Regina Resnik

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My Behind-Scene-Messages to the READERS
September 3, 2008

Let’s make something clear.
I confused Regina Resnik with Leonie Rysanek when I wrote last night; “NOW, I CLEARLY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ‘REGINA RESNIK’ and ‘REGINE CRESPIN’!!!!!!!!!”
So, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read her biography that she was an American mezzo. In these days, I am so tired that I frequently mis-spell or mis-read something. Something also stuck to me, because both two names share the similar first name, while I didn’t think that two legendary Kundrys’ names sounded similar. Anyway, her name was written in Korean and I had to search for the original name and not LR but RR was what I got.
Meanwhile, I wanted to find comments in the Gougle-group about Bayreuth’s Kundry 2008. Then, I realized IT, the difference between LR and RR. (BTW, it is almost impossible to find comments in Google-Group. Something is weird… But then, NYT-Forum didn’t seem to listen to Bayreuth 2008. What the hell…)
So, I thought I misunderstood. But still, I wanted to believe in my analysis of X, whose Full-Open-Voice Meier tried to overpower. So I went to Youtube to check if not Rysanek but Resnik sang the German repertoire.

Regina Resnik on Youtube
JIWON: I hope you to follow listeners’ comments with the keywords in your mind;
1. Her warm and vibrant voice, A complete singing actress, Her body language.
2. Rapturously beautiful, The golden age of the bel canto.
3. Her fine & intelligent musicianship, Magnetic personal beauty, Mania laugh, Re-studying her vocal technique, Remarkable instrument, Various transformations in her voice over the decades.
4. Fantastic diction, Expression and word, Totally gifted interpretations with intelligence & musicality, Vocal abilities & understanding & interpretation of character, Someone with both the vocal skill & the great presence/great interpretation.
5. Great costume, Nice close camera work.
6. Speaking voice, Singing voice.
7. Donna Anna, Leonore in Travatore/Fidelio, Fricka, Sieglinde.
8. Loenie Rysanek

Regina Resnik as Klytamnestra 1/3 Strauss’ Elektra
1. Zerbinetta2000 – The BEST …….she is really THE BEST !!!
2. Gigglingatagas – What delicious intention. Every expression and word is colored by Resnik’s masterful interpretation. For me, the definitive Klytamnestra.
3. JoFrSc – Yes, yes. There really is no other Klytamnestra, with the possible exception of Loenie Rysanek.
4. billyguns2 – Regina Resnik was the greatest Klytemnestra in my experience; how wonderful to have this footage! Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this treasure. Resnik was a complete singing actress.
5. gratecourt – Amazing. Apparently a 1970 tv production. A little hard to see on youtube, but I assume they’re miming? Has it ever been commercially available?
6. JIWON: If I say this is a perfect German diction, am I a foreigner? Look at her EVERYTHING; her eyes, embouchure, neck, various postures, facial expression, and so on… This is a perfect DRAMATIC DIVA.

Regina Resnik as Klytamnestra 2/3 Strauss’ Elektra
1. CyberElektra – This is some performance, fantastic diction, fabulous doors, great costume, nice close camera work, and of course extraordinary singing. Thanks for posting this. I love it loads!
2. JoFrSc – Resnik is astonishing not only for her vocal abilities, but also for her understanding and interpretation of character. Is there anybody else alive who can do this like her?

Regina Resnik as Klytamnestra 3/3 Strauss’ Elektra
1. billyguns2 – Regina Resnik in her glorious prime; she was one of greatest, most complete singing actresses of all time. She owned this role, IMO.
2. Greatfan – Kuchta, Hillebrecht and great Jean Madeira got about half an hour of ovation after the Teatro Colón in 1966. Those glorious casts ! Madeira was already ill but with enormous energy (leukemia) and the 3 ladies gave -with their acting singing – master classes in their roles. Unforgettable, my hands still ache LOLOL !!!
3. ilprincipedipersia – What madeira and Resnik had in common is that they understood that Klytenbestra is a character of tarnished magnificance. Both woman had a magnetic personal beauty that each used to great effect in this role. We see in them the woam Klytemnestra should have been where it not for the guilt. They were great
4. Nachtgreifvogel – The Great “Gladys Kuchta” … what a Dramatic Soprano … Incredible Singing. And I love Regina Resnik too … one of the greatest Klytämnestras. Thanks for this rare Videos
5. ACHSgrad – No one ever did that manic laugh like Regina Resnik; it still gives me chills. One of the great singing actresses of our time.

Regina Resnik – Falstaff Act II, Scene 1
1. Aidan55 – Magnificent! The way she dots the rhythm in ‘but her husband is jealous,’ her body language – the whole package is without equivalent. Brava diva!
2. Verdiez – It really should be sung in Italian, the way it was written.
3. Mariosergio61 – Right. In Italian it is even better.

1. pearlmuth3 – Thanks for this and great sound, Resnick always has something good to say in interviews, nice to hear London speak, almost a tenor like speaking voice.

Regina Resnik – Liaisons from A Little Night Music
1. pjcgatsby – resnick is irresistible. her delivery is pitch perfect. i found gingold’s rendition delightful but not particularly resonant the way resnick’s is. both are great. thanks to sondheim for this wonderful piece.
2. pete422188 – `BRILLIANT. This woman is proof that some classically trained opera singers are in fact capable of handling musical theater well.
3. zachary50 – X sang the song Resnick performs it. she understands it and acts it. resnick also gets the humor of it and is connected to what she is singing.
4. berliitaWhat diction! Superb interpretation!
5. DannyHiggs – Between her brilliant comic timing and the perfectly round timbre of her voice, this is probably the perfect performance of this song.
6. altodivo – What a genius. Her timing and delivery is perfection, and she knows how to use what is left of her voice to perfect effect.
7. JIWON: Her diction sounds different. This is not because she sings in English. Just listen to her singing basic vowel sound. Her skills during her heydays doesn’t sound like this. Everything is same, except… This is when she lost her lung and air. It doesn’t sound great any more. She just sings with her fame. However, this vocal technique is still far superior to Meier’s comical diction and disgusting acting.

“A Weekend in the Country” – A Little Night Music
1. dlweiss – This song demands perfect diction, split-second timing, the ability to maintain your own notes and tempo while others around are singing completely different bits, subtle and complex acting, and an effortlessly strong singing voice from all involved. That this group pulls it off with such seeming ease is a tribute to their brilliance and commitment.

Regina Resnik as Carmen – Chanson Boheme
1. courtneybaritone01 – I wish she could be heard as a soprano. She was AWESOME in soprano repertoire. I have a live performance from the 50s on which she sings Mamma Morta and it’s the best rendition I’ve heard. The only one who comes close to my ear is Aprile Millo. Resnik was a great soprano- as a mezzo she was kool.

Regina Resnik sings “Ernani involami” (1944)
1. Voluptuossa1234 – Oh, goodness! For a mezzo, she had no problem getting right up there in the high notes with ease! Brava!
2. foropera – Well she was considered as spinto at that time.
3. Voluptuossa1234 – When did she begin do mezzo roles? Was it in her later years?
4. foropera – No, not lately. I think it is around 1955,(she began in 1942) that she turned to dramatic mezzos with equal success, after a year of re-studying her vocal technique. She didn’t feel at ease with the soprano tessitura.
5. Cramnella – Madame Resnik is my favorite mezzo and I have wanted to hear her soprano voice for a long time. I could not have imagined how supple the voice was when she was a baby! What a spectacular treasure she was and is! Thank you Foropera!
6. Heraopera – La Resnik has been a special tiger from the forrrests of sibiria… -dont know exactly from Russia the family… BRAVA! And she has been one of the best Frickas and Sieglindes – totally gifted interpretations with intelligence and musicality! Not like today this awful sopranos many time do only their jobs…! The 3rd dimension is in this singing! BRAAAAAAAVA!
7. urherman – Resnick at the beginning of her extraordinary career was simply the greatest young spinto of her generation. Listen to her magnificent Sieglinde also her Leonore in Travatore, Trained by obviously great teachers and gifted with a superior intelligence she was a finished artist by the age of 22. A voice of great warmth, interpretive sensitivity, and technique to burn. Resnick was the great American singer of her generation
8. wobblatura83Really really remarkable instrument
9. pjcgatsby – it’s an eery magical experience to hear the various transformations in her voice over the decades. her performances on youtube cover over 50 years on youtube-culminatging with liasons from a little night music. thanks to all those who have posted them.

Mon coeur s’ouvre á ta voix
1. Homoclassicus – Resnik’s was the first reading of “Mon coeur s’ouvre” I’ve heard. Till now I think she’s one of the interpreters who got the most to convey that mixed sense of seduction, magic and danger this aria expresses. Resnik’s voice has lots of rich colours, a deep low register, vibrant higher notes, all the qualities that makes for an irresistible Dalila.
2. jplaura02Rapturously beautiful!
3. Cramnella – My favorite Mezzo by a mile.
4. giusalu – Voce stupenda e stupenda interpretazione
5. maomettoII – That’s unbelievable! She is the best! And I am the lucky one who had the chance to join one of her master classes. This is art which is missing “today”.
6. jonytrapalhony – I completely agree with you. Nowadays, its extremely difficult to find someone with both the vocal skill and the great presence/great interpretation.
Sadly I do believe that the golden age of the bel canto is over. Thank god we still have pavarotti recordings, freni’s, tebaldi’s, and so many more!
7. JIWON: Isn’t that a perfect description of Kundry? Then, I realized that the posting I found last night was right. There were both Resnik, the American mezzo, and Rysanek, the Viennese soprano. And then, I still have no idea about the difference between two legendary Kundrys, Regine Crespin and Leonie Rysanek.

PHOTO-Title: Birgit Nilsson and Regina Resnik relaxing during a recording of Elektra at the Sofiensaal, Vienna , Spring 1966 . (Nilsson , Swedish soprano , b . 1918 , Karup . Regina Resnik , American soprano , b . 1922 , New York .): There is a fee for any use. This is not a source of free images.

Quoting Regina Resnik:
“Most singers take Carmen too seriously in the first two acts. They think they have to act sexy. They don’t – they have to BE sexy.”-Regina Resnik

(b New York, 30 Aug 1922). American soprano and mezzo-soprano. She was engaged by Fritz Busch to sing Lady Macbeth in New York in 1942; she also sang under Kleiber in Mexico City. She made her Met début as Leonora (Il trovatore) in 1944; her roles there included Leonore (Fidelio), Donna Anna and Sieglinde, which she sang at Bayreuth in 1953. Her voice changed to mezzosoprano in 1955; thereafter she made a successful Covent Garden début as Carmen (1957), also singing Clytemnestra there, and she appeared in Vienna and at other continental opera houses. She was noted for her warm and vibrant voice and her fine, intelligent musicianship. She produced operas in Hamburg and Venice in 1971.

Resnik’s recordings include
1. Die Walkure (conducted by Clemens Krauss, Bayreuth Ring 1953),
2. Vanessa (conducted by Dimitri Mitropoulos, 1958),
3. Tristan und Isolde (conducted by Sir Georg Solti, 1960),
4. Die Fledermaus (conducted by Herbert von Karajan, 1960),
5. Carmen (1963), Falstaff (conducted by Leonard Bernstein, 1966),
6. Elektra (with Birgit Nilsson, 1966-67),
7. Salome (with Montserrat Caballé and Sherrill Milnes, 1968),
8. The Medium (with Judith Blegen, 1968),
9. Un ballo in maschera (with Luciano Pavarotti and Renata Tebaldi, 1970),
10. and Pique-dame (with Galina Vishnevskaya, 1976).
11. In 1999, VAI released a 1966 performance of Elektra from New Orleans, which also featured Inge Borkh and Audrey Schuh.

As of 2006, she is living in her late husband’s artist’s studio near Carnegie Hall in Manhattan, and sponsoring a series of musical programs with Jewish themes. Per the New York Times (May 5, 2007), Ms. Resnik is the artist in residence for Mannes College the New School for Music in New York City, where she spends over a month each year with young students.

Is she a JEW?

Anyway, Regina Resnik makes me crazy. Her voice makes me wet. Her interpretation makes me cry. This is what I didn’t mis-spell in my message last night. Does it mean that I am a lesbian? Has this female singing no power to seduce her male partner? I am definitely not a lesbian. I hate female skinship…


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