Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund / Spanish Culture / Barenboim’s Involvement in Spanish Politics)

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🙂 From Dear European Countries (From August 13 to Present).

5. Please check my mailing to Spanish government. I still don’t think that being elected for the wife of the Leader of Country doesn’t mean that an inferior musician receives a permission to behave as a top-famed diva. I don’t think her personal taste to worship Waltraud Meier as a Wagnerian Voice doesn’t mean that she has a right to drive her homeland into a huge Trashbin. Who knows? Spain is now famous for female power, all of whom are members of Meier-Fan-Club. When I deleted Palestinian side of information to express my anger, the Spanish government rather welcomed my decision. I’m just amazed at those unbelievable female power, which made the entire Spain a huge garbage can. However, there is still no change in my admiration for the Spanish Royal Family and their family education. Therefore, I will invite all the Spanish members of Meier-Fan-Club into Barenboim’s Mahler concert on July 10, 2009. I will prove what kind of f*cking country Her Majesty The Queen of Spain has been living in… right in front of Queen Sofia. Hope you to enjoy watching this historical music happening in Spain.


🙂 From In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Nov 24, 2008)

Barenboim’s UN concert with WEDO members on Dec 15, 2008
Following are UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks at the concert organized by Spain to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in New York: Let me thank Her Excellency Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega and the Government and people of Spain for sponsoring this concert and continuing to give such steadfast support to the United Nations. This event is a wonderful way to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its contribution to our work for global harmony and peace.

Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega: Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party politician, since April 18, 2004 the First Vice President, Minister of Presidency and Minister-Spokerperson of the Cabinet in the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. She is the first female First Vice President.

I was following this concert, because Barenboim is not the one who can organize such a thing. See… Spanish government is behind it. If His Excellency Sonsoles Espinosa’s Husband wants to join Quartet as they did weeks ago when Spain’s Zapatero took Extra Seat at G20 Summit, those cowardly characters should appear in the front line to ZIP Bibi’s Big-Mouth, instead of being busy behind scenes and therefore destroying ALL Barenboim’s contributions to Middle East Peace between Israel and Palestine. Just sick of Zapatero’s government. But then… this Spanish First Vice President looks cool… SIC! Who is UN’s Ban listening to now? Just out of curiosity; I know this Korean guy is darn busy, damn tired, however… Besides, he came from the same town as my parents’ family’s, and they are famous for dozing off during the classical concerts. I am damn curious what UN Secretary-General learned during Barenboim’s Spanish concert. *.*


IPO’s Zubin Mehta to Haaretz: In Israel, I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’ It’s endless. (Oct 21, 2008): “Daniel Barenboim does a lot in that area,” he adds, “but he has support from the government of Spain and Andalusia, where there is a dream of reviving the Golden Age when Jews and Muslims lived together, Maimonides and Ibn Gvirol together with the major figures of Muslim culture prior to the Christian conquest. Here there’s less of that.”

JIWON: Did Zubin Mehta say something? Was it to express his love of Spanish Opera House? Is this why Zapatero’s Spanish governmentwelcomed my decision to delete Palestinian side of information from my Knesset-blog and planned more and more things all behind the scenes by making Workaholic Barenboim work for His Excellency Sonsoles Espinosa’s Husband? I will check this with all the Muslim leaders in Spain. We’ll see.

Dear WORDPRESS… Don’t EVER try to meddle in MY WORK! Mind your own business!! The one above should appear in GREEN!!!

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August 13, 2008

Dear Spanish Government, (Regarding Barenboim’s Involvement in Spanish Politics)

The mail sender is JIWON, and this mail will be posted in my Music-blog,, as usual.
Unlike previous mails, today’s mail recipients include Opposition party, Partido Popular (PP) and Congreso de los Diputados. I hope them to forward this mail to Spanish First Lady, Mrs. Zapatero.

Could you please visit my blog first and read my previous mails to Spain (Aug 5-7), Italy (Aug 7), and then Israel/Palestine (Aug 12)?
When is the best time to join FACEBOOK? (Regarding my Legal Business with Yeheskell Beinisch) (From Apr 22 to Present)
Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund / Spanish Culture) (Aug 5-7, 2008).
Dear Italian Government, (WEDO in Italian Wagner Festival) (August 7, 2008).

This is Spain I’ve known for years:
1. Madrid Train Bombings led the current government to win 2004 election. They won 2008 election again.
2. Zapatero’s Economic policy during his first term was based on populism, and his government might suffer from its aftermath during the second term.
3. Spain was not happy when they failed to join Quartet and its Roadmap as an active member to meddle in Mideast affairs.
4. Whenever Ms. Rice (USA) made the most intelligent decision to handle Foreign affairs, the most sickish criticism came from Spain. They all compared it with Barenboim’s Divan-project.
5. After receiving my report about in Spain and its members’ sickish behaviors, particularly in Middle East, its local event has become a national ceremony.
6. A private letter from Spanish King Juan Carlos I to his son was so well-written that it spread throughout the world. Quite naturally, this Spanish family education was exactly opposite to what the WEDO members received from Bashkirova’s Spanish Mentors.

No matter what… Whoever misused public fund, everything was up to Barenboim. Result says that Barenboim wanted to be actively involved in Spanish politics. And he is soon going to appear in Jerusalem again as Beinisch’s puppy and insult Israeli politicians again.

I hope ALL the Spanish politicians visit my two blogs and think of the best way to lead Spain in the right way. I just want them to know that ALL my writings are open to public and I am now sending my invitation to the members of, including Spanish voters. Spanish Foreign Ministry answered that they can’t read English writing. Hence, I am curious if none of the members in Opposition party, Partido Popular (PP), Congreso de los Diputados, and Spanish members of Facebook also can read this writing.

Does Spain still want to play an active role in Mideast affairs? Please do so, however… with the exact information kept in their international-mind… PLEASE. There are things that European politicians should not interfere in, while both Israel and Palestine desperately need help from all EU members. Has Barenboim, as UN Peace Envoy, ever brought these issues to Spain?

1. Beilin (Meretz): ‘EU should absorb Palestinian refugees’ (Jul 18, 2008).
2. Iceland, Sweden to absorb Palestinians (Aug 6, 2008).
3. Spain: Israel battles Spanish arrest warrants (Aug 8, 2008).
4. Schalit Is Still Alive… (Regarding Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal) (My mail to Israel/Palestine from Jun 13 to Present).

How in the world European officials can do a better job when the Egyptian mediators cannot? Do the European intermediaries know better than Egyptians do, about what exactly happened to the three sides, Israel, Hamas, and Egypt, in recent days?

I believe there will be no problem with any Spanish politicians when I do…

1. Please check international tour schedule of Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008. With this mail, I am going to contact ALL European Government Officials to report Barenboim’s active involvement in Spanish politics. What kind of f*cking European politicians will still want to draw public attention by taking advantage of Barenboim’s naïve/stupid music-business?
2. ALL professional musicians involved in this festival band will be fired from their working place, particularly in Mideastern orchestras. I want to survive this situation and will find all the possible ways. My reason is purely musical. I hope Spanish National Institutions to offer them better job with extra payments.
3. I never knew how much the current Spanish Government didn’t like my computer work. They welcomed the present version of my Knesset-blog, which is without Palestinian side of information. Thanks, really.

Finally, I hope Spanish First Lady and her Government officials to answer my requests:

Who was behind International Event of Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008?
Elena Bashkirova? Mariam Said? Dorit Beinisch? Spanish First Lady?
Ashkar family as Israeli Arab behaved more actively after my warning mail to Palestinian Music Society, but they are in fact Bashkirova’s puppies.
Will all those FEMALE POLITICIANS insist that it was really Barenboim’s idea?

Sincerely yours,

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RE: Daniel Barenboim: Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Spanish Culture)‏
When: Aug 7, 2008 (16:54:11)
Debe enviarnos su correo en español Atte.

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RE: Daniel Barenboim: Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Spanish Culture)‏
When: Aug 7, 2008 (16:54:11)
Debe enviarnos su correo en español

August 7, 2008

Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Spanish Culture)

The mail sender is JIWON, and this mail will be posted in my Music-blog,, as usual.

Sorry for bothering you again, but I have to finish this business, and this time it is with your Spanish culture.

It was days ago when I warned Barenboim that if this f*cking big mouth boasts something about Spanish Divans again, I will seek official sacking of those members from their working places, either in Germany or Mideast. Please check Sir Rattle and the British BPO in My Request to Barenboim,



Why they sound different from Barenboim’s ‘actual’ interview in Milan with British journalist? Barenboim tried, tried to avoid British endless praising. No matter what, you Spanish Government won’t agree with me, who insist that they are all Spanish Media’s tricks. And then, this is what appeared in Spanish Web. If you need more, why don’t you ask every each mouth of 10,000 Spanish so-called fans about their exact feeling? They will prove the exact level of present Spanish culture.

Barenboim + Plaza Mayor + Haydn + Wagner; What a combination!!! (…)
It is possible that nearly 10,000 people saw the concert. (…) There, for being free, had everything. (…) I must say that the choice of works was grim. I do not know who is responsible for this, whether himself or any Barenboim artistic director (…) So what does the people went to see? He orders Barenboim. The people will fall well. He has won many awards, and is recognized throughout the world (…) I want to make clear to me that the operas of Wagner I do not like. (…) In Barenboim say that I like more as a pianist. In fact I do not think anything good directs. (…) Yesterday I felt cheated.

Now, I can draw a clear picture how those sh*ts have been abusing not only Government fund but also Private donations. And all those dirty events resulted in several members, who joined professional ensemble as the worst and most cancerous member. To be honest, I hate Spanish local orchestra sound. It has color… too much and therefore sounds dirty and oily, and then it is ‘a bit’ aggressive. This is exactly why your Spanish pianist, Alicia del la Rocha, could join international level because there is no hint of Spanish characters in her pianism. This Spanish characteristics perfectly work for Meier’s best moment.

Therefore, I am now going to contact ALL EU members and advice their cultural ministers to ‘remember’ your Spanish soloist in Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008 and fire this kind of Oboe sound from their professional orchestras. Listen to his color and ensemble technique, which never listens to anyone around him. The fact that he ignores his Bassoon because it is also not good can never be his excuse. This is the exact happening in his German ensemble. A perfect member in Meier-Opera-Company. If he ever wants to return to Spain, you’d better offer him extra payments.


1. Please check Thanks, My Friends…, My Requests to Barenboim My-Previous-Messages first.

2. I was never fond of Karajan’s BPO’s horn principal, Gerd Seifert, and it was only after I heard his Wagner that I started to analyze the reason of my taste despite his greatest talent and greatest+greatest achievement. Then… again… it was days ago when I realized that this Wagner-sound was the right sound, the best sound of the entire orchestra, during Karajan’s heydays. But still, one can’t enjoy this sound all the way through from Karajan’s best performance, because the conductor frequently failed to grasp his MOMENT. There, Oboe was the most inferior ensemble technique, and constantly interfered with his colleagues’ music business. Years later however, what happened to this top-rate orchestra? This BPO’s soul suffered and suffered and finally got fired. You Spanish folks surely know what happened to your professor, Mr. Oboe.

3. Should I write more?

4. Probably, this Spanish soloist, Mr. Oboe-again, will risk his life to pretend to follow his members during the rest of his tour concerts. Then it is better to introduce the very basic characteristics of his colorful, shimmering Meier-sound.

5. I promise. He won’t make it. It’s been my life-long experience. It’s easy for ONE member to destroy the ENTIRE orchestra, but then it was impossible to restore its previous level again, especially with the wind members, unless the company fire all the bad sounds. I still don’t know why. I just assume that it’s because they are physically getting old and never remember their young performance and time only gives them more-aggressive personality. The more Schubert or Bruckner they play, the more they all sounded like Meier’s Wagnerians. How old I am? There was NO exception.

5. May I write the possibly next story? Bashkirova will be in a hurry to invite the horn principal of this Spanish guy’s German ensemble as a VIP of Jerusalem Festival and WEDO’s professor in Spain, and he will suddenly develop much worse sound than his Spanish oboe after his falling in love with your Spanish culture. This is how in Spain destroyed the ENTIRE German orchestras, which was famous for the pure timbre of its string section sound.

I hope that there will be no problem with my future mailing to ALL European countries. I will give my advice how to fire your Spanish sound from the top-rate European orchestras. Waltraud Meier was able to survive, purely thanks to the firm support of your Spanish Government. How many countries are you going to destroy more? Italy, Norway?

What I feel funny about Daniel Barenboim is that this UN Peace Enjoy rather welcomed my decision to delete Palestinian side of information from my Knesset-blog,, only to please your Spanish Government. Is he now ready for his further contract as a local conductor in Spain?

Who will be interested in these information in Spain?
Beilin (Meretz): ‘EU should absorb Palestinian refugees’ (Jul 18, 2008).
Iceland, Sweden to absorb Palestinians (Aug 6, 2008).

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: These addresses, ; ; ; don’t work. Please check them again. Thanks.

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August 5, 2008

Dear Spanish Government Officials,

The mail sender is JIWON, and this mail will be posted in my Music-blog,, as usual.

My previous mail was on April 3, and then my mail to Berlin Mayor was on May 15. I asked Berlin Mayor to forward it to ALL EU members. Since then, I’ve been busy at updating my Knesset-blog, I am now curious how many EU members were following it. While working as Knesset-Watchdog, my respect of president of each country began to soar. I literally stuck to computer to read and think about happenings inside Israel and Palestine, and I’m just too tired to handle all of them. How come Leader of Country can deal with all the affairs inside and outside his country?

Please… I am not here to repeat my statement regarding Barenboim’s cancellation of Bashkirova’s West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra 2008. How many institutions and Media have received my Barenboim-message on April 3? The story ended there. It is now only business between Barenboim and me. (please check My Request to Barenboim,

Rather, I am here to report to you something another. Bashkirova has not been a normal sh*t while traveling all over the world as a Jewish Muse and WEDO’s mentor as well. No sooner had I suspected their abusing Spanish Government Fund, they announced Palestinian plan to build a concert hall. How much does it cost? If you follow my Knesset-blog, it’s easy to figure out how Bashkirova and her Spanish followers were able to abuse this money. Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival was run under the auspices of Yeheskell Beinisch and his wife, Dorit Beinisch, who is the president of supreme court of Israel. Unlike Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, which was full of sh*t and suspicion during Beinisch’s era, it is a private organization, which was run by private donations, so it may be okay. But I don’t think Bashkirova’s handling Spanish case will sound right.

Finally, Israeli Prime Minister decided to resign, and you know WHY… if you followed my Knesset-blog. Hence, I am now inviting ALL the ministers, including Justice Minister, to answer my curiosity. Though not expert in either politics or law, I can’t help thinking that there is nothing wrong with all the opinions of PM Olmert’s Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann. I’ve read that this is not the case of America. Can Beinisch-like politics earn public/legal/political support in European country? Especially, the present Spanish government is famous for female power. For me, this is a typical story of “When Bimbo Got a Power.” Is there something wrong with me?

Who will answer my curiosity? There are more, of course. Let’s assume that Minister of Culture is proud of Spanish music society. Then… how come members of Bashkirova’s WEDO always sound/function worse than my expectation? Whose achievement is it? Spanish culture? Or German/Russian pigs? I’m now seriously thinking to contact their working places to advise how to sack them. I also hope Her Majesty the Queen of Spain to clear her name out of disgrace.

This may be off the topic… but it was after April 3 that I realized Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía was not a national music school. Story continued…

Sincerely yours,

01 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
April 3, 2008

Dear Spanish Government and Media,
Dear Middle Eastern Music Society and its Government officials,
(Please see P.S. for the exact information about my mail recipients)

The mail sender is JIWON. If you don’t know who I am, please ask Elena Bashkirova, the artistic director of Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival and the REAL owner of .

The reason of my mailing to Spain is simple.
Maestro Daniel Barenboim will not join Bashkirova’s West Eastern Divan Orchestra 2008.

Another reason is… I will write at the end of this message. (If you think it is valuable enough, please report your Foreign Ministers not to discard this mail.)

Dear Spanish Government,
Could you please read the entire text of this mail and return to this paragraph again? Whether or not you want to solve this problem in a legal way is none of my business. Your Spanish organization has known me since the moment of its birth, and I’ve been waiting for its members to run on the right track. Now I just can’t allow Barenboim to be involved in this trashy event, which has nothing to do with his Middle East Vision and which entire music business stinks of political corruption more and more. By the time you receive this mail, your-Spanish or Bashkirova’s-Private Company already knows how to operate its WEDO-festival 2008 by themselves. I promise. They will make this event louder than ever, with the help of Maestro Zubin Mehta and all his top-famed friend-musicians.

It may sound ridiculous, but as a matter of fact, I’ve been doing this job even before your decision to support Barenboim’s ideas. Italian, German, Israeli, Palestinian, and Hungarian Government have already received my Barenboim-message. I hope the Spanish Government to join the international LAW to solve this endless story between Israel and Palestine after reading my mail to Israeli Government. Everybody, including EU and UN, welcomed my Barenboim-message. If you visit my blog, you can real all my previous mailing messages, including this one. If you know nothing about MUSIC, my second mail to Knesset in “Mail-Recipients” will be the best pace to start:

My Blog: The Art of Criticism :
My-Previous-Messages :
Mail-Recipients :

And another blog to report the real situation inside both of Israel and Palestine to those who are interested in the Politics and the Middle East Peace:
Barenboim-Loves-Knesset :

First of all, I really don’t think it is a good idea for your Spanish Government to treat Maestro Barenboim as a lovely toy to work for your local, professional ensemble. The city of Berlin tried to do the same thing, and now its entire city sounds like a shit. It stinks more and more; musically, I mean… How much do you think you should pay to hire a top-rated maestro like Daniel Barenboim? Presently, everything is beyond me. Whenever I think of Bashkirova’s Spain, I am losing my temper. Then, I have to think of terrific Spanish music lovers, whose valuable opinions allowed me to keep this work. So, I’m trying, trying to be as polite as possible while writing something to the country called Spain. (Please check my blog to know who the Spanish listener is.)

Please… It never means that Maestro Barenboim will no more appear in Spain. It will remain as a Spanish Branch, and Maestro Barenboim will happily return to conduct his Divans whenever the members prove Barenboim’s MUSICAL-or-PEACEFUL IDEAS through MUSIC; never through their spoken words or big mouths, but only through their REAL performance… I mean.

Dear Middle East, (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria)
Basically, I didn’t have to search for more information about who should receive my Barenboim-message in the Middle East, because the President of “Birzeit University” and “The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music” have already received my mail on March 10, 2008. Unlike Bashkirova’s Divans, who have nothing to do with Barenboim’s Middle East Vision and who can’t survive their pro-career without Barenboim’s international fame… while those Spanish Pigs were doing their best to realize their professional dream under Barenboim’s wing, the real Palestinians have been doing a terrific job without Barenboim. Furthermore, it took less than an hour for me to realize that the Middle Eastern Music Society is like one huge place regardless of their political leaders’ different policies.

No sooner had I started my research than I found Al-Ahram Weekly, and everything surprised me. Perhaps… my mail recipients already know what I mean.

I feel sad… Barenboim started his Divan-workshop ten years ago. What if everything was on the right track? Now, this is the only thing left in my life with this terrific human being, a female indeed; Obituary: Amal Choucri Catta (1934-2008) (6-12 Mar 2008 / Issue No. 887 / Culture), and Tribute to Amal Choucri Catta (13-19 Mar 2008 / Issue No. 888 / Culture)

I was reading Al-Ahram Weekly, and it only took minutes for me to be curious of the same author of each article, and then I found myself enjoying her deepest knowledge, multi-dimensional point of view, criticism, love of her country, and so on… I hope this sentence to be my tribute to this wonderful human being, late Amal Choucri Catta: “I hope another terrific Middle Eastern musician to fill this vacancy. If female, it would be more than terrific.”

I’ve hardly seen a better version of the Art of Criticism than the one in her articles.
Hence… I wanted to know more about Middle Eastern Music Society.
(Please see P.S. for detailed information about my mail recipients.)
This is amazing…
Each country has its own characteristics. I felt like studying the national characteristics, since it was very similar to what I found from Barenboim’s real divans from each country. If the situation allows me, I want to travel all the countries in the Middle East so that my Barenboim-message could contribute to each national culture.

True that they may be latecomers as they point out. But… and then… it could mean a more-brilliant-future-in-right-way. While Egypt boasts such a golden tradition, Lebanon has a beautiful atmosphere for the culture and the information is so well organized in Syria. What about Jordan? (Dec 12, 2007) The Hills Are Alive with Music / A look at Jordan’s National Conservatory of Music: I was one of those first 40 students whose lives were affected by the conservatory. There was a lady called Yusra Arneeta who taught music appreciation. She was the one who taught me the appreciation for the sound of the individual instruments in the orchestra. She passed away a few years ago, but the profound effect her teaching had on me has made orchestral music such a central part of my life. I think it’s amazing what the conservatory has done for so many young Jordanians. I know it will continue to grow and I look forward to the day when we will have an orchestra of the highest international standard. (From the Comment-Section.)

Dear Middle East,
What should I say? It’s my honor to write to you.

The real Palestinians have been achieving exactly what I wanted to see from Barenboim’s Divan-workshop. The real Middle East has been proving exactly what I wanted to see from Barenboim’s music society. What if Maestro Barenboim could just add his international fame to this real group? What if Musician Barenboim could travel Middle East and all over the world with this real group?

It was merely one month ago, when I started to find real Israelites while preparing my mail to Barenboim’s Israel. What if those real groups from both sides, Israel and the Middle East, meet together and work together for the Middle East Peace? It will be my honor to work for those terrific human beings.

Dear Middle Eastern Officials,
I’ve already asked Barenboim’s Israel to use Musician Barenboim in their favorite way if it exists to build the peaceful relationship between Israel and Palestine. I am now asking the same thing to the Middle East. Daniel Barenboim is always ready and it will be his honor to work for the Middle East Peace.

Could you please read my officially(?) first writings on Barenboim’s Divans? Especially the one on January 9, 2007, which is in the Category of 02.5 Divan (Sic!) in my blog?

I still remember those trashy musicians and their fucking behaviors, which music was getting worse and worse and finally much worse than those who had become a scorn of foreign-diploma holders’ big mouths because of their not experiencing foreign life.

I was already famous during and after graduation from university, and a foreign diploma was the only thing that my pro-life lacked. Please, imagine… what do you think started to happen to my life? The fact that I was not sure of my ability and wanted to learn how to draw a magic wand was another issue when I decided my foreign life to achieve the American DMA degree.

Could you please use the search button and find all my writings on Berliner Staatskapelle’s Mathias Glander when you visit my blog? Especially the information about his members’ involvement in Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival? Mathias Glander and JIWON… Each side has been sick of each other since the moment I heard Barenboim’s European ensemble. I still believe… after all these and those dirtiest happenings, Glander should be responsible for his big mouth. So am I. (21-23 May 2007) Ludwig van BEETHOVEN by Staatskapelle Berlin/Daniel Barenboim (piano-conductor) – rec. Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum.

When I first met Mathias Glander, this sound was what never followed Barenboim’s baton techniques. Couples of others were barely managing to join the ensemble. Time passed and Glander was supposed to win this decade-long game. (I’m still not sure if I could win. If so, money will be the only thing I want from Barenboim.) Now, the entire orchestra sounds like a shit and the members exactly prove how much they followed Bashkirova’s directorship. I’ve hardly heard more inferior European ensemble than this group, so I feel no need to analyze it.

I’ve read terrific articles written in the pure Middle East. Please, listen to this performance, and analyze it in your favorite way. Why don’t you compare this German group with your most inferior pro-ensemble while analyzing it? Then compare your articles with the one from Germany. Regardless of my whatever report-or-advice-or-warning, Barenboim used to believe that Glander’s Staatskapelle was the best orchestra in the world until I showed the official report, in which Europeans dropped this group out of their favorite tens. And then this naïve maestro didn’t mind working underpaid in Berlin.

Don’t you think Pianist Barenboim desperately needs a qualified orchestra to support his idea? Please listen to individual instruments. Which instrument is responding to Barenboim’s pianism? Those Pigs used to be real quick to follow Elena Bashkirova and her European friends. What do you think when those Pigs were “training” the youngsters in the Middle East? What do you think when the student becomes another pig and return to your country as a big mouth? I am suspecting if you’ve already suffered from those pigs’ trashy behaviors.

Bashkirova’s Divans always sound oily in their basic music making. I’ve never heard this kind of musician join Furtwangler’s Utopia. To be a Furtwangler disciple, the starting point should be a pure sound, whether dark or bright. Then, I drop my jaw when those youngsters sound like mature-but-limitedly-talented adults’ aging sound, with a melancholy interpretation. Their out-of-tuned ensemble is another issue, really. Just… speechless…

I’ve already received a permission to send certain sentences under the auspices of German-and-others’ Government, (see Mail-Recipients in my blog,) but in this mailing, I feel no need to borrow any fame. If you ever meet Bashkirova’s Divans, why don’t you toss them into where they learned their big mouths? Pigs should live in a pigpen. (Well… Chicago is also where they learned this. No need to worry, for the city of Chicago can afford various kinds of pro-ensembles… so far…)

I only heard Staatskapelle’s Beethoven No.3, but I never want to listen to it again. What I feel funny about this recording is that those pigs really seem to be proud of it. I promise. Glander and his members still never know how to distinguish the difference between Barenboim and Glander. Because it is hard for the pro-musicians to recognize the better sound than their own while it is easy for them to tell worse music than their present level. This is in fact how I trained my ears.

Dear Spanish Officials,
You may not know… that I’ve been watching your country for more than ten years. As a matter of fact, this is not my first Barenboim-message to Spain. Years ago, I did the exactly same thing that was simply ignored by most of those who work in Spanish Music Institutions.

Simply, I can never understand what’s been going on in your country. I grew up with the music of Alicia de Larocha, who was an idol of one of my piano-friends. Couple of decades have passed and I am now being called(?) an expert in analyzing MUSIC. I still have no problem while calling this female pianist a great Spanish musician. I still have no problem to feed my kids with this Spanish female pianism. Even in my limited knowledge, Alicia is not the only internationally famed musician Spain has produced. What’s wrong with YOU?

The facts have been simple:
1. Dmitri Bashkirov, who, despite his noisy behaviors as Barenboim’s poop, weirdly failed in earning his professorship in Bashkirova’s Paris or Berlin, or other places such as Salzburg or even Finnish music society, but was able to make his home in Spain as a foremost professor at Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía. For a while, Bashkirova was considered as Dmitri’s daughter, but as time passed, Bashkirov was considered as Elena’s father. What’s been going on in the city of Madrid?
2. Hansjörg Schellenberger, who was playing a cancerous role in dying German Orchestras and who co-founded Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival, is a principal professor in this sickish music school, Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía.
3. Members of Barenboim-Gang, who were supporting Elena Bashkirova behind scenes, really loved Spain. They could practice their techniques with the Spanish orchestras and return to their territory only to destroy its local music scene. In fact, they’ve built more-brilliant career despite the fact that the local audience was sick of their Zero-Brain-Music.
4. Finally, Zubin Mehta earned another untouchable(!) fame at Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía in Valencia.

I remember… that I had such a hard time while sending my first Barenboim-message to Bashkirova’s Spain. There were so many music schools, so many music institutions, so many professional orchestras, and so on… I never want to do this hard work again. Then… couple of years later, I happened to meet one American Student, who heard from his Spanish friends, who were having a real hard time to find a secure job in Spain, where so many professional orchestras were closing their door. I was told that they never knew which orchestra would close its door tomorrow.

Hence, I was real curious whenever Elena Bashkirova succeeded in receiving Fund from Spanish Government. And I kept wondering if Bashkirova was abusing this money. This female pianist has not been a normal shit while enjoying her party-life with her ensemble members elsewhere she goes.

No sooner had I questioned their abusing Spanish Fund than Bashkirova’s Private Company,, announced their plan to build Ramallah-concert hall during-or-after their WEDO 2008. How much do they think, do you think, it costs?

Dear Palestinians,
One forumite already gave a terrific advice to naïve/stupid Barenboim after reading the Ramallah-article. May I add something more?

If you ever receive money from Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008, please purchase synthesizer or electronic instrument first, which could function as a substitute for never-know-how-to-play-in/on-tuned woodwind in chamber ensembles. To enjoy real ensemble-techniques, the youngsters need to be trained in a right way before joining any kind of chamber ensemble. There are countless well-known stories behind legendary chamber groups about how they spent their practice time; from the string quartet to the brass quintet.

May I add one more cent? If you really want to hear top-rated horn solo-or-section sound from your professional orchestra, pick up the talented youngster and give him a freedom after making him sure of his techniques. What do you think is the important characteristics of the major orchestras’ horn principal? What do you think is the secret method of their daily practice? None of them sounds like hundred of thousands of normal guys, who were hungry for joining all kinds of chamber ensembles.

If you still have some money left, why don’t you put it to the bank until you could start something big and important project? In a situation like Palestine, where the citizens frequently suffer from various kinds of curfew, investing in education through wireless internet or Wi-Fi will be very important, especially in the world of music, where the guild system still exists and a qualified teacher should remain as a life-long mentor for the professional musicians.

The moment I found detailed information about the relationship between “The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music” and ““… well… I just lost my words. It reminded me of the relationship between Zubin Mehta and Barenboim’s Israel. While the former had achieved “unlimited” fame/wealth through his Jewish connection, the latter was treated like a beggar who learned nothing but to thank for receiving couples of manna-crumbs from Mehta’s Jewish fame. Why the Palestinian young-kids need teachers from outside in this situation, which is already rich and mature?

Then, I lost my words again. What kind of honor Daniel Barenboim has received from these real Palestinians? As I already wrote in my previous mail to Knesset, it was purity of Palestinian soul.

It was ten years ago.

Barenboim was in the LIFE magazine. Israel was celebrating its 50th birthday, and Barenboim decided not to taste its festive mood. Instead, he accepted a Palestinian invitation to a dinner with by-then-President of Birzeit University.

What about Elena Bashkirova? This pianist hurried to arrive on time when Mehta’s IPO was celebrating its 50th anniversary in Tel Aviv. Appearing as a special guest, she discussed how to open her Jerusalem Festival with the Jewish pigs, part of those who belong to Kremer-circle. Then, Hansjörg Schellenberger appeared in Jerusalem as a mentor to “teach” all Jerusalemites, but as a matter of fact, his real purpose was to rule the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra as Barenboim’s boss. But still… unlike Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, Bashkirova was considered as Kremer’s former-ensemble-partner in Germany. Where are all those real friends of Elena Bashkirova? They are gone… never want to play with this legendary accompanist for the mysterious reason. Only Kremer’s best friend plays with Bashkirova from time to time whenever Kremer warns Barenboim to take care of his second-ex.

Barenboim, who announced that he wouldn’t join Jerusalem Music Scene, was ordered to conduct Bashkirova’s ensemble years later, by Staatskapelle’s Mathias Glander, who succeeded Hansjörg Schellenberger as Bashkirova’s Advisor in Jerusalem Festival and who literally took care of Bashkirova’s Divans. Palestinians have actually seen how the Jerusalem Festival was operated and how Bashkirova appeared in Barenboim’s Ramallah and since when. This female even didn’t mind her own son destroying his native talent while commuting between Berlin and Jerusalem, between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

In 1998, Barenboim enjoyed a special dinner at Mrs. Tania Nasir’s home. Since then, I’ve been following Barenboim’s Middle East Vision, and now I really want to put those Spanish Pigs, from Elena Bashkirova to Mathias Glander and Zubin Mehta, into a jail in the name of LAW.

I know Mrs. Nasir likes me. How do I know? (4 – 10 September 2003) No ordinary concert BY Tania Tamari Nasir: (…) Like many others active in the cultural life of the community I was involved with issues dealing with normalisation. As a singer I was often invited by visiting artists and managers of cultural events from abroad to take part in “peace concerts” with Israeli artists, concerts that were to reflect goodwill and the winds of change brought by Oslo. Although I was willing to listen and appreciated the sincerity and enthusiasm of those involved I had to politely refuse such offers explaining that, although I strongly believed in the arts as a vehicle for understanding, I believed even more strongly that to be effective such a message could not be based on wishful thinking but must be embedded in the credibility of factual truths. (…) Only then will I believe in peace. Only then will I respect reconciliation. Yes, only then, when I can go freely to Jerusalem, not smuggled into the city of my birth, will I know that the conflict is resolved. Only then will I be able to fulfil a dream, to hear Daniel Barenboim’s music in Jerusalem once again, with joy and celebration, safe from the shadows of tragedy and of war that have plagued and haunted me for decades.

While reading this article, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve hardly seen as beautifully written English as this, with a strong ego. Then I started to worry. What kind of role should I play in this highly educated society? (… keep worrying… *.*) If the things are going right, Barenboim will realize his Divan-project in Argentine, too. Could I deliver what I learned in the Middle East to Barenboim’s birthplace? I just hope so.

I’m only begging… Dear Palestinians,

Have you finished all my previous messages? This is in fact a tiny part of what I’ve been doing for more than ten years. Please… if Elena Bashkirova ever appears in Barenboim’s Ramallah again, break this b*tch’s neck, please…

Dear Spanish Government Officials,

May I ask you one thing?
Presently, Bashkirova’s Divans, who are now entering in their thirties, still can find no permanent job to boast their technical perfection, except in Berlin or Spain. So, it would be terrific for the Spanish Government to establish a Real Professional Divan Orchestra so that those pigs no more have to beg Barenboim’s generosity in order to realize their professional dream. It’s a real pity when those poor mortals wonder all over the world every summer without getting any payment. Elena Bashkirova and couple of her followers were the only beneficiaries in this trashy event.

Dear My Mail Recipients,
In sum,
1. Maestro Daniel Barenboim will not join Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008. Whether or not the Spanish Government wants to solve this problem in a legal way is none of my business. I just hope Bashkirova’s Spanish Company to prove all Barenboim’s ideas through its MUSIC someday in their future.

2. I hope Minister of Foreign Affairs to visit my blog and read my mails to Israeli Government, especially the second one, which was sent to the present First Lady and future Prime Ministers of Israel. Just in case… Barenboim will behave differently. Barenboim and Israeli Government will collaborate, as long as it helps to realize Palestinian dream of Palestinian State and to build a real friendship between Israel and Palestine. I really hope all the Middle East Governments to understand the real situation inside both Israel and Palestine and join the international LAW to solve this endless story in the Middle East.

3. I hope all the Middle Eastern Wagner-Lovers to find my Barenboim-message. I hope them to accept my invitation and to participate in the history of Bayreuth. I hope Middle Eastern Divas to prove Leonie Rysanek version of Kundry and Flagstad/Nilsson version of Isolde. I really hope… my Barenboim-message to contribute to Middle Eastern Music Society. I hope Maestro Barenboim or Pianist Barenboim to be invited to these beautiful countries as a special guest.

God Bless Your Beautiful Country. (Your God, I mean…^^)

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: Please check my mail recipients in the Category of M-Middle East in my blog.

P.S.: I still have one more mail to the President of “Birzeit University. This is in fact my next mail to Barenboim’s Knesset, and my subject is Saleem Abboud Ashkar. I’m so surprised at Mrs. Nasir’s intelligent writing that I’m thinking to ask all Jewish pigs to study her English. I am now thinking that what the Jewish pigs need is what they called an education while the Palestinians only need dismantling roadblocks, which hinder the students from attending their school. But what do I do when the Hamas keeps sending suicide bombers? I was the third person, but whenever I work for Barenboim, I’m from Israel. Alas…

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