Dear Hungarian Government and Music Institutions

March 26, 2008

Dear Hungarian Government, Orchestras, Opera Company, and Journalists,
Dear Sirs,

The mail sender is JIWON, and this is my second mail to Hungarian Music Institutions. My subject was Elena Bashkirova’s Concert on March 26 in Budapest Festival 2008. I’m sending another mail to Hungarian Government, Orchestras, Opera Company and Journalists, and this time my subject is Daniel Barenboim.

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While Elena Bashkirova was doing all kinds of trashy jobs, even collaborating with Barenboim’s enemies to advance her professional career, above is what I was doing for more than ten years, and Barenboim was able to save his dying career through my hard working. NOW… there will be only two futures; one is that I will receive my money from Barenboim and this musician will only prove his b*tch version of music making. Another is that Maestro Barenboim will only follow my requests.

Hence, I was only interested in the legal process while preparing my mailing to Bashkirova’s Budapest Festival. And then… I had to drop my jaw while roaming Hungarian Music Society. What a huge place it is… What a beautiful country it is… Everything is so well organized that I soon found Budapest Music Center and Hungarian Music Council. I was able to send my Barenboim-message to all the possible music institutions.

To my surprise, Hungary was the first country, in which Ministry of Culture was well recognized/respected by music institutions. Then I am surprised more because it is impossible to find Wagner Society in this beautiful country. Yet, I find that Cultural Minister, who can’t read my English writing, loves German language. I also find that Hungarian Sate Opera House performs three Wagner Operas in 2007-08 season; Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Oct. 2007), Tannhauser (Jan. 2008), and Parsifal (Mar. 2008). Perhaps… the Hungarians are not fond of Waltraud Meier’s Kundry.

1. I hope Minister of Foreign Affairs to visit my blog and read my mailing to Barenboim’s Israel, especially the second one, which was sent to the present First Lady and future Prime Ministers of Israel. Just in case… Barenboim will behave differently. Barenboim and Israeli Government will collaborate, as long as it helps to realize Palestinian dream of Palestinian State and to build a real friendship between Israel and Palestine. I really hope Hungarian government to understand the real situation inside both Israel and Palestine and join the international LAW to solve this endless story in the Middle East.

2. I hope all the Hungarian Wagner-Lovers to find my Barenboim-message. I hope them to accept my invitation and to participate in the history of Bayreuth. I hope Hungarian Divas to prove Leonie Rysanek version of Kundry and Flagstad/Nilsson version of Isolde. I really hope… my Barenboim-message to contribute to Hungarian Music Society. I hope Maestro Barenboim or Pianist Barenboim to be invited to this beautiful country as a special guest.

Well… no matter what… neither Barenboim nor I will decide what kind of music Hungarian audience will love to listen to. Who knows? Elena Bashkirova can be your favorite musician. In Berlin, where its entire music stinks, Bashkirova was considered as a Berlin-Queen. In Chicago, Barenboim’s CSO proved the worst performance among its history when Bashkirova boasted her pianism. But still she was able to collect her followers inside Barenboim’s CSO. So… this is what YOU will have to decide. Thanks for reading my message.

God Bless Your Beautiful Country.

Sincerely Yours,

P.S.: According to the Ferenc Liszt Society, there are five leading music magazines. Since I am very tired now, I only include them in this mailing list. Gramofon doesn’t offer its e-address and Koncertkalendárium failed to receive my first mail, though: Fidelio, Koncertkalendárium, Muzsika, Gramofon, Zeneatlasz

P.P.S.: Elena Bashkirova and Daniel Barenboim will appear in their nude or Barenboim will play with a real pianist on Barenboim’s Boulez Concert on February 1, 2009 in Salzburg. Either case will be a historical event. I invite all my mail recipients to attend this concert.


March 25, 2008

Dear Hungarian Music Institutions and Media,
To those who are interested in Elena Bashkirova’s Concert on March 26 in Budapest Festival 2008,

The mail sender is JIWON. If you want to know who I am, please ask Elena Bashkirova.

Please visit my blog “My Blog: The Art of Criticism,, before attending this concert. I’m sending my mail to Hungarian Music institutions and Media on this subject, but in case I don’t have enough time to find Hungarian Journalists, I hope anyone here to forward this message… if you really care for your proud cultural event.

Just in case, I will handle any wrong information about Bashkirova, Barenboim, or ME, in a legal way.

Please… this mail may sound somewhat rude. I feel very sorry for what is happening to you and me. I am too tired now. While preparing my mail to Spanish Government and Middle East, I just realized that Bashkirova’s Hungarian concert is tomorrow. I will contact Hungarian Government, Wagner Society, and Music Schools again, and this time, I will do my best to send my polite writing.

I just hope my Barenboim-message to contribute to Hungarian music society. So far, all my mail recipients, from German Government & Richard-Wagner-Stiftung to Israeli Government approved this mailing. I hope you to join the club. As a matter of fact, I received a permission to send the below sentences under their auspices:

“If you meet anyone who likes to lecture on Barenboim’s Furtwangler Dream and brag about their relationship with Barenboim, don’t ever trust Barenboim’s fame in their resume. Please trust your ears and eyes, your heart and brain. If they sound trashy, they are the trashes, anything but musician. It only has been favorite music of Barenboim’s Shits; “Meier & Co.,” “Mehta & Gang,” “Bashkirova & Co.,” and so on… A real Furtwangler-disciple, a real German sound never sounds like this.”

If you visit my blog, you can real all my previous mailing messages:
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Sincerely yours,

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