La Voce del Loggione – Time to be felt “pro”

Originally from La Voce del Loggione.” – Daniel Barenboim (1 settembre 2006) Daniel Barenboim / West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

Comment #1: For all this, manco to say, our enlightened newspapers report has been given least minimized (Courier) or zero (The Republic). It vergognino.

Comment #2: … More than signature-gathering “against”, perhaps it is time to be felt “pro” and not just our complaints. I think newspapers – as demonstrated-that fans of classical music are few and ignorant little critically.

Comment #6: (JIWON: Which concert are they talking about???)

JIWON: For the first time in my life, I read what was exactly the same as my opinion about those divans, who are hardly young and whose professional mind has nothing to do with the Middle East Peace. Now, I feel like I am really sane, and I don’t have to feel guilty about criticizing the wrong relationship between Barenboim the music-director and Said the quasi-musician. But do they know that the real headmaster of Divan Orchestra is neither Barenboim nor Said, but Matthias Glander and his Berlin fellows, including Waltraud Meier, whose Staatskapelle wants to hire Barenboim for nothing? Do they also know that the worst sounds of the Divans are just like their leaders from Berlin? Do they certainly know that those fellows from Berlin take advantage of Barenboim’s real patriotism to let Barenboim conduct for their favorite music? This has been how Barenboim achieved so little despite of his workaholic daily life, despite of all my hard working. And now, those fucking inferior musicians, aka Divans, joined “Glander & Co.,” which has been the worst sound in any of Barenboim’s performance and hardly followed their maestro.

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