Palestinian Kids

(Originally written on March 2, 2006) 

Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon.

Too tired to go on… I need to more organize this emotional draft in my brain… Right now, I want to write something another…

Story 3: 

I wanted to train the Palestinian kids.

I still believe.

The only answer for existence of the real peace between Jewish Israel and Arab Palestine is to teach the young kids: To teach them lots of things, especially about the fact. And to let them find their own solution, follow their own way, and prepare their own future, weather it is peace or the endless war.

English is nowadays a universal language and I love to teach the young kids what a beautiful language it could be. Once they learn something beautiful, something practical, they will try to learn something another, especially more about their own identity. Isn’t that a terrific idea?

One year ago, I happened to know X, which provides American Homeschooling Courses and has inaugurated its Korean branch. Well… if things are going well…

If things are going well, I wanted to join their educational business and inaugurate its Middle East branch. It was an excellent Curriculum. At the same time, the foreign kids can not improve their reading skills with it.


First of all, my basic problem with them was that I appreciated the president’s educational idea the most, yet their working style was in fact my least favorite. So… I gave up.

To be continued…

Sincerely yours,


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