Schalit Is Still Alive… (Regarding Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal)

This is basically part of Dear-Arab-Readers, which was written from May 28, 2008 to (still-writing)

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My Mailing to European Countries Started…
Dear European Countries (WEDO in Europe) (From August 13 to Present).

Hamas: Gilad Schalit may become Ron Arad 2 Aug 20, 2008 / By Jerusalem Post
Gaza women training as suicide bombers in case truce ruptures Aug 19, 2008 / By Haaretz (Islamic Jihad women vow to carry out suicide attacks should Israel reinvade the Gaza Strip.)
Israelis slay another Gazan child Aug 19, 2008 / By The Post, Pakistan (Palestinian children, including infants and toddlers, have been killed by the Israeli raids since Israeli-Palestinian peace talks were relaunched in the US-hosted Annapolis conference in November last year.)
Hamas rejects Arab deployment plan Aug 19, 2008 / By Jerusalem Post
Hamas Denies Blocking Egyptian Mediation Aug 18, 2008 / By Prensa Latina, Cuba
Egypt: Rafah closed until Schalit freed Aug 15, 2008 / By Jerusalem Post, Israel

Before Gaza-Truce (Ma’an: No unilateral ceasefire. Hamas won’t let Palestinians starve)
Gaza cease-fire to take effect on June 19 (No limit in West Bank)
After Gaza Truce

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Too Tired To Send Mail *.*
Analysis: Egypt enraged over Hamas claims it isn’t honest broker Jerusalem Post, Israel – Jul 20, 2008

This article will be found in Category, 02. Road Map in my Knesset-blog:
Before Gaza-Truce (Ma’an: No unilateral ceasefire. Hamas won’t let Palestinians starve)
Gaza cease-fire to take effect on June 19 (No limit in West Bank)
After Gaza Truce

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 19, 2008 (9:40) Schalit Deal

‘Germany will get better Schalit deal’
Hamas: Germany will get us a better deal on returning Schalit

I am not sure if I am in a situation to meddle in this affair. I just can’t help saying this simple FACT.

How come Germany can do a better job when the Egyptian mediators cannot? Do the German intermediaries know better than Egyptians, know what exactly happened in recent days to the three sides, Israel, Hamas, and Egypt?

In this article, everything sounds fine except this:
“We remain committed to the Egyptian mediation efforts. However, we have suspended the talks on Schalit for two reasons: one, because the Israeli enemy has not abided by the terms of the cease-fire agreement, and two, because the Rafah border crossing remains closed,” he told Al-Jazeera.

I DO hope the Palestinian side get a fair deal, but as far as I know, it was the Hamas who broke Gaza-Truce first. They have NO right to insist on this issue. I am hysterical on this subject, because I’ve been reading the same article again and again for several years and am now so SICK of it. Hamas always sounded like this.

I know… this mail won’t work. However, I will post this one in my blog, and visit ALL the European countries with this message. As I wrote before, I have a clear request to EU members, and I am sure it will help both poor Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

We’ll see what kind of foolish German officials will believe Hamas side of story. Time will tell.

Sincerely yours,

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 17, 2008 (14:30) What means Media?

Karnit Goldwasser threatens to petition High Court (Jun 24)
Karnit Goldwasser Fights to Stop Gov’t From Declaring Ehud Dead (Jun 24)
Look her in the eyes (Jun 24)
Family fury as Olmert zig-zags (Jun 26)
Background: The rabbis’ role in determining death (Jun 28).
Karnit Goldwasser: Cabinet vote may be last chance to bring back MIAs (Jun 28).
Karnit Goldwasser: How could PM declare captives dead? (Jun 29)
Terror victim’s family appeals against Kuntar’s release (Jul 7)
Brothers of policeman killed by Kuntar RE-appeal court (Jul 14)
After two arduous years, Karnit Goldwasser’s crusade is over… (Jul 17)
‘This humaneness will kill us all,’ says Haran’s brother (Jul 17)
Families of remaining MIAs hope for sons’ return (Jul 17)
Families of Kuntar’s victims enraged at swap (Jul 17)

My Requests to Barenboim is almost done, but it’s very difficult to finish it. I could do nothing today.

While writing what I should write, I had to recall all Barenboim’s behaviors and the reason of his ‘keep-going’ despite of my warning, prediction and clear result, and then I realized that I should return to where I belong to. At the same time, I think You Israel should return to the original place where you belong to.

Ehud Olmert might not be the greatest leader in Israeli history. I am not in a situation for this judgment. However, what else he could do in this sickish situation? Take Hizbullah Deal for example. No matter what PM Olmert decides, either side, whether Dorner-Barak-Yechimovich or Netanyahu-Folks, was going to stir up public mind to oust their prime minister. True that Israeli prime minister could be corrupt, but isn’t the present Israeli society that made the entire story possible?

In this situation, there were important roles for the Media. What did they do? They only contributed to exaggeration of false-or-true images, instead of leading public to the right place. The most sickish was Dorit Beinisch’s fooling women’s organization and Dalia Dorner’s support Dorit Beinisch behind the scenes. Everything, including Hizbullah Deal, was just one of natural outcomes.

Market Wise Mar 6, 2008: WOMEN STILL have to market the concept of equal rights, (…) the first Herzliya Conference for Women (…) when some 200 of them gathered to focus on issues related to women. (…) Some of the others were retired Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner, who seems to be busier in retirement than she was on the bench; (…) Today, there is more equality, with five women justices including Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch. Dorner, said that although the courts had contributed to equality in the status of women, Beinisch is constantly under attack, precisely because she’s a woman.

You see… Yehezkel Beinisch updated Jerusalem Festival 2008 with the most sickish information even after Dorit Beinisch received my official ‘LEGAL’ mail. I believe. Both of You Israel and I should return to the original place. I know where I should return to. But do You Israel know where you should go? To Self-Destruction.

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: Ooops, I forgot to ask you to read Talkbacks: Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal. I was too tired to follow all the articles, and it was only yesterday when I learned what meant this word, Kuntar. Now, I think everybody knew both soldiers were already dead. Or Hizbullah can’t behave like this. Even in this situation, Israel can use this tragic event as a golden opportunity to re-ignite public patriotism. But do You Israel have an ability? I doubt. The war in recent years is never same as the one in those days. It’s becoming the common sense that no side can win. Why in the world only Jews elsewhere don’t know this fact and push, push, and push Israel-insider into the place like hell? I don’t understand. Are the Jews truly bloodthirsty animals? This is what most Talkbackers want their Israel citizens to go through.

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 16, 2008 (11:00) When a BOY starts whining…

Steinitz: This is a bad ending to the war against terror: “This is a tragic ending for the families [of Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser], but also a bad ending to the war on terror,” Likud MK Yuval Steinitz said on Channel 2 immediately after it became clear that the missing reservists returned by Hizbullah to Israel were most likely dead. “We have become the only country in the world willing to release terrorists in return for dead bodies.”

JIWON:You see… this foolish BOY is helping Hamas. Why do you think I constantly say that Bibi sounds like being funded by Hamas? I drop my jaw whenever they open their big mouth… Interview like JM Friedmann. He was cool, looked thoughtful.

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My Official Mail to Knesset
July 16, 2008 (08:40)

Hizbullah transfers two coffins to Red Cross representatives
Barghouti: Schalit is being treated well by his guards (July 10)

So, is it now a time for Shalit-deal? He is still alive. I am curious. Is the Hamas planning to kill this innocent Israeli soldier during the deal?

1. If I sat on Palestinian side, I would say. “You Israelis don’t have enough money to build more cells. Send our civilians back! We Palestinians all have hearts, and it all started after your Israelis violently treated us.”
2. If I came out on the side of Israel… I don’t understand why Israel is not granted a perfect right for ‘targeted keeling/assassination.’ Both sides are talking about the death of innocent civilians, then this is the only/best way to prevent this tragic happening. It was Hamas, who always ignores everybody’s decision. Even in this situation, they first violated Gaza-Truce and said nothing and then blamed Israeli side of defense strategy, didn’t they?

Weird that no Big-mouth in Bibi’s group comments on Hizbullah-Deal. Is it because PM-to-be Netanyahu needs to protect Barak to prepare his Unity-Government with Labor? After finding another information, this is Barak’s constant issue: Barak: UN resolution on Lebanon war is a failure (July 14)

Editor Admits: We Slanted the News (June 5, 2007):
“We slanted the news towards a withdrawal from Lebanon – because we had sons there. (…) Shelly Yechimovich [now a Labor party Knesset Member – ed.], and I – pushed in every way possible the withdrawal from Lebanon towards 2000. (…) I have no doubt that we promoted an agenda of withdrawal that was a matter of public dispute.”
(…) It is widely accepted that the withdrawal from Lebanon in May 2000 under then-Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the lack of attention paid to the northern border since then led to the Second Lebanon War of last summer and its accompanying 160 military and civilian casualties.
Naveh’s boast came towards the end of the panel discussion and was not widely addressed. However, just seconds later, retired Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner, the president of the Israel Press Council, summed up and said that the journalists must show courage and not allow outside influences to affect their ability to influence public opinion:
“You determine the daily agenda and you have the power; the problem is that in your profession, it can’t be dealt with properly and ethically without civil courage… You have the power, so use it also to ensure that there is freedom of speech – of course, with the limitation that you must act ethically and not create hostile public opinion, because there is nothing that affects freedom of speech more than hostile public opinion.” (…) MK Yechimovich’s aide said that she would not be able to address this matter today.

Hence, I found another one:
The ethics of the politician’s right-hand man (July 2): On May 28, Silberstein said in an interview on Army Radio: “Ehud Barak is the last person who should talk about envelopes containing cash.” This was followed by threatening hints in the newspapers that Barak’s day of reckoning is approaching because Silberstein was about to open his mouth.

By the way, according to IBA News Today, is she a first lady of Syria? I’ve hardly seen more attractive woman than Asma Assad. Weird… whenever I think of all the news regarding Syria and North Korea.
Then, I think again. She proves a perfect example of which I found during my research on Mideast Music Society. A Syrian was one of most attractive human beings; very analytic with a warm heart. But this is a wife of Syrian leader, who doesn’t know what means peace. Still weird…

Sigh… need to work on My Requests to Barenboim.
Sincerely yours,

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 30, 2008 (09:50)
Part of Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison)

P.S.: As for Hizbullah Deal, I am also falling into dilemma. Tamir is right. Bar-On is right. Friedmann is right. Boim is right… I am happy that this is beyond my ability. My only advice will be that Israel should prepare possible future, and the public should know it.

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 19, 2008 (09:25)
Part of Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce)

Exactly who messed up the entire situation? Why do you think I wrote that Bibi sounds like being funded by Hamas? (Please see Dear Jewish Pigs/Souls (Apr 17, 2008).) PM Olmert is finishing his era, …in disgrace…, and all the MKs are going to steal his ‘original’ thought, and this is why he wants to use my situation. It’s fine. Use this writing as much as possible. I just wanted to write this one thing. Why do you think I wanted to write to Hamas’ leader?

Orlev: Ceasefire deal a balloon that will burst: “A ceasefire agreement without Gilad Schalit is a moral crime that conveys the message of abandoning the kidnapped soldier to his fate,” Orlev added.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this opinion. However… do the religious groups have a right to express this kind of opinion? For me, Haredim and Hamas are all same. (Does this term, Religious Zionist, also belong to this word, Haredim? Recently, I find that they use Haredim to refer all the religious Jews.)

1. Haredim don’t send their kids to military service. Hamas don’t raise their own kids as suicide bombers.
2. Both parties share extreme right-wing policy. They never want to compromise. Nor do they want to listen to worldwide-one-voice.
3. They always work behind scenes, using all kinds of dirty tricks. They never appear in public places.

I still don’t think I have an ability to be involved in Shalit’s case. If I do, I will surely be, but presently, I am more afraid of. I want my life first, and show my money to my family first, who are now under a suspicion that I return to the “insane-b*tch period.” I’m also afraid that Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh might misunderstand my previous sentence; “If I were Hamas’ PM, I would use this golden opportunity…”

If I were Hamas’ PM, I would use this golden opportunity as much as possible. IDF soldier Shalit is in his early twenties, and getting international attention. He joined Israeli Army with purer mind. (Please read his biography.) If I were Haniyeh, I would treat this younger as a VIP and give him a hope of life. I would make him ‘truly’ believe how cruel Israeli government has been to Palestinian citizens.

Anyway, I was almost done another section of my writing last night, but could do nothing today. I am already too tired! Hope no further tiny-messages but this to find its place right below my original writing, Dear Arab Readers.

Sincerely yours,

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My Official Mail to Knesset
June 17, 2008 (09:45)

JIWON: I can show you this part, ‘First of all and Second of all’. I will post each part after finishing it. Reviewing them each day takes too much time, and I canceled my wish to write to Hamas’ leader. Beyond my present ability. Physical condition of my upper body has not been quite good, which is however better for the future. Today, I watched PM Olmert and value this body higher than before. How long will it take for me to build his kind of good muscles to cure my sore eyes?

UN special envoy (Terje Roed-Larsen) criticizes Israel for talks with Syria: Israel has given Syria a huge gift, without receiving anything in exchange.

JIWON:Weird that this report comes from the Haaretz, while Bibi zips his mouth. Then, Talkbacks sound more interesting. (I can’t read the entire text, though.) This posting also needs to be found in Dear Dumb and Dumbers (May 22-Jun 17).

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 16, 2008 (09:10)
Part of Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce)

Anyway, hope not only Olmert’s getting-collapsing Kadima, but also Labor party to effectively use this writing to retrieve their voters’ loyalty. Also hope Bibi’s bigger(!) mouth to advise the current government’s zig-zag policies. *.^ For the unity-government, game should be fair to everyone!!! And then… since my mail also floats over Palestinian folks, I was thinking to add this part: ‘Dear Hamas’s PM Ismail Haniyeh… I am the one who wanted to support Hamas when public chose… You are the one who betrayed the international rule first… Do you want to assassinate me? I am the one, who wants… If I were in Hamas’ PM, I would use this golden opportunity… Anyways, if Hamas harms one cell of IDF soldier Schalit, we’ll see…’

But I’m afraid. Whenever I involve myself in something, I only contributed to…, and this poor youngster is never like Barenboim or Olmert or… No time to read articles, watch videos until I finish this writing. Tired…

01 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
June 13, 2008 (08:40)

Netanyahu: If I’m PM, I’ll urge Zionist parties to cooperate against Gaza
JIWON:See… this is exactly how my English skill told me when I found Olmert’s ‘original’ thought about Gaza plan. Then, it was all messed up solely thanks to the daily hard working of Bibi and his Jewish soul-mates with their getting-louder speakers. Poor Bibi… Hum… Israel without Bibi? It will be damn boring. I am now thinking to save Bibi’s poor life if this comical figure falls into the same situation. How many articles will be written to cruelly depict all the details of his private life? It will be real fun stuffs. Can’t he just shut up and wait till I finish this writing? ^.*

Peres: ‘Barak disappointed Hamas twice today’
JIWON:The problem here is that DM Barak is doing a real hard job and his Labor members never understand this headache life of their leader. Simply, what is the reason of their betrayal? I know they are politicians, but sometimes, I just can’t understand the stories inside the left-wing parties. Or… I must blame stupid Israeli public. In this case, I can’t use this term, NAÏVE.

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