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Part of Wagner Diction on 20071207


Jane Eaglen


Jane Eaglen as Donna Anna:

JIWON: This is Jane Eaglen, who I truly believe in. I want to ask her. Was she happy when she checked herself in the mirror while adding pounds of pounds? I can ask, because I know she is a woman. This voice should never gain a weight. I am not the only one, of course. Read them, please.

Comment 1: Marked as spamShe was so much smaller than she is now. She actually had a waist! Great singing!

Comment 2: Marked as spamI find it a bit sad listening to this. Her voice has spread so much now, and lost focus, beauty and nuance. She should never have moved so quickly to the heavy dramatic repertoire. She could have been another Margaret Price.

Comment 3: Marked as spamTrue that….

Comment 4: I have only seen her once live at her total peak 10 years ago and it was a nice size voice in the middle (I heard bigger but “bigger is not necessarily better”). However, the high register -though it kept its focus- it was rather not giving that blooming top notes that the middle register was promissing… I think she was a lyric spinto who had no choise because of her corpunence…

Comment 5: I’ve seen that happen a few times. Singers forced to sing roles that fit their looks rather than their voices. Ms Eaglen may very well have been a lyric spinto but who would hire her to sing that repertory?

Comment 6: Her voice is not in shreds. Don’t be ridiculous. She had bloody great teaching and knows exactly what she’s doing with her instrument.

Comment 7: Nice try, and I wish that were so, but I was at the performance and Jane was struggling mightily for anything above a G. Every high note was about a second and a half in length, the luster had pretty much abandoned the rest of her range. I agree that she has had great teaching and has great technique, which is what makes her a great professor of voice now at UofW. I do wish her well. It used to be one of my favorite voices.

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