Rene Pape

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Part of Wagner Diction on 20071207
Rene Pape

This is a voice, who wants to sing Wagner, and he is now considered as a German Jewel. Thus, I am making my inquiry, and heaven knows that I am not insulting this German soul.

Is this a genuine Wagner diction? In these days, even without iPod-Touch in his hand, anyone can have access to the, so Barenboim can never say that he hadn’t any opportunity to experience what his audiences already knew. The legendary (male) Wagnerian Singers don’t pronounce Wagner’s Poetry as this German guy does, even in a rehearsal room. One can’t say that it is an old-fashioned fad, for it comes from the Wagnerian Voice, which is a successful outcome of our musicians’ physical ability, which healthy body consists of one brain and one heart, one tongue and one belly button, two nostrils and two nipples, ten fingers and ten toes, and so on. According to Ms. Nilsson, the secret to singing Isolde was not her secret relationship with the maestro, but “comfortable shoes” and her egotistic relationship with the baton technique.

Here my opinion goes. Please look at his singing muscles. He is born a musician, but still, he is not spitting his German diction from the core of his body. If he appreciates the ability of his lungs more, there will be a slight change in his singing posture and then a huge change in his German diction. Imagine his new air and another German diction. Does it sound more intelligent? It will sound more intuitive. You close your eyes and will fall in love with this guy, who is still under fifty. (Somehow, I can’t help imagining Garfield singing songs…) Sooner or later, he will be over fifty and then it will be impossible for him to achieve what he can achieve.

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Part of German Sound on December 7, 2007

I am writing about German sound, am I?

I just know that Rene Pape has it, though his inheritance is still not allowed to blossom. I’ve written about this for ten years, yet none of his bosses listened to me. They were just busy at sweating their workers to support You-Know-Who for their very special reasons. One of their reasons was to see their rival, Barenboim, failing. Another reason was to make fun of me because they happened to be insulted by my analysis. Did I insult them? I just analyzed music and sometimes I didn’t even directly mention the names, but then those who considered themselves as Barenboim’s rival felt insulted by ME, who they called Barenboim-stalker. I am curious… exactly who showed my writings to each of them, because sometimes they made a dramatic improvement after reading my analysis while Barenboim was hopelessly failing. If time allows me, I want to write the full details about who’s who, starting from Maestro Abbado. Anyway…

How old is Rene Pape? Once he reaches 50, it will be damn difficult to prove his improvement. I heard that human lungs shrink after certain ages. Even now, the present situation prevents him from training more of his supporting muscles. It only forces him to over-strain his unnecessary muscles to match the voices of “Meier & Co.”

If Rene Pape is happy with his situation, it’s the end of the story.

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Recording-Technique, Playing w/Meier, Kundry on November 6, 2006

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