Sir Rattle and the British BPO

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Part of Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund/ Spanish Culture) (Aug 5-7, 2008).

Sorry for bothering you again, but I have to finish this business, and this time it is with your Spanish culture.

It was days ago when I warned Barenboim that if this f*cking big mouth boasts something about Spanish Divans again, I will seek official sacking of those members from their working places, either in Germany or Mideast. Please check Sir Rattle and the British BPO in My Request to Barenboim,



Why they sound different from Barenboim’s ‘actual’ interview in Milan with British journalist? Barenboim tried, tried to avoid British endless praising. No matter what, you Spanish Government won’t agree with me, who insist that they are all Spanish Media’s tricks. And then, this is what appeared in Spanish Web. If you need more, why don’t you ask every each mouth of 10,000 Spanish so-called fans about their exact feeling? They will prove the exact level of present Spanish culture.

1. Barenboim + Plaza Mayor + Haydn + Wagner; What a combination!!! (…)
2. It is possible that nearly 10,000 people saw the concert. (…) There, for being free, had everything. (…) I must say that the choice of works was grim. I do not know who is responsible for this, whether himself or any Barenboim artistic director (…) So what does the people went to see? He orders Barenboim. The people will fall well. He has won many awards, and is recognized throughout the world (…) I want to make clear to me that the operas of Wagner I do not like. (…) In Barenboim say that I like more as a pianist. In fact I do not think anything good directs. (…) Yesterday I felt cheated.

Now, I can draw a clear picture how those sh*ts have been abusing not only Government fund but also Private donations. And all those dirty events resulted in several members, who joined professional ensemble as the worst and most cancerous member. To be honest, I hate Spanish local orchestra sound. It has color… too much and therefore sounds dirty and oily, and then it is ‘a bit’ aggressive. This is exactly why your Spanish pianist, Alicia del la Rocha, could join international level because there is no hint of Spanish characters in her pianism. This Spanish characteristics perfectly work for Meier’s best moment.

Therefore, I am now going to contact ALL EU members and advice their cultural ministers to ‘remember’ your Spanish soloist in Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008 and fire this kind of Oboe sound from their professional orchestras. Listen to his color and ensemble technique, which never listens to anyone around him. The fact that he ignores his Bassoon because it is also not good can never be his excuse. This is the exact happening in his German ensemble. A perfect member in Meier-Opera-Company. If he ever wants to return to Spain, you’d better offer him extra payments.


1. Please check Thanks, My Friends…, My Requests to Barenboim My-Previous-Messages first.

2. I was never fond of Karajan’s BPO’s horn principal, Gerd Seifert, and it was only after I heard his Wagner that I started to analyze the reason of my taste despite his greatest talent and greatest+greatest achievement. Then… again… it was days ago when I realized that this Wagner-sound was the right sound, the best sound of the entire orchestra, during Karajan’s heydays. But still, one can’t enjoy this sound all the way through from Karajan’s best performance, because the conductor frequently failed to grasp his MOMENT. There, Oboe was the most inferior ensemble technique, and constantly interfered with his colleagues’ music business. Years later however, what happened to this top-rate orchestra? This BPO’s soul suffered and suffered and finally got fired. You Spanish folks surely know what happened to your professor, Mr. Oboe.

3. Should I write more?

4. Probably, this Spanish soloist, Mr. Oboe-again, will risk his life to pretend to follow his members during the rest of his tour concerts. Then it is better to introduce the very basic characteristics of his colorful, shimmering Meier-sound.

5. I promise. He won’t make it. It’s been my life-long experience. It’s easy for ONE member to destroy the ENTIRE orchestra, but then it was impossible to restore its previous level again, especially with the wind members, unless the company fire all the bad sounds. I still don’t know why. I just assume that it’s because they are physically getting old and never remember their young performance and time only gives them more-aggressive personality. The more Schubert or Bruckner they play, the more they all sounded like Meier’s Wagnerians. How old I am? There was NO exception.

5. May I write the possibly next story? Bashkirova will be in a hurry to invite the horn principal of this Spanish guy’s German ensemble as a VIP of Jerusalem Festival and WEDO’s professor in Spain, and he will suddenly develop much worse sound than his Spanish oboe after his falling in love with your Spanish culture. This is how in Spain destroyed the ENTIRE German orchestras, which was famous for the pure timbre of its string section sound.

I hope that there will be no problem with my future mailing to ALL European countries. I will give my advice how to fire your Spanish sound from the top-rate European orchestras. Waltraud Meier was able to survive, purely thanks to the firm support of your Spanish Government. How many countries are you going to destroy more? Italy, Norway?

What I feel funny about Daniel Barenboim is that this UN Peace Enjoy rather welcomed my decision to delete Palestinian side of information from my Knesset-blog,, only to please your Spanish Government. Is he now ready for his further contract as a local conductor in Spain?

Who will be interested in these information in Spain?
Beilin (Meretz): ‘EU should absorb Palestinian refugees’ (Jul 18, 2008).
Iceland, Sweden to absorb Palestinians (Aug 6, 2008).

Sincerely yours,

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
August 5, 2008 (7:30)
I will soon send my mail to Spanish Government, but I can’t help writing this. Wherever you go, the worst/cancerous sound in professional ensemble is from Bashkirova’s WEDO, especially during Wagner performance. Furthermore, I realized last night, while posting my message in private bloggers, how bad Barenboim’s VPO at Proms 2007 sounded. They were less and less appreciating Barenboim’s conducting ability. If… Barenboim’s f*cking big mouth boasts again about what kind of professional job his Divan members got in either Germany or Mideast, I will post the exact names and contact their working place to ask their official sacking.

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
August 1, 2008 (7:40)

I heard Rattle’s BPO playing G.. Holst/The Planets. It was an accident. (Too tired to sleep… sore eyes.)

Much worse than my expectation. Now, I can understand why the BPO sounded like “totally being lost” under X-like conductor.

1. It was a typical Rattle… (there is always something common in Rattle’s best. Please listen to his VPO)… PLUS… British interpretation… PLUS…

2. If the members liked it, it’s the end of story. Then, I can’t understand the constant happenings in their live performances, because I seemed to like it and followed it despite all my sickish feeling in those days. Well, I started appreciating their level as higher than the VPO’s, to be honest. What’s their reason?

3. There was ONE moment, during which the members wanted to start their fight for ‘THE MOMENT,’ but their MAESTRO quickly killed it with UNBELIEVABLE charisma.

4. With their ‘headache’ live performances, I couldn’t imagine their Mehta performance. There should be a riot. But with this Rattle/BPO recording, I can draw a clear picture of Mehta’s BPO. They will love it.

5. I was suspecting… if Bashkirova-members received a special instruction from Sir Rattle to fool Barenboim. Now, it’s becoming my firm belief, after listening to this music business. I don’t care even if Mr. and Mrs. Rattle want to sue me for libel. I just can’t help believing that Sir Rattle wants to reign over his BPO as long as possible with Barenboim playing on his hands, and at the same time, wants to provide his singer-wife with a comfortable working place. Am I the only one, who listened to this recording? Am I the only one, who now thinks like this?

6. Time will tell. According to this recording or music business, the members, who used to create THE MOMENT, never dared to rebel against their maestro. And Barenboim also doesn’t belong to THIS MOMENT.

7. YOU DID LIKE IT, DIDN’T YOU? I’m not going to post it. I’m just not interested in Rattle’s BPO. Nor I want to provide him with more public attention. I’m just curious. Is Rattle’s Berlin going to prove a perfect British colony in near future? If so, how long will it take? Poor Furtwangler… This musician was a real German guy. He was a real German soul. I feel pity for nothing, none but Furtwangler, because I know how hard he had to work to raise the level of his German ensemble.

P.S.: No time to send my mail to Knesset. I finished updating Barenboim Loves Knesset. Did PM Olmert decide to resign? Perhaps… it’s better. I now can finish Dear-Arab-Readers as planned. I still don’t think that it’s fair for Ehud Olmert to be remembered as the most corrupt politician in Israeli history. I will soon update My Requests to Barenboim, too. (Though without money part…)

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