Dear Israeli Media and SWC

March 11, 2008

Dear Barenboim’s Israel,

Yesterday, I sent too many mailings. I am going to be ill again. Hence I now want to send it to these only; ; ; ; ; ;

If you enjoyed my mailing yesterday, could you please read my original message? Too tired to make it again… Could you please go to my blog and click Mail-Recipients and click Israeli Government & Simon Wiesenthal Center?

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Dear Israeli Media and Simon Wiesenthal Center,

Yesterday, I was too tired to finish my first mailing. Today, I am going to be ill again. Could you please go to my blog and click Mail-Recipients and click my both messages; Israeli Government & Simon Wiesenthal Center and Dear Barenboim’s UN, EU, and First Lady of Israel?

EU and UN and most Israeli welcomed it. Then I received the weirdest message from Michael Melchior, a Labor-guy, who is in charge of Education, Culture, and Sports Committee in Knesset. What does it mean? I am now too tired to play games with you.


By the way, the mail recipients in Israeli Media include;

Ha’aretz (No e-address), Yesha News (No e-address), Ma’ariv, Globes, The Jerusalem Post, Yedioth Ahronoth (=Ynet News?), Israel National News, Israel Insider, Hatzofe, Our Jerusalem, Virtual Jerusalem, and Israel Broadcasting Agency .

Weird that some media such as Jerusalem Globe look similar to Palestine Post. Basically I am not quite interested in contacting Israeli Media, which has been fervently supporting Elena Bashkirova. It confirms Bashkirova’s interview that her Jewish audience are beggars. I just want to remind them of my willingness to solve my problem in a legal way just in case… The members of Israeli media need to read Dear-Journalist first in my blog before Bashkirova’s IPO concert on March 19. This is the only reason of my mailing today. If… if your music reporters avoid writing about this concert, which is in fact a golden opportunity for IPO’s re-audition, I will interpret it as your true love of this musician. Then, I will let all over the world know your Jewish taste.

Sincerely yours,


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