Gabriele Schnaut on YouTube

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Part of Wagner Diction on 20071207

Gabriele Schnaut

JIWON: They say that this is a huge, natural voice that can hardly be recorded properly in an opera house. I remember to read various articles about her, in which pros were united at criticizing her intonation problem or heavy vibrato, yet never know how to advise her better way to sing Wagner. IMHO, there is basically nothing wrong with her singing. What she needs to achieve is more techniques; much more delicate techniques; a more accurate, detailed embouchure change. It will lead her to enter the entirely different world. Then there will appear so many things that she should fix, including the personal habits, even her personality. I’m afraid to say that it will be very difficult to make it. If she is deadly serious about her Wagner-dream, she can make it, I believe. Mental therapy or physical therapy… Which one should come first?

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