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Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce, May 28 – Jun 19, 2008).: My mail to Knesset while writing this part.

(posted on JUNE 6, 2008 15:00)

Time to write. But who I am now writing to?

Dear Arab Readers: First of All: Incomprehensible collaboration between the Jewish left-Branja, Bibi’s secular right-wing guys and Religious groups in order to attack PM Olmert’s Corruption or Winograd-Report.
Dear Arab Readers: Second of All: PM Olmert as Jerusalem’s inferior ex-mayor
Dear Arab Readers: Third of All: PM Olmert’s luxurious life and gym work
Dear Arab Readers: Fourth of All: Religious Parties, Supreme Court, and Mr. Netanyahu
Dear Arab Readers: Fifth of All: Dorit Beinisch (president of Israeli Supreme Court), Daniel Friedmann (PM Olmert’s Justice Minister), Sex-Scandal, and Corruption. -> “Beinisch’s Secret Society can’t accept Olmert/Friedmann.”
Dear Arab Readers: Sixth of All: The Identity of Commenters in Jewish Newspaper.

7 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8)
Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison, From Jun 23 to Jul 21, 2008).: My mail to Knesset while writing this part.
Schalit Is Still Alive… (Regarding Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal, From Jun 13, 2008 to Present): My mail to Knesset while writing this part.
Israeli Arabs are not so cowardly as Likud’s Crying Babies! (From Jul 11, 2008 to Present): My mail to Knesset while writing this part.
Time for Jerusalem (Everything should be FAIR!, From Jul 18, 2008 to Present): My mail to Knesset while writing this part.
SEVENTH OF ALL, (on AUGUST 24, 2008 00:00)

1. PM Olmert bows to pressure and announces resignation (Jul 31, 2008).
2. DM Barak (Labor) gives Netanyahu security briefing (Jul 24, 2008).: (…) By law, only the prime minister is required to give a military update to the opposition. (…) Netanyahu will win the next election, and he has said publicly time and again that he will form a national unity government. It is likely that Barak would remain defense minister in such a government. Netanyahu also met XYZ. Both denied that there were any political reasons for meeting with Netanyahu.
3. DM Barak (Labor) okays new 20 West Bank homes, despite vow to freeze settlements (Jul 24, 2008).
4. Bibi: Kadima is selling Jerusalem to our enemies (Aug 3, 2008).: The spiritual mentor of the Shas Party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, issued surprising praise of Likud leader Netanyahu (…) “my dear friend who has done a lot for the Torah for the sake of heaven, who will still do more.”
5. Mofaz (Kadima): I will keep Jerusalem united as Israel’s eternal capital (Aug 6, 2008).

Perhaps… it’s better. I now can finish this part as planned. I still don’t think that it’s fair for Kadima’s Ehud Olmert to be remembered as the most corrupt politician in Israeli history. And then, the more I know about Israel as Banana Republic, the more I am speechless. After(?) PM Olmert’s announcement to resign, this is what appears in Google. I’ve never seen more comical situation than this one:
1. Supreme Court Inside Israel: Settlers are above LAW (Since this collection is regularly updated, please click this to click the exact title again.)
2. Supreme Court Outside Israel: Israel High Court says government acting unlawfully (Court, state clash over barrier route) (Aug 4, 2008).
3. Supreme Court Inside Israel: Supreme Court ruling: Individuals can sue PA (Aug 7, 2008).
4. Supreme Court Inside Israel: ‘Bibi+Hamas’ blame Cabinet’s decision to release of 200 prisoners (Shas supports Bibi) (Aug 17) answered by Mofaz (Kadima) slams Livni (Kadima) for supporting release of Palestinian prisoners (Aug 25) and Court rejects prisoner release petition (Aug 25, 2008).
5. Collection will be continued. Please check
Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel in Category, 11. Banana Republic.


1. Three dead, dozens hurt in Jerusalem terror attack By Haaretz
2. Israel terror: Three killed, 44 hurt as Palestinian runs amok with … / By Guardian
3. Islamic Terrorism Murders 5, Wounds Over 60 in Jerusalem Israel / By Israel News Agency
4. Three Killed, 66 Injured in Jerusalem Attack / By Christian Broadcasting Network, VA
5. 3 DEAD, 66 WOUNDED IN THE CENTER OF JERUSALEM (E-mail campaign. This is what I received.)

These five different articles explain ONE happening. Which title moves you most? Then, what about PM Olmert’s case? How much was it? For how many years? What did all the articles look like? Thanks to infinite power of Jewish media, innocent/brainy public only remember How-Much.

Well, it’s still OK, because they insist that there is no lie to report How-Much. PM Olmert received THIS amount of money for FIFTEEN years. Then what about Bibi’s London trip? How much he spent for how long? It was during the Second Lebanon War. What if one calculates Bibi’s fifteen years? (Of course, I didn’t forget other MKs’ fifteen years, including ex-PM Barak.)

Reducing MKs’ foreign freeloading (Jul 6, 2008).
(…) Olmert (…) Jerusalem ex-mayor Kollek (…) Binyamin Netanyahu is another politician who knows how to travel in style. His trip to London, with his wife Sara, at the height of the Second Lebanon War came in for intense scrutiny after it transpired that his six days in the British capital cost a staggering 15,000 pounds. But galling as it may be for the average Israeli, for whom a holiday in London or New York can mean going into the red at the bank, this amount of money is small change for the wealthy Jews who want to host leading Israeli politicians at their functions. (…)

🙂 This article led me to make TWO COLLECTIONS about BIBI’s HOW-MUCH and HOW-LONG:
🙂 Collection: Bibi’s London Trip: Netanyahu sues Channel 10 for libel (TWO-million-shekel!)
🙂 Collection: Bibi & Co.: Our Hedonistic Leaders

I hate this work. Basically, I never want to criticize any Jewish politicians on this subject, including ex-PM Barak or Netanyahu. I know what a different life western men of wealth used to enjoy. (I saw both male and female cases of K. immigrants who happened to join American high class. Couple of cases ended up as a divorce, because one side couldn’t accept his/her partner’s suddenly-different behaviors, which only reason was to join American luxurious lifestyle. Their lifecycle was unbelievable.) In this story, Diaspora wealthy Jews usually belong to top of top, then it is easy to imagine Knesset MKs’ struggling.

When I realized that the CSO’s music director was willing to save my dying student-life after my Clevenger-fame went into discard, the first thing I did was to pick up du Pre’s recordings. It scared me. It still scares me. When I learned Domingo’s fame standing right next to Barenboim, I felt dizzy. I still don’t want to say Hello to this famed guy. I was enough happy while I was without this name. Since then, how many international celebrities have joined this story? I hate this situation. Whenever I think of all those famed names, including Ms. Rice or President Peres or even ex-PM Barak/Netanyahu, I feel like throwing up. I just want to die after finishing this dirty business. I just want to meet Barenboim in person and punch his face.

If… If I could survive all these situations, the first thing I want to do is to work for ALL the OLD Jewish politicians, who are old enough not to care about their rivals’ political career and therefore just want to spend the rest of their life for the future of Israel. I want to introduce ALL their wealthy friends to Maestro Barenboim, who desperately needs public fund to realize his REAL Mideast vision.

How much have I respected Jewish Journalist, especially this writer from the Haaretz? Now, I feel like being lost. All these articles, from Ramon’s case to Olmert’s and even to Bibi’s, make me sick:

1. Haaretz: ‘You’re a 56-year-old man and I’m a 21-year-old girl’ (Nov 22, 2006) (JIWON: I am not talking about the content. I am talking about the title. Was the Haaretz tabloid?)
2. Haaretz: Olmert’s Memo: If you want me, pay for ‘first class’ hotels, flights (May 31, 2008).
3. J-Post: Netanyahu (or Mrs. Bibi) in frequent flyer fracas (Jul 18, 2008). (Please check Haaretz on this issue.)

Now, this is for EVERYONE who is involved in this dirty story. Please raise your hand if you can remember all the details of what has been happening in your life for the past fifteen years. I am the one, who stuck to the computer and recorded ALL the happenings during almost fifteen years. But still, I frequently suffer lack of memory. I hope ALL the Diaspora Wealthy Jews, who are interested in pouring their money into the Jewish-State, and therefore wasting their lifelong hardworking on Politician’s LIES about Zionism, to find this article.

🙂 Beinisch: Media to blame for public’s loss of faith in courts
Article No. 1: Talansky tries to hide pain, anger in final day under fire (Jul 22, 2008).
(…) But his true feelings could be glimpsed in a quiet aside to an American journalist during a break in the proceedings: “For what they’ve done to me and members of my family, I hope God pays them.” By “they,” it is not clear whether he meant Olmert, the PM’s lawyers, the police, the prosecution, the media or perhaps all of them together. “And after all I gave to this country, and the institutions I helped to build,” he added. X is not one of America’s wealthiest Jews, but he is certainly part of that group that comes to Israel twice or thrice a year and stays either in Jerusalem’s best hotels or in luxury apartments in the capital. All are devoted Zionists who give large amounts of money to Israel themselves and solicit large contributions from others. Often, they have children living here. Yet they themselves remain observers, protected from the country’s troubles by their money and their American citizenship. But for X, that protection has evaporated in recent months. He has suffered exhausting and intrusive attention from law enforcement agencies, the media and, to a large extent, the entire Israeli public. And it reached its peak during his cross-examination. (…)

Then, please compare this happening with what has happened to private life of Dorit and Yechezkel Beinisch, and their daughter for the past fifteen years:
🙂 Talkbacks: Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW

It was on Jun 15 when I finished writing my personal opinion on Ramon’s case,
🙂 Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison, From Jun 23 to Jul 21, 2008)..

Now, while searching for one lost article, I find this weird article, Police: Ramon’s relative hired PI to trail minister’s accuser (Jul 10, 2007). How many articles should I read more? See… I am not the only one. If I were in her shoes, I would follow this dirty business until everything comes out of clouds. I would do everything to protect my kids. It has nothing to do with my relationship with Ex. I promise. There is someone behind this dirty story. I’ve hardly seen more dirtier story than this one. If someone is not Dorit Beinisch, this whole process will help her to restore her dignity.


Below is part of my mail to Knesset on Jun 13, Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce) (From May 28 to Jun 19, 2008).

Netanyahu: If I’m PM, I’ll urge Zionist parties to cooperate against Gaza:
“(JIWON) See… This is exactly how my English skill told me when I found Olmert’s ‘original’ thought about Gaza plan. Then, it was all messed up solely thanks to the daily hard working of Bibi and his Jewish soul-mates with their getting-louder speakers. Poor Bibi… Hum… Israel without Bibi? It will be damn boring. I am now thinking to save Bibi’s poor life if this comical figure falls into the same situation. How many articles will be written to cruelly depict all the details of his private life? All of them will be real fun stuffs. Can’t he just shut up and wait till I finish this writing? ^.*”

Weirdly enough, I couldn’t find Bibi’s big mouth again since this mailing. Mr. Netanyahu, who never gave up his duty as the opposition leader despite of all my hard working, including creating this section, Phoenix-Bibi, suddenly disappeared from the public scene.

🙂 Collection: May I watch Bibi’s Porn-Video? Please… (Sex, Lies, Videotape, & BIBIGATE)


BY THE WAY, one article pissed me off. Unlike two months ago, (see FOURTH OF ALL, on June 23, 2008), you now have to pay money to access this article. Anyway, this is Israel I’ve known for years. Haven’t I mentioned that even Katsav-case sounded weird to me? What’s more, according to this article, not Kadima’s Olmert but Likud’s Bibi is the first one, who did welcome my creating this section, Phoenix-Bibi, and this section, Dear-Arab-Readers. Quite naturally, Bibi resumed his duty as the opposition leader with much bigger mouth. HA-HA-HA… HO-HO-HO…

Politics and Society in Modern Israel: Myths and Realities by Adam M. Garfinkle (1999)
Page 193 (…) There are other reasons why elite interest in politics lacks the stigma in Israel… First… Second… Third… Fourth, Israelis, especially secular Israelis, are nowhere near as puritanical as Americans, and do not project puritanical attitudes toward politicians… Israelis, like Frenchmen, simply cannot understand Americans on this score. Esraelis expect their politicians to be rapscallions and many would be disappointed if they weren’t, for they would ask: How can they deal with other rapscallions and not get fleeced unless they’re rapscallions themselves?… Even more interesting, in 1992 Benyamin Netanyahu tried to embarrass his Likud rival David Levy by claiming that Levy’s men had spied on him while trying to get evidence of his marital infidelity. In fact, though everyone knows Netanyahu has been unfaithful to his wife Sarah, this incident turned out to have been unproved, and was thought to have been instead an effort by Netanyahu to hurt Levy. Understand what this says about Israeli politics: it’s worse to reveal someone’s adultery on account of a political motive than it is to commit adultery. Frenchmen understand this readily; most Americans have a tougher time. (…)

When I decided to support Kadima’s poor leader, Ehud Olmert, I promised one thing. Please check my mail to Knesset on Jun 9, Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce) (From May 28 to Jun 19, 2008).:
“(JIWON:) It’s not that difficult to finish my opinion. I just want to organize all the stuffs and pick up couple of words from Bibi’s writers and give them back. Just the exact word with no interest added. ^.* Or how can I feel fun in this tired situation? Now, I feel no need to read News from Google-Barenboim until I finish my Requests to Barenboim. I never want to be tired on this subject any more.”

One of Bibi’s favorite words to attack the present government was ‘IMPOTENT’ Olmert. Therefore, I am going to give this word BACK to Mr. BIBI. It was before finding articles about BIBIGATE when I suspected if Mr. BIBI was becoming impotent husband. Which one is worse? Adulterer husband or impotent husband? Could you please read first part of my writing again, THIRD OF ALL on June 20, 2008? I wrote everything from mental weakness to physical training, including Hebrew porn. Please check Bibi’s recent image and behaviors. His face is getting plump. (Not to mention his physical shape, which golden proportion Bibi used to boast during his heydays…) He talks too much. This is a typical symptom of impotent guy, who still wants to draw attention from female partners. I am telling this from my lifelong experience. (sic!)

Well, I am just suspecting. How can I know the truth? *.* So… one of my wishes was to run Sex-Clinic right next to the Orchestra Hall. (I’ve frequently written this while mentioning my Jacobs-theory…) It will be my honor if Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu becomes the most important customer to help my business. ^.*

Confucius, he said “Do not do unto others, what you would not want others to do to you.”

I wrote. “Guess what? The louder adviser suddenly made bigger complaint. (…) Advising or even insulting the other side is easy. Criticizing competitors is easier unless it comes up with a better solution. (…) I must tell this simple fact. Wherever I went, whatever I did, and whoever I encountered, there was no exception.”

Now, please check Bibi’s big mouth and then his reaction. Is there better example to prove my lifelong experience? This article is
🙂 Collection: May I watch Bibi’s Porn-video? Please… (Sex, Lies, Videotape, & BIBIGATE):
Article No. 3: Despatches: Israeli press mauls Mrs Netanyahu

Of course, how can I miss the golden opportunity to introduce DM Barak’s case? Since it sounded so funny, I moved it into this collection,
🙂 Beinisch: Media to blame for public’s loss of faith in courts:
Article No. 5. Barak: Someone is out to get me (Aug 21, 2008). and Barak: Media, politicians out to get me (Aug 22, 2008).

This is a collection about Bibi’s London Trip during the Second Lebanon War. Please check how Bibi is changing his words. Under the normal circumstance, Channel 10 has a right to file a Two-Million-Plus-Alpha-Shekel lawsuit against Bibi BACK. Am I wrong?
🙂 Collection: Bibi’s London Trip: Netanyahu sues Channel 10 for libel (TWO-million-shekel!)

Just in case, this is what I found instead while searching for one lost article, Olmert’s IMPOTENT government, written by Bibi’s Journalist, who is married to Jerusalem attorney. When is this Ms. Brainy-Hawk, who is even not afraid of criticizing Bush administration, going to write her cruel article about Dorit Beinisch, president of Supreme Court of Israel? She is not a freelance writer. Is a job of Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post is to topple Anyone-but-Bibi’s government?
(…) UNLIKE EVENTS in Pakistan, which are the consequence of the nature of Pakistani society and the US’s failure to acknowledge the nature of that society, the latest events in Lebanon are at least in part the consequence of Washington’s impotent response to their ally Russia’s invasion of the US’s ally Georgia. (…)

♥ PART 3, TIME for PM-NETANYAHU / TIME for MONEY, again ♥

THIS PART… I am not sure. I am neither an expert on this specific subject nor have a casual knowledge to discuss this. I just want to finish this dirty business and start my study of stock.

As I wrote on Apr 17, Dear Jewish Pigs/Souls, it was an accident when I found one article, which was about POVERTY in ISRAEL & NETANYAHU LEGACY. And I am still worrying about its copyright:
Poverty: Ethnic, HolocaustSurvivors, Haredim, and Netanyahu (Dec 31, 2007) By Danish School of Education/University of Aarhus (DK)/ University of Wuppertal (D)

How many years have passed since Netanyahu Legacy? I am not an expert. But whoever says whatever… I find that there has NOT been any change in Israel. What’s more, a series of happenings made me wonder WHY?

1. Thanks to Netanyahu Legacy, “the positive numbers of growing wealth were accompanied by an enormous growth of poverty in Israel.”

2. Please return to the starting point. When you read Jewish articles and Talkbacks, everybody was talking about corruption; Haredim, Livni, Barak, Beilin, Peres, and so on. Yet, Jewish kids are the only one mentioning Mr. Netanyahu:
Teenagers think Bibi is also ‘very corrupt’ (Jun 5, 2008).

3. What does this Haaretz article mean? This author is not a normal writer. He is the one, who happily reported details about Olmert and Ramon’s scandal. He writes for Bibi in the Haaretz, the left-wing newspaper.
An inconvenient truth (May 9, 2008).: (…) “Netanyahu is the last person I would tell you is corrupt. I know him well. Corrupt? The man was finance minister.” (…)

4. Then, I constantly find the same information from the various articles. Bibi is boasting HIS economic policies.
4-1. Netanyahu to Sarkozy (French President): JERUSALEM WON’T BE DIVIDED (Jun 24, 2008).: (…) Netanyahu also presented Sarkozy with an economic plan for peace with the Palestinians that he is trying to advance. (…) (It was answered by Sarkozy (French President) to PA: JERUSALEM SHOULD BE DIVIDED (Jun 24, 2008).)
4-2. Livni: When I’m PM, I’ll seek unity gov’t with Labor, Likud (Jul 23, 2008).: (…) Livni told Haaretz. “Bibi, too, understands now that the concept of economic peace is not enough. He also says so. The same goes for investing in education and changing the government within the framework of a unity government.” (…)
4-3. Netanyahu slams Education Minister Tamir (Labor): Gov’t swapped Jabotinsky with Nakba (Aug 21, 2008).: (…) Netanyahu also criticized the government’s economic policies. “After it has finished harvesting the fruit of the economic growth we created, this government is going to lose [this growth] – the tsunami is on its way. This bodes ill for Israel’s economy. You cannot have security without [a strong] economy,” he exclaimed. Deputy Foreign Minister Majallie Whbee (Kadima) responded by saying that Netanyahu “must think the public has the memory of a fish.” (…)

5. But then, whoever says whatever, even Bibi’s journalist, the Editor-in-Chief of the Jerusalem Post doesn’t believe that things are getting better:
Editor’s Notes: The ‘P’ word (Jul 7, 2008).
(…) a charitable institution whose workload is growing worryingly fast. The clientele at Hazon Yeshaya do not look destitute. They are clean and sensibly dressed. They are overwhelmingly but not solely elderly. Only an isolated few are ultra-Orthodox. Most are immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Some are veteran Israelis. And they are poor. Too poor to feed themselves adequately. (…) A large proportion of those who are living in poverty are working, he says. They just don’t earn enough to feed their families properly. (…) Israel is home this year to 1,000 more millionaires than last year, and 10 more with assets in excess of $30 million. And HY is far from being the only charitable institution distributing food, battling Israel’s increasingly acute poverty crisis, and doing so with inadequate resources. (…)

6. Forget about Poverty in Israel, Netanyahu Legacy, or Bibi’s economic policies. Is Sheldon Adelson the only one, who financially supports Mr. Netanyahu? Not only Jerusalem’s self-made millionaire Barkat wants to join Bibi’s Likud, but also Jerusalem/Russian billionaire Arkadi Gaydamak is originally part of Bibi’s family. Then, what about 1,000 more Israeli millionaires?
6-1. Sheldon Adelson: Diaspora Jewish Millionaires/Billionaires Love Bibi

7. May I write my honest feeling? This is why the Jewish Leftist-Branja is supporting Bibi behind the scenes. Anyway, I am not an expert on this subject. I just organized articles in
🙂 Collection: Corrupt Bibi? The man was finance minister. (Poverty-in-Israel, Netanyahu-Legacy, and Kids’ opinion that Bibi is also corrupt!)
🙂 Collection: Bibi & Economic Arrangements Law ( Budget vs. Democracy)

(Updated on OCTOBER 4, 2008)
🙂 A Purge at Haaretz (Is Haaretz going to become another Bibi-ton? How long will it take? From Aug, 2006 to Present)

(AGAIN on AUGUST 24, 2008 00:00)
♥ PART 4, TIME to THINK OF soon-to-be-EX PM-OLMERT’s CORRUPTION again…♥

1. Beinisch: Media to blame for public’s loss of faith in courts: (…) Peres reiterated his frequent contention that Israel was not a corrupt country. If it were, he said, there wouldn’t be a war against corruption. Peres blamed the election system for some of the existing corruption. It was not so bad when there were only two major political parties, he said, but with a lot of small parties it has become problematic, because they all need funding. He suggested tightening the threshold to make it more difficult for the smaller parties to win seats in the Knesset, and introducing regional elections. (…)

2. Talkbacks: Corruption, Election, and Jewish Involvement in Israeli Affairs: TALKBACKS 1: 3. In defense of Olmert – Why you are talking so bad about Talansky? Because he is not too wealthy?

3. In the Jerusalem Post’s Olmert-Articles, more than 90% of Talkbacks sound like Bibi’s Likud members…

4. Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003): Article No. 24: (…) “Israel is on its way to a police state,” JM Friedmann declared. “Members of the government and members of the Knesset are subordinated in effect to the attorney general, who acts under the protection of the courts. This is the anti-democratic revolution that is taking place under the banner of the law.” (…)

5. Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003): Article No. 14: (…) During Arbel’s state attorney tenure, a case against Beinisch’s husband, Yehezkel, for defrauding the income tax authorities was also closed. Beinisch blamed Yehezkel’s legal travails on “political antagonists” who’d stop at nothing to get at her. Again we may never know, because the tax charges were dropped. TO BE SURE Yehezkel is still the subject of financial and felony investigations, which the prosecution is incredibly loath to pursue and apparently very eager to forget about. Nonetheless, formally at least, some allegations still hang over Yehezkel’s head, a circumstance which would have made his wife’s promotion to head the highest court in the land unlikely elsewhere – in Washington, for instance. But here, as we noted, a friend brings a friend. And so, Beinisch made sure Arbel joined her on the Supreme Court. No feminist zeal was involved. Beinisch stopped at nothing to thwart the candidacies of two of the country’s most esteemed law professors: Ruth Gavison and Nili Cohen. (…)

6. Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003): Article No. 74: (…) Aumann, a Nobel Prize laureate in economics, raised a different issue, arguing that lawyers and judges should not sit on the JAC at all. “It’s a scandal that lawyers are represented on the committee, when they must appear before the judges [they appoint],” he said. “This is institutional corruption.” (…)

7. Mazuz: Only the political establishment, not the A-G, can remove PM (Jul 13, 2008).: (…) “No aspect of the role of Attorney General to the government includes appointing a prime minister or removing them from their position,” Mazuz said during a press conference. (…)

8. PM Olmert bows to pressure and announces resignation (Jul 31, 2008).

9. Aliza Olmert questioned for first time (Aug 30, 2008).: TALKBACKS: 2. Mazuz Timing the Invetigatin to Kadima Elections – If Olmert really steps down, and Livni or Mofaz take over the PM chair, the game will change and the possibility of indictment will recede into the foggy distance as it has with Katsav. There is simply no criminal justice to be had from the AG when it comes to his favorite sons. / READER – Israel (08/29/2008 15:02)

10. Beinisch: Media to blame for public’s loss of faith in courts: (…) Mentioning no names, Beinisch said that “another thing that has happened in the past two years is that never before has the establishment itself acted with so much force against the positive image of the judicial system, and also received support from the media. This [the media] is a source of great power and it is not easy to deal with it.” (…)

11. Selected Articles P.P.S.: Beinisch’s Secret Society Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann: Article No. 3: (…) if Mofaz was chosen to replace outgoing PM Olmert as Kadima chairman would almost certainly include the Labor Party (…) Labor would likely abandon the Education Ministry as a way to dismiss Education Minister Yuli Tamir, an ally of deposed Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz. Instead, Labor would receive the Justice Ministry from Kadima, replacing controversial minister Daniel Friedman with a Labor appointee. (…)


8 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8) 🙂 8)

Dear Arab Readers: LAST of All: Barenboim and Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival, and MY REAL MESSAGE, in defense of Jerusalem.

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