Dear Dumb and Dumbers, (Regarding Golan…)

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 16, 2008 (08:40)
Part of Schalit Is Still Alive… (Regarding Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal)

By the way, according to IBA News Today, is she a first lady of Syria? I’ve hardly seen more attractive woman than Asma Assad. Weird… whenever I think of all the news regarding Syria and North Korea.
Then, I think again. She proves a perfect example of which I found during my research on Mideast Music Society. A Syrian was one of most attractive human beings; very analytic with a warm heart. But this is a wife of Syrian leader, who doesn’t know what means peace. Still weird…

Sigh… need to work on My Requests to Barenboim.
Sincerely yours,

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 17, 2008 (09:45)
Part of Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce)

UN special envoy (Terje Roed-Larsen) criticizes Israel for talks with Syria: Israel has given Syria a huge gift, without receiving anything in exchange.

JIWON:Weird that this report comes from the Haaretz, while Bibi zips his mouth. Then, Talkbacks sound more interesting. (I can’t read the entire text, though.) This posting also needs to be found in Dear Dumb and Dumbers.

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Draft Only. Can’t erase IT, because this comment disappeared after THIS posting.
May 26, 2008 (DRAFT) Dear …,

(Still writing…)
Recent incidents suggest rise in violence between Haredi, messianic Jews (Mar 26, 2008).
Or Yehuda deputy mayor: I’m sorry about (Yeshiva Students’) burning New Testaments (May 22, 2008).

I forgot to add this information until finding this comment:
18. Talansky, Haredi and how to destroy a state: This week was filled with modern jewish achievements: First studens of Or Yehuda Yeshiva burned the new Testament, a book that is close to 2 Bio people’s religous belief; than Rabbi Druckmann was fired as head of the conversion auhorities, on request of Shas and Haredi circles; and now Haredi Rabbis organize a US Jewish doner to become the killing weapon against an Israel Prime Minister. Puhhh – if my history class memory doesn’t fail me: Religious fanatic Jews have destroyed this country and its temple twice before; Toucholsky stated: When you burn books, the next is you will burn people;…
READER – Israel (05/23/2008 15:07)

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My Official Mail to Knesset
May 23, 2008 (13:40) Dear future Prime Ministers,

I created another Category called 02. Golan Heights. Still, only one statement is valuable enough to dwell in the front-page of my Knesset-blog: PMO: Netanyahu was willing to give up Golan before negotiations began (Apr 27, 2008).

You know what? This is why I used to disregard politics, which mental level is hardly above the kindergarten kids. They always spend their life on fighting over something toy-like. I am done, anyway. If there is something I should know, please let me know. I only appreciate official records.

Hope there is no problem with Mr. Netanyahu. So is with Zevulun Orlev (NU-NRP), (See Knesset-Jokes!). I am still wondering who the leader of this party is. Benny Elon? Zevulun Orlev? Or Uri Yehuda Ariel, who was in fact the only one having answered my very first message to Knesset? (This is perhaps why I wanted to help poor Rabbi Benizri…)

See ya ^.^

P.S.: I feel no need to send this mail to the Palestinians, but this one will appear in my blog, as well as my further writing on this subject. BTW, I forgot to open my Knesset-blog to public. Now, anyone can visit this place with a simple keyword, BIBI. ^.*

P.P.S.: It’s a real fun. I’m thinking to keep my work as a Knesset-Watchdog even after I finish my business with Daniel Barenboim. Hum… I’m still curious. Who are that father and son in Israeli history? Now that I know quite a lot about the names…

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My Official Mail to Knesset
May 22, 2008 (14:20) Dear Dumb and Dumbers,

I can’t say Shalom in this mail.
I am not going to send this mail to the Palestinians, nor make a posting in my blog. I am so ashamed to write this to you. Could you please feel like the Jews, think like the Jews, analyze like the Jews, and behave like the Jews?
Please… please let me concentrate on MY LIFE!!!
Sincerely yours,

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