My Request: Waltraud Meier, Michael Gielen

(Originally written on January 29, 2007) 

Dear New York Folks,

This is Jiwon.

Now, I am too tired. When I read the interview by Leah Boehm from IAI, I really envied her Israel, where the kids can learn everything in public school to prepare their safe future. She couldn’t understand the situation in this country. Is it true? (Jan. 25, 2007) Report: 775,000 children live in poverty:

This report is one of reasons why I am cynical about Mehta’s project to renovate HIS orchestra hall. Years ago when my health was good enough to fight with everybody, I’d regularly checked the situation inside Israel and reported it. This was one of my interests. Is there any change since then? Israel, which I’ve experienced through Mehta’s generous smile, was physically affluent and mentally superficial surrounded by famed foreign friends such as Sophia Loren. (Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that foreign celebrities are affluent+superficial. It is Mehta’s Israel, I mean.) Yet the same Israel, which I’ve observed through professional musicians’ eyes, was simply stricken by poverty, never daring to open their mouth criticizing the government for failing to support its culture. They were just afraid of losing their job. So, I wonder. Who will pay Mehta’s project? Does it come from his foreign friends? Poverty exists in every country. Having a better hall is certainly OK. However, I still think that the Israeli case is more than usual and everything should be after comforting the audience’s heart. I remember Barenboim described his Ramallah concert as one of his best experiences, musically speaking. How was its hall?

I want to finish my part first. I am pushed, pushed into somewhere by my family members. I hate this.

My Request No. 5 to Barenboim.

Waltraud Meier can SING any proper roles in Barenboim’s future productions. Why not? This is what this female SINGER should do, however.

All the music critics said that Meier was Barenboim’s Wagnerian heroine, even though forumites elsewhere spit in Barenboim’s face insulting that an ugly, untalented conductor was leaning against their favorite diva’s fame. Even Meier herself boasted how much she respected Barenboim as her mentor. Then, she should prove her Lieder-recital the day before her opera performance under Barenboim’s baton. It should be accompanied by the best devotee of the Barenboim-Schule, Elena Bashkirova, who is also the best chamber musician in their view. I am not a Barenboim disciple, but I am the most diligent human being who wants to study music. How many times have I told you that Meier and Bashkirova are in fact the perfect ensemble partners? I just don’t understand why they hate each other so much and never play together, while both of them were simultaneously hunger for offering sex to their mentor and appear in the same Barenboim’s party at Grand Hyatt am Potsdam as special guests. Even Cecilia Bartoli, who was hand-picked by Kremer’s poop, doesn’t play with this famed, sensitive accompanist. WHY?

During the Wagner concert, this everybody’s Sex Symbol should fulfill her responsibility by dominating the stage in her nude and opening her legs in front of her audience, who paid money in the hope of being entertained by the hottest moment of Waltraud Meier’s Wagner Performance. No one calls Sharon Stone a Porn Star. Her performance is still remembered as one of her best moments as an actress. Then, SING for her conductor in this posture. Her every single performance will be recorded from various angles and I will study her every single muscles and write a dissertation about how Wagnerian Sex Symbol Proves Her Singing Orgasm. It was exactly what du Pre’s vulgar audience boasted while recalling her hottest, but most musical moment.

After the performance, I still have to protect young talents around her. I will have to analyze Meier’s ACTING, and explain it to all her juniors and critics-to-be. About why it became impossible for our generation to listen to Wagnerian voice of the Heldentenor. About the best way for a hot-looking, but limited talent to achieve her professional dream in our CLASSICAL music society. Everybody is hunger for another Waltraud Meier. This time she should look more fresh, more attractive with full of feminine characters. Meier was a bit aggressive. Maestro Mehta and his German audience are still waiting for their German Diva to keep her professional career in Mehta’s headquarters elsewhere, including Spain, Italy, and Israel. Why should I be sorry for her? I promise. Meier’s devoted fans would never read my dissertation. Instead, they would rush to the bookstore to purchase “Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm” by Kim Cattrall and Mark Levinson. Isn’t that wonderful for both you and me? You study sex and I study music. (January 29, 2007) Mark Levinson Audio System: …Music approaches me as a feeling, not as a sound… (December 31, 2006) Music of the Hemispheres: The subtlest reason that pop music is so flavorful to our brains is that it relies so strongly on timbre. Timbre is a peculiar blend of tones in any sound… “Pop musicians compose with timbre. Pitch and harmony are becoming less important.”


I promise.

If Maestro Gielen can tell me how to find similarities or differences from these two articles, and prove his lecture through his concerts featuring the Soloist Bashkirova, I will respect him in an open place. He protected Kremer’s poop for some clear reason, and that’s all I know about him as a human being. Whether he loved Furtwangler or not is his business. Once his interpretation reminds me of Furtwangler, it will become my business. No matter how he is regarded great in Germany, I am just not interested in old music, which sounds charismatic and therefore boring. Is it old-fashioned German music? Someone tells me, please.   

By the way, I am trying to imagine the characteristics of ML’s instruments. I hate the expensive audio system, which is manipulating musician’s natural sound and preventing my imagination. I prefer my portable radio, which is perhaps the cheapest one. Who knows? This guy may be the real thing.

While reading various reviewers from the to write about the author ML, I was curious about Barenboim as an author and his reviewers. A Life in Music by Daniel Barenboim (Hardcover – April 2, 2003) 5 of 15 people found the following review helpful:

Had he only stuck to music, September 6, 2005, Reviewer: X (Jerusalem, Israel): The story of a child prodigy who realized his early musical promise and became one of the outstanding conductors living today is an inspiring success story. However at some point in his life Barenboim ceased to be simply a marvelous musician and began to become a political progagandist. Moreover his stature as moral human being is questionable. For his life is filled with incidents in which he shows a tremendous insensitivity to the feelings of others. Without delving into the private instances of this it is possible to cite his public behavior…


This book was published in 2003. Yet, this Jerusalemite wrote this review while Elena Bashkirova was best praised as the Muse in Jerusalem. Curious…

Here is another one: Parallels and Paradoxes: Explorations in Music and Society by Edward W. Said and Daniel Barenboim (Paperback – Mar 9, 2004) 11 of 11 people found the following review helpful:

Mildly interesting, but we’ve sorta been here before, September 9, 2004, Reviewer: X (USA): …The most interesting chapter to me was the last, where both men made a very persuasive argument that classical music is dying or dead because of a narrowing of our cultural and intellectual life, especially in America, excluding anything universal and to limiting one’s knowledge deliberately to a narrow sphere. It’s virtually a proud provincialism, reinforced and encouraged by our consumerism culture that discourages critical thinking and expanding horizons, prefering sheep to minds. Wisely, neither man professes to have “the solution” but they do show how it’s hard to really grasp the message of Beethoven this way, and I feel they have a strong point, one you won’t find dealt with in most classical magazines or programs, as they too are an encouragement of a sort of mindless capitalism (disguised as “Art”)…


Now it’s time to write about YOU and America. An then my another request to Barenboim. Perhaps the last one.

See you tomorrow.

To be continued…


Just in case: Living in Jerusalem, I don’t like a dark place. I can live in any house, where I can find my favorite furniture, particularly sofa. I just hate to sit on those uncomfortable sofas in living rooms here and there. It hurts my neck.

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