My Request: Bashkirova’s Son

(Originally written on Jan. 9, 2007) 

Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon. On Bashkirova‘s son who looks like Gidon Kremer:

I remember how Berlin critic laughed at my saying, “He is cute,” when I first saw him. I think it was she, who sounded like I was trying to steal a kid from an innocent woman, a talented female musician in her view. I was humiliated. As time flies, I’ve noticed how Bashkirova operated Barenboim’s son to achieve her professional dream, rather than training this youngster to grow into a real human being, a strong and independent musician. Now, I find FOLKs joined her. It is not my first time to see this kind of funny educational system. I remember how my late Korean teacher, who was eager to analyze his student’s every performance insisting that a good musician should know how to criticize his own performance, looked funny when he started manipulating “opinions” about his son’s performance and its aftermath. I also saw how it eventually affected his son’s life not only as a musician, but also as a human being, especially after his death.

Now that all my enemies will join Bashkirova to foster Barenboim’s son, I don’t want to be involved in this affair. I just want to forget this young musician. The more I try, the more fucking musicians Bashkirova will invite to steer this puny boy. If I still have a pity on Barenboim’s son, I heartily advise Barenboim that he’d better think of his son’s future after his death and prepare it. Even if I start my blog, I will omit all his information from my previous writings. However, I can’t promise it if Bashkirova proves a dirty mom again. Perhaps, the boy himself wants this kind of educational system. If so… if what this mother and son really want is not musical maturity but public attention to expand their business, I will create a special section, named “The Outcome of Barenboim’s Affair.” By then, Daniel Barenboim will never be able to criticize any musician, any ensemble, because everybody has ears to listen to and analyze his son’s unique performance. Bashkirova’s son will anyway find a safe job in Berlin.

If they ever want me to step in Barenboim’s educational business, the Berlin critics should beg me. I don’t think they will do. First of all, it is already too late, isn’t it? What was Aida Barenboim’s supporting Danny’s life like when he was twenty? Aida’s grandson and his mother are so unique…

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