Dear Jewish Pigs/Souls,

April 17, 2008

Dear Jewish Pigs/Souls,

This is JIWON. It’s Saturday morning. Just out of curiosity. Do haredim-MKs truly have no work on Saturday? (I’m still confused. Do they work on Sunday?)

First of all, it is a real shock to sense that Knesset members have actually read my previous mails. I must say. It’s my honor to be appointed as a Knesset Watchdog. It must also be said that presently, the reason of my life is to update Knesset-Jokes; what a fun! However… how come everybody, including PM Olmert, believes that I am only working for Mr. Olmert? Could you please carefully read my first letter on Feb 17, 2008 in my original Music-blog? I only vote the Jewish Rabbi be the Israeli Prime Minister. Speechless…

Elena Bashkirova has been enjoying an infinite fame, traveling all over the world as a Jewish Muse, so I was supposed to send my Barenboim-message to ALL the possible Jewish communities elsewhere in the universe. I was curious. What if Rabbis travel all over the world as an Israeli Prime Minister in my Barenboim-message? I know they know everything… Rabbis just pretend to know nothing and used to hide behind Mr. Bibi’s big mouth. None of outsiders can insist that I am making a false accusation once they visit my Knesset-blog. It’s a common sense!

Hence, I just want all the Rabbis to know that I am daily reading Jewish Newspapers very hard, and pick up all the important information, including Rabbis’ spoken words, to update my Knesset-blog. I want them to know that Rabbis in my Barenboim-message will contact all the possible Jewish communities, and then US Special Envoy for Middle East Security, who should know the exact situation inside Bibi’s Israel and the fact that the Israeli Prime Minister Rabbi will finally decide something that should exist for the best future of their Jewish State. Government officials elsewhere shall know that neither Sharon nor Olmert nor Netanyahu but Rabbi is an Israeli Prime Minister.

Jewish Pigs are welcome to ignore the rest of my message. Thanks. (Please… I’ve never called Rabbis the Jewish Pigs, have I? Mr. Bibi considers himself as a Jewish patriot and will keep reading. You know who they are. ^.*)

Dear Jewish Souls,

Time is running out.

You’ve been reading my report. What do you think? Do you agree with me? When I first started this work, I never expected this kind of layout. I was worrying about Barenboim’s Palestinian friends and their poor future. Now, I am much more worrying about YOU than I do Palestinians. While reading Hetzroni Zula: a refuge for street youth (Apr 12, 2008), there was one statement I really wanted to quote but couldn’t, because I knew how much it would hurt your Jewish pride. But then, it was your Jewish Journalist, who pointed out what was missing from my report that day; Number of homeless female teenagers soar (Apr 15, 2008). So, I decide not to hide anything. Well… I almost cried while reading it. Those girls can never return to their normal life even after…

I didn’t cry. Have I caused this situation? This is none of my business after all. I even don’t approve the government taking care of this unique problem. The whole expense should be paid by the causer. I am just thinking that neither Palestinian needy nor Middle Eastern youngsters but the Rabbis’ poor kids are those who need to find peace and education through Barenboim’s music program. Unlike the former, the latter can’t solve their problem by themselves. This is what bothers me, really.

No matter what, time will pass. While you are suffering all kinds of social and religious problems, while none of outsiders understand the real situation inside Israel, and while all the Israeli politicians, whoever takes the Prime Minster’s job, are only interested in toppling the present government, the Palestinian Pigs will become richer and richer and the Hamas will grow stronger and stronger. What are you going to do if the International Society morally defends the Hamas and its legal right to slay all the Jewish people, who live inside what they claim as a Palestinian State?

The more time I spent with the Jewish articles, the more I am surprised at readers’ comments. I am not surprised at the fact that their opinions are very similar to politician Bibi’s. What amazes me is to realize how easy it is for an Israeli politician to fool his Jewish public.

Barenboim used to claim that whenever he boasts his big mouth, he receives countless mails from his supporters. Then, why I hardly find those countless big-mouths in a public place? Am I reading haredi-controlled newspapers? Apart from the fact that I only find inferior musicians around this top-rated maestro and those pigs never behave like their so-called-mentor, those so-called-supporters used to encourage Barenboim’s naivety and enjoy watching his brute courage fall into the jaws of death. I much prefer Yuli Tamir’s followers/supporters. They think together, perform together, and voice together. If the Jewish Rabbis’ pure souls are the real human beings, the members of Peace Now are also the real human beings. Why those two groups never read the same articles together, never confront their country’s real situation together, and never come up with the same solution to imagine the real Jewish State?

Well, I didn’t intend to start my writing in this way. I was supposed to report about my recent travel to the Middle East. How many terrific human beings do you think I’ve found? To my surprise, most of them were females and they were playing the most important role in their society. It is still hard to believe, because I used to think this is the country of Hijab Culture and therefore…

Could you please read this article? (4 – 10 September 2003) No ordinary concert BY Tania Tamari Nasir:

This is written by the wife of former President of Birzeit University. I’ve hardly seen as beautifully written English as this, with a strong ego.

You know what? While traveling the Middle East and reading this Palestinian article, I start to think that what the Jewish pigs need is exactly what they called an idea to educate Palestinians while the Palestinians only need dismantling roadblocks, which hinder the students from attending their school. Please read the entire text of my Barenboim-message to the Middle East in my Music-blog. Who can blame my naïve judgment? I stated that the poor Israelites can do nothing as long as the Hamas keeps sending suicide bombers.

I just hope… all those terrific human beings from both sides, Israel and the Middle East, to build the real friendship. I was sad when I found out that the Jordanian Queen doesn’t accept a message from Israelite. I had to send it with a Palestinian ID.

Dear Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu,

Provably, your hatred of me is well known among your Likud members by now. Provably, Bibi will become next Prime Minister by a majority vote, if things are going like this.

If you think Bibi was my favorite keyword while upgrading my Knesset-blog, you don’t know me. Two things were the only information I had when I started resuming this work: 1. Arik’s ‘personal’ opinion about Bibi as a terrific politician and Bibi as a sickish human being. (It was in the Haaretz, in which one reporter quoted his conversation with Arik.) 2. How Mrs. Netanyahu earned the most notorious fame after she yelled-or-kicked-or-didsomethingbad at her house-maid. (I am not sure of my memory… the exact word, I mean, such as sickish or yelled or maid. I hope someone to find those articles; the former from the Haaretz and the latter from the Jerusalem Post.)

I wanted to send my mail to the MKs of Israel Beytenu and Arab parties, and I already said so in my previous mail to the Middle Eastern Folks. I started my research with these keywords; Russian, Poverty, and Israel. To my surprise, Netanyahu was what appeared in the world of Google-Web, instead of what I really wanted to find. You know the rest of the story.

Then… I had to remember Arik’s ‘personal’ opinion again and again while updating my Knesset-blog; what a terrific politician Mr. Netanyahu is! Whatever… I care nothing whoever becomes the Israeli Prime Minister as long as his party sweeps into power. My problem is After-The-Day. I know PM Netanyahu will follow the exact footsteps of ex-PM Sharon or Olmert. My daily reading the Jewish Newspaper for almost ten years tell me so.

I also know. Unlike Rev. Hagee and his American followers, Bibi knows exactly what has been happening to HIS poor Israelites. Unlike divine Haredim, Bibi knows that there will never be manna from heaven to save HIS starving Jewish kids. PM Netanyahu will suddenly change all the policies of the Likud and would want to become another Sharon, running toward the Nobel Peace Prize. This is still not my problem with a politician Bibi.

Who will become an Opposition Leader to fill the role of checks and balances? Just-In-Case… I will still be appointed as a Knesset Watchdog. Then, none of from-Meretz-to-Kadima members will behave like Likud’s Bibi during Olmert era. They would be forced to follow what they were supposed to finish during their regime if without Bibi’s sickish behaviors. Even if I call a strike during Bibi’s era, none of those secular guys would behave like Bibi during Olmert’s era. This is my problem with a human being Bibi. Honestly speaking, this is a sh*t.

What’s more, PM Olmert is now having a hard time to solve what should be called the aftermath of Netanyahu Legacy . Besides his policy toward the needy, I now start to understand the reason of his family raising an adopted daughter. If I am forced to praise Mr. Olmert, this is where his greatness lies. Or, I should praise Mrs. Olmert, perhaps.

Korea has not been a normal democratic country and I grew up with gasoline bombs. There also have been frequent rumors that there are politicians funded by Kim-Dynasty. While upgrading my Knesset-blog, I couldn’t help suspecting if Bibi was funded by Hamas to fool the scarily naïve Jewish Rabbis.

For me, politics means balance.

I hope Mr. Netanyahu to play the most important role as an opposition leader during Olmert’s era. I also hope Bibi to simply stick to his gun before and after being elected as an Israeli Prime Minister. Then, Bibi will receive my full support.

There will likely be a war. Then, it will become a litmus test for a naïve politician Barenboim to decide his real nationality. Whether Jewish or Palestinian, Barenboim would have to prove one kind of patriotism. Isn’t it terrific?

However, does Bibi boast his big mouth only to topple the present government and win the coming election? Well… No one knows how I will behave. By then, I will collect most of e-addresses of Government officials elsewhere, Jewish Communities all over the world, International Media and Cultural Institutions, or even (Catholic) Churches.

I know the main reason why the majority of Israelites wanted Sharon was because they needed a strong leader to protect their home from the Hamas, rather than… I also know Bibi’s Israelites already know Bibi’s future behaviors when they vote for their big mouth. So… how many poor Israelites should die or starve until Bibi wins the Nobel Peace Prize? Bibi’s secular Israelites are not like Diasporas, or Hagee’s American followers. They should not be called a naïve public. If… if someone should receive a Nobel Peace Prize as an Israeli Prime Minister after contributing to the establishment of Palestinian State, he should be either a left-wing guy, who has been risking his whole life on this project, or a pure Rabbi, whose only concern has been a spiritual Jewish State. Never Bibi nor any of Likud members, who…

If Bibi knows who Furtwangler is, he is not Bibi. Anyway… my studying Furtwangler, who happened to be Barenboim’s idol, taught me that the critics were right when they pointed out that Maestro Furtwangler should have not dreamed an impossible dream to educate the Nazi followers through his German music. The history, in which musician Furtwangler eventually failed in his naïve plan to educate his poor German public during Hitler’s era, also taught me quite things; about how I should behave during Bibi’s era. A sickish human being will be chosen by the sickish public, who don’t deserve anything important from International Society, including the high culture.

The same goes for Sir Barkat. Weird that Barkat, who looks very handsome in his homepage, doesn’t look like Barkat in Jerusalem Post on Apr 16, 2008. He looks like a typical Jerusalemite in this article; Adults violently punish other people’s kids in J’em (Apr 15, 2008)

What I feel funny about this Kadima member, a self-made millionaire as well, is that he insists that PM Olmert has changed. Both of us, Barkat and I, have been reading the same article, and how come he thinks like that? PM Olmert has simply followed the beaten track, on which his predecessor started his riding. While updating my Knesset-blog, I had to think, think, and think. In those days, Ehud Olmert was a real right-wing politician. Then do I remember Olmert objecting any of Sharon’s policy? This is why I used to think that Ehud was nothing special. Now… I know that in Israel, something-big or something-unique mouth never means a real Jewish soul. Simply, Israel is where a superficial opinion with louder voice wins the game. But then… I have to remember Leah Boehm’s interview, which made me fall in love with the Jewish State. Headache, again!

I feel funny when I search more information about Sir Barkat. He introduces himself as a philanthropist, and he looks quite good in his another homepage, StartUp Jerusalem. I know… politician Barkat joined Kadima because it was popular in those days, and now he is looking for another option to be elected as a Jerusalem mayor. I also feel funny. According to my research, 2/3 of Jerusalemites are non haredim, (Israeli Arabs are not included,) yet it is still hard to win the election. What does it mean?

The funniest thing here: : StartUp Jerusalem (SUJ) is a non-profit organization aimed at… We believe… the achievement of this goal will also assist in creating harmony between the city’s diverse demographic sectors.

Dear Mr. Avigdor Lieberman,
Dear Arab MKs,
Dear President of Birzeit University,

Finally, I am happy to return to my original subject.
It’s been years since my daily reading the Jewish newspapers. Does anyone know why I’ve come to the conclusion that Levin’s idol was Bibi? I don’t know why. I just want to collect the readers’ opinion about Yisrael Beitenu’s leader, Avigdor Lieberman. It was a real fun to read several comments. There will be more…

Thanks to Mr. Netanyahu, my mail became unnecessarily too long, and I am now too tired… sigh… therefore… short and short… let me hope…

Lieberman threatens to expel Arab partie (Mar 10, 2008)
Poll: 76% of Israelis favor Arab transfer to Palestine (Apr 1, 2008) : Of the remaining 76%, 29% said all Israeli Arabs should relocate. An additional 19% said only Arabs living in close proximity to the Palestinian state should relocate, and 28% said transfer should be decided based on loyalty or disloyalty to the State of Israel.

I am still curious. Is Saleem Abboud Ashkar Israelite, or Israeli Arab, or Palestinian? He constantly changes his identities, and it’s always up to his professional situation. He has taken advantage of his multiple nationalities. First of all, who is his present girl friend?

I am among those 28%, and I will stick to my gun on this subject. Frankly, I am now afraid to say that I don’t want to work for Israeli Arabs, after being fed up with Saleem Abboud Ashkar and his family. If Barenboim knows the secret of their sold out concert, he is not Danny Boy. Simply, Mr. Big-Mouth used to criticize his Israel without ever reading Jewish Newspapers, including its culture section, in which the readers can easily grasp the situation about what the normal Israeli chamber music festival looks like. This naïve politician never knows why it is very difficult to change Palestinian voters’ mind when he openly supports a specific politician during the election. Years ago, I happened to read the characteristics of Palestinian society. I’ve already reported this article, and Zubin Mehta’s Jewish pigs never allowed Barenboim to read it. Should I write more?

I also read another article and I was looking for this one. Netanyahu Legacy was what I found instead.

In this article, a Russian musician, perhaps-musicologist, who was holding his professorship in Russia, lost his job after immigrating into his Jewish State. No professional position was found for him and his family. Times later, he was thinking to commit suicide. Then, he was advised by his neighbors that the entire town was in debt. The article ended there, without a further report on him or his town. (It was in Haaretz. I was so curious of its aftermath that I regularly checked its site until they suddenly started to support Elena Bashkirova. Those pigs even didn’t allow me to read their articles regardless of my registering with different IDs and called me something-like-vermin in their Barenboim-article, while busy at encouraging Barenboim’s brainless courage. How come I can now read them without log-in?)

Hence, I was real curious how Music of Artistic Director of Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival was judged by Russian-Jewish audience. Their judgment of Dmitri Bashkirov, too. Not surprisingly, I found out that this family tried to stay away from Russian Immigrant Society when Dmitri’s daughter started her Jerusalem Festival with the help of German pigs. (For couple of ‘early’ years, she failed to join Israeli professional ensemble as a leading soloist despite her German fame. Then she changed her plan, always bringing someone-famous next to her. Of course, Barenboim knows it, if he ‘really’ read all my reports.)

Now… I feel no need to write detailed information about relationship between Bashkirova and Saleem Abboud Ashkar since his moving from London to Berlin and following the exact footsteps of Kremer’s second-ex. I dropped my jaw when I started more of my research on Ashkar in recent days. If this big mouth bragged-or-chatted about music, or Condi or even himself, like this, while traveling all over the world as Barenboim’s protégé-Divan, what about his behaviors inside his Israeli Arab town, where his family is soon to open a music conservatory?

I promise. There will be a sudden change in the Ashkars’ attitude toward their former(!) mentors and Palestinian Music Society after losing Barenboim’s international fame. And this is still none of my business even if these Israeli Arabs change the name of their music school into Nazareth Branch of Edward Said National Conservatory of Music. I only go where musicians speak Barenboim’s dream through MUSIC… this oily voice… sic!

What do Saleem Abboud Ashkar and Elena Bashkirova have in common? Ashkar’s glistening eyes, especially in recent days, remind me of Bashkirova’s. It was in her resume during her tour with Ensemble Wien-Berlin, but she looked very young; looks like Kremer’s second in Paris. Her face looks miserable, yet her eyes twinkle as if a snake darts its tongue in and out. After my computer got broken, I spent couple of years to find it again, but it disappeared from the world of Internet. Can someone find it for me?

While traveling all over the world to search for Barenboim’s divans, I realized something. It was very similar to what I found from Immigrant Society in America. Also similar to what I found from female professionals in old days, which society was called male-ruled empire; not macho but male… Should I write more?

Due to my unique major, I was treated as a special class member while attending Art High School and University. But then, I found myself fall into the lowest class, because I was not a string musician or even woodwind. Then in America, I was in the lowest class again, because of my skin color. Then I realized that American style of classifying my social status was better than the one in my birthplace, because in America, I could make the situation, in which human meets human. Hence, it was really funny when those who, whether white or not, whether musician or not, used to treat me as rubbish suddenly hurry to say hello to my uncomfortable face after they heard rumors about me, especially when Barenboim or Music Director of the CSO was the only one behind my hopeless life. Well… it was better when there was contempt in their devious eyes.

I am curious. Has the Russian immigrant society entered into the middle-class or even higher since then? Russians are famous for hard working and Netanyahu Legacy was the only thing I was able to find, apart from the fact that public mind still don’t seem to regard Lieberman’s people as a real Jew. The journalists are now talking about Ethiopians, and they are usually not associated with classical music.

Anyway… Living as the minority is bad. It’s painful. For me, whether Israeli Arabs or Immigrant Society, they are the poorest human beings, and there are less than two ways to survive. Let me just hope Israeli Arabs to be accepted as respectful, healthy Israelites. I was curious. Arabs don’t join the army. Neither do Haredim. Then what kind of cursed youngsters are required to risk their lives in the name of patriotism-or-God, especially in Jerusalem? Whether they believe in Jesus or Buddha, the Korean youngsters want to butcher their classmates, who are exempted from military service for unknown reasons. The issue has been a real hot potato. ^.*

Time to finish.

1. After contacting all the possible Jewish communities and then US Special Envoy for Middle East Security,

2. I will open my Knesset-blog to public as well as I will let all the possible readers of Jewish newspapers to know that I am appointed as a Knesset Watchdog. The only thing I do is to invite them to visit my Knesset-blog. The more they know about the real situation of their Jewish State, the more they will figure out the best, the most effective way to save their starving Jewish neighbors, to restore Judaism, and to support their favorite politicians, whether Meretz’s or Labor’s or Kadima’s or Likud’s or Haredim-MKs. $100 million from American Rev. Hagee while the Palestinians can receive $7.4 billion from European philanthropists? Those religious folks should send more money, if they really want their leader, PM Netanyahu, to drive all the enemies out of their ideal Jewish State and Jerusalem. Am I wrong?

3. Please check Elena Bashkirova’s performance schedule. It means that I was supposed to contact prominent journalists in Chicago and New York before May 11 to warn them not to forget my LEGAL willingness. Now, I change my plan and shall contact all the possible American institutions and media, which are interested in solving Middle East conflict.

4. I am in the middle of contacting Government officials elsewhere. I will include one more sentence in my Barenboim-message so that Israel’s friendly/hostile nations could prepare the possible war during Bibi’s era: Bibi: Won’t honor Olmert’s peace deal if elected. (Apr 17, 2008) (Of course, I will add this sentence too: This is Bibi’s speech so far…)

By the way, I didn’t know that Elena Bashkirova was able to boast her pianism under the auspices of Yisrael Beitenu, the right-right-wing party, with Israel Chamber Orchestra. Concerning their performance schedule, Avigdor Lieberman and his supporters surely loved this music. This female used to introduce herself as a German pianist in Jerusalem while behaving as a Jewish Muse in Germany. So, I didn’t know how to call this sh*t; German wh*re or Jewish wh*re. Now, should I call her a Russian wh*re, which is her original nickname as a matter of fact?

Now that Lieberman’s people collaborate with an Artistic Director of JICMF, who has been busy at taking care of so-called Divans, don’t you think they should work for the Middle East Peace, instead of dreaming to join Bibi’s Likud?

Anyway, I feel no need to keep this work once I receive my money from Daniel Barenboim. Jewish Pigs had better pray for Elena Bashkirova

Sincerely Yours,

P.S.: The President of Birzeit University might be included in my future mail to US Special Envoy for Middle East Security, whose Boeing Company supports Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008. Days ago, I had to check Bashkirova’s Spanish Company again, to read the entire text, and to organize it in my way; into categories such as Mehta’s Bashkirova, Ashkar-family, Jewish local pigs, and Spanish local pigs. Then, suddenly, a clear picture was there; about how which pig was able to abuse its fund-money in which way and how ALL those pigs were able to fool Barenboim in which specific way… Hence, I may contact Spanish Government again, including its Royal Family.

P.P.S.: (April 19, 2008) What the hell is happening to my blog? I am already too tired. With this format, it will take ten times as much as I used to post my writings. Is it my case only? Or all the users suffer from this problem? I was supposed to need 30 minutes

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