When is the best time to join FACEBOOK? (Regarding my Legal Business with Yeheskell Beinisch)

Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK, which received my invitation

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My Official Mail to Knesset
NOVEMBER 12, 2008 (9:00)

Dear Palestinians,

Too tired to respond to each incident… just busy at ‘temporarily-finishing’ my Knesset-blog to resume my mailing business. I hope this mail to be the last until…

Abbas rejects Olmert’s concessions (‘We rejected Israeli proposals that stipulated making concessions including on Jerusalem and the refugees. We either get all six points – Jerusalem, settlements, borders, refugees, water and security – or nothing at all.’)

While preparing EVERYTHING for my mailing business, I was waiting for this statement from the Palestinian side. (Whether PA or Hamas, I don’t care.)

Abbas should do MORE before PM Netanyahu ‘officially’ wins the most Jewish voters’ hearts. Please look at me. It’s been almost ten years for me to daily check up the Jewish articles, but I still have no idea about what is really in Palestinian hearts, except that they always reject all Israeli offers no matter what. I need something specific information. Palestinian side should make clear what the Israeli 13th prime minister should do if he is really serious about Peace Negotiation with his Palestinian partner. Both sides, Palestinians and international community, should speak so loud that all the Jewish voters should know ONE CLEAR FACT about their Palestinian ‘friend-or-enemy’ when they choose their favorite politicians in February election. Hamas won’t be surprised even if Israeli decision is WAR… By then, the ENTIRE international community will support Hamas’ military strategy.

Too busy to write more.
Sincerely yours,

DECEMBER 4, 2008 (5:00)
Dear Guys,
I am in the middle of talk with the FACEBOOK… AGAIN!
I just can’t understand what’s going on in this place. Is there a Republican Jew or Pastor John Hagee’s follower among the key people of Facebook, Inc.? Or it’s hard to understand the recent situation.
Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that no matter what they say, it’s impossible to work with ONE ID. And I just hate receiving unnecessary replies from my mail recipients. Hence,
1. I will create other IDs, such as ‘Jiwon A Lee’ and ‘Jiwon B Lee’ … ‘Jiwon Z Lee.’ Those IDs won’t be able to communicate with the Facebook members. They will have to visit my Group in order to send their message to my real ID.
2. I will contact 30 members each day using 1 ID. If I use 10 IDs, I can send my message to 300 members a day. I may have to make a complete list of my mail recipients, in alphabetical order. Or so many people will complain about receiving the same message more than once. It will become a real spam.
3. Of course, there should be no complaint from FACEBOOK. But I don’t think it will cause any problem in this place. Time will tell.
Sincerely yours,

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My Official Mail to Knesset
OCTOBER 31, 2008 (9:30)


In case I can’t finish my work in time… when are you going to throw yourself a graduation party? How many ‘kids’ will be able to safely enter the elementary school and how many ‘duds’ will I have to take care of in the Eighteenth Knesset/Kindergarten? I certainly welcome newbies.

Religion looks set to be a central issue in election campaign Oct 30, 2008 / By Jerusalem Post

I think Kadima’s Tzipi Livni is doing a terrific job.
After finishing my work in Kippah-I in my Knesset-blog, I thought couples of hours would be enough to finish Kippah-II. I was supposed to ‘half-finish’ this part and resume my mailing. Still there is no change in my plan. Then, I spent the entire day only to realize that I needed to make one HUGE collection, which should handle all the different issues in the most effective way as simple as possible. ‘Reforms in the rabbinical courts’ was just part of it. Only then, this one, Shas Council of Torah Sages: Party Can’t Join Coalition for 2 Reasons. (NIS 1 billion for Child Allowance), should be located next to one small collection, Shas Council of Torah Sages: Party Can’t Join Coalition for 2 Reasons. (Unity of Jerusalem).

Anyway, I will keep following my plan, and feel no need to intervene in your Election Process. While traveling ALL over the world, including Arab countries, I will just work to prepare EVERYTHING for PM Netanyahu and his nationalist government. If I resume my work in FACEBOOK, my message will only become ‘NOTIFICATION,’ rather than ‘PERSUATION.’

Besides, I need to contact ALL the Italian members to let them know that I will HIRE bodyguards to STRIP OFF all the clothes of Daniel Barenboim, Elena Bashkirova and Waltraud Meier during their Italian concerts. According to FACEBOOK rules, I can contact less than 40 members a day. I want to follow all the rules. Perhaps, I will be able to contact Jewish members ONLY AFTER the election. NO PROBLEM…

Then, what is the reason of my mailing today, when I know FOLKs are busy whenever I post something? I have ONE important business with PM Netanyahu and ALL his supporters. I feel no need to ask his permission, though. If my project, which would ‘actually’ hurt nothing Bibi’s life, can prevent ONE Palestinian suicide bombing, PM Netanyahu will be the first one, who would welcome my idea. I know this guy is the most generous Jew. Below is a clue:
Gilad Shalit becomes punchline for jokes in the Gaza Strip (Aug 25, 2008)
Voodoo dolls, zombies and France’s president

(… I feel no need to post part of this message because…)
The same message will appear in
1. Dear European Countries (WEDO in Europe, From Aug 13, 2008 to Present) (Of course, I have to write a totally new mesaage for this mailing.)
2. In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH
3. Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project)

Bye Bye Seventeenth Knesset/Kindergarten…
Bye Bye Baby…
Bye Bye My Love…

I think this title, Knesset Watchdog, is really terrific. I don’t have to worry about my slot in the party list. But then, I have to make one thing very clear. I will do ALL my job to make the musicians/members of Beinisch’s SECRET SOCIETY as miserable as possible. I will do this work RIGHT in front of Barenboim’s eyes, and my reason will be purely musical. Therefore, I heartily recommend Daniel Barenboim to decide EVERYTHING before my contacting Ambassador of Israel to Korea. I will contact this JEW as soon as possible.

Does the early election likely cost the economy NIS 2 billion? Who needs money? Please contact Zubin Mehta and his Jewish friends. This interview didn’t appear in Google’s Barenboim-News. Nor you can find it from Haaretz’ music-section. I found it while clicking ALL its links. It was a secret message from Mehta to Beinisch’s Secret Society, wasn’t it? So… Barenboim planned something again, something more to fool me in front of his Mehta, Angels? In front of EVERYBODY? Now, I NEVER worry for the needy in Barenboim’s Israel.

Mehta to Haaretz: I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’ (Oct 21, 2008): “It’s hard to believe how much money there is in this country. It’s endless. I would have no problem getting $150 million to build the new auditorium, I have a list of people who can pay for it. I could similarly find a donor to pay $80 million to have the auditorium named after him; there are quite a number of people for whom that sum is negligible.”

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: I am pretty sure that PM Netanyahu already finished his plan how to dismiss Justice Minister Friedmann to receive a full support from the Court President Beinisch, whose Secret Society members will ‘grill’ ALL Bibi’s political foes in the name of LAW… WHY WORRY?

Below is Haaretz Flesh News. How long did you think you could play games behind the scene? It was an amazing plan, anyway. Until February 10(?), the media, the court, and especially A-G Mazuz will have to be ve-eeee-ry busy. I really hope EVERYBODY to do the best job for PM Netanyahu and Bibi’s Beinisch’s DM Barak and their ‘extreme right-wing’ government. If Bibi ever tries to form a central-left government, we’ll see… I never understand why FOLKS blame SHAS again and again.

October 29, 2008
17:56 Supreme Court gives green light to contentious Jerusalem museum project (Haaretz)

(…No need to post the rest of Flesh News…)
11:40 High Court allows rightists to march through Arab town Umm al-Fahm (Haaretz)
(…No need to post the rest of Flesh News…)
October 28, 2008
22:50 Chief Justice: No judges to be appointed before new gov`t is formed (Israel Radio)

(…No need to post the rest of Flesh News…)
18:51 Witness in Hirchson graft case: I transferred `fat envelope` to Olmert (Haaretz)

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My Official Mail to Knesset
October 2-16, 2008
DEAR GUYs, (No time to send it, but I know EVERYBODY is checking my BLOG every each moment I post SOMETHING…)

This is a continued message from Is “Friedmannism” Good for Israel? (From Aug 13, 2007 to Present).


🙂 Bibi: PM Netanyahu will resume West Bank Settlement Activity (Sep 29, 2008).

Meretz MK Gal-On says bla, bla, bla… Then I must say that I can’t help suspecting if her IQ is a two-digit number. Does she still remember why I deliberately omitted her name during my report of Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)? By then, unlike Labor’s Shelly Yechimovich, Meretz’s Gal-On behaved as an innocent victim pretending to be out of Beinisch’s Secret Society, and then received my open support. I even read how Meretz’s new(!) leader Haim Oron changed his words about his good(?) relationship with Olmert while mentioning Kadima’s candidate Livni. (Some months ago, I happened to save his Olmert-article but deleted it.) Now that they openly side with Labor’s Barak, I can’t help suspecting if all the incidents are caused from the very fact that their real issue is not JM Friedmann but Kadima MK Haim Ramon and his terrific political leadership. I just can’t help suspecting. Anyway, Kadima’s leader Tzipi Livni did a terrific job. A leader should sound like this. This kind of leader will receive my full support.

(Updated on October 4, 2008 and again and again until October 16, 2008)
Answers from ‘Haaretz and PLUS.’ And THINGS are happening AGAIN. Therefore, I keep collecting articles. (Click this to click the exact title again, please)
🙂 A Purge at Haaretz (Is Haaretz going to become another Bibi-ton? How long will it take? From Aug, 2006 to Present)
🙂 Is “Friedmannism” Good for Israel? (From Aug 13, 2007 to Present)
🙂 Barak, Beinisch, Friedmann & Citizenship Law (From May 15, 2006 to Present)
🙂 Absentee Property Law: Settlers, IDF & State quietly expropriate land (West Bank settlement construction nearly doubled this year)
🙂 Settlers are above LAW (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Acre Violence: 8 years after the October Riots, NOTHING has been done to implement the recommendations of the OR COMMISSION in regard to Israel’s Arabs (From Oct 10, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)

1. Now, I clearly know I should stick to Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann. Who is whose boss? Thank God, I am supposed to SPAM the entire Germany…:
🙂 A Purge at Haaretz (Is Haaretz going to become another Bibi-ton? How long will it take? From Aug, 2006 to Present)
Israeli No.1 Haaretz vs. German No.4 Unternehmensgruppe M. DuMont Schauberg
(Would you like to get in contact by e-mail with us? Here you have the opportunity!)

2. In sum, I will resume my mailing to EU and EVERYBODY,
Dear European Countries (WEDO in Europe, From Aug 13, 2008 to Present) and Mail-Recipients.
I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH.


JIWON: In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (Oct 2-16, 2008)


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My Official Mail to Knesset
(Updated on September 23, 2008)
Supreme Court after Olmert (Beinisch should get rid of Friedmann as quickly as possible) (JIWON: Ho! No sooner had I predicted Post-Beinisch Era than this comical happening actually started happening in Israel. Then, I need to start another collection right next to…)

September 20, 2008 (Concerning my FACEBOOK work…)
Dear President Peres,

You know that I temporarily quit my FACEBOOK work.
I am tired, of course, but contacting 5 groups a day is not a hard work.
I had to think.

1. FACEBOOK was an unbelievable place. All the happenings made me speechless, then I realized what a terrific job Jewish Media has done to Israeli politicians and president of Israeli Supreme Court. However, the most funny group was not ‘My-Luv-Bibi’ nor ‘F*UK Olmert.’ It was ‘Kadima in Facebook’. I’ve never seen more disgusting human species than those. If they really detested their leader Olmert, they should have been out of his group and planned something new, something fresh, with their OWN MONEY, and their OWN IDEAS.

2. Could you please check my collection, Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel? Those Settlers’ behaviors are crossing the red line, and why do you think so? Do you think 13th prime minister Livni can ‘lead’ the present Palestinian policy, which simply means Olmert’s inheritance, without handling this problem? I am not an expert, but I can’t help suspecting if their behaviors remind me of the days of Rabin’s assignation. It seems that she believes in my mailing business and she can do whatever if she kicks Olmert out of her regime, because for the most Israeli, Olmert means Disgrace. I don’t blame her situation, and I promise that it will be my honor to support PM Livni. BUT… In my humble opinion, general election is rather a shortcut toward establishing Palestinian State. Now, I clearly know not Bibi’s Likud, but Barak’s Labor destroyed Roadmap. Even Schalit case. As long as those settlers follow Bibi’s Likud and Religious parties, Barak’s Labor will do their very best…

http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1221745565391&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull (Women’s groups call Livni victory a step forward for gender equality)

If I have a hope, that’s only because I want to believe in Jewish Mothers’ Power. However, you already know that Dorit Beinisch destroyed it even before it started. Please check their handling my life and then Jerusalem Festival 2008 even after my legal involvement. Then, it’s easy to figure out how she behaved toward/after her appointment as a president of Supreme Court. What’s more, in this story, ‘When Bimbo Got a Power,’ the worst story still didn’t happen. Usually, bimbo’s male followers stink more. Who will become Beinisch’s successor years later?

I will soon
1. finish reviewing Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag
2. finish my last writing Dear Berlin Mayor / Israel / Palestine, FINALLY…

Then, my mailing business is the only thing left in my plan. I promise. Bimbo-Battle is only starting. And then, I am still thinking about my FACEBOOK work. Sooner or later, I will finish contacting ALL the Jewish Groups. (Already now, I see the finish line.) After that, I can contact 20 Jews each and everyday until ALL the Jewish members receive my invitation into my Knesset blog. However, I don’t think this will solve the problem of Settlers, who are crossing the red line. And then, I never want to do this job as long as part of Knesset MKs are working for Dorit Beinisch.

I clearly know. Dorit Beinisch doesn’t’ mean history of Israeli Supreme Court. History proves that people enjoyed their happy, peaceful, and rich life even under the dictator. Every happening was just case by case. However, as long as Beinisch family rules Israel, I can’t help believing that Israel stinks and Jews deserved the Gas Chamber.

Sincerely yours,

06 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Official Mail to Knesset
September 8, 2008(14: 50)

(How many Jewish Groups are in FACEBOOK? This is amazing…)

Could you please read TALKBACKS I saved in Selected Articles P.S.: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)? Please check Article No. 90, Government okays Supreme Court restrictions:

Those are two among them. Am I reacting hypersensitive on this subject? I want to know.
18. Good for Friedmann – Although Canadian experience suggests the Knesset will rarely if ever use the power Friedmann’s bill would grant it, subjecting the Court to some political oversight gives it more, not less, legitimacy. No surprise that the Beilin types want to preserve the power of their ideological allies, and also no surprise that the Bar doesn’t want to alienate the judges by supporting a weakening of their authority. Now about the appointment procedure for Justices… / Joel – (09/08/2008 00:33)
16. Overreachiing, politicised Courts & ‘Lawfare’ is a worldwide symptom, used particularly by the Left, & now, even Jihadists (4) – The weakening, lack of trustworthiness, & disrespect for the ‘bookends’ of Israeli society (the IDF & Supreme Court) is a bad, bad sign for Israeli society. The continuing muddle, lack of clear, coherent, analytical, conceptual, strategic, & systemic thinking in Israeli politics & public life is worse. It is now reaching critical mass of potential self destructiveness. Israel is a hard enough place to live, & requires a high degree of belief in it’s purpose, faith in the system, & participation, not continual infighting, erosion, fragmentation, & ‘running off to Momma Beinsich’. / Ozraeli – Australia (09/07/2008 20:30)

But then, why TALKBACKS are not allowed in these two articles? I tried to save all of them in my one collection. Then, I also want to collect them in my other collections, Selected Articles P.P.S.: Beinisch’s Secret Society Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann and Beinisch: Media to blame for public’s loss of faith in courts:
PM slams Barak for lack of coalition loyalty
MKs decry ‘bad timing’ of Friedmann’s bill

I don’t want to be deaf, blind by revenge. I want to remain fair, cool.

Sincerely yours,

05 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Official Mail to Knesset
September 4, 2008(20: 30) (WOW! I now know ALL the names!!! Yaakov Ne’eman, Tzachi Hagegbi, Chaim Ramon, and Meir Sheetrit.)


Could you please check Selected Articles P.S.: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)?
This is amazing… THE SAME NAMES appear in OLD ARTICLES!!! Yaakov Ne’eman, Tzachi Hagegbi, Chaim Ramon, and Meir Sheetrit. WOW!!!


Article No. 89 Justice minister asks cabinet to approve bill curbing right of judicial review for High Court Sep 3, 2008 22:47

JIWON: JUST IN CASE… this is what appeared in Article No. 27 of
Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003): Yated Ne’eman: Turnabout – a Tale for Adar: Feb 21, 2007 (…) Any justice minister threatened the hegemony of the Supreme Court, promptly found himself out of a job. When Yaakov Ne’eman, who is both religious and one of Israel’s most respected attorneys, was appointed justice minister, then Attorney-General Michael Ben-Yair (according to journalist Uri Elitzur) told the senior staff in the State Attorneys office that this dog would not be allowed to leave deep scratches on the furniture. A trumped up indictment was promptly produced against Ne’eman. Though he was quickly acquitted, with the trial judge severely censuring the prosecution, Ben-Yair had achieved his purpose: Ne’eman did not return to the justice ministry. His place was taken by Tzachi Hanegbi, who was under criminal investigation his whole term in office, and thus only too eager to do the bidding of Justice Barak, who would likely be sitting on his appeal some day.
Chaim Ramon, who came into office with a mildly reformist agenda, joked at a private dinner, just 12 hours before the events that led to his criminal indictment and conviction, that he better be careful or something was likely to happen to him, as it has to every justice minister who tried to shake up the system. And it did. (…)

JIWON: Then, what about MK Meir Sheetrit? He is in Article No. 8 and No. 13:
‘Beinish will be next chief justice’: Aug 24, 2006 (…) But Sheetrit made it clear that even if he was by then the full time Justice Minister, he would immediately and gladly give back the portfolio to Ramon the moment Ramon could rejoin the cabinet. Sheetrit said he supported Ramon’s plans to distribute more civil cases to private lawyers to speed up the law enforcement process. “I did not talk about privatization, but I was the one who started it,” he said. “I think that we have to widen this opening, not to make it into a total thing but mainly to help the legal system and the state prosecution. I can’t live with a situation in which the legal process takes an average of five years. It is inconceivable as far as I am concerned, and causes great harm to the system of justice.”

How Dorit Beinisch might secure Aharon Barak’s legacy: Sep 15, 2006 (…) New President of the Supreme Court Dorit Beinisch has reached as far as she has thanks to her mentor Barak; (…) Yet there was no certainty that she would get the job. Former justice minister Haim Ramon was an opponent of seniority and was planning to place at least a few obstacles in Beinisch’s way. His forced resignation last month, following the attorney-general’s decision to press charges against him over an accusation of sexual harassment, made way for replacement Meir Sheetrit, who immediately affirmed Beinisch’s appointment. Dark mutterings can already be heard from Ramon’s camp as to the real motive behind the decision to push a less than watertight case against him. If he is exonerated and restored to his post, Beinisch will have an implacable foe.

04 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Official Mail to Knesset
September 4, 2008 (15:20)

Long time no see. (I decide NOT to say SHALOM until Barenboim gives me MONEY!)

Haven’t I told you that I finished Dear-Arab-Readers in my Knesset-blog? I still feel dizzy. I hope Mr. Netanyahu to appreciate my hard working. BTW, I can’t start my Facebook work without finishing this one.

1. Court: PA must compensate family of U.S. terror victim (Sep 2, 2008).
2. Netanyahu slams Education Minister Tamir (Labor): Gov’t swapped Jabotinsky with Nakba (Aug 21, 2008).
3. Blair’s sister-in-law stranded in Gaza (Sep 3, 2008).
(The entire message is posted in Time for Jerusalem (Everything should be FAIR!))


Sincerely yours,

03 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Official Mail to Knesset
August 12, 2008 (13:00) Do you want to follow my EU plan?
Dear Knesset and Mrs, Said’s Palestine

After sending my last mail to Spanish Government, I realized that I missed something basic to handle this case. Barenboim’s Divan-concert in Spain looked like a national ceremony. What do you think it means? I know Spain was not happy when they failed to join Quartet and its Roadmap. I read it long ago. And there is something more inside Spain.

I hate to be paranoiac, and what’s more, I never wanted my criticism to touch Spanish royal family. But I’ve kept suspecting this possible happening since the moment I found her name, Sonsoles Espinosa, from Bashkirova’s members. (To be honest, more information give me dirtier stories. Hadn’t I mentioned their abusing public fund?)

Then… I’m now even suspecting if Israeli Queen, Dorit Beinisch, and Spanish First Lady finished their deal about how to fool Barenboim to achieve their political dream:
1. Spanish First Lady: Only if I could sing in Barenboim’s Peace-Concert again. Public will admire my husband.
2. ‘Beinisch with South African Human Rights Group: ANC veterans visit West Bank (This is like apartheid.) (Jul 11, 2008).
3. Barenboim’s Divan-Film, “Knowledge is the Beginning,” at the 29th Durban International Film Festival in South Africa (from Jul 23 to Aug 3, 2008).

The more I know about Israel as Banana Republic, the more I am speechless. After(?) PM Olmert’s announcement to resign, this is what appear in Google. I’ve never seen more comical situation than this one:
1. Supreme Court Inside Israel:
Settlers are above LAW
2. Supreme Court Outside Israel: Israel High Court says government acting unlawfully (Court, state clash over barrier route) (Aug 4, 2008).
3. Supreme Court Inside Israel: Supreme Court ruling: Individuals can sue PA (Aug 7, 2008).
4. Collection will keep going. Please check Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel in Category, 11. Banana Republic.

Now I know Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann was right… Then what about this?
Qurei: Palestinians might demand citizenship (Aug 11, 2008).

Anyway, I am now writing something again to Spanish Government and ALL the EU members. Well, you’d better follow me. I’m curious. What kind of f*cking European politicians want to take advantage of Barenboim’s interview?
1. Divan’s Barenboim: Participation of politicians from the Mideast and Europe gives me great satisfaction to witness the sensitivity, intelligence and maturity… (Sep X, 2007)
2. Divan’s Barenboim: I’m not involved in Middle East politics at all (Aug 9, 2008).

Who will believe Barenboim this time? According to the result, everything was carefully planned by Barenboim himself, or Barenboim knew how his FOLKS have managed all his pro-careers. And now, he believes that this one sentence will excuse him for all his sickish behaviors. This SOB will appear in Jerusalem Festival 2008 with his NAIVELY SAD face, and repeat this sentence again. Now that both Arik and Arik’s Ehud are gone(?), who will this Beinisch’s puppy insult this time?

I did join http://facebook.com/. What a headache… still busy at following its rules. It will take time for common Israelites find this group; Barenboim, Israel, Palestine, Mideast, and MUSIC, and as I wrote before, I am not in a hurry to let Knesset MKs take advantage of my work. But who know? Already couples of Israelites accidentally received my invitation and none of them are musicians. We’ll see.


This is the last thing I wanted to write. I feel awful… but want to finish this business.


This was my first impression when I saw Mrs. Said. “This is a very strong woman, who won’t accept criticism against her.”

The moment I heard Prof. Said’s fervent love of music and Mrs. Said’s grouping(?) with Divan members, my quick reaction was this. “Her American family shows a typical case of immigrant education. How come she didn’t raise her son, who is now an expert in LAW, as she does Bashkirova’s Divan members? Musician’s job is not a piece of cake.”

Then, my reaction continued… and Barenboim already read it. “Is Mrs. Said stupid or what?” It was after I found out the simple fact that Mrs. Said, who was busy at participating ALL the events related to late Edward Said, knew nothing about terrific summer schedule of The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music.

She is still busy at following other schedules of Barenboim’s Divan-Film, “Knowledge is the Beginning,” at the 29th Durban International Film Festival in South Africa (from Jul 23 to Aug 3, 2008)., yet I still didn’t hear her opinion about Barenboim’s Mideast vision, Two-State-Solution.

I don’t want to write more details. I am so sick of all the happenings here, there and everywhere… about FEMALE POLITICIANS sticking around Barenboim’s NAÏVE/STUPID personality-or-music. I just hope Mrs. Said to realize that young musicians, who successfully join top-rate professional level, don’t spend their free time, especially summer vacation, in this way. Can she allow her own son to waste his life like this? I bet NOT.

Anyway, I never knew how much Mrs. Said hated my computer work. I believe she will enjoy good nights with present version of my Knesset-blog. She will be the most valuable VIP after Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008 concert in London, won’t she?


When I found information about Palestinian Music Society, it was easy to figure out what a huge fame Matthias Glander earned among young musicians. SO… I wanted to give them time… time to fix this problem by themselves. So, is this what they wanted to show me? Then, this is my answer. If I survive all this situation, I will be in power to meddle into ALL the Mideastern music business. Then, all those Palestinian pro-musicians who joined Bashkirova’s West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra will be fired form their working place. And my reason is purely musical. NOW… it is clear that Barenboim has never cared about the quality of music in Palestinian Society, isn’t it?

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: Hum… New information is added. Are there more?
TALKBACK: “1. Dorner the nazi lover speaks..”
Dalia Dorner: Former Judge & Israel Press Council’s President (Beinisch Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann)

02 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
My Official Mail to Knesset
August 6, 2008 (12:40) I will follow Gen. (ret.) James Jones. (When is the best time to join Facebook?)

Could you please check my yesterday mail to Spanish government, Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund / Spanish Culture)? These are my mail recipients in coming days:

Spain (Aug 5-8), Great Britain (Aug 14), Denmark (Aug 18), Norway (Aug 20), Sweden (Aug 21), Germany (Aug 16-23), France (Aug 25)
Swiss (please look at Bashkirova’s Schedule) and Portugal (Not yet…)

I am tired to death… because I had to think, think, and think.

Clearly, I never intended to support PM Olmert when I decided to write Dear-Arab-Readers. Lots of things have happened since then, and I felt like embroiled in Knesset politics as a Kadima-MK. I hated this feeling. Even when I was a kid, I never joined any group. I only enjoyed watching girls’ quarrel. So, when PM Olmert finally announced his resignation, I rather felt relieved. For me, it was a hopeless game.

After couple of good sleeps, I enjoyed watching Israeli situation, which was getting more and more comical, and then something started saying inside myself. “Prime Minister is a Leader of Country. He should be. How dare… this b…” My life told me so.

To cut the long story short,
I don’t plan to join any particular party to help its politicians, and I feel no need to be in a hurry to join http://facebook.com/ for this matter. I will keep my original plan:

1. Please look at the list. Whenever time allows, I will contact ALL the ministers in other European countries, but I am not sure. I will probably contact ministers of Foreign Affairs, Culture, (Education-perhaps), and Justice. If there are other countries, which politicians need to know Mideast affair more than others, please let me know. I know what an important issue it is for both of Israel and Palestine:
Beilin (Meretz): ‘EU should absorb Palestinian refugees’ (Jul 18, 2008).
Iceland, Sweden to absorb Palestinians (Aug 6, 2008).

2. I don’t contact Media on this subject. I am currently posting my Barenboim-message in private bloggers. I am sick of everything, not only unqualified music-critics or journalists’ crazy willingness to join this bimbo-battle but also Bashkirova’s sickish behaviors as a Jewish Muse, who was using Media-power as much as possible, just as Beinisch’s ‘Secret Society’ did. ALL the ministers will know Mr. and Mrs. Beinisch will take care of it. Bibi did file a TWO-MILLION-shekel lawsuit against Channel 10 in a trivial case, in which common sense can explain everything. Then, my case can cost much more.

3. I will follow Gen. (ret.) James Jones and his publication of report. Perhaps, it will be the best time to join http://facebook.com/. According to present Israeli situation, there may be some change in his plan. When the time comes, I will join http://facebook.com/, but this is purely to finish my business with Barenboim. For this matter? NOOP!

4. As long as he/she proves to be out of Beinisch’s ‘Secret Society,’ anyone is welcome to take advantage of my mailing business. WHY NOT? I will soon finish collecting Labor MKs’ special relationship with Beinisch’s ‘Secret Society.’

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: I forgot to ask this many times. Some ago, there appeared one weird comment. It was with this comment, “8. Keep Friedman and dump Olmert.” What does it mean? “1. Dorner the nazi lover speaks..”
Dalia Dorner: Former Judge & Israel Press Council’s President (Beinisch Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann)

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