In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH.


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This is also a continued message from Is “Friedmannism” Good for Israel? (From Aug 13, 2007 to Present).


🙂 From Supreme Court after Olmert (Beinisch should get rid of Friedmann as quickly as possible, From Sep 3, 2008 to Present)

Meretz MK Zahava Gal-On says bla, bla, bla… Then I must say that I can’t help suspecting if her IQ is two-digit-numbered. Does she still remember why I deliberately omitted her name during my report, Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)? By then, unlike Labor’s Shelly Yechimovich, Meretz’s Gal-On behaved as an innocent victim pretending to be out of Beinisch’s Secret Society, and then received my open support. I even read how Meretz’s new(!) leader Haim Oron changed his words about his good(?) relationship with Olmert while mentioning Kadima’s candidate Livni. (Some months ago, I happened to save his Olmert-article but deleted it.) Now that they openly side with Labor’s Barak, I can’t help suspecting if all the incidents are caused from the very fact that their real issue is not JM Friedmann but Kadima MK Haim Ramon and his terrific political leadership. I just can’t help suspecting. Anyway, Kadima’s leader Tzipi Livni did a terrific job. A leader should sound like this. This kind of leader will receive my full support.

(Updated on October 4, 2008 and again and again until October 17, 2008)

Answers from ‘Haaretz and PLUS.’ And THINGS are happening AGAIN. Therefore, I keep collecting articles. (Click this to click the exact title again, please. Or check Banana-Republic in my Knesset-blog.)

🙂 A Purge at Haaretz (Is Haaretz going to become another Bibi-ton? How long will it take? From Aug, 2006 to Present)
🙂 Is “Friedmannism” Good for Israel? (From Aug 13, 2007 to Present)
🙂 Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Barak, Beinisch, Friedmann & Citizenship Law (From Jul 31. 2003 to Present)
🙂 Arab-Jewish Clash (Acre-Riots): 8 years after the October Riots, NOTHING has been done to implement the recommendations of the OR-COMMISSION in regard to Israel’s Arabs (From Oct 10, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Dorit Beinisch toward/during/after Yitzhak Rabin’s Assassination (From Aug, 1993 to Present)
🙂 Supreme Court & Palestinians: (It stinks… but I’m still not ready for the collection of articles on these issues.)
🙂 Dorit Beinisch had a story with KACH members! So, this female jurist used Barenboim as a human shield to protect her family!! SIC!!! (This collection is not finished yet)

🙂 Settlers are above LAW (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Settlers: Everybody says we are brainwashed. Are we? Who’s brainwashing whom?
🙂 When ILLEGAL outposts are evacuated… Whose fault is it? Police/IDF or Settlers? Or Court? (From Oct 27, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Yeshiva Youth: We are not LAWYERS. Please teach us… (From Apr 12, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Police can’t fight settler violence. (Settlers clash with IDF, Palestinians, From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Professor Sternhell: Bomb at my home shows settler violence spilling over Green Line
🙂 Left-Wingers Arrested. Whose fault? Leftists or Settlers? (From Oct 16, 2008 to Present)
🙂 In the West Bank, (Hebron & Samaria), Olive harvest has become more violent
🙂 Absentee Property Law: Settlers, IDF & State quietly expropriate land (West Bank settlement construction nearly doubled this year, From Aug, 1993 to Present)

♥ PART 1, A Purge at Haaretz ♥

Now, I clearly know I should stick to Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann. Who is whose boss? Thank God, I am supposed to SPAM the entire Germany…:

🙂 From A Purge at Haaretz (Is Haaretz going to become another Bibi-ton? How long will it take? From Aug, 2006 to Present)
Israeli No.1 Haaretz vs. German No.4 Unternehmensgruppe M. DuMont Schauberg: (…) Would you like to get in contact by e-mail with us? Here you have the opportunity!

♥ PART 2, Long live JM Friedmann! ♥

In sum, I will resume my mailing to EU and EVERYBODY. I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH:
🙂 Dear European Countries (WEDO in Europe, From Aug 13, 2008 to Present) and
🙂 Mail-Recipients


Apart from the happenings in the Haaretz in recent years, please check the date about the happening between the Supreme Court and Palestinians. October 2006… This is right beginning of Dorit Beinisch’s era:
🙂 Absentee Property Law: Settlers, IDF & State quietly expropriate land (West Bank settlement construction nearly doubled this year, From Aug, 1993 to Present)

What’s more… I already reported incomprehensible article about DORIT BEINISCH toward/during/after RABIN’s assignation in
🙂 Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003).

This name appears again in the Haaretz article on Jan 20, 2005. So I organized it in the same collection:
🙂 From Absentee Property Law: Settlers, IDF & State quietly expropriate land (West Bank settlement construction nearly doubled this year, From Aug, 1993 to Present)
Land lords: As a result of a secret Israeli government decision, thousands of Palestinians living in the West Bank who own land or homes in East Jerusalem lost all rights to their holdings. And there are already plans to build on the expropriated land.: (…) The findings of the committee made Kollek more determined than ever not to invoke the law. A summary of a meeting he held with the prime minister, Yitzhak Rabin, in August 1993, stated: “The prime minister agreed that no use will be made of absenteeism to evacuate permanent tenants from the eastern city.” The state attorney at the time, Dorit Beinisch (now a Supreme Court justice), was supposed to draw up a document in this spirit; none was issued. There was even talk of amending the law so that residents of the territories would not be considered absentees in relation to East Jerusalem.

Then, with the keywords, Absentee Property Law & Beinisch, series of articles appear… so I keep collecting the articles:
🙂 From Absentee Property Law: Settlers, IDF & State quietly expropriate land (West Bank settlement construction nearly doubled this year, From Aug, 1993 to Present) ‘Absentees’ property’ laws were several laws which were first introduced as emergency ordinances issued by the Jewish leadership but which after the war were incorporated into the laws of Israel. These laws were passed in an effort to gain as much land from the indigenous people as possible while circumventing International Law. Here are the Absentee’s Property Laws as they passed and enforced (…) (February 21, 2008) The High Court of Justice ruled Thursday that it is permissible for the Israel Defense Forces to build security fences around West Bank settlements, even if the barriers cut into agricultural land owned by Palestinians. Justices Dorit Beinisch, Eliezer Rivlin and Edmond Levi rejected a petition submitted two years ago by ten Palestinian residents of the West Bank opposing the construction of security fences surrounding adjacent settlement land.

When was JM Friedmann appointed? How much was he able to succeed in his reform plan? Below is an article from the Haaretz, and therefore PART of Dear-Arab-Readers. Is there a stronger personality than Friedmann in the field of Israeli LAW? He is not the first one, who wanted to do SOMETHING, but NOBODY succeeded in. Let’s face the fact. JM Friedmann himself could do nothing until my ‘comical’ involvement. I promise. With other figures sitting in this position, no one will be able to do anything NEW/GOOD:

🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers in my Knesset-blog
Labor’s Barak: Friedmann, I don’t think we need to hear all the details (Jul 8, 2008): (…) JM Friedmann has been in office for 18 months now, and has been defeated time and time again. The reforms, the initiatives, the revolutions – they all remained in newspaper ink, wallowing in a sea of insults, barbs and mutual slandering between the minister and Supreme Court justices, between the minister and the state attorney’s people. Barak and the rest of Labor’s ministers could not have hoped for a more beautiful gift than JM Friedmann in Olmert’s cabinet. They are scoring nothing but victories in their endless wrestling match against him.
(JIWON: Just in case… Police wary of reopening Barak case (Jul 1, 2008).)

I still believe. ALL the CORRUPT politicians should go to jail, including Ehud Olmert and Beinisch family. Then, it was long before creating my Knesset-blog that I read that Labor MKs have been the corruptest politicians. Hence, whenever I read Beinisch’s journalists reporting on Kadima’s HOW MUCH, I used to reckon Beinisch’s Labor’s HOW MUCH. I am pretty sure Jewish Great-grandpas can answer my curiosity:

Pensioners parties decide to reunify (Oct 16, 2008): (…) “If we would have joined Labor, would have been swallowed up. We didn’t want to have to depend on a party that hasn’t cared about pensioners for 58 years,” Eitan said.

♥ PART 3, Beinisch’s era since 1994 ♥

This is a report from the Chairman of Haaretz.
🙂 From A Purge at Haaretz (Is Haaretz going to become another Bibi-ton? How long will it take? From Aug, 2006 to Present)
Dependence or independence (Sep 3, 2007): “But Dorit Beinisch was appointed to the Supreme Court 12 years before she became president, and in 12 years, surprises can happen.”

How many hours do you think it took for me to make this simple collection? I always remember Beinisch’s definition about my computer work, ‘tendentious attempts,’ so I clicked ALL the possible articles about this new figure, the Chairman of Haaretz. Please compare this comment with the ‘official’ statement of JM Friedmann and others, including Dorit Beinisch herself. Who is telling the truth? Who is insulting whom? Who is talking about PRACTICAL MANNER? Why don’t they keep going? I will check EVERYTHING in PUBLIC places called Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK.

1. From Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003):
Article No. 20: Analysis: The Anti-Beinisch club (Feb 6, 2007): (…) But Rubinstein recently has emerged as one of the legal system’s most bitter critics. Only two weeks ago at the Herzliya Conference, he attacked AG Mazuz for considering limiting Olmert’s powers due to the investigations against him, warning against the “rule of the unelected officials.” This wasn’t the first time Rubinstein had launched such attacks. He was also critical of Mazuz’s decision to press charges against Ramon, and last year he suggested that upon Barak’s retirement, former Supreme Court president Meir Shamgar should be called back into service for two years, to allow the judiciary to recover. Though he did not mention her by name, this was a clear expression of no-confidence in Barak’s successor, Dorit Beinisch. (…)

2. From Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003):
Article No. 24: Critical mass (Feb 10, 2007): (…) The Supreme Court justices are mediocre, the president of the Supreme Court was not worthy of having been appointed to the position, it is necessary to stop the justices’ exclusive control of the appointment of judges, the Knesset must act (…) Friedmann is not the first law professor to uphold a conservative perception of the law whereby the Supreme Court should return to its classical role (…) The new justice minister thinks that the court that former Supreme Court president Justice Aharon Barak left upon his retirement is “the WEAKEST Supreme Court in the history of the country with the BROADEST AUTHORITY ever. The High Court of Justice has often deliberated in expanded benches on issues with which it is doubtful that any other court in the world would deal. THE LAW-ENFORCEMENT SYSTEM IS DIVORCED FROM THE REALITY . (…)

3. From Is “Friedmannism” Good for Israel? (From Aug 13, 2007 to Present):
Two Petitions to slam or support JM Daniel Friedmann (Aug 13, 2007): (…) The authors of the petition “call on the minister of justice to manifest his responsibility toward the rule of law and democracy by altering his ways, and if this is not possible for him to do – then he should resign.” In addition to the petition slamming Friedmann, a number of law professors on Monday released a statement in support of his actions. The petition is very concise and contains basically one sentence. It states, “We, the undersigned professors of Law, request that the debate over the legal system be carried out in a PRACTICAL MANNER without personal attacks, and we turn to Justice Minister Friedman to continue on his path to correct the deficiencies in the legal system and to strengthen the independence of judges.” (…)

4. From Talkbacks: Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW:
Article No. 0: Secret Society (Dec 21, 2006): (…) Many newspaper articles followed the Cohen affair, but NONE of the justices was ever openly interviewed about it. (…) Some of the justices who spoke with her demanded that they be cited only in indirect speech, without quotation marks. Not Beinisch. “I’m not the only one who believed that Nili Cohen was not the person who would save this court. That was the general opinion, and that was the main reason for our opposition to her appointment. The discussion during the meeting of the justices was MUCH MORE PRACTICAL THAN people think. They wanted to bring Nili Cohen here as a reinforcement candidate, and that’s very complicated. In order to bring someone from the academic world here, it has to be a very specific type of academic world. A person who has never seen a courtroom, who has never even crossed the threshold, is not a person that this court needs. I am trying to strengthen the constitutional aspect of the court, the PUBLIC ASPECT of the work here.” she told Levitsky. (…)

5. From Barak, Beinisch, Friedmann & Citizenship Law (From Jul 31. 2003 to Present):
Yale Daily News: E-mail from Israeli Law School lecturer fuels debate (May 28, 2006): (…) Haaretz, which reprinted the e-mail, reported that anonymous “LEGAL CIRCLEs” in the MIDDLE EAST were outraged over Barak’s willingness to express his personal feelings in the casual format of e-mail on a case of such national significance. Furthermore, since Barak wrote in the e-mail that the law would be likely invalidated by the high court if it is passed again after its upcoming self-expiration, some outraged lawmakers in the Knesset threatened to both pass the law again and legislate to limit the authority of the court. (…) Barak is a highly CONTROVERSIAL FIGURE THROUGHOUT THE MIDDLE EAST. ISRAEL is NOT a CLEAR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY – 13 separate “basic laws” comprise a loose constitution – and some judges have denied that judicial review is an advisable role for jurists to take on. (…)

See… I was not the only one, who was sick of TWO-faced, hypocritical Supreme Court. This article will join

🙂 From Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present).
The Apartheid Road — Silence of the Judges (Don’t travel on Route 443) June 21, 2008 / By Boaz Okon

While collecting articles, I found something more. This article will join
🙂 From Is “Friedmannism” Good for Israel? (From Aug 13, 2007 to Present):
Beinisch’s Junta: Sicily is here December 11, 2007 / By Haaretz, Yoel Marcus : From the earliest days of the state, even the biggest criminals in these parts knew you didn’t mess with judges. (…) Dorit Beinisch warned that attempts to intimidate the judiciary would not succeed. (…) The weakened authority and prestige of the judicial system begins from ABOVE, with the government, the politicians and attempts to rein in the power of the Supreme Court, and it has also seeped into the media, says a retired Supreme Court justice. What are the crime bosses supposed to think when they hear belittling remarks referring to “the mafia of the justice system” or “Beinisch’s junta”? Israel’s prime ministers have always taken pains to appoint sensible, cautious justice ministers. Prof. Friedmann may be a worthy candidate for the job but the timing of his appointment is problematic, if only because his efforts to limit the authority of the Supreme Court are liable to be interpreted by criminal elements as a weakening of the rule of law. When Beinisch warns of attempts to terrorize judges, she is signaling the breakdown of the old taboo about not messing with judges. She is saying that Sicily is here.

Something more… Hum… I feel like digging up another Jewish Jewel. A fun stuff, I mean. I’m pretty sure that this guy has been checking my Knesset-blog with the most curiosity. This article will join
🙂 From Is “Friedmannism” Good for Israel? (From Aug 13, 2007 to Present).
Interview with Amnon Rubinstein: Book of revelations March 8, 2007 / By Haaretz

YES. I DO agree with Rubinstein about JM Friedmann and his character. I am telling this from my month-long observation. Frankly speaking, he looks more honest than any of Labor or Meretz MKs, who claimed to die for PEACE. Perhaps, that’s because he is not a politician. But then, Friedmann looks more modest than any of Labor or Meretz MKs, who will surely behave more of Bibi’s puppies whenever they find themselves in the same shoes. I feel no need to search more to prove their Armchair-Theory/Ideology. I already have plenty in my Knesset-blog. What a terrific job they did to support Bibi’s big mouth…

(Updated on OCTOBER 16, 2008)
For the last couple of days, WordPress meddled in my work again, and Prof. Rubinstein couldn’t read my writing. Hence, I just concentrated on collecting NEW articles. I know nothing about LAW, and still suffer from a huge headache!!! I slept and slept, but am still damn tired. (sigh…)

🙂 Barak, Beinisch, Friedmann & Citizenship Law (From Jul 31. 2003 to Present)
🙂 Absentee Property Law: Settlers, IDF & State quietly expropriate land (West Bank settlement construction nearly doubled this year, From Aug, 1993 to Present)
🙂 Arab-Jewish Clash (Acre-Riots): 8 years after the October Riots, NOTHING has been done to implement the recommendations of the OR-COMMISSION in regard to Israel’s Arabs (From Oct 10, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Dorit Beinisch toward/during/after Yitzhak Rabin’s Assassination (From Aug, 1993 to Present)

Rubinstein: l’accord est “une farce constitutionnelle!” 15 octobre 2008 / By Arouts 7, Israel, Shraga Blum (For the English Version in Ynetnews)
L’ancien ministre de la Justice et Professeur de Droit, Amnon Rubinstein, n’y est pas allé par quatre chemins pour qualifier le protocole d’accord entre Kadima et les Travaillistes: “Il s’agit d’une farce constitutionnelle doublé d’un scandale politique”. Pour le Professeur, “il est inadmissible qu’un Premier ministre puisse ainsi se lier les mains en acceptant que la fixation de l’ordre du jour au Conseil des ministres se fasse uniquement avec l’accord d’Ehoud Barak. Et ensuite, l’exigence de Barak sur la modification de la loi quant au statut du chef de l’opposition est tout simplement inconstitutionnelle!”

I keep wondering. What is the exact reason of Meretz party’s request to dismiss JM Friedmann while supporting Bibi’s promise to expand settlement all behind the scenes? I still regard Beilin as its real leader. I read that Beilin became furious when he heard of JM Friedmann’s appointment. Then I wonder more and more about what I collected in FrontPage of my Knesset-blog:
Beilin criticized the US for failing to appoint a special envoy to oversee the peace process. (Apr 9, 2008): (…) Beilin (Meretz) also called on Israel to negotiate with Hamas. “You can not come to an agreement without Hamas. Now is the time to come to an agreement, because it would garner MAJORITY SUPPORT within the Knesset,” he said. (…)

Not surprisingly, Meretz MK Zehava Gal-On appears in
🙂 Barak, Beinisch, Friedmann & Citizenship Law (From Jul 31. 2003 to Present).

I find something more. I am wondering if Meretz party’s political success in recent years has been based on populism…:
Galon-Bill: Beinisch expressed vehement opposition to the idea of live broadcasts from the Supreme Court (Feb 2, 2005)

(Updated on NOVEMBER 20, 2008)
Please see below. Speechless… Is this the same Zahava or Zehave Gal-On, who ‘endlessly’ insulted Olmert’s corruption case? *.*

(AGAIN on OCTOBER 16, 2008)
♥ PART 4, Promotion Canapes ♥

🙂 Category: Israeli 12th PM Olmert says…

While reading soon-to-be-EX PM Olmert’s ‘comical(?)’ interviews about his life and his real(?) opinion, I had to think, think, and think about the Israeli politicians, whose left-wing opinions have been shattered by former Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and his extreme-right-wing politics.

♥ Dear Labor’s Yechimovich and Meretz’s Gal-On, ♥

In Golda’s Footsteps Sep 27, 2008 / By Newsweek
(…) The gains by Livni, Speaker of Parliament Dalia Itzik and Supreme Court head Dorit Beinisch are striking by Middle Eastern standards, where only 8 percent of Parliament seats are held by women (and only 14 percent in Israel), according to a new U.N. report. But the progress is misleading—an “optical illusion” in what remains a “macho society” with a rough frontier mentality, says Israeli historian Tom Segey. (…)

I am curious if any female MK of Labor, Meretz or Likud is interested in the First Time All-Women Troika in Israeli History. I am not. I am only interested in the First Time All-Qualified Troika in Israeli History. As far as I know, Israel still has a long way to go.

(Part of this writing won’t appear in this place. I already wrote too many dirty happenings in the musicians’ world. I just want to focus my writing on Dorit Beinisch.)

Except during the early years of elementary school, my student/private life was with all females. I was in trouble when I had to change my baby nephew’s diaper. However, it was only after graduating from college that I started to think of so-called Amazon Kingdom. I was the youngest, who was never born a beauty, and worked like a slave in both male and female professional groups. What happened to me? (…) I am pretty sure that all the Knesset MKs kept wondering my real age, because I frequently sound like one in the age bracket of Pensioners Party. That’s all because I was ‘trained’ to work with years of years my seniors. (In fact, I was in trouble when American ‘fresh’ male professors, who were merely several years older than me, sounded simply-stupid… And I look much younger than my age.) (…)

Females are sweet. They are generous. Female power shines when it reveals maternal instincts. At the same time, females are also jealous. (What do you think is the real reason of my endless analysis? I am the devil of jealousy, but never born a beauty. I have to analyze and analyze until I am sure that my rival can never make my favorite sound. Then, I am relieved.)

To be honest, it is still comfortable for me to talk to females than to males, and I always find that females unite very easily. They cooperate very well with their female partners in working places. Curiously, this situation works better in a lower-class society. But when you enter the high-class society and especially when the competitive mind becomes a main factor to survive professional situation, the female politics really stinks. Well, in the world of music, when an ugly lady wants to behave like a cat, the story sounds more comical. What about the cases in other worlds? Am I writing this because I was born and am still living in Asia?

I’m a FEMALE male chauvinist – and proud of it (Oct 1, 2008)
(…) Hillary Clinton (…) Segolene Royal (…) Even Mrs Thatcher – the patron saint of achieving women – never called herself a trailblazer for other women and gave all the plum cabinet jobs to men. (…)

Why in the world Dorit Beinisch’s Israel just reminds me of the world of Wagner? At Bayreuth, things suddenly started to sound different after the unexpected death of Gudrun Wagner, the second wife of Wolfgang Wagner. While collecting and organizing the articles in Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003), I even suspected if Dorit Beinisch has been behaving as Aharon Barak’s mistress. After finding meaningful comment by the Chairman of Haaretz, I was able to draw a clear picture about Aharon Barak’s Israel for the past twelve years.

🙂 From A Purge at Haaretz (Is Haaretz going to become another Bibi-ton? How long will it take? From Aug, 2006 to Present)
Dependence or independence (Sep 3, 2007): “But Dorit Beinisch was appointed to the Supreme Court 12 years before she became president, and in 12 years, surprises can happen.”

Now, I can clearly say that this is a female who proves the best example of Egocentric Opportunist. I feel very sorry for Aharon Barak if he still considers himself as the dearest/greatest mentor of Dorit Beinsich:

🙂 Talkbacks: Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW
Article No. 0: Secret Society December 21, 2006 / By Haaretz:
(…) That was in March 2003, on the day that, in the opinion of journalist Naomi Levitsky, “the Supreme Court justices rose up against their president.” (…) At the meeting itself, Beinisch did not talk very much. She had done the work earlier behind the scenes, in discussions with her fellow justices. At the time, she barely wrote any legal decisions; she was too busy working to block Cohen from morning till night. (…) At the end of that meeting, as Levitsky describes it, “it was clear that most of the justices were siding with Beinisch, the president-designate, and turning their backs on the incumbent president. This was a situation the likes of which had never been seen before in the Supreme Court. (…) I knew there had been a major drama in the Nili Cohen affair, and I wanted to investigate it thoroughly. The matter of Nili Cohen was less interesting to me that the transfer of power. Three and a half years before the changing of the presidents there was an exchange of power, and that is something that fascinates me.” (…) Barak, who heard from Okon about the outcome of the conversation, understood that the story was over. Did Barak understand at that point that his status had declined, that his exclusive hold on the center of power in the Supreme Court had ended? [Levitsky: “I can’t answer that in his place, but I would guess that he understood. At the time he was very hurt. Anyone who met him then could see that he had changed completely. He wasn’t the same person, he had lost some of his vitality.”] (…)

Now, it is a time to read Dorit Beinisch’s life-long professional career. As I wrote in My-Personal-Opinion about Ramon-Scandal in Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison, From Jun 23 to Jul 21, 2008), (please check Jul 15), sexual intercourse doesn’t always explain ‘Promotion Canapes’ in old-fashioned or highly competitive working places.

Why do you think it was a piece of cake for me to pick up certain happenings from the original articles and make another collection in order to explain what a valuable comment Talkbackers posted? The only thing I added was that this was in fact nothing but a bimbo’s favorite trick. I am curious if Dorit Beinisch still uses this trick even after my ‘comical’ involvement. While organizing Beinisch-articles, I was amazed at the way Beinisch earned her female foes. It was amazing… so inferior… so childish… yet the entire Israel fell under this bimbo’s dirty, cheap spell:
🙂 Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)
🙂 Talkbacks: Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW

The relationship between male and female, especially in professional world, differs from the one between male and male or between female and female. I am talking about the real professionalism. Professional opinions of female/male partners can have quite an influence over her/his male/female partners’ mentality. When it happens in a positive way, the result can be much more productive, simply because GOD created our human species in a different way. Of course, it could happen in a negative way, and we all know what it means. I promise. If Dorit Beinisch really considered Aharon Barak as her true mentor, rather than a subject of ‘Promotion Canapes,’ Aharon Barak could have proved his great LEGAL ideas more and more as he got older and older… for the past twelve years. He could have found himself as the greatest Jurist in Israeli history after his retirement, along with his dearest friends Amnon Rubinstein and Daniel Friedmann. That’s professional female junior/partner/senior’s power, which shines more when it reveals maternal instincts. A great female knows Human Rights better than her male partner does.

I am curious if Labor’s Shelly Yechimovich really took others’ kids as her own whenever she made something political decision. Now, I clearly know the highest price to save Still-Alive-Schalit was Labor’s great achievement:
🙂 Schalit Is Still Alive… (Regarding Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal, from Jun 13 to Present)
🙂 Shelly Yechimovich (Labor): Lebanon Before Winograd Report (Beinisch Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann), which is part of
🙂 P.P.S.: Beinisch’s Secret Society Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann

Meanwhile, why do you think I never give up insisting that Bibi’s Glick is married to Jerusalem attorney? I promise. In the world of female professionals, there was no exception:
🙂 BIBI/GLICK & READERS: WE ARE ISRAELI AMBASSADOR to UN (From Aug 25, to Present), which is part of
🙂 Hoopoe in my Knesset-blog

I promise. I will collect ALL the possible articles on this issue, DORIT BEINISCH toward/during/after YITZHAK RABIN’s ASSASSINATION. We’ll see…
🙂 Dorit Beinisch toward/during/after Yitzhak Rabin’s Assassination (From Aug, 1993 to Present)

♥ Citizenship Law ♥

🙂 From Barak, Beinisch, Friedmann & Citizenship Law (From Jul 31. 2003 to Present)
Court rules to uphold Citizenship Law (May 15, 2006)
Justice Cheshin: Barak ready for people to blow up for human rights (May 24, 2006)

Curiously, I have a certain opinion, which is exactly same as EL. But then, Israel is where Bibi’s big mouth frequently rings the entire country and therefore people can never solve their problem by themselves. As long as Settlers are above LAW (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present), the Jewish Diehard-Doves will never be able to register the replacing/alternative law. (I am looking for the dictionary to find the exact word…) So, I quickly change my vote to join Cheshin group, without a second thought.

However, I don’t think the point lives in this article of 2006. The debate should go back to Jul 31, 2003 or even further. (It was the end of my research…) And then, we should think of today’s Citizenship Law again.

🙂 From Barak, Beinisch, Friedmann & Citizenship Law (From Jul 31. 2003 to Present)
Israel Amends its Citizenship Law: A Wall Through Arab Families (Jul 31. 2003): Among the surprise supporters of the amendment we find Ruth Gavison of the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Law. Gavison was president of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel from 1996-1999. She writes that the concept of a Jewish state, which she accepts, logically entails the new amendment to the Citizenship Law. She is correct, but the amendment precisely demonstrates the racist character of the concept.

NGOs Condemn Israel for Citizenship Rules, Ignoring Context and Impact (Aug 20, 2003)
Appendix: The full text of the FAMILY UNIFICATION IN TWO STATES by Prof. Ruth Gavison (Aug 5, 2003)
(…) Arab and international organizations have already condemned the new law as racist and discriminatory, and as infringing on the right to carry on family life. (…) And this is only the beginning. There is no doubt that the High Court of Justice will be asked to rule on the claim that the law is unconstitutional, so we can expect tensions within the legal system and in relations between the legislature, government and the courts. THE RIGHT TO MAINTAIN FAMILY LIFE, WITH ALL ITS IMPORTANCE, IS NOT DOING THE WORK HERE. (…) There is no doubt that the new law is based on ethnic classification, suspect at first glance, i.e. Palestinians who reside in the territories. (…) Some seek to justify the invocation of this suspect classification based on neutral reasons of “security.” I think that this claim is not persuasive. (…) Anyone who advocates a stable solution of two states for two peoples cannot demand recognition of the Palestinian right for family reunification within the borders of the State of Israel, irrespective of numbers or the nature of the relations between the communities. Generally, Palestinian families should unify in their state, and Jewish families should unify in theirs. This principle will help to stabilize the independent migration of the two nations, and will reduce the danger of deteriorating into civil war or irredentism in the two states. Such stability in itself will help to maintain both individual and group rights and in dealing with family unification requests on a humanitarian and individual basis, as is desirable.

What I feel funny while collecting/organizing Jewish articles was that Israel is where so many inferior brains want to participate in Art of Debate without thinking twice and therefore a Loud-Mouth rather than a Wise-Mouth tends to win the game. As far as I know, Israel is where a charlatan is frequently misunderstood as an eloquent speaker. It is also where personalities such as Daniel Friedmann or even Ruth Gavison are frequently misunderstood. (Please read Friedmann’s interview.)

Basically, I want to show the entire text of Prof. Ruth Gavison’s article. What’s more… only if I become more intelligent enough to pick up all her choice of every each word. Only if I become much more intelligent enough to participate in Art of Debate in Gavison-Class.

Which sentence do you think is the most important in this article? IMHO…

This article was written in 2003. What’s the date today? Has Israel solved anything since July 31, 2003? In fact, the situation is becoming more and more grave. (I’m talking about Hamas/I-Arab/J-Settler’s terror, dear folks…)

But then, there is one simple fact that has never changed and will never change:

1. Israel Amends its Citizenship Law: A Wall Through Arab Families (Jul 31. 2003): (…) The Association of Civil Rights in Israel has gone to the High Court in an attempt to forestall implementation of the amendment, but the court has been in no hurry to consider the matter. Its foot-dragging does not bode well. (…)

2. Aharon Barak’s agenda (Nov 17, 2005): (…) AND, JUST as Barak intended, the court is indeed now deciding virtually every major issue. It is determining the route of the separation fence, which may well define Israel’s future borders; dictating immigration and citizenship policies (both by defining who is a Jew, and thereby entitled to automatic citizenship, and via various cases dealing with naturalization); setting budgetary priorities (in one pending case, it has already asserted the right to set a minimum level for government welfare payments; in another, it asserted the right to expand national health insurance coverage); intervening in sensitive family matters (from recognition of gay couples to criminalizing spanking); and even dictating wartime military tactics (with regard to both specific operations, such as one in Rafah in May 2004, and general policies, as in a pending petition against targeted killings of terrorists) (…)

3. When the High Court decides not to decide (May 28, 2008): (…) On March 28, 2005, a day before the Knesset vote on the budget (…) The medication left Luzon and Edri uncovered. However, the legal process in the High Court was drawn out. Two hearings were held on the case, in April and August 2005. But neither Edri nor Luzon was able to last as long as the timetable of the court. Edri died in October 2005 and Luzon in June 2006. The petition, which is still gathering dust in the archives of the Supreme Court, will not be of assistance to them. This is not the first case in which petitions to the High Court are heard so slowly. (…) The oldest case was opened in 2000. It must be stressed that additional petitions that were submitted even earlier are waiting on the court’s shelves, but these are petitions in which the proceedings are dragging on and the time has not yet come for writing a ruling. (…) The fact that Beinisch heads the bench in cases where the rulings have been postponed for more than six months is most surprising as she has declared that one of her main aims is to cut away the backlog in handing down rulings by judges in the lower courts. Beinisch thus submits complaints against those judges who postpone handing down rulings to the courts’ ombudsman while she herself postpones writing rulings. The major topics in cases in which the rulings are being postponed include the ARMY and SECURITY, CITIZENSHIP, CONVERSION, HEALTH and THE RIGHTS OF THE PALESTINIANS. (…) The petitioners’ attorney says: “The sole claim by the state in the petition is ‘non justiciability.’ The court is in no hurry to make a decision but it is the petitioners’ right to receive a ruling, and the court’s obligation to hand it down. Postponing the ruling in a case like this is an irreversible blow to people. We provided the court with lists of names of dozens of people who were killed after the petition was presented to the High Court of Justice as a result of this kind of shelling on the part of the IDF, but there is still no ruling.” The delays in handing down rulings can cost a lot of money. (…)

1. When the High Court decides not to decide (Jul 31. 2003)
2. When the High Court decides not to decide (Nov 17, 2005)
3. When the High Court decides not to decide (May 28, 2008)
4. Friedmann: Keep Supreme Court out of immigration, citizenship laws (May 9, 2008)

♥ PART 3, again ♥
NOW, PLEASE THINK AGAIN. Who is telling the truth? Who is insulting whom? Who is talking about PRACTICAL MANNER? Why don’t they keep going? I will check EVERYTHING in PUBLIC places called Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK.

0. The chairman of Haaretz said bla-bla-bla (…) But Dorit Beinisch was appointed to the Supreme Court 12 years before she became president, and in 12 years, surprises can happen. (…)

1. Amnon Rubinstein said bla-bla-bla (…) warning against the “rule of the unelected officials.” (…) Shamgar should be called back into service for two years, to allow the judiciary to recover (…)

2. Daniel Friedmann said bla-bla-bla (…) the WEAKEST Supreme Court in the history of the country with the BROADEST AUTHORITY ever (…) The law-enforcement system is divorced from the reality (…)

3. Two Petitions to slam or support JM Daniel Friedmann (Aug 13, 2007)

4. Dorit Beinisch said bla-bla-bla (…) Nili Cohen (…) I am trying to strengthen the constitutional aspect of the court, the public aspect of the work here.

5. International Community said bla-bla-bla (…) Barak is a highly controversial figure throughout the Middle East. Israel is not a clear constitutional democracy (…)

6. Terrified of Judicial Reform (May 2, 2008): (…) No longer can it be claimed that criticism of the Supreme Court is confined to proto-fascist, right-wing thugs. Friedmann is both an Israel Prize laureate in law and a man of the Left. Just how long this debate has been suppressed can be discerned from the hysteria that has greeted Friedmann’s proposals for reform of the judicial system. In a pre-Pesach interview with Ha’aretz’s Ari Shavit, Barak predicted Friedmann would turn Israel into a “Third World country.” At least he did not threaten to cut off Friedmann’s hand, as did his former colleague on the Court Mishael Cheshin. In the Ha’aretz interview, Barak accused Friedmann of seeking to dominate the entire legal system. But that is precisely what Barak himself did as Court President. (…) Barak employed his dominance of the judicial selection committee to prevent anyone who did not share his judicial philosophy from ascending to the Supreme Court. (…) Judges in the lower courts knew that their advancement depended on the favor of Aharon Barak. So did law professors who aspired to careers on the bench. And finally, so did the attorneys-general and state prosecutors who hoped to follow the traditional path to the Court. They faithfully snuffed out any who dared to challenge the Court’s power. Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman, Reuven Rivlin when his appointment as Justice Minister was being mooted, and Bar Association president Dror Hoter-Yishai were all neutered on the basis of trumped-up indictments, quickly dismissed by the courts, or criminal files subsequently closed. FRIEDMANN’S PROPOSALS do nothing to strengthen his power. Rather they are designed to reduce the power of the Court President to ENFORCE UNIFORMITY. Extending the term of lower court presidents and deputy presidents from four to seven years, while doing away with reappointments, would increase the independence of the court presidents and remove their incentive to keep one eye perpetually cocked on the Court President. Taking away the selection of lower court presidents and deputies from the Court President and giving it to a committee of judges and ex-judges, would lessen the power of the Court President to enforce uniformity of thought over the entire judicial system. Doing away with the practice of “temporary” appointments of lower court judges to the Supreme Court ?a practice designed to allow the Supreme Court justices to ensure that would be colleagues can be counted upon to toe the line ?would again open up the judicial system to more internal debate and fresh thought. The Friedmann proposal that terrifies Barak most is that to end the chokehold of the sitting justices over appointments to the Court itself ?a chokehold that Barak weakly justifies as necessary to preserve collegiality. Yet Barak admits that “most constitutional courts in the world are chosen by political bodies.” And no democracy invests sitting justices with the power over the judicial selection process they exercise in Israel. (…) Defenders of our current judicial system, Barak chief among them, claim that it is necessary to protect minority rights. But it turns out that the minority they are most eager to protect is the Court itself (…)

7. Legal Affairs: Bench pressure (Jun 26, 2008): (…) The petition filed this week by Aviva and Noam Schalit has triggered another round of debate over the prerogatives of the High Court of Justice. (…) Which raises the question: How does the Supreme Court even entertain the possibility of rejecting a government decision on a matter so clearly related to questions of WAR and PEACE, and the SECURITY of tens of thousands of citizens living adjacent to the Gaza Strip – issues that are clearly the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE GOVERNMENT? And why didn’t it throw out the petition without considering it? This question echoes the accusations of “over-activism” that Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann has been hurling at the court over the past year-and-a-half. During his time in office, Friedmann has raised the possibility of prohibiting the court, through legislation, from hearing petitions related to SECIROTU MATTERS and those affecting the GOVERNMENT BUDGET. He also supported a private Knesset member’s bill to bar the court from hearing petitions related to CITIZENSHIP MATTERS. SO FAR, NONE OF THESE INITIATIVES HAS COME TO FRUITION. (…)

8. High Court President: Wait Till Gov’t Change to Select Judges (Oct 29, 2008): Retired district Judge Uri Shtruzman supports Friedmann’s initiatives, for the most part. “Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann’s suggestions actually reduce politicization, but the discussion around them is not on-topic,” Judge Shtruzman said. “Every initiative that Minister Friedmann comes up with is like a red flag for many people.” Shtruzman, who sat in the Tel Aviv district court, said he supported the minister’s initiatives, “although they can be improved here or there.” “Ever since the Supreme Court became an active court which deals not only with pure questions of law and jurisprudence, but also in political matters, the public’s trust in it has deteriorated,” Shtruzman said.

9. Judicial power grab (Month Day, Year): (…) THUS IF the government is to have any hope of enacting immigration reform – or any other policy frowned on by the current justices – it must reform Israel’s judicial selection process to bring it into line with those of other Western democracies. In other democracies, the appointment of justices is left entirely to the executive and legislature; the justices themselves have no say in the matter. And this is essential to maintain a proper balance between the three branches of government. Otherwise, the enormous power that the court derives from being the ultimate arbiter of legality, combined with the justices’ complete independence once appointed (since they receive lifetime tenure, they need not curry favor to retain their positions), would leave the elected branches powerless against the justices’ whims. That is precisely the situation in Israel today: When the court denies the elected government the ability to set policy on an issue as fundamental as immigration – based on a self-created “right” anchored in no law whatsoever – the balance of power is clearly grossly skewed in the court’s favor. But only by radically reforming the judicial selection system can this imbalance ever be corrected. (…)

By the way, did Aharon Barak oppose Prof. Ruth Gavison’s Supreme Court nomination? Where was Dorit Beinisch while her mentor was busy at his Gavison-job, especially after her betrayal of Barak in March 2003? Has she been in Australia to run Kangaroo court? For twelve years, I mean. Beinisch (b. 1942) is merely three years older than Gavison (b. 1942). How was Aharon Barak able to form his firm belief against Three-Years-Beinisch’s-Junior more and more as he got older and older? Just out of curiosity. Because… for a LEGAL novice like me, Human Rights in this area doesn’t differ from Human Rights in that area. Human Rights is nothing but Human Rights. Because… for a mere FEMALE like me, Ruth Gavison looks far superior to Dorit Beinisch, even at the first glance.

And then, whenever I think of Human Rights, I find Aharon Barak more from Gavison than from Beinsich. I feel that Aharon Barak’s genuine ideas will shine more if through Gavison’s ‘systematic agenda.’ Perhaps, it’s because I am a musician, who has a heart only and no brain:

Aharon Barak’s agenda (Nov 17, 2005): (…) Barak has an extremely well-developed view of the court’s proper function. In a nutshell, it is that the court should be the arbiter of every major political and social issue. As he explained in a 1992 article, “in my eyes, the world is filled with law. Every human behavior is subject to a legal norm. Even when a certain type of activity – such as friendship or subjective thoughts – is ruled by the autonomy of the individual will, this autonomy exists because it is recognized by the law… There are no areas in life which are outside the law.” (…)

But then, it was Supreme Court, which violated its LAW.
🙂 From Supreme Court after Olmert (Beinisch should get rid of Friedmann as quickly as possible, From Sep 3, 2008 to Present)
JUDGES SELECTION meeting descends into farce due to government’s status (Sep 22, 2008): NO Talkbacks Allowed: (…) A JUDGES ELECTION COMMITTEE MEETING ON THE APPOINTMENT OF THREE NEW SUPREME COURT JUSTICES descended into farce when the current justices, including the court’s president, Dorit Beinisch, claimed that the committee no longer had the authority to choose new judges, saying that the current government had a transitional status. The other committee members, including Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann and Environment Protection Minister Gideon Ezra, turned to Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz to ask his opinion on the matter. Mazuz came into the meeting room and explained that the COMMITTEE DID INDEED HAVE LEGAL AND JUDICIAL AUTHORITY. NEVERTHELESS, THE JUSTICES DISAGREED AND THE MEETING WAS ADJOURNED.

Now, everybody knows why I used to call IT a Bimbo-Battle. According to the rule of this bimbo-battle for the last ten years, Dorit Beinisch and her followers, including politicians, will trumpet more and more about Aharon Barak’s genuine ideas while ‘destroying’ EVERYBODY/EVERYTHING INSIDE/OUTSIDE their Secret Society (Dec 21, 2006). And then, I would have to appreciate NOTHING about this great Jewish Jurist and just stick to Analysis: The Anti-Beinisch club (Feb 6, 2007). Because… it will rather become a shortcut toward protecting Real Human Rights.

(Updated on NOVEMBER 15, 2008)
🙂 From Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 From Settlers are above LAW (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 When ILLEGAL outposts are evacuated… Whose fault is it? Police/IDF or Settlers? Or Court? (From Oct 27, 2008 to Present) (Please click this to click the exact title again.)

On November 6, 2008, the COURT Released Federman and Clashes on Farm continue and will continue. So, is this how NOT ONE settlement outpost has been taken down since 2006? Meanwhile, ANOTHER INCIDENT happens… so… HOW MUCH MONEY the SETTLERs will lose UNTIL they are forcibly and finally evicted?

Cold winter is coming, and they have NOTHING to lose. Dear Guys… what kind of reaction do you expect from those poor folks?

FUNNY… it is none but DORIT BEINISCH, who echoes JM DANIEL FRIEDMANN that it is not a job of Supreme Court. The article says, “The court has made it clear that the dispute over ownership must be resolved in district court.” Then, how many YEARs the SETTLERs should be lost between District and High Court?

🙂 From When ILLEGAL outposts are evacuated… Whose fault is it? Police/IDF or Settlers? Or Court? (From Oct 27, 2008 to Present)
At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 26.10.08: Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that such remarks are unacceptable and called for quick action to punish those responsible. He emphasized that there was an embarrassing forgiveness towards those same people in the courts and added that the law-enforcement authorities cannot abide the fact that this undermines the authority of the state over its citizens.

FUNNY… after playing the greatest role to support Dorit Beinisch all behind the scenes and then even in public streets, Labor’s EHUD BARAK starts blaming WHOM?

🙂 From Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Please check NOVEMBER 8, 2008.

BUT THEN, what about all those poor PALESTINIANs? I believe that any Palestinian issue inside Israel should be handled case by case. My problem is HOW LONG and HOW MUCH those poor folks should waste until Supreme Court decides something for-or-against them.

Now that I begin to understand the simple fact; what a terrific job Beinisch’s Supreme Court has been doing… How long will it take for this Israeli Queen to drive her Jewish people into the SELF-DESTRUCTION… and how many collections will I have to make until this moment?
🙂 From Supreme Court & Palestinians: (It stinks… but I’m still not ready for the collection of articles on these issues.)
1. High Court gives IDF 90 days to test travel ban changes (Oct 29, 2008)
2. Court frowns on villagers’ demand that barrier be moved to Green Line (Nov 4, 2008)
3. Switzerland: Israel breaking int’l law by razing Palestinian homes (Nov 13, 2008)
4. THERE WILL BE MORE… already too tired!

♥ STILL on NOVEMBER 15, 2008, ♥ (Notice: Daniel Barenboim is now 2008-1942 years old.)

I keep saying… that I don’t want to meddle in Israeli Election and that I just want to work to prepare EVERYTHING for PM Netanyahu and his Nationalist-Government.

Judges: Penalize court pres. for negative remarks (Nov 4, 2008): Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court judges are asking for an investigation and disciplinary action against Magistrate’s Court president Edna Bekenstein after negative remarks she made about other judges. The judges are requesting Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch (…) The Courts Administration said Beinisch “expressed regret at the remarks against the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court, judges who are doing their work faithfully.” The Courts Administration also said that a temporary substitute for Bekenstein would be taken under advisement soon. (…) “The appointment of Judge Keidar was made by President Bekenstein alone,” the Courts Administration said in response to Bekenstein’s decision. Keidar’s appointment, without consultation or coordination with the Courts Administration and Supreme Court President Beinisch, as would be expected regarding one of the central posts in the judicial system, raised hackles among the judges.

This scandal is just another story between Magistrate’s Court president Edna Bekenstein and Dorit Beinsich. Their original story appears in
🙂 Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW

WHY in the world I have to recall all the trashy happenings during this more-than-10-year-long Bimbo-Battle again and again?

This is what I wrote in Dear-Arab-Readers:
“(…) DEAR FEMALE READERs, (…) By the time DORIT BEINISCH succeeded in torpedoing the appointment of Prof. NILI COHEN, YECHEZKEL BEINISCH also succeeded in having me give up my ten-year long computer work. By the time DORIT BEINISCH was able to beat Prof. RUTH GAVISON, I resumed this computer work. But it was to send my farewell message to my READERS. I couldn’t die without finishing this dirty business, but it was an impossible hope. So, I started writing the real names of all the characters in this dirty story and promised to meet them again in my next life. Or I could let my ghost chase them even after their death. You know the rest of this story. And this time, the subject is neither ME nor Barenboim’s Angels, but DORIT BEINISCH, the president of Supreme Court of Israel. I just can’t believe my eyes whenever I search for more information on Beinisch’s rivals. I hope both esteemed female jurists to take advantage of this writing and to win what they deserve. (…)”

Still now, I don’t mind mentioning ALICE CLEVENGER to openly insult this bimbo of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. However… I just hate mentioning another female name, the President of International Horn Society. She was a female musician, who made her professorship all by herself. From the very beginning, I didn’t want to study with her, who had no clue how to teach Clevenger’s very-private student. Nor did she want to teach me. Dale Clevenger made the entire story possible, and then he even enjoyed all the follow-up stories, no matter how dirty they were, because he seemed to believe that it would eventually prove the simple fact that Dale Clevenger was the best horn player in the world. Still now, all my insulting this female professor is based on her political behaviors after my farewell to her music school.

Despite all my feelings, despite the very fact that I was dying inside myself more and more as the story continued, I just couldn’t openly mention her name FOR YEARS. How many more-inferior female musicians were waiting for me to criticize their senior rival? There were burning desires in their green eyes and I couldn’t join them. It was all after I gave up everything that I started writing her real name in this open place.

I am now wondering. Is this why Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann, who was a former dean of… (Oh-my-what-a-career- I-feel-dizzy), rather wanted to quit his involvement in the 18th Knesset?

Who knows? Edna Bekenstein, Beinisch’s rival, could be right.
Who knows? There could be another Beinisch living in Edna Bekenstein’s heart.
I know nothing about LAW.
I only know that their personalities are different. I assume that if Dorit Beinsich is a typical female, Edna Bekenstein is more like a male-figure.
I also know that in Israel, a mediocre jurist can do her sincere job as the President of Supreme Court. Then what about Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court judges?

Anyway, I am not Daniel Friedmann. I am not a jurist. Nor do I belong to Israeli Legal Bench. Even if Beinisch’s rival is more inferior to Beinisch, her Israel is already close to Self-Destruction. WHAT should I worry more and WHY should I worry more and more? This is their homeland. I only enjoy watching. Please keep going. I will enjoy watching more and more. Who would want to join me in the Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK?

(Updated on NOVEMBER 20, 2008)
🙂 From Supreme Court after Olmert (Beinisch should get rid of Friedmann as quickly as possible, From Sep 3, 2008 to Present) (Please click this to click the exact title again.)

1. Mofaz set to refuse Livni’s olive branch (Oct 30, 2008) : (…) Livni met with Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann, who told her he would not run for Knesset and that he would end his short-lived and controversial political career as soon as a new government is formed.

2. Friedmann Gives In: No New Magistrate Judges (Nov 3, 2008): JM Friedmann announced that he would not attempt to appoint new judges to magistrates courts before a new government is elected. Friedmann’s announcement followed weeks of highly-publicized verbal battles with members of the High Court, chief among them Justice Dorit Beinisch. (…) Friedmann accused Beinisch of hypocrisy, saying she herself had been appointed at a time when the country was ruled by a “transition government.” If Beinisch could be elected to the High Court, all the more so judges can be appointed to lower courts, he said. (…) A-G Mazuz ruled earlier that the Judges Election Committee may continue to make appointments despite the government’s status as “transitional.” Friedmann said he would not ask Mazuz to rule on the matter again. If the justices ignored Mazuz’s first ruling, they would ignore further rulings, he said.

3. Justices, Friedmann squabble over choosing new judges (Nov 2, 2008): (…) The latest episode in the rocky relations between Friedmann and the justices began on Tuesday, when Beinisch informed the justice minister that the three justices would not attend the meeting. The committee “should not hold meetings whose purpose is to elect new judges in the transitional period until a new government is formed,” Beinisch wrote. She said she based her decision on judicial law and proper legal and public policy. The three justices, Beinisch, Ayala Procaccia and Edmond Levy, had refused to vote for new Supreme Court justices during a meeting of the Judges Election Committee on September 22.

4. State prosecutor rejects claims that police probe forced Olmert to resign as PM (Nov 15, 2008): Beinisch said that once new elections had been declared, there was no doubt that no new appointments could be made. Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz himself said so prior to the 2006 elections. Beinisch also accused Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann of cancelling three meetings of the Judges Election Committee during the year in which the vacancies could have been filled. She said she had warned him before new elections were called that they appeared to be in the offing and that he ought to convene the committee to fill the vacancies while there was still time. Beinisch added that although there was no doubt the new judges were needed, there were a total of only 15 vacancies in the entire judicial system, which totals 600 judges. Thus, the problem was not as severe as Friedmann had made it out to be. (JIWON: How many times Beinisch called off the meetings if JM Friedmann cancelled 3? Is my memory correct if I remember Likud MK’s answer on this issue? Poor A-G Mazuz… this is why people rather considered this jurist as an innocent victim.)

5. Friedmann to distribute bill limiting High Court (Nov 17, 2008): (…) Friedmann claims that the High Court should not have intervened in the issue of cutting the power supply to the Gaza Strip. “The court recently dealt with the limitations on electricity supply to Gaza. The entire issue was delayed for many weeks, during which Israeli communities were shelled ceaselessly. Is this really something the court should be handling?

6. Talkbacks: 9. #5 rule of law – The problem is that the High Court does not support the “Rule of Law”. The High Court shut down the legal Arutz7 in violation of Basic Laws of freedom of occupation, expression and press. The path of Sharon’s apartheid wall must be decided according to security considerations. Although the IDF has exclusive responsibility for security (according to the law) the Supreme Court ignores the IDF and decides the path of the apartheid wall by itself, consulting only with the unelected “Peace and Security Institute” NGO. The court agreed to the appointment of Olmert as Prime Minister after Sharon’s stroke even though the law was clear that Netanyahu should have been appointed. The list is endless. / Israel Israeli, Tel Aviv (11.17.08)

7. Talkbacks: 8. Hot air – Labor’s Pines is trying to blame Friedmann on something that was long before his time. The Supreme Court is not the government. If the Supreme Court has to be involved with every issue, like it does, then, make up your minds. Who needs 120 MK warming benches on tax payers expense, when you have a handful of Judges ruling on everything. AREN”T MKS SUPPOSE TO BE LAWMAKERS?? How is it then that everything the Gov.. does, the Courts stop them, for good or bad. / Asher, Jerusalem (17/11/08)

8. Talkbacks: 16. Sup. Court in US has “opinions”, – but lack the power or authority to carry out these opinions. President, senate must AGREE & arrange to carry out rullings with local police or the reserves.: Dred Scott case:, Sup. Court v the President. Abe Lincoln won!!! / Dina, Florida (18/11/08)

JIWON: BY THE WAY, WHO IS THIS GUY??? I found this on Nov 13, 2008, but this book was published on May 14, 2008. It was before Dear-Arab-Readers. How many readers bought this book?

Blog: Master of Discourse: Sages Rule: Who Brought Olmert Down (and Why) Aug 20, 2008 / By Victim of Discourse
Sages Rule: Prime Minister Olmert threw his towel in and gave up struggle. A powerful coalition of law and media brought him down. The Jewish state enters a new era of rule by sages, not necessarily a better one May 14, 2008 / By Israel Shamir
This system is called in Hebrew ‘haver mevi haver’, ‘a friend brings a friend’. (…) Ramon & Latin America (…) Meanwhile, the President of Israel, Moshe Katsav, the man who actually appoints judges, came under fire. He was also against Beinish’s rise to Fuhrership, and paid for it dearly. (…) And then they attacked Olmert personally. (…) If that is “Left”, then what is Right? But let us be fair, they are not Right neither Left, they are the Third Kind, totalitarian liberals. Totalitarian liberals are profoundly undemocratic, for they are forever suspicious of the Majority. They use the Minority Rights in order to undermine Majority Rule. They do not act in the interests of the minorities whose name they bear in vain: rather, they use them as a ploy for seizing supreme power. (…) Actually, the leading judges of the Supreme Court, Beinish and Arbel, are personally responsible for the outbreak of the First Intifada. As state prosecutors, they came up with a nasty legal trick, the type a rabbi might describe as “kasher aval masriach” (“it is kosher, but it stinks”). Only a minority of Palestinian lands were parcellated and privatised, while the majority of lands were in public use and were called ‘the lands of the Sultan’. The two “liberal leftist” lady lawyers claimed that these lands belong now to the Jewish State as it is now the Sultan, and thus they allowed the State to seize Palestinian common lands and give them to the settlers. Aharon Barak authorised the snatch. This mass confiscation was the reason for the First Intifada. They are also responsible for the second intifada, as they permitted Ariel Sharon his march to the Temple Mount. They are responsible for the terror, as this was caused by their glaring injustice. When they sentenced Nahum Korman to six months of public service for the murder of a Palestinian child, they signalled to the Palestinians that they should not expect legal remedies from this Court. They are responsible for the Second Lebanon War, as they blocked the release of Kuntar after Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon. More than anyone else, they are responsible for creating the apartheid system in Israel. (…)

JIWON: What the hell… Had I found this book first when I decided to write Dear-Arab-Readers, I could have saved weeks and weeks of my tired life. Did he write a novel? I only collect OFFICIAL ARTICLES. Time will tell me if this author is a weirdo or a genius reporter. Anyway, this article gave me one more clue about how Dorit Beinisch was able to block Ruth Gavinson’s Supreme Court appointment. I was just suspecting… Hence, I started my research.

JIWON: So many information about Dorit Beinsich’s EDNA ARBEL; Noam Federman (Settler)… Media… Ehud Barak… the wiretaps and transcripts in the affair of MK Zehava Gal-On and so on…

Of course, there are SOMETHING MORE; Investigative reporter, Yoav Yitzhak… the Case against Edna Arbel and so on…

SO, EVERYBODY, except me, KNEW EVERYTHING!!! (Notice: The holy WordPress should NOT meddle in my work!)
SO, EVERYBODY, except me, KNEW EVERYTHING!!! (Notice: The holy WordPress should NOT meddle in my work! This sentence, along with EDNA ARBEL stuffs, should appear with a BOLD font!!)

I am pretty sure that this guy is one of Frontline REBELS Commanders. I am not. There is no doubt that this Jew is a brilliant human being, but I still don’t want to join his group. I’m also wondering if JM Daniel Friedmann started considering himself as an outsider. But still, he is trying to say how much he is misunderstood. Am I wrong?

Friedmann: Meretz and Arabs are Allies of the Supreme Court (Feb 22, 2008):
(…) The interviewers confronted Friedmann with an assertion that his main supporters today are “Shas and the radical right.” “By the same token, the Supreme Court’s allies are Meretz and the Arabs,” he answered. “It is true that Shas and the right support me on many matters, but there are also large gaps between us…” (…) Winograd Committee (…) Friedmann was then asked if he was not retroactively saying that the Kahan Committee’s decision to oust Sharon from the position of Defense Minister was wrong. He answered: “The nature of the Kahan Committee’s decision regarding Sharon is not clear to me, to this day. If they meant to depose him, they made a mistake.” The interviewers noted that the key figures in the Kahan Committee were Aharon Barak (who later became Supreme Court President), current Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch and Edna Arbel (now a Supreme Court judge and an ally of Beinisch’s).

JIWON: I wrote and wrote… that I am not a part of rebels. (Please check Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008).) If this author is really a rebellious jewel, I am not. This is just my personality. I prefer originality. Honestly speaking, the more I find disgusting information about Beinisch’s Special Society and Left-Branja, the more I want to cry. This is never what I wanted when I wanted to join Barenboim’s Israel.

Rather, I want to travel all over the world and collect all the Jewish opinions about how to realize Aharon Barak’s genuine ideas… Is it an impossible hope? I was confused… until I read this author, then I made up my mind. Let’s forget Daniel Friedmann. I didn’t collect Friedmann’s ideas. Remember? I started Dear-Arab-Readers with my desire to criticize Daniel Friedmann. I only collected Jewish articles, which have reported actual happenings during Aharon Barak and Dorit Beinisch’s life. I am curious. What will Aharon Barak say if his Jewish People answer that not Dorit Beinisch but my Jewish Readers have an ability to define Aharon Barak?

🙂 From Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Please check NOVEMBER 13, 2008.
Blog: Fwd: how convenient for Beinisch (Mar 26, 2008): Aryeh sent this very insightful comment on the news: What incredible, self serving nonsense. Beinisch’s girlfriend, all on her very own, decides to jeopardize her very useful and privileged position as the journalistic insider to the Grand Master of Israel’s Supreme Cult by reveling private information. The fact that Beinisch is under continuos pressure to reduce the powers and privileges of the Supreme Cult and is increasingly being seen as ungenerous in her public stance of course have nothing to do with this revelation. We are presented with a kinder, more concerning Beinisch. Gone is the arrogant, dictatorial manipulator. Gone is the conspirator to murder, treason and subversion of justice. We are left only with the motherly concern of a woman torn by the need to protect the people of Sderot.

When Dorit Beinisch wooed the nervous young Jewish mothers, this female clearly knew that the Government had absolutely no money. So, is this how Dorit Beinisch was able to court another female group? Since homosexual human beings are famous for their sensitive characters, (Please check Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008)), what kind of trick has Dorit Beinisch used to fool them? Someone please tell me.

Gay, lesbian community fights Gavison appointment to Supreme Court bench May 12, 2005 / By Haaretz

Time to search for information about the relationship between Dorit Beinisch & Labor MK Ophir Pines, or Edna Arbel & Labor MK Ophir Pines, or Something-another & Labor MK Ophir Pines. What’s the reason of this wealthy guy’s endless support of Dort Beinisch?

Please check Dorit Beinisch’s thick skin. Who has the thickest skin? ‘American Alice Clevenger’ or ‘German Waltraud Meier’ or ‘Israeli Dorit Beinisch’ or… ‘Please-someone-tell-me-about-this-bimbo’s-nationality-Russian-or-German-or-Israeli-or-French-or-American-or-Spanish-or-British-or-Argentinean-or-Jewish-or-What Elena Bashkirova’?

Left-wing Writer David Grossman Refuses Beinisch Handshake (Nov 7, 2007): (…) Grossman lost his son in the final days of the 2006 Second Lebanon War (…) Prime Minister was informed ahead of time that Grossman would not be shaking his hand. Grossman also did not shake hands with Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, who sat next to the Prime Minister, further away from Grossman. Both remained seated, therefore, when Grossman accepted the prize. Beinisch said, however, that she had been told before the ceremony Grossman would not shake her hand publicly. She added that she was not surprised by this; “I shook his hand earlier,” she told reporters. It was not clear what prompted Grossman to avoid a public handshake with the Supreme Court President.

🙂 From Supreme Court after Olmert (Beinisch should get rid of Friedmann as quickly as possible, From Sep 3, 2008 to Present)
High Court President: Wait Till Gov’t Change to Select Judges (Oct 29, 2008): Talkbacks: 3. everybody-from left and right hates her and has – very little trust if at all in high court rulings–unless u r a pali of course – then u LOOOVE their rulings / , (30/10/08)

I promise. This Meretz-guy will do the best job as a Defense Minister. He will remember his son whenever he has to decide something for both Israel and Palestine.

(AGAIN on OCTOBER 23, 2008)
♥ IN SUM, ♥


To be honest, I am NOT interested in whether or not JM Friedmann will be lucky enough to succeed in his reform. I am only interested in MY LIFE, and only remember how Beinisch family has been treating me during the past ten years. (… more than ten, to be exact…) I promise. This Bimbo-Battle is only starting. How many human beings will I be able to ‘directly’ contact until I die?

🙂 Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK, which received my invitation (From Sep 8, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Palestinian/Arab Groups Elsewhere/Facebook, which received my invitation (From ?, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Music Lovers Elsewhere/Facebook, who received my invitation (From Aug 4, 2008 to Present)

ABOVE will be my life-long project. Therefore, I will contact Ambassador of Israel to Korea as soon as possible, after PARTLY FINISHING this work. How many professional musicians, who never/only wants to play with Waltraud Meier, will be able to receive my invitation?
🙂 Professional Musicians Elsewhere/Facebook, who received my invitation (From ?, 2008 to Present)

The President of Israeli Supreme Court is welcome to believe that our musicians have no brain. Even now, how many so-called musicians are willing to travel all over the world to prove that classical music has a power to fool intelligent human being? The audience all over the world, including all the human rights groups, which know nothing about the existence of my Knesset-blog, will answer Dorit Beinsich with a standing ovation. That’s a power of music, in which Hitler’s Nazism firmly believed in. The only difference between Jewish Beinisch and German Hitler was that this Jewish-Blood has NO ear while German-Blood had the best ear to pick up a real music to propagandize Nazi ideology. Therefore, German Hitler was able to reach human hearts all over the world, while Jewish Beinisch should be very careful to search for Bashkirova’s audience, who should be Jewish-only or No-ear or Fame-seeker. Poor Beinisch. Poorer Jews…

As I wrote in Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (Sep 10-18, 2008), no matter how much I learn good things about Israel or Germany, no matter how much I want to become a part of Jewish or German history, and no matter how much I want to join Jewish or German blood, I won’t be able to change my identity. Simply, I was not born like that. Even now, the fact that I have to work, work, and work hard only to preserve sparkling beauty of Jewish or German heritage is pissing me off.

What I feel funny while reading all the articles about Dorit Beinisch is… IT ‘SEEMS’ THAT ill qualification of Dorit Beinsich as the Court President was a ‘specific(?)/general(!)’ feeling even inside the Supreme Court:

Justice Cheshin: Barak ready for people to blow up for human rights (May 24, 2006): (…) Cheshin has this to say about attempts to change the system under which seniority is used to determine the president of the Supreme Court. “Malicious people are raising these ideas,” he says, “only because of [Justice Dorit] Beinisch. Whoever raised the seniority question wants to subject Beinisch to a targeted assassination because of a personal vendetta. It is posing as a normative proposal but it is actually a personal proposal to screw Beinisch. There are so many reasons for the president to be the most senior justice, but that does not interest anyone. (…)

(Notice: This writing was written before Nov 15, 2008. Now that I know quite-things about Zehava Gal-On, is she going to behave as a Meretz MK in the 18th Knesset?)

As I wrote in Weirdly, I agree with Likud on this subject. *.* (From Jun 24 to Present), I was born in ONE-blood country and never thought of this problem until Likud’s Livnat issued Hebrew Language in her bill.

Please look at me. How many years have I read, learned about happenings in Barenboim’s Israel? Still, I am in trouble to distinguish the difference between Israeli Arabs and Palestinians. I believe… whatever it is, whether Citizenship Law or others, it should exist for the better future of Jewish/Palestinian State while accepting its past.

I write again and again… that I belong to neither Israel nor Palestine. Being as the third person, I collected and organized all those Jewish articles. Now, it is easy to imagine future of the Jewish State.

Well… despite so many incidents that are happening in less than a decade and making the situation more and more grave, IT won’t happen during the lifetime of Meretz MK Zehava Gal-On. I am still curious… what has been her real reason? A real heart toward her Palestinian petitioner (singular) or her professional desire?

No matter what, time will pass and IT will happen, to be sure… according to what I read. Then, not Bibi’s Big-Mouth but Palestinian-Heart of Meretz MK will be remembered as what actually caused Self-Destruction of the Jewish State. I promise… What if I write a book, in which I explain all the details about ‘Who’s Whose Who,’ and introduce Bibi as a starter and Gal-On as a mere-joiner?

🙂 From Bibi: PM Netanyahu will resume West Bank Settlement Activity (Sep 29, 2008).
Netanyahu vows to expand settlements if elected PM (Oct 1, 2008): (…) While the Left warned that Netanyahu would outrage the international community and prevent an agreement with the Palestinians, the Right doubted he was telling the truth. (…)

Who is worrying what? And WHY? Anyway, I will make Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann the most famous figure in the international community. So… whatever you do… I wish you GOOD LUCK! By the way, when is Female Justice Dalia Dorner, the president of Israel Press Council going to take care of my Human Rights?

🙂 Dalia Dorner: Former Judge & Israel Press Council’s President (Beinisch Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann), which is part of
🙂 P.P.S.: Beinisch’s Secret Society Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann

♥ PART 5 ♥

🙂 From Bibi: PM Netanyahu will resume West Bank Settlement Activity (Sep 29, 2008).
Netanyahu vows to expand settlements if elected PM (Oct 1, 2008): (…) While the Left warned that Netanyahu would outrage the international community and prevent an agreement with the Palestinians, the Right doubted he was telling the truth. (…) National Union MK Arye Eldad attacked Netanyahu from the other side, saying he would never forgive him for voting in favor of the 2005 withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, even though he later left the government to protest disengagement. Eldad said he would only believe Netanyahu’s statements about expanding settlements if he formed a right-wing government, and not the national-unity coalition that the Likud leader has repeatedly said he would lead. “If I see him form a nationalist government, I will believe him,” Eldad said. “If he forms a government with the Left, it will be clear that he will do what Ariel Sharon did and evacuate settlements, and perhaps even form a Palestinian state. I take what he says with a grain of salt because voting in favor of evacuating the Jewish communities of Gush Katif is a black stain from which he can never recover.” (…)

I perfectly agree with National Union MK Arye Eldad.

(Updated on NOVEMBER 21, 2008)
🙂 WHAT A HARD JOB IT IS TO CREATE Kippah-I & Kippah-II!!! (Please check my Knesset-blog)

While having been updating Knesset-blog since MARCH 10, 2008, my honest feeling was that I wanted to butcher this Jewish Pig, Benjamin Netanyahu… until something happened to me.

🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi
🙂 Please check September 29, 2008

I had to accept the real face of Israel. When I started to feel that I am not reading the Jewish articles but a cheap COMIC-Book, in which human life could be handled as a mere toy, I could accept everything. Then, there were something more. This writing started on October 2 and I found the two articles on the same day, on October 24. As I wrote before, (somewhere in my Knesset-blog), the Haaretz tried to hide Mehta’s article and it was a secret message to Beinisch’s Secret Society… that Daniel Barenboim will anyway behave under Mehta’s detailed instruction.

IPO’s Zubin Mehta to Haaretz: I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’ Oct 21, 2008 / By Haaretz
(…) “Daniel Barenboim does a lot in that area,” he adds, “but he has support from the government of Spain and Andalusia, where there is a dream of reviving the Golden Age when Jews and Muslims lived together.” (…) “It’s hard to believe how much money there is in this country. It’s endless. I would have no problem getting $150 million to build the new auditorium, I have a list of people who can pay for it. I could similarly find a donor to pay $80 million to have the auditorium named after him; there are quite a number of people for whom that sum is negligible.”

Not without the justice portfolio Oct 24, 2008 / By Haaretz Editorial
(…) But what strengths will Meretz have at those elections? Its consent to serve in a government with Daniel Friedmann as justice minister? That is a clear prescription for completely disappointing the party’s voters (…) In less than two years, Friedmann has caused serious damage to the legal system in general, and to the status of the Supreme Court and its president in particular. He makes every effort to slander them, he has made their daily administrative functioning intolerable and he has brought about unprecedented politicization in a place that once was mostly free of it. Friedmann is directly responsible for the declining public confidence in the legal system, and it is regrettable to see that Livni does not understand the extent to which he is endangering Israeli democracy and the rule of law. (…) Meretz is completely justified in joining the government only if it receives a mandate to repair the Friedmann era’s serious damage (…) Only under such circumstances can the justice minister, along with the Supreme Court president, take steps to develop the legal system and improve its service to citizens. Without this mandate, Meretz is better off outside.

Then, what about this?

Our World: From Tel Aviv to Teheran, with love Nov 11, 2008 / By Bibi’s Glick
Talkbacks for this article 67
28. nonsensical article – Israelis: Vote for Kadima!! – I don’t know how small is the right-wing extremism in the settler movement, but the fact is that it is a factory of Jewish terrorism. It took just one terrorist – Yigal Amir – to drastically change the course of the peace process. Israelis will soon face the choice of electing a moderate, center government under Livni-Barak or the Netaniahu-Federman-Gvir trio which will bring disaster to Israel. / IKleinman – USA (11/11/2008 14:38)
40. #28 – Learn to mind your own business – As an American Jew I, too, have strongly held beliefs regarding Israel and the course it should take in the current trying times. I also have the sense to keep them to myself. If you are unwilling or unable to leave the comfort of American exile to live in Israel and face the consequences of the course you propose than keep your mouth shut. Save your breath for the not too distant future when you will struggle to justify voting for Obama and let Israelis decide who should lead Israel. / S Chavez – (11/11/2008 21:36)
42. #40 Learn how to use your brain – Mr. Chavez – Who are you to tell me not to mind Israel’s elections. For many of us living in the diaspora, Israel is our greatest love and passion. Not only that, we have family, parents, siblings, friends etc. living there. I don’t want them to suffer the consequences of a government where the trio Glick-Federman-Gvir rules. Are you related to Hugo? That would explain why you are an idiot. / IKleinman – USA (11/11/2008 23:38)
41. I used to like Mrs. Gkick’s articles – but for a long time, now, she seems to write for a certain audience and no more in a professional way. / Luminita – Romania (11/11/2008 22:24)
43. to #41 – mrs. glick’s articles are true witness to her professionalism and sharp wits. so far, business as usual, might i add, as one who reads jpost almost every day. may i ask what is it you don’t like about her articles anymore? / canadian – (11/12/2008 00:14)

I am the one, who literally stuck to the computer and daily read Jewish articles to organize them. Talkbacker No.43 says that he is also the one. This guy is a real Jew fully armed with a real patriotism while I am not. Who should follow whom?

(Updated on NOVEMBER 22-24, 2008)
I thought. I believed… that the Jews are blessed people, who are born with far superior brain to mine. I thought that they are just too busy to follow daily incidents inside THEIR homeland. I thought that if I organize all the happenings, they will be the first one to figure out the most effective way to protect, develop their Jewish State. And this is what I got. As a matter of fact, the most Talkbackers in ALL the Jewish newspapers are covered with the similar comments. They want Benjamin Netanyahu as their leader, who should save THEIR homeland through BLOOD and WAR. They want to see Bibi’s Nationalist-Government realize the Greater Israel. I wrote and wrote… that I am not a part of rebels. Who should follow whom in this situation?

I promise. I will do my best to do this job.

Of course, there are a few Talkbackers, who rather want to exchange part of their land for PEACE. They say, “For many of us living in the diaspora, Israel is our greatest love and passion. Not only that, we have family, parents, siblings, friends etc. living there.”

I feel no need to join them. Remember? I am the one who vowed not to have my own kids. I just want all the brilliant human beings, who happened to be involved in my trashy life, to see their own kids experience the same life as mine. I just want to think of Jesus-theory again, which is about ‘Love or Forgiveness,’ only after ‘finishing’ this dirty business with Barenboim’s Angels. To forgive someone, there should be a specific reason. I am still frequently ill while cleaning all the garbage and sh*ts those b*tches left. I am not sure I can clean all those sh*ts during my lifetime.

AGAIN, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of Dorit Beinisch. I don’t plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of ‘Bibi & Co.’ How many Jewish Diaspora Millionaire/Billionaires are supporting PM Netanyahu? How many Jewish voters are willing to starve/die for their leader PM Netanyahu? Is there a better idea for the Jewish State than Bibi’s big-mouth, if PM Netanyahu can keep his promise after the election? Please, please check Phoenix-Bibi again in my Knesset-blog.

This is in fact a golden opportunity for the Palestinians. I will let ALL BIBI’s SUPPORTERs know that PM Bibi will be no different from PM Olmert. Who knows? The Palestinians can receive MORE from PM Netanyahu than from PM Olmert, who offered bla-bla-bla. Palestinian president Abbas already made it clear that he rejected 12th PM Olmert’s offer and what his Palestinian wants from Israeli 13th prime minister. If Palestinian opinion receives full support from the International community, what will be left for the Jewish side, if not WAR?

🙂 From Category: Fatah
🙂 Abbas rejects Olmert’s concessions (‘We rejected Israeli proposals that stipulated making concessions including on Jerusalem and the refugees. We either get all six points – Jerusalem, settlements, borders, refugees, water and security – or nothing at all.’)
🙂 Of course, I am also collecting Hamas-side story. Why not?

I still believe. If all those Kippah-wearers want to realize the Greater Israel, they should be at the very front to talk to their Palestinian partners on the negotiation table, instead of hiding themselves behind BIBI’s back. What are they worrying about when the Zionist Orthodox Party wants a secular guy as their leader? Please look what the Shas party has been doing. Whether I agree with their ideology or not, there is no doubt in my mind that they have been doing a terrific job.

Whether or not they treat their female voters as slaves, whether or not they teach their own kids that after the sun sets, it warms the waters of the earth because it heats them from below-ground upward, (please check Kippah-II), they don’t hide themselves behind secular guys. I promise. If the situation goes like this, not the secular guys but Shas-mothers will be at the frontline to lead their community into the better place. Who knows? The world can provide a modest, peaceful home when the people believe that the sun has nothing to do with the scientific concept of the star, just as the Shas communities do.

🙂 From Kippah-I
As settlements get Succot boost, Migron members vow to expand (Oct 19, 2008): (…) “We hope to expand over the whole mountain and connect it to the existing roads. … the civil administration came out here and confiscated everything. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t legal,” a Yeshiva-Girl said. (…) A rabbi who spoke to the crowd for a brief lecture said that illegal settlement activity was what the entire country had been built on, and began not with the Nachal or the Palmach, but Abraham and Isaac. “We’re not doing this for ourselves, or for the right wing, or for the national religious,” he said. “We’re doing this for all of Israel, the nation of Israel. Even the leftists, who are so against us in our efforts, the holy soul inside of them, that’s connected to the Jewish people, we’re doing it for them too. They just haven’t realized it yet.”

I promise. While traveling all over the world, I will clearly let the international community know what the Kippah-wearers want from their Israel. They are willing to slain all their Secular Youngsters in the battlefield if those patriotic death could contribute to ‘their’ Greater Israel. I promise. Once the Greater Israel is established, no Jewish army would have to exist because by then, there would be none of Jewish Secular Youngsters left, but then, God Almighty’s promise would stay with them… FOREVER. Who knows? God Almighty’s promise is really alive and none of Jewish Secular Youngsters will hurt during the WAR. Time will tell.

🙂 From Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (My Knesset mail on Nov 17, 2008)
🙂 Please check Schalit, Palestinian Jokes, Voodoo dolls and BIBI

I am NEVER going to make Voodoo dolls wear Kippah in dark suits. They should look beautiful, handsome in all the colorful dress codes. When Bibi’s Glick is going to have a baby? Have you seen a female, who looks more attractive than Bibi’s Glick? Can you imagine ‘The Simpsons Comics’ without their cute baby? I promise. I will make the cutest Voodoo doll for her petit love. Of course, there will be more. Since I am too tired to read all the Jewish politicians and journalists, Palestinian adults will tell me how many Jewish volunteers want to be reborn through Voodoo dolls. As I wrote before, only selected Jews can enjoy this privilege.

If for this reason, I am willing to resume my work in Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK before the election. But still, I am not sure. I should be very busy to prepare everything for Elena Bashkirova’s brilliant NUDE SHOW with her lovely toy, Daniel Barenboim.

🙂 From Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
4. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ under the auspices of Ministry of Heritage and Culture (Jan 26, 2009 in Genova, Italy)
3. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ in collaboration with the teachers of Music DAMS (Jan 27, 2009 in Torino, Italy)
2. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ in central Bologna, between the historic centre and the university (Jan 31, 2009 in Bologna, Italy)
1. Please check My Requests to Barenboim (Finally Feb 1, 2009 in Salzburg)

Time to finish. This ♥ PART 5 ♥ should be the first part in
🙂 JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!!

The migraine that is Migron Nov 15, 2008 / By Haaretz
(…) Most Labor voters have no idea where the outposts are located, who lives there and whom they’re bothering. To the left, the outposts symbolize the occupation; to the right, they embody Israel’s hold on the land. (…) Predictably, the Yesha Council of settlements in Judea and Samaria does not seem too concerned about the situation. Although there is no state budget for the outposts, the army still guards their residents, regardless of their legal standing. (…)

What a comical country it is…
I started this writing on OCTOBER 2, 2008, and was supposed to say…


Sincerely yours,

P.S. on DECEMBER 2, 2008
🙂 From Supreme Court after Olmert (Beinisch should get rid of Friedmann as quickly as possible, From Sep 3, 2008 to Present)
Beinish: Court has crucial role in restraining army Nov 28, 2008 / By Ynetnews, Israel
(…) Aharon Barak on his part, insisted the time has come to complete the work on Israel’s constitution. Barak also lashed out against Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann, saying it “is unfitting for a justice minister to have a say in the shuffling of judges, appoints of judges or matters pertaining to the courts system.” He also criticized Friedmann’s position as chairman of the committee charged with appointing judges. (Talkbacks for this article 22)

JIWON: Beinisch sounds fantastic and therefore it stinks more. Now, I clearly know this is exactly why Bibi firmly believed in his Big-Mouth, which was born a Leader of Opposition Party and NEVER supported the present government’s Palestinian policy, whatever it is. To be honest, I feel very sorry for Aharon Barak, who decided to criticize JM Daniel Friedmann MORE after reading this writing; my willingness to work for his genuine ideas. And then… I found this article on Nov 29, 2008. See… I am not the only one who has been suspecting if Dorit Beinisch was behaving as Aharon Barak’s mistress. Please notice that this comment is NOT from Ynetnews nor Arutz Sheva BUT from Beinisch’s Haaretz. Hence, I will make this article as NO.1 of the same collection.

Beinish unanimously approved as new Supreme Court president Last update – 17:24 07/09/2006 / By Haaretz, Yuval Yoaz

P.S. on DECEMBER 3, 2008
Please check
🙂 PM Salaam Fayad seeks steps against settlements (The Palestinians won’t make any more concessions.)

JIWON: Thanks to almost-150 comments, which answered one weird Korean article and literally meant that ‘Israel = Worse than Nazi,’ I had to search for more. This article was dealing with ‘IJC & Israeli Separation Wall,’ but contained the similar paragraph as this. I am now very confused… What really means the settlement? What means legal or illegal and WHY? What is a real identity of Noam Federman, who poured all his private money into Israeli court-or-government to protect his legal-or-illegal outpost? A true Jewish leader or a mere troublemaker? No wonder most Labor voters have no idea where the outposts are located, who lives there and whom they’re bothering…

P.S. on DECEMBER 11, 2008 (03:00)
Tzipi Livni slams Likud list as ‘been there, done that’: Kadima chief says Likud slate reminded her of why she left party, predicts strong party list.

JIWON: Ha-Ha-Ha… ho-ho-ho… This is exactly what I was trying to figure out before joining Bibi’s FACEBOOK. I still don’t know why Kadima’s Livni looks cool, despite all my disappointment at Arik’s IMPOTENT guys. (BRRR…) What’s the difference between Tzipi Livni and me? Do I still suffer from the ‘Bad Boy/Girl’ syndrome? I promise… ‘IT’ will be done by tonight.

Please check
🙂 From Messages in the FACEBOOK
🙂 Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK, which received my invitation

P.S. on DECEMBER 13, 2008 (02:00) (It will be posted… just too tired to do now. This is a draft…)

The new, revised Likud slate for the 18th Knesset

Wow! How come a politician, a leader of No.1 party and internationally famed Jew indeed, can behave like this? I know politicians can do whatever behind the scenes, even in the voting booth. But in this public way? What a thick skin… I am literally in awe. Is it because everything is possible in the world of LAW in Dorit Beinisch’s Israel? FACEBOOK member ‘officially’ wrote that this is exactly how ‘Young-&-Fresh BIBI’ managed his government a decade ago.

Well… this is the last thing I wanted to write in the open place. No matter what, Bibi is from Mars and I’m from Venus, and my analysis of Bibi’s political strategy used to be based on ‘rumors’ of how he manipulated and succeeded in his second divorce from one terrific woman/victim. (Since I didn’t want to hurt anything about his present marriage life, I hid this information deep in Bibi’s file. After a short research, I’ve come to the conclusion that his present wife is also a victim, and didn’t want to be involved in all the rumors about her whatsoever behaviors.)

Anyway, I really appreciate my FACEBOOK work, and I can’t think of better way. I just need more time to think of ‘more effective’ way to CHURN this HOTTEST Jewish party, LIKUD, since I only received ‘limited’ power to ‘conquer’ this beautiful place. I promise. BIBI will have to PROMISE to ALL his voters that 13th PM Netanyahu SHALL give his Palestinian Kids MORE if he wants to truly behave as Israeli leader. I already resumed my Facebook-work and I can resume my mailing to EU members whenever after finishing two more ‘short’ messages to Italian/Spanish government. Then, I ‘spam’ just a part of professional musicians, then contact Ambassador of Israel to Korea… GOOD!

See you on Monday.

Yatom plans to appeal against Likud list demotion (Dec 12, 2008)
Talkbacks for this article 17
2. Anti-Feiglin Hysteria – Why all the hysteria? Feiglin is simply expressing ideas which are basic concepts in Judaism. Is there a normal Jew who doesn’t understand the need to fight for Eretz Yisrael? Jewish concepts have been forgotten but Feiglin’s ideas are very simply- just Jewish. Indeed, he is promoting the same ideas as are disseminated by Rabbi David Bar-Hayim at We have to return to the basics. / Moshe Ehrenpreis – Israel (12/12/2008 12:16)
3. Glad this it being appealed. Will help Likud and Israeli democracy – Bibi seems to think that party leader is absolute dictator and can ignore the will of the people. (Give a bureaucrat a rubber stamp and he thinks he’s a government all by himself.) This is no different than Kadima. If he has this little respect for the voters of his own party, how much less does he have for the population at large. Good that Yatom and Ratzon are appealing. / disgusted american – usa (12/12/2008 13:39)
9. Feiglin should not have been demoted. What kind of “democracy” is that? It’s good to have somebody in the party that will make sure Bibi doesn’t – forget his platform as most PMs do immediately after taking office. / Eli – Israel (12/13/2008 10:39)
16. This reminds me of what they did to the Great Rabbi Meir Kahane – We should have listened to him then, all these probles from oslo and Lebbaon would never have occured. But you need a leader with guts and Bibi could have been that. Moving to the center does not do Israel any good. I have always been a great supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu, but now I question what he will do. What about They Must go do you not understand! What about Listen World Listen Jew don’t you get? When there is a time to fight, you better not talk! Hit them now, hit them often and break there will. Let th UN and the world Howl! / Jack – USA (12/13/2008 22:21)

Letters: Frankly frightening (Dec 13, 2008)
1. Frankly frightening – Sir, – I am not a Likud member and definitely no fan of Moshe Feiglin. Nevertheless, Binyamin Netanyahu’s attempt to change a reality he dislikes goes against the basic principles of democracy. It will also prove counterproductive to his party’s success in the upcoming election (“‘Post’ readers fault Bibi’s post-primary antics,” Letters, December 11). What does this say about his functioning as prime minister, should he win the vote in February? One of his failings in his 1990s tenure as prime minister was his flip-flopping on issues when new realities presented themselves. He clearly hasn’t reformed. Frankly, it frightens me to imagine a prime minister attempting to shape future, unknown realities – of any sort – to his political or personal needs. / NACHAMA KANNER- Rehovot
2. Ain’t so – Sir, – “Man bites dog!” is headline news. “Feiglin, allies win big” (Online Edition, December 10), is hyperbole. To suggest that Moshe Feiglin’s endorsement carried the day for the top of the Likud list may sell newspapers; however, it is far removed from fact. Gideon Sa’ar, Gilad Erdan, Ruby Rivlin and Bennie Begin were chosen by the members of Likud because of their hard work, integrity and devotion to principle. Whether Feiglin gave his support to them or not is of no consequence. In fact, to my knowledge, Begin rejected Feiglin’s endorsement. With that said, I congratulate Mr. Feiglin on a well-articulated statement of his position and the organizational skills needed to win the votes of a considerable number of party members. It would be a shame if Bibi Netanyahu attempted to pull a “Sharon” in this situation and ignore the will of his party, as that leader did on the referendum regarding Gush Katif. / DAVID STAR- Ma’aleh Adumim
3. And so on, and so on…

P.S. on DECEMBER 16, 2008 (02:00) (I remember to send one more message prior to this one. Where can I find this from my computer file?)

Netanyahu, Barak reject Livni invitation for political debate

Finally, Kadima’s Livni is doing the right thing. See… those male things are afraid of this public debate. Especially BIBI, who is ‘unreasonably’ adored by ‘countless’ Neither-Young-Nor-Old Female Voters in immigrant society… I never know why they think Bibi is hot. Do you know why? There are real guys in LIKUD. They look real hot. Livni can’t beat those guys, who ‘politically’ gathered around IMPOTENT BIBI. Is it my opinion? I just wrote what I observed. I was surprised at Likud or even Meretz’s list. See… Gal-On is down to No.3 despite her hard-working biggest mouth. Public should know all the truth, I believe.

P.S. on DECEMBER 17, 2008 (06:00)

I just can’t understand what’s going on both in Israel and in Palestine.
See… those IMPOTENT guys won’t accept Public Debate. What means public debate? A contestant, who receives more public attention, wins the game. Any absentees can’t win. Why doesn’t Livni start it now?

1. Livni will say, “Bibi is busy at meeting Foreign leaders. They are asking bla-bla-bla. Bibi can’t refuse Palestinian demands. Bibi made it clear that he will answer Palestinian demands by demoting Feiglin. Quartet is happy with Bibi’s sincere reaction, because his Likud sounds just like the Meretz. Bla-Bla-Bla…”
2. Livni’s Palestinian partners will ECHO Bibi’s ‘sincere’ answer to Foreign Leaders. The louder, the more effective…
3. Bibi has to choose ONLY ONE. His Nationalist-Government or Another-Meretz-Party. What means Feiglin No. 36, Ratzon No. 37, and Yatom No. 38 in the new LIKUD list? They are still in the list. Bibi didn’t demote them. He just aimed at more voters; the real Jewish voters who will choose Bibi’s LIKUD after reading my Barenboim-message. Then, he is going to ELIMINATE those guys AFTER being elected to Israeli 13th prime minister. What’s more, another Phoenix-Bibi will exercise his Bigger-Mouth during Bibi’s term and PM Bibi wouldn’t care because he still has enough time to be honored as Israeli prime minister. By the time all the Israelis realize Bibi’s great lies, Bibi will return to the opposition leader to make more mess through Phoenix-Bibi. None of Jewish millionaires will care, because they will become richer and richer, while the poor will become poorer and poorer. Already now, Likud’s Begin seems to think of this plan. What a guy…

Netanyahu ‘not afraid’ of face-off Dec 17, 2008 1:51 | Updated Dec 17, 2008 6:02 / By Jerusalem Post
“Bibi’s not afraid of a debate with anybody. Israelis know that Bibi is one of the best debaters in the country. Bibi had a set platform on education, crime, security and the economy, but he had no idea where Livni stood on such issues. So far, the only platform we have seen from her is that she is in favor of giving up the entire West Bank and east Jerusalem.”

Hum… I am not sure if this article appeared before/after my mailing to Bibi’s Knesset. Please check the time. Anyway, Palestinians already answered, in their furious voice, that they won’t accept any of Bibi’s PRESENT policies. Bibi should go further if he really wants to become Israeli prime minister. This is so far… Do all European politicians know this?

Still… updating Phoenix-Bibi was fun rather than disgusting, and I am willing to support Israeli 13th PM Netanyahu with my full heart. JUST… BIBI SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY LIEs either to Foreign leaders or to Jewish voters!

Netanyahu off to Paris to meet Sarkozy

Who will become Bibi’s next victim among European politicians? Therefore, my Barenboim-message will prepare his meeting with French President Sarkozy, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, Economy Minister Christine Lagarde and some Jewish leaders. What about French Muslim leaders?

Dear Palestinians, Jewish Media, Bibi’s political rivals, and the entire Jewish voters,

Please pay attention to Bibi’s Big-Mouth during his international tour. You’re welcome to take advantage of Bibi’s successful meeting with those Foreign leaders. Why not? Just give me the exact information about Bibi’s performance schedule during the election period. My Barenboim-message will assist Bibi. What a fun it is… I think I am born to love Barenboim’s Israel!!! ^.*

Anyway, Wish You Good Luck!
I promise. The female politician Livni can’t beat those hot Likud guys, wherever she came from. If she or her advisors have ever dreamed of winning the national election, I heartily recommend them to drink a fresh cup of coffee. Try another tactics. Make the entire Jewish voters realize that Bibi’s LIKUD is no different from Labor’s Barak’s Meretz. Meretz’s Gal-On already did a terrific job by proving that her Meretz had been no different from Bibi’s Nationalist-Government. Why not more?

Barenboim’s UN concert with WEDO members on Dec 15, 2008
Following are UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks at the concert organized by Spain to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in New York: Let me thank Her Excellency Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega and the Government and people of Spain for sponsoring this concert and continuing to give such steadfast support to the United Nations. This event is a wonderful way to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its contribution to our work for global harmony and peace.

Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega: Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party politician, since April 18, 2004 the First Vice President, Minister of Presidency and Minister-Spokerperson of the Cabinet in the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. She is the first female First Vice President.

I was following this concert, because Barenboim is not the one who can organize such a thing. See… Spanish government is behind it. If His Excellency Sonsoles Espinosa’s Husband wants to join Quartet as they did weeks ago when Spain’s Zapatero took Extra Seat at G20 Summit, those cowardly characters should appear in the front line to ZIP Bibi’s Big-Mouth, instead of being busy behind scenes and therefore destroying ALL Barenboim’s contributions to Middle East Peace between Israel and Palestine. Just sick of Zapatero’s government!!! But then… this Spanish First Vice President looks cool… SIC! Who is UN’s Ban listening to now? Just out of curiosity; I know this Korean guy is darn busy, damn tired, however… Besides, he came from the same town as my parents’ family’s, and they are famous for dozing off during the classical concerts. I am damn curious what UN Secretary-General learned during Barenboim’s Spanish concert. *.*

P.S. on DECEMBER 18, 2008 (17:00)

1. UN adopts measure backing Annapolis (Dec 17, 2008)
2. Livni praises UN for backing Annapolis (Dec 18, 2008): Kadima’s leader Livni says next prime minister must learn to “enlist the world” and recognize “shared interests.”


Please check
🙂 From Dear European Countries (From August 13 to Present).
🙂 From Dear European Countries (Short Web-Mail) (Short messages to each country to introduce this mailing, in case they only offer Web-mail.)

Dear French President Sarkozy (…) This is my third message. (…) I’m terribly sorry if this mailing bothered your busy schedule, but I must know… because I am supposed to resume my work in FACEBOOK. Could you read this article in Jerusalem Post? Bibi’s ideas for ‘Economic Peace’ are already rejected by the Palestinians, and the Thick-Skin is Bibi’s only weapon because he already knows what I am going to do in the Jewish groups in FACEBOOK. In my view, this Jerusalem issue is more important and you already made it clear during your last visit. Bibi is just lying again and again. That’s why I want to prove NOW that Bibi’s LIKUD is already no different from Kadima’s Olmert or Livni’s Meretz party. I hope French President Sarkozy to have a productive meeting with Israeli 13th prime minister Netanyahu. Thanks again.
P.S.: No sooner had I resumed my work in FACEBOOK, Bibi announced his new LIKUD list. Believe or not… So, I quit again. I must take a revenge. Therefore… if Bibi suddenly changes his plan and just keeps silent about this Jerusalem issue, I will become the loudest mouth to announce Bibi’s plan to divide Jerusalem to all his Jewish voters in FACEBOOK. See ya! ^.*

I want to sleep. I never knew what a tired job it is to assist Mr. Netanyahu’s international trip. Olmert to visit Turkey next week? Hum…

P.S. on DECEMBER 19, 2008 (06:40)

1. Haaretz: Netanyahu to Sarkozy: Israel can`t accept ongoing Gaza rocket fire
2. Jerusalem Post: Bibi to Sarkozy: Iran ‘greatest historical challenge’ facing the world: (…) Iran (…Typical Bibi, who has nothing to reply… Are there any Israelis who don’t think like Bibi?…) French Foreign Ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier, confirming some details of a report Thursday in the Le Figaro daily newspaper, said EU foreign ministers had discussed earlier this month a “working document” to ease tensions between the Palestinians and Israel. The document, which had not been previously made public, mentions the prospect of making an international force “available” for Palestinian areas if both sides agree, and setting up “an international mechanism” that could give financial help to Palestinian refugees, he said. The document raises the possibility that Jerusalem could be “the capital of two states” side by side – Israel and a future Palestinian state, Chevallier said. He said the proposal is still in the works. Netanyahu said he made his position on those issues clear to Sarkozy. “We want a united Jerusalem under Israel, with access to the religious sites, to all the three great faiths,” he said. “Our position on refugees is also unchanged:…” (…) His visit to France was his only stop in Europe this trip. France’s presidency of the European Union ends on December 31.
3. No time to check Right-wing newspapers and the Jewish voters’ reaction about Bibi’s lies about ‘united’ Jerusalem…

I hope French President Sarkozy to find this writing.

Dear guys,

Thanks. See… Have you seen a thicker skin, a bigger mouth than Bibi? When Bibi threw this answer to his French friends(?), he clearly knew that Israeli 13th prime minister can’t keep this promise, whether he is Bibi or Livni or impotent Diehard-doves. I am now curious how many HOT LIKUD guys trust this word. Or is the ‘rumor’ right that HOT guys usually are famous for their two-digit-numbered IQ? Is this why Kadima’s female leader Livni left Bibi’s Likud after the HOTTEST one-night stand?

Bibi says, “We want a united Jerusalem under Israel… bla-bla-bla…”

Anyone can say this; whether Bibi or Livni or impotent Diehard-doves. So, what Bibi the opposition leader did while 12th PM Olmert was saying exactly the same words? My firm belief is that all those HOT Likud guys should pack all their belongings and move into the real Nationalist-Party. Bibi’s Likud is not the one. This is nothing but another-Meretz. WHY… why does Bibi NEVER mention his proud SETTLEMENT Project during the international trip? WHY? Israeli 13th prime minister can NEVER reject international pressure on this issue. What is PM Bibi going to do? Shall he resign from his PM job after spending ONE miserable day as Israeli leader?

Then what about Netanyahu tells Sarkozy he will continue talks with Syria (Dec 19, 2008)? What an IMPOTENT coward! I will check THIS in Bibi’s FACEBOOK. I don’t care whether LIKUD guys are hot or not, but I’m damn curious if those guys have two-digit-numbered IQ or not. Who knows? Their IQ is even below monkey’s…

French President Sarkozy was a great source of my inspiration. How could I think of Bibi’s Voodoo dolls for Barenboim’s Palestinian kids, if without his help, without his hot fame? To honor this famed French celebrity, I am thinking to move this part to my next mail so that this message will appear in both
🙂 In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Nov 24, 2008)
🙂 JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!!

I hope French President Sarkozy, who is also a president of the European Union until Dec 31, 2008, to share this message with all his EU members so that any European government officials can forward my ‘updated’ Barenboim-message to all the EU members whenever I contact each country. By the way, while searching for information about Jewish and Muslim communities in France, I was surprise at their ability… or size… or power… or hum… what should I say…

All the information was so well organized. Hence… Though Maestro Barenboim is already busy with his Mideastern kids, what if French leaders want to start Barenboim’s Divan project in France as well? If so, please let me know. I am still awfully sorry about my directly contacting French President, concerning my social status… If his busy schedule is going to be interrupted again by my Barenboim-message, it will be through his Cultural Minister. (Somehow, I couldn’t’ send my message to French Foreign Minister.) Thanks.

Sincerely yours,

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