Dear Barenboim’s Argentine

May 27, 2008

Dear Argentine government officials, Music Institutions and Media,
To those who are interested in Daniel Barenboim’s
concert with Staatskapelle Berlin on May 29-30, and Elena Bashkirova’s concert with Jerusalem Festival Chamber Ensemble on October 27-28,

The mail sender is JIWON. I hope ALL Argentineans to contact the president of Mozarteum Argentino to ask who I am.

Could you please visit my two blogs, in which I posted bunch of stuffs about Music and Politics? All the writings are about Daniel Barenboim and Middle East Peace. Basically, visiting my Music-blog and Knesset-blog will lead you to figure out everything; about the reason of this mailing, but it will take too long. So, I recommend you to start your reading with my mail to Spain/Mideast on April 3, and my open letter to Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel on May 15. Below are the addresses of each website. Unlike my Knesset-blog, my Music-blog is still not opened to public.

1. : Music-blog
2. : Knesset-blog
3. : Mail-Recipients in my Music-blog, in which all my previous official mailing to Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungry, Israel, Palestine, and Middle East will be found. Please pick up whatever you want.
4. This message is in fact found in the same section, Mail-Recipients. There, the list of my mail recipients will appear.

I am afraid that I am now too tired to write what I really wanted to write to Barenboim’s Argentine. I wanted to contact you in the most direct, attractive way and make ALL the Argentineans fall in love with my Barenboim-message, but I can’t.

This is what I found days ago:
1. Education in Argentina: According to UNESCO, Argentina has the best level of education in Latin America, and one of the best of the world. Free public education extends through the university level, and public and private universities can be found in the capital cities of each province… (See List of Universities)

2. Then, I had a real hard time to find music schools in Argentine. It was easier to find orchestras and opera houses.

3. Then again, I realized that all the institutions are protected and working under the auspices of government. It was so well organized. To my surprise, there was a department of Crítica de Artes at Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (IUNA). No wonder the most exact analysis of Barenboim’s Berlin-version of Beethoven came from Argentine, while none of German professional listeners was alive. I was in shock to find that there was everything in the Ministry of Culture; programs about ‘Music in prisons (Música en las cárceles)’ and ‘Music in factories (Música en las fábricas)’ and so on…

So far… this is what I found. I was already too tired when I started my research. (Could you please read ALL my previous writings?) After days of struggling with Google’s language tool, between English and Spanish, I now feel numb. *.*

Please, this is what I wanted to write to you:

1. If Minister of Culture and Mayor of Buenos Aires think this mail is valuable enough, could you please forward it to all the government officials, such as Minister of Foreign Affairs, who are interested in the Mideast affairs? As a matter of fact, all my previous mails to Barenboim’s Israel, starting from Dear UN, EU, and Israel on Mar 10, are likely passed round among the members of European Union, if things are going as planned. Then what about Latin America? Thanks to Bashkirova’s performance schedule, I will anyway have to contact each country. I hope all the government officials welcome my Barenboim-message with further report when I knock the Ministry of Culture of each country.

2 Could you forward it to the most influential leader of Jewish Population? I have no idea who is their leader, but in case the Jewish community is ruled by Beinisch’s Branja, I need to know. (Please see my open letter to the President of Supreme Court of Israel on May 15) If you help me, I will be able to figure out who’s who when I directly encounter each of them, face to face. I am not good at language, but an expert in reading the faces and smelling the atmosphere. I need to know who have been Barenboim’s real supporters.

3. What a fun to find the very fact that none of Argentineans considers Berliner Staatsoper as something international! It was even valued below the level of Italian or Spanish second-rate opera houses. Speechless… I am curious if I am the only one thinking if Barenboim’s Lindenoper looks like a porn-shop. (I am not talking about Sex as Art nor Meier’s cheap Wagner. In this story, Waltraud Meier rather looks like suffering a princess syndrome while her employees put real divas to porn labor. It’s disgusting to watch either side; Princess Meier or Porn-Star Divas. To be fair, I am talking about too many opera houses in Berlin.) Are Argentine opera houses running their business as their German counterparts do?

4 Barenboim is a principal guest conductor of the La Scala. I hope to make an artistic connection between the La Scala and Teatro Colon. Is it an impossible dream?

5. Years ago, I read that Maestro Barenboim was very interested in his kind of Divan-project in Argentine. It appeared in Argentine article. To be honest, I am wondering if there exists any possibility for Barenboim to achieve his naive dream, because I realized that the Ministry of Culture was already doing a terrific job in all areas. Perhaps, Barenboim still remembers 1994 bombing in Buenos Aires, but according to my research, Argentine is where a wide range of religious sects exist and already live in peace; Catholic, Jewish, Methodist, Arab, Anglicans, and Lutherans. I’m thinking Argentine might rather need the highest-leveled program for professional ensembles or Argentine version of El Sistema program, which is the famous musical education program in Venezuela.

If you read my mail to Mideast on April 3, you would know how much I detest international pigs, especially Euro-Trashes, who come to the third country only to boast their big mouth and destroy the local culture, which is usually purer than theirs. I used to believe that one of reasons why the third country can’t achieve a real top-rated level in so-called European culture is their too-humble attitude toward those Euro-Trashes. First of all, I was always curious if there is any Argentine who wants to hear the BPO’s comical Tango concert. You certainly know that the more I insult those Euro-Trashes, the more I respect the real European mentors. Could you please visit my Music-blog to find my first impression of Barenboim’s Argentine Sound? Please use the search button with this keyword; ‘Angola.’

Could you carefully read my mail to Spain on April 3 again? What I feel funny about Bashkirova’s Latin project is that what has happened to Spanish music society with Bashkirova’s Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía is going to happen in Argentine and Latin America. This time, Mozarteum Argentino was going to contribute to this sickish happening.

The same goes for Barenboim’s personal(!) wish to realize Argentine version of West-East-Divan-Orchestra. Please look at the happenings in Middle East countries. Do Argentineans need to invite foreign intervention? I really hope Maestro Barenboim to join Ministry of Culture and its peaceful, educational Music-Project.

Presently, Berliner Staakskapelle is staking their lives to pretend to follow their so-called maestro, Daniel Barenboim. No matter what, their very basic is still there. I hope to find the exact analysis of their performance by the real music lovers in Barenboim’s Argentine.

Could you allow me to write one more thing?

Could you please read My Requests to Barenboim? (It will be finished soon… in couple of days) I never plan to compromise on this subject, and only Barenboim knows what will happen to his future music business. I hope… whatever happens to me, I hope all my writings in my Music-blog to contribute to Argentine high culture and its music society. I never knew what a great country Danny Barenboim was born in until I started my research on Argentine.

Dear President of Mozarteum Argentino,

First of all, could you please be indulgent of my rude writing, if…? I am just too tired to think of other way.

I know how Elena Bashkirova was able to make her Argentine performance schedule with Mozarteum Argentino, and I don’t think you knew the entire story behind scenes during that period. So… past is past and I now just want to let you prepare the possible future; Future about Barenboim, Bashkirova, Barenboim’s WEDO, Bashkirova’s WEDO, and Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival.

I can accept anything but the false information. I don’t mind the possible fact that ‘Bashkirova & Gang’ has been in fact your ideal musicians. However… if you and any Argentineans want to couple those Pigs and their Jerusalem Festival with Barenboim and his Mideast Peace, I do care and will find all the possible ways to handle the wrong information in a legal way.

Including this personal blog. I know this writer is not amateur, by the way:

The wrong information?
Starting from Bashkirova’s legal identity to the fact that the participants in Jerusalem Festival and West-East-Divan-Orchestra have been working for the Jewish pigs, whose right-wing policy has been well-known, some specific musicians who intentionally stayed away from Jerusalem Festival despite Bashkirova’s big-mouth, and ALL about ME.

Sincerely Yours,

P.S.: The list of my Mail Recipients.

Government and its music institutions
2. : Ministry of Culture
2-1. Orquesta Sinfónica (Nacional) del Estado : (Nation Symphony Orchestra) No e-address
2-2. La Orquesta Nacional de Música Argentina “Juan de Dios Filiberto” (National Music Orchestra, b.1948): E-address not working…
2-3. Banda Sinfónica de Ciegos :
2-4. Children and Youth Orchestras
3. City of Buenos Aires
3-1. Orquesta de Cámara de la Ciudad : Chamber Orchestra of Buenos Aires
3-2. Enseñanza Artística Institutes (NO e-address)
• Conservatorio Superior de Música “Manuel de Falla”
• Conservatorio de Música de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Higher Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires “Astor Piazzolla”)
• Escuela Metropolitana de Arte Dramático
• Instituto Vocacional de Arte “Manuel José de Labardén”
• Insitituto de Investigación en Etnomusicología

1. : Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (IUNA)
1-1. Artes Audiovisuales : (Audiovisual Arts)
1-2. Artes Dramáticas : (Performing Arts)
1-3. Artes del Movimiento : (Arts Movement)
1-4. Artes Musicales y Sonoras : (Arts Music and Sound) “Carlos Lopez Buchardo”
1-5. Artes Visuales : (Visual Arts)
1-6. Folklore : (Folklore)
1-7. Formación Docente : (Teacher Traning)
1-8. Artes Multimediales : (Arts Multimediales)
1-9. Crítica de Artes (Arts Criticism)
1-10. Museo de Calcos y Escultura Comparada (Calc and Sculpture Museum of Comparative)

Orchestras and Operas
1. / Teatro Colón
2. Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires = Teatro Colon Teatro Colon
3. : Orquesta Filarmónica de Mendoza
4. : Teatro Independencia
5. : Orquesta Sinfonica de la Provincia de Chaco
6. : Orquesta Sinfónica Provincial de Rosario
7. : Teatro Elcirculo
8. : Teatro Argentino
9. Teatro Libertador
10. : Orquesta de Cámara Municipal de Rosario (NO e-address)
11. : Orquesta Sinfonica de Salta

PLUS… FACULTY of Departamento de Artes Musicales y Sonoras “Carlos Lopez Buchardo” and ALL the MEMBERS of Musica Clasica Argentina!!!!! PLEASE… I FEEL DIZZY…
I am about to give up this part… sigh…:

Those who failed to receive it, please check the website or e-address again. Many of websites didn’t work…
Dear Musica Clasica Argentina, Could you please check the websites of Music Schools? Most of them didn’t work, and I had to go to the University’s homepage.

Media and so on…
1. : Clarin
2. : National Radios – Live music
3. : Academis Music
4. :
5. : Mozarteum Argentino
6. : Mundo Clásico
7. : La Nación (NO e-address)
8. : Página/12 (NO e-address)
9. : Buenos Aires Herald (Webmail doesn’t work…)

E-addresses that returned to me as ‘failure’: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Bragato, Luis María ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; (= ; ; ;

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