Mehta Should Give Up. (Poor Acoustics?)

Originally from My Plan to Live in Jerusalem, Write on duPre (on January 22, 2007) 

P.S.: I forgot to add this in My Request No. 4 to Barenboim. For years, it’s been just a headache to think of the fact that Zubin Mehta would never let Barenboim go and he would want to prove his generosity after taking over my everything. I was speechless when Barenboim sent a quick support to Mehta’s complaining. I don’t remember to find any articles, where Mehta was complaining something or even criticizing his own performance while he was praised as a king of maestro. All I remember is his happy, generous smile. And now, what’s the reason of his complaining poor acoustics of auditorium? The same audience heard Mehta and others in the same hall, and only Mehta’s baton sounded poor. What will Barenboim think about this? Then finally, this article made me draw my own conclusion. I don’t understand why his music betrays Furtwangler whenever he is happy. Whose idea was Mehta’s Spanish Fidelio, BTW? (December 17, 2006) Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 70th Anniversary Series Opening: JIWON checking Mr. Mehta’s posture. – He’d better give up trying to be a maestro and return to his original place. I mean… baton-dancing in front of the CD player. At least, audience could hear the natural string sound from the auto-pilot orchestra, even if they are not top-rated.

Originally from My Request: Waltraud Meier, Michael Gielen (January 29, 2007) 

Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon.

Now, I am too tired. When I read the interview by Leah Boehm from IAI, I really envied her Israel, where the kids can learn everything in public school to prepare their safe future. She couldn’t understand the situation in this country. Is it true? (Jan. 25, 2007) Report: 775,000 children live in poverty:


This report is one of reasons why I am cynical about Mehta’s project to renovate HIS orchestra hall. Years ago when my health was good enough to fight with everybody, I’d regularly checked the situation inside Israel and reported it. This was one of my interests. Is there any change since then? Israel, which I’ve experienced through Mehta’s generous smile, was physically affluent and mentally superficial surrounded by famed foreign friends such as Sophia Loren. (Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that foreign celebrities are affluent+superficial. It is Mehta’s Israel, I mean.) Yet the same Israel, which I’ve observed through professional musicians’ eyes, was simply stricken by poverty, never daring to open their mouth criticizing the government for failing to support its culture. They were just afraid of losing their job. So, I wonder. Who will pay Mehta’s project? Does it come from his foreign friends? Poverty exists in every country. Having a better hall is certainly OK. However, I still think that the Israeli case is more than usual and everything should be after comforting the audience’s heart. I remember Barenboim described his Ramallah concert as one of his best experiences, musically speaking. How was its hall?

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