JIWON: Dear Italian Government, (Barenboim, La Scala, WEDO and Italian Wagner Festival)

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AUGUST 7, 2008
Dear Italian Government Officials,

The mail sender is JIWON, and this mail will be posted in ‘Mail-Recipients’ in my Music-blog, https://theartofcriticism.wordpress.com/mail-recipients/, as usual. I am curious how many of YOU still remember Maestro Muti’s La Scala Scandal.

1. By now, all the members of La Scala, along with La Voce del Loggione, must have known me.
2. If you check my Music-blog, My previous mail was on Feb 12, but it was for the previous Italian Government. Then my mail to Berlin Mayor was on May 15. I asked Berlin Mayor to forward it to ALL EU members. Since then, I’ve been busy at updating my Knesset-blog, http://barenboimlovesknesset.wordpress.com/. I am now curious how many EU members were following it. While working as Knesset-Watchdog, my respect of president of each country began to soar. I literally stuck to computer to read and think about happenings inside Israel and Palestine, and I’m just too tired to handle all of them. How come Leader of Country can deal with all the affairs inside and outside his country?

Please, I have two reasons to send this mail. Could you please check ‘My Request to Barenboim,’ http://barenboimlovesknesset.wordpress.com/my-request-to-barenboim/, first? I posted it in both of my two blogs.


Part of Bashkirova’s WEDO members are from Jerusalem Festival, which was run under the auspices of Yeheskell Beinisch and his wife, Dorit Beinisch, who is the President of Supreme Court of Israel. Finally, Israeli Prime Minister decided to resign, and you know WHY… if you followed my Knesset-blog. Hence, I am now inviting ALL the ministers, including Justice Minister, to answer my curiosity. Though not expert in either politics or law, I can’t help thinking that there is nothing wrong with all the opinions of PM Olmert’s Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann.

I’ve read that this is not the case of America. Can Beinisch-like politics earn public/legal/political support in European country? I know corruption and sex-scandal is everywhere, but can Leader of Country and his ex-ministers be handled in this way? For me, this is a typical story of “When Bimbo Got a Power.” Is there something wrong with me? Dorit Beinisch even blamed my computer work as Tendentious attempts and Public Slander. (Please check ‘Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison),’ https://theartofcriticism.wordpress.com/2008/07/03/gavison-beinisch-slander/. So, I am going to join all the public forums, including http://facebook.com/, to check if there is something wrong with my senses and brain. I hope all the European politicians to read my collection of Jewish articles and forward them to all their friends, who deeply care about Mideast affairs, if there is something valuable in my work.


Italian Wagner Festival
Daniel Barenboim conducts The West-Eastern Divan Orchestra at Ravello Festival. A double appointment on the 11th and 12th August in the only Italian date of their international tour. A rare unscheduled event at Ravello Festival (…) It is worthy of mention the vocal ensemble set up by Barenboim for this particular event: the mezzosoprano Waltraud Meier, considered as one of the greatest performers of Wagnerrepertoire (unforgettable her Isolden in Tristan at the 2008 opening of La Scala),

1. How many of you actually listened to Barenboim’s Tristan months ago? This German Sh*t, Waltraud Meier, destroyed this historical event and was happy about the sound of Italian orchestra, which however couldn’t prove its real level due to her sickish voice. This b*tch then flew to Spain and literally insulted Italian public in her interview. (Please check FrontPage of my Music-blog, https://theartofcriticism.wordpress.com/.) And then, despite all my insulting, this is what is happening in Italy again.

2. Please check ‘My Request to Barenboim,’ http://barenboimlovesknesset.wordpress.com/my-request-to-barenboim/, again. I already wrote about BPO’s Top. In my mail to Spain hours ago, https://theartofcriticism.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/spain/, I wrote about Meier’s Oboe. This Spanish Oboe doesn’t communicate with his Bassoon but both of them share the similar coloration. I don’t know who this Bassoon is, but hundreds of thousands of inferior Asian girls play like this, simply because their limited lung capacity studied with famed Eurotrash, which never know how to play in tune with superficial sound. If you heard of some moments of Venezuelan Simon Bolivar orchestra, you know what I mean. Barenboim has been reading my analysis of Meier, and collected Meier’s favorite instruments to prove that Italians know nothing about Wagner.

3. I was also the one, who used to believe Italy is the most inferior country. During Mehta’s heydays, the most sickish ensemble I’ve ever heard was from Mehta’s Italian orchestra. Italy was also where Bashkirova’s father found a safe teaching job. (International Piano Foundation in Griante/Cadenabbia at Lake Como, Italy.) Then, I always found international media insulting Loggioni as the most savage, rudest concertgoers. Hence, I used to believe that Italians are talented musical brains only when they live outside Italy. Well… they were not. I’ve hardly seen more intelligent comments than the one in La Voce del Loggione. (Also… Umberto Eco is one of my most favorites…)

4. Everything was up to Barenboim, and this is how this famed guy has been fooling his Italian audience. He knows how many music lovers are visiting my Music-blog, but he cares nothing. Barenboim even seems to enjoy destroying Milan tradition. Could you please think of Muti’s Milan-scandal? Barenboim finished his directorship in disgrace in Chicago, but still there is no change in his music-business. Muti never gave up his highest proud in Milan, but now in Chicago, he works like a slave. What do you think about this?

Recriminations fly as crisis engulfs La Scala (Mar 3, 2005): La Scala has edged towards offering a higher symphonic content in the programme – but Zeffirelli said this decision was jeopardising the uniqueness of the orchestra. “It is born to play opera. It is the best opera orchestra in the world,” he said.

4. Tradition is important. I keep wondering what is the exact reason of Zeffirelli’s interview. Did he just want to criticize Muti in all the possible ways? Or did he truly notice the getting-rotten sound of La Scala orchestra? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found it. I was searching for this stubborn opinion for more than ten years. I found it in Milan.

5. Please think of La Scala years later. Barenboim’s case is much worse than Muti’s, because if the latter was one-man show, the former has been feeding so many international musicians-or-pigs sticking around his fame, in the name of generosity. It takes less than a year to destroy the entire orchestra. But then, it is impossible to restore its level again… (Please see my mail to Spain.) What I feel funny about Daniel Barenboim is that this UN Peace Enjoy rather welcomed my decision to delete Palestinian side of information from my Knesset-blog, http://barenboimlovesknesset.wordpress.com/, only to please Spanish Government. Is he now ready for his further contract as a local conductor in Spain?

7. I promise. Barenboim will do his very best to destroy Milan tradition, and insist that this is from German high culture. If he keeps his f*cking big mouth, please, please kick this Jewish pig out of Italy so that he could find a safe job in Spain. It will be equivalent to his real-level. If you read my mail to Spain, you will know why Spanish ensembles were never able to prove high quality despite their hard-working.

Without this terrific place, La Voce del Loggione, I couldn’t survive. I know I am a loser, according to ‘My Request to Barenboim,’ http://barenboimlovesknesset.wordpress.com/my-request-to-barenboim/, however… I want to prove that Italian audience is not that stupid as Waltraud Meier believes.

I am in the middle of collecting ALL the e-addresses in http://www.regione.campania.it/, http://www.provincia.salerno.it/, http://www.comune.ravello.sa.it/, including Presidents of Italian Regions. If time allows me, I will send this message to ALL Italian Sponsors, who wanted to make Ravello Festival a real cultural event. Then Italian bloggers… Tomorrow, I want to start my mailing to Italian folks. If… if any of you prefer Meier’s insulting Italian public, please let me know. I don’t want my mail to be reported as spam. Nor do I want to waste my time.

By the way, how come absolutely none of Italian politicians, who were involved in Muti’s Milan-scandal, can answer Quiz in my Music-blog, https://theartofcriticism.wordpress.com/quiz/? Berlin Mayor, who is the board of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, a pure German soul, indeed, can’t. In my previous mail, I asked Italian politicians, because one question was about Toscanini’s La Scala… sigh.

God Bless Your Beautiful Country. ^.*

Sincerely yours,

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