Dear Barenboim’s Son

DECEMBER 8, 2008

To Michael Whatsoever,

It all started with you.
It all started after I asked Daniel Barenboim to take care of his son if his marriage to du Pre was not a part of his political project to develop his professional career under du Pre’s fame but based on fidelity between the two lovers. I just… wanted to do this, because du Pre told me everything through her music; what she wanted to do with her life, especially with her only lover. Music was not the only thing. Being a top-famed musician was rather a secondary issue… but du Pre herself was not behaving as a qualified wife while struggling with her illness. What if du Pre were still alive somewhere above to watch Barenboim and his sons? Is it their fault to be born illegitimate kids of whatsoever? I’m not sure if du Pre was Barenboim’s only lover, but I know who was the only lover for a legendary female musician, du Pre.

It was ten or eleven years ago, and you are the best one who knows what’s been happening to Barenboim, your brother and you since that day. But then… you are still the only one who doesn’t know what means Garbage and Sh*ts around you? Do you really believe that your father knows nothing about it? Now, I clearly know the most disgusting thing I’ve done in my life was to ask Barenboim to take care of Elena Kremer’s whatsoever belongings. No matter what, Gidon Kremer and his members were supposed to take care of their inferior pianist. Then, why they have never done the same thing to their boy? Have Zubin Mehta or Pinchas Zukerman done something for Barenboim’s son while they were damn busy at communicating with Gidon and Elena Kremer behind the scenes?

🙂 Dear Barenboim’s Son (This writing will appear if ‘Bashkirova+Barenboim’ refuse to take off all their clothes in their Duo concert)

Who is your grandfather? Enrique Barenboim or Dmitri Bashkirov?
Answer me, please.

I hope to get your answer before I start my mailing to professional musicians. I also hope to start my next message with this word; ‘Dear Barenboim’s son,’

However, don’t get me wrong, please. I am NOT interested in anything but my life. Nor I am interested in anything but Daniel Barenboim. I will welcome your whatever decision. You can’t choose both. Of course, there will be more in this section, much more disgusting stuffs, if this writing will have to appear in public place…

Below is my message to Elena Bashkirova. Please forward it to the Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival, who will share it with the Supreme Court President, Dorit Beinisch:

Now, I clearly know how and why Barenboim was attacked by Kach members in 2002 and received a death threat in 2008. Now, I also know those Kach members are no different from Barenboim. Both are real Jews, who always risk their life for the better future of Jewish State. What have both of Bashkirova and Beinisch done while those were willing to sacrifice their life? Pelting-Salad or Death-Threat? Both of Bashkirova and Beinisch were two heavenly B-I-T-C-H-E-S who deserved it. I know Bashkirova is stupid, but Dorit Beinisch was sure that those real Jews would target Barenboim instead. By then, I was working as Barenboim’s official partner, regularly sending my Jewish/Palestinian report to both Knesset and White House, and Barenboim literally forgot about Bashkirova’s Jerusalem life and proudly mentioned my work in his interviews that it would anyway save his Jewish life. Folks just misunderstood it as Bashkirova. Years later, Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival proudly stole all my hard working and everybody remembers it as Bashkirova’s Salad-Scandal. How can I forget this…

Bashkirova surely remembers her interview during the early days of Jerusalem Festival. I know this is a zero-brain, so she should ask German media to check her own big-mouth, perhaps. Barenboim made it clear that he can’t run his Divan-project in Jerusalem for a specific reason. What did Bashkirova do right at that moment? Appearing as Kremer’s ensemble partner, she compared her Kremer-Festival with Barenboim’s Divan-workshop, then declared that her work for P-E-A-C-E is in Jerusalem and IT should be right in the city of Jerusalem. Couple of years later, Bashkirova started to steal all Barenboim’s achievement. Bashkirova’s members still miss the taste of wine from the Golan height, don’t they? Where are those members now?

A decade later now, Barenboim says again; ‘the Divan is deeply nonpolitical in the end and it’s not in any way linked to the situation in Israel and the occupied territories.’

Then, it is easy to imagine the biggest mouth of Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival and her political divan-members, isn’t it? But this time, this female would want to behave as Barenboim’s second-ex. Why not?

Still… I am damn curious why not Barenboim but rather Barenboim’s Angels have been encouraging my computer work after I resumed it. Those Angels could do everything… except providing Barenboim further contracts with major opera/symphony orchestras, couldn’t they? Then, according to Cecilia Bartoli’s interview and Bashkirova’s getting-noisier public behaviors in front of international camera men, I was supposed to be buried as planned. But then, their only mistake was to assume that I would ‘think and behave’ just like them. What a poor cat… I am still the one who can manage a happy life without Barenboim. That’s the difference between those cats and me. I’m not even sure if I should call them cats, when both of them look like quite grandmas.

Still want to behave as Barenboim’s whatsoever? As a matter of fact, there is a way.

Please check
🙂 Members of Bashkirova-Gang

Everybody clearly knows what kind of f*cking job Dorit Beinisch has done during Bashkirova’s Jewish days. Please look around and count all the Garbage and Sh*ts they left. How many members, all of whom are internationally top-famed, promised Bashkirova to come to Jerusalem for nothing? Do both of Bashkirova and Beinisch want to work for P-E-A-C-E right in Jerusalem? There’s more to do.

Summon all of them and go to Settlement area. Play for them and prove power of music. How many candles did Bashkirova use to prepare Memorial Concert for Edward Said in 2003? Use more. Prepare them as many as possible. Make a music scene as romantic as possible. Please imagine settlers’ peaceful reactions. They will prove power of music even before they face the Government’s ‘evacuation’ orders. Everybody will peacefully remember who is Edward Said, what he wanted from his Jewish friends.

Summon all the members and go to Sedrot. To Ashkelon, as well. Hamas will send more and more rockets, but Israeli Government has no money to ‘completely’ protect them. Play for Beinisch’s kindergarten kids and their Jewish mothers, whenever they suffer from Hamas’ rockets and their hatred of Barenboim’s government thickens. Those poor folks will prove the power of Bashkirova’s music. Power of music… This is what Bashkirova used to insist while boasting her big-mouth to brainwash all Barenboim’s Jewish young talents, isn’t it?

The Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival and Supreme Court President surely know there are more places to go… They also know they should NEVER stop their work for P-E-A-C-E until both Israel and Palestine finally live in peace.

I can still NEVER understand why Jewish Muse should travel all over the world when her Jewish poors madly needs power of her music. Yearly event for just two weeks? They need it for 365 days a year.

So sick of those B-I-T-C-H-E-S…

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