Private Bloggers, who received my invitation

Dear those who have sneaked into this place since last January,
I apologize to you for not including your address in this place. I will try… but too tired now.

Dear Folks, I usually read ALL the postings about Barenboim, but right now, I am too tired. I apologize for posting this message without reading your terrific work. Sincerely yours,

JIWON: Just in case… Daniel Barenboim does NOT participate in Bashkirova’s West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra 2008, and therefore, will NOT appear in Prom 38-39. If you want to know WHY, please visit my blogs. I’ve been running two blogs since January: (Music-blog) and (Knesset-blog)
If you click (My Request to Barenboim), you will find anything you want to know; about what has been happening to Barenboim since mid-90s. These blogs are now open to public, so if you think it’s valuable enough, please tell all your friends to visit these places.
I am not a normal spammer. If anyone spreads false information about me, without finishing reading ALL my writings, I will take everything into the legal case. Thanks.

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