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Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce, May 28 – Jun 19, 2008).: My mail to Knesset while writing this part.

(posted on JUNE 6, 2008 15:00)

Time to write. But who am I now writing to?

1. Word on the street in Jerusalem says former mayor is done (May 28, 2008). (Jerusalem Post)
2. In Argentina it wouldn’t faze anyone (May 28, 2008). (JIWON: It is an answer from the Haaretz after my Mailing to Barenboim’s Argentine (May 27, 2008)..)
3. Arabs praise Israel for Independent Judical System (Corruption of Olmert) (May 31, 2008). (Jerusalem Post)

Having kept wondering why it’s impossible to read comments in the Haaretz, I only saved Talkbacks of Jerusalem Post. Though I don’t have enough time to read all of them, I really appreciate my work. Read them, please. I created another Category, called 00. a.Talkbacks.
(On Oct 3, 2008: Category 00. a.Talkbacks will soon be deleted. Please check SIXTH OF ALL below. Besides, in these days, I include Talkbackers in all the articles whenever I find something valuable, so I feel no need to create this special section.)


For a while, I got confused… Then, I realized… Now, I want none of Jewish journalist to lose their job during Bibi’s era. I just want to write this one sentence. Whose article do you think Arab Readers will prefer to read or trust? Yours or Mine?

(Updated on OCTOBER 4, 2008)
🙂 A Purge at Haaretz (Is Haaretz going to become another Bibi-ton? How long will it take? From Aug, 2006 to Present)

(AGAIN on JUNE 6, 2008 15:00)
I’ve already written my personal opinion about President Peres during and after Sharon’s era. (Please check Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008).) Then what about my personal opinion about others? In fact, there was no opinion but a simple curiosity. My curiosity started the moment… Why Sharon’s Defense Minister is found in Peres’ Kadima while Sharon’s Foreign Minister is working for Bibi’s Likud?

Time has passed. Things are happening. There is no huge-or-fundamental change in the Jewish politicians’ patriotic behaviors or their politically big mouth, even after I created my Knesset-blog to report what is exactly happening inside Barenboim’s Israel to EVERYONE.

1. My open letter to Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008).
2. Haaretz: Police chief hints Olmert’s aides leaked details of Talansky case (Jun 3, 2008).
3. Jerusalem Post: Labor leaders likely to back Shalom bill (Jun 6, 2008).: (JIWON: I prefer this title to PM: ‘Kadima will rule for a very long time’. Please… here appears this famous name, Sharon’s Foreign Minister, who is now working for Bibi’s Likud.)
4. Haaretz: State to demand maximum sentence for Shas’ MK Benizri in appeal (Jun 3, 2008).: (JIWON: This is a further happening since My mail to Berlin Mayor. Haaretz website doesn’t work. Jerusalem Post makes no further report. Then, report by Ynetnews sounds quite different from what I read in JP’s article on Benizri’s private situation and Talkbackers add fuel to the gays’ volcanic blood pressure.)
5. Jerusalem Post: Netanyahu tries to stop new Kadima gov’t (Jun 5, 2008).

My curiosity continued, and it naturally led me to Talkbacks in the Jewish Newspaper.
(Please check Talkbacks (Short): Corruption, Election, and Jewish Involvement in Israeli Affairs)

There are more, of course, but isn’t that enough to smell the atmosphere? Weirdly enough, the Haredi-comment disappeared after I posted draft of my mail (May 26), which is not yet finished. There was another comment, which I felt no need to save. I regret now. It was like… “I saw MK-X and MK-Y risking their life during the war. Then why they are not willing to sacrifice their political life in this hardest time like today?”

So… it was quite natural for everybody, from the Left to the Right, including Olmert’s own Kadima members, to ask their Prime Minister to go to hell, even damaging the international image of their Jewish State. But still, there was something incomprehensible. Everybody was talking about corruption; Haredim, Livni, Barak, Beilin, Peres, and so on. Yet, Jewish kids are the only one mentioning Mr. Netanyahu: Teenagers think Bibi is also ‘very corrupt’ (Jun 5, 2008).


Could you please check all my Knesset-mails? (Please see ABOVE, The-Art-of-Criticism.) When I decided to start my mailing to Knesset, there was one belief in my mind; that there is basically no difference between the MKs’ Jewish patriotism. The relationship between Israel and Palestine is not same as the one between South and North Korea. Is there any Israelite who wants to give up their home for any reason? My firm belief was that the reason of Barenboim’s Palestinian passport doesn’t differ from the reason of Rabbis’ Zionism. No matter how each called the other, their behaviors all stemmed from the same Jewish patriotism and the fact that they just love their Jewish state too much. My only problem was with the right-winged secular, aggressive opinions. What is their reason?

Confucius, he said “Do not do unto others, what you would not want others to do to you.”

I was thirteen-or-fourteen years old when the teacher was writing this sentence on the blackboard. It sounded so great that I made it my favorite motto. I am neither perfect nor an angel but… I always remembered this sentence and tried to follow it wherever I went, whatever I did, and whoever I encountered. It was no problem until…

(If any of you wants to read my life, please visit my another MUSIC-blog, The Art of Criticism. Thanks.)

This has been my life. How many times have I written that I wanted none of performers to lose their job because of my story, and that I just wanted their daughters to experience the same life as mine, but that I didn’t mind all the musicologists losing their professorship? I am curious this Russian professor-or-b*tch is still boasting her kind of lecture in American Music School. I’ve hardly seen more greedy eyes than hers, hardly heard less organized lectures than hers. She was busy at analyzing my personality, yet never seemed to analyze her own characters. I still believe. If one wants to analyze others’ life, he should analyze his own first.

Then, what about another musicologist, whose bright lecture had enjoyed a notorious fame among the students? I’ve hardly heard more severe, even cruel criticism than the one in his debate-class. So, it was weird to watch this keenest brain, which considered the evaluation process too much. Then, all sounded very funny when he hysterically reacted against the students’ critical evaluation while he was mocking the poor old German musicians, who didn’t dare to flee from their homeland during Hitler’s era. By the time I left America, he was losing fame and I don’t know why… then I saw another musicologist being ready to rule the students. There was no difference between the two, except… the new one was younger.

This has been my life, too. How many music schools have I experienced in America? Elsewhere I went, my life has not been normal, and many times, class itself was not normal during my involvement. I sure did curse my headache situation, and how many human beings do you think wanted to advise me to do bla-bla-bla? None of those helped to heal my getting-rotten heart. One day, I heard that all the foreign students fell into the similar situation. Guess what? The louder adviser suddenly made bigger complaint. One of them even blamed that they were having a hard time because of me, because I did survive the situation.

Advising or even insulting the other side is easy. Criticizing competitors is easier unless it comes up with a better solution.

Please… everything was hard for me. Studying music always made me suspect if I was a stupid, ugly female. Now, all the MKs, who have been reading my mails to Knesset, must know that my writing is not quite high-leveled. I prefer to follow something funny, something commercial. However, I must tell this simple fact. Wherever I went, whatever I did, and whoever I encountered, there was no exception.

I don’t know others’ life. I learned my lesson from my life, and I am not a teenager. Hence, I always bear this simple fact in my mind while reading professional writings, especially when their subject deals with something political. When they sound too brainy or too aggressive and therefore not-quite-natural, I always imagine the same situation, which the writers will be forced to fall into. Besides… I am the one who went through, for ten years, all those nauseating German/British Journalism, which tried to praise Jewish Barenboim for his greatness only after they succeeded in their plan to make their German/British conductor a King of International/German Music Society. I am also the one who suffered from the disgusting journalism manipulated by the Haaretz, the left-wing media, while working for Barenboim.

Please… I read almost all the articles about the corruption about PM Olmert, from Haaretz to Jerusalem Post, including its Opinion section. If the writers can’t find their work in my Knesset-blog, they’d better blame their readers.

🙂 Talkbacks: Corruption, Election, and Jewish Involvement in Israeli Affairs
🙂 Articles: Corruption, Election, and Jewish Involvement in Israeli Affairs

Sorry about writing this. Beinisch family has been fooling me for ten years and the Haaretz joined them. I just can’t trust anyone in this situation. To be honest, part of myself is still whispering that I should join “Olmert & Co.” to seek my revenge, but I should not. If I do, I will be a loser in the end. So… let’s start.

1 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8)
Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce, From May 28 to Jun 19, 2008): My mail to Knesset while writing this part.
FIRST OF ALL, (on JUNE 17, 2008 09:45)

One journalist wrote about the relationship between corrupted leaders and media. Thanks to Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival 2008, I was able to find the connection between the secular right-wing guys, Bibi and Beinisch, and the corruption case, including the one about PM Olmert and Shas MK. It also took minutes for me to find internet-comments that the extreme right-wing policy of part of Branja has been well-known inside Israel and their thorny attitude toward the religious group. (I’m not talking about Tommy Lapid.) So, it sounds very funny when those guys suddenly collaborate together and even the leftists join them to insult their prime minister and support Bibi. Even the most Talkbackers didn’t answer my curiosity until I found a clue from another Talkbacker answering another article.

(Updated on OCTOBER 4, 2008)
Please check
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