Dear Barenboim’s UN, EU, and First Lady of Israel

March 10, 2008

Dear Daniel Barenboim’s UN, EU, and Palestinian Government,

Could you please follow my Barenboim-message until you find your favorite subject? If you think it is valuable enough, could you please forward it to your counterpart in the White House? I am now too tired…

Dear Barenboim’s Israel,

This is JIWON. (It’s not my first time to directly contact Barenboim’s Israel. So, if you still don’t know who I am, please ask Elena Bashkirova, the artistic director of Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival. Or contact the neurologist to check if you suffer from dementia… How many times should I send my Barenboim-message to make you remember my name???) 

By the way, if any of you still had no opportunity to watch Bashkirova’s prostitution, your favorite Jewish Muse-or-Whore will appear in Tel Aviv for her IPO concert on March 19.

How can I start this message?

Today, I’m not here to fight with you. Rather, I’m here to promote friendship with my favorite Jews. A real friendship…

Could you please forward my Barenboim-message to your first lady, Mrs. Aliza Olmert? Once she sees through my true intention, she will know how to spread my Barenboim-message across elsewhere in the universe, where my favorite Jews are waiting for their Barenboim to return to his old good days. 

Basically, it was not my original message to Barenboim’s Israel. On February 12, I’ve sent my message to Barenboim’s Italian Government and La Scala. Another message to Barenboim’s German Government and Richard Wagner Foundation was sent on February 17, and then I was supposed to finish my mailing to your Israeli Government and Simon Wiesenthal Center on the same day.

If you go to My Blog: The Art of Criticism and click Mail-Recipients, all my messages can be found. In case your e-mail account doesn’t provide all the links I added, below is what should be read in case my mail recipients are interested in my Barenboim-message:

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Dear Sirs,

Contacting German Government was a real headache, because information was all messed up in their homepage. And now… I had a real hard time to find your e-addresses, which should receive my Barenboim-message.

1. I never planned to include Knesset members in my mail recipients today. Too tired! Some members even can’t read English writing.

2. There was No Ministry of Culture in 13 Ministries of Israel Government Portal.

3. The Ministry’s e-addresses in IGP are not same as government offices in PM’s Office. Exactly how many Ministries do you have? Even their names are not same.

4. PM’s Office does have Ministry of Science and Technology Culture and Sport and Raleb Majadele is its minister. But then, according to Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not Ministry of Science and Technology but Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport has a culture in its title. Its minister is Yuli Tamir.

5. What means Education, Culture, and Sports Committee in Israeli Knesset? Its Committee Chairman is not Yuli Tamir but Michael Melchior.

6. There are more than 15 Advisers in PM’s Office, but has None to PM for Culture. Then what about Ministerial Committees? Among about 45 Ministerial Committees, anything but Culture is found in their title.

Dear Sirs,

Is there something wrong with me??? I’m tearing my hair out!!!

No wonder the “unequivocal and brave” resolutions passed by Knesset Education Committee to boycott Barenboim were simply ignored… Hence, today’s mail recipients include EVERYBODY, from Knesset members to PM’s advisers and all the addresses of Ministry of Education & Culture and Jerusalem City Council Members. By the way, it’s real hard to enter Official website of Jerusalem!!!

1. Still, there is no difference in my opinion about Daniel Barenboim. Please read my original message and listen to my plea: 1. Could you please find a legal way to permanently ban public performances of the music of Wagner, before the coward Jewish hearts are simply waiting for the last Holocaust Survivor disappear from their music business? 2. Could you please revoke Barenboim’s Israeli passport?

2. No matter what, I wanted to find my favorite Jews before finishing this work. I was looking for Professor Baruch Nevo after reading his interview, in which I agreed with one of his opinions. (Please see PS 1.) No matter how long I roamed all the sites of Israeli Government, I couldn’t find any information about his title in the Education Committee. 

3. Then suddenly, something was there. The title was very strange; PM’s wife instead of First Lady… this made me enter her page. Then… I don’t know. Her eyes? Her smile? Her hair? Something just hooked me, and I wanted to know more about her.

1. (March 28, 2006) The Unexpected Candidate, Interview Aliza Olmert: We come from completely different backgrounds. (…) Ehud was raised with the idea that part of the country that belongs to him. So the basic attitude at Ehud’s home was nationalistic. My parents were Holocaust refugees. (…) I wasn’t actually conscious of the fact that Jerusalem was divided until my teens. (…) Ehud is absolutely sure that what he’s doing — his thing — is the only possible way. (…) Ehud alienated some of our friends when he was mayor of Jerusalem. (…)

2. (April 10, 2006) Marriage of inconvenience: Ehud Olmert may have a majority for his new Israeli government, but at home he has always been in the minority: “I always admired the tolerance of my family,” says Olmert. “They tolerated my dissension for the family consensus. They never got rid of me in spite of my different positions.”


I couldn’t believe my eyes… After reading Mrs. Olmert’s interview, I felt like I was born in Israel and became PM’s wife. How in the world is it possible for me to meet someone whose opinions are exactly same as mine every each moment? I hurried to read other interviews with her son and her husband; ho-ho-ho… Poor Ehud…

YES. It was my fundamental problem whenever I sneaked into the Knesset to read Israeli politicians. The right-wing guys looked terrific despite the fact that I never agree with their political opinions. I know Sharon’s announce of dismantling illegal outposts or releasing Palestinian prisoners is nothing but a planned gesture. But when I think of a guy to share my life with, I can’t help thinking that Arik Bulldozer is a terrific choice. If I am forced to marry a corrupt, spineless Labor’s guy, I would prefer a lesbian life.

Even Shas members tempt me. I can’t expect better fatherly figures from Shas members than from other faces. Some of them are very handsome, indeed, with purity in their eyes. Though I wonder if Shas is a Kindergarten Bible-Class because they sometimes sound like babies; Shas MK says homosexuals caused last earthquake (Feb 20, 2008) and then MK Benizri receives death threats from ‘Satan’ (Mar 2, 2008). I know it is a serious happening. But I can’t help laughing my lungs out whenever I read news from Barenboim’s Knesset.

Am I lying? I’ve already written my personal feeling about Arik in my mailing to Mr. Ambassador of Israel to Korea on March 2, 2007. If I trust my READERS’ IQ, they remember my first writing about Barenboim’s Israel. It was about how much the characteristics of Heldentenor from Arik’s physical shape surprised me. This is why I sharply criticized Barenboim, who insulted Arik; that Barenboim is no different from Sharon, and that Barenboim should save his B*tches’ dying musicians first if he wants to see Sharon save his poor Palestinians.

Now, I feel no guilty about this feeling whenever I am forced to work for Palestinian Dream of Palestine State. I am curious. Am I the only one? Mrs. Aliza Olmert is the only case in Israel, where left-wing girls fall in love with right-wing guys?

Suddenly, Mr. Olmert looks very handsome… I know what a sensitive guy he is. I’ve heard him, when by-then Jerusalem Mayor spat on Barenboim’s actions in his furious voice; “brazen, arrogant, insensitive and uncivilized…”

I really hope PM Olmert to find my Barenboim-message, since he is the best one who can understand my present feeling. Wagner performance was not the only event that Barenboim entered through the back door. It has been trademark of Daniel Barenboim, from his music business to his private life.

Regarding the present situation, where Zubin Mehta, the IPO’s music director, will never allow Barenboim to go on his own way, it will be beyond Barenboim’s ability to grant all my requests, and I never plan to compromise on this. I will fail in my plan again. So, I am writing Just-In-Case… I hope Mrs. Aliza Olmert to find my Barenboim-message and takes pity on my miserable life so that I could receive the exact amount of my money from Barenboim.

We are talking about Palestinian Dream to build Palestine State. Is there better Jewish marriage system than the one of Mr. and Mrs. Olmert in Israel, where there is no hope for the left-wing members to win the election or where the right-right-wing members cunningly avoid taking the posts of Prime Minster or Foreign Minister?

The fact that Barenboim is for a Two-State Solution to the conflict while Barenboim’s Said argues for a single state in all of the Holy Land doesn’t count in this writing. I’m just worrying about the fact that Olmert’s government is on the verge of collapse. In those days, I was real diligent in reading newspaper articles from both sides, Israel and Palestine. Then, I happened to read “Intifada Generation by Laetitia Bucaille,” and quit following updated news. Since then, the headlines in Korean newspaper were the only source and I was waiting for the collapse of Olmert’s government, which I believed was ruled by Jewish pigs.

I’ve been working for Barenboim’s Jewish patriotism, and now, I support PM Olmert’s Government with my full heart. I don’t support Aliza Olmert, whose husband is Ehud. I support Ehud Olmert, whose wife is Aliza.

Hence, I resumed my reading up-dated news in the Jerusalem Post. (I know the Haaretz doesn’t allow me to think quite right… To defeat a lion, you need to know where the lion’s den is.) But this time, I only save important articles in my computer; all kinds of big mouths of Olmert’s enemies, who are willing to win the next election.

I can’t say that I will support Ehud Olmert’s winning the next election. The more I worked for a particular person, the more enemies he earned. So, I am waiting for the right person to win public mind in the next election. I will support whoever wins the election. However during Olmert’s era? I heartily recommend those big mouths to SHUT UP unless they have a better idea to come up with. I know their only concern is to draw public attention no matter what. So… I created another blog, Daniel Barenboim Loves the Knesset. ^.^

I did save articles about Bibi and Barkat. The moment they become PM-or-FM-or-Jerusalem’sMayor-or-Whatever and talk about THEIR Jerusalem and want to follow Olmert’s footsteps, they would have to resign from their job: ‘Talks being held on Jerusalem’ (Feb. 20, 2008) , Barkat to quit Kadima if PM keeps negotiating on J’lem (Feb 28, 2008), and Likud rules out unity gov’t proposal (Mar 3, 2008)

Unlike Barenboim, I have no idea about Jerusalem issue. I’m just following public mind. Unlike Bibi, PM Ehud Olmert is a Jerusalemite. So is Nir Barkat. Yet, Barkat belongs to the next generation of Olmert, who has been active in right-right-wing opinions until perhaps-tomorrow. If Olmert believes in a specific kind of Jerusalem, there must be a reason. Well… I am just fed up with all those immature big mouths of naive youngsters. (Well, Barkat is also very handsome. My fundamental problem…)

Then, this is my opinion about the members of Shas and other religious groups. If they contribute to collapse of the present Government, they should accept a job of Foreign Minister in the next Government, because they will never win the PM job. What is their reason of NEVER taking this precious position? There are so many excellent official interpreters elsewhere they go, so please NEVER worry about Language problem. Somehow, I can’t understand why Shas members have enemies inside their religious land; National UnionNational Religious Party, United Torah Judaism. Do they serve different GODS?

Hey, I am not a Meretz-member. As I wrote in my original message, I would always dedicate my vote to right-right-wing-Rabbis, so that my choice take PM and FM jobs. When I was a kid, one Jesus follower refused to pray for me. 20 years later, another one advised my mother that she should accept my destiny, which differs from her religion.

It was already years ago, in which I wrote about my weird experience with two Jesus followers. Still, I want to know why he refused to pray for me, and I am now so sick of my life that I believe in nothing. Only when I am invited to speak in front of Knesset’s right-right-Rabbis, I will tell its full story. Then, I will beg them to pray for me. I want to hear God’s voice from Barenboim’s Israel. Who is going to answer me? If their GOD is still alive, they will speak through the voice of their GOD, about me and their Jewish State.

Just out of curiosity: Whenever I read my favorite Jews’ insulting Barenboim, they mention Sderot. Where is it located? Is it one of illegal outposts? Or is it inside or outside the Green Line? How is it related to Israel’s Declaration of Independence?

By the way, I don’t know why I used to think Tzipi Livni is a Likud member. She was the one who called for the resignation of PM Olmert, wasn’t she? Weird… Anyway, Ms. Livni, whose education used to sound like lacking anything but Kindergarten, now speaks like a Bar-Ilan alumna after being appointed as a Foreign Minister. Cool! (I regret that I didn’t save her comical mouth in those days. I never knew that she wanted to run her own PM-office until she insulted Barenboim. I hope her to win the next election. ^.*)

1. (Feb 18, 2008) Livni: Halting talks would aid Hamas

2. (Feb 19, 2008) Livni: If we don’t give up land, we’ll be forced to give up ultimate goal 

3. (Feb 26, 2008) Livni: Israel is on the front of the battle against extremists that are fighting against the entire western world.

I’ve always thought that Israeli Government should have several Foreign Ministers; one from the secular group, one from the religious circles, one from the outposts, and so on. Whoever takes this job, they suddenly sound different. WHY?  

My Barenboim-message is going to travel all over the world. I’m now thinking that I should contact all the Government to explain what a lovely place Barenboim’s Knesset is. Already now, how many articles have I been forced to read? The Jewish journalists were really enjoying their writing job, reporting what a big mouth their favorite politicians boast; especially about Bibi or Lieberman. There have been so many articles in one newspaper that it really hurts my eyes.

Dear Sirs,

It’s been years. How many articles do you think I have read and now remember? I’ve already told you that in those days I didn’t skip a day until I read “Intifada Generation.” Among them, I only remember two. (I really regret not to save those. I hope someone to find what I remember, since both articles were in the Jerusalem Post.)

1. Some naïve volunteers in Palestinian area are contributing anything but practical peace process between I & P. Rather, they are spoiling P. public mind. There should be a clear vision of how to perform their humanitarian ideas, or their sentimentalism will destroy Palestinian dream in the long run.

2. The starting point of the Roadmap should be the establishment of Palestine State. Or the cycle will continue.

I am not here to insist something. I only want to show you what I organized in recent days. My research is purely based on all the events I’ve observed in those days. Time passed. I resumed my work. Is there any change since then? For your convenience, I started reading your articles during the middle-or-end of Clinton era. And then, I belong to neither Israel nor Palestine, but the third party.

1. (Feb 26, 2008) Livni: Israel is on the front of the battle against extremists: “The world needs to understand the nature of Hamas as a terror group with an extremist ideology,” she added.

2. (Feb 26, 2008) Israeli ambassador to US issues warning to Hamas

3. (Feb 28, 2008) Rice says Hamas rocket attacks against Israel need to stop

4. (Feb 27, 2008) UK Minister for the Middle East condemns fatal rocket attack

5. (Feb 27, 2008) UN chief to urge General Assembly to hold session on suicide bombings

6. (Feb 27, 2008) Abbas: Qaida, Hamas cooperating in Gaza: Abbas blamed Hamas for letting al-Qaida into the Gaza Strip, and said he believed the two organizations were working together. 


These are nothing special. It’s been years. Has anything worked to halt the Hamas?

1. Let’s ignore official statements from Israel and its friendly nations.

2. Palestinian Government cannot lead this Anti-Hamas campaign, which will only be resulted in a civil war. I also know how much Bush Administration was sick of their asking money. While “pretending” to solve this problem, they asked more and more. For a while, I was so sick of this never-ending story that I was waiting for this situation, the civil war, so that Palestinians could solve their problems by themselves. I know how many Palestinians suffer from…, but what do I do when Hamas always take their people hostage? Even in this country, there are those who suffer from…

3. What kind of reaction of the Hamas have the UN’s advices-or-warnings provoked? Has the Hamas shown mixed reaction? They used to ignore it; another predictable reaction. Already now, the new UN Secretary-General is criticized for being pro-USA. What can we expect from the Hamas?

JIWON: According to what I read, Hamas has taken over running Gaza area since June 2007. The situation is getting worse and worse, and “ordinary people understandably have little confidence that the political process is delivering.” According to what I read so far, Hamas is also a group of human beings, and they’ve sometimes given a reaction to the third person.

1. (Feb 22, 2008) Hamas says it’s ready for a mutual cease-fire with Israel: Zuhri also praised Thursday’s European Parliament resolution calling on Israel to lift the blockade imposed on Gaza and to halt IDF operations which endangering civilians, as well as targeted killings. He went on to say that the Kassam rocket attacks were a legitimate response to Israeli aggression. “The problem is not with Hamas, the problem is with the occupation, its aggression and the siege imposed on our people in the Gaza Strip,” said Zuhri, adding “the EU parliament’s call is highly appreciated.”

2. Too tired to save another article on Hamas’ reaction. It was an answer to the UN.

3. (Mar 3, 2008) Hamas is pushing for a cease-fire: Hamas’s apparent readiness to reach a cease-fire with Israel is seen by some Palestinians as evidence of the Islamist movement’s concern that it may lose control over the Gaza Strip should the military operations continue. “Hamas is nervous,” remarked a senior Palestinian Authority official in Ramallah. “All their leaders have gone underground. They didn’t expect such a massive attack from Israel.” (…) The Egyptians and Jordanians are clearly worried that the violence in the Gaza Strip would trigger unrest in their countries. (…) “The Israeli military escalation is weakening the Palestinian Authority,” the official warned. “Israel is rallying more and more Palestinians behind Hamas.” Abbas, who has been facing heavy criticism from Hamas and many Arabs, on Sunday succumbed to pressure to halt peace talks with Israel. His decision also received the backing of the Fatah and PLO leadership.

JIWON: The former response was right after EU’s weak(?) criticism for Hamas, while the middle was after UN’s anti-Israeli statements. They accepted anything but those two, and ignored whoever’s plea-or-warning. The last one is contributing anything but good. If my memory is correct, this was exactly what had happened in those days. Absolutely no change since then…

1. (Feb 18, 2008) EU envoy slams Israeli failure to ease checkpoints: Cibrian-Uzal said that while the EU in principle supported peacekeeping missions around the world, this must be at the invitation of the relevant parties and the “proper environment” must be in place. “If Hamas remains in power in Gaza and doesn’t allow the proper environment to develop,” the diplomat said, “this may be a problem.” This month the EU launched its PEGASE mechanism for channeling funds to support the three-year reform plan drawn up by Fayad. (…)

2. (Feb 27, 2008) New UN envoy critical of Israel: Serry said. “Hamas itself also carries out periodic rocket firing and regular mortar fire, to say nothing of the recent suicide bombing. We continue to call on Hamas to live up to the responsibilities it has taken on itself, and to choose the olive branch over the gun.” But, Serry said, “Israeli measures amounting to collective punishment are not acceptable.” (…) By contrast, Serry praised the Palestinian Authority. (…)

JIWON: May I show you something more? I am now changing the subject.

1. (Oct 5, 2007) NYP Might Play in North Korea: Mr. Mehta said the Philharmonic would not consider going to North Korea without American government support. (…) Word of the invitation first came in mid-August, transmitted by a Korean cultural agent in California. A North Korean diplomat from the country’s UN mission visited orchestra officials a month later. A formal letter from the Ministry of Culture followed. (…)

2. (Feb. 25, 2008) Headed for Korea, Orchestra Gets Tips: “The North Korean regime is still the North Korean regime. And so I don’t think we should get carried away with what listening to Dvorak is going to do in North Korea.” Nevertheless, Rice said, “to the degree that the North Korean people have some access to the outside, that they know that there is something else in life, I think it’s a good thing.”

3. (Feb 27, 2008) Philharmonic Stirs Emotions in North Korea: Song, the vice-minister of culture, said: “All the members of the NYP opened the hearts of the Korean people.” He called the concert “an important occasion to open a chapter of mutual understanding between the two countries.” It did not appear that the country’s leader, Kim Jong-il, was present at the concert.

4. (Mar 4, 2008) N. Korea dashes hopes of quick progress on nuclear standoff after concert


Why do you think North Korea pretended(?) to welcome this cultural(?) happening? To cut the long story short, they can no more receive money from South Korean Nobel laureate. Inferior Koreans still want to know how much it costs to purchase the Nobel Prize… After the NYP’s Pyongyang concert, I had to find sentimental reviewers, who criticized Rice’s comments while comparing this concert with Barenboim’s WEDO (sic!). Well, the New York members saw where OUR money actually went to. The point here should be, “Who in the North Korea, where free access to media is still not allowed, had an opportunity to listen to this concert? If those Kim’s elite audience and their relatives were the only ones, they would want to suck up more juice from their poor people so that they could ENJOY more and more music/ENTERTAINMENT for FREE.

Dear Sirs,

Do you still have difficult to pick up what I’m trying to write?

What if Barenboim joins this Middle East scene? This musician doesn’t have to VERBALLY criticize Hamas’ military action, which is more political than religious. There are other ways Barenboim can do to show OUTSIDERS elsewhere in the universe who has been the real enemy to starve Palestinian poor kids, and who has been the real criminal to destroy Palestinian Dream to build Palestine State. He doesn’t have to have an interview on this subject. Printing exact numbers of Hamas’ victims or Israeli illegal outposts on Program Notes in Barenboim’s concert can tell them everything.

(Feb 27, 2008) New UN envoy critical of Israel: But, Serry said, “Israeli measures amounting to collective punishment are not acceptable. We call on Israel to meet its obligations toward the civilian population of Gaza under international law.” The Foreign Ministry had no comment on Serry’s report, with one official saying only that Israel was “studying” Serry’s comments. In the report, Serry took Israel to task for failure to live up to its obligations under the road map, while saying nothing of Palestinian obligations under that document. “Phase One of the road map, to which the parties recommitted at Annapolis, requires (…) However, construction continues in settlements throughout the West Bank, including in east Jerusalem; new housing tenders continue to be issued by the Israeli government; and no outposts have been removed.” Serry scored Israel for recently issuing an order to continue the closure of Palestinian institutions in east Jerusalem, despite what he said were road map obligations to reopen Palestinian institutions there. (…) By contrast, Serry praised the Palestinian Authority. (…)


At the same time, Israel’s friendly nations, including UN, should not stop monitoring and criticizing Israeli Pigs, while EU and its Barenboim raise their voice against Hamas higher and higher.

What I am talking about is Balanced Strategy and Timing.

All sides work together and it should be carried out very carefully, so that everybody, including the Hamas and Israeli Pigs have no option but listening to the International Law. (I know my choice of the word, Pigs, don’t offend Knesset members, since I learned it from them…^.*)

Dear Sirs,

Please use Barenboim in your favorite way whenever you need to. Barenboim is always ready, if it exists for Palestinian Dream to establish Palestine State.

And then, please, please be careful when you want to mention Barenboim’s friendship with late Edward Said. Barenboim’s divan-story is getting dirtier and dirtier. Sooner or later, all the peace lovers will read my Barenboim-message. By then, which music do you think would they prefer to listen to? Those Pro-Divan-Pigs’ playing from-Mozart-to-Wagner under Barenboim’s umbrella? Or Palestinian kids’ playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” accompanied by Granddaddy Barenboim?

Dear Barenboim’s EU and UN,

You are welcome to ignore the rest of this message. This is for Mrs. Aliza Olmert and Barenboim’s real friends from Palestine.

I’m curious if Aliza has a sister. If so, are their opinions exactly same as mine? My eldest and youngest sisters had(?) a real talent in writing. My younger sister partly reminds me of Jacqueline du Pre, perhaps due to her physical size. What about me? My least favorite novel was “Little Women by Louisa Alcott,” in which Jo was my least favorite character every each moment. Please look at me, what I am doing in these days. I’m tearing my hair out…

How many Jerusalemites do you think made me cry?

I had to cry whenever I read the members of Barenboim version of Simon Wiesenthal Center insulting Barenboim especially after Bashkirova appeared on nationwide broadcast as a Jewish-Muse. Most of them were from Jerusalem.

I was too happy to cry the moment I found Aliza’s interview; “I never think globally. I’m a one-to-one person, and helping one child means a lot to me. I don’t think in global terms or in nationalistic terms. Helping one child at a time, you know, makes my day.”

I am tired. I wanted to die when I decided to start this mailing business. I am skillful at nothing and am now addicted to caffeine to write this, and still want to die. Even if I take my money back from Barenboim’s Angels, I can’t return to my original myself. I feel…

If you find my blog, The Art of Criticism and My-Previous-Messages, could you please follow the dates, on which my previous messages were sent to Barenboim? I’ve done this for more than ten years, and had to watch Barenboim enjoy resurrecting his pro-career and even private life, and then those B*tches’ brilliant prostitution and then Barenboim’s sweetest honeymoon. And then all these and those trashy behaviors of Bashkirova’s musicians. Could you please recall Bashkirova’s behaviors in Jerusalem and then Ramallah and then elsewhere in Barenboim’s world of music?

How in the world could this B*tch’s favorites be exactly opposite to mine? Born a party-animal, Bashkirova always thinks globally, and then traveling all over the earth is not enough for her. She even wants to go to Mars, where all the machos hunger for her prostitution. Bashkirova looked real lovely while enjoying her time with James D. Wolfensohn, a former Special Envoy for Gaza Disengagement for the Quartet, who claims to be du Pre’s dearest friend. Does his wife know his relationship with this whore?

Though behind scenes, my story was quite well-known among everybody living with Barenboim, and then this is the musician, who never minded appearing in Chicago and Vienna, where some fabulous musicians wanted to make real music under Barenboim’s baton. In Chicago, this shit even succeeded in collecting her followers. Please check trashy behaviors of Barenboim’s Divans, who want to follow Bashkirova’s footsteps. Curiously, I can’t find those names in Israeli pro-ensembles. Are they now enjoying more money and fame in Europe? Or even their Jewish colleagues couldn’t accept their big mouths?

Bashkirova was sure that Barenboim, who had been sick of ridiculous public attention on his private life since du Pre’s illness, would do nothing whenever she stands next to Barenboim in front of camera. Even now, Bashkirova is waiting for me to give up. Despite all these and those happenings, if I give up, this musician will appear in Jerusalem with her proud smile and Barenboim will follow this B*tch and pretend as if nothing has happened to his whole life. Everybody calls this woman a Jewish-Muse. Only some Jerusalemites call her a whore.

I happened to advise Bashkirova to behave as a true Jew if she still, really wanted to remain as a Jewish Muse. Please click (Feb 20, 2007) Boulez & DB: “Mr. Kremer is also a Jew. Whether Bashkirova is Kremer’s second ex or a mother of Barenboim’s illegitimate kids, she can remain as a Jewish Muse as long as she wants to. There are still so many things for an artistic director of Bashkirova Festival to do for the beggars, who desperately need her music for nothing. Planning three concerts a day in all the orphanages, kindergartens, music classes of all the schools, the soldiers’ camps, and senior asylums. Even in the Knesset, where the genius politicians, who are suffering from the general dementia, hunger for the mental therapy through music. I don’t understand why she just roams the world and destroy all Barenboim’s fame, instead of sticking around her Jerusalem market and contribute the music business there.”

Appearing as a brilliant Soloist in Mehta’s IPO and traveling all over the world with her Jerusalem-Titled-Concerts was an answer from Bashkirova.

Basically, Mehta’s IPO 2007-08, including Bashkirova’s IPO concert, was not to celebrate Israel 60. It was rather Mehta’s warning to Barenboim’s Israel that they could do nothing without his involvement. To celebrate Israel 60, the old(!) and respected(?) maestro from Cleveland was summoned to support Bashkirova so that I couldn’t do anything to insult this performance. Well, I’ve already checked that in his working place, this old guy has planted couple of seeds, which could play a cancerous role if enjoyed by Bashkirova’s pianism. I am waiting for this guy to bring his NEW sex-partner into his Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. It will be more fun to watch this than to watch his OLD partner singing in Barenboim’s Berlin. While the latter is merely clinging to her useless old fame, the former is risking her life to prove her real pianism and practicing real hard, and then this used to be called No-Talent. Hence, I am waiting for an open answer from Maestro Dohnanyi about how to analyze his performance with Bashkirova, either in Tel-Aviv or in Cleveland. Maestro Dohnanyi interviews that he loves his young wife, and then he supports his old one’s friend in Barenboim’s Israel. Is it making sense? Does his young wife know it? Or is it musicians’ rule that enjoying group sex has been a shortcut to earn international fame since the story of Kremer and Barenboim? Am I insane if I feel like vomiting?

Could you please contact Bashkirova before her IPO rehearsal and ask the list of exact names of Barenboim’s enemies in her Jerusalem-Festival and ask her how she was able to succeed in inviting all those famed names into Barenboim’s Jerusalem? Those are in fact the members of Euro-Trash, which are famous for their SOLO techniques, especially in a dying orchestra.

Curiously, I found one interesting American Music Festival, which long history would welcome Barenboim’s involvement and has a terrific ability to provide summer home to Barenboim’s Divans, who want to join a real professional world of music. I am also sure this is not the only Music Festival in America. If my memory is correct, this is in fact what Barenboim wanted while starting his Divan Workshop.

But still, I want to see future Prime Ministers of either Israel or Palestine experience Barenboim’s Divan-Workshop. This I think can be realized if I receive help from Mrs. Olmert and her friends.

Palestinian kids should be educated. I realized it the moment Dr. Condoleezza Rice succeeded to Colin Powell. In those days, I was daily reading Palestine Daily and surprised at the happening in Palestinian area. Palestinian media were literally covered with all kinds of insulting Condi’s name-or-life-or-whatever. I couldn’t understand why, because in my view, Condi was a real hope for Palestinian dream.

Colin Powell was a great guy. He may be greater than Condi. But who cares when none of Bush Administration listens to his report-or-advice-or-warning? Should I write more? When Palestinians have no opportunity to change American Government, they should learn how to use it in the most effective way. Sooner or later, there will be another Government, filled by another name, who hardly knows anything history of this never-ending story between Israel and Palestine.

This time, I really hope the poor Palestinians grasp whatever or whoever is better for their Palestinian Dream. I will work for them. I promise.

Palestinian kids should be educated. This is not my opinion only. If my memory is correct, it was also an opinion from Arik’s Foreign Minister. Was his name Shalom? The weirdest name to be a right-right-wing guy… Since it was from Likud-man, I don’t think Bibi will seek to find a golden opportunity to insult Olmert’s government even if Mrs. Aliza Olmert decides to join my Palestinian Project.

I had no chance to read official statement from Barenboim. But I am quite sure that Barenboim wants his Palestinian Music Kindergarten to follow the footsteps of Dudeman’s Venezuelan ensemble. I don’t think it’s quite a right idea.

El Sistema, the Venezuelan musical education program, is a terrific program. There is no question about this. However, it requires a specific atmosphere, and Barenboim has never lived in such a special area as El Sistema Town, where poor kids have nothing to lose in their starving heart. Barenboim was born in a middle class but raised like a royal baby in case of music education. And then, he only knows those who have high ability enough to afford the Kennedy School.

I am sure that this Venezuelan program, El Sistema, along with Barenboim’s Divan project can beautifully work in some places in Argentine. But sometimes I wonder what Barenboim is going to do with his Music-Kindergarten in his favorite towns of Berlin or Milan, because even now not only an elite group like the Club des Cent, (see this article), but also the ZERO-brain of Music-Conservatory alumni has been a longtime social problem in France. (I heard it 15 years ago… from one French alumna. Then, I had to watch all those comical behaviors of… I just feel pity for their Absolute-Brainlessness.) I am somewhat sure that Barenboim’s Israel suffers from similar problem.

Besides, real talented babies can not survive this musical education program. They need very special one-to-one care until they master ALL the techniques. Even joining Barenboim’s Divan orchestra will destroy their native talent unless they have superb technique with strong ego. Jacqueline du Pre was a successful outcome of this case; starting from her mother and then her cello daddy. She just lacked further education after mastering all the techniques.

Then what about Palestinian kids, who also have nothing to lose in their dying hearts? I am NOT against Barenboim’s intention, which is usually more than pure, therefore no less than naive. But, I am still thinking… Palestinian kids differ from Venezuelans. They even differ from North Korean kids.

Palestinian kids are born with hatred in their heart. Unlike normal needy kids, they clearly know who they hate, and why they hate. But is their hatred always right? Thanks to this sometimes-unreasonable animosity, they suffer more and more. And then, they have no idea about the situation around them.

When I was partly against Barenboim’s Divan-workshop, I pointed out that the Middle East youngsters should not join Barenboim unless they receive an official permission from their government. Should I write more detail? Barenboim has never understood this sensitive issue. I am sure Barenboim will never understand what I am writing now. If he pretends to follow me, it’s because everybody is now reading my Barenboim-message. Anyway, I am writing what I want to write.

Palestinian kids should be educated, and music should be only a part of education program, unless a real talented baby wants to grow into a professional musician. They should be trained to be strong, mature human beings so that their real enemy, whether the Jewish Pigs or the Palestinian Militant group, shall never have such an opportunity to steer them in their favorite way.

They could become everybody; from astronaut, businessman, doctor, engineer, lawyer, musician, novelist, poet, politician, scientist, soldier and so on… (in alphabetical order). Among them, only musicians don’t go to the library. (I omitted painter to avoid further writing… By the way, I remember even the Palestinians mourned the death of Jewish astronaut. Though he was a true Jewish Jewel, I was real surprised at the purity in their heart. Then, I realized that those poor, poorer, poorest Palestinian people really should be educated.)

Whatever they become, they should learn how to analyze all the happenings inside or outside their country. Then they could grow into more mature, successful human beings so that their next generation could start their practical life in a better place. They should not be forced to decide what kind of human beings they should grow into.

There are countless books that could teach them how to grow into their favorite human beings. Among them… there are books written by Israelis, Palestinians, or the third party. It has been years that the title of those books hooked my attention, because not only the readers trust the facts in the writers’ report, but also the situation itself is so unique that various human natures are so breathtakingly described that the readers praised them as literary masterpieces. They should read all of them and learn what the best way is for them to establish, secure the Palestinian State and make it blossom.

There are dangerous books, too, written by Palestinians, who didn’t mind criticizing the corrupt Palestinian politicians, who didn’t want to see their State created for their very special reasons. Those should be read by P.-kids after certain ages. Should Barenboim go to Ramallah to beg his kids to read them? No way… it will only ignite their hatred against all the Israelis. Just teach them how to read the letters, and build the library, in which the restricted section is marked by red-colored sign. In no time, all the kids will borrow the invisible cloak from Harry Potter. 

In this restrict section, Barenboim’s divans will also find “Palestine,” in which Edward Said dedicated his description of Joe Sacco. (I couldn’t find its English version. It says, “사코의 작품은 우리가 성급하게 어떤 구호에 동조하거나, 낭만적인 감상에 젖어 우리가 승리하리라고 외치는 일을 자제하도록 해준다. 아마 이것은 그의 가장 위대한 업적일 것이다.”)

This is real Edward Said I know. If I were in his shoes, I would never approve Barenboim’s present divan-project. If I saw those pigs in my class, I would spat at Barenboim’s naïve face and silly smile.

I am pretty sure Mrs. Mariam Said knows what it means. If her love of Bashkirova’s Divans is purely due to the fact that she misses her husband so much, why doesn’t she go to the graveyard and sleep on Said’s gravestone, instead of destroying his lifelong achievement and his stubborn academic mind?

At the same time, I seriously recommend Mrs. Mariam Said to reconsider her friendship with Edward’s friend, Daniel Barenboim. There are quite information in the Google Web, about late Edward Said’s One-State Solution, which is now being remembered more and more by his followers. I remember to read her interview, in which Mrs. Mariam Said expressed her wish to realize her husband’s dream, One-State Solution.

I’m not talking about the notorious photo, in which late Said was throwing a stone across the Lebanon-Israel border. It’s the past stuff, and tells me nothing. I’m talking about Edward Said of present and future.

Barenboim says that several politicians from the ME and Europe joined his Divan-workshop for a brief but intensive period of discussions and it gave him great satisfaction to witness the sensitivity, intelligence and maturity with which his Divans have learned to approach discussions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I’ve never seen such a silly comment as this. I do understand the politicians from Palestinian side. But those from Europe? Were there politicians from Israel? Politicians do their job. They never appear in a place, where there is no media to report their public appearance. Basically, Barenboim’s Divan-Workshop doesn’t need politicians from the third country. Have they helped the actual peace process between Israel and Palestine? May I have a list of those exact names, so that I can read their faces? Those are nothing but a showing-off. Or… did they appear to support late Said’s One-State Solution in front of Barenboim?

According to what I read, Prof. Said vacillated between a Two-State Solution and a One-State Solution and, of course, ended up recommending the latter. As far as I know, he was the most stubborn political activist to quit his relationship with the PNC. The Two-State Solution is now entering the center of politics and Barenboim is a devoted supporter of it. What if Prof. Edward Said were still alive? What is Mrs. Mariam Said going to do?

I only want to make Barenboim develop his real friendship with real Palestinians, whose vision about the Middle East is exactly same as his. I know… life is too short to meet all of them. First of all, I don’t think it’s a good idea for Widower Said to treat Maestro Barenboim as her musical toy in her WEDO, in which I’ve already seen hookers working. I’m not talking about their belly-dance. This is in fact my most favorite dance and I always wanted to learn this art form. The most comical scene in Barenboim’s Ramallah concert was Matthias Glander’s conducting behind Barenboim’s back. Mariam’s Divans were following not Barenboim’s baton-technique but Glander’s body-language.

I know my requests to Barenboim are beyond his ability, concerning the present situation, which is literally a trash-bin, and I never plan to compromise on this subject. Before finishing this work, I just wanted to write what I wanted to write for more than ten years since my joining Barenboim’s Furtwangler dream.

Below is what I wrote at the beginning and end of my original message, which was supposed to be sent on February 17, 2008. (I will send it tomorrow.)

This is anyway continued from Dear Barenboim’s Italian Government & Richard Wagner Foundation. I had a dream. I had a plan. I had a wish when I first joined Barenboim’s Furtwangler Dream. (…) Could you allow me to start my mailing business under YOUR auspices? Thanks for reading my hopeless life. God Bless Your Jewish Land and Your Real Judaism. No matter what, I was happy while falling in love with you. (While writing this, I wanted to know the difference between Zionism and Judaism. What the heck! So long…)

Sincerely yours,


PS 1: Well… I thought, thanks to special program for the gifted children, all Israeli parents’ blood pressure went so high that Education Committee finally erupted and Education Minister collapsed~ ^.* I hope Prof. Baruch Nevo to find this message. Since I am too tired now, I want to make it simple. Please click and find my posting: My-Previous-Messages -> 00-1. After 20071207 -> Baruch Nevo. This is basically collection of my favorites while reading his opinions. There was one article I wanted to show him, but I can’t find it. It was from Voice of America. Since it was before they sent computer virus, it must be long time ago. If my memory is correct, it was about a research by one Canadian University, in which they followed certain numbers of children for X years and studied the characteristics of their brain growth. Well… he’d better guess the result of their research. Jacqueline du Pre’s favorite subject was math, and people say that the probability of this kind of genius is one in million. But I promise that if du Pre were born in present Israel, not only this kid would have been treated as a retarded one but also math would have been her least favorite subject. Though the program for gifted children works better for girls, I’m pretty sure that this girl never dared to join this special program. I realized it while reading Leah Boehm’s interview. I am not saying that those gifted girls are not the real ones. I’m just saying that there are also other types of gifted children, who need time to grow more. For the outsiders, it can be better if the special program starts in their somewhat mature age. But at home, it should start the moment they are born. Whatever it is, math or music or whatever… then 25 hours a day is not enough when the cursed(?) parents were blessed with a gifted(!) child. Well… I’ve been real interested in training gifted children. But no matter what, I was the third person for all those gifted children around me. Now, I rather prefer to watch normal kids blossom their full talent. Then, why du Pre should be my only example? Special kids need special protection, and no one is going to destroy poor Jackie any more. Besides… my very personal opinion is that it’s been years that I heard of Jewish education of Debate-Only. I’m just thinking that Knesset will be operated in better way if the students listen to others and think twice before they talk. I usually spend most of my time with listening, and I have no time to talk, because I learn so much while thinking about what I heard…

PS 2: If… If Barenboim’s WEDO 2008 steals my idea, we’ll see. I will break Barenboim-or-Rubinstein’s piano. Rubinstein has not been my favorite, and I don’t know how much it costs.

PS 3: For couple of days, I was searching for the information about my mail recipients in Palestinian area. NOTHING!!! NOTHING!!! All the Palestinian links seemed to die and its Government website don’t work. How come is it possible? So, I will postpone this mailing couple of days until I will be able to send it to Barenboim’s OLD(?) friends and all the possible Palestinian Media, who wants to support public mind. Seriously, they should get together. If you go to Mail-Recipients in my blog, you can find the list of my mail recipients in Palestinian area. I am still having a hard time to find YOU.

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