Dear Herr Wowereit and Banana Republic

May 20, 2008
Dear Faculty of Law of the Israeli Universities,

The mail sender is JIWON. Days ago, the President of each University received my Barenboim-Beinisch-message. Now, I want to send it to all the law professors. This is a part of my open letter to the President of Supreme Court of Israel: “If I were a president of Supreme Court and so sure of my legal, professional opinion, I would encourage Art of Debate among the professionals or pro-to-be rather than plotting a national election behind scenes… I believe that the world of law is similar to where I believe music should dwell. We believe in the law only to build a better society in which human relationship exists for the good of society. Do you want me to help your plan to initiate a national debate on Israeli Law, whether old or new? As a matter of fact, I’ve already collected all the possible e-addresses from the Faculty of Law of the Universities…”

I hope…
1. the mail recipients to forward my Barenboim-message to all their friends, if they consider it valuable enough.
2. the music lovers, if there are any, to visit my Music-blog and know my true identity. I was able to survive, partly because of terrific, witty comments from the Jewish concertgoers.
3. all the Israeli law experts to tell me what is wrong with My Requests to Barenboim. (Still writing, though. Will soon appear in my Music-blog.)
4. this mail to contribute to the better future of Barenboim’s Israel, after all.

Below is what the President of Israeli Law Schools, the President of Supreme Court, the entire members of the Knesset, and Berlin Mayor received days ago.
You have a beautiful day. Thanks.

Started writing from April 22, revised on May 15, 2008

Dear Herr Wowereit,
Could you please follow my message until you pick up what I wanted to write to you? I started it on April 22 and it was supposed to be simple, then things were happening again and I can’t make a separate mailing. Perhaps, my open letter to President of Supreme Court of Israel is the best place to start. Thanks.

Dear EVERYBODY, (I believe the Birzeit Uni. will forward it to all his Mideast friends. If any of you received couples of drafts, please re-read the entire text. I usually find more important information after sending each of them.)

As usual, this message will be found in the section of Mail-Recipients in my Music-blog:

Funny… for more than ten years, I’ve been writing about music and my writing, which is merely a restatement of the only way to join Furtwangler’s Utopia, has not been answered. I’ve been writing for Barenboim only, and Barenboim was the only one who failed to prove his own interview; there is no compromise in MUSIC.

It’s been couple of months now, and what is happening to Barenboim’s Israel? It’s not the first time the While House is involved in my Barenboim-message, then why, unlike years ago, everybody is suddenly interested in my mailing business? Still… Barenboim’s Angels care nothing. Neither do I.

Dear those who he believes are Barenboim’s true friends,

I’ve been doing this job for more than ten years. Now, can you understand how Elena Bashkirova has been stealing all my hard working? Can you now imagine what kind of miserable life I’ve been managing?

Even after sending my previous mail (Apr 17) to Knesset, I didn’t want to update my Knesset-blog with the information about Rabbis’ poor girls. So, I started my mailing to American Jews without this. Then, Bashkirova upgraded Jerusalem Festival 2008, so I had to decide something.

Just in case,
Does anyone know the real reason why I wanted to create my Knesset-blog? It’s because of PM Olmert or First Lady Olmert? Or the opposition leader Bibi or Jewish Rabbis? Or Maestro Daniel Barenboim? It’s because of Simon Peres. I must ask Mr. Peres’ generosity before writing this.

Years ago, Mr. Peres was interviewed during his visit to Korea. By then, I was very interested in Israeli politicians, because I happened to read Israeli politicians’ history, which was a part of national history. It was an anonymous source and I tried to find it again after my computer-accident but in vain. It was fun to read and so many terrific human beings were found in Israeli history. My most favorite was history of one family; a famed father and his son, who chose father’s rival as a mentor to learn what the father wanted to teach his son. Later, the son became another terrific, famed Israelite to follow his father’s footsteps. I am still curious who they are.

Though I’m not sure of my readers’ IQ, alas, it was Peres’ interview that made me sneak into the Knesset and then daily read the Jewish newspapers. But then… my judgment of Simon Peres has continuously changed.

1. There was one statement in Peres interview, which made me believe that he was a Jewish patriot more than a politician. I sneaked into the Knesset.
2. In Knesset, Peres was a leader of Labor party. As time passed by, my personal opinion about politician Peres changed from A into B and C and so on… I was not the only one, because the Jewish journalist also joked; “Peres only loves traveling…” ^.*
3. Mehta’s Bashkirova was the only one who seemed to check my daily report and I was supposed to spread my mailing to the While House members. Then, bloody poop in my morning toilet and I had to quit.
4. It was during this period that I heard the news about Sharon, Kadima and President Peres. As I said before, headlines of international media was the only source. I thought… Simon Peres was hungry for power.
5. I resumed my daily reading Jewish articles and only remembered one sentence; “…perhaps, Peres was(is) right…” I don’t know why this sentence hooked me, because I don’t remember that I understood anything in this article, including the title. I was just clicking and clicking to think of my future plan.
6. I created my Knesset-blog. Everyone, including YOU and ME, knows what happened to US. The result was beyond YOUR expectation, or even MINE.
7. I’ve been reading the Jewish articles everyday for years. I resumed it after taking a short break, but it was only after I created my Knesset-blog that I merely start to understand Simon Peres. And my opinion is still “…perhaps, Peres is right…,” as long as Peres represents one particular party. I’m pretty sure there are also Jewish journalists who now think just like me.
8. If MY situation is like this, what about others? What if outsiders, who hardly have time to read updated news from both Israel and Palestine, share the same information as WE do now?

By the way, I wanted to find Peres’ interview from the internet, but found Yoel Marcus’s open letter to Arik on February 2001 instead. Though worth reading, too tired… I also found Mrs. Netanyahu’s insulting Mrs. Peres in public. Since I couldn’t believe my eyes, I went to the Google. Though it sounds real comical, no money to buy this article, Bibi’s boxes of trouble (11/1/1999). I never knew what a starry celebrity Mrs. Netanyahu was.

Meanwhile, I was looking for the way to contact Dorit Beinisch, who is the president of Supreme Court and also a wife of Yechezkel Beinisch, the owner of Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival. Then, what the hell is happening again and again?

I was following Benizri-scandal. I’ve hardly seen more comical comments than his homosexual-caused-earthquake stuff. How can I miss this golden opportunity to update my Knesset-Jokes? I laughed real loud when Yishai and Shas members were praying God. Then, I couldn’t… when I found further information to report his poor situation. It reminded me of the bribe-scandal in my music society, during which several went to prison and one died. (Though not a suicide, his year-long struggle destroyed my life and later I learned that his fiendish behavior was a medical symptom… a long story, part of which has nothing to do with something-bribe.) True that they may not be pure, but they were rather innocent victims, compared to the real ones. Everybody knew who were the real and how much they used to receive from whom, but those real things were/are/will be never caught in the world of law. I wanted American Doctor Degree, which could allow me not to join this bribe-culture.

I read that Israel was a country of bribe, then there is one thing I know. According to Leah Boehm’s interview, Israel is where three-year-old babies are studying the Talmud real hard. Who will believe Israeli legal court’s announcement that Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu are pure enough to pay all those money from their own pocket? A politician, who is clever enough to know how to avoid all the legal traps, never expresses this kind of naïve comments in public; “Homosexuals caused last earthquake!” *.*

I hope Rabbi Benizri to take this hard time as a good opportunity to be reborn a mature rabbi and a real spiritual leader. *.^ (Sep 12, 2003) Yechezkel Beinisch, A citizen above suspicion:Poraz’s sudden decision to dismiss Bogat from his post … Despite the fact that Bogat is known to have very good media connections, no mainstream media outlet picked up the connection… The refusal of State Attorney Arbel and Attorney General Rubinstein to investigate Yechezkel Beinisch’s handling of the finances of the Jerusalem Symphony or his alleged threats to have Attorney Michal Rosenbaum dismissed from her job was not the last of their assistance to him. Beinisch brought a libel suit against the Broadcast Authority. In this case, however, the Broadcast Authority was forced to hire a private attorney after receiving the cold shoulder from State Attorney Edna Arbel. Only when the Broadcast Authority filed its answer, did the State Attorneys office attempt to intervene and force a withdrawal of the answer, which contained many damaging allegations about Yechezkel Beinisch. Again, this unusual behavior of the State Attorneys office elicited no curiosity in Yediot Aharanot, Haaretz, or the broadcast media. Equally curious was the intervention of The Movement for Quality in Government on behalf of Yechezkel Beinisch… At least one investigative journalist noted an apparent conflict of interest between The Movement for Quality Government’s service on behalf of Yechezkel Beinisch and the fact that Beinisch’s wife is presently a member of the panel… Yitzchak (Maariv) wrote to the President of the Court pointing out the problem… For his efforts, Yitzchak received a thinly veiled warning from Justice Beinisch. She accused him of attempting to improperly influence judicial proceedings, and for good measure added that his letter to the Court President might constitute a criminal violation…

Finally, I found out what I wanted to find for years. Now, I can understand why I couldn’t find more information after that troublesome Beinisch-article from the Jewish newspaper. By then, I was checking couple of times a day to find Beinisch’s legal condition but nothing appeared except open statement by Jerusalem Symphony’s new music director, who strictly refused to become embroiled in JSO politics. Anyways, my work had nothing to do with my willingness to update my Knesset-Jokes. Bashkirova upgraded her Jerusalem Festival in this getting-dirtier situation and I needed the exact information about why. So, I went further to search more, because there were unknown names in Bashkirova-Beinisch article. Since I’ve been daily reporting this work to New York Folks, heaven knows that there is no political editing in my writing. (September 2004) The Branja Conspiracy: The Israeli Elite’s Usurping of Power. The Branja’s Double Standard. The Attorney General Shakes Up the Branja. The Justice’s Startling Lack of Qualifications: (…) Gilad Sharon… Ruby Rivlin… Netanyahu… Moshe Dayan… Ezer Weizman… Ehud Barak… Yossi Ginossar… Simcha Dinitz… Eli Hurwitz… Limor Livnat… Miki Eitan… Even Haaretz, normally a reliable defender of the judicial selection process and Court President Barak, wondered how someone of Arbel’s mediocre legal talents had been appointed. (…) Shiran, in a study of political corruption in Israel from 1948-1997, found that not one MK from the ruling party had ever gone on trial. Almost all the MKs prosecuted were religious and/or Sephardi, and viewed as representing subversive political forces. The only two ministers ever convicted of a crime were religious, Sephardi and “subversive.” Summing up Shiran’s findings, Shavit observed that whenever a corruption scandal touches upon those close to the real center of power, the scandal fades. Either there is no prosecution, or there is a pardon, or the conviction is overturned upon appeal to the Supreme Court. On the other hand, when the scandal touches on the religious, Mizrachim, the ‘others,’ there is a reasonable chance that there will be a conviction or at the very least a political execution. Not only is there discrimination in who is prosecuted, but also in the way the media covers different scandals. As censorious as the branja is toward those outside the club, it is highly protective of its members. The investigation of Yechezkel Beinisch’s handling of the finances of the bankrupt JSO provides a good example of the latter. Beinisch is the husband of Justice Dorit Beinisch, who is slated to succeed Aharon Barak as Supreme Court President… (May 12, 2005) Yitzchak revealed that the daughter of the next Court President, Justice Dorit Beinisch, was given a position in the State Prosecutor’s office in violation of civil service regulations. That appointment was pushed ahead by former State Prosecutor Edna Arbel, whose own successful candidacy for the Court was pushed by her good friend Dorit Beinisch. One hand washes the other. In her new position, the younger Beinisch will regularly be appearing before the Supreme Court of which her mother is a member and future leader. On 10 January 2005… However, the Shinui-party continued to support the disengagement and FM Netanyahu’s financial reforms. Poraz affair and party split… (Aug 31, 2007) the fates of the government of Israel and its prime minister will be in the hands of three members of the High Court of Justice: President Dorit Beinisch… They will discuss two petitions, submitted by the IDF judge advocate general and former MK Avraham Poraz, asking the court to require the Winograd Committee…

In case you need more reasons to dislike Bibi… (Nov 24, 2004) And to forestall any accusation that I’m not an equal-opportunity critic, that sort of rhetoric doesn’t sound any better when it comes from Avraham Poraz. There are more information about Beinisch and Poraz from Google: (January 13, 2008) Journalists coddling Olmert to prevent Netanyahu from being elected: Investigative journalist Yoav Yitzchak reports this evening that Prime Minister Ehud K. Olmert is being coddled by a group of journalists from nearly all parts of the media to keep Olmert in power. The journalists are acting out of fear that Binyamin Netanyahu would win any new election or in return for interviews with Olmert and with President Bush. There are more information about Yoav Yitzchak from Google:

What the hell is happening to me? I am totally speechless… No wonder Shas member is the only one who was convicted of crime. Are all those articles telling the truth? If so, what kind of country Barenboim’s Israel has been? Yoav Yitzchak, who was highly critical of Beinisch-scandal, is now accusing his fellow journalist of covering up Olmert-stuff. But my research tells me that he failed to find a connection between his old concern and this new one. If my English skill is not below standard, opposition leader Bibi and president of Supreme Court Dorit Beinisch are clearly behind all those happenings.

I’m even suspecting if Lieberman joined Bashkirova-Gang to receive a legal support from the president of banana republic. I’ve been raising my suspicion ever since Lieberman told the press that he was a victim of a crusade (Apr 28, 2008), then my suspicion grew more when Bibi suddenly disappeared from the scene. Sooner or later, the legal court will announce Lieberman’s clear record, and none of three-year-old Jewish babies will believe it. ^.*

Anyway, I found what I wanted to find, so I never want to be involved in this headache story. I only want to receive my money from Barenboim. I wanted to help poor Rabbi Benizri and did my best to collect all the facts from the Jewish sources.

Now, it’s your turn, dear Jewish journalists,

Please do your best in order to throw the real criminals into prison. How many corrupt politicians are mentioned in your articles? What if all of them should live in their own cell, starting from Beinisch family and Supreme Court Justices? And then Prime Minister and the leaders of each party…? Is there a better item to update my Knesset-Jokes? I will wait… hunger for more.

In a normal place, the story should go like this and Israel should release more Palestinian prisoners in case they have no money to build more cells. (I read it years ago, when they joked on Arik’s planned gesture.)

I will include Investigative journalist Yoav Yitzchak and columnist Jonathan Rosenblum in my mailing list. I want them to read my open letter to a wife of Yechezkel Beinisch, the owner of Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival. This mail is directed to Berlin Mayor and will be soon forwarded to Italian Government. As a matter of fact, everything will be found by all my readers, who visit my Music-blog from time to time. Isn’t it terrific?

Dear Yitzchak and Rosenblum and Others,

Did you receive the draft of my message? Thanks for your article, really, and please let me believe in your professionalism. Now, I can understand the reason of incomprehensible behavior of Haaretz, the left-wing media, who suddenly supported Bashkirova and didn’t mind destroying Barenboim’s everything while calling me something-vermin. (I have to find this article from my computer file…). After sending the draft, I thought I finished my research until something hit my brain.

1. Beinisch brought a libel suit against the IBA.
2. Couple of years later, Beinisch’s Bashkirova appeared as IBA’s heroine, not only in entire Israel but also in Chicago. I now know it was to congratulate Dorit Beinisch on becoming the president of banana republic. (But then… what a fun it was to real the Jewish souls’ volcanic insulting Barenboim after this happening! A terrific country.)
3. Not only Bashkirova-Gang totally destroyed music of Barenboim’s CSO, but also Barenboim himself finished his Chicago era with his thorny relationship with the administration and most of orchestra members. (In this story, different opinions from all viewpoints should be published, because their subject deals with music and I know how to explain their each different reason.)
4. Even after Barenboim ended his career in disgrace, Bashkirova was able to plan her further appearance in Chicago’s main performance schedule, and Chicago is where German pigs can be praised as a German fame, simply because they never heard this sound before.
5. After sending the draft, I couldn’t sleep with so many thoughts and woke up with heavy brain to find out something more. I just wanted to work for Barenboim’s music-lovers at La Scala, then Italian Muti, who has been the subject of their political uproar, suddenly joined Mehta’s IPO. It was months ago. Then, I found out that Barenboim’s enemy started to support Muti’s CSO. And then, Muti was CSO’s choice right after reading the draft of my Beinisch-writing. I am speechless… how come everybody, whether politicians or musicians or even forumites, is quick to read my message, though a draft, when I only send it to a mere, powerless musician? I know all my private e-mail is under the watchdog, but are they hacking even my USB stick?
6. Meanwhile I found out that Bashkirova appeared as a special guest, even in this situation, with Radio-Shalom, which is a radio station in the Canadian Jewish community. Still, there is no hint of guilt in this voice, with a firm belief in Jerusalem Festival 2008, which also means WEDO 2008. She even expresses her wish to run or direct a theater. It was after my sending Barenboim-message to American Jews and right before sending the draft of part of this message, Beinisch-scandal. It was also one day before Muti’s CSO.

Anyways… Still, whoever’s CSO is none of my business. I just want to know who has been supporting Bashkirova’s performance schedule in Chicago. They must belong to Beinisch’s Branja. I tried to search more, but whenever it comes to Beinisch, the information is sealed and I now know why.

I’ve hardly seen a dirtier shit than Yechezkel Beinisch. He has known me ever since his picking-up Bashkirova as his Artistic Director. They have been enjoying my battle with the participants, who joined Bashkirova to make fool of Barenboim. Did you read his interview? I dropped my jaw… what a shit!

Provably, Ehud Olmert will fail to prove his political innocence, mainly due to his Kadima members’ diligent betrayal, and I don’t care who will succeed his PM-job. I know how to protect Barenboim’s Mideast policy when Kadima’s new leader boasts his big mouth. (Frankly, it would be fun to see a right-wing mouth wins the game.) My problem is when Beinisch’s toy, whether left or right, clears his criminal record and takes the PM-job and steals all my hard working. (I found out the Haaretz is actively leading the campaign on this subject. I just realized that the world of Israeli law is in the middle of dirty battle and the present government is suffering this problem. This is why they want to change the government. This is what I picked up, if my comprehension skill is right. But unlike years ago, Haaretz is encouraging me to risk my life to work for Beinisch’s PM-to-be, and then they are supposed to bury me.)

Could you please help me a bit more? What I need is truth and the exact information about the Jewish souls, part of those who must have fallen to the innocent victims of Beinisch-scandal after Barenboim was threatened to join Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival. The result has been Beinisch’s getting-clear record, Bashkirova’s soaring international fame as a Jewish muse, Mehta’s forever fame as a greatest maestro, some clever conductors’ suddenly-brilliant music-business while only Barenboim was hilariously proving his dying music, and then most of Jewish souls’ judgment of Barenboim as a Palestinian cancer to destroy their pure Jewish State.

Still, my only concern is music society, because I only want to go to where there is no Beinisch-Gang ruling the management of American Orchestra. The more time I search for American youngsters, the more I realize that there is music to start whenever Mehta is not there. Barenboim never knows how hard young American professors study about music and how seriously young American pro-musicians take music. The only thing they need in their academic mind is to listen to the actual sound, so-called performance practice. Everywhere, there are young, jewel-like orchestra members found, but they just don’t join the major level because there is no vacancy there. I always wanted to show Barenboim this phenomenon whenever he complained about cheap American culture while working for Beinisch’s Branja. I realized it again while contacting American Jews days ago. I usually read their professional resume, and then… wow… my academic status wouldn’t reach half of theirs. Unlike Israeli youngsters, the American Jewish students are still busy at paying for their music-lesson to enter the top-rated university. What if they have an opportunity to listen to the real music?

So far, the SEE’s chairman Robert Asher is the only source I found. If he is a real member of Beinisch’s Branja, he will remain behind all the plots to interfere with Barenboim’s Mideast Vision, destroy Barenboim’s pro-career, and continue to make a situation to topple the present government until Beinisch’s politician wins the Nobel Peace Prize. If he is another victim of Beinisch-scandal, he will visit my Music-Blog to find my writings about his IASA. I lost my interest in IASA, though… He will also know it if he reads all my previous mailings to Knesset, in which I wrote the troublesome relationship between brain and ear, and my private life relating to the gifted kids’ class. And then, Rabbis’ poor kids can never taste this heavenly program in this situation. First of all, if he is Beinisch’s real friend, I should not live in Jerusalem. Don’t you think so?

While reading various Beinisch-writings, I had an impression that not only the entire Israelites were afraid of Dorit’s power even before her appointment in 2006 but also Dorit’s husband used to carry his head higher than Dorit herself did.

Why don’t we make Dorit’s husband realize that couple of years of legal sentence in jail is better than life-long moral sentence in public streets? True that Barenboim saved my student life in America, but I was never able to survive this situation if without no help/support from American students, who preferred my idea but never wanted/planned to betray their professors.

I promise. I will give Beinisch back “everything+highestinterest” that I received from him. I won’t stop even after my business with Barenboim is finished. Sooner or later, I will have my money and no more have to listen to music to analyze. I need to be busy enough to keep my health. We’ll see.

Sooner or later, I will contact all the possible e-addresses of the Faculty of Law of the Israeli Universities. Since I’ve already finished collecting them, we’ll know who the real member of Beinisch’s Branja is. The president will allow me to contact each of them, or his employees will receive a special order to change their e-address or to report my mail as a spam. While you forward this message to all the Israelites you know, American mail receivers will spread this message to all their Jewish friends and journalists, especially those in Chicago and New York, so that I don’t have to waste my time on this trivial subject. All American will know my willingness to handle all the problems in a legal way. American Jews already received my previous mail. They will also receive this one from their friends in Israel.

We see… if SEE’s chairman Robert Asher has been the real, poor victim of Beinisch-scandal in Chicago. I really hope Chicago critics, one of whom used to claim to be a Bashkirova-fan, to contribute to Muti’s CSO with their usual writing. All the journalists will know my legal willingness through Robert Asher, if he really wanted to be Barenboim’s real friend. We’ll see… if New York Times’ critics, starting from Allan Kozinn to Meier’s couple of toys and Anthony Tommasini, and now to Vivien Schweitzer, have been working for the Jewish Branja. Their exact information about Bashkirova’s concert, during which they will report exactly whose friends Beinisch’s girl meets and in what exact way they will destroy a native talent of Barenboim’s son.

1. CHAMBER MUSIC REVIEW; Keeping a Fall Festival Alive The Whole Year Round (Mar 3, 2006): by Allan Kozinn
2. (JIWON- Bashkirova was hilariously using Kozinn’s work to educate Barenboim’s Jewish youngsters.)
3. Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival at Met-museum (May 15): “The Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium is a wonderfully intimate hall for chamber music.” – Anthony Tommasini
4. Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival in New York Times (May 15): The theme of this year’s festival is an exploration of the “national spirit” of music. (JIWON- Kozinn, Tommasini and Schweitzer will all attend this concert.)
5. Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival in Chicago (May 18): LaSalle Bank Chamber Music Series.

Do you think I wrote about my willingness to fight with Beinisch’s power to dominate Israeli/American/International music society? If you always bear Beinisch’s personal relationship with music sponsors, who usually belong to Jewish Branja, in your mind, you will find a better way to exercise your professionalism with the information you already collected and come up with the best solution how to solve the present political situation Israel is facing. This is one thing I know about your future professionalism. You give me all the information about who’s who. I will figure out who are real members and who are innocent victims. Already now, I know who is an innocent victim among the Supreme Court Justices. There will be more. Thanks.

Revised on May 12, 2008
You see… The New Jerusalem Foundation, one of sponsors to support Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival, could be an innocent victim; ‘This could be attempt to depose Olmert (May 12)’ Who is its present director, Pinchas Weil?

Returned to original date on May 9, 2008
Seriously… I hate this situation. I find that the more time I spend in the Jewish State, the more I find myself involved in the present government supporting PM Olmert only. This is not what I wanted. Hence… I tried to help the poor Shas member. Any of Labor/Meretz/Arab party will receive a manna-like benefit from my hard working… SIC! I am now thinking to find the way to help poor members among the innocent victims of the Likud or NU/NRP/UTJ, or even Yisrael Beiteinu. The moment he/she enters the Knesset, except the members of the Look-Like-Grandpa-But-Not Party, his/her prime ministerial aspirations is secretly kept at the bottom of his/her heart and no one knows who will doze off sitting on the prime minister’s seat years later… scary. *.*

BTW, I just find out that there are ministers, who are not MKs and used not to receive my mail. What the heck! Then, one name, who was never a MK, hooked me and I went further. Tired… Articles about Beinisch and Friedman on Google

Dear President of the Supreme Court of Israel,
Dear Government Officials of the Banana Republic,

Well, everything will be fine. Don’t you think so? I just realized that the atmosphere of Barenboim’s Israel has been quite different from elsewhere.

If you think I belong to the rebel faction, you don’t know me. I am the happiest moron when I follow something better. I am the first one who wants to join Branja, because it is a shortcut toward my favorite life. I hate establishing another music school under my name when there are already normal ones working hard in my town.

At the same time, I used to think…

It is not my first time I wanted to know about Dorit as an Israel’s professional female. Whenever I started my research, this was only thing I found: President of the Supreme Court of Israel since September 7, 2006. She appears likely to continue Barak’s judicial-activist approach. (…) She gave special attention to government corruption and to ensuring that government institutions adhere to the law. (…) Lately Dorit Beinisch gave few judgments concerning the conflict between security needs, and civil and human rights.

I used to think. If Zubin Mehta is the last person I want to say hello, his brother Zarin Mehta is the first one, with whom I want to work. I felt the same thing from Beinisch couple. But then, a brotherly relationship is never same as the wedlock. Though I hardly know about the former president except brief information about his huge achievement, the fact that Dorit was hand-picked up by Aharon Barak told me something; possibly about your diligent life and sincere personality. Strong character is the very basic to be a female, professional Israelite.

I couldn’t help thinking that Yechezkel Beinisch has been living on the fame of his wife and his mother-in-law, Chava Werba. Though information was sealed, couple of comments was enough to make me believe that Israelites have been feeling pity on Dorit’s poor marriage. One even mentioned Dorit’s breathtaking beauty during her hey-days. As time passed, Mrs. Beinisch became more and more protective even sacrificing her own characters, but couldn’t betray her sincerity by breaking her wedlock and wanted to protect her daughters’ future. To be honest, I used to feel pity on Dorit. How come this attractive girl was doomed to meet this kind of jerk? Jacqueline du Pre was not the only girl, whose life was wrecked by her poor marriage. And then… when I read commenter’s description of ‘garrulous Beinisch’… well, Beinisch and Bashkirova was a perfect couple. They deserved each other.

I am sure you’ve never heard of my name, either from Beinisch or from Bashkirova. I was a distant relative of the wife of my late Korean teacher, and everybody called me his adopted daughter. In fact, there was a promise between my family and his wife when I picked up his unknown instrument, concerning my professional future. Then, while manipulating my life to prepare professional careers of his son and future-daughter-in-law, he never leaked his secret to his wife. I had to call his wife when more inferior orchestra members plotted to fire him but my professional relationship with him went to hell. His wife just smelled something toward his sudden death, and now I know nothing about her widow-life. Nor do I want to know. I can imagine how you felt when you first heard of my name. Where did you get this information, by the way?

But then… my further research literally shattered my expectation. So, what can I say now? Please allow me to talk about the result only.

I am sure you know about the British politician Margaret Thatcher more than I do. I know nothing about her but this one; I read something Ms. Thatcher told her fellow-or-junior females while refusing to give them a better opportunity to survive in a male-dominated society. I’m not sure of the veracity of information, since it was not her interview and I sometimes find the wrong information from the media while they quote the celebrity such as Bill Gates’ speech. When I found Ms. Thatcher’s words, I was merely finishing my early career of pro-life, but couldn’t help agreeing with every word in her statement. I am afraid to say this. But I can picture a clear atmosphere in your working place since your mounting the throne. Could you please visit my Music-blog to find my report on Prof. Robert Burgelman’s friendship and Peter Senge’s collective IQ? (Please click this.) I can introduce your case as the best example if I am asked to provide another paper work.

It was weeks ago when I wanted to write about Peres’ interview. I didn’t know I was writing about the Jewish Branja. In fact, I’ve never heard of this term until couple of days ago. Yeah… I envied Branja. I wanted to join Branja in order to live a clean life without suffering any financial problem. Do you say Branja means privilege? I would say Branja means responsibility.

I know it’s too late to write this to you. (I also read Nili Cohen Affair… well…)

Could you please read My Requests to Barenboim? (Please visit my Music-blog to find it in the section of My-Previous-Messages.) I want to receive a moral and legal endorsement from the President of Supreme Court of Israel. Could you please take this legal case just as you did your husband’s and daughter’s? Could you please read ALL of my previous writings in my Music-blog and think of my human rights just as you did in your previous cases? I read people appreciating your achievement on this area. As I already said, this is in fact a tiny part of my more-than-ten-year-long work. If you want, I will show you everything. I still didn’t throw away all my broken computers.

Honestly speaking, the first thing I want to do is to find a legal way to put Bashkirova into jail. Why… how come this b*tch is born to destroy Barenboim’s everything, especially his Jewish patriotism?

Please… I have other requests, too.

1. (July 2007) The Strad: Beinisch recalls: Elena and I decided that since we both have so many friends who are musicians we should try to merge them. We asked our friends to come to Israel to play, just for fun, for ourselves ?private concerts. She brought her friends and I brought my friends. It was a very nice bunch of people that liked each other and it took off from the first concert.?Those friends include Gidon Kremer…
2. Program 2005-2007

I totally lost my words while reading this big mouth. Who are their friends? Most of them came to Jerusalem to make fool of Barenboim. Why is there no program before 2005? Those so-called real friends appeared during the early period and never returned to Jerusalem. This is why I was supposed to spread my Barenboim-message all over the world so that Bashkirova’s real friends should hurry to join Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival for another decade. I promised everyone that I will take care of Bashkirova’s professional career until and even after her death. Hence, it would be better if you give me the list of exact members, who are Bashkirova’s friends and who are Beinisch’s friends.

Secondly, could you help me to create a certain law to rule the music society?

It was originally from one American orchestra member, who, after being fed up with his colleagues’ sickish performance which existed only to destroy his ensemble life, openly wrote that there ought to be a law. Couple of decades passed, (if my memory is right about the date of his article,) but there is still no change in his kind of ensemble situation; here, there and everywhere. Rather, it’s becoming more and more serious, and then Bashkirova’s Jerusalem has become headquarter of this sickish performance. The more prominent the participants are in Bashkirova’s Chamber Music Festival, the more cancerous role they play when they return to their original place. I want to create a law to handle this. (I have to listen to the performances of Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center 2006-2007 to check if all the string chamber ensembles play like Bashkirova’s. Speechless…) Help me please. (Apr 18, 2008) Mussbach and Barenboim: Anonymous said… “you have missed the point of this opera, you don’t know your luck. You have never seen a cast like this one, everyone… and the performance can only benefit from Asher Fisch’s interesting and energetic leadership. Pape has fellow singers who are worthy of him here, and Baremboim may be fantastic, but he’s not the only conductor who is.


This is perhaps the last request in this mailing. I may add more in my next one, please. The comment above is what appeared in the world of Internet. The employees resumed their job as I did my computer work, and in recent days, their appearances are regular in various forms. As Berlin politics is in progress, there will be more, the dirtier things. Please… let’s make it simple. Whether Matthias Glander or Asher Fischer or Bashkirova herself, it is definitely from the participants in Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival. Could you please figure out who’s who? Bashkirova will pay you, if her love of Barenboim has been the only thing that caused her betrayal of Kremer. Beinisch will pay you, if his respect of Barenboim has been the only thing in his professional mind while inviting Barenboim’s only-enemies into his Jerusalem Festival. I’ve been wondering… Bashkirova used to boast that all the participants come to Jerusalem for nothing, and then why so many sponsors are needed in this two-week-long event?

Anyways, no matter what Bashkirova does and will do in Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival is none of my business. I just want to fire all the members of “Bashkirova & Co.” and take care of my musicians. This is the only way to protect the real pros.

May I add my two cents? Articles about Beinisch and Friedman on Google

There were quite articles about the two rivals. I can’t understand. Why should this be the governmental issue? For me, this is a grave issue, which should be discussed by the law students, professors, and scholars. It’s a real professional issue rather than a political one. Students and professors of Jewish Law Universities? They are among the top of top brains… wow… I can’t imagine myself ever being accepted into this society.

If I were a president of Supreme Court and so sure of my legal, professional opinion, I would encourage Art of Debate among the professionals or pro-to-be rather than plotting a national election behind scenes. This is what I picked up while reading various from-articles-to-comments. Or there are flaws in my English skills. Do you think my two cents sound naïve?

The reason why politics has been my least favorite is that I don’t know what means compromise. I listen to others’ words to figure out what is a better opinion than mine. Then I think more to figure out if it fits into my situation, and then follow it. I prefer the world of music, where there should be no compromise to enter Furtwangler’s Utopia. I believe that the world of law is similar to where I believe music should dwell. We believe in the law only to build a better society in which human relationship exists for the good of society.

Do you want me to help your plan to initiate a national debate on Israeli Law, whether old or new? As a matter of fact, I’ve already collected all the possible e-addresses from the Faculty of Law of the Universities of Bar-Ilan, Haifa, Hebrew, and Tel-Aviv, including visiting professors from abroad. While I contact the law specialists, my mail recipients will forward this mail to all the students they know until it finally reaches all the law students, who would want to participate in this national debate. Who will report it as a spam? I promise. The Jewish Branja’s real member will be the first one who welcomes my Beinisch-writing from the bottom of their heart.

As a matter of fact, this is not my first time to contact professors of Israeli University. Could you please ask Mr. Beinisch when the entire faculty members of the Hebrew University received my message, in which I wanted to let them know that Barenboim had nothing to do with Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival? Could you please ask him how he reacted after this happening?

I remember one answer from the Hebrew faculty. I think he was a math professor. (It is also in one of my broken computers.) He wrote that I would not believe but they were not quite interested in private life of Israeli celebrities, even if it was Barenboim. This time, the Faculty of Law will be my only mail recipients and what their answer will be like?

1. I have to finish My Requests to Barenboim first. It will take couple of days more.
2. I need time to update my Knesset-blog.
3. I have to resume my mailing business to Italy, another part of Spain, du Pre’s England, Barenboim’s France and other European countries. I should be in a hurry to contact Barenboim’s Argentine. Canada will be my last destination, thanks to Bashkirova’s terrific job.

Each University will receive this mail the same day the president of Supreme Court does. They will decide if they could allow their faculty members to welcome my Barenboim-message. I’m thinking to send it after updating my Knesset-blog.

In case my open letter to the president of banana republic ‘might constitute a criminal violation’ as it was in the case of Yoav Yitzchak, please let me know if there is something wrong in my choice of words. I am a newbie, and know nothing about the Israeli legal system. I should learn. I want to learn everything about the law of banana republic. Please… (I do care about the copyright of the media, especially Jerusalem Post. But this has been my lifelong battle, and JP regularly updates its website not offering its old articles. So, I had to work twice to save its content in my Knesset-or-Music blog. It’s a real hard work.)

Dear Mr. Netanyahu,
I don’t believe this. Whatever happened to Mrs. Netanyahu, it was during her thirties and a hot-tempered woman can do anything unexpected. This can not be flaws in her character or even her professional career once public knows that she learned many things from her past. Sometimes, public much prefer this kind of starry character. I am just curious. Is Bibi really the one who has supported Bashkirova behind scenes? This was and is and will be my only concern. If so… we’ll see.

Dear Everybody,
Just out of curiosity… I’ve been living as a ghost for ten years and I was supposed to be buried by those who earned what they wanted through my hard working. So… will the Knesset members do the same thing? It’s still OK. Just give me money, please. Please… Jewish pigs are now welcome to ignore the rest of this message. Thanks.

Finally… Dear Herr Wowereit,

This mail was supposed to reach Berlin before Waltraud Meier stole another Isolde on May 12. Tired… Did you read the entire text to find this part? I just can’t understand the comical happenings in Israel. Since politics is my least favorite, I remember nothing about the recent happening in Korea, which sounds similar to Olmert-scandal. I hardly read the articles and just remember that it was before the election and the media used to report that we should be in a hurry because no one can investigate his president during the mission. My memory may be wrong and each country has its own rule, but I used to think like this. Or how the president, who should represent his country, can carry out his duties? Whether my favorite or not, they usually get more white hairs on their balding head during the PM-or-President mission. Is it a possible situation in European countries?

Berlin mayor is an expert in politics while I am not. Could you please tell me what’s wrong with my brain? Even without information from the third party, my common sense constantly tells me something. Unlike Likud’s Netanyahu (Business) or YB’s Lieberman (Social Sciences), or Labor’s Barak (Physics) or any of Meretz members, Kadima’s Olmert is an expert in Law. What’s more, psychology is among his interests. Then, only Olmert was too busy to forget Israeli legal system during the election? I smell something stinky going on in this story. I even suspect if Shas’ poor rabbi Benizri under a certain sentence was in fact a political warning from Bibi and Beinisch; Shas: We’ll leave gov’t if deal is made, (repeating Bibi’s statement (May 12)

Could you please forward my open letter to the president of banana republic to all your European friends, all the members of EU? I still can’t believe what I read. I want to know what’s wrong with my senses, including common sense. I will anyway contact each of them. They will come up with the better Mideast policy whenever they receive and forward my further report.

Anyways, have you enjoyed a good sleep during last earthquake? ^.* Though my message was supposed to be very simple, rabbi Benizri-scandal was originally part of it, because I was the one, who thought like this poor rabbi before my American study. After being fed up with countless machos and bimbos in American class, I always wished to spend my private time with sensitive, nice, and never-aggressive homosexual friends. I wished to establish a gay brass-band at the Northwestern and Illinois. Then I went back to Korea, which atmosphere and culture was quite different from years ago, but still… rabbi Benizri is returning to my social attitude. Just… culture is different. Hence, I thought that poor rabbi Benizri and his entire Shas members should meet Herr Wowereit in person. ^.*

Could you please read my posting, Mussbach-Barenboim, in my Music-blog? Don’t you think I did a terrific job with the president of Supreme Court of Israel? Mussbach-scandal? It is only starting. As a matter of fact, it already started with a forumite called ‘Beth’ in Google-group or Wagner-forum. This time, more things will appear in various forms. They will become much dirtier.

Hence, I created a section called Court in my Music-blog to collect suspected criminals, who usually appear as anonymous. I am also collecting forumites’ praise of Waltraud Meier. So far, Spain is the first place, where she could scatter her ashes after enjoying another Wagner-Festival to act all the possible Heroines. Curiously, it was after Mussbach-scandal that Meier stole another Isolde in Berlin, where Beinisch’s Bashkirova coincidently interviewed about her desire to direct a theater. More curiously, Bashkirova’s conductor, Asher Fisch, was also among the host’s guests.

However… we’re done. Please don’t worry about further happenings and just go ahead in your favorite way in order to rebuild the city of Berlin as a hub of international society. Just give me a legal right to fire ALL the members of Bashkirova-Gang, please.

It was supposed to reach Berlin before… Let’s assume that Meier’s Isolde on May 12 was recorded. Meier is still proud of her Wagner-diction, right?

(Still writing… if you want to read the entire text, please visit my Music-blog!)

(Undated on August 3, 2008).
Please check My Requests to Barenboim

(Returned to original date,)

While reading Beinisch-scandal, I realized why classical music was dead in Barenboim’s Israel long ago. Classical music was meaning nothing but hypocrisy of the royal family. Not to mention a boring sound. Europe will soon follow Israeli case. This is in fact a favorite theme of Korean soap opera. (It’s really comical to listen to Mozart in TV.) In America, classical music has disappeared from the culture of royal family long ago, perhaps since Clinton’s saxophone-election period. It only remains in school education.

Could you review Sir Rattle’s BPO’s performance schedule 2009 with the information I provided above? I now start suspecting if even Berlin mayor, who is one of members of the board of trustees in the BPO, is in fact among the German politicians, who will be supported by Jewish Beinisch-Branja. Are you?

Sincerely yours,

Dear president of Bir Zeit University,

Bashkirova hurried to go to Canada after reading my Barenboim-message. Something comical will happen in Canadian music society, and it will happen real soon. Why don’t we just sit here and watch what kind of Canadian sound happily join those pigs? Montreal is where Barenboim’s young rival is working real hard. For the first time in her life, this b*tch will help Barenboim’s pro-career both in Canada and Germany. I just hope to find terrific comments from forumites, who happened to attend this concert, especially from Jewish souls, who still remember du Pre’s real music, still miss her Jewish heart, and wanted to honor this British musician with a Wolf Prize instead of Jewish Barenboim. Those are your real friends.

Now that it is clear how Bashkirova’s Spanish company has been abusing government fund… Don’t you think Beinisch taught this b*tch everything? Please look at the list of Beinisch’s sponsors. Bashkirova used to insist that all the participants have come to Jerusalem for nothing. Beinisch may be going through Israeli legal system, but what about Bashkirova in Spain?

However, this is not the reason of my writing today. There were things I missed in my previous mail to your Mideast friends and you.

When I decided to directly contact your Mideast friends, I was so tired that I wanted to die. Then, you know what happened to me. But even before this happening, there was one thing I was sure of the Middle East. In America, I was happy to find my favorite pop-channel elsewhere I went, and still have a problem to find one in my birthplace. AFKN (American Forces Korean Network) doesn’t work, either. I prefer its AM-radio… Then one day, I was searching for the internet radio and found one. It was for the Mideast listeners. Soon, I became too busy to remember its address. I wanted to report this to you.

Secondly, why do you think I didn’t approve your plan to build a new concert hall in case you receive money from Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008? Perhaps, you already know one of my reasons. Couple of years ago, I read that how Barenboim’s European ensemble was viewed by normal Palestinians. A luxurious, new building from Barenboim might destroy public mind when the Palestinian situation is getting hopeless. There is one more reason. It was Zubin Mehta, who blamed a poor acoustics of his concert hall when his baton-technique was criticized-or-insulted by music lovers. However, think of all those legendary Russian musicians and their imagination. First of all, think of Vienna Philharmonic during Mehta’s hey-days. They sounded like hell purely due to its heavenly acoustics. It is like this. To plant a garden with beautiful flowers, one should buy a weeder first. Or more fertilizer will only contribute to more weeds overrunning the entire garden.

Any orchestra suffers the same problem when no pillar is found in the ensemble or no maestro is doing his job.

Well… it was just my two cents. Whatever you want to do with this money, it’s yours.

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