Folks, British & Berlin Press… Shut Up!

Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon.

13 hours and 2 more hours of sleeping… my brain is now working!

Hours of sleeping… It started when I joined a professional orchestra, and I thought it was caused by my mental depression. Now I declare that my hobby is sleeping. Perhaps, I need more exercising… But what should I do when exercising doesn’t allow me to feel enough relaxation? No time to exercise whenever I feel lack of sleep.

Anyway, my brain is working now and this is what matters.,,1362596,00.html(November 30, 2004) …He intends to stay in Germany with his second wife, the pianist Elena Bashkirova, with whom he has two grown-up children. Next month, meanwhile, he will be in action conducting a symphony at the Berlin Philarmonic by Wilhelm Furtwängler…”

This article looks very academic, real intelligent. It started with Barenboim pitching into Blair, and go through Palestinian election, Ehud Olmert and Edward Said, and then the Divans and music kindergarten and so on. But in reality, the Guardian made a quick response after I gave them an indication of my resurrection and pointed out their utter ignorance of the real reason of du Pre’s disease, her miserable life and finally death. They emphasized the happiness of Barenboim’s Berlin life so that I should realize who should give up. For a while, I thought it was a pure British intent to call me a nut and to preserve their pride as the best music critics in the world. Now I think it was a joyful joint performance of the British and Berlin Folks to keep Barenboim at a cheap price, after their British Rattle won the top Berlin position.

So… Just in Case,

How are they going to report about me? Are they going to trumpet Barenboim’s another affair after du Pre’s lonely funeral? How are they going to describe Bashkirova’s unfinished marriage to du Pre’s husband? As usual, it is their privilege again to trumpet something about du Pre’s posthumous story and to violate Barenboim’s privacy, isn’t it? What are they going to do, especially when my qualification doesn’t fit their British pride? I am not Waltraud Meier, whose voice should be their favorite, frankly speaking.

Since my “Furtwangler” paper, everybody has been very busy… v-e-r-y-b-u-s-y behind the scenes. Even the VPO members and their guest conductors.

Playing politics is okay. Calling me a nut is still okay. However, I really don’t think it is a good idea for everybody to follow every single word of my analysis while allowing Folks, Barenboim’s Enemies included, to support Kremer’s Poop behind the scenes, and then to plan to make me give up. Had they reported only the facts in their gossip columns instead of stealing all my works, I would have given up.

For years, I’ve lived as a ghost, whose life was simple. I hardly went outside to meet someone. Apart from beating her rival, Waltraud Meier, to the Wagner party, Bashkirova realized her desire to prove her performance, both in Barenboim and du Pre’s headquarters. Even after all these writings, she is still a muse in Berlin. The fact is that the Berliners made it official for some clear reason. Another fact is that all those folks have known me for years.


This time, all those folks should concentrate on reporting Kremer’s second wife only, instead of meddling Widower du Pre’s private life again. And they should write about Bashkirova’s Facts only. It they still want to trumpet my story, they should ask Bashkirova and her supporters first, and then write down their answers about me, the Facts. For some reason, the Jewish Medias such as the Jerusalem Post or the Haaretz have been manipulating their reports about Bashkirova Festival, sometimes praising, and sometimes criticizing her circle. Since their criticism was aimed at the personals rather than festival itself, I know part of their reason. Power struggle inside the Israeli music society. Flute department for example, or even the violin. Am I wrong?

No matter what, wherever I go, I will work very hard to “rule” the administrative department and will reduce my sleeping to join all these and those fundraising dinner. Once I have enough money to “rule” the orchestra, all those Bashkirova musicians will be fired and I will find younger, fresher talents to fill those vacancies. Since my reason is purely musical, who could blame my icy brain? If anyone questions my decision, I will send my official paper, “WHY,” to all over the world. Other orchestras elsewhere will follow the best example of “Reconstructing the Orchestra.”

I have to finish this business, purely because Glander and even Clevenger started it by offering them a plenty of jobs elsewhere. They persuaded those musicians and hired them for their very special reason, and then, I have to answer them in my very special way, so that Glander and Clevenger could take care of their musicians in their headquarters.

Barenboim will generously advise them, “If you want to play music because you think it’s a good job, I think you will find easier ways of making a living. If you love it, and you want to spend your life in it and with it, you have a good chance of making a very good living.” I will prove this proverb through Bashkirova musicians. Period! ^o^

Still weird. Why don’t Bashkiorva and Meier sue all my postings for libel, instead of asking Some-You-Know to delete those academic writings? Perhaps, this is the only way to prompt the musicologists elsewhere to study what really means music.

Kremer’s Bashkirova and Mehta’s Meier were musical choices of the Berlin Folks until their last moment. So, wherever I go, whenever I am forced to interview as Barenboim’s something, my main topic will be to insult their rotten German music. I know they will understand me, and call me a nut. After hundreds of Jerusalemites had received my e-mail, Bashkirova Folks invited Barenboim to prove that I was a nut. Now, how will the Jewish Media introduce me when Barenboim’s official letters to the politicians will be signed by Mrs. Barenboim? What will be Elena Bashkirova in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, like? Damn curious.

If they treat all those stuff behind the scenes again and don’t write about the Facts, whether Bashkirova or me, I will take all their future reports into a legal case. Bringing everything, everybody into court had been my dream wish, as a matter of fact, since all my behaviors were reported to Someone-You-Know, and even my phone-conversation was taped in America. Someone-You-Know were not always from Chicago. It was sometimes used for a power-struggle in a local area. This time, we’ll see. They’d better shut up.

This is not my request to Barenboim. I wrote about “Just in Case,” and Common Sense. Cool! I was happy while thinking about “Just in Case,” and a Law Court.

To be continued…

Sincerely yours,


P.S.: I’m pretty sure. Zukerman’s administrative officials knew my insulting Forsyth’s husband. I’m even sure. They wanted to use it to sell the Zukerman-tickets to du Pre-Fans, and Mr. and Mrs. Zukerman loved my insulting. Fuck You!

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