Weirdly, I agree with Likud on this subject. *.*

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 24, 2008 (09:30)
Part of Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison)

I finished it and this sentence is the only thing I added. Weirdly, I agree with Likud on this subject. She is the only female MK from this party, isn’t she? I was born in one-blood, one-language country, and have never thought about this problem. I think this issue has nothing to do with racial persecution. I even agreed with rabbis’ opinion when they protested… (it will become too long.)

“I can’t imagine Israel being recognized without Kippah, Hebrew language, and Bible.”

Have no idea when my next section will be finished. Not that it is difficult to write, but that everything, from money to sex and to etc., is related, and I want to make my real writing as an independent section. First of all, I want to finish my Request to Barenboim first.

Sincerely yours,

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