Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce)

This is basically part of Dear-Arab-Readers, which was written from May 28, 2008 to (still-writing)

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 19, 2008 (09:25)
Peres: Hamas is exhausted due to Gaza blockade
Ramon: Truce ‘triumph for radical Islam’
Orlev: Ceasefire deal a balloon that will burst
Video: ‘Truce fragile but worth a try’
Poll: Blockade is making Hamas stronger
Video: Truce will strengthen Hamas
Livni: We won’t hesitate to embark on op against Hamas
Olmert: Gaza cease-fire is fragile, may be short lived

For me, there is nothing wrong with all the different opinions, except ‘Likud MK Yuval Steinitz says truce is a victory for Hamas and Iran.’ I hate this work, feeling that PM Olmert is using my situation. Hadn’t I watched this poor Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, who is still alive; I also went to to listen to sign of his life…

The problem here is that Israel is rather a victim in this case. I prefer the title as, ‘Gaza cease-fire to take effect on June 19 (No limit in West Bank),’ in which I collected interesting articles on this subject.

However, human hearts all over the world have been listening to Israel’s extreme right-wing voices only. Who would care for Israeli poor situation until the two-state solution finally bears its fruit? They only know that poor Palestinians have no country of their own and Israeli soldiers behave like Nazi. Those are also the facts that Israel can’t deny, and who and what do you think caused people elsewhere to believe that Israel is a devil? Does Likud MK Steinitz say what? Most Mideast and worldwide bla, bal, bla… I’ve never heard more comical comment than this one.

Perhaps, he should be appointed as an Israeli ambassador to UN. (Who is going to go to New York this time?) Did he really read my very first mail to Knesset, Dear Israeli Government & Simon Wiesenthal Center (Feb 17, 2008).? As a third person, I expressed my hope to use Barenboim’s international fame for a specific purpose; “My problem has been that as much as I cared for those miserable Palestinian kids, the same poor Israeli kids constantly hooked my attention. I suffer from more problem when the Jewish Pigs are the only group that points out their gloomy(?) situation and howls for the equal(?) treatment, and therefore, outsiders are hardly willing to hear the Voice-of-Israel and hardly know the real situation inside Barenboim’s Israel.”

I wrote this because I actually read the articles, in which Bibi was busy at displaying all the photos of poor Israeli victims to foreign visitors, who hardly seemed to express their sympathy toward those clear evidences. Who made this present whole situation possible? Can’t the causers please shut up and just listen to all the voices around them to figure out what the worldwide-one-voice sounds like?

PM Olmert said, “Hamas has not changed its skin. These are bloodthirsty and despicable terrorists who even today are doing all they can to harm Israeli civilians. Hamas is the address in Gaza, and it carries responsibility for everything that happens in Gaza.”

M-G Gilad said, “This is not a peace agreement. There is an understanding that is based on the effectiveness of military activities until now, and the will to stop it.”

Gaza has been functioning like a Palestinian State. Under the normal situation, if a neighbor country starts military attacks and harms the civilians’ life, any country can announce a war against its neighbor. Which means Israel should be entitled to have a right to butcher Hamas in Gaza Strip.

If my English is enough good, Olmert expressed his opinion, in which this kind of action should receive International support. What means the Road Map? Disengagement was the initial step by Israel. What is more important in Olmert’s story is that Israeli action should be recognized not only by the entire Israelites and their neighbors but also by the international community. So that Palestinian side also could mature to the point where they can make an agreement. This is what Olmert learned from Camp David 2000.

Exactly who messed up the entire situation? Why do you think I wrote that Bibi sounds like being funded by Hamas? (Please see Dear Jewish Pigs/Souls (Apr 17, 2008).) PM Olmert is finishing his era, …in disgrace…, and all the MKs are going to steal his ‘original’ thought, and this is why he wants to use my situation. It’s fine. Use this writing as much as possible. I just wanted to write this one thing. Why do you think I wanted to write to Hamas’ leader?

Orlev: Ceasefire deal a balloon that will burst: “A ceasefire agreement without Gilad Schalit is a moral crime that conveys the message of abandoning the kidnapped soldier to his fate,” Orlev added.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this opinion. However… do the religious groups have a right to express this kind of opinion? For me, Haredim and Hamas are all same. (Does this term, Religious Zionist, also belong to this word, Haredim? Recently, I find that they use Haredim to refer all the religious Jews.)

1. Haredim don’t send their kids to military service. Hamas don’t raise their own kids as suicide bombers.
2. Both parties share extreme right-wing policy. They never want to compromise. Nor do they want to listen to worldwide-one-voice.
3. They always work behind scenes, using all kinds of dirty tricks. They never appear in public places.

I still don’t think I have an ability to be involved in Shalit’s case. If I do, I will surely be, but presently, I am more afraid of. I want my life first, and show my money to my family first, who are now under a suspicion that I return to the “insane-b*tch period.” I’m also afraid that Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh might misunderstand my previous sentence; “If I were Hamas’ PM, I would use this golden opportunity…”

If I were Hamas’ PM, I would use this golden opportunity as much as possible. IDF soldier Shalit is in his early twenties, and getting international attention. He joined Israeli Army with purer mind. (Please read his biography.) If I were Haniyeh, I would treat this younger as a VIP and give him a hope of life. I would make him ‘truly’ believe how cruel Israeli government has been to Palestinian citizens.

Anyway, I was almost done another section of my writing last night, but could do nothing today. I am already too tired! Hope no further tiny-messages but this to find its place right below my original writing, Dear Arab Readers.

Sincerely yours,

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 18, 2008 (13:10)
Israel confirms: Truce to begin Thursday; Kassams continue
Video: ‘Truce fragile but worth a try’
JIWON: The problem here is that… (I wanted to post it after finishing my other sections. I have to go home now, anyway. Basically, my opinion will affect none of decisions on Israeli side, because it only explains something fundamental.) So, it matters nothing no matter when to finish this writing, now or tomorrow, and I feel no need to read Talkbacks:
Defense officials confirm: Truce to take effect Thursday (Comments: 121)

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 18, 2008 (07:45)
Weird that Israel has one voice. Who is the opposition leader? Since I am not the one, who decides Israeli policy… just want to finish my Requests to Barenboim as soon as possible! Then want to return to my original place… sigh.
Peres: Hamas is exhausted due to Gaza blockade
Ramon: Truce ‘triumph for radical Islam’
Orlev: Ceasefire deal a balloon that will burst

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 17, 2008 (22:10)
You see… from the internet:
I had the opportunity to know Binyamin Netanyahu’s second wife – the forgotten wife, Fleur Cates, while he was Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations 1984-88. A bright and polite person, it was only through friends that I became aware that Netanyahu transferred his assets back to Israel to place them beyond the scope of divorce proceedings. That and other details left me with the opinion of a self-absorbed opportunist which subsequent events have yet to dispel.

From the New York Times:
One such quotation appeared today in The Jerusalem Post, most days a strongly pro-Netanyahu newspaper. “He can’t play the sax like Clinton,” this Levy associate said, “so he invented a Gennifer Flowers.”

Of course, there are others, too. Much more fun stuffs… and nothing changes my original writings. Ho-ho-ho.

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 17, 2008 (20:20)
I have to postpone my work… just a little bit. Busy at reading about Bibi’s porn-video. Ho-ho-ho. (Sometimes, I really appreciate my instinct. I was supposed to finish my writing with Bibi’s porn-video. Then… I actually found it. It was an accident. Oh, my…)

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 17, 2008 (09:45)

JIWON: I can show you this part, ‘First of all and Second of all’. I will post each part after finishing it. Reviewing them each day takes too much time, and I canceled my wish to write to Hamas’ leader. Beyond my present ability. Physical condition of my upper body has not been quite good, which is however better for the future. Today, I watched PM Olmert and value this body higher than before. How long will it take for me to build his kind of good muscles to cure my sore eyes?

UN special envoy (Terje Roed-Larsen) criticizes Israel for talks with Syria: Israel has given Syria a huge gift, without receiving anything in exchange.

JIWON:Weird that this report comes from the Haaretz, while Bibi zips his mouth. Then, Talkbacks sound more interesting. (I can’t read the entire text, though.) This posting also needs to be found in Dear Dumb and Dumbers (May 22-Jun 17).

P.S.: I don’t read further articles on this subject. PERIOD.
P.P.S.: Please give me the normal editing tool BACK!!!!!

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 16, 2008 (09:10)

PM rebuffs Barak’s criticism on Gaza

JIWON:What the hell… This is not what I wanted to see when… This is exactly why I never approve any of secular guys as Israeli Prime Minister. However, it was Barak, who started all this game. I know Knesset is a kindergarten, but this is too much. This is a unity government, so if anyone who starts game will find himself as a loser, brrr. This time, I ‘decided to’ help poor Kadima’s leader, so will finish this work. I am just thinking… this is in fact a golden opportunity for the Labor party to check their voters’ loyalty. Can’t they find a better way instead of wasting their time like this?

I happened to watch Jerusalem Post – Video. It’s not my first time, but I felt no need to watch it again, mainly due to the anchorwoman’s old-fashioned make-up. But this time… my listening skill is still awful especially when I am busy at reading the faces, but I’m surprised to hear the Hebrew version of English. Better than American-English, British-English or German-English, it sounds most attractive. Then, I realized that not only females’ make-up is old-fashioned, this aggressive style also doesn’t fit the nature of Jewish characters. Then I don’t understand again. How on earth all those aggressive, right-wing political opinions come out of those gentle figures? Pretty sure that Jacqueline du Pre was happy to speak this English. Then, why professional orchestra sound never represents this characteristic? All the Jewish pigs around Barenboim sound aggressive, ugly, or zero-brain. Not only right-wing politicians look very handsome, brrr, I never knew how cute Labor’s Barak or Fuad look in real world. Olmert was best in photo… Curious if Tamir speaks British-English. Hum…

Anyway, hope not only Olmert’s getting-collapsing Kadima, but also Labor party to effectively use this writing to retrieve their voters’ loyalty. Also hope Bibi’s bigger(!) mouth to advise the current government’s zig-zag policies. *.^ For the unity-government, game should be fair to everyone!!! And then… since my mail also floats over Palestinian folks, I was thinking to add this part: ‘Dear Hamas’s PM Ismail Haniyeh… I am the one who wanted to support Hamas when public chose… You are the one who betrayed the international rule first… Do you want to assassinate me? I am the one, who wants… If I were in Hamas’ PM, I would use this golden opportunity… Anyways, if Hamas harms one cell of IDF soldier Schalit, we’ll see…’

But I’m afraid. Whenever I involve myself in something, I only contributed to…, and this poor youngster is never like Barenboim or Olmert or… No time to read articles, watch videos until I finish this writing. Tired…

P.S.: What the hell… how come this computer or I failed to save Saturday’s work? Need to type all the words again…

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 14, 2008 (17:10)

‘Barak blocked PM’s Gaza op decision’

JIWON:Please… don’t change the title. Hours ago, it was like ‘Ramon bla-bla-bla,’ and now, it has another one. I prefer the original title to finish my work. No matter what, I can’t blame DM Barak, the poorest guy in Olmert’s unity-government, and at the same time, I am also curious of Labor’s ex-leader. (Since I resumed my computer work during 2005-6, during which I felt no need to check daily articles, there is a gap in my knowledge, I feel headache whenever I need help from the Google. But then, folks’ diligent reports also lack old information and I find that there is a huge difference in my viewpoint and theirs. To be honest, I can imagine the headache-atmosphere in those days.) I am just curious. Now that Kadima is collapsing, (Frankly, I don’t have enough materials to trust Livni, who dared to betray her boss during the hardest time…), where the voters go if they lose their interest in Labor members? What really means unity government? Do Labor members think Bibi will treat their political ideas better? As Bibi declared, Israel has a power, and please look IDF soldier Gilad Schalit. I’m surprised to find that there is a huge difference in his eyes between now and then. Could you please stop fighting and just collaborate each other for this poor youngster? Public will find their interest in the brave leaders, and then they will choose the clearer ideas-or-future. It’s not the time for couple of different, but similar parties to fight over tiny food. Please…

‘Barak blocked PM’s Gaza op decision’

JIWON:Since I found interesting Talkbacks, this article will find its place in my blog. I just don’t know where… And I must ask DM Barak’s generosity. I might need this comment to finish my work:
23. Porky barak, the next sharon?
if ehud the american barak keeps getting fatter he will be able to wear ariel sharons old clothes. (06/13/2008 17:50)

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 13, 2008 (16:20)
Barak: Kadima primary holding up decision on Gaza truce
JIWON:You see… this is why everybody thinks Labor party is going to disappear. A great leader doesn’t seek… (No time to write. I have to go home.) Bye. BTW, what means primary? Everybody is talking about it. Commenters are insisting that this is the main reason of corruption. I am the one, who barely managed to learn how to vote in this country. I’m still in trouble to understand American elective system. In Israel, it seems to drive everybody frantic. Politics is just a headache… Brrr.

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 13, 2008 (08:40)
Netanyahu: If I’m PM, I’ll urge Zionist parties to cooperate against Gaza
JIWON:See… this is exactly how my English skill told me when I found Olmert’s ‘original’ thought about Gaza plan. Then, it was all messed up solely thanks to the daily hard working of Bibi and his Jewish soul-mates with their getting-louder speakers. Poor Bibi… Hum… Israel without Bibi? It will be damn boring. I am now thinking to save Bibi’s poor life if this comical figure falls into the same situation. How many articles will be written to cruelly depict all the details of his private life? It will be real fun stuffs. Can’t he just shut up and wait till I finish this writing? ^.*

Peres: ‘Barak disappointed Hamas twice today’
JIWON:The problem here is that DM Barak is doing a real hard job and his Labor members never understand this headache life of their leader. Simply, what is the reason of their betrayal? I know they are politicians, but sometimes, I just can’t understand the stories inside the left-wing parties. Or… I must blame stupid Israeli public. In this case, I can’t use this term, NAÏVE.

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 12, 2008 (10:00)
I can show you this part, ‘Confucius, Mr. American-Soon-To-Be-Ex, and Gaza.’ I am too busy now to post in my blog, though.

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 11, 2008 (07:50)
I am writing now. Though not sure if I can finish it by tonight… As I wrote before, my physical condition was and is going to be very fine. Just… I had to talk, talk, and talk and suddenly suffered from severe migraine and stayed all night with no medicine. I’m sure that this pain will last more than a week, and I need Tylenol.
P.S.: Singers are blessed. I remember that when I wore that kind of dress, I suffered the entire body-ache after finishing one-hour recital. It was a nightmare! By the way, it’s a real surprise to study Wagnerian female costumes in those days. The moment I saw them in the Bayreuth recording, I wanted to study their nude.
Second Date With a Little Black Dress

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 9, 2008 (08:00)
No time today. Just busy on other business; need to study what means micro-SD and card-reader. It’s not that difficult to finish my opinion. I just want to organize all the stuffs and pick up couple of words from Bibi’s writers and give them back. Just the exact word with no interest added. ^.* Or how can I feel fun in this tired situation? Now, I feel no need to read News from Google-Barenboim until I finish my Requests to Barenboim. I never want to be tired on this subject any more.

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 7, 2008
I still have things to organize, and want to harm none of journalists. I want to write after throwing all the mess out of my jammed-brain.

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 6, 2008 (15:00)
I finished part of it. Still, my information-box is not enough organized and there may be some change in my final version, but I am so sick of journalists’ playing the game behind scenes that I posted it in my Knesset-blog.

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 5, 2008 (08:45)

Time to write. I am getting fine. Two weeks ago, I wanted to crawl while exercise-walking. Now, for the fist time in my life, physical exercise is equally helping me in everyway, with no negative symptoms. I just need regular exercise and enough sleep. Some ago, I read Argerich’s recent interview, in which she complained about poor physical condition and constantly hurtful symptoms. I am the one who followed her physical symptoms-or-habits, including shoulder(?) cancer, ever since I watched her Chopin competition. Now, I know her reason… But she is a Latin performer, after all, and getting old. Physically, I mean. Even for me, it took more than ten years to experience today’s result.

You see. Mr. Netanyahu is right: Netanyahu tries to stop new Kadima gov’t (Likud head looking to join up with UTJ, Kadima MKs to ensure that a general election will be held.)

I am pretty sure Kadima members, including Mr. and Mrs. Olmert, don’t know what I am going to write. I promise. Mr. Netanyahu knows what it will look like. This is why I want to see a general election after PM Olmert steps down. It will cost about NIS 2 billion, and an election campaign will come at the worst time for the economy. Right?

Sincerely yours,

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 3, 2008 (08:35)

I had to sleep. Still, I have things to organize, but suffer from less headache after creating another section, Dear-Arab-Readers, in my Knesset blog. In these days, there are frequent moments, during which my brain stops working and I just feel numb. I know I have ability, but it’s real hard to run my brain. This is why I strictly insist on the importance of kids-education. I still remember which one was hard to understand no matter how hard I listened to teachers. Hadn’t I told you that I hardly dozed off during the class? Had I learned all those basic skills while young… sigh.

05 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 2, 2008 (14:50)

This is not exactly what I needed. I clicked this site out of curiosity, since the report was from inside Israel. Well… read the comments. And compare those writings with her real facial expression while holding the baby in another article. Then, please imagine those poor, hungry, bloody, and ferocious faces insulting their First Lady and Bibi’s luxurious smile behind them. Isn’t it disgusting? Anyway, I prefer the IHT’s title but the NYT’s content.),7340,L-3431903,00.html (July 31, 2007) Exodus: Sudan

04 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 2, 2008 (14:10)

You see… I am not the only one. Last Saturday, I happened to find one article about Aliza Olmert, but felt no need to save it. Now, I want to find it again, still searching for this article. I found this instead. Since this writing will be also posted, I need to write the exact time, on which this message is sent:

Aliza Olmert: Letter to the Editor (May 29, 2008).: Olmert as obstacle / Her probity / Begrudging article

Weirdly enough, those articles were part of what made me want to support Kadima’s poor leader… This is Bibi’s another mistake, I would say. He never knows what a terrific wife means. What a poor guy. Males wouldn’t know, especially when they suffer from Lolita Syndrome. But females know who a terrific woman and mother look like. Now, I never think I am like Aliza. Perhaps… I wanted to grow like her. And then, I feel like I am now more like Sarah Bibi during her thirties. I can do anything unexpected at anytime anywhere. I just can’t control my hot-temper. Poor Bibi. *.*

Tired… still I didn’t finish organizing everything… sigh.

03 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 2, 2008 (in the morning = perhaps around 04:00 in Israel)

I am afraid that it will take more than expected. It’s real hard to organize everything to make it simple… Bibi’s employees, whether journalists or commenters, usually talk too much, and it eventually made me want to support poor Kadima’s leader. Feeling no need to turn on the computer, I had to think, think, and think first; about the flaws in ALL the reports on Olmert’s way of corruption. Then, I realized one fundamental reason. What really means legal or illegal corruption in Bibi’s Israel? Prehaps… Mr. Netanyahu is right…:

Report: PA leaders trying to meet Netanyahu
May 24, 2008 11:20 | Updated May 24, 2008 20:34

Weird… I felt no need to save its article. But I remember that when I first read it, there was one sentence which is not now. It was like… “PA was going to accept Bibi’s offer, which is a tiny part of what Olmert is doing now.”

Was it in another article or Talkbacks? I don’t care. Anyways, no further reports or information or articles or comments will be needed to finish what I am supposed to write. If that information from Palestinian side is right… If I were a normal, wealthy Israelite, I would support Mr. Netanyahu’s grand plan with my full heart.

Bibi’s only mistake was that I am the one who went through all kinds of sickish journalism, whether German or British, for more than ten years; starting from a detailed report on Barenboim’s bath-scene with Kremer’s bimbo in Paris to a sudden praise of maestrodanny only to display Jackie’s hubby in the shopwindows of Sir Rattle’s famed BPO. I don’t understand. Partly due to my English problem, it took more than three years to get admission from the Northwestern. Even in my present situation, I can’t think of passing the entrance exam of the Harvard or MIT. Mr. Netanyahu never looks handsome, but his resume always held me in awe. Then, Bibi’s big mouth always makes me wonder if the level of Harvard or MIT is that low… Perhaps, this genius used to think that… since the level of his Israeli public is that low, that is the only way for him to persuade his Jewish public and burn with his Jewish patriotism.

Bibi’s another mistake was that unlike his poor Jewish voters or even journalists, who are afraid of losing their job during Bibi’s era, I feel absolutely no need to live in or even visit Barenboim’s Israel whenever… I am the one who can collect all the Mideast oil money with Barenboim’s Palestinian passport, even after Barenboim refuses to fulfill my requests. The more Bibi’s Jews suffer, the more I will be treated as their VIP. Am I wrong?

P.S.: If Olmert’s employees talk too much, they will also lose my temporary(!) support.
P.P.S: So, the NYP went to its routine performance. Speechless…

Sincerely yours,

02 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
May 31, 2008

I am… very… busy. It took more than expected to temporarily(?) finish Argentine part. I don’t think I can finish what I wanted to finish by tonight. I will do my best to finish it as soon as possible. Unlike previous times, I can see the finish-line. That’s a good thing. I want to finish EVERYTING at the same time; Kadima, Kippah, Hoopoe, and Barenboim. Well, this will be my first and perhaps-last time I want to help PM Olmert, a leader of Kadima party.

Information 1:
Scandalous rumors that Peretz had been wiggling his Joe Stalin moustache flirtatiously at the humiliated ultra-right Likud party had been just a smokescreen to keep the rumour-obsessed Israeli media busy.

Information 2:
“We live in a very open environment in the family, where everyone is entitled to have his own position, and that’s fine with us. I never questioned their right to be wrong. There is a complex dialogue between my children and me, there are a lot of disagreements and anger, but they have influenced me and I am proud of it. I would like to believe that I have also influenced them… Unlike some candidates I have never used my family to advance my career. What do they expect to gain by saying that my two sons emigrated from Israel? My wife is unique. She engages in a million things. There are many institutions for children at risk, for battered women, for culture and art that exist only thanks to her… Of course my wife and children influenced me. Aliza and I have a special bond … Only a dumb person can say that being in love with one person for 35 years, living with him, being married to him will not influence his point of view… I always admired the tolerance of my family. They tolerated my dissension for the family consensus. They never got rid of me in spite of my different positions,” Olmert said.

Information 3:
Although she takes some credit for dragging Olmert from the political right to the centre, being a prime minister’s wife was not something Aliza wanted or relishes. She has already shown signs of irritation and publicly mourned the loss of her privacy to intrusive security. Asked about his wife’s future role,.. neither Hillary Clinton nor Sonia Peres… In 35 years of marriage Aliza never once voted for her husband or his party until the recent election, when she did. “But I must admit I did it with a certain amount of hesitation,” she said. She admits the toughest times were from 1993 to 2003 when Ehud was mayor of their home city, Jerusalem. “Then it was not just a matter of differing ideologies. He set about creating a new reality on the ground to which I was totally opposed … When I heard his nationalist speeches, his desire to rule over the whole of Jerusalem at all costs, I found it very difficult. I have never been able to accept this rhetoric about historic holy Jerusalem as our eternal united capital.”

By the way, I just found out one huge difference between Aliza Olmert and me. I must have been tired enough to comprehend this English in the opposite way… I was perhaps too-passive, more like Sonia Peres by nature, but my present life sounds much-too-active. I wanted my independence only because I was sick of slave-life, but this is never what I really wanted from my life. Feeling very tired, I still have no idea about my true identity. Well…

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: Ooops! I forgot to add Information 4:

Prime Minister: Rabbi
Vice Prime Minister: Rabbi
Minister of Foreign Affair: Rabbi
Minister of Finance: Rabbi
Minister of Defense: Diehard-Dove
Minister of Hamas-Terror: Israeli Arab
Minister of Housing & Construction: Diehard-Dove
Two Ministers of Education: One for Ph.D and one for Rabbi
Minister of Culture and Sport (=Soccer): Daniel Barenboim
Minister of Justice: Rival of Dorit Beinisch (=Aharon Barak)
Twenty-Three Ministers, Advisors, and Committee Chairmen of Poverty: Benjamin Netanyahu, Avigdor Liberman, and the members of Likud and Yisrael Beitenu

Minister of The-Rest: Will be decided by ‘Scissors-Paper-Stone,’ after proving his central political views

Spokeman for Israel: Bibi

Have a good weekend ^.*

01 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Official Mail to Knesset
May 28, 2008

Dear Kippah Wearers,
Dear President of Birzeit University,

Shalom from JIWON ^.^

I am still in the middle of mailing to Barenboim’s Argentine. (I never knew what a terrific country Danny Barenboim was born in…) So, this is the reason of my mailing today.

1. As usual, I was checking today’s articles and one comment just hooked me. (51. talansky is a wonderful man.) Then, I was doomed to read all the TALKBACKS. Hum… I smell something strange here. How many employees are working for You-Know-Who and how much they get from this job?

2. Then, another article hooked me. “…But religious Zionist leaders charged Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with caving in to haredi pressure…”

3. I will soon finish my mailing to Argentine. Then, I will RE-organize my Knesset-blog… just a bit… it won’t take long. Then, I will send my invitation to all the article readers into this place, as long as foreign ID appears in the section of TALKBACK, while contacting US special security envoy and finishing my business with Barenboim at the same time. I am curious. Is there any possibility for the Jewish politicians to win the election without any so-called-illegal money in this situation? For me, everybody is same. Then, it’s not fair for the present Prime Minister, whoever he is, to be ‘remembered’ as the most corrupt leader in Israeli history. Even in this situation, I can smell who is more corrupt, more cleverly hiding…

4. I did save Shas threatens to bolt over child welfare. No special intention. I was suddenly curious. Bibi is going to be likely sitting on his throne and Shas will demand the same request to their another leader? Just out of curiosity.

5. Barak expected to give Olmert ultimatum: Quit, or I walk: Poor Labor party. Time for the new election, and I know Barak can never win. Is it time for dissolution of Labor party? *.* JUST LEAVE NOW, WITHOUT TALKING TOO MUCH!!!

6. Abbas meets with Hamas reps in surprise move and ‘Resistance has dispirited Zionists’: Great job! Dear Palestinians, please enjoy this golden opportunity as much as possible, as long as possible.

SO… this is what made me think of my future plan:

(March 28, 2006) The Unexpected Candidate, Interview Aliza Olmert: “Our home turned into a fortress. It had been covered with green cover sheets, lots of security, lots of media around it. I remember the first thing that entered my mind is that my shabby car was standing in front of the house and saying: “Well, this is not a car of the wife of a prime minister, we should take it to the garage tomorrow.”

Talansky says he gave Olmert $150,000 May 28, 2008 1:13
6. Drop the Case: State Attorney Lador should drop the case- EVERYBODY in Israel gets evelopes stuffed with cash; it is a local custom here. (05/27/2008 12:22)
48. Olmert is a typical ‘middle class’ Israeli Jew…..: pardon me for saying so, as there was a time when Jewish donors living abroad always wondered where all the money they donated to Israel went because nothing ever seemed to suffice for whatever purpose the monies were meant for. I know because my family was one of them .who always wondered…..Now we know, into the pockets of those such as Olmert! (05/27/2008 19:17)
7. …..but got nothing in exchange: Those who voted for Olmert also got nothing in exchnage. If you weren’t close to him and beholden to him than you got zilch. Olmert fared better than most and he can now boast of a couple of luxury apartments well out of range of both Hamas and Hizbulla missles. He probably has lots of “small change in envelopes” waiting for him in his apartments. (05/27/2008 12:24)
9. Olmert Must Go: I have tried to give PM Olmert the benefit of the doubt. This news is the end of the line. No self respecting Govt. official accepts envelopes of cash. Not in the US and not in Israel. The man is clearly corrupt and must go for the good of Israel’s reputation if nothing else. He must go, the sooner the better. Get Bibi back in the PM seat and Israel will regain it’s respect. Olmert is a disgrace. (05/27/2008 13:24)
27. Everyone is an amatuer at corruption next to Olmert: Prime Minister Olmert has been awarded the prize for most corrupt Israeli politician ever. Get rid of him already and lets move on before he can cause more damage! (05/27/2008 16:26)
52. I hope that even if it doesn’t end with Olmert’s prosecution it would at least: end his political career. Israel can’t afford to be led by a crook at this point in her history. I’m truly troubled by the quality of the leadership and my only hope is that a higher caliber people will emerge somehow to take control. (05/27/2008 19:55)

Talansky says he gave Olmert $150,000 May 28, 2008 1:13
35. Crime: US Jewish Appeasers Influence Israel to Give Up Land For Peace: and bypasses the Israeli population’s ability to determine their own direction. All these US Jewish cowards who love to live in luxury in the United States yet still be able to influence what happens in Israel. Many of us Christians who love our Jewish roots and truly love “all” our Jewish brothers would love to be able to move to Israel and make Israel our home. Here these Jewish people living in US have the right to immigrate yet they refuse to move and make Israel their home. YET they still believe they have the right to influence a POLITICIAN to seek peace at any cost. THAT’S THE CRIME (05/27/2008 17:05)

Talansky says he gave Olmert $150,000 May 28, 2008 1:13
51. talansky is a wonderful man: i have had hours of discussion with morris while i owned my business in the german colony in jerusalem. Morris was an excellent & kind custiomer who used to just hang out with me and talk about israel, america, and the world we shared. He never complained about anyone or anything, always turning a bad subject into a leaning experience & often made me smile while i was swamped with problems in my business. I feel that any negative comments about him are spoken out of ignorance and do not know the man. He loves Israel and his fellow countryman and I want to wish him a long and happy life. (05/27/2008 19:37)
59. Thanks for the insider’s perspective, #51: It takes two hands to clap, but only one hand to steal. (That’s an old Wahabi parable.) (05/27/2008 21:26)
61. To jason White #51- He might be a wonderful man- but was he thinking?: How can an honest religious man contribute so much cash money to an Israeli political figure? It is against the law in the USA too. It is against the Bible (read Jon #47) What was going through his mind? I am not so sure that he did not know it was unacceptable. (05/27/2008 22:17)
26. Liar or Naive Idiot?: Liar or naive idiot? You’d think a self-made wealthy businessman like Talansky would instantly know that when a politician specifies that donations be made in cash, they are not being used for legitimate purposes. So I guess that rules him out as being a naive idiot. After all, naivce idiots never make millions of dollars. (05/27/2008 16:26)

Talansky says he gave Olmert $150,000 May 28, 2008 1:13
3. Question: What did Olmert actually do wrong? According to Talanskys testimony, all he did was accept money from external parties. Since when is that a crime? So if you accept money that is not deemed to be ‘stolen’ cash, or the money has not deemed to be invested in any illegal activity, it is still illegal? Someone please point out the crime! Confused 17 year old – Austalia (05/27/2008 12:00)
JIWON: There are lots of comments relating to this subject…

Analysis: It stinks, but is it criminal? May 27, 2008 21:05
4. Perhaps not illegal, but very bad PR for Israel: Olmert may not have broken any laws, but he has behaved like an American Mafioso taking cash stuffed in envelopes. The appearance of impropriety does Israel no good. It cannot be denied that his behavior just plain stinks and he should not represent Israel in the eyes of the world. I love Israel and want only the best for our people. This man must go, the sooner the better. This is coming from the eyes of an American Jew and I am ashamed for his behavior. (05/27/2008 13:35)
6. Caesar’s wife must be above reproach: I guess that is not true of Israeli leaders. (05/27/2008 13:51)
18. the legal question is between olmert and the justice system, whether he is fit to lead, or represent Israel is what concerns me: (05/27/2008 16:14)
26. If it’s real, they talk about donations not bribery: Olmert allegations: if it’s real, it seems likely political and/or personal donations not bribery case. An eventually tax evasion case must be proved with material evidences not with verbal declarations. (05/27/2008 17:46)
33. #26: who donates US$150000 without wanting anything in return? Nobody!: #26: nobody just gives US$150000 to a PM, without wanting anything in return, and that certainly counts for the Israeli PM. Olmert was that one who put himself, the PM Office AND Israeli Interests AT DANGER when he took (the) money!! (05/27/2008 20:01)
38. # 33 Who would give $150,000?: Who would give $150,000 with nothing in return? Many rich American Orthodox Jews who love every inch of eretz Yisrael would give that sort of money over the years to boost Jerusalem and its Mayor. The big givers look for good causes and Israel for most is the best of causes. (05/27/2008 21:43)
32. Income tax evasion?: I’m not familiar with Israel’s tax laws, but I know that in the US gifts are not income to the recipient. The donor is liable for any gift tax that is due. I suspect that any Israeli tax laws relating to gifts are quite liberal, as it is very common for parents to provide substantial assistance to their adult offspring (like Jewish parents everywhere). (05/27/2008 19:49)
37. olmert and talinski: since i am not jewish i have several questions. is talinski subject to US tax and other laws governing bribing foreign politicians? is talinski a foreigner as far as israel is concerned since he is jewish and has dual citizenship? (05/27/2008 20:53)
39. We are not the jury!: There’s only been one witness and he han’t been crossexamined. Don’t jump to conclusions. This shouldn’t become trial by media. Even a PM is presumed innocent until proved guilty. (05/27/2008 21:46)

Analysis: It stinks, but is it criminal? May 27, 2008 21:05
34. We are more guilty than Olmert.: Olmart may have committed a crime or he may have only acted inappropriately but the fact is that he is serving as the prime minister of our state and his behavior reflects upon all of us. Why do we allow for such a travesty of all that is precious to us. How would we react of our children were to be corrupt? Yet we the Israeli citizens bury our heads in the sand and do not demand more from our leaders nor is there a movement demanding that he resign. Where are all the tens of thousands who demonstrated after Sabra and Shatila. What has happened to us? We are guilty! (05/27/2008 20:04)
40. Analysis: It stinks, but is it criminal?: Of course we have no information as yet, as to what the USA FBI will find out on their investigation of money laundering for the Mafia. (05/27/2008 21:47)


Don’t you think they are in fact waiting for my involvement? The Gold Medal goes for this comment. ^.*

Talansky says he gave Olmert $150,000 May 28, 2008 1:13
57. Shas: “He got cash and we didn’t”?
Shas is not upset that Olmert got cash – They are upset that Shas did not get their cut. (05/27/2008 21:22)

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: Probably, I might need to contact President of Supreme Court again to check if any word in my posting in TALKBALK violates Israeli Law…

P.P.S.: I still feel numb… not sure if my message is in the order or contains no English error. Dear President of Birzeit University, I felt no need to show my message to Barenboim’s Argentine to you, but I’ve just realized that I forgot to ask Argentine government officials to forward it to the leaders of Arab population. Perhaps, they will just do it or you can do it or I will do it later…sigh.

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