JIWON: My Plan to Live in Jerusalem, Write on duPre

(Originally written on January 22, 2007) Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon.

Just in case,

I am thinking about where I should move all my belongings. I’d decided that Israel would be never my destination until Barenboim’s Jewish monkeys solve their Bashkirova problem by themselves. Then, I read one article, where one Korean predicted Jerusalem’s IASA as a home of future Nobel laureates. Months later, I read an interview by Leah Boehm from IAI, and burst out laughing. Well… I could imagine exactly what happened in her house, when she sighed or laughed over her family education starting from Talmud, which the 2-3 year-old babies should read, write, and memorize. It was fun to read her detailed description, because I know what she means.

She emphasized that Israel is a safe place, where a single woman could walk at 2 a.m. in the street, and I agreed with her. What kind of dumb Palestinian will carry her suicide bomb at this hour? It is never my criticism. I just laughed at her sense of humor.

One thing I couldn’t understand in her interview. She said that the Russian Jews’ immigration in 1990s had upgraded the Israeli musical scene. What made her think like that? I am thinking. She is one of Israelis, who I want to make friends with, but I don’t want to steal anything from Kremer’s poop. If she already a devoted fan of Bashkirova, she would be able to find a better, more effective way to run Bashkirova Festival.

Anyway, her interview made me ponder if I could move all my belongings into Jerusalem. So I start comparing three possibilities.

Milan: Being a Korean, to live in Milan would be like moving to the next door. Language will be my problem. Whatever… as far as I know, Barenboim was introduced as a guest conductor, who doesn’t have to live there. 

New York: Bla-bla-bla. I’ve hardly seen any wealthy Korean lady, who cursed her New York life. Everything is OK except the cold winter…

Jerusalem: From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. can be a good remote control session for Kids’ education. I will be able to study their homework through the internet. Winter weather is average of 8℃. It is very good. If I don’t encounter Bashkirova’s pigs in unexpected places, it will be OK to live there. When I was in America, spies were elsewhere, including the gym. It is clear that Jewish audience prefer du Pre to Mehta or Barenboim, and I don’t know why. My analysis just tells me that the possibility for the Israeli education to produce their favorite musician is 50%. I want to know their stupidity has been killing this 50 % of opportunity. If I check Israeli education is not what I was looking for, I will move all my belongings to where I can “rule” the orchestra.

After fixing my language problem, I will want to write about du Pre. Too many people have already written about her life, even violating her privacy. So, I just want to organize her own writings and analyze her thinking or words in her favorite way. Then I will let her devoted fans to compare her words with her music. So that she lives in their heart through her music only.

Frankly, I feel no need to listen to her music to study music. I feel absolutely no need to introduce her music to my kids, some of whom are born a musician and therefore I strictly don’t allow them to pick up musical instruments while young. Even after 20 years from now, du Pre like musicians will have a hard time to find a good ensemble partners. Once my kids fall in love with music, they will follow the exact footsteps of du Pre’s miserable life. Already now, no one in my family wants to throw a penny to this fucking, rotten music society. I am just thinking. When I study more about music and pick up her recordings some time later again, I will be surprised at her talent again. That’s all.

However, what is it? All these trashes?

http://www.clevelandjewishnews.com/articles/2006/04/28/news/local/cellist0428.txt “Sometimes I feel the kind of energy that went from her into this instrument. When I’m playing it, you can feel it. Some tried to play it and they weren’t happy with it, but in my hands it worked from the very first second. I am very happy with it,” Zlotnikov explained.

http://www.scena.org/lsm/sm5-1/sm5-1forsyth-en.html Mrs. Zukerman studied with the legendary William Pleeth and played for the late Jacqueline Du Pre. “She was my idol,” says Mrs. Zukerman.

http://elamantedelvolcan.blogspot.com/2006/08/msica-contra-la-violencia.html (Barenboim with Bashkirova’s son): Solistas Gracias Baremboim, thanks Beethoven, thanks Orefeón Donostiarra, thanks (adored Waltraud Meier) and mainly, young thanks of the orchestra East-Western Divan, by the example and the tenacity. Luck and spirit. With the heart – For many years that I admire to Baremboim. Although not always I like his sense of the interpretation, he is one of the greatest directors of the last decades. And mainly, it very hard has an immense humanity as well as a commitment with this project. Somebody illuminating that fights because music can be an understanding and peace instrument. So simple and so difficult simultaneously. And also because he was husband of my more interprets favorite of toods the times, that are Jaqueline Du Pré, of that you will have read me things by blog, because I mention it with certain frequency.

(Please check Bashkirova Festival… as I mentioned before)


I just want to make Jaqueline du Pre, whose lonely soul is still tortured by Barenboim’s dirty poops here and there, even after her miserable death, rest in her place, where she belongs to. So that she could enjoy her posthumous life not as some stupid man’s mortal wife but only as independent, reasonable female musician.

To be continued…

P.S.: I forgot to add this in My Request No. 4 to Barenboim. For years, it’s been just a headache to think of the fact that Zubin Mehta would never let Barenboim go and he would want to prove his generosity after taking over my everything. I was speechless when Barenboim sent a quick support to Mehta’s complaining. I don’t remember to find any articles, where Mehta was complaining something or even criticizing his own performance while he was praised as a king of maestro. All I remember is his happy, generous smile. And now, what’s the reason of his complaining poor acoustics of auditorium? The same audience heard Mehta and others in the same hall, and only Mehta’s baton sounded poor. What will Barenboim think about this? Then finally, this article made me draw my own conclusion. I don’t understand why his music betrays Furtwangler whenever he is happy. Whose idea was Mehta’s Spanish Fidelio, BTW?

http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1164881925490&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull (December 17, 2006) Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, 70th Anniversary Series Opening: JIWON checking Mr. Mehta’s posture. – He’d better give up trying to be a maestro and return to his original place. I mean… baton-dancing in front of the CD player. At least, audience could hear the natural string sound from the auto-pilot orchestra, even if they are not top-rated.

From My Request: Waltraud Meier, Michael Gielen 0n January 29, 2007


Just in case: Living in Jerusalem, I don’t like a dark place. I can live in any house, where I can find my favorite furniture, particularly sofa. I just hate to sit on those uncomfortable sofas in living rooms here and there. It hurts my neck.

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