Dear European Countries, (WEDO in Europe)

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August 13, 2008 (Revised on August 18, 2008).

Dear European Government Officials,

The mail sender is JIWON, and this mail will be posted in my Music-blog,, as usual.

On May 15, I asked Berlin Mayor to forward my mail, which was to report the exact happenings inside Israel, to all EU members. I am now curious how many EU members remembered my name, and visited my Knesset-blog, While working as Knesset-Watchdog, my respect of president of each country began to soar. I literally stuck to computer to read and think about happenings inside Israel and Palestine, and I’m just too tired to handle all of them. How come Leader of Country can deal with all the affairs inside and outside his country?

Please, I have three reasons to send this mail. Could you please check ‘My Request to Barenboim,’ I posted it in both of my two blogs; (My Music-blog) (My Knesset-blog)


Could you please visit my blog first and read my previous mails to Israel/Palestine (Aug 12), Italy (Aug 7), and then Spain (Aug 5-13)?
1. ‘When is the best time to join FACEBOOK? (Regarding my Legal Business with Yeheskell Beinisch)’ (From Apr 22 to Present)
2. ‘Dear Italian Government, (WEDO in Italian Wagner Festival)’ (August 7, 2008).
3. ‘Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund / Spanish Culture / Barenboim’s Involvement in Spanish Politics)’ (Aug 5-13, 2008).

Part of Bashkirova’s WEDO members are from Jerusalem Festival, which was run under the auspices of Yeheskell Beinisch and his wife, Dorit Beinisch, who is the President of Supreme Court of Israel. Finally, Israeli Prime Minister decided to resign, and you know WHY… if you followed my Knesset-blog. Hence, I am now inviting ALL the ministers, including Justice Minister, to answer my curiosity. Though not expert in either politics or law, I can’t help thinking that there is nothing wrong with all the opinions of PM Olmert’s Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann.

I’ve read that this is not the case of America. Can Beinisch-like politics earn public/legal/political support in European country? I know corruption and sex-scandal is everywhere, but can Leader of Country and his ex-ministers be handled in this way? For me, this is a typical story of “When Bimbo Got a Power.” Is there something wrong with me? Dorit Beinisch even blamed my computer work as Tendentious attempts and Public Slander. (Please check ‘Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison),’ So, I am going to join all the public forums, including, to check if there is something wrong with my senses and brain. I hope all the European politicians to read my collection of Jewish articles and forward them to all their friends, who deeply care about Mideast affairs, if there is something valuable in my work.


For years, there have been things that I wanted to write to Professional Institutions in European countries. I hope Cultural Minister to forward it to each of them if it is valuable enough.

1. I remember when Wagner-lovers in Google-Group expressed their sorrow at Regine Crespin’s death. They said the national funeral should be held to honor such a great voice as Crespin. I am just thinking. I only heard this great female voice, Regine Crespin, through recordings and I am just trying to imagine feminine beauty in her powerful music. Paris is where Waltraud Meier considered herself as a Wagner-Queen. Will I be able to taste this great music during my lifetime? While writing this mail to Cultural Ministers of all European countries, I tried to find this posting, but found it instead: ‘French President paid tribute to Régine Crespin’

2. In recent days, there have been a huge change in some European orchestras. It sounds tiny, but the result can be huge. I realized it while listening to their live performances. Sorry for writing this, but listening to their whole concert can set me off. The moment happens when they accompany good soloists. You hear couple of members suddenly change their sound and try to follow the soloist. (…too tired to write details…) I just hope those members to be protected so that they could develop more. After checking that those members can’t create the moment by themselves, I turn off the radio.

3. I am not thinking to contact Music Schools and Orchestras or Opera Houses. Too tired. I want to contact Ambassador of Israel to Korea as soon as possible. But I will contact individual professional musicians, especially female singers. If you really care for your youngsters… I hope Cultural Minister to take care of this business. For them, it will be a piece of cake. For me… it’s unbelievably tired job, and I am not sure if those professionals have ever trusted my words. If so, there must have been a huge difference in the performance area. I only hear talented individuals growing here, there, and everywhere, while orchestral performances sound all same here, there, and everywhere. And Waltraud Meier can boast that her Isolde is above the level of Kirsten Flagstad in front of Norwegian public, after insulting Italian public and German opera house in her Spanish interview. Bashkirova’s WEDO in Italian Wagner Festival and Norwegian Opera House were planned events by Waltraud Meier to fool Italian public, Flagstad’s Norwegian fans, and my Barenboim-message. (Please check the FrontPage of my Music-blog,

4. Days ago, I found Kirsten Flagstad’s homepage in Norway, in which I found valuable materials about this Norwegian Wagnerian Voice. I know she is a lovely diva, but her singing muscles was much… much more beautiful than my imagination. As I wrote in ‘My Request to Barenboim,’, I was not the best ear in every public forums, so I trained my ears while following all those terrific comments written there. One of them was in New-York-Times Forum and it was about Flagstad and Wagner’s Isolde. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found those materials in Flagstad-museum. It perfectly matched to his detailed description about her voice. (Though this American guy is a famous figure in public forums, I’m not sure if I could introduce his name in this pubic place.) He also wrote why inferior Isolde can survive in famous Tristan production, and at the same time why a legendary maestro desperately needs a legendary Isolde in his Wagner. I’m just thinking… It will be impossible during Barenboim’s lifetime to enjoy another Flagstad or Nilsson. Then, will it be possible after Meier’s death? Waltraud Meier destroyed even the very basic of the world of Wagnerian Music-drama. Meier’s Kundry was possible because of WoWa’s theatrical directorship. After earning Bayreuth-fame, Meier attacked WoWa and left Bayreuth. Thanks to infinite power of International media, German Meier was able to destroy all the German opera houses and finally La Scala’s historical Tristan production, and then flew to Spain only to insult Italian public and German opera house in her public interview.

5. Below is part of ‘Dear-Arab-Readers’ in my Knesset-blog, Why do you think I was able to do this job, which all the Jewish brains failed to do?
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5-6. ‘Beinisch: Media to blame for public’s loss of faith in courts (Jul 21, 2008).’
5-7. ‘When Is the Best Time to Join FACEBOOK?’ (My Knesset Mail from Jul 26 to Present)

6. Whether she is president of Israeli Supreme Court or not, this is nothing but the same bimbo’s trick favored by Elena Bashkirova and Waltraud Meier. For ten years, I had to learn how to handle all these dirty business. Waltraud Meier insulted Italian public after reading my collection of Italian Loggioni. Then Meier planned WEDO’s Wagner concert in Italian Wagner Festival at Ravello. Years ago when this bimbo-battle started, Meier boasted that her Isolde is above the level of Flagstad but quickly deleted this sentence from her homepage due to my insulting. Meier didn’t forget this and years later now, Meier planned her Wagner-event in Norway to mock my Barenboim-message by proving how much her Wagner can be praised by Norwegian public. I am thinking… Italian public is not the only one, who Meier believes is emotionally stupid enough to praise Barenboim’s German Isolde as equal to Norwegian Flagstad or Swedish Nilsson. Stupid enough to praise Barenboim’s German Kundry/Ortrud as equal to French Crespin or Austrian Rysanek. Due to this mailing business, Meier will be careful about her public interview/behavior, and all the innocent public will feel pity on this arrogant big mouth. Then what will happen next?

7. That Meier planned her Wagner-concert in Norway was not the end of this story. There are people who have been working for Meier in Internet. Whether they are Meier herself or not, Norwegian blog to countdown this Meier-Is-Above-Flagstad event was established, and was waiting for my involvement. Years ago, I had to give up my computer work after they actively interfered in my work. Could you please check ‘Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel’ (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008), In case of Daniel Barenboim and Waltraud Meier, there should be a certain Cyber-Law to handle the cases. I am now asking ALL European countries to investigate the possible future cases. No one knows when Meier will resume her arrogant big mouth and fan-club-like internet-work whenever international media praises Barenboim’s Isolde, including La-Scala production.

8. Whether or not Meier’s comical Wagner can earn commercial fame is up to individual taste. However, I am still thinking. The game should be fair. Public has a right to know what Meier was doing behind their back.

9. To protect Meier-version of Wagner, Barenboim collected orchestral members just for Meier’s voice. OR… since Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008 was planned by Meier’s Lindenoper and Barenboim was hired to play for PEACE in the Middle East… Hence, this is my decision. Please listen to individual instruments, from bassoon to oboe. If you ever want to protect your orchestra members and future Wagnerian-High-Voices, please fire all those similar human species. After finishing my mail to Spain on Aug 13, I realized that I should survive. I should find all the possible ways to fire those professional musicians involved in this festival band from their working place, particularly in Mideastern orchestras. My reason is purely musical. If… if you happened to like this music, why don’t you take those members in your ensemble and offer extra payments? This will be none of my business.


1. ‘Beilin (Meretz): ‘EU should absorb Palestinian refugees’ (Jul 18, 2008).’
2. ‘Iceland, Sweden to absorb Palestinians (Aug 6, 2008).’
3. ‘Spain: Israel battles Spanish arrest warrants (Aug 8, 2008).’
4. ‘Schalit Is Still Alive… (Regarding Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal)’ (My mail to Israel/Palestine from Jun 13 to Present).

Please forgive my rude writing. I am just too tired and not in a mood of joking. How in the world European officials can do a better job when the Egyptian mediators cannot? Do the European intermediaries know better than Egyptians do, about what exactly happened to the three sides, Israel, Hamas, and Egypt, in recent days? Here in this article, Great Britain also appears in Israeli battle with Spain. I don’t understand why it should happen in the third country.

Please… I started my Knesset-blog with a firm belief that Barenboim’s Palestinian friends are only victim in this story. I was wrong. Both Israel and Palestine were victims, in many ways. One of reasons was Barenboim’s hazy Mideast vision, which contributed to anything but Palestinian dream of establishing Palestinian State. Please check all my mails to Israel/Palestine. Dear Sirs, Am I lying?

Does each of European countries still want to play an active role in Mideast affairs? Please do so, however… with the exact information kept in their international-mind… PLEASE. There are things that European politicians should not interfere in, whereas both Israel and Palestine desperately need help from all EU members. Has Barenboim, as UN Peace Envoy, ever brought these issues to EU members, who proudly appear in Barenboim’s working place whenever international media is ready for turning on the camera?

Please check international tour schedule of Bashkirova’s WEDO 2008. It is all about Barenboim’s active involvement in Spanish politics. It was all planned to enhance public image of current government in Spain. I never knew how much the current Spanish Government didn’t like my computer work. They welcomed the present version of my Knesset-blog,, which is without Palestinian side of information. So… what kind of f*cking European politicians will still want to draw public attention by taking advantage of Barenboim’s naïve/stupid music-business?

These are FEMALE POLITICIANS involved in this international event;
1. Waltraud Meier, who wants to rule Wagner’s Bayreuth after WoWa.
2. Elena Bashkirova, who wants to seal du Pre’s everything as Kremer’s second-ex.
3. Mariam Said, who simply doesn’t now how to behave as a widow of Prof. Said.
4. Dorit Beinisch, who is president of Supreme Court of Israel.
5. Spanish First Lady.
6. Are there more?

Could you please ask those FEMALE POLITICIANS who planned this international event if you meet any of them? Was it really Barenboim’s idea?

Sincerely yours,

1. (August 13, 2008). Great Britain
2. (August 16, 2008). Dear Copenhagen Mayor and Danish Cultural Minister, (I’ve hardly seen more neatly organized cultural web-sites than yours. Still, I failed to find Government e-address, and I have to resume my work on Monday. So, I am just sending it to Danish Official Cultural Institutions. Thanks.)

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