My Request: Bashkirova Festival

(Originally written on Jan. 4, 2007)  

Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon.

My request to Barenboim No. 1

1. I will run my blog, where I will upload my previous and future works. Since the CNN did a terrific job, no one has to know me. Only those, who used to favor Barenboim despite their filthy feeling about Barenboim’s affair with Kremer’s wife during du Pre’s illness, will access my space “through Barenboim’s homepage.” I am curious. If this American Jew reads all my previous writings about Elena Bashkirova-Kremer-Barenboim, what will his reaction be like? My thoughts, assertions and observations on issues important to me as a Jew, a Zionist, a Revenant in Yesha and as an inquisitive human being. (Sunday, April 30, 2006) Boom-Boom Barenboim: Gee, had I been aware of this interview I would have been, perhaps, a bit more aggressive with Daniel Barenboim:- [He has been accused of worse and it makes him angry… Barenboim has condemned as “abhorrent” the film Hilary and Jackie, about the cellist’s relationship with her sister, which depicted a sexually ravenous du Pré. It also brought into the open the fact that while she was ill Barenboim was conducting an affair with the Russian pianist Elena Bashkirova, now his wife. It was an open secret that they were living together in Paris during the last eight years of du Pré’s life, and had two sons, although he continued to care for du Pré in London… Wagner… Divan… The reverberations of Barenboim’s tragic marriage to du Pré have faded, due largely to his candour about his seemingly callous affair with Bashkirova. Last year he broke his silence about du Pré to say: “I took care of Jackie. But I also had to make a living. And then in France I met Elena. I knew her father. One thing led to another. It wasn’t planned.” Bashkirova was 19 and married to a mentor figure, the Latvian violinist Gidon Kremer, when she defected from the Soviet Union in 1979. In Barenboim she found “somebody who goes into a room and eats up all the light”… Wagner… Barenboim the musical purist has never been averse to striking discordant notes.]

My request to Barenboim No. 2

2. Everybody wants another 10 years of Bashkirova Festival, and they will support it with their full heart. As usual, the IPO will skip their September schedule to transplant Mehta’s audience from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Even Israeli government, which has no intent to support its culture and nor has money to finance its symphony orchestras, wants Bashkirova’s free musicians to entertain Jerusalemites. Don’t touch her headquarters so that she could prove her ability by herself. If she ever falls in trouble again, Kremer will rush to save his lady. Even if Bashkirova gives up her Jerusalem job due to heavy international schedule, Kremer will never give her up. First of all, her boss, Mr. Beinisch, will never give up. He knows how to draw another celebrity from outside Israel, this time using Gidon Kremer or even Dalia Lupu.

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