Dmitri Bashkirov, Franz Ohnesorg, Hansjörg Schellenberger, BPO

Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon.

My computer is out of order. Everything is fine. It just has no access to the Internet. I don’t know why. The internet news, the VOA, and the NYT are all I clicked on Tuesday morning, and suddenly it was gone. I decide not to fix my computer until finishing my story 5. In case it was caused by the computer virus, I can not click the VOA and the NYT while using my niece’s computer. I will just write and send it through my webmail. Then, I will fix my computer and read my lost articles.

I know… I had to send something last Sunday night. If I write one sentence each night instead of doing nothing, I will be able to finish this work. Cheers… (then… computer accident… better…) Anyway, I can’t go further without fixing my problem.

Perhaps… Furtwangler was haughty, regarding himself as omnipotent, because I hear everything when I hear Furtwangler. Furtwangler’s music tells me so, because when he plants trees he already sees the forest.

To be a Nazi, one should be possessed by an inferiority complex. Don’t you think so?

Days ago, I wrote this.

Am I qualified to write this? I spent time to pick up the right word from the thesaraus, and “haughty” was my best choice. However, I think I need to be qualified first, professionally making better achievment than someone, in order to describe him as “haughty.” I am not.

I hope… someone to be able to find better word to save this Nazi maestro.

Story 1-4: (Done!)

Story 5: Barenboim (Starting…)

Story 5+: The mystery of XYZ (Today’s story)

Story 5: Daniel Barenboim

5-1. Things that I can not understand. (Divans)

5-2. What specific did Barenboim pick up from my previous writings?

5-3. Who I think Barenboim is.

Barenboim’s musical taste reminds me of mine while young: I always preferred to listen to the music by low voice and used to be sick of the noisy, frivolous or hysterical personalities of high voice musicians. High person or music was never my favorite. Clarinet was my most favorite instrument. Then I went to America for my further study and studied how to analyze myself and then my favorite music.

Now, I hardly enjoy low music, except those whose music/sound is imaginative. No specific reason. It’s just boring to listen to those limited talents. At the same time, I always think of better way to deal with high personalities. If I can handle them, the result can be more hilarious and intuitive.

This is perhaps why I always prefer to being around the kids. Before my further study in America, I used to believe that only those who fail to receive a good grade in a college education find such a job. In fact, their earning is so small. Still now, I never recommend this job dealing with the kids to my nieces when they grow up, for it is physically very tired but they will conduct a very poor life. Even in America, it is considered a failure’s job, istn’t it? (This issue appeared in recent articles…)

Forumites wrote in their “Furtwangler” debate.

Forumite-5: To me, when Barenboim is “on,” he’s very good.  But when he’s “off,” results can be disastrous.

Feeling headache, I want to send this part first.

Story 5+: The mystery of XYZ

The mystery of Dmitri Bashkirov

Where is he now? In Madrid as Titular Professor or somewhere in Italy or America as a lecturer? Is Dmitri Bashkirov living in Barenboim’s Spanish home? Or does Barenboim sleep in Bashkirov’s Spanish home?

While following traces of Barenboim’s professional achievements, I was always required to find Dmitri Bashkirov’s performance/teaching schedules as a Barenboim’s shadow. What’s more, following Bashkirov’s professional title also meant to hunt down wreckage of your music society: Paris, Salzburg, Sibelius(?), America…

Still hard to understand:

Why neither Paris Conservatoire nor Tel Aviv Academy, even nor German Hochschule, but Spanish Reina Sofia is where this Russian pianist was able to set up his teaching headquarters, if he was really considered a great pianist/pedagogue in Barenboim’s Paris, Israel, or Berlin?

Then again, it was not hard to find Bashkirov’s pupils’ unique performance, romantic or operatic or ugly or spread or hysterical or whatever…, and their busy international schedule. My problem here was not their unique performance, but the critics’ hailing. Sic!


Whenever I studied their professional resume, they were already famed youngsters before Barenboim’s father-in-law hooked up their fame and trapped their talent in his Spanish headquarters. Concerning their former and after schooling, it was clear that they learned something from Dmitri Bashkirov. Therefore, sometime later again, it is also easy to imagine their aged performance. Without Barenboim as their maestro, their names will be hardly remembered in public.

I am just curious… what about their faces while demonstrating Bashrkov’s teaching? Miserable? Or Hilarious?


Toward the BPO’s D-Day, not Barenboim’s whatever but Bashkirov’s fame was soaring up. Elena Bashkirova’s professional identity was regarded as only daughter of this legendary Russian pedagogue. Times have passed, and now, Dmitri Bashkirov is rather sold as a father of Jewish pianist Elena Bashkirova.

When Barenboim drew Lang Lang into his circle, Elena Bashkirova quickly criticized that he needed to improve more. Yet she failed to put this Chinese-American fame into her father’s Spanish studio.

Furthermore, this Palestinian-or-IsraeliArab-or-Whatever pianist Saleem Abboud Ashkar, who wanted to be fed by Berlin Queen, Elena Bashkirova, and quickly learned all the political techniques to grow his international careers from her, didn’t choose Dmitri Bashkirov as his mentor. His choice was a Chairman of the Rubinstein competition jury. Even in Hannover Hochschule, this guy is considered Barenboim protégé. Well… Hannover Hochschule is not a piece of cake. Who would appreciate pianist Barenboim in Hannover Music School? It’s a common sense. 

According to the Google Group, Bashkirova dumped Kremer: “Gideon Kremer and Elizabeth Bashkirova, who dumped him to marry Daniel Barenboim” Participant in the 25th Lockenhaus Kammermusikfest 2006: Elena Bashkirova

It is happening again. How many times Gidon Kremer’s ex-wife has participated in this professional event? And why?

I am still curious.

Whenever Elena Bashkirova was in danger, partly because of my insulting, Gidon Kremer rushed to rescue her. (Kremer’s manager even sent me an answer, explaining how charming personality she is and what a professional achievement she has made.) Then, Bashkirova’s relationship with Barenboim was more than secure. And then, her professional career was more than brilliant.

As well as Kremer’s musical relationship with Barenboim, appearing as Barenboim’s soloist, whenever Kremer’s ex was in danger. (You can never tell whether their concert is boring or not, for the audience can hardly hear Kremer’s violin sound… In program, it sounds too-intelligent, for it is mainly by unknown contemporary composer. On stage, it looks real old-fashioned, for there are none but two never-handsome old men doing whatever. Compare this monotonous scene with Kremer’s own concert, where the old master decorates his stage with young, attractive ensemble partners sounding fresh, and the old violist sounds least interesting but looks so diligent.)

Who encouraged Elena’s offering sex to Barenboim?

Gidon Kremer, who seriously needed a better accompanist?

Or Dmitri Bashkirov, who desperately needed his international career-feeder? In 1980 he left the Soviet Union with his wife at the time, pianist Elena Bashkirova, and settled in Germany. In 1981 Kremer established a chamber music festival in Lockenhaus, Austria.

Barenboim said.

He met Kremer’s wife in France. He knew her father. One thing led to another. It wasn’t planned. Barenboim always sounded like he was harrowed with guilt for stealing an adorable wife from his junior musician, Gidon Kremer. Then, Kremer’s performance schedule is planned as Barenboim’s twin brother. Followed by Bashkriova’s performance schedule elsewhere with Barenboim snobs. Then followed by Dmitri Bashkirov…

Barenboim recalls that it wasn’t planned.

The questionable behaviors of Bashkirova’s ex-husband and father explain that it was planned.

I am not the one who decides what, for the whole story is not fiction. It actually happened, and everyone should know what exactly happened where and why. Because it is dealing with music, not sex. Then everything should be in public, for it is all about music. I can explain all the reasons.

The friendship between Bashkirova Family and Prof. Franz Xaver Ohnesorg, who is Kremer’s dearest friend and now an “Intendant” of the Ruhr Piano Festival, is another mystery.

Not Daniel Barenboim nor Gidon Kremer, but Elena Bashkirova and her father “sound” like Ohnesorg’s real friend. Kremer looks like his business partner, and Barenboim looks like his toy. Concerning his notorious fame in New York gives me the clues to figure out why, though. You already know his working style. Some defended that it was merely a European culture or Eurotrash, and therefore, it was not his fault.

Why is it still a mystery?

To follow his management achievement, which is highly praised by even the Wiener Philharmoniker, means to gather up fallen sound-trashes from your music society.

Still mysterious.

He is anyway among the list of happy humans when I give up.

Along with Hansjörg Schellenberger.

Why this BPO’s ex-oboist and his management company stop supporting Bashkirova’s professional career in recent days, when her fame is spread all over his Germany as Barenboim’s dearest wife?  01.06.2006  |  Essen : Zusätzliche Plätze für Barenboim – nur noch Restkarten für Bashkirova : Wegen der starken Kartennachfrage hat das Klavier-Festival Ruhr 60 Podiumsplätze für Daniel Barenboims Konzert am Sonntag, 2. Juli, 16 Uhr in der Essener Philharmonie eingerichtet… Erst vor kurzem ist Barenboim mit dem Ernst von Siemens Musikpreis ausgezeichnet worden. Diese Ehrung gilt als der Nobelpreis der Musikwelt… Ebenfalls stark gefragt ist das Gastspiel des Jerusalem Chamber Music Festivals mit der Pianistin Elena Bashkirova am Samstag, 3. Juni, 20 Uhr in der Bochumer Jahrhunderthalle…

Story 5+: The mystery of XYZ

The mystery of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

When was it?

Sir Rattle was chosen. Some left the BPO insisting that they wouldn’t be able to taste delicacies of the camber music under new circumstances. They had flock to the Bashkirova-Festival. The BPO was better without them, for they sounded as brilliant soloists, sometimes even aggressive, rather than as delicate chamber musicians.

I am still curious.

Who wanted to join my Furtwangler dream, and who rejected Barenboim after reading my rude writing?


While reading the Google Group, I happened to find something interesting.

Did Karajan’s principal horn get fired by maestro Abbado? Their conversation had stopped there. If it is true, I am pretty sure that Daniel Barenboim did a wonderful job contributing this dismissal in Abbado’s horn section.

I am still curious.

What exactly happened in Berlin toward the BPO’s D-Day? Everything should go public, for it is dealing with music, not politics. I can explain all the reasons.

Now, is this legendary German horn player going to join Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival? So that I should write more about him? I heard it in Chicago…

To be continued…

Sincerely yours,



Yester-me, yester-you, yesterday

What happened to the world we knew

When we would dream and scheme and while the time away

Yester-me, yester-you, yesterday

Where did it go, that yester-glow?

When we could feel the wheel of life turn our way

Yester-me, yester-you, yesterday

I had a dream, so did you

Life was warm and love was true

Two kids who followed all the rules yester-fools

And now, it seems those yester-dreams were

Just a cruel and foolish game we used to play

Yester-me, yester-you, yesterday

When I recall what we had

I feel lost, I feel sad

With nothing but the memory of oh, yester-love

And now, it seems those yester-dreams were

Just a cruel and foolish game we had to play

Yester-me, yester-you, yesterday


Doesn’t he sound great? When he first sang this song, I was young. I even didn’t know his name, for the classical music was the only thing in my music world and I was obliged to feel guilty with the pop music in my ears. It was last year when I found this music. It doesn’t sound old music, and this old singer sounds great even to this modern ears. I felt so messy, so tired that I wanted to listen to something. I still felt so messy, so tired until this song hit my heart. It was just like what I wanted to write in my story 6… When can I finish this fucking story 5? Sic!

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