Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison)

This is basically part of Dear-Arab-Readers, which was written from May 28, 2008 to (still-writing)

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Too Tired To Send Mail *.*

Please check my Knesset-Jokes. I just love it… ho-ho-ho♥:
Beinisch: Media to blame for public’s loss of faith in courts (Jul 21, 2008).: (…) Peres reiterated his frequent contention that Israel was not a corrupt country. If it were, he said, there wouldn’t be a war against corruption. Peres blamed the election system for some of the existing corruption. It was not so bad when there were only two major political parties, he said, but with a lot of small parties it has become problematic, because they all need funding. He suggested tightening the threshold to make it more difficult for the smaller parties to win seats in the Knesset, and introducing regional elections.
JIWON: Really? Talkbacks: Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW I thought Media was Beinisch’s best friend. This is exactly why I am going to join ALL the forums to check this information is right. Hum…

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 15, 2008 10:00

I have to write this. In recent days, I can’t go to bed without thinking Beinisch’s remarks, ‘tendentious attempts,’ then I have to finish this part.
Of course, I have a clear opinion on Ramon’s case, and it all started with AG Mazuz’s statement:
Article No. 18: Mazuz on Ramon: Sexual harassment was overlooked Dec 4, 2006: Defending his decision to indict former justice minister, AG Mazuz says Israeli society used to be ‘chauvinistic,’ encouraged women to ‘stay home’ and remain silent.

I grew up in this kind of society, where ‘Danger of Rape’ and ‘Promotion Canape’ have coexisted, and I learned how to survive without suffering either of them. In old-fashioned or highly competitive working places, not all ‘Promotion Canapes’ are involved in sexual intercourse. The most important thing in this situation is not to condemn certain females, who rather deserve rape, but to learn how to work with the guys, who possess excellent ability as a co-worker but don’t mind flirting with the bimbos. Then, I realized that it’s fun to watch fashionable cats hanging around old, rich guys. I decided to enjoy the situation, because I am not God to change the society.

If Israel is really a place of AG Mazuz’s description, female workers must have learned all the survival-skills by the time they graduate college. In this case, in which French kiss takes time, there are possibly many version of stories, (see below), and all are the business of six people involved in; from a GUY and his old/new girl friend to a GIRL and her old/new boy friend. In Ramon’s case, there must be four or five. It’s none of my/your business.

1. Was she a virgin? The story about ‘when a virgin met a playboy’ is not same as the one about ‘when a playboy met a virgin.’ If she is not, it will sound more headache.
2. When did she learn that Ramon’s girl friend was not a mere lady? Has none of Israeli really known the fact that Israeli Justice Minister was a single guy?
3. Frankly, I couldn’t understand why this case is valuable enough to go to the court. Years ago, there was a similar case in this country, and it was a car-sex. I don’t quite remember, but I believe this guy was given a verdict of “not guilty.” Regardless of his falling-fame, public didn’t commiserate a young girl, female victim. More frankly, while collecting all the possible articles, I start suspecting if she received a special order from someone-above.
4. It’s amazing. According to the dirtiest role played by Media, Israel is a real case of backward country. Who started it? Was it a female professional? I promise. Had she really considered this female victim as her daughter, she wouldn’t have dared to push, push, and push this female victim to unexpected place.

I understand the reason of Adi Dagan, a spokeswoman for the Coalition of Women for Peace. At the same time, I feel real weird when it’s impossible to find the same female’s name from this article, ARCCI: Rape, sexual assault against minors on the rise. Those are real ones who should be protected by Women’s organizations. Even in this country, which most Americans value lower than Israel, public express bottomless anger whenever police blame young female victims’ immature behaviors, which might cause rapists’ violence.

Who knows? She could be a real victim. If I have her as my roommate for at least one year, I can tell the most possible story between Ramon and the female victim. And presently, I am neither interested in male side nor female side. Because it has nothing to do with my practical life. Nor with feminism. I only hope this female victim to grow into a real mature female professional.

I don’t want to have the front page of my blog dirty with this part. So, I am going to post it as a part of ‘Behind-Message.’

Sincerely yours,

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 14, 2008 08:30

Shalom *.^
I want to finish My Requests to Barenboim first. My Knesset-blog can go anywhere, from http://www.facebook.com to any public places, including Aljazeera, http://www.aljazeera.com/news/newsfull.php?newid=126271. But everything is possible only after I finish this part. Still, I lose my temper whenever I think of Barenboim’s foolish decisions at every moment. But no matter how long it takes, I will finish it first.

By the way, my present writing starts with this new section, Selected Articles P.P.S.: Beinisch’s Secret Society Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann. Now, I feel very sorry for Labor’s female MK Shelly Yechimovich. The more article I read, the more dirty information I get and they are referring PM Barak’s foolish decision even before Olmert’s Winograd report. I’m still chained to feminism, and therefore, not good at criticizing other females unless they directly destroy my life. She has provably noticed that I always edited her name as ‘female MK.’ I did this, because I thought that the female MKs were innocent victims. From this moment, she will appear as a real name on the front page of my blog. I am curious. What about another female MK, who was involved in this dirty story?

Now that I find a terrific connection from Beinisch to Dorner-Barak-Yechimovich, I am thinking AGAIN to work for this job, Knesset-Watchdog, even after I finish my business with Daniel Barenboim. I will find more information, which will give me more power to RULE Bibi’s Unity-Government with Labor. I am just thinking… it’s real tired to read all those dirty stories about Dorit Beinisch. I want to read fun stuffs such as Bibi’s porno-tape. Besides, I am neither interested in Ramon’s Legal-Affair-After-Today nor Olmert’s Legal-Struggling. I am only interested in Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival and those sickish members of West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra.

You see… please compare two different Talkbacks.
http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1215330944556&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull Jul 13, 2008
8. Keep Friedman and dump Olmert
the courts and attorney General’s office are in the hands of the extreme left. They do NOT represent the Jewish People. the are a power on to themsevles. they must be accountable to the nation. (07/13/2008 07:55)
http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1212041486860&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull Jun 6, 2008
40. New government make-up, pt. 1
Prime Minister – Benjamin Netanyahu (06/09/2008 09:06)
Justice – Daniel Friedmann

Sincerely yours,

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 10, 2008 14:30
Tamir(Labor) to Tirosh(Kadima): I’m ‘cleaning up the garbage and the s**t’ in the education system July 8, 2008
JIWON: COOL! Kadima’s Tirosh still didn’t answer Labor’s Tamir… The exact answer, I mean. *.^

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
July 8, 2008 (15:00)
JIWON: Draft of part of writing. If I were free, I would listen to all his recordings. I now think that I should be interested in his mouthpiece. I can never forget his Schumann performance. His sound was very weird, but I saw aurora around it. Years later now, I heard his Mahler…

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 5, 2008 (07:40)

JIWON: I finished posting collections. Sigh… it doesn’t mean that I finished writing. Below are additional articles, along with couple of other Beinisch-Friedmann stuffs to check what means Public Slander. Surely, those Talkbacks quite differ from others, whose only aim is to topple the present government.
Sincerely yours,
P.S.: While checking today’s articles, Editor’s Notes: The ‘P’ word and Column One: Anatomy of a massacre, I realized that something is going wrong. But I am too tired to meddle in others’ affairs. I can only say that “Anatomy of a massacre” sounds perfectly right except the title, which should have been “Bibi is listening to my advice.” To analyze this happening, especially when it sounds tragic and disastrous, one should live in this Poverty+Arab town at least for one year, especially after their neighbor’s house is demolished. Just make sure that the Talkbackers should never give any food to Bibi and Glick but only throw scornful smiles on their ragged faces. Their article-or-criticism will become a real analysis, from the bottom of their heart, while never forgetting the fact that the murderer is Arab Israeli. If… if there is still no change in their viewpoints, they are born fanatic warmongers. I can’t write more intelligent article. But I can say this, because I am the one who already finished thinking of all kinds of suicidal methods, and still the one who is afraid of picking up the knife for fear that I want to kill anyone around me and who feels no need to express any symphony for Palestinian Suicide Bombers, who happily decided their way of life.
You see… http://www.carolineglick.com/mt/mt-search.cgi?IncludeBlogs=1&search=beinisch

P.P.S: C-O-L-L-E-C-T-I-O-N S-T-A-R-T-S…
JIWON: I find that Dorit Beinisch’s involvement in Nili Cohen Affair was perhaps in 2004 and there are so many articles written before and during that period, but it’s too tired to find all of them and re-organize this collection. Hence, I will start another section, Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW, with this article, Secret Society December 21, 2006 / By Yuval Yoaz

Lower rate of rape victims reporting to police (Article No. 51)
JIWON: It will be interesting to compare this article with what appeared five months later.
Hetzroni Zula: a refuge for street youth (from Secular, Arabs, Haredi, & Religious Zionists)
Apr 12, 2008 / By Peggy Cidor
(…) THE NUMBERS are astonishing. By the end of 2007, there were 7,884 street youth aged 14-26, known and registered in various ways with the Youth Advancement Division. As for the “newcomers,” the numbers are even more dramatic. (…) Dan notes that there are more boys than girls living on the streets, but adds that “the girls are in much more serious trouble, due mostly to their naivete and their education from home. Thus they get into trouble more easily, and their problems are very serious.” (…)
Number of homeless female teenagers soar
Apr 15, 2008 / By Ruth Eglash
The number of teenage girls living on Israel’s streets has dramatically increased in the last three years and preventing the young women from being sucked into the sex industry is an extremely difficult task (…) More than 25% of all homeless youth in 2007 were girls, found the report, compared to 15% in 2004. (…) “We are talking about girls aged 17-25 who, because they have nowhere to sleep will go home with a man just so they have a roof over their heads,” explained Gabai, highlighting that 99% of young homeless females are eventually drawn into the sex industry. “There is a real problem in locating homeless teenage girls,” stated the report. “Many of them are picked up by men who take advantage of them, making them sell their bodies in order to survive. That means that in many cases the girls cannot be found out on the streets at night but often find shelter in the outlets of the sex industry.” (…)

Kadima’s Ex-finance minister is indicted but remains an active MK (Article No. 65)
Jun 4, 2008 By Rebecca Anna Stoil
Hirchson, who resigned as finance minister in spring 2007 under intense pressure due to the criminal investigation against him, (…) In comparison, during the first half-year following his resignation from the Finance Ministry, Hirchson did not sponsor or sign on to a single piece of legislation… any person who serves in the IDF as an enlistee… doubling the allowance for Holocaust survivors… an amendment to the Israel Lands Law…

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 3, 2008 (20:00)

Supreme Court president: Our justices are the target of incitement (Haaretz)
Beinish: Democracy has paid heavy price for incitement (Ynetnews)
“Public slander… to raise incitement against them… quite a few tendentious attempts… Don’t listen to these claims. They are based on misinformation and deception. The reality is very far from what is described.”

Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME?
Public slander?
To raise incitement against them?

Thank god that I am no more considered as a ghost. HOWEVER… When did I raise incitement against THEM? My only subject was HER, and it was a result of reading more than 100 articles, which were written by professional journalists. They never blamed THEM, including A-G Mazuz, who was rather described as an innocent victim. Tendentious attempts? I clicked all the possible sources found in the Google-Web and organized them in chronological order. That was all I did. Is she really a president of Supreme Court of Israel, whose IQ must have been ten times higher than mine? In my previous mail, Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel on May 15, I clearly wrote how much I valued her ability and even her beauty. I even expressed my pure respect of the FIRST female president of Supreme Court of Israel.

I finished organizing articles. Not yet posted, though. Tomorrow…
One more article from the New York Times should be added in-between;
Beinisch: Friedmann`s claim that High Court impedes Knesset baseless (Article No. 46)
Mazuz: Leaders under suspicion should resign (Article No. 48)

I didn’t know that it was already an international issue. Perhaps, I should join Facebook.com to check common sense of Israeli public and American Jews. (I was thinking about this but didn’t know when…) I am a good girl, who likes to follow an order from above. The president of Supreme Court of Israel wants to prove that all those more than hundred articles about Beinisch are based on misinformation and deception. It will be my honor to help her to prove it.

Perhaps, it could also prove a shortcut to finish my business with Yechezkel Beinisch. Perhaps, it could help me to understand one mysterious article about Beinisch and Rabin. I wanted to know the whole story but couldn’t. What does she mean “period of incitement just before Rabin’s assassination”?

Sincerely yours,

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 2, 2008 (20:20)

I am toward the end of collection. The format will be like this:
Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)
Selected Articles 1: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)
(There will be another section called “Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW.” But they are already in the first section. I just want to make it a special section to show everybody that Dorit’s dirty method is nothing but one of typical tricks of male-chauvinist’s favorite bimbo.)

Though I can’t understand two articles, ‘Intifada bill’ stirs controversy and Mazuz warns against amending Citizenship Law…, I can never understand what’s wrong with JM Friedmann. Every each word from his mouth sounds perfectly right, and I find that there is a more fundamental problem to cause his willingness to change the Basic Law.

Anyway, I’ve never read dirtier stories than this one. At the same time, I’ve never read more terrific articles than those. I know nothing about LAW, then what about Law Professionals, who have been reading those same articles in Israel? Especially female law specialists? Where are all those terrific journalists working now? Were they fired by Dorit Beinisch? I totally lost my interest in Israel. Once I receive my money from Barenboim, I will leave quickly. I will just want to finish my business with Yechezkel Beinisch. I won’t give it up even after his death. Promise.

Sincerely yours,

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
July 1, 2008 (8:30)
JIWON: Though my research is already done, I need to organize stuffs in a different way. Thanks to Attorney General Mazuz’s painful tears and Bibi’s questionable involvement in Katsav’s sex-scandal, I realized that all the articles, from Ramon’s French kiss to Winograd Report, are related each other, and one Talkback, “Beinisch’s politics has nothing to do with LAW,” was all behind these dirty stories. Promise… this is my last work before finishing my Requests to Barenboim.

08 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Official Mail to Knesset
June 30, 2008 (09:50)

I left my USB stick in another computer. Still, I had some work to be done.


WOW! I’ve hardly (=never) seen more intelligent female than this figure. However, photo images don’t give me everything… sometimes opposite. So, I wanted to know more about her.

AIPAC Israel Today and Tomorrow Panel Highlights Part 1
AIPAC Israel Today and Tomorrow Panel Highlights Part 2

I DO like her!!! This is certainly the most brilliant, witty, strong woman I’ve ever met. The more I search for information about Dorit Beinisch, the more I got disappointed at this female character, even at her mentor Ahron Barak. To be honest, all the criticism JM Friedmann threw in the media against those two sounded perfectly reasonable. If I were in a legal society, my professional criticism would have been much harsher, because Dorit Beinich always shows the typical case of one-dimensional female’s brain, which can easily score higher grade than her male competitors’ in a classroom. I just don’t know how to express my exact judgment in my poor legal knowledge and English. I just nodded my head whenever JM Friedmann threw his open criticism.

On the contrary, the more I search for this another female Jew, Ruth Gavison, the more I feel like watching a typical Jewish character. Thanks to the articles on recent Ahron Barak, whose behaviors looked anything but ex-president of Supreme Court, (more frankly… he looked like an old man showing pure signs of senility), Prof. Gavison’s level sounded far superior to Ahron Barak’s.

This old, strong woman looked so witty that I wanted to know all the details about her private life. It will be even fun to watch her frustration while being attacked by her opponents, who want to play the check and balance role. I dared to say. Ruth Gavison should have been the FIRST FEMALE president of Supreme Court of Israel. Shame on Israel…


This information is simpler than Dorit Beinisch’s. But every each word hooks my attention, and it naturally makes me believe that this female is a terrific human being.

http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/990782.html June 08, 2008
A dangerous wish By Ruth Gavison

http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/909325.html Last update – 09:02 03/10/2007
The right and the return By Ruth Gavison
http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/992388.html Last update – 02:54 13/06/2008
Conversion versus joining By Ruth Gavison

Please compare all those TALKBACKS with the ones in articles reporting Dorit Beinisch, who always appearing as Barak’s inferior girl. Beinisch’s haters used to insult Beinisch being a X-like human being. Did they praise or criticize Beinisch’s own achievement?

Meanwhile, this is what I found while searching for more images about Ruth Gavison. There will be no “Sincerely yours, JIWON” at the end of this mail. I will post it as one official mail to Knesset. Thanks.

P.S.: As for Hizbullah Deal, I am also falling into dilemma. Tamir is right. Bar-On is right. Friedmann is right. Boim is right… I am happy that this is beyond my ability. My only advice will be that Israel should prepare possible future, and the public should know it.

January 31, 2008 / By Richard Boudreaux, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Israeli panel faults 2006 war effort: But the report on the conflict with Lebanon’s Hezbollah doesn’t cast blame on Olmert or other leaders.

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 28, 2008 (10:40)
JIWON:Congratulation on Daniel Barenboim, the most foolish mama’s boy, whose international fame was hilariously used in Beinisch Family Business…
Anyway, I want some more research. I find that all the sickish problems here, there and everywhere in Israel all stemmed from the simple fact, ill qualification of Dorit Beinisch. It was a typical simple story about “When a bimbo got a power.” No matter how high her IQ is, bimbo was a bimbo… speechless.

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 27, 2008 (21:00)

I finished one collection. It will take time to edit this part with the present editing tool. I must say… You Jews Deserved the Gas Chamber. The real problem was not Basic Law. It was rather… Since I collected all the possible articles in chronological order, you will figure it out. What I feel funny about DM Barak is that he was the one who pleaded with public to solve this problem, then he played the trick behind scenes… just funny.

“Israel can be proud of an independent and professional system,” said Beinisch, adding that she constantly received praise from colleagues abroad about Israel’s judicial system.

Don’t you think she should check it by herself? Now that I am about to ask all over the world, especially the governmental officers, to read my collection about… I’ve hardly read a dirtier story than this one. Very similar to my story…

Go to 00. a.Talkbacks and click Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Ramon, Olmert (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)

Or simply click

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 26, 2008 (13:00)
The Gavison Solution Apr 20, 2007 / By Yuval Yoaz
JIWON:No intention to support PM Olmert. I just couldn’t understand the reason of Meretz MK Gal-On. Nor could I understand why Israeli prime minister should resign after the war, which most outsiders don’t consider as a war. Did American ask their president to resign after Afghanistan and Iraq war? How many soldiers died during the war and even now? I just can’t understand. Then, I remember that this name, Gavison, was one of hot potatoes while searching for articles about Dorit Beinisch. Hum… Anyway, I just realized that the most sickish journalist of the Haaretz also wrote the most sickish article on Ramon’s sex-scandal. I’m now very interested in his private life.

04 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 26, 2008 (08:00)
JIWON:Ho! It was not a normal sex-scandal. I used to think that the inside story was “when a girl met a boy,” and the Media destroyed it. It was not. Hum… I am amazed at finding the way Dorit Beinisch earned her enemies. To be honest, I want to see Beinisch family suffers in the exact way my story destroyed my family. No less, no more. Pretty sure that this sickish family will be busier behind scenes. Then, is Daniel Barenboim now literally sleeping under Meier’s cleavage? I’ve been suspecting the entire scene since the moment Bibi was excluded from Beinisch’s concern. Then, Bibi is also busier in other places. Hum…

03 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 25, 2008 (13:15)
JIWON:I need more time to research. Thanks to DM Barak’s sickish behaviors, which literally mocked my naïve support, I wanted to search more information on Dorit Beinisch. I need more time.
Senior Judge Accuses Beinisch of Deception Jan 15, 2008

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 24, 2008 (09:30)

I finished it and this sentence is the only thing I added. Weirdly, I agree with Likud on this subject. She is the only female MK from this party, isn’t she? I was born in one-blood, one-language country, and have never thought about this problem. I think this issue has nothing to do with racial persecution. I even agreed with rabbis’ opinion when they protested… (it will become too long.)

“I can’t imagine Israel being recognized without Kippah, Hebrew language, and Bible.”

Have no idea when my next section will be finished. Not that it is difficult to write, but that everything, from money to sex and to etc., is related, and I want to make my real writing as an independent section. First of all, I want to finish my Request to Barenboim first.

Sincerely yours,

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 23, 2008 (12:00)
JIWON: No time to review my new posting. I will check it later, but am sure that only grammar and spelling will be reviewed. What about neither Barak nor Bibi in Knesset? *.*

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