Dear President Peres, Phoenix Bibi

May 16, 2008

Dear President of Israel,
Dear President of Birzeit University,

After sleeping 15 hours each of couple of days, I am now back… want to contact Barenboim’s Argentine first. I’m getting more white hairs to think of the best way to figure out which Jewish community was/is/will be under the influence of Beinisch’s Branja while contacting each of European or other countries, where the Jewish culture has been flourishing.

You see… Mr. Murdoch told exactly what I wrote to you.
Murdoch backs Peres plan for private high school to train leaders (May 15, 2008).

What I feel funny is that there are so many music schools all over the world that even if we fire ALL the members of ALL the major orchestras of Israel, America, Germany, and so on…, it will take less than a year to establish better, real-professional orchestras elsewhere we go. And then, the non-musical schools always suffer a lack of music-program. Quality, I mean…

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: Basically, I never wanted to send my Knesset mail to all the MKs. It’s really tired. I wanted to send it to or to the leader of each party. Then, I was frequently confused about the difference between the leader and chairman, and as time passed by, I realized that most politicians wanted to take advantage of my mailing business to draw more public attention… (sic!), and the present leader might block his rival-politicians to receive my mail… sigh, and then the subject was the emergent one. So, I never know in which way my next mail to Knesset will be delivered. I can send it solely to the president of Israel, because I know this position represents more of symbolic value.

P.P.S.: This is for Barenboim’s Angels only. No matter how much it takes, there will be no change in my requests to Barenboim and they know what it will be like. I hope Waltraud Meier to appear as Barenboim’s heroine in Lindenoper’s future productions to fully exercise my requests. Meier’s fan-club will fall in love with me.

May 20, 2008
Dear the MKs,

Shalom from JIWON.

I updated my ‘Knesset-Jokes’ and will soon finish sending my open letter to the president of Supreme Court of Israel to the Faculty of Law of Israeli Universities.

I forgot to write this in my previous mail:

Bibi: If PM can’t fix Gaza, he should go (Apr 18, 2008).
Shas: We’ll leave gov’t if deal is made, (repeating Bibi’s statement, May 12, 2008).
Yishai: Shas will quit coalition if child allowances not raised (May 14, 2008).
40% of Gaza evacuees still waiting to build new homes (May 19, 2008).

In my humble opinion, the right-wing Opposition Leader or Shas’ Yishai or any MKs of NU/NRP or UTJ can insist anything. Then, ANYTHING is OK but THIS; “We’ll leave gov’t if PM doesn’t approve the budget for the Settlers’ miserable life after evacuating from the area, which the international law believes is inside Palestinian State.”

They can build more settlements. Why not? They can ask government more fund to support their religious activities. Why not? Palestinian orgasm can be reached when they destroy those beautifully-built houses the moment they celebrate their Independence Day. I read years ago that the settlers’ buildings look very nice. However… all of them clearly know which area will likely belong to the Palestinian State when they decide to raise their immature kids there. They also know how much their youngsters, especially when they enter the adolescent phase, will suffer from a mental shock during and after evacuating from what they believed in the Jewish home.

It’s all the political game for mature human beings, and not money but education has enough power to teach their youngsters how to face the difficult situation. Education should start the moment they move into the new settlement-house and not government but the causers should fund the entire budget. Or as some Jews insisted, there should be a clear separation between religion and state. Government has no money either for culture or for the needy. If Israel ever has money, it should go first to the elderly impoverished Holocaust survivors. I couldn’t believe it when I found their poor situation.

At the same time, the members of Pensioner’s Party can’t complain about the limited budget as long as they support right-wing policies, which have literally no money for anyone but Settlers. (Is my grammar right? Confused…)

While reading Jewish articles for years, especially in recent days, I had an impression that most secular Jews keep this hostile feeling against too much requests from the religious group while many haredim suffer from financial difficulties so much that they feel desperate rather than pure, but they just don’t express their exact feeling for fear that they might hurt Jewish pride, their own identity as a real Jew. Then, the secular right-wing politicians were actively using this pure or poor public mind. As a third person, it is one of too weirdest things to understand.

Simply, it’s not fair. Am I wrong?

Sincerely yours,

Bibi: Olmert has no mandate to negotiate the borders of the State of Israel (May 19, 2008).: “The Olmert-Kadima government has no mandate to negotiate the borders of the State of Israel. This government was chosen from other circumstances, and during a different time. Today most of the public knows that all of the territory which is transferred, or which is promised to be transferred will turn into a base of radical, Islamic terror, under the auspices of Iran. The government needs to return the mandate to the people, so that they can choose a different government,” Netanyahu declared.

JIWON: Oh yeah! I was waiting for this exact statement from Mr. Netanyahu. How in the world there exists a human being with such a gift of eloquence to hook public attention like this? This should be called a talent! Hence… even in this tired-out situation, I couldn’t help creating another section called ‘Phoenix-Bibi,’ right next to ‘Knesset-Jokes’ and ‘Banana-Republic.’ I really hope Bibi to grab the most of public mind with his exact words. However… the moment St. Netanyahu loses his election, this section will be re-entitled ‘Sparrot-Bibi,’ which might even go to his glory the moment another Phoenix rises from another ashes. I know Barenboim’s Israel is full of talents. ^.*

P.P.S.: I just found out that my previous mail to might fail to reach its destination. I am now too tired now. I will check this one again and send this mail to ALL MKs or chairman of each party.

May 21, 2008
P.P.S.: Since the MKs didn’t receive my previous mail to the President Peres on May 16, I have to write this again. (It’s all in
my blog, though.) Basically, I never wanted to send my Knesset mail to all the MKs. (…) I am still not sure what is a better idea for ALL the MKs. Still now, I don’t know exactly who is representing each party. Please, see Information on Knesset, which I just found out. But still… what is a difference between the chairman and the leader? Anyway, I will directly contact every each one whenever time allows me.

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