CSO’s Bimbo, Jacqueline Du Pre

Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon.

Story 4:

Funny that I am still deluding myself that I am communicating with someone. Are you answering me, anyway? Why? Of course, I still want to find myself in New York. But how? To start my life in New York, I need to catch the flight. To fly freely, someone should send me something. But who? Anyway, I want to write this one first before starting my next story. I am curious if I could still get your answer after sending this one.

In Kansas City, where the entire UM-KC was manipulating my daily schedule, I had a chance to report my life to the Chicago musicians. What happened to me?

Clevenger’s American bitch faxed my letter back to the UM-KC, so that both of Ms. Bloch and I were in trouble. 

What is her name?

When I was in Chicago, this bitch used to insist that her name was Alice Clevenger. I’m now wondering why her official name is Alice Render-or-Rectum.

How can I forget my miserable days at the Northwestern, where the professors treated me as Clevenger’s pig while the students scorned me as Clevenger’s monkey?

Thanks to this American bitch’s notorious fame, my whatsoever efforts were useless. They just thought that, sooner or later, I would become the second Alice Clevenger.

Here is this American bitch’s profile: Alice Render is a native… Upon graduation she moved to Chicago to play with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and studied with Dale Clevenger. She also played substitute horn with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for over 15 years, proving to be a very versatile musician. Most recently she was a featured soloist under Maestro Pierre Boulez. Ms. Render also played with various chamber music festivals and teaches with the Marrowstone Music Festival in Washington State. She is now an Associate Professor of Horn at Roosevelt University. She is the mother of two young boys and resides in Winnetka with her husband Dale Clevenger.

The funniest scene among my Chicago memories: Bursting into Clevenger’s studio, where I was taking a “very private” lesson, this bitch tried to show him who were Clevenger’s little kids. Carrying those kids in her bosom, whenever she felt she was in danger… How old were Clevenger’s “old” kids when this bitch was sucking by-then-married man’s penis?

The funniest comment I’ve heard from the CSO’s principal horn: “My Alice was a good player before she came to me.” (A miserable, but stubborn voice. It was the most comical face I’ve ever seen.)

Has anyone heard this bitch blow her instrument out, especially while sitting in an Orchestra Hall? You don’t have to hear that funny playing. It’s more comical to watch it.

I still don’t think it is a good idea for Dale Clevenger to ask his female students to compete with Gail Williams, who his Alice always wanted to but could never overpower.

Now that Alice Rectum-Clevenger is successful in her professional career, how can I blame all those fucking behaviors of American students, who I met at the Northwestern? What about Elena Bashkirova-Kremer-Barenboim, who is perfectly behaving with Michael Barenboim in her bosom?

Am I writing someone’s life in order to spatter his/her purity with slander?

I am writing all about their music and professional career based on their talent. What do they have in common?

No need to mention Clevenger’s girl, who has already received a professorship from American university.

You know… Dale Clevenger knows how to protect his Alice in public… by cleverly ignoring this sound sitting next to him. (When his Alice plays, Clevenger’s sitting posture is a bit different in order NOT to listen to this funny sound…)

Only a genius can do this. When Daniel Barenboim is going to learn this artistic fraud from the CSO’s boss?

I dropped my jaw when I watched Michael Barenboim playing with folks.

Unlike other musicians who were eager to support Barenboim’s Angel but have never made their commercial recordings with this female accompanist, this poor boy was playing with his mother elsewhere he went.

That was how I got to realize that Elena Bashkirova was “really” regarding herself as a great pianist. Or a great mother never sacrifices her kid’s talent-or-professional-career to nurture her professional dream.

Funny that this poor-or-stupid boy is proud of his ensemble with Bashkirova-Gang and will never give up following this sound. Funnier that Daniel Barenboim himself never knows where his son’s talent is lying asleep and how to train this young violinist. So, it is the end of the story. Funny…


Thanks to those fax machines, Mr./Mrs. You-Know-Who started reading my writings, and then my papers, and then my e-mails. Who are now my mail recipients?

Is Daniel Barenboim reading it? Or Is Elena Bashkirova-Kremer-Barenboim monitoring it? If so, Barenboim’s Angel had better read it aloud in front of Kremer’s first ex’s kid.

She should be proud of herself.

May I analyze Du Pre’s ensemble with Daniel Barenboim?

Pianist Barenboim is still proud of his performance with a cellist Du Pre. Well… since everybody is proud of his/her performance with this cellist, it is OK. What is not OK was Du Pre herself sounded marvelous in her recordings with this pianist. Months ago, I heard them on the radio and suddenly realized her reason.

Whenever I listen to her music accompanied by orchestras, I wonder. What would Du Pre’s Davydov have sounded like if her partner were Karajan’s BPO? Furthermore… the present music scene would have been quite different, if Du Pre had become maestro Karajan’s mistress. We could have even savored a music after Furtwangler.

It doesn’t mean that maestro John Barbirolli was not a proper mentor for the young cellist Du Pre. I am just curious.

Being myself as a theory fanatic, this has been my problem while listening to the cellist Du Pre accompanied by the piano.

1. Why does Du Pre sound hum-what-do-i-say in her performance with Gerald Moore, a legendary accompanist? One is a perfectly talented cellist and another is undoubtedly a great accompanist. Their music making should then sound perfectly great. They do not. Is it due to the poor recording system?

2. Not every pianist is born to be a satisfactory accompanist. Barenboim is not. If he wants to accompany something, he needs to find specific musicians, and then should just follow. Here, the pianist Barenboim occasionally follows the cellist Du Pre. Whatever he says, he is both a male chauvinist and a mama’s boy to be a husband, who doesn’t have first-class ears to be a musician. A great musician really needs a qualified accompanist and Du Pre sounds marvelous here. What’s wrong with my ears?

For a while, I thought that the reason of Du Pre with Gerald Moore is due to her age. Then what about Du Pre with John Barbirolli?

Well… playing with orchestral accompaniment is different from the one supported by the piano sound, and somehow, I always think that Du Pre’s music alone lacks a further education. Not the cello lesson but…what-do-i-say…


With Gerald Moore, Du Pre sounds too nice. They sound like I am listening to Du Pre herself, her own personality as a girl. Hence, it is not the same as my listening to this female cellist with orchestral accompaniment, in which Du Pre sounds like she forgets about herself to concentrate just on music and sacrifices her whole thing and finally falls into a state of ecstasy… until an incapable conductor overpowers his soloist and destroys her imagination.

With Daniel Barenboim, however, Du Pre sounds like… hum… a kind of fighting.

Barenboim doesn’t drive Du Pre to somewhere. Rather, it is Du Pre who is driving herself to the limit, even beyond the limit.

Although she is able to construct more reasonable music with the help of Barenboim’s brain or hum-what-do-i-say, she sounds like she doesn’t want her sound to be destroyed by Barenboim’s piano sound and therefore she should do something more and more and more. She should sacrifice her something more and more and more.

When their music finishes, Du Pre must have believed that she had made a more intelligent music. Musically, Du Pre was a more emotional woman when she was with her husband and the audience must have captured it.

Physically, she must have been very tired after playing with this piano sound.

I am pretty sure.

If I read more about Du Pre’s own writings, I could find more clues.

To be continued…

Sincerely yours,


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