Music Groups in FACEBOOK, which received my invitation

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1. Jiwon Lee Teatro alla Scala (4,788 fans)
2. Jiwon A Lee TEATRO ALLA SCALA DI MILANO (796 members / Calissi Luiz Augusto)
3. Jiwon A Lee Accademia del Teatro alla Scala (157 members / Lea Canini, Silvia Concas)
4. Jiwon A Lee Giovani al Teatro alla Scala (79 members / Stefano Parravicini, Matteo Rossetti)
5. Jiwon A Lee Fotografi di scena – Accademia Teatro alla Scala (32 members / Giulia Fedel, Francesco Squeglia, Valentina Zanzi, Camilla Mastaglio, Emilie Brouchon, Lara Peviani, Enrica Magnolini, Agnes Weber, Nora Roitberg)
6. Jiwon A Lee Maschere del Teatro alla Scala di Milano (74 members, Request to join.)
7. Jiwon C Lee DIPENDENTI TEATRO ALLA SCALA!!! (28 members / Francesco Salpetro)
8. Jiwon C Lee reparti tecnici del Teatro alla Scala (17 members / Marco Tolva)
9. Jiwon C Lee Accademia Teatro alla Scala – corso AMA alum (17 members / Samantha Carbone)
10. Jiwon C Lee Coro di Voci Bianche del Teatro Alla Scala (18 members / Alessio Cavalazzi, Costanza Girardi)
11. Jiwon C Lee Teatro alla Scala Football Club – Crals2 (11 members / Request to join)
12. Jiwon C Lee ACCADEMIA DEL TEATRO ALLA SCALA (8 members / Simona Altini)
13. Jiwon C Lee Per quelli che la domenica pomeriggio la passavano al Teatro la Scala (107 members / Filippo Maggiolo)

Dear Italian Opera Lovers,

This is JIWON, a creator of new group, ‘Daniel Barenboim, Israel, Palestine, Mideast, and MUSIC/WAGNER.’

Though it’s been almost a year since some Italians sneaked into my Music-blog, I’m not sure how many of you actually heard of ‘Rumors about Barenboim and ME’. Anyway, I just hope ‘the entire Italian Ladies and Gentlemen’ to share my ‘Barenboim-message to Italian Government’ after enjoying ‘Barenboim’s New Year Concert with the VPO’. I hope EVERYBODY to play the active role in ‘Italian Government’s Cultural and Political Reforms’. (Dear Italian Government, (Barenboim & La Scala…)

As I wrote in my message, if you guys help me just a little bit, I will be able to invite all the possible Italian Sponsors into the World of Italian Opera. Then, Italian government will be able to restore its interest in Italian Culture and to establish a proper LEGAL system to support Italian Arts. Please… I am already too tired while taking care of my Knesset-blog, but then I have to contact Arab Governments first. You guys saved my life. You can also save Barenboim’s poor Jewish/Palestinian kids too. Thanks, really.

P.S.: You don’t have to post in English. Language Tool allows me to understand almost everything. Not exactly, though… When I start my mailing to every each member in this group, I will post again.
P.P.S: Just in case
1. (My Knesset-blog.)
2. (My Music-blog.)
3. (My mail-recipients in FACEBOOK)

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1. Group Daniel Barenboim
2. Group Daniel Barenboim for Nobel Peace Prize
3. Group West-Eastern Divan
4. Group West Eastern Divan highlights

(Updated on DECEMBER 11, 2008)
Barenboim’s Divans should answer me. Please click this link and find ‘Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO’:

Since this ID is for this mailing business only, you need to visit the group, ‘Daniel Barenboim, Israel, Palestine, Mideast, and MUSIC,’ to send your message to my real ID. I will give you details about how to send your assignment to me.

Dear Palestinian members, (In case the Administrator didn’t forward my Barenboim-message to you…)
Hurry up, please. Israeli 13th PM-to-be Netanyahu is already ready to give you MORE. If you prove your united power, you can receive MORE. Though you’re welcome to contact me, of course, not only I worry about your privacy but also I am too tired to answer every each reply. Thanks… and I wish you good luck!

Sincerely yours, JIWON

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