The Mystery of Elena Bashkirova

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The mystery of Elena Bashkirova

I remember.

What a blissful life Barenboim had managed with Elena Bashkirova in Berlin while I was working very hard to rescue his dying professional career?

My problem:

Barenboim’s whatever privacy should be none of my business. However, this female musician’s professional life is my problem. If there was Alice Clevenger in Chicago, there was Elena Bashkirova in Berlin. This b*tch was enjoying my miserable life to fulfill her professional dream. 

It was, is, and will be a shit.

How can I forget that fucking feeling at that moment when I found this holy name right behind the music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra?

What is their difference? Unlike Alice Clevenger, exactly how many guys are supporting this Russian female pianist? Poor Alice…

Having been confronted so many Russian problems, I want to call her a German pianist. I should not defame the Russian Piano School.

1. Years ago, my curiosity started while reading questionable reviews about the German “romantic, operatic, or powerful” pianist: According to the dictionary, the definition of “romantic” is imaginary, or visionary. “Operatic” means grand, dramatic, or romantic in style or effect…

2. Then I had to insult this German whore after checking her physical ability, which had nothing to do with the brilliant, “romantic” soloists. Furthermore, the first thing I heard from this German pianist was hysterical touch.

3. Not Barenboim but Bashkirova was reading my writings, and I’m pretty sure that she did her damnbest to prove her pianist’s muscles.

4. Now she sounds the best example of Bashkirov-Schule: No idea how to concentrate on each note. She is doing her very best. But still, why does her interpretation sound so stupid? Or is it her music that sounds so stupid? Or is it her sound that sounds so stupid?

5. After building pianist’s muscles, she sounds uglier. She even lost her bimbo-sound in a soft dynamic.

6. Want to know more about her? Look at her golden embouchure, and compare it with other “poetic” pianists. Perhaps, this is where you should start your debate and discuss about the difference between the two different human species. Isn’t it a great source for the Julliard students to write a doctoral dissertation?


You actually heard this German musician. And you still think that my insulting is purely due to this female monkey’s too much jealousy, aren’t you?

I’m born a petit female musician in the Amazonian music society. My least favorite is to be compared or compare someone with other female musicians. I despise anyone, who plans to orchestrate female members’ jealousy to gain his power to rule the group. Dale Clevenger was the one.


It was you and Bashkirova herself, who drove me into the corner of this dirty battle, then I have no choice but to compare Kremer’s Ex with Kremer’s favorite pianist.  “In 1980 he left the Soviet Union with his wife at the time, pianist Elena Bashkirova, and settled in Germany. In 1981 Kremer established a chamber music festival in Lockenhaus… Kremer frequently performs with Argentine pianist Martha Argerich.”

Weirdly enough, all my friends were piano students.

Alicia De Larrocha and Martha Argerich were their idols.

Alicia De Larrocha:

Besides her music, my friend was eager to know what kind of dress she was wearing on the stage. Concerning Elena Bashkirova and Dmitri Bashkirov’s Spanish fame in these days, no one seems to remember or appreciate this Spanish pianist.

Martha Argerich:

I didn’t quite like her, simply because I couldn’t understand my friend’s reason to be crazy about her. I knew she was a famed pianist, but I am not a piano student and don’t have to know about the techniques while listening to the piano. I want to enjoy its music, but her music always comes to one ear and goes out the other. Her sound is never superficial nor ugly, but somehow, her music sounds like just memorizing all the notes and playing the melody. A brilliant technique, which is never frivolous… Very weird musician… Another reason was very personal: I didn’t like her hair. But this personal reason somehow made me believe that she is not enough meditative or contemplative. She is not a hilarious entertainer, either. It was very difficult to put her music in my wish-list, anyway.

My friend “really” hated my personal opinion, and started educating me. I stop arguing, for I am not the one who can be educated by someone.

One day,

I was watching the TV, and she was there. A young girl named Martha Argerich was playing the piano, and I dropped my jaw. Who is more talented? Du Pre or Argerich?

Then I remembered what I heard about her. (I’m not sure if I could write the details, for it belongs to her privacy. Not the private life, but the privacy, including her habit. I was surprised when I heard of it, because it was so miserable happening. But when I think more… more of her talent, it was a possible story.)

Then I started to understand her reasons and my reasons as well. Then I heard her chamber music, and I dropped my jaw again.

Such a sensitive musician: Carefully balanced accompaniment and sensitive treatment of each note. She even knew how to sit back while accompanying a poor ensemble sound, which should stand as her soloist. So that few realizes what’s really going on.

But still… she is not my ideal accompanist, for I, myself as a petit wind player, need a supportive piano sound as an accompaniment.

This is a posting I was looking for. I wanted to save its address, and it was gone for a while. I just found it.  “Daniel Barenboim, Chicago Symphony Orchestra Director, married Russian musician, Galina Bashkirova. But of course, she isn’t really musician, but a whore…. (July 12, 1999 from the ‘soc.culture.russian’)”

Surely, this guy is a Russian immigrant, who may live either in the USA or in Israel. If he is from the USA, he is provably from Chicago. This is just one posting, but how do I know this has been a common sense in Israel?

How many Russian immigrants have set up their practical life in Israel? Among them, there are those who finished their doctoral study in the Russian music schools or who were already professional musicians by the time they left Russia, but failed to find their professional job in Israel.

How do I know?

I read it, either from the Haaretz or the Jerusalem Post.

Poverty has been one of the serious problems in Barenboim’s Jewish Country.

Since I don’t check Israeli newspapers every morning after reading this book, “Generations Intifada” written by Laetitia Bucaille, I have no idea about their present situation. But I bet their present professional life is no different from years ago. Perhaps worse…

“If you want to play music because you think it’s a good job, I think you will find easier ways of making a living. If you love it, and you want to spend your life in it and with it, you have a good chance of making a very good living.”

The more they remember Barenboim’s spiritual message in his Reith lecture, the more they would have to struggle through a hopeless life. Just like me…

I don’t mean to criticize anything Barenboim. I am just trying to write the facts; about me, about you, about him, and about them.

Did Barenboim’s love of music make him possible to keep his very good living? The old generation’s love of his brain, and his friendship, and the politics made it possible.

How many years did I study music?

Still, whenever I search the forums elsewhere, so many listeners are higher than my grade. More intuitive than my trained instinct.

What kind of music do you think all those Russian immigrants, who are struggling with their practical life in Barenboim’s Israel, used to listen to in their old country? What kind of ears do you think all those Russian immigrants have when they go to the concert in their new country? Ears listen to what they see.

The Artistic Director of the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival does look extrovert and gregarious. Then she sounds theatrical. She sounds stupid, of course.

What kind of professional opinions do you think all those Russian immigrants bear in mind when they leave the concert?  On October 16, 18 and 19, Zankel Hall presented the New York debut of the JERUSALEM CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL, founded in 1998 by its Artistic Director, pianist Elena Bashkirova. This unusual group of international world-class performers assembles every September in Jerusalem, the capital of a country in special need of the sustaining power of music… Bashkirova participated in every piece; unfortunately, the piano is too big for the small space and often overpowered everybody… The rest was Schubert: songs from “Swan Song” with Holl and Bashkirova were too theatrical, the “Trout” Quintet sounded soloistic rather than integrated… The Festival received a well-deserved warm, appreciative welcome.

One New Yorker wrote it: Is he a Russian immigrant, or American Jew, or a pure New Yorker?

In this concert, other members were hardly A-leveled musicians, but all of them were rated higher than Festival’s Artistic Director. This performance was in the Carnegie Hall, where she was earnestly waiting for the “Art of Criticism” from the New York Times.

Jerusalem is Bashkriova’s headquarters, and please imagine her proud performance there. This review is anyway quite different from others found in Chicago, which describe her performance as a chamber music and therefore not enough brilliantly soloistic.

One Jewish guy wrote on Nov. 3, 2005: “And if I were going to object to him on personal grounds, it would be for the way he treated his late wife rather than his political views.”

He lives near Tel Aviv. How does this Jewish audience know Barenboim’s ill treatment of his late wife? Where did ailing du Pre live during her wheel chair period? How do Israelis know that Barenboim abandoned dying du Pre in London?

While tracking down the professional career of Kremer’s Ex, the first thing I found was her performance schedule under maestro Celibidache, and then another one in Mehta’s Israel. Then, one leads another and another and another…

Bashkirova herself was not proud of her Celibidache years of performances, but still miss her joyful days in Paris.

While searching Mehta’s music business in Italy, the first thing I found was Bashkirova and her Berlin friend’s performance schedules in Mehta’s neighborhood. It was not accompanied by Mehta’s Italian ensemble. (I don’t quite remember if it was.) They just planned their performance schedule in Mehta’s neighborhood, after the BPO decided not to choose Barenboim as their maestro.

I am still curious.

Did Mehta take care of this b*tch’s performance schedule? Or did Bashkirova try to catch Mehta’s attention by stalking Mehta and cleverly planning her performance schedule in his headquarters?

It was clearly different from Zukerman’s performance schedule in Bashkirova’s Spain.

I wish there is no flaws in my memory.

Elena Bashkirova inaugurated the Jerusalem Festival with help of the BPO members. Then the BPO’s painful decision. I remember Bashkirova’s IPO concert sometime around it.

Then, Bashkirova went to Israeli small orchestra. (I don’t remember its name. There is a concert review in the Jerusalem Post written by Bashkirova-fan. Even this Bashkirova lover didn’t appreciate this concert. I don’t want to waste my money to buy its entire text.)

Then, Bashkirova just tried to catch Barenboim’s attention as an Artistic Director of the Jerusalem Festival.

And so on…

One of her proud performance schedule in America as an Artistic Director of the JCMF:  Recital in the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Who planned The Edward Said Memorial Concert at the Chicago University?

It was reported that Daniel Barenboim planned it. I bet Elena Bashkirova dashed up to Chicago to plan this concert: I was speechless when I saw those candles on the stage. Did late Edward Said like those theatrical effects?

There, it was possible for her to achieve her lifelong dream; to play a duo with du Pre’s husband. How did their ensemble sound like?

Someone heard it and wrote its long article in her/his Middle East website. This duo of husband and wife sounded so powerful that it hit this listener’s heart.

I saved it, but can not find it now. Her/His writing was like this: “And a wind quartet anchored by MarieLuise Neunecker’s solid and welltuned horn playing proved a vigorous counterpart to Ms. Bashkirova’s pianism in the Mozart quintet.”

How was Barenboim’s CSO performance after his “vigorous” duo performance with Bashkirova playing Schubert? It proved one of the worst sounds in his life.

Even the Chicago University Writer didn’t appreciate this CSO concert. (I didn’t save its article. Last year when I tried to save it, it disappeared from its school website. Even the search button didn’t work.)

Regarding Barenboim’s “powerful” sound, it is clear that he truly loved his moment with Bashkirova playing next to him on the stage. Just like he loved his moment, during which his Wagnerian diva was destroying all her ensemble partners with “powerful” voice.

I remember.

What an attentive conductor Daniel Barenboim was when he lead Glander’s wind ensemble in Bashkirova Festival? What about Barenboim’s smile in Bashkirova’s rehearsal room during the Jerusalem Festival? There was full of love in Barenboim’s face: The mirror doesn’t lie. It just reflects the image in it.

My problem:

This German whore was playing the piano in a rehearsal room. How can a music director of American major symphony orchestra make this kind of smile while listening to this kind of piano sound? What happened to maestro Furtwangler in his birthday party? He got mad at the BPO members’ poor sound. We call him a professional musician.

Everybody knows that I have no choice but to keep going. I am getting everybody’s toy again. It is still OK, but…

Why Daniel Barenboim suddenly needs me?

I am pretty sure.

After Barenboim makes sure that I am working anyway, this man of amorality, generosity as well, will conduct his private life, which will be more than generous, hilarious and amoral.

This entire story tells me that

Elena Bashkirova is the first one, who fervently waiting for my work.

Or this lovely couple, Daniel and Elena, are desperately waiting for my work, for this is the only way for them to explore their professional future under the special guidance, after losing his CSO directorship.

This is a shit.

To be continued…

Sincerely yours,


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