Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008

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Please check
🙂 Members of Bashkirova-Gang

This is a list of Bashkirova musicians. I didn’t write all the names, for there are so many victims, who were just busy at rushing to Jerusalem Festival in order to shake hands with Daniel Barenboim. These are core members, most of whom are members of Kremer-gang. You’re welcome to chase them. IF… if this female pianist ever appears in YOUR territory, please break this b*tch’s neck.

🙂 From Dear Barenboim’s UN, EU, and First Lady of Israel (My Knesset Mail on Mar 10, 2008)
(…) I happened to advise Bashkirova to behave as a true Jew if she still, really wanted to remain as a Jewish Muse. Please click (Feb 20, 2007) Boulez & DB: “Mr. Kremer is also a Jew. Whether Bashkirova is Kremer’s second ex or a mother of Barenboim’s illegitimate kids, she can remain as a Jewish Muse as long as she wants to. There are still so many things for an artistic director of Bashkirova Festival to do for the beggars, who desperately need her music for nothing. Planning three concerts a day in all the orphanages, kindergartens, music classes of all the schools, the soldiers’ camps, and senior asylums. Even in the Knesset, where the genius politicians, who are suffering from the general dementia, hunger for the mental therapy through music. I don’t understand why she just roams the world and destroy all Barenboim’s fame, instead of sticking around her Jerusalem market and contribute the music business there.”

🙂 From Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag
According to the Rule of this Bimbo-Battle, (…) This is what I am sure of. Elena Bashkirova and Gidon Kremer will be in a hurry to invite this whole group, which will rush to Jerusalem for NOTHING, and Barenboim would have to accompany/conduct their music, because President of Israeli Supreme Court needs to enjoy this happening to clear her husband’s criminal record. Maestro Mehta knew how to support this yearly event by clearing the IPO’s September schedule. (…) Meanwhile, Bashkirova’s another Jewish pig was waiting for the golden opportunity to take over Meier’s Lindenoper in case Barenboim announces his departure. (Am I writing a novel? Why do you think Meier was able to provide Barenboim with a sudden contract to perform in Italian Wagner Festival, even after (…) All their concern was to aggravate my anger and made me write my open analysis of Barenboim, who will play FOR them in all the planned events. This is why I had to request Barenboim to fill his Staatskapelle with the members of Bashkirova’s WEDO before his departure, or to FIRE ALL BASHKIROVA’s MEMBERS.

🙂 From In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Nov 24, 2008)
I had to accept the real face of Israel. When I started to feel that I am not reading the Jewish articles but a cheap COMIC-Book, in which human life could be handled as a mere toy, I could accept everything. Then, there were something more. This writing started on October 2 and I found the two articles on the same day, on October 24. As I wrote before, (somewhere in my Knesset-blog), the Haaretz tried to hide Mehta’s article and it was a secret message to Beinisch’s Secret Society… that Daniel Barenboim will anyway behave under Mehta’s detailed instruction. IPO’s Zubin Mehta to Haaretz: I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’

🙂 From Dear European Countries (From August 13 to Present).
🙂 From Dear Barenboim’s Son (Dec 8, 2008) (Part of writing will appear if ‘Bashkirova+Barenboim’ refuse to take off all their clothes during their ‘DUO’ concert.)
Who knows? The Artistic Director of Jerusalem Festival, Elena Bashkirova, and Supreme Court President, Dorit Beinisch, would want to be reborn a real Jew, a Real Jewish Muse. Who knows? The Settlers might be blessed by Bashkirova’s Power of Music and peacefully unite under Beinisch’s Romantic Leadership even before they face Barenboim’s Government’s ‘Evacuation’ Orders… Why don’t we chase their future behaviors together? So sick of those B-I-T-C-H-E-S.

Dear TOP-famed Maestros who enjoyed Bashkirova’s prostitution,
I’m still wondering why Kremer’s manager is the only one who sent me his official answer to praise Elena’s heavenly talent. I am still waiting for answers from EVERYBODY. Those old guys should answer me. Exactly what did they try to teach this whore? How old are they? All of them are already over retirement age. Among them… who has a real talent to train professional orchestras? Their only contribution while traveling as top-famed maestros has been to rob diligent orchestra members and to destroy all the good traditions, which their predecessors achieved through painstaking concentration and hard-working. How many conducting jobs exist in this music society? How many young talents want to grow into a real maestro? I presume all of them are very rich, just like Zubin Mehta. Why don’t they build a beautiful home and shut themselves up in a private library to play all their commercial recordings VERY LOUD and boast their showmanship-techniques in front of the mirror? Elena Bashkirova will visit them everyday to play for them. This female pianist will never forget to bring VIAGRA during her private visit. So sick of those OLD things…

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Lunedì 8 Marzo 2010
Teatro Manzoni ore 21
Il concerto fa parte delle rassegne:
Stagione 2009 / 2010
Musica per le Scuole 2009 / 2010

Robert Schumann: Märchenerzählungen op. 132 per clarinetto, viola e pianoforte
Alban Berg: Adagio (arrangiamento per clarinetto, violino e pianoforte)
Robert Schumann: Quartetto con pianoforte in mi bemolle maggiore op. 47
Il camerismo schumanniano segna il definitivo tramonto di una concezione classicistica della “musica d’uso”, quella da eseguirsi nei salotti per l’intrattenimento di aristocratici o ricchi borghesi, e la sua trasformazione in “musica d’arte”. Non che l’una escluda l’altra. Ma da Schumann in poi le strade si separano. Nei salotti, e poi nelle sale da concerto, si ascoltano pagine che sono il frutto di un’estetica nuova, che non permette cedimenti alle lusinghe di un pubblico già predisposto allo star system, e all’interno della quale trovano un nuovo punto di equilibrio emotività e razionalità, con esiti che matureranno molto in là nel Novecento, passando anche per la Vienna di Berg. Perciò questo repertorio necessita un veicolo in grado di restituirci quello spirito: tale è l’ensemble che nasce all’interno del Festival di Musica da Camera di Gerusalemme, e che ora debutta a Bologna, con un talento ed una sensibilità riconosciuti dalle platee di tutto il mondo.

May 9, 2009 in Toledo, SPAIN with the JCMF members
L. v. Beethoven, P. Hindemith, R. Schumann
Elena Bashkirova und Ensemble
May 10, 2009 in Toledo, SPAIN with the JCMF members
W. A. Mozart, R. Schumann, J. Brahms
Elena Bashkirova und Ensemble
May 2, 2009 in Peking
L. v. Beethoven
China Philharmonic Orchestra, Long Yü
May 6, 2009 in Taipeh
W. A. Mozart
Taipeh Symphony Orchestra, Michael Sanderling


Bashkirova in Spain Dec 20, 2008
Orchestras of season: The course starts symphonic without big surprises in a year with worrying signs of crisis (…) The Balearic Symphony Orchestra, under the guidance of its owner X and collaboration Studium chamber choir, will address the exquisite (and quite rare) Christmas Oratorio of Saint-Saëns, a work that represents a return to the roots of France. The first part will offer the concert piece for four horns and the Schumann Concerto No. 21 with the Mozart appreciable Russian pianist Elena Bashkirova, Mrs Daniel Barenboim. Day 20 in Palma de Mallorca (Auditorium).

Bashkirova & Jerusalem Festival in Paris Jan 8, 2009
Bashkirova & Jerusalem Festival in Paris Jan 9, 2009
MEMBERS: Robert Holl (basse) / Guy Braunstein (violon) / Felix Schwartz (alto) / François Leleux (hautbois) / Pascal Moraguès (clarinette) / Daniele Damiano (bassoon) / Marie-Luise Neunecker (Cor)
Born in Moscow in 1958, pianist Elena Bashkirova, daughter of Dimitri Bashkirov, founded the International Festival of Chamber Music Jerusalem in 1998.
With Daniel Barenboim, it regularly, despite the tense political situation and conditions, major artists from around the world, as Gidon Kremer and Kirill Gerstein, who graciously produce. And together, over the programs, young talent. Each year, a different theme that includes: the ends of centuries, Vienna, transcription, Eastern Europe … Jan 26 – Feb 1, 2009
Daniel Barenboim & Elena Bashkirova (Mozart; Schoenberg; Boulez) – Since so many websites are interested in these concerts, I can post everything in this one place. Please click to check the information about each concert.
4. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ under the auspices of Ministry of Heritage and Culture (Jan 26, 2009 in Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova Italy)
3. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ in collaboration with the teachers of Music DAMS (Jan 27, 2009 in Lingotto, Torino, Italy)
2. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ in central Bologna, between the historic centre and the university (Jan 31, 2009 in Teatro Manzoni, Bologna, Italy)
1. Please check My Requests to Barenboim (Finally Feb 1, 2009 in Salzburg)

Please check for the past performance
🙂 Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008 (PAST)

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