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Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce, May 28 – Jun 19, 2008).: My mail to Knesset while writing this part.

(posted on JUNE 6, 2008 15:00)

Time to write. But who I am now writing to?

Dear Arab Readers: First of All: Incomprehensible collaboration between the Jewish left-Branja, Bibi’s secular right-wing guys and Religious groups in order to attack PM Olmert’s Corruption or Winograd-Report.
Dear Arab Readers: Second of All: PM Olmert as Jerusalem’s inferior ex-mayor

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Schalit Is Still Alive… (Regarding Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal, From Jun 13, 2008 to Present): My mail to Knesset while writing this part.
THIRD OF ALL, (on JUNE 20, 2008 08:00)

How many humans have criticized Olmert’s demand for the ‘first class’ hotel, in which cigar smoking is permitted and a gym is provided, and his ‘so-called luxurious’ life style? Frankly, I am more curious of their ‘private’ life. I mean… not their ‘present’ life but their ‘ideal’ life. I’ve never seen more green faces than those, which are filled with jealousy.

As for Rolex on Olmert’s wrist.

I can’t believe it. Is Israel a country where this old-fashioned guy can be a subject of gossip? Does Israelite still look at his old, heavy watch instead of checking up-to-date cell-phone? Does Israeli prime minister really have no money to enjoy modern technology?

As for a Mont Blanc in Olmert’s hand and his pen collection.

This guy reminds me of my late Korean teacher, who never dreamed of entering the elite-or-high society or playing the hypocrite while collecting his favorite pens. Many times, his financial situation was considered below middle-class level. During performance tours, he used to spend hours of hours in a duty-free shop to purchase his favorite Mont Blanc and spend more time to boast his prizes. I’ve never seen his happier faces than this case. Mont Blanc was surely his most favorite, but during the recess, his section members always spent their free time at the street market. Weirdly enough, this was the only time when those guys, whose thorny relationship was notorious throughout the country, never insulted each other. Hence, I used to think that boys are not girls. According to Olmert’s critics, Israel seems to be the only place, where the toy-stores failed to make a profit after the “Transformer” movie was on the screen. Endless requests from the boys, who couldn’t live without collecting all its stars… sigh. Our mothers had to insult the movie-maker.

Perhaps, female critics have never had male-lover or their own kids. Perhaps, male critics only collect kosher Hebrew porn and no one knows where they are hidden. (Please click here and there.) I don’t know why it is easy to find sex-related articles whenever I start my research. I was searching for more information on ‘Shas and institutions’ but ‘Netanyahu and sex’ was what I got instead:
Israel demands soccer sex scandal inquiry Nov 18, 1999 / By BBC
(…) the country was looking for reasons for the defeat and sex has become the prime suspect. (…)

As for Olmert’s gym work.

I only have one opinion about this criticism. Until I analyzed my limited talent as a musician and lifelong stage-fright, my least favorite has been to take physical exercise. I hated any kind of whatever. Then, I realized that nothing but a daily physical exercise is what I needed to make my improvement in music-and-then-life; neither any further advices from my mentors nor soaring love of music, nor sacrificing my whole day for music-practice, even nor abandoning myself into the sex-scandal as poor Jacqueline du Pre did in order to cure her physical-and-then-mental problems… It was the only answer to cure my mental weakness.

I know Olmert’s critics never exercise. If they do, they must have known how important it is to find a gym during international tour, during which an aging man is required to run successful business as planned.

I know Mr. Netanyahu doesn’t quite like physical training. Please look at his recent photos… I did watch Bibi wearing fancy suits on TV. Considering the fact that Bibi started his life as an ultra-handsome flirter, do you think it is working now? Well… I usually watch his nude hiding under the dress and (fresh) air circulating inside it. That’s my job. If PM Olmert (b. 1945) spent his time as Bibi (b. 1949) did, instead of working out at the gym, your criticism was going to be like this. Compare it with your original one:

1. Your original one: “Olmert wears snazzy suits that sit well on his athletic physique.”
2. ‘Barak (b. 1942) blocked PM’s Gaza op decision’: Talkback-23. Porky barak, the next sharon? if ehud the american barak keeps getting fatter he will be able to wear ariel sharons old clothes. (06/13/2008 17:50)

Please tell me. What kind of Israeli prime minister do you expect? PM of strong physique or Porky PM? Go to gym or not? What kind of dress code should Israeli Prime Minister use during his meeting with Syria’s Assad? Since I’m now ‘truly’ enjoying JPost-Video, it would be terrific if its editor-in-chief could answer my curiosity. (Somehow, I am suspecting if IBA is controlled by Supreme Court… Beinisch becomes popular while A-G Mazuz is falling? Hum… Besides, Dr. Menachem Klein’s interview lacks something fundamental. Pretty sure that he supports Bibi. Then, who eventually led Palestinian unity-government? Olmert+Barak+Yishai+Eitan or Netanyahu? One Talkback also answered that the truce would eventually legitimate Hamas. It is always funny that Olmert+Barak+Yishai+Eitan’s haters originally support Olmert+Barak+Yishai+Eitan’s policy. My English writing was that poor?)

May I add two cents? In IBA news, there were Effi Eitam (b. 1952, NU), Yisrael Katz (b. 1955, Likud), Nir Barkat (b. 1959, going to join Likud), and Palestinian Saeb Erekat (b. 1955). Let’s assume that a negotiating table is set in front of the groups of international media. I heartily recommend those Jewish Folks not to enter this open room. None of those can beat Saeb Erekat. This Palestinian sounds much healthier, and therefore more reasonable. This guy won’t lose his temper during his debate with Likud’s Yuval Steinitz. Arcadi Gaydamak (b. 1952, Social Justice) was also there but in a silent film. I am sure that this Jerusalemite can’t beat Saeb Erekat either. (If he is a fanatic soccer fan, his physical shape needs a good advice from Guus Hiddink, the only one who knew how to train Korean soccer team, which physical strength has been suffering a fundamental problem.) Who would believe Mr. Likely-Next-Jerusalem-Mayor was born in 1952?

If they still want to join the negotiating team, especially on Jerusalem issue, and win the Palestinians, they’d better close the door, turn off the camera, and use all kinds of dirty tricks.

As for Olmert’s Cigar. Hum… my writing was supposed to be short until finding these articles.

Netanyahu and Arafat Break Bread for First Time Oct 8, 1998 / By New York Times
(…) Later, Mr. Netanyahu gave a more modest appraisal of the two days’ accomplishments… by saying that if an accord were reached in Washington he might open talks on the final status of Palestinian-Israeli peace ”on the spot.”… After a series of subsequent sessions, their ”body language” softened, Ms. Albright said. They began talking directly to each other, smiling and chatting. Today, Mr. Arafat even gave Mr. Netanyahu, a cigar aficionado, a present, a box of Cuban cigars. (…)

Despite the bored faces, this was the most dramatic campaign Israel has ever known Mar 28, 2006 / By Ynetnews, Israel
(…) “If I win today,” promises Ehud Olmert, “I’ll never smoke a cigar in the prime minister’s office.” In Israel, the cigar is seen as a sign of self-indulgence, of ostentation, of hedonism. Netanyahu and Barak also smoked cigars, and their terms as prime minister went up in smoke quickly. Olmert is not keen to follow in their footsteps. Whoever becomes Israel’s next prime minister, we must hope this won’t be the last concession he will make to public opinion (…)

What a comical country it is… brrr. Cigar is cigar. Then what about wine? Those two items are inseparable whenever high society is involved. Some even register wine lecture and their main reason is to join business meetings in high-class community. Personally, I prefer whisky to wine, (I know each wine tastes different, but I just can’t tell which one tastes more expensive. Perhaps, I only like decanted wine…), but it doesn’t mean that I have a right to criticize the art of wine.

What is funny in this story is that Haaretz has a section, Wine and Spirits, and those criticisms against PM’s cigar-life also came from the same media. What a hypocrite!

If… if PM Olmert can’t quit his cigar in his private place at home, it simply tells me that he has been under huge stress since doing his job as Israeli Prime Minister. Barenboim used to insist that he can’t quit his cigar partly because he enjoys his quite time while smoking in his chair. (Who would believe this? Without those ‘garrulous’ b*tches around this impotent guy, the entire day will be calm. Then, this thick skin never suffers from the stage-fright. Nor is he afraid of keen ears of his ‘intelligent’ audience.)

The unfiltered truth Jun 8, 2008 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Any attempt to implement the WHO’s recommendation in Israel would be met with huge opposition from Israel’s powerful tobacco lobby (…)

Personally, I hate smokers. So, it would be terrific for all Olmert’s critics to use this golden opportunity to start a nationwide anti-tobacco campaign. In fact, it took months for my Korean uncle to succeed in his ‘notorious’ nationwide anti-tobacco campaign, and nowadays, TV-stars should drink more alcohol in gloomy scenes. I promise. Daniel Barenboim would never dare to enter Israeli Airport. In case this SOB decides to stick to his Angels, Israel doesn’t have to deprive him of Israeli passport. ^.*

Just out of curiosity… Did Golda Meir smoke cigar? I happened to read it while searching for more articles.

As a human guy, Olmert shows a typical case of habit or lifestyle as a middle-class man, who wants to run a successful business in high-class community. And still now, he is timid enough not to consider himself as a leader. I was born in the middle-class family, (though suspecting if I am going down to the poverty level.), and still left with a limited option, such as a specific dress-code, when royal family members invite me into their community meeting. Though independent, I am still not enough strong to stand against the general judgment in their attitude that I am either no-class or hypocrite.

Sigh… there was another article after posting part of writing on June 12. Wasn’t that enough? It says,
“(…) In the Israeli ethos, national leaders are expected to live modestly, to the point of poverty. Some have really been destitute, like Menachem Begin. Others, like David Ben-Gurion, took great pains to maintain a modest image, because they understood what was expected of them (…)”

To be honest, this is not new information. One talkbacker mentioned this and it was from American Jew, who seemed to miss old-good days of his Jewish State. My only-and-always information about Israeli prime minister was that Sharon was Mr. Real-Estate-Holder-Nr.1. That’s one of reasons why I used to think, “Arik is cool!”

Let’s assume that this information is true. If so, Nancy Mehta would have been the first one who cut her ties with Barenboim’s Israel. Ever since Barenboim’s involvement in my headache life, I’ve been imagining the real Israel through private life of Zubin Mehta and his illegitimate kid, and Elena Bashkirova and her idol Nancy Mehta, and their Jewish friends. Zukerman’s X, whose name I don’t want to mention in order to protect his privacy, also interviewed how much he likes luxurious(?) Jewish life. (I’m not sure of this word, luxurious. Perhaps, it was more like lavish. He was joking and mentioned it as a Jewish character and this is why I still remember his interview.) And then, it was no surprise for me to find Mr. and Mrs. Netanyahu’s luxurious London trip.

Those modern Jewish characters frequently appeared in Barenboim’s interviews, too, in which only Barenboim, unlike other members of Mehta-Gang, missed his old-good days and the modest lifestyle he experienced either in Argentine or Israel or London. Since three days ago, (please see my previous report on June 17, SECOND OF ALL), I’ve been busy. The more articles about Mr. Netanyahu I found, the more I realized how easy it was for Elena Bashkirova to be accepted in Mehta’s Jewish headquarters. Everything was a natural result.

After all, this is the same writer, who questioned of timing on May 7:
“(…) While one can understand why the settlers are rubbing their hands with glee, it is not clear why leftists are urging Labor to pull the plug on Olmert. Let them not be so sure about how their demands will turn out and who will come to power in the end.”

And then, this is the same writer, who never expected Begin-like prime minister from Arik when he suddenly changed his mind and supported Arik. Am I wrong?

If this writer wrote his wish to return to his old good days of Jewish state, it’s perfectly fine. But why does he blame Olmert only? It’s not fair. Because… as I wrote before, Olmert’s lifestyle shows one typical case of middle-class man. I can say this, because I am still the one, who is under huge stress when I am invited into the royal family’s party.

No matter what, his article can not find its place in my blog unless Haaretz allows me to read his readers’ comments. Or this place will soon be overloaded.

Please… all Olmert’s critics sounded terrific. My only problem was that they sounded like a witch-hunt. Then, why don’t you take this golden opportunity to start a nationwide campaign for the clean election and therefore the pure Knesset? However… Don’t you think Israel should be armed with a better law system first?

4 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8)

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