Barenboim Takes On Role at La Scala in Milan

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(Originally written on May 13, 2006)

Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon.

I am drunk. I hate this work. Tonight, I wanted to do what I had to do couple of days ago. Something was wrong with my exercise last time, and it took couple of more days to restore me. Why do you think I had to give up last year?

1. The stories that I am sending now are NOT the real reason.

2. I just hate to talk. Talking hurts my eyes, and I can not sleep. But I have to talk, talk, and talk all day to “train” my kids, whose native talents no one was successful in recognizing. How many experts are working in the field of kids education? I don’t understand why on one still knows how to “train” those kids. After spending a day with too much talking, all I had to do was just lying in my bed to wait for the next day. I even tried to work in the morning. But I am the one who never want to wake up in the morning. I was destined to fail.

3. While studying English with the kids only, my writing skills were declining. I have no talent for languages. I gave up English during my high school days, and it was real hard to get a TOEFL score high enough to get an admission from the American school. My English started to grow during my thirties when I realized that there was a beauty in this language… Anyways… I was afraid of writing something in English again.  

4. To cure my sore eyes, I started a “specific” exercise. It was successful for a while, but it eventually turned out to be useless. It took several months “again” to “lose” all those unnecessary muscles, which were enough good to cure my sore eyes.

I am fine now. I just hate this work. I want to finish it as soon as possible.  Barenboim Takes On Role at La Scala in Milan (May 10, 2006)


It reminds me all the happenings years ago.

1. I worked so hard for this fucking Jewish pig.

2. All the critics “had to” quit criticizing this musician. They even started to praise XYZ about maestro Daniel Barenboim.

3. All those fucking musicians had flocked to Barenboim, who was just happy to protect them from my public insult.

4. All my hard working eventually made this Russian bitch a German Muse.

5. Now, a pianist/conductor Barenboim never sounds like my favorite. It never sounds like academically valuable.

So, does Barenboim now want to ruin another part of European music with his favorite German clarinet sound? Whatever… none of my business. I don’t want to change my original plan to write my stories. Which means… no more need to wander around the forums to read about this subject. I already did too much during last weekend. This strong liqueur makes me feel so good… I want to sleep. I will drink tomorrow night again.

See you tomorrow.

Sincerely yours,



4-1. Things that I can not understand. (Revised.)

4-3. Things that I can not understand. (Revised.)

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