JIWON: Divans’ Tchaikovsky No. 6 at the Lucern Festival

Originally from Canadian “Ring,” Lang Lang, Divans, Something American 

P.S. 2. Concerning Divans’ Tchaikovsky No. 6 at the Lucern Festival

I don’t think the Divans will welcome my analysis.

I’ve been worried… worried that folks will do their best to train their youngsters and make fun of me by proving Divans’ fabulous ensemble. Whoever they are, youngsters are youngsters, and I’ve worried infinite possibilities of the young power. They are now proving what is like du Pre’s cello contributing the worst sound of the Jerusalem Quartet these days.

While I was worrying that Waltraud Meier might be able to improve after her hard working, she just did her very best boasting her ‘unique personality.’ Waltraud Meier sounded funnier and funnier. I’ve worried and now… How come those youngsters sound purely professional; enough professional to sound like their professors from Barenboim’s ensemble, where the leaders always sound worse than the followers?

I assume that Barenboim used his own scoring, which is famous for the string section sound. Funny that no string section leaders listen to their concertmaster. I’ve expected that their wind section would sound perfectly out-of-tune, but it is funnier to hear each string leaders being busy at searching for their opportunity to lead the ensemble. Which part should be functioned as a pillar? There is one. What is the worst among them? Barenboim’s best friend is the one. I don’t think I am the only one, since interesting comments are found in the Youtube.com. However, the keyword ‘DIVAN’ won’t work to find those comments.

Youtube.com also gives you good information about Barenboim’s son. First, watch Bashkirova accompanying the young violinist, who shows exactly how he is failing with the poor pianist. Then imagine Barenboim’s son playing with this same musician. Then watch his playing in Barenboim’s Divan ensemble. It will tell you everything about his problems. What a poor boy…

This is a festival orchestra. As far as I know, this is not a youth orchestra, but a wannabe-professional orchestra, part of its members already lost their youth but still failed to find their monthly salary. Basically, these members are not enough qualified to play this piece. Technically, I mean. For me, being able to join in-tuned ensemble with specific sound is also a certain kind of technique, while it is easy for an inferior group to prove in-tuned ensemble with dull, dead sound. But who else in the major orchestra can prove this highly trained technique? To be fair…

So, what I want to hear from this ensemble is not their present techniques but their future performance; their intention to join the ensemble in a real professional sense; their capability to follow the better sound whenever their ensemble is in danger of breaking up. What do I hear from them? Speechless.

Since the typical members in Barenboim’s Divan ensemble are from professional orchestras in the Middle East, I need exact information about each sound. I assume that the solo horn is from Israeli orchestra. This horn reminds me of my Korean boss, whose Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Si was slightly different from string section’s. To be fair, he was not like Barenboim’s Glander, whose intention to play in-tuned I’ve never heard of. He used to practice for the electronic tuner and it worked with the piano. But his sound didn’t blend with the string section, and his tuning system just flew into some weird place whenever he played ‘for’ the orchestra. To be exact, the solo horn here is worse than my Korean boss, because he is out-of-tune even in a soft dynamic, ‘thanks to’  his favorite booming sound. I really feel pity for his section members. But do they deserve my sympathy? The solo horn tells me quite a lot about the present situation of Barenboim’s Israel.

One should ignore their playing Schoenberg, for it sounds like contemporary music. For me, it still belongs to the classical music, which should sound very difficult and pure. Divans sound very easy and ugly.

And my last word: those fucking X-members… whatever they play, wherever they go, the useless ones. (I don’t want my words to work for their improvement…)

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