What kind of language is this Russian immigrant speaking in an American music school, by the way?

Throughout my UM-KC days, this Russian musicologist was busy analyzing me. Don’t you think she should analyze herself first before making whatsoever analysis of fucking others?

First of all, this musicologist should at least understand all the detailed information about how to play the instruments and be able to pick up academically valuable music making, if she really wants all the instrumentalists to memorize all the detailed, profound indeed, knowledge written about music. Shouldn’t she?

This is the right attitude of the musicologist, I believe.

Well… the musicologist know nothing about music. They just read many things and write many things that give me no clue how to imagine what music should sound like. Just like all the musicologists I’ve met during my American residency, except one.

Am I writing my story?

I’m merely writing the practical relationship between the performers and the musicologists.

Theory is to Practice as the Musicologist is to the Performer.

Now here is my story.

I know I gave up. I resumed reading the Psalm and I will refuse to go to Heaven. I will stab this Russian pig’s greedy eyes to death. If I fail in this life, I will do this in my next life. Please wait for me.

Without this Russian bitch, my relationship with professor Bloch could have been different.

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