Members of Bashkirova-Gang

PART of Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008

1. Jewish pigs: All the members knew my computer work from the moment of their joining Kremer-Gang.

1-1. Guy Braunstein: Concertmaster of Rattle’s BPO. This guy knew… Perhaps, I should ask JP-or-Haaretz about his Furtwangler interview, in which he ‘proudly’ explained that the BPO’s new member doesn’t have to know this old fame.

1-2. Jerusalem Quartet: So busy at following Gidon and Elena Kremer while boasting arrogant big-mouth in their interview, in which they appear as Barenboim’s protégés.

1-3. Asher Fisch: Perhaps, I should post this article only. So busy at finding his job outside Israel in recent years; Fisch left the Israel Opera after accusing General Director Hana Munitz of making decisions while ignoring artistic considerations

1-4. Yefim Bronfman: Original member of Jerusalem Festival. Somehow, he never returns to Bashkirova circle. He’d just been busier with Dmitri Bashkirov. As long as he doesn’t chase Barenboim’s performance career, nothing matters to me.

1-5. Mischa Maisky: Whenever Elena Kremer needed Barenboim’s attention, Gidon Kremer joined this b*tch, then this Cellist followed Kremer. But unlike Kremer, this Jewish guy was not able to find his place in Barenboim’s performance schedule. Please ask him why. Anyway, during the early period of Jerusalem Festival, this Duo’s ‘Body-Language’ was so special that Jewish music critics looked in awe of their performance. As long as he doesn’t chase Barenboim’s performance career, nothing matters to me.

1-6. Saleem Abboud-Ashkar: Is this pianist an Israeli Arab or a Palestinian? Thanks to this limited talent with rotten snake-like eye and its trashy, arrogant big-mouth, I learned that I should help specific Israel Arabs only, who prove their Israeli patriotism. Helping snobbish opportunists will only contribute to self-destruction of Jewish State.

1-7. Deleted posting in Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag: I feel no need to send my mail to the WEDO’s Principals and their core section members. They are hopeless. Even now, they are playing the most cancerous role in their working place. What I feel funny is that the members of ‘Secret Society’ has been more busy behind the scene… I only send it to the mere members. Perhaps, among the brilliant Solo Winds of Bashkirova’s WEDO, one Jewish flute should receive my mail. The most superficial flute sound I’ve ever heard. Though a normal listener rated it as quite-normal in his Youtube, wondering the reason of his Barenboim concert, I can say that this is the most special flute sound, which can never make a full-bodied sound in a real orchestra. Watch his standing posture. This Jewish flute was one of Bashkirova’s busiest pigs, but I used to feel pity on his poor talent and tried not to mention his name in public. Then, I read British folks’ sudden praise of this flute and at the same time Kozena, as Sir Rattle’s crazy love. There must be some reason, concerning their future career. I promise. He will know how to answer my question why his flute sound floated most freely when the rest members made the ugliest string, wind, and brass sound. I’ve never heard this comical flute sound before. Just in case, this is his girl friend. Please imagine this guy’s big mouth either to his girl or to their students. In those days, all my daily behaviors, including my phone conversation, was wiretapped or reported to someone-above. So, I had to violate their privacy, either. Whoever he was, whether so-called friend or not, they suddenly hung up the phone whenever I started to mention their private life. I promise. This couple will welcome public attention.

1-8. Nikolaj Znaider: Perhaps the busiest ‘brain to think & count’ since his involvement in Jerusalem Festival; ‘I was happy with Maestro Mehta but received the worst review. What should I do?’ or ‘Should I put Jerusalem Festival in my professional resume this year or not?’ or ‘Should I volunteer for Barenboim’s Divan concert? I am enough famed, aren’t I?’ or ‘Bashkirova sticks around Michael Barenboim. Should I stick around Daniel Barenboim?’ and so on… What a comical boy. Elena Bashkirova claims that this is a real discovery of Jerusalem Festival. Don’t you think he should prove his ‘real’ respect first if he wants to grow into a ‘real’ musician; by traveling all over the world with his ‘real’ mentor and making commercial recordings with a pianist who still firmly believes in her talent in chamber music? Honesty is the best policy. How old is this fiddler? I am not a manager stupid enough to stick around unstable interpretation instead of digging younger talent, which will grow into a ‘real’ jewel under Barenboim’s fame. Hadn’t he forgotten my sincere promise to Bashkirova that I will NEVER steal any of her jewels?

1-9. There are others, too, but somehow they never appear Bashkirova’s tour concert. If they ignore my further warning, I will post their names, too.

2. International pigs:

2-1. New members of Ensemble Wien Berlin: No need to make further writing on this team. I’m just curious. Am I the only one who hear THIS from THIS team?

2-2. Dale Clevenger and Friends from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Go to hell. By the way, when this CSO’s boss will invite Matthias Glander to fill their Clarinet principal to prove MUSIC?

2-3 don’t analyze Rattle’s BPO: Daniele Damiano (bn) and so on… among them, Emmanuel Pahud is the most comical case. This flute was a real thing in Abbado’s dying BPO, so I asked all his seniors to follow their flute sound. Please imagine this pig’s behaviors after that day. Not only he lost his golden sound… he is now nothing but a second-rate orchestra flute. No need to analyze Rattle’s BPO anymore. Perhaps, he could enjoy more fame as a brilliant soloist.

2-4. Madeleine Caruzzo: Perhaps the poorest character in this story. She claims to be the first female member in Karajan’s BPO. If you study a bit about history of French orchestra and its brilliant female members and Karajan’s BPO, you know how she was able to get her Berlin job, as a second fiddler. Anyway, she wanted to prove her real friendship by coming to Jerusalem every year, but Elena Bashkirova has never published her name in professional resume while travelling all over the world as a Jewish Muse.

2-5. Karl-Heinz Steffens (cl): Though he left the BPO, I don’t analyze Rattle’s whatsoever instrument. If you happen to adore this extremely superficial interpretation, please chase his performance schedule. Perhaps, you should directly ask him how he got involved in Bimbo-Battle. What is funny in this story is that all the brilliant soloistic clarinets, which used to destroy ensemble business of their orchestra members, joined Jerusalem Festival.

2-6. Kolja Blacher, Wolfram Christ, and so on: The members, who have been leading Abbado’s dying BPO. Since that moment, those pigs have been real busy at following my analysis while proving bottomless failing whenever enjoying their friendship with Elena ‘Kremer.’ They always disappear from Bashkirova-gang whenever I resume my computer work, but hastily return to Jerusalem whenever I die.

2-7. Members of Barenboim’s Staatskapelle: Matthias Glander (cl), Felix Schwartz (va), and so on. Original members of Glander-Trio. No matter how much they’ve been playing cancerous roles in this German ensemble, why should I waste my time to write about this music? There are more, of course, and those will be fired step by step.

2-8. Robert Holl (basse): Please check My Requests to Barenboim & Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag. What is funny in this story is that ALL the Berlin pigs/voices, which came to Jerusalem for nothing, developed Holl-like voice.

2-9. François Leleux (hautbois): French Ob, This guy shows no hint of genuine posture as orchestra w.w. player, but he was able to get a solo position in the Bavarian radio S. orchestra after his involvement in Jerusalem Festival. He left anyway, and now works as a brilliant soloist. So, no need to analyze anymore. Just… when is he going to make a commercial recording with this historical accompanist, Elena Bashkirova?

2-10. Gerard Causse (French va): Original member of Gidon and Elena Kremer. This guy made quite recordings. Listen to string accompaniment when this soloist sounds rich. Why should I write more?

2-11. Pascal Moraguès (French cl): Solo Cl of Paris Orchestra. Typical superfluous/floating orchestral wind sound. Please tell me. Does this guy sound well-blended & in-tuned whenever his ensemble partners play MUSIC? This is what he insists; Barenboim says bla-bla and Boulez says bla-bla. This is why the solo horn of HIS orchestra never appreciated Daniel Barenboim as a great maestro. This is why one of the poorest solo horn was from Boulez’s Paris ensemble. Sorry for saying this. But I can’t lie. I am still curious. What exactly happened during Barenboim’s Paris scandal? MORE in Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO.

2-12. Klaus Thunemann: Please check My Requests to Barenboim. I was a music student who thought… when I heard his recording from the radio; “why the classical radio airs this superficial music? This guy always plays over-tuned performance with cheap coloration.” I was dumb, because all the bassoon students told me that his fame is their dream. Some later, I heard again about miserable life of horn professor at his music school. When I happen to mention this story, Bashkirova was in a hurry to invite this top-famed Eurotrash into Jerusalem, and this is what happened in Youtube. In these days, only pop-musicians have ears to complain classical musicians’ out-of-tuned performance. I experienced this happening three times and all were from pop musicians:

This video has been removed due to terms of use violation Posted by Akkordi
Comment 1: is this from 2005?
Comment 2, Jazz musician: Terrible intonation from the bassoonist, vibrato out of control and throws off intonation. / January 15, 2008
Comment 3, MusiGuy07: What was terrible about it? I’m a professional bassoonist, and I could find nothing wrong with this performance. In fact this group is very good! Just too bad the video was cut off abruptly. (Another comment in mov.3: The bassoonist – Mauricio Paez – holds the principal bassoon position of the Israel Camerata-Jerusalem and is the Head of the Winds Faculty as well as bassoon teacher at the Rubin Academy of Music at the Tel Aviv University and also teaches at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, Givat Ram.)

2-13. Marie-Luise Neunecker (Hn): I know nothing about this horn. I only read New York Times, according to which this horn should prove the dullest sound in a dying German Orchestra. Who knows? This music critic could be perfectly right… I still feel weird whenever I read her resume… Erich Penzel?

2-14. Radovan Vlatković (Hn): Professor of horn at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria and at the Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia in Madrid, Spain. When is he going to return to Jerusalem with his Kremer members and Ensemble-Wien-Berlin? When this guy suddenly disappeared from Jerusalem-scene after ‘finishing’ all these and those comical behaviors, I didn’t know how to feel; should I feel disgusting or comical when I hear American b*tch’s Korean puppy ‘hilariously’ missing the note while playing ‘under’ this top-famed professor, who just mastered chamber music technique ‘under’ Elena Bashkirova’s pianism. Is this why the Salzburg ensemble sounded dull, duller and dullest? I didn’t know that. Surely, this brilliant soloist knows nothing about orchestra performance, doesn’t he?

There are more, of course. But I don’t make unnecessary or hopeless folks receive public attention, which is what they wanted when they join Elena Bashkirova and Gidon Kremer.

Members’ list according to Elena Bashkirova
Adi Morag
Adina Haroz
Alex Klein
Alexander Fine
Alexander Vinogradov
Amichai Grosz
Amir Lavie
Anastasia Klevan
Andrei Pushkarev
Angela Denoke
Antje Weithaas
Antoine Tamestit
Asaf Maoz
Asaf Roth
Asher Fisch
Asi Matathias
Avital Handler
Ayelet Kabilio
Ayelet Karni
Baiba Skride
Barbara Ann Schmutzler
Barnabas Kelemen
Benny Sluchin
Bishara Harouny Boris Brovtsyn Boris Kertsman Brigitte Engerer Bruno Schneider Carmel Quartet Carolin Widmann Chang Li-Kuo Christian Jost Christian Poltera Claudia Ajmone-Marsan Claudio Bohorquez Claudius Popp Dale Clevenger Dan Moshayev
Daniel Cohen Danjulo Ishizaka Danny Erdman David Geringas David Kadouch David Tenenbaum Dzeraldas Bidva Elena Bashkirova Eliron Cziger Emmanuel Pahud Eran Reemy Erlenbusch Quartet Eyal Cohen Felix Schwartz Frans Helmerson Gabi Shefler Gary Hoffman Gautier Capucon Gidon Kremer Giedre Dirvanauskaite Gili Schwarzmann Gittit Boasson Gregor Witt Guy Ben Ziony Guy Braunstein Guy Eshed Guy Manheim Hanan Feinstein Hed Yaron-Meirson Heiner Sanwald Hezi Nir Ilan Schul Ilya Shwartz Ishay Lantner Jana Gandelmann Jerusalem Quartet Johannes Moser Jonathan Biss Jonathan Gilad Julia Deyneka Julia Fischer Julian Bliss Julie Risbet Karl-Heinz Steffens Katalin Kokas Kathrin Rabus Keren Lipker Kirill Gerstein Klaus Thunemann Kremeratini Quartet Kristine Blaumane Kyril Zlotnikov Lang Lang Latica Honda-Rosenberg Lawrence Foster Lev Loftus Madeleine Carruzzo Marie-Luise Neunecker Marija Nemanyte Martin Helmchen Matan Gilitchensky Matan Porat Mathieu Dufour Matthias Glander Mauricio Paez
Michael Gurfinkel Michal Friedlander Michal Mossek Michelle De Young Mihaela Martin Mina Seidman-Haas Miriam Fried Miroslava Kotorovich Mischa Maisky Mor Biron Moshe Aharonov Moshe Aron Epstein Nabeel Abboud Ashkar Nabil Shehata Nicolas Altstaedt Nikolaj Znaider Nir Erez Nitzan Bartana Noam Buchman Nobuko Imai Ohad Shachar Oleg Maisenberg Oleksandr Lagosha Olga Rexroth Orfeo Mandozzi Ori Kam PercaDu Petra Schwieger Rafaello Majoni Rashelly Davis Renaud Capucon Robert Holl Roi Shiloah Rolando Villazon Roman Trekel Roni Gal Ed Saleem Abboud Ashkar Sarah Elbaz Sebastian Noack Shahar Livne Shai Feldfogel Sharon Cohen Sharon Polyak Shira Majoni Shira Raz Shiraz Ben Yehuda Sivan Magen Stella Doufexis Stephan Rugamer Tatjana Vassillieva Timothy Park Tomer Yariv Ula Ulijona Uri Arbel Wosner Shai Xenia Jankovic Yael Kareth Yevgeny Nezhynets Yevgeny Yehudin Yizhar Karshon Yoel Abadi Yoel Greenberg Yoni Gertner Yuval Shapira Zvi Plesser

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