JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!!

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I used to suffer from My Fundamental Problems while sneaking into the Knesset to prepare my FIGHT with those PIGs in order to protect Daniel Barenboim… I wrote and wrote in my Knesset mails. Please check Mail-Recipients in my Music-blog to find them. Please…

MFP No. 1: Despite my troublesome(?) political views, LIKUD guys always look HOT. How can I join the Meretz?
MFP No. 2: Kadima’s female leader Tzipi Livni looks COOL! What’s the difference between Tzipi Livni and me? Do I still suffer from the ‘Bad Boy/Girl’ syndrome? Hum…
MFP No. 3: I can’t imagine the better fatherly figure than SHAS MKs.

Please check
🙂 From Dear Israeli Government & Simon Wiesenthal Center (My Knesset mail on Feb 17, 2008).
P.S.: If I were an Israeli citizen…: I’ve never joined any party. I don’t know how to start my interest in those headache groups. It’s been a waste of my time. But my vote would always go to the extreme rightist Rabbis. In my view, they should be elected as a true leader of Barenboim’s Israel. They should travel all over the world and pray to God for an answer how to deal with their religious relationship with all kinds of real hearts, who had had nothing to do with Talmud. It was just one political opinion… Thanks♥

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MARCH 31 – APRIL 3, 2009

Caroline Glick: Our World: Israel’s media star chambers Mar. 23, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post, Deputy Managing Editor
Talkbacks for this article 73
1. Your lack of Humanity is stunning – I try my best when I write to show compassion even for those with whom I disagree. There is an ugliness on both sides that drags each deeper into hatred. But there are also many in the middle who try hard to define a moderate voice and seek reconciliation. But your total lack of compassion for other human beings is so “un-Jewish” and stunning. And it only makes bringing our two peoples together that much more difficult. Ray Hanania / Ray Hanania – USA (03/23/2009 21:53)
2. Justified by any standard? – Keep telling yourself that and you will keep on believing it. Nothing is your fault. Everything you do – no matter WHAT – is justifiable. Sad – and I am SICK of being associated with you. / Scott – USA (03/23/2009 22:27)
4. Caroline Glick’s Fanaticism – By Caroline Glick’s standards, Germany’s Jewish ghettos were “fully justified, lawful and moral undertaking(s)”. Only a fanatic can equate the Hammas rockets (which were illegal and wrong, and NOT official acts of Hamas) with the slaughter in Gaza by Israel (which was officially sanctioned attack on civilians by the Israeli government.). Double standards: the food of fanatics. / Rich Littleton – USA (03/23/2009 22:50)
9. i’m sadened – This is the most biaised, rotten document i have read about gaza operation. Starting reading i fought it was a jocke, but i realized how much you were lacking any objectivity. If you want Israel to survive you must resablish the moral value. Ideology and religion can not make us blind on the humanity of the people we are living in. What we are doing is in no way different of what nazi were doing. we have just changed nazisme by sionisme. Gaza looks o waraw ghetto, and IDF to SS. We are getting lost / Soul of a jew – (03/23/2009 23:19)

It was only after finishing Section: Arad-&-Shalit that I realized what an important issue this Shalit-case is. Basically, I was supposed to finish this part with this article but too tired…

Whose professional work is this article? There are 73 comments and how many are calling those Four Jews Left-Wing Lunatics? The same journalist wrote another article for the event that was planned by Phoenix-Bibi’s Natural Allies.

National Union MK to march with rightists through Umm al-Fahm (Arab city) Mar 22, 2009 / By Haaretz
The secret of how the second Netanyahu government arose Mar 25, 2009 / By Haaretz
Violent clashes in Arab-Israeli town (Umm el-Fahm) after far-Right march Mar 25, 2009 / By XYZ
Column One: Umm el-Fahm and liberal democracy Mar 26, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post, Deputy Managing Editor

It will be interesting to know if the same writer expressed her opinion about IDF soldier Gilad Shalit and suggested any strategic ideas to make him return to his family or to avoid/prepare next happening. Did she deliberately avoid writing about this poor Jewish boy, simply because he is not a member of her family or this issue will not help her patriotic journalism?


Please don’t get me wrong. It’s OK that one columnist writes this. It’s OK that this Journalist works for Bibi. Then, what’s the problem with me?

This journalist represents The Jerusalem Post as a Deputy Managing Editor. What does it mean when the political identity of The Jerusalem Post is known as ‘more complex centrist position or moderate-conservative’? This is not the Newspaper No.1 in Israel and what’s more, it is not read by Hebrew speakers. Then what about real Israeli media, the major Hebrew newspapers? How Phoenix-Bibi was able to win the national election?

Adelson defends his paper’s support of Netanyahu Apr 1, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Yisrael Hayom, which rumor had it had been founded solely to put Netanyahu into office. (…) Adelson denied that his publication had been established to serve Netanyahu’s campaign. “My purpose in starting Yisrael Hayom was to have a fair and balanced paper. ‘We’re simply friends. We have the same views. We’re also honored to be acquainted with Shimon Peres, and his views are different from ours. I expect from Netanyahu what I expected from Olmert.”

Politics: How long will it last? Mar 26, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Economic – Key Date: March 31, 2011
Diplomatic – Key Date: January 2010 (Palestinian election)
Politics – Key Date: April 10, 2010 (Labor leadership race)
Religion and State – Key Date: October 2010 (Conversion and civil unions)
Legal – Key Date: Unknown (JIWON: It will be up to Bibi’s Justice Minister… If the LEGAL establishment decides to bring down Netanyahu’s government, it won’t have to probe hard, as it did with Olmert. Who would believe Lieberman’s warning: “We’ll quit coalition if we don’t keep foreign ministry. (Mar 31, 2009)”? )
Talkbacks for this article 3
1. How can Bibi only pass a budget every other year? The law says by end of March or elections – As I understand the law in Israel, if there is no budget agreement by 31st of March then there are mandatory elections. How can Bibi only plan to pass one every other year? / Eric – (03/29/2009 16:04)

How long will Bibi’s Nationalist-Government survive? Whether or not it will be remembered as the largest cabinet in Israeli history is none of my business. From time to time, whenever my health allowed me, it was fun to chase Phoenix-Bibi. I even wrote that Israel will not be a fun without Bibi. (Please check ♥ PART 2, TIME for BIBI’s PORN-VIDEO ♥ in SEVENTH OF ALL, of Dear-Arab-Readers.) And I wished him to grow into a great Jewish prime minister and to lead his NATRUAL ALLIES in a right way.

It was all before I watched Section: Coalition-Deal-2009. Now, disgusting feeling is the only thing left inside me. Then suddenly, I start to hear PM Netanyahu talking about peace and so on… and I feel like becoming the most insolent, the dirtiest slanderer to defame PM Netanyahu. This is a sh*t. Why the Jewish voters call Bibi one of the loneliest leaders in the world? Haven’t they forgotten how many NATRUAL ALLIES he got?

World Bank: Palestinian economy could flourish if Israel eased restrictions Nov 18, 2008 / By Haaretz
(…) The Palestinian economy has remained stagnant, largely because of the sharp downturn in Gaza and Israel’s continued restrictions on Palestinian trade and movement in the West Bank. Israel set up a network of roadblocks (…) World Bank said the Palestinian economy is down 30% from 2000. He said it has “incredible potential,” comparing it to a coiled spring waiting to take off. (…)

NU chair blames PM for Bat Ayin attack Apr 2, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Katz said that “Netanyahu’s strategic decision to choose [Labor chairman Ehud] Barak and the extreme Left, over a party which represents the settlers who devote their souls to the country… makes more murderous terrorists.” (…)

Settlers: Ehud Barak, left-wing policies to blame for attack Apr 2, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Settlers said, “Once again it has been proven that when roadblocks and checkpoints are removed – Jewish blood is spilled. We urge the new government to put an end to the left-wing policy of capitulation and groveling to the Arabs, and begin worrying about the safety of the Jews, and once and for all put an end to the Arab terror and destroy the hopes of the Arab enemy of ever establishing a Palestinian state on Israeli soil. This [attack] is a direct result of the government’s policy of leniency and roadblock removals, led by the defense minister. (…) DM Barak is knowingly putting the lives of Jewish settlers at risk.” (…)

PM Netanyahu promised to advance ‘Economic Peace’ with his Palestinian Partners. How can he achieve this or even start this project without removing roadblocks? Am I now slandering my NEW BOSS?

Who will win the next election? Let’s assume that this time, Kadima wins by a large margin. Let’s assume that Kadima will ‘again’ have a hard time to find its coalition partners among the right-wing religious parties. Will Labor or Likud be willing to accept Kadima’s invitation to the unity-government? Concerning their present behaviors, I would say NO HOPE.

Yoel Marcus: Barak’s flip-flop Mar 24, 2009 / By Haaretz
Politics is the art of the long-distance runner. One of the few to know that was Ariel Sharon. (…) Barak compares himself to Moshe Dayan, who joined Begin’s government. But the difference is that Dayan no longer belonged to Labor and felt he had a personal obligation to amend for his failure in the Yom Kippur War by making peace with Egypt. Although he had only one eye, he was one of the only leaders adept in the principle of long-distance vision. (…)

So many articles to read in recent MONTHS… not because those are part of election show but because FOLKS are telling the story; the story about Israeli history and it’s fun to read it. Is this Moshe Dayan that famous One-Eyed-General? I know this guy. Though I failed to mention this heroic Jew in my previous mail, he was one of the terrific Jews who got me; those who made me want to join the Jewish Branja…

🙂 From JIWON: Dear Berlin Mayor and President of Supreme Court of Israel (Apr 22 – May 15, 2008).
(…) Just in case,
Does anyone know the real reason why I wanted to create my Knesset-blog? It’s because of PM Olmert or First Lady Olmert? Or the opposition leader Bibi or Jewish Rabbis? Or Maestro Daniel Barenboim? It’s because of Simon Peres. I must ask Mr. Peres’ generosity before writing this.
Years ago, Mr. Peres was interviewed during his visit to Korea. By then, I was very interested in Israeli politicians, because I happened to read Israeli politicians’ history, which was a part of national history. It was an anonymous source and I tried to find it again after my computer-accident but in vain. It was fun to read and so many terrific human beings were found in Israeli history. My most favorite was history of one family; a famed father and his son, who chose father’s rival as a mentor to learn what the father wanted to teach his son. Later, the son became another terrific, famed Israelite to follow his father’s footsteps. I am still curious who they are.
Though I’m not sure of my readers’ IQ, alas, it was Peres’ interview that made me sneak into the Knesset and then daily read the Jewish newspapers. But then… my judgment of Simon Peres has continuously changed. (…)

Whenever I read old stories about those Jews, I am thinking. Those are gone. People are still missing old good days. What if they are still alive? Would all of them become another Kahanist? The foremost reason of their risking lives was to leave their Jewish State to their children. Then what kind of Jewish State were they dreaming when they died for their children? The present bloody one? Or still Greater Israel at any price? Is there something that I misunderstood while reading Israeli history?

Egypt to boycott Lieberman unless he apologizes Apr 2, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

🙂 From Section: Arad-&-Shalit
Egypt: Israel has made no efforts to renew Shalit negotiations Mar 20, 2009 / By Haaretz

🙂 From Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (also in Gaza…)
🙂 From Music in Jenin
Palestinian youth orchestra disbanded over concert for Holocaust survivors Mar 29, 2009 / By Haaretz

I am not Daniel Barenboim. I don’t belong to Israel or to Palestine. I’ve followed Mideastern affairs through the eyes of third person, and therefore, under the normal circumstances, I have a perfect brain and heart to openly criticize Egypt in Shalit-case and Hamas or even PA in this Holocaust event. But now… I can’t. I know the Operation Cast Lead was an inevitable happening between Israel and Hamas. I also know the IDF Soldiers’ Unbelievably Aggressive Behaviors during the Ground Operation and Civilian Excess Death Toll was also unavoidable happenings. I know.

Despite all these and those FACTS that I can simply prove by organizing the articles in chronological order, I can’t. And this is all because of Phoenix-Bibi. I can NEVER defend Israel on any issues especially after Phoenix-Bibi strategically succeeded in bringing ‘SHAS & Co.’ at any price and Labor’s Barak joined it at any price.

True that I preferred to watch Labor’s Barak accept Bibi’s invitation whenever FOLKS threatened Kadima’s Livni. I needed time; time to contact all the possible (Diaspora) Jews with my Barenboim-message until the next election.

Israel’s 32nd government sworn in at Knesset plenum Apr 1, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Now, it was Netanyahu’s turn to speak of prioritizing Gilad’s release. (…) “Pessah awakens an emotional bond, because of the Seder, and like all of us, I recall old memories from my personal past,” Yonatan wrote. But even, he said, as he reflected on his past, “I also see myself as an inseparable link in the chain of the existence and independence of Israel.” Then Netanyahu continued where his brother had left off. “Israeli citizens, in this fateful hour, we are all an integral link” in that chain. (…)

Bibi… (ooops sorry)… PM Netanyahu always tells what I wanted to tell him. IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, Section: Arad-&-Shalit, is a great place to start. We’ll see how Bibi makes this poor Jewish boy return to his family. We’ll see how Bibi’s journalists write for both Shalit’s friends and Bibi’s Kahanists. We’ll see how Bibi’s right-wing politicians work to bring back Shalit without changing any of their right-wing dogma or Greater Israel Concept.

Netanyahu: Coalition with Labor will bring stability to Israel Mar 25, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) “The big winners are Israel’s citizens,” the Likud chairman said. (…)

Whether or not ‘the price Bibi paid to Labor is tantamount to corruption’ as Likud HOT guys claim, this simple sentence is what I have to check in all sorts of open places, including Bibi’s FACEBOOK, until the NEXT general election. Don’t you think so?

Israel Harel: Where did religious Zionism go? Apr 2, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) The results of this education, whose goal is the welfare of the state, not any narrow sector, explain why the majority of knitted-kippa wearers did not vote for the religious parties. In addition, the state, despite the fact that more than a few exclusionary pockets still remain – in the media, for example – is much more egalitarian than it was in the past. The result: Many religious nationalists, like voters on the left, voted strategically. (…)

Haaretz poll: 54% of public dissatisfied with new government Apr 1, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Compared to these choices, Defense Minister Barak does well. He enjoys stellar support in the survey: Two-thirds of the respondents say he is appropriate for his job. Before Operation Cast Lead, Barak had only half his current support. (…) What is important here is a question asked to voters of all the parties. Only in Labor’s case were the survey’s participants clear: They would not vote for Labor if elections were held today.

Funny! What did Beinisch’s media say when they threatened Kadima to behave as a fig leaf in Bibi’s government? Public want them? Also very interesting is that I am the only one who insists that DM Barak was Mr. Zigzag until the outbreak of OCL, during which he acted like a brilliant ‘CONTRACTOR’.

Please check
🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement > Section: Illegal-or-What

Akiva Eldar: Obama is waiting on Netanyahu Mar 31, 2009 / By Haaretz
One paragraph that stands out in the coalition agreement between Likud and the Labor Party is that which states that “the government will take steps to enforce the law with regard to the illegal [settlement] outposts.” (Someone apparently forgot that their name was laundered to “unauthorized”). This is the first time that a politician has dictated a demand viv-a-vis himself. (…) Barak found devious ways to circumvent the High Court of Justice’s order to evacuate the outpost of Migron, which had been set up on stolen private land. (…) Incidentally, the report presented to President Obama calls for Israel to evacuate all of those settlements. Those that are willing and those that are not.

Settlers hopeful Netanyahu will boost housing construction Apr 1, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Although the Labor Party seeks to give up most of the West Bank to the Palestinians, more settlement homes were begun and completed per year under Barak than under either Sharon, Olmert or during Netanyahu’s first term. (…) it never came close to Barak’s number. Under Olmert, the numbers initially remained low. But they rose in 2008, when Barak was defense minister instead of Amir Peretz. (…) Netanyahu’s record on construction comes close to rivaling that of Barak (…) this would end any hope of peace with the Palestinians. “We are afraid that this government will build much more than all other governments, because of our experience with both Netanyahu and Barak,” Peace Now said.

To be honest, I am no more interested in whether or not Phoenix-Bibi or 13th PM Netanyahu follows a Two-State-Solution with Labor’s Barak after noisily rejecting Kadima’s Livni’s Clear Announcement. I am only interested in HOW MANY illegal-or-what settlements Bibi’s defense minister will remove. Who knows? Bibi’s DM Barak will finally be able to show his face, with his two eyes burning with patriotism indeed, and follow in the footsteps of That Famous One-Eyed-General, who is un uncle of former IDF deputy chief of General Staff. I doubt, though.

Yoel Marcus: Five comments on the situation Mar 31, 2009 / By Haaretz
5. There is an old joke about a sarcophagus discovered by archaeologists in a pyramid. Upon opening it, to their surprise, the decreased begins to speak. The first question: “Is Shimon Peres still foreign minister?” A strange question? Not so much. The fact is, Peres is getting ready to embark on a tour to convince the world that the new government wants to advance the diplomatic process with the Palestinians. And that is on the condition that when his term as president is over, he will run for prime minister.

How come? Will he return to Labor? Will he run prime minister as Kadima’s leader? I am afraid to say that in these days, young power in the world of Internet is beyond doubt. To be honest, my judgment of Shimon Peres returned to No. 2 (“Peres only loves traveling…” ^.*)… all thanks to his active involvement in Section: Coalition-Deal-2009. If my honest feeling is like this, what about hot-tempered Jewish youngsters? Well, I worry… and I would say that everything will be up to the Opposition Leader Livni’s Greatest/Poorest Ability.

I just say Good Luck to EVERYONE, including PM Netanyahu, DM Barak, Opposition Leader Livni, President Peres, and ISRAEL’S CITIZENS. *.*
Who will become the biggest winner in the NEXT election?
It was my couple of comments on the situation. ^.*

(Updated on APRIL 3, 2009)
Zeev Sternhell: You call that the left? (Why are there no more worthy Zionists?) Apr 3, 2009 / By Haaretz

Please… I did stop. My USB is now so messy that I need some more work. Then I want to collect ALL my decade-long RAGE and pour it into Barenboim’s Berlin-contract, and then contact Ambassador of Israel to Korea as soon as possible. Or I can’t resume my FACEBOOK work.

Aluf Benn: Netanyahu government / No sense of democracy in action Apr 2, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Livni is trying to position herself as a fighting opposition, stalwart of principle and law against the opportunists. She wants to ride the crest of public discontent with Netanyahu’s bloated government, to challenge its legitimacy and shorten its days. The new role suits her, and she has the energy and motivation for a fight. But if she maintains such verbal volleys, she will have few political friends and partners, even if Netanyahu comes tumbling down.

Anyway, this is exactly what I wanted to finish with. I found it while cleaning my messed-up USB. Time to start another Section, Section: Dear-Netanyahu.

Aren’t those Sir and Phoenix and Prime and King guys in fact all Mama’s Boys? Don’t you think so?

Not only Opposition Leader Livni but also ANYONE sitting on the opposition bench, including National Union members, will be welcomed in this open place. Don’t they remember how my Knesset-blog transformed NO ONE’s Favorite Accidental PM into a real politician? Have you ever seen more beautiful place than Barenboim-Loves-Knesset?

Yoel Marcus: Five comments on the situation Mar 31, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) But in contrast, he was also the man who approved the strike on the Syrian reactor and the missile convoy from Sudan, according to foreign media reports. He initiated Turkish-mediated talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad and negotiated with the Palestinians based on the principles of the two-state solution. (…)

Aluf Benn: Olmert’s departure / A prime minister without a legacy Mar 31, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) In his final days as prime minister, Olmert once more showed both his faces, that of the visionary statesman and that of the contentious wheeler-dealer, in his impressive speech about peace and history in the Knesset on Monday, and in his decision to veto Barak’s trip to Paris. That’s Olmert all over: He always has to have the last word. (…)

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MARCH 15 – 20, 2009

FAQ 1: Is he a corrupt-or-prosperous politician, who is threatened by Supreme Court?
FAQ 2: Is he a real member of Leftist Branja?
FAQ 3: Is he a real(?) friend of Dorit Beinisch?
FAQ 4: Who are encouraging my open insulting Dorit Beinisch? Beinisch-haters only? Or plus No.1, No.1&2, or even No.1-3? Or the rest of FOLKS, who are not allowed to join No.2? Or EVERYBODY? Dear WordPress, please give me the normal editing tool. Please let me know the truth. Exactly who and how many are visiting my two blogs each day? How come I can receive all these and those mysterious comments from where I don’t allow them? First of all… should I call them comments? Just feel funny.

Yossi Sarid: The natural candidate Mar 7, 2009 / By Haaretz
There’s a debate as to whether Labor should join the government; and there’s no debate about the fact that Labor’s chairman is “an outstanding defense minister” whose services we cannot forgo. This is the man (…) who froze the settlements and removed illegal outposts (…)

It all started with this sentence.

(Updated on MARCH 17, 2009)
Yoel Marcus: Farewell to a chance prime minister Mar 1, 2009 / By Haaretz
I come not to eulogize Ehud Olmert as his term of office runs out, but to praise him. Not because he is an honest man, but because he possessed the talent to pretend he was the successor to Ariel Sharon, the leader who coined the slogan “it’s time to snap out of the Greater Israel dream.” Moreover, Olmert often claimed he held the copyright to the slogan. I hereby praise him for the chance event by which he entered Sharon’s shoes and because of which he could pretend to continue on his path. True, Sharon not only talked but also did things. He removed 25 settlements, the champion of the settlements, and if he had remained with us, he would have probably continued to do so, despite Benjamin Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman. Olmert himself did not remove one settlement. Olmert is a man of honor, because the Kadima government functioned as though Olmert were continuing what Sharon had started. (… jiwon: as usual, is it full of praise/insulting? I’m confused…)

Geez. It took a week to find this article. I remember it was from Yoel Marcus, but just couldn’t find it with Google: Marcus + Barak + Settlement. To repeat what I wrote and wrote, how many governments did Beinisch’s Haaretz have during Seventeenth-Knesset? They praise Phoenix-Bibi’s DM Barak for this issue while blaming Phoenix-Bibi’s PM Olmert for the same issue.

Please check
🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement
FAQ: Please compare this with Phoenix-Bibi’s Settlement Plan. Whose Defense Minister was Labor’s Barak during Seventeenth-Knesset? 12th PM Olmert or Opposition Leader Phoenix-Bibi’s? How many ILLEGAL settlements has Phoenix-Bibi’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak removed? Whom has Phoenix-Bibi’s DM Barak blamed when I started to organize articles on this issue?
ANSWER: Phoenix-Bibi’s DM Barak! ZERO!! DORIT BEINISCH!!!

I wanted to do this, after Labor’s Barak’s Election Show pissed me off. How many times more… should I watch incomprehensible behaviors of Labor MKs, including Shelly Yachimovich, who, as PM Barak’s media-man, pushed in every way possible the withdrawal from Lebanon towards 2000 because her son was there, and then encouraged Ground Operation during OCL because her son was no more in IDF? I just can’t understand. Aren’t also Labor MKs, who made the highest price for Schalit’s safe return possible? Then, Phoenix-Bibi, who has been funded by Hamas, hilariously joined them. Now, this is what this JERK is insisting. ‘Netanyahu to comment on Schalit once new government is formed’ (Mar 15, 2009)

Anyway, what I need is the exact information. Or I need to fix my mistakes in my blog.

Please check updated information
🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement
4. Still, I feel no need to count the numbers during the Election Show by Phoenix-Bibi’s DM Barak. It made the situation worse, more messy.
3. Peace Now: Search – Illegal: 79 items have been found for “illegal”
2. 2008 – the Year in Settlements in Review – February 2009
1. Did Barak evacuate any outposts? – December 2008

Meanwhile, I am still trying to figure out the exact identity of Former Meretz’s Leader or PM Barak’s Education Minister under Shas. What is his reason of Anti-Friedmann? His present life as Haaretz’s Journalist tells me that he is NOT a corrupt politician threatened by Supreme Court. This is the guy, after all, who wrote that NO Justice Portfolio is needed in Beinisch’s government.

Yossi Sarid: Birds of a feather July 13, 2008 / By Haaretz
(…) Another prime minister was so opposed to having me serve as education minister in his government that he once offered me the job of justice minister. I refused, so he tried to convince me: The justice minister, he said, doesn’t have a lot to do in his ministry. Most of the work is done by others: the attorney general, the state prosecutor and their employees. At 12 noon you’re free, he promised, and you still have an entire day for your favorite pastimes. (…)


It’s been quite ago since I started my suspect and tried to prove his exact identity. Is 10th PM Ehud Barak, a corrupt politician, threatened by the Supreme Court? Or is Labor’s Barak, a VIP member of Leftist Branja, a real friend of Dorit Beinisch? Simply, his changing words was too frequent. Nor was he a big-mouth like Phoenix-Bibi. In some way, he looked like a real victim and eventually fell into a huge loser… mainly due to my open insulting. Finally, I figured out. Poor Mr. Barak. *.*

Please check
🙂 From Friedmannism
🙂 From Ehud Barak (Labor): Friedmann, I don’t need to listen to you any more…
Gideon Levy: Barak for defense Mar 4, 2009 / By Ha’aretz ‎
(…) Hurray! Hurray! The next defense minister is on his way. Together with Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, we will have a lovely pair: Bibi-Barak, two graduates of “the unit,” the commander and the subordinate, in an exchange of roles. (…) If that does not suffice, it is of course possible to pull out another winning card: Daniel Friedmann. Barak, who has absolutely no interest in the selection of the justice minister, will man the barricades to prevent Friedmann’s appointment – merely to justify joining the government himself. Is it worth preventing a failed justice minister from joining the government at the price of a failed defense minister and the total loss of his party’s direction? Quite a few leading members of the Israeli elite, the only ones interested in the subject, believe that such a deal would be justified. Barak will be the next defense minister, with or without his party. (…)

Basically, Friedmann-part was a short PostScript in my previous writing, but it became days of work, due to recent happenings, and it all started with information about the exact identity of Labor’s Ehud Barak. Then, this is what I found instead.

Please check
🙂 From Friedmannism
🙂 From Supreme Court to Yaakov Ne’eman: This dog would not be allowed to leave deep scratches on the furniture.
JIWON: Funny… Whenever I search for more, Beinisch’s friend, EDNA ARBEL, and Beinisch’s husband, YECHEZKEL BEINISCH, appear as HOT potatoes. Who are more mediocre? Dorit Beinisch or her friend or her husband?

Basically, Beinisch’s Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra Scandal was right inbetween several Neeman-keyword-searches in The Branja Conspiracy: The Israeli Elite’s Usurping of Power (Sep, 2004), and I wanted to stop (typing) when the last Neeman-keyword appeared. But I realized that Beinisch’s NILI COHEN affair was such an important scandal in the history of Israeli Supreme Court and EVERYTHING started with this disgusting happening. What a Secret Society. What a Mediocre Society.

FOLKS kept wailing. Labor’s Ehud Barak has been crying.

Editorial: Netanyahu’s bankruptcy Mar 10, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Friedmann’s reform initiatives have remained for the most part empty of content, but the fact that he has raised them repeatedly has badly damaged the public image of the justice system, which was and still is the first line of defense of Israeli democracy. (…)

Background: Neeman is no stranger to government service Mar. 15, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Neeman is seen as willing to carry out reforms within the ministry, but does not have the problematic personal relations with the upper echelons of the justice system that Friedmann has. (…)

Barak: I don’t want to be kicked out of Labor, so JM Friedmann will make a good excuse of my refusal to serve Bibi Mar 8, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post

Netanyahu may seek two-week extension Mar 13, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) The meeting came a day after it became clear that Daniel Friedmann would not remain justice minister, which was Labor’s main demand for joining Netanyahu’s government. (…) “Unlike Friedmann, Barak has no problem with Neeman. Bibi hasn’t closed the door on Labor joining the government.” the Barak adviser said. (…) MK Ophir Paz-Pines (Labor) issued a statement saying that even without Friedmann, Netanyahu’s government would be antagonistic to the legal establishment.

(Updated on MARCH 20, 2009)
A series of articles appear… it seems that FOLKS already know what I am supposed to write.

The return of the judicial activism critic Mar 13, 2009 / By Haaretz, Tomer Zarchin
(…) In 2002, Neeman chaired a public commission (…) Basic Law (…) These recommendations were never adopted, but Friedmann recently secured cabinet approval for a similar proposal. Unlike Friedmann, however, Neeman has never expressed a desire to change the composition of the Judicial Appointments Committee. Friedmann wanted to alter the composition to make elected officials a majority of the panel, whereas currently, five of the nine members are unelected legal officials – three Supreme Court justices and two Bar Association representatives.

How many times should I write more… that I am not a part of rebel? I am perhaps the first advocate/devotee of GUILD SYSTEM, which usually dubbed ‘Secret Society’. This is the best way to preserve golden tradition in its purest form, if it sure exists. Thus I am also perhaps the best one to understand reason of furious reaction from the Jewish Branja, who wants to protect Legal Secret Society at any price… in their favorite way.

Here goes my fundamental problem: Why the World of (Israeli) Law needs this kind of Guild System? Law is never like Art or Music.

Whatever… I must tell this. To preserve the golden tradition, the secret society, whatever it is, has to meet a certain criterion. (Does Contributing Editor of Azure call the members Champions? I prefer to call them Beinisch’s puppies, though.)


Guess what? I fell in love with the Jewish State the moment when I found this word from Barenboim’s book, in which he boasted that ‘self criticism’ is the most characteristic of being the JEW. (It is among three things; SC, SWC, and Jewish Wit&Wisdom.) Now, I feel lost. Who among all those Jewish pigs around Daniel Barenboim boasts this very Jewish characteristic? Not surprisingly, I find that Dorit Beinisch violated this very rule… in a fundamental way. And then, this female jurist wants to go farther. Farther and farther…

What I feel funny is that it seems that EVERYBODY is encouraging my open insulting Dorit Beinsich while FOLKS are united to blame Prof. Friedmann for causing harm to public’s faith in Israel’s justice system. I know… that there is a difference between my computer work and Prof. Friedmann’s reform. It is NOT that I am NOT a legal expert.

I wrote and wrote… that Israeli justice system is none of my business. EVERYBODY has known that my only concern is the way how Beinisch’s Secret Society has treated my life for more than a decade and all my writings about Dorit Beinisch’s very-professional-LEGAL-life is purely based on this very fact. What fascinates me is that the more time I spend with this keyword, Google: Beinisch + XYZ, the more I realize that the BASIC problem in Israel’s justice system has been ill-qualification of Dorit Beinisch as a Supreme Court President.

THUS all these and those problems could have been solved in the most dramatic and effective way if Dorit Beinisch resigned from her position. Is Aharon Barak’s Israeli justice system, however, willing to allow this in its history? It will only disprove Aharon Barak’s Legacy. What about Dorit Beinisch herself? This aggressive female is very like Waltraud Meier in German Wagner Society. I promise that this Jew will never give up until or even after her female rivals die. She will prefer to work under male junior. If this is inferior, better. If this is from foreign lands, much better.

Below is two different articles by the same author, whose favorite word has been RADICAL.

Evelyn Gordon: Civil Fights: Why High Court’s champions must back Ne’eman Mar 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Though Friedmann outspokenly advocates judicial reform, his two years in office achieved exactly nothing. Not one substantive reform was enacted, and his aggressive, confrontational manner alienated even many supporters. This failure had multiple causes, but foremost was the fact that Friedmann, a brilliant legal scholar, proved a lousy politician. He did not know how to muster support, forge compromises and conduct horse trades to get his proposals passed. (…) SHETREET’S PROPOSALS are actually too moderate. The court, however, refuses to change direction on its own. (…) And ultimately, this is the choice facing the court’s supporters: modest but substantive Shetreet-style reforms now, or far more radical reforms further down the line. (…)

Please check
🙂 From Selected Articles 1: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)
No.5 Evelyn Gordon: Judicial power grab May 18, 2006 / By Jerusalem Post
Sunday’s High Court of Justice ruling on the amended Citizenship Law mandates urgent action by the government. (…) Rather, it is reforming the judicial selection process – because without this, the government will be unable to enact any immigration legislation. (…) YET NOW, Barak has declared that the court is even authorized to overrule the “constitution”! Given all this, it is clear that neither immigration restrictions nor any other policy disliked by the justices has any chance of being upheld by the current court. (…) However, this is possible only if the judicial selection process is radically overhauled – because today, the justices essentially select their own replacements, so any new appointees will almost certainly share the current majority’s views. (…) THUS IF the government is to have any hope of enacting immigration reform – or any other policy frowned on by the current justices – it must reform Israel’s judicial selection process to bring it into line with those of other Western democracies. In other democracies, the appointment of justices is left entirely to the executive and legislature; the justices themselves have no say in the matter. And this is essential to maintain a proper balance between the three branches of government. (…) But only by radically reforming the judicial selection system can this imbalance ever be corrected.

This author called Prof. Friedmann a lousy politician. Well… whether lousy politician or not, this guy is perhaps the best example of liberal mind, if my analysis is right. (Please study his biography.) What is the characteristic of Aharon Barak’s Supreme Court called? Liberalism?

Somehow, I can’t understand why I can’t hear any criticism from Aharon Barak whenever his boys and girls rebel against his life-long achievement. This is the guy, who always, openly criticizes Prof. Friedmann’s reform for damaging human rights. Isn’t this case directly against Jewish Tradition of Aharon Barak (Sep 13, 2006)? I thought so. (Please, I wrote that I did have an opinion, but couldn’t write it. And the fact that Dorit Beinisch disappeared from this case made me suspect more.)

Aharon Barak: Friedmann endangers legal system Mar 2, 2009 / By Haaretz
Aharon Barak: Anyone who cares about human rights must realize that Friedmann cannot continue to serve as justice minister,”

Please check
🙂 From Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present)
Supreme Court okays destroying (Israeli Arab) terrorist’s home Mar 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Dwayat’s father argued that he was not responsible for his son’s actions, and that the impending demolition constituted a disproportionate response as the multi-story building was home to the extended Dwayat family. (…) In the early years of the second intifada, demolition of terrorists’ houses was a common practice, but the 2005 findings of the Shani Commission concluded the practice did not serve any deterrent purpose. Public pressure to renew the practice mounted after the Merkaz Harav terror attack, which was also carried out by a Jerusalem resident.

Below is what Hoopoe explained reason of Prof. Friedmann being called lousy politician. Perhaps, this posting should go along with Hoopoe’s other opinions such as ‘Checks & Balances’ or ‘Sick-of-Judicial-Activism’.

Lieberman Fumes as Ex-Judges Try to Block Friedmann Appointment Mar 3, 2009 / By Arutz Sheva, Gil Ronen
Talkbacks for this article 10
3. Enough Already – Time to put a stop to Judicial Activism in Israel. Lieberman is right on this, if the judges want to influence politics, let them stand for elected office, if they are not willing to stand before the people’s judgement, they should implement the law as written by the Knesset without bias. / Nehama, UK (04/03/09)
4. Ideology and ego have no place where justice is at stake – It’s at times like this that I appreciate the US system, warts and all. Three branches, checks and balances. Here the executive nominates federal judges, the legislature must confirm, and the judicial proffers its opinion only when asked. But not in Israel. There, the Courts make their own rules, effectively choose their own members, and tolerate no challenge to their authority. That’s why Friedman is needed. / Raymond in DC, Washington, USA (04/03/09)

Lieberman: The More They Fight Friedmann, the More I Insist Mar 4, 2009 / By Arutz Sheva, Gil Ronen ‎ ‎
Talkbacks for this article 4
4. Stick by your man. – Friedman is a major problem for the fancy folks. He is an untaintable secular person who is not automatically anti-Jews. Therefore, it is difficult for the elite to smear Friedman publically or blackmail him privately. Friedman want to put public influence back into the Judicial system. Those who currently control the Supreme Court want to apply “world views” where all can be judged (often by foreign standards). The courts method of stopping any change is to apply various forms of public and private pressue. So far Friedman has been immune to these efforts. That is why it is important to let Friedman continue. Currently some feel that this Court is the most undemocratic system in the free world. May it crash soon. / johnson, usa (05/03/09)

Report: Netanyahu has Accepted All of Lieberman’s Demands May 6, 2009 / By Arutz Sheva, Gil Ronen
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1. Why is Friedmann a bone in the throat of the Left? – While Friedmann is not religious he does have something that much of the post-Zionist lack, he has integrity. He has shown himself to been fair to all sides and often that means not to attack the “other.” This irritates the liberals that have used the judicial system to inflict punishment on the religious and pro-Jewish members of the State. The second problem with Friedmann is that he is not tainted. Usually, the Left will threaten those that they want to influence. So far they haven’t found anything to attack Friedmann with. Not being able to influence him is a major concern of the elite. / john, nyc (06/03/09)

Below is directly from Prof. Friedmann when FOLKS started to call him lousy politician. Please compare this with happenings since then.

Beinisch takes off her gloves in fight with Friedmann Aug. 1, 2007 / By Jerusalem Post
For the first time since Daniel Friedmann was appointed justice minister and embarked on his campaign to reform the court system by weakening the Supreme Court, Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch on Wednesday lifted the veil of diplomacy that she has maintained and attacked him directly and bitterly. (…) Beinisch was referring to a plan announced last week by Friedmann to change the system of appointing the presidents of all the courts, including the Supreme Court. (…) In his letter (to Beinisch), Friedmann said he never used the style Beinisch employed in her letter (to him), and never spoke in the way Cheshin had. Friedmann added that he had never called on Benisch to resign.

Evelyn Gordon: Civil Fights: Why High Court’s champions must back Ne’eman Mar 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Though Friedmann outspokenly advocates judicial reform, his two years in office achieved exactly nothing. (…) And while Friedmann did help to erode the taboo against public criticism of the court, his attacks were probably less effective in this regard than Dorit Beinisch’s responses: The sight of the Supreme Court president hurling invective and lobbying ministers and MKs like any politician severely undermined the claim that the court should be above criticism. THE REAL REASON for the court’s declining status is not Friedmann, but its ongoing interference in controversial political issues. (…) SHETREET’S PROPOSALS are actually too moderate. The court, however, refuses to change direction on its own. (…)

Dorit Beinisch and Daniel Friedmann… Who is a lousy politician? Please check http://danielfriedmann.com/index.html. One of the oddest homepage I’ve ever seen. Is this a lousy human being?

This author made a comparison between Daniel Friedmann and Yaakov Neeman and called Prof. Friedmann a lousy politician. What’s the difference between Prof. Friedmann and former JM Neeman? Please check Neeman’s very-lousy-political story during his term. Simply, Prof. Friedmann didn’t give up while others did, including former JM Neeman. In addition, Yaakov Neeman was such a skilled and experienced political operator that he had never raised an issue on the Judicial Appointment, which means far more radical reforms further down the line… according to the same author.

First of all, who started this LOUSY political game? According to Beinsich’s favorite media, it was Dorit Beinisch herself, and I’m pretty sure that she was sure of her victory when she wanted her foes to find her announcement of war from the media. Then, Prof. Friedmann exactly pointed out that he had never called on Benisch to resign.

This Jewish jurist was just… so sick of Beinisch Politics, which has nothing to do with LAW, especially after Beinisch’s NILI COHEN affair, and saw no future from Israel’s Justice System that he rather wanted to make everything open to public, instead of supporting Jewish Branja’s Secret Society and its golden tradition. But then, it was a real fun to find that it was also Dorit Beinsich herself, who acknowledged her lack of qualification. And then, this female jurist preferred to drive Aharon Barak’s liberalistic(?) justice system into opportunists’ timeserving populism… in the name of Judicial Activism. Am I wrong?

It was easy to analyze this situation. Dorit Beinisch’s Judicial Activism always reminded me of Waltraud Meier’s sold-out concert, which can’t be possible without being supported by media’s foul play.

What’s the difference between my computer work and Prof. Friedmann’s Knesset work? Do FOLKS want me to play the devil’s advocate? Still no problem with me. Now that this bimbo-battle is only staring, it will NOT be fun if Dorit Beinisch gives up her precious title, Supreme Court President. She should live the longest life and watch how many (non) Jewish brains enjoy reading all the happenings in Banana-Republic, starting from Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003).

I know. Just like Waltraud Meier in German Wagner Society, this female Jew can’t live without enjoying public attention. I can help her more. Remember? I promised Italian prime minister to contact all his electorates and it will take years. Then, I won’t give up Jewish part until I contact the last Diaspora/Israeli Jew.

Just out of curiosity…
Why doesn’t Dorit Beinisch do her favorite, old trick any more… regarding media as a tool for manipulation?
This B*TCH used Barenboim as a human shield to protect her family from KACH members?
We’ll see.

However, I don’t think it is a good idea for FOLKS, including members of Anti-Beinisch Club, to denounce Prof. Friedmann by calling him a lousy politician… perhaps for the sake of their future professional life in Beinisch’s Banana-Republic.

Editorial: An appointment and a disgrace Mar 1, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Before the election, Netanyahu made it clear in various forums that he would ensure that his party held the justice portfolio and would keep Friedmann out of the government. He must now fulfill his promise.

The return of the judicial activism critic Mar 13, 2009 / By Haaretz, Tomer Zarchin
Neeman has criticized the public spats between Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann and Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, saying it damages public faith in the legal system when people see legal officials acting like politicians. Disagreements should be resolved in an appropriate manner, not through mutual recrimination, he has argued. Nevertheless, like Friedmann, Neeman is a harsh critic of the Supreme Court’s judicial activism. (…) In 2002, Neeman chaired a public commission (…) Basic Law (…) These recommendations were never adopted, but Friedmann recently secured cabinet approval for a similar proposal. Unlike Friedmann, however, Neeman has never expressed a desire to change the composition of the Judicial Appointments Committee. Friedmann wanted to alter the composition to make elected officials a majority of the panel, whereas currently, five of the nine members are unelected legal officials – three Supreme Court justices and two Bar Association representatives.

Please check
🙂 From Friedmannism
🙂 Supreme Court to Yaakov Ne’eman: This dog would not be allowed to leave deep scratches on the furniture.

SO… former JM Neeman has to promise that the dog shall not leave deep scratches on the furniture, because his criminal-or-corruption record is still there. I just feel funny when I watch FOLKS, Haaretz and then Jerusalem Post, starting their project to make Bibi the greatest prime minister while threatening the entire members of Kadima to serve Likud, after receiving Neeman’s promise that he wouldn’t touch the composition of the Judicial Appointments Committee.

I feel no need to collect those articles. Those who are interested in Beinisch’s Bibi project had better check Editorials from both media.

But then, should I feel pity on these Jewish hearts and brains, who still don’t know how to give up? Curiously, these are from Diaspora Jews, which sound less RADICAL than Israeli Jews. Interesting. Then, I’m thinking again. Don’t you think Labor party should hurry to join Bibi’s governmetn only to block Neeman’s political reforms? Who knows? Months later, this respected jurist might also be called a lousy politician. If I were Ophir Paz-Pines or Shelly Yachimovich, who are so concerned about Friedmannism destroying Anything-Beinisch, I would run to Bibi.

Evelyn Gordon: Civil Fights: Why High Court’s champions must back Ne’eman Mar 18, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
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1. Why Israel’s Supreme Court Needs Reform – The Israeli Supreme Court’s mission seems to be to impose the views of Israel’s Left on the country instead of faithfully upholding the rule of law. The Court has come to be seen as another self-interested political actor with its own agenda rather than as an impartial custodian of the law and that’s why its standing has plummeted in Israeli society. Two reforms are needed: an end to the Court selecting its own membership without Knesset confirmation and an end to judicial activism where the Court makes its own laws. We hope incoming Justice Minister Ya’akov Ne’eman will achieve these reforms. / NormanF – USA (03/19/2009 01:22)
6. Court – Don`t forget the method of selecting new members of the court, which resembles an aristocracy or monarchy more than an democracy. / ED – US (03/19/2009 16:54)

Netanyahu may seek two-week extension Mar 13, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) The meeting came a day after it became clear that Daniel Friedmann would not remain justice minister, which was Labor’s main demand for joining Netanyahu’s government. (…) “Unlike Friedmann, Barak has no problem with Neeman. Bibi hasn’t closed the door on Labor joining the government.” the Barak adviser said. (…) MK Ophir Paz-Pines (Labor) issued a statement saying that even without Friedmann, Netanyahu’s government would be antagonistic to the legal establishment.

Attorney submits petition to remove Barak as Labor leader Mar 19, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Yachimovich clarified that should Labor decide to join a Netanyahu-led coalition, she would not leave the party. “Together we will build the appropriate leadership for the Labor Party,” said Yachimovich. “Together with the voters we will present a fitting alternative to the leadership.”

Likud in uproar over Netanyahu’s generosity to Labor Mar 20, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Labor MKs denied reports that they would consider breaking off from the party if the convention passed Barak’s proposal, but they said they would not support the government even if it passed. (…) The Jerusalem Post reported exclusively earlier this week that the Likud had decided to change the law in order to make it easier for MKs to break off from their parties. Sources close to Livni said she would try to persuade disgruntled Labor MKs to break off from their party and join Kadima.

Aluf Benn: Bibi and Barak are a perfect political match Mar 20, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) There’s scarcely a more natural political pair than Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, beyond their taste for cigars, tycoons and luxury. (…) They have similar approaches to state affairs. Both consider Israel a fortified Western island in the heart of an Arab-Muslim ocean. Both believe there is nobody to talk to and nothing to discuss on the Palestinian side, and neither believe a final status arrangement is near, if at all possible. Both saw Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni’s Annapolis process as a waste of time. They can both accept the Arab initiative, with reservations, as a basis for talks with the neighboring states, and probably would prefer to start with Syria. (…)

Editorial: Destroying education, crushing society Mar 20, 2009 / By Haaretz
Bibi’s difficulties in setting up a stable coalition are generating unacceptable and sometimes even alarming propositions for partnerships and appointments. (…) Shas’ education system expanded with state funds (from the education, social affairs and religious affairs ministries) (…) This is how the education network paid back its investment and bolstered Shas’ political power. At the same time, Shas became more radical. (…) This destructive process, which shuts out modern culture and turns its back on economic independence, is now supported by the man who boasts that as finance minister he revoked child allowances (which he now is promising to return, gradually) and sent the ultra-Orthodox out to work. (…)
(JIWON: Ho! No sooner had I reported Beinisch’s Bibi project through Haaretz and JP’s Editorial than this article appeared.)

Yoel Marcus: The onus is on Bibi Mar 17, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Shamir. (…) How did a leftist and an advocate of Greater Israel manage to work so closely together? First/Second/Third (…) In practice, Peres and Shamir were full partners on every issue. The proposal to establish a unity government with Livni came, surprisingly enough, from “Bibi”. (…) Bibi does not see himself vacating his post for Livni. But above all, Bibi is unwilling to accept the fact that he did not really win. Yet when (…) Lieberman suddenly became closer to Livni than to Likud’s Benny Begin or to his own No. 2, Uzi Landau. (…) Livni is willing to enter a unity government with Bibi on the basis of joint management – “a true partnership in management, content and decision-making throughout the government’s term,” as she put it. “That is the principal meaning of rotation.” If Netanyahu’s proposal is serious and not a mere trick, the burden of proof is on him: Tomorrow, he must ask the president for an extension to give him time to form a broad government.

Israel Harel: Liebermann, A new etrog Mar 19, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Benjamin Netanyahu continues to woo Tzipi Livni. He is doing so only because of his future government’s image problems. (…)

Carlo Strenger: Netanyahu is just a mirror Mar 20, 2009 / By Haaretz
Nations get the leaders they deserve, goes the saying. Given that Bibi is about to become Israel’s prime minister, we should ask what this teaches us about Israel in 2009. (…) Bold moves are possible. Thinking big would have meant recognizing that only a regional settlement can save us, and grasping the historical opportunity presented by the Arab League’s peace initiative, and engaging with it. But not a single leading politician has suggested doing that. We should not be angry at Bibi; after all, he only presents Israel a mirror of its own choices. Looking in the mirror is not always a pleasant experience. It can make you see that you have grown into a nation that has little reason to be proud of its choices. But sometimes looking in the mirror can also be the first step toward deciding that it is time for change.

JIWON: Finally…

Please check
🙂 Bibi-&-Two-State-Solution

Ari Shavit: Thinking outside two boxes Mar 19, 2009 / By Haaretz
Kadima’s Livni is right (…) Likud’s Bibi is right (…) The Livni stream correctly perceives the disease, but offers the medicines of a witch doctor. The Netanyahu stream is realistic when it comes to snake-oil remedies, but tends to ignore the seriousness of the disease. So these two streams have failed again and again; that they’re butting heads in 2009 is ridiculous. We urgently need a new idea. The paradigm of the right is obsolete, but neither is the center-left’s paradigm relevant any longer. A two-state solution is the right slogan, but not a plan of action. It can’t be implemented in the real world. Instead of repeating the dogma religiously, its fundamental assumptions should be examined. Lessons should be learned from the repeated failures to make it happen. Ideas are not taboo; (…) In any case, it’s clear: The time has come to think outside the box. The time has come to think outside two boxes. That will be the new government’s task. Along with dealing with Iran and the economy, it will have to lead a national process of rethinking possible solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Aluf Benn: A way out for Netanyahu Mar 18, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) During his victory lap in the world’s capitals, Netanyahu will try to convince his interlocutors that they should give him some credit. “Wait and see,” he will tell them, and remind them that they didn’t believe Ariel Sharon when he spoke of “painful concessions,” yet Sharon surprised them and evacuated settlements. Sharon needed more than a year – and six trips to Washington – until he convinced George W. Bush to back him. Israel pulled out of Gaza only during Bush’s second term. Barack Obama expects Israel (…) In all those areas, the new American administration is continuing Bush policies. But Netanyahu wants more. (…) Iran (…) In diplomacy there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and Netanyahu is experienced enough to appreciate that. What can he do? The minimum Netanyahu will be asked to do is evacuate outposts and declare a freeze on settlement construction, in addition to the “economic peace” he promised. It’s hard to imagine how Netanyahu’s coalition will put a stop to settlements, even if Tzipi Livni ends up joining the government. Netanyahu will try to buy time by “formulating policy,” (…) Arab peace initiative (…)

May I add one more cent to Aluf Benn: A way out for Netanyahu? He is comparing Hawk Arik with Hawk Bibi. I frequently wrote why I can’t hate Bulldozer Arik or why I even respect this Hawkish Jew. Yet I’ve failed to mention one important reason. I remember to read Arik’s article years ago. There, Arik was in front of the map and explaining his settlement plan to his hum-how-can-i-remember-his-name. By then, I was completely blind+deaf by Barenboim’s frequent, naïve-or-stupid big-mouth, but still that Arik’s scene fascinated me. What a genius politician! Despite my responsibility to follow anything Barenboim, I am not interested in politics and have a perfect right to respect any human beings, who prove a superior ability to mine. Since that moment, I’ve felt no need to cancel my respect of this Hawkish Jew.

There… Bulldozer Arik knew everything. All the possible future happenings were in his settlement map. He knew how to expand his Jewish land while preparing how to follow American order to evacuate some of them.

Does Bibi know this? What kind of settlement map has been in his brain during his heydays as Opposition Leader? I’ve followed anything Bibi to create Phoenix-Bibi. I’m not interested in his heart. I only care for his brain. As far as I know, he has nothing nor any ability. In fact, Phoenix-Bibi’s settlement plan was more likely based on opportunists’ timeserving populism, just like Dorit Beinisch’s Liberalism, and it only collected more garbage and sh*ts for Bibi’s Whatsoever-Government.

Please check who voted Bibi’s Likud and their natural allies. 24+34% of Jerusalem voted for Likud+Haredim. What about Sderot (35%) or Settlement area (45%)? Please compare this overwhelming victory with Kadima in Tel-Aviv or Haifa. Then please check Seventeenth-Knesset. Kadima-government could do nothing whenever it faced those Likud voters. When Beinisch’s Labor and Meretz MKs joined Phoenix-Bibi, a Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post, who is married to Beinisch’s Jerusalem attorney and kept publishing Bibi’s Journalism, called it IMPOTENT government.

In this way, Phoenix-Bibi clearly won the election and this is why he should stick to his principal. And I promise. Those right-wing kippah-wearing parties will be the first one who make excuses to refuse to join Bibi’s right-wing government. They will talk a lot until Labor’s Barak or Kadima’s Livni joins Bibi. They will talk more after that. This is why Livni and her voters should stick to Kadima’s principal.

Please look Bibi’s conceited look. This hawk of hawk is already betraying his natural allies in order to woo the leftists. He knows why. Is there a hint of penance in his behaviors? Hum… how come NONE of media-men criticizes Bibi’s gorgeous dress code? What did they do in Olmert’s case?

In sum, what we need from the Eighteenth-Knesset is not Bibi’s Whatsoever-Government but a Definite Opposition Leader, who is able to lead PM Netanyahu and his natural allies, including Labor’s Barak and Beinisch’s puppies. Calling Kadima’s Leader, whoever he is, a Leftist is ridiculous. Are there multiple ways to make Bibi or Kahanists’ Israel better? At present, there seems to be less than one way.

I just hope Mr. Lieberman grow into a real Jewish Patriotic Politician. He deserves it. Still, I value his comical-or-racistic opinion higher than Phoenix-Bibi’s ridiculous big mouth, because there is always a point in his comedy. I’m also wondering. When are Israeli Arab Leaders going to unite, stand against Lieberman’s comical-or-racistic comments, and lead their people into the Real-Israeli citizenship? Or, they must join the Palestinian side and give up all the benefits from the Israeli side, which their Palestinian counterparts couldn’t receive.

First of all, how many ILLEGAL settlements is Bibi’s defense minister willing to and going to remove? We’ll see.

This article, Aluf Benn: A way out for Netanyahu, was the only thing that my writings about Bibi’s Nationalist-Government lacked. Then, I just couldn’t ignore all those ‘patriotic’ articles. I want to stop. Now, I feel absolutely no need to write more on this issue. I want to finish my OWN business first.

We’ll see if I have time for Schalit Is Still Alive… (Regarding Hizbullah/Schalit-Deal). During the past weeks, I wanted to work for this poor boy, but too much is too much. In my view, this Shalit’s case should go back to Kuntar’s release. Is Shalit really alive? Is he staying healthy? Kuntar’s Jewish counterparts were returned dead and this crucial information, dead-or-alive, was kept secret until the last moment. This is ridiculous. This time, there are ‘Prisoners’ List’ from the Hamas.

What if Israel executes ALL of them the moment Hamas proudly announces Shalit’s patriotic death? As I wrote and wrote, I wanted Hamas to receive a fair deal. Despite the fact that it was Hamas first, who violated the international rules on this issue, I wanted to help Hamas after reading that almost every Palestinian family has a member imprisoned in Israeli jail. And I still have no idea about what kind of deal is fair to all sides; to Israel, to Hamas, and also to Egypt. (Recently, I read that something bad is happening in Egyptian side too.) Still no time for this new section, Arad-&-Shalit. I thought I should be very careful to organize articles in open place, so I wanted to do this after Shalit returns home safely. There will be another Arad and another Shalit, then there ought to be LAW. Sometimes, Hamas’ demand is really unacceptable… even for me. They even don’t know how to accept Palestinian report. What’s wrong with them?

Palestinian rights group slams Hamas, Fatah over political arrests Mar 19, 2009 / By Haaretz
The Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR), issuing its annual report, said (…) After receiving the report, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah’s leader, vowed to end any mistreatment of detainees, ICHR director Mamdouh al-Aker said. The ICHR said it had not yet delivered the report to Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has denied previous allegations that its security forces carry out politically motivated arrests or mistreat prisoners. The ICHR, which operates in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, said it received 2,312 complaints of arrests and prisoner mistreatment in 2008 compared with 2,007 in the previous year.

Sincerely yours,

12 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

MARCH 10 – 16, 2009

Middle Israel (Amotz Asa-El): Tzipi Livni: Woman of many principles Mar 8, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
A job-seekers’ revolt within Kadima is only a matter of time (…) NATIONALLY, to say at this moment that she can’t join Bibi because he “couldn’t even utter the term two-state solution” is absurd. There are three burning issues now that have nothing to do with the two-state solution, issues on which there is no disagreement between Tzipi and Bibi: the economy, political reform and Iran.

Again… This article is pissing me off. Economy what? Political reform what? Iran what? Did this guy sleep while I was just sticking around the computer to report daily happenings in HIS Phoenix-Bibi’s country?

This is not a Jewish State if I can’t find Hoopoe from this article.

Middle Israel (Amotz Asa-El): Tzipi Livni: Woman of many principles
Talkbacks for this article 19
3. Middle Israel you are not – Tzipi Livni refuses to give in to Shas even at the price of a Prime Minister job. Bibi is willing to give everything to Shas just to become prime minister. And who do you criticize? Tzipi of course. Not to mention how you went after Olmert who is the epitome of Middle Israel. Didn’t you predict like many others the fall of Kadima? Now you do it again. Tzipi understands that patience is a virtue. She is not like Barak and Bibi who want to get it now. I am sure that in few years time you will be claiming that you were always her fan. / Kadima voter – (03/07/2009 16:10)
7. Livni is smart – and patient. Look at where all the “power at any cost” politicians land up. – Both Barak and Netanyahu, not to mention Olmert – have made hundreds of “smart moves” to stay close to power. And though it appears that Netanyahu is “doing well” right now – wait till his right wing partners make it impossible for him to make any significant moves. Israel’s big problem right now is not Iran (that, like Netanyahu, is old news) – it is losing US. This is what Livni understands – and Middle Israel will soon. / Mahesh Lavannis – (03/07/2009 22:28)

Nor is this a Jewish State if I can’t find another Hoopoe from the same article. While part of myself yells that I am just sick of this kind of trashy big mouth, another part scolds me for not following them. They are the real Jews while I’m not.

Middle Israel (Amotz Asa-El): Tzipi Livni: Woman of many principles
Talkbacks for this article 19
8. Livni is losing friends and making silent enemies in Kadima. She will be – betrayed as she sought to betray Israel. Likud is not her worst enemy. Her ego, pride and self-delusion are all ardent enemies conspiring against her. She may always land on her feet but where she lands or into what may not be so enviable. / Josiah Jacob Ben David – USA (03/08/2009 00:13)
16. Vanity – Lifney Shever- Gaon – Asa-el has got it spot on. The likelihood of Netanyahu succeeding without the National Union to manage domestic and international politics is excellent. Lieberman is the perfect foreign minister with Bibi’s American popularity to position Israel into the now emerging European game of playing now to Russia, now to America. Is it the expectation that this Israeli government will face massive American pressure which will topple it that influenced this decision of Livni’s? If so, she is clearly mistaken. Becoming part of an impotent left wing opposition will destroy Kadima’s centrist mandate. / Hofikoman – USA (03/08/2009 17:19)
14. Livni -many principles, but no common sense – This woman is fixated on a peace agreement the way that Peres was fixated. Peace at any land(territory) price. It’s just not going to happen! She had 3 years to beg and grovel for her idea of peace and Abbas would not budge. Maybe she thinks she can throw in her body, and that will win them over?? She has no common sense which explains why she keeps making one mistake after another. I give her political career another 2 years and then she is finished. / Michael – (03/08/2009 16:23)
18. Livni’s Principles – Political expediency is alright, even if it violates GOD’S laws. WRONG. Jerusalem divided is alright. WRONG. Land for “peace” is alright. WRONG. Prisoners release for “peace” is alright. WRONG. Israel being second is alright. WRONG. Livni for PM is alright. WRONG-WRONG-WRONG! / Alan – USA (03/09/2009 00:31)

Then… something another. Who wrote this? Historian Strenhell, who is the world’s leading expert on Fascism? Is this the same Sternhell, who quickly became a subject of Phoenix-Bibi’s Settlement Plan after being hurt by Settler’s pipe bomb? First of all, is this the same Sternhell, who met late Edward Said in Paris conference 1998?

Edward Said: New history, old ideas May 21 – 27, 1998 / By Al-Ahram Weekly

Zeev Sternhell: Kadima to democracy’s rescue Mar 6, 2009 / By Haaretz
Admittedly, the choice is not an easy one, but the political reality and moral climate in Israel are beginning to be far too reminiscent of Europe between the two World Wars. The danger of the break-up of democracy lurking behind a Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu-National Union government is far greater than the pull to the right that Kadima would risk in a Benjamin Netanyahu-Tzipi Livni government. (…) Since Kadima is unable to form a government, its existence must nevertheless be put to use for the greater and immediate end: blocking the radical right, pushing it to the margins and preventing the transformation of Israel into a colonialist state that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River and rests on crushing discrimination based on nationality, religion and ethnic affiliation.

For a while, I couldn’t figure out reason of his article. I was reading another article by Yossi Sarid and frequently confused. Is he a VIP member of Beinsich’s secret society? Now, I realize that, after spending quite time with this single article, it was all due to my poor English. I had to cancel all my writings in the first draft. I realize that, however, I feel no need to change the way how to format or how to finish. Curiously, enough.

My main problem to follow Prof. Sternhell.

Zeev Sternhell: Kadima to democracy’s rescue Mar 6, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) The danger of the break-up of democracy lurking behind a Likud-Yisrael Beiteinu-National Union government is far greater than the pull to the right that Kadima would risk in a Benjamin Netanyahu-Tzipi Livni government. (…) Such a threat is embodied in a narrow right-wing government, in which Likud and the sane parts of it will be prisoners in the hands of the worst nationalists in the history of Zionism. Israeli society will be a hostage in the hands of the 19 Knesset members from the parties of MK Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beiteinu) and MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union), and its ills will be exacerbated to the point of posing a genuine threat to its future. (…) Lieberman, Ben Ari and Shas leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef at Netanyahu’s side are the most destructive lineup Israeli politics has ever known.

Sane part of Likud? My honest feeling is entirely up to my daily situation. What made him call it Likud’s Sane Part, as long as Phoenix-Bibi keeps asking Labor and Kadima to join his unity government after winning the national election with his very unique slogan? Phoenix-Bibi boasted that joining a Kadima-led government is like joining Lehman Brothers (Sep 17, 2008). Then, it was none but the ENTIRE Right-wing parties, who supported Bibi with their FULL hearts and demanded early election. (Sep 22, 2008). Now, who is refusing what? Please look. For Likud’s Bibi or Beinisch’s Mehta, money is endless in Israel. Why Kadima’s Livni should join Likud-led coalition for the sake of Israel’s interests (JP-Editorial on Mar 3, 2009) when Likud’s leader is called Mr. Economics?

IPO’s Zubin Mehta to Haaretz: I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’ Oct 21, 2008 / By Haaretz
(…) “It’s hard to believe how much money there is in this country. It’s endless. I would have no problem getting $150 million to build the new auditorium, I have a list of people who can pay for it. I could similarly find a donor to pay $80 million to have the auditorium named after him; there are quite a number of people for whom that sum is negligible.”

Likud cut deal with Shas to foil Livni Mar 6, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
‘Post’ learns Yishai was promised NIS 2b. and the Interior Ministry to force elections. In all, the financial demands being raised by the five parties expected to join a Likud-led coalition add up to almost NIS 10b., according to a source close to the negotiations.

I am the one who used to think that “Lieberman, Ben Ari and Shas leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef at Netanyahu’s side are the most destructive lineup Israeli politics has ever known.” I thought so… until I organized articles about
🙂 Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present), in which Noam Federman, the most notorious Settler appeared in
🙂 Settlers are above LAW (From Jul 25, 2008 to Present) with his unique private life as a behind story.

Frankly, I’ve never seen a purer, more patriotic spirit than this Jew. More frankly, I respect his wife Elisheva more. This is the most worthless husband for a housewife with several children. Who would want to live with a man, who poured all his private fortune to something ideal? If someone should sit at the negotiation table, THIS JEW is the one. Is there no way to honor Federman and his Kahanists with exclusive rights to appear on the front line as Negotiation Partners from the Israeli side no matter who becomes prime minister? Why is there no English version of Noam Federman’s Weekly Hebrew Program? If this JEW is so sure of his ideology, he should be able to travel all over the world with the same WORD, the same FACE, the same HEART, BELIEF and PROUD. I am not the only one, who believes in this.

Please check
🙂 From Dieharddoves-&-Settlement
‘PA strongman once called Lieberman key to peace’ Feb 17, 2009 / By Haaretz, Lily Galili
(…) Yossi Beilin contends that Deri (Shas) has distanced himself from the peace camp in recent years. In the wake of the election, Beilin supports a government headed by Netanyahu “with Lieberman and the Kahanists.” He says that only a right wing deprived of a left-wing fig leaf will be compelled to adopt the diplomatic initiatives of U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration.

The same goes for the Shas community. Perhaps, I may be an easy writer, who casually insists that Israeli society should accept Shas party and its full, religious demand, because I don’t live there. True.

While creating Kippah-I & Kippah-II, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I almost cried while organizing horrible, poverty-stricken-then-almost-disgusting, miserable life of female members in Religious family. I couldn’t laugh while reading religious youngsters’ comical story, in which a haredi was surprised to learn that the sun was a star, and in which a haredi man patiently explained that after the sun sets, it warms the waters of the earth because it heats them from below-ground upward.

However, the fact that those guys make quite a portion of Israeli society tells me something. Another fact that those guys are never willing to learn outside the world by themselves tells me something more. They should learn how to share burden of all kinds of social problem with their Jewish neighbors. What is the most effective way? Who do you think has an ability to lead them?

This writing is also from Prof. Sternhell…

Zeev Sternhell: Kadima to democracy’s rescue Mar 6, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Most regrettably, the makeup of political forces in Israel is different. The left has long been eroded, but the principle is the same principle: Of two bad solutions, one should choose the less bad; when there are two dangers, one first tackles the more immediate threat. (…) The danger in such a government is far graver with regard to domestic issues than to issues of war and peace – because in foreign policy, including the Iranian issue, the power to make the crucial decisions is in any case in the hands of the United States and the European Union. Israel is not going to arrive at any agreement with the Arabs without American sanctions. However, no one is going to intervene if the Israelis decide to destroy the rule of law for themselves, devour human rights to the bone, establish their own rules of ethics and their own legal norms and, fronted by learned statements from these or those professors, remove themselves from the family of civilized Western nations.

It was good to find this article after my research on Fascist government in Italy. (Please check my message to Italian government.) While reading Prof. Sternhell’s biography, I start to understand why I can be a mere person, whose ability to think differs from this international celebrity’s.

Zeev Sternhell: Kadima to democracy’s rescue Mar 6, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Beyond this, the fashion of idealizing Kadima, the power of its ideology and the purity of its ranks – that supposedly must be safeguarded on the benches of the opposition – is ridiculous. Zero achievements in relations with the Palestinians, two failed wars, the continuation of the filth of Jewish settlement in the territories, impotence in the economic area, widening social gaps and the undermining of the law-enforcement system are Kadima’s true “heritage.”

My another problem with Prof. Sternhell. Unlike this very Academic, I am the one who worked and worked hard with the politicians, whom Prof. Sternhell used to call something-ZERO. I don’t understand. Were there two governments during Seventeenth-Knesset? Whenever FOLKs praise something, they praise Labor’s defense minister Barak. Whenever they blame something that should be mentioned as the same something, they just call it Kadima’s ZERO achievement. First of all, who was the real leader during Seventeenth-Knesset? Kadima’s prime minister Olmert or Opposition Leader Phoenix-Bibi? Since this writing is not my first one, I don’t understand why I have to write and wirte the same thing again and again. So sick of this work.

Zeev Sternhell: Kadima to democracy’s rescue Mar 6, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Kadima’s achievement in the election was thanks to two factors, neither of which is a basis for the future: Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni’s talent for exploiting the fear of the rise of the right that gripped broad sections of the middle class, and the absence of any real effort on the part of the Labor Party to rebuild itself. Kadima is a collection of Likud refugees, Labor losers and other figures whose identity is not clear, and its chances of disintegrating or coalescing are the same in the coalition as in the opposition. Its Knesset faction includes the settler MK Otniel Schneller, but a moderate individual like Menachem Ben-Sasson was ejected from it. It is illusory to think that this is a torch borne at the head of the peace camp.

Heh-heh… I thought so until…

Still, I hardly remember any names of politicians in my country, and I can’t understand why the leftists’ communism means peace-with-enemies in Israel. But I do enjoy my life as a Knesset-Watchdog. (Too tired to update Knesset-Jokes in recent MONTHS, though.) Whenever I enjoy this work, I feel as if I become a genius Kindergarten teacher. But whenever I make one step backward and read each MK’s professional resume, I can’t believe what I am doing now. When did I prove this kind of intelligent IQ or professional life? What a Knesset. What a genius brain. Then, there must be a reason for each MK’s insane or stupid or incomprehensible behaviors. This is how I tried, tried to understand the reason of Mofaz’ professional title as Kadima’s No.2. Please check what kind of brilliant human beings joined Kadima before/during the election period.


(Updated on MARCH 14, 2009)
Please check
🙂 From JIWON: Dear-Arab-Readers
JIWON: (…) I wrote. “Guess what? The louder adviser suddenly made bigger complaint. (…) Advising or even insulting the other side is easy. Criticizing competitors is easier unless it comes up with a better solution. (…) I must tell this simple fact. Wherever I went, whatever I did, and whoever I encountered, there was no exception.”
Now, please check Bibi’s big mouth and then his reaction. Is there better example to prove my lifelong experience? This article is
🙂 From Collection: May I watch Bibi’s Porn-video? Please… (Sex, Lies, Videotape, & BIBIGATE):
Article No. 3: Despatches: Israeli press mauls Mrs Netanyahu

JIWON: Of course, how can I miss the golden opportunity to introduce DM Barak’s case? Since it sounded so funny, I moved it into this collection,
🙂 Beinisch: Media to blame for public’s loss of faith in courts:
Article No. 5. Barak: Someone is out to get me (Aug 21, 2008). and Barak: Media, politicians out to get me (Aug 22, 2008).

JIWON: This is a collection about Bibi’s London Trip during the Second Lebanon War. Please check how Bibi is changing his words. Under the normal circumstance, Channel 10 has a right to file a Two-Million-Plus-Alpha-Shekel lawsuit against Bibi BACK. Am I wrong?
🙂 Collection: Bibi’s London Trip: Netanyahu sues Channel 10 for libel (TWO-million-shekel!)

A series of articles appear. FOLKS keep reporting.

Lion’s Den: Netanyahu as prime minister – déjà vu? Mar 10, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post, Daniel Pipes
With Binyamin Netanyahu about to become Israel’s next prime minister, one wonders whether he will stick to his more controversial campaign promises (…) Two indicators suggest what may lie ahead: (1) the general pattern of the four Likud prime ministers since 1977 and (2) specifically, Netanyahu’s own record as one of those four. Levi Eshkol once acknowledged the deceit of Israeli politics: “I never promised to keep my promise!” In this spirit, three out of the four Likud leaders campaigned right and governed left, breaking their campaign promises not to retreat from territories Israel seized in 1967.
Surveying the Likud’s history, Nicole Jansezian notes with irony at Newsmax that “while Palestinian, American and European leaders worry how Israel’s shift to the right will negatively impact the peace process, perhaps the only ones who need to fear an Israeli right-wing government is the Israeli right wing.”
Shamir’s opinion of Netanyahu plummeted after watching his actions as prime minister, seeing him by 1998 as willing to do just about anything “to continue to be elected and to hold on to the seat of prime minister.” (…) Insiders assure me Netanyahu has matured, and I hope they are right. But a Likud leader observed while watching the coalition talks, “Bibi is selling everything out to the coalition partners. He doesn’t care about us. He only cares about himself.” Similarly, Netanyahu’s opponents expect him to pursue his personal agenda: Yaron Ezrahi, a political scientist at Hebrew University, says Netanyahu has little compunction “in sacrificing an ideological position as long as it keeps him in power.” Even as I hope to be pleasantly surprised, familiar patterns do make me worry.

Shalom: Netanyahu won, the Likud lost Mar 9, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Some of the Likud activists were openly critical of Netanyahu. “Bibi has changed for the worse,” said Avraham Avidan, who heads the Likud branch in Yavne. “Whenever Bibi becomes head of Likud, he loses his head. Bibi sold out the Likud and forgot the Likudniks who worked hard for him in the election.” Shalom said he kept his promise to Netanyahu that he would not complain about him in the press because they had shared goals. He called on Netanyahu to act to unite the Likud.

Right-wing parties angry at Netanyahu’s tactics Mar 6, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Bibi has come under fire from the National Union and Habayit Hayehudi for continuing to woo Labor/Kadima, while at the same time ignoring them. National Union chairman Ya’akov Katz criticized Netanyahu for neglecting his “NATURAL ALLIES” and chasing after Labor/Kadima. “Netanyahu’s style hasn’t changed. He used us, United Torah Judaism and Shas as plugs for his government until he hooks up with Kadima and Labor. (…) Reports suggested that the Construction and Housing portfolio would be given to Shas, while the Education Ministry would not go to a small party, thus ruling out the National Union and Habayit Hayehudi. At Habayit Hayehudi the feelings were similar but the words were softer.

Barak: I don’t want to be kicked out of Labor, so JM Friedmann will make a good excuse of my refusal to serve Bibi Mar 8, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Netanyahu did not like the insults the National Union’s chairman, MK Ya’acov Katz, made against him, and Netanyahu’s associates described the party’s coalition demands as overly extreme. The National Union has asked to legalize unauthorized West Bank outposts, build new settlements and for Katz to get the Construction and Housing portfolio, perhaps as a deputy minister. “Netanyahu wants them in the coalition, but if they continue to ACT CRAZY and ASK FOR WHAT THEY CAN’T GET, they will be outside,” a source close to the Likud leader said. “We will know the framework of the coalition within 48 hours. We have to close things.”

Netanyahu may seek two-week extension Mar 13, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Likud expressed optimism with Israel Beiteinu and Shas, but he acknowledged that the remaining three parties could cause problems. “If the other parties go CRAZY, then we would need more time,” the negotiating team member said, referring to United Torah Judaism, Habayit Hayehudi and perhaps the National Union.

I don’t care even if PM Netanyahu becomes the only leader in Fascist government. (My only problem with this issue has been… that I’ve never found A-REAL-THING in Knesset yet. My another problem is that in my very private view, Israel is where the Fascist government is needed.) I don’t care what The political game theory or Livni’s Kindergarten Politics means in Israeli election.

I only know how the Opposition Leader Phoenix-Bibi got his wish through what. I also know another Opposition Leader Phoenix-Bibi shall drive his FOLKS into the next election whenever PM BIBI governs left by breaking his campaign promises.

Therefore, I want to see how PM Netanyahu keeps all his promises or LIES.

Yisrael Beiteinu Wants Justice Ministry for Friedmann Feb 25, 2009 / By Arutz Sheva
Friedmann’s Critics, Supporters Weigh In (…) Dorit Beinsich (…) The Movement for Quality of Government appealed to Binyamin Netanyahu and other senior Likud members to get Friedmann out of office. (…) However, Friedmann won strong support from the Land of Israel Legal Forum, which argued that the minister faced criticism “because his criticism of the Supreme Court bothers the court’s President.” Friedmann stood up to the “ruling elite,” the forum said. “The reforms begun by ministry Friedmann have a positive influence on public truest in the legal system… The system has begun a process of self-examination, and of allowing criticism from those who wish to strengthen the state as a Jewish and democratic country,” said forum head Nachi Ayal.
Talkbacks for this article 8
1. What is the opposition to Friedman? – that he believes there should be some check on the power of the Supreme Court. Why on earth would Nethanyahu oppose that? / Phil S, California (25/02/09)
5. I’ve got no problem with Friedman continuing at Justice. – I don’t necessarily agree with every one of his proposals, but I recognize he’s constrained with the “Israeli way”. That said, reform is long overdue. And just about anything that upsets Beinish is OK in my book. / Raymond in DC, Washington, USA (26/02/09)

Lieberman Fumes as Ex-Judges Try to Block Friedmann Appointment Mar 3, 2009 / By Arutz Sheva
Talkbacks for this article 10
7. The Best Letter of Recomendation – This is the BEST thing that I’ve heard about H”K Lieberman yet. In spite of some Halachic issues, if Aharon Barak fears him, he must be a great Jew. / Aryeh, Haifa (04/03/09)

No matter who says what… I prefer NOT to see Daniel Friedmann to be criticized as Liebermann’s stain remover. He is not that cheap. Rather, I want to see Likud’s Saar, who is Beinisch’s real friend and also a political ally of Labor’s Yechimovich, or Likud’s Meridor, who is Beinisch’s real puppy, to take over this troublesome Justice portfolio. I know how much real right wing politicians detest Beinisch’s Supreme Court. Their hard working will immediately cause a deep rift within the government and eventually weaken Bibi’s leadership.

Remember? How has Likud’s Saar made more mess by siding with Dorit Beinisch months ago? Just feel funny whenever I find the exactly same opinion, which reminds me of Olmert-haters, who didn’t mind appreciating JM Friedmann as Olmert’s ONLY achievement. *.*

Please check
🙂 Phoenix-Bibi
Meridor ‘Working Very Hard’ to Create Golan Giveaway Coalition (Dec 19, 2008).: (…) Moshe Teomim, strategic advisor, boasted that it was he, who sold Bibi on the idea of advocating an “economic peace” with the PA. “I gave [the idea] to him ten months ago,” Teomim said. He added that in retrospect, however, he thinks the idea was not a very good one. (…) Meridor said that he agreed with nearly everything that PM Olmert said. His only points of disagreement with Olmert were regarding the Second Lebanon War, which Meridor thinks Olmert bungled, and the “attack on the justice system” by JM Friedmann. Olmert’s speech was largely devoted to the prospects of peace with Syria. (…) Meridor is considered very close to Supreme Court President Justice Dorit Beinisch. This matter came under journalistic debate when Meridor’s name was floated as a possible Justice Minister in 2006. According to Attorney Yossi Dar, Meridor and Beinisch routinely go out with their families “to concerts, holiday trips etc.” Meridor’s name has also been mentioned as a possible Minister of Justice in Binyamin Netanyahu’s future government. Another candidate is Gideon Saar. Saar was an aide to both Beinisch and Arbel and is also considered very close to them.
(JIWON: Finally, Phoenix-Bibi, Knesset-Jokes and Banana-Republic merged into Welcome to Jerusalem in the name of LIKUD. HO! I can now understand the reason of Sa’ar-bill (Jun 19, 2008)., which was mocked by the Nobel Prize laureate. I can also understand HOW and WHY Dorit Beinisch supported Bibi’s election campaign all behind the scenes. What amazes me is that Dorit Beinisch and Phoenix-Bibi all walked along arm in arm while Bibi’s Jewish voters all identified Banana Republic Queen with Kadima’s Olmert and insulted them. What a country…)

🙂 From Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)
1. Article No. 73: Sa’ar-bill: Nobel laureate Aumann applies game theory to judge selection (Jun 17, 2008).: (…) During the meeting Aumann had much less to say about game theory than he did about what was wrong with the Supreme Court and the committee that chooses it. (…) He added that he was “shocked” to hear that Ben-Sasson had asked Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch for her opinion of the bill. “This contradicts the separation of the branches of government,” he said in his introductory remarks. He also blamed the Supreme Court for its efforts to curb its power. “The court brought the politicization upon itself because it deals with matters pertaining to social values, politics and security,” he charged. There should also be no judges or lawyers on the committee that choose the justices of the Supreme Court in the first place, he added later, since the court deals with these three areas. (…)
2. Article No. 74: Sa’ar-bill: Beinisch gives quiet support to upping judicial appt. majority (Jun 19, 2008).: (…) Beinisch thereby indicated that she does not oppose the bill. (…) Robert (Yisrael) Aumann, a Nobel Prize laureate in economics, raised a different issue, arguing that lawyers and judges should not sit on the JAC at all. Currently, the JAC’s nine members include three Supreme Court justices and two Bar Association representatives, along with two ministers and two Knesset members. “It’s a scandal that lawyers are represented on the committee, when they must appear before the judges [they appoint],” he said. “This is institutional corruption.” Regarding the issue over which he had been invited to the Constitution Committee – explaining how the bill would affect the current balance of power among the JAC’s four factions – Aumann said the Supreme Court justices would retain their current dominance in the appointments process, since the bill gave any bloc of three members a veto. He therefore opposed the bill, saying it would prevent a more fundamental reform of the system.

I want to see Kadima’s Mofaz’ boys and girls follow Phoenix-Bibi to join Likud again so that I can start my insane criticism-or-insulting against those migrating geese in this open place. I don’t understand why those folks keep their complaints after celebrating joyful departure from Bibi’s Likud to follow Arik. As far as I know the present Kadima and its ideology should be to keep moving forward from where Arik started on his voyage in the middle of Israeli history.

Please tell me. Where will those migrating geese be headed for if Likud’s Bibi starts on his voyage, which is exactly same as Arik’s? Bibi knows that he can’t join Kadima. He will have to create another party. Will Kadima disappear by then?

Basically this is what Hoopoe predicted when they heard all the rumors about Olmert’s corruption. “Without Olmert’s money, Kadima will become nothing.” This is I think originally what hooked Phoenix-Bibi’s DM Barak, who didn’t allow himself to work under Livni the Girl.

Avirama Golan: Start over, without Barak Mar 4, 2009
(…) In the end, it weakened him and diluted Labor’s strength. (…) Labor’s leaders have grown so accustomed to being part of the government that they do not even know how to behave in the opposition. Most have grown used to espousing some vague centrist line that involves no commitment to any particular worldview, and it is hard to imagine them fighting for the left’s political views, either diplomatic or socioeconomic.

Is this Labor’s problem only? What about Kadima?

Only if the entire left wing boys and girls work hard as their Likud counterparts do when they join the opposition. Whenever I watch Likud’s HOT guys, I can’t help raising my respect no matter what. It was not long ago that I realized they hardly knew Bibi or Netanyahu. They only know this word, “LIKUDNIK and JEWISH STATE”, and they worked hard for their leader. What if those guys are not misled by Phoenix-Bibi? What if those guys’ hard working could exist only for the better future of their Jewish State, whether Greater Israel or nor? None of settlers will complain about their final solution even if it is Divided Jerusalem.

National Union gives Netanyahu an empty threat Mar 13, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(… they’re not kippah-wearing-parties if there is NO quarreling… National Union vs. Habayit Hayehudi…) The Shas newspaper Yom Leyom quoted Netanyahu telling confidants on Thursday that he would build a coalition of 61 MKs and that he was concerned it would not last long if Labor or Kadima did not join at a later stage.

What the hell is this JERK talking about? I know… any words can spring out of politicians’ big-mouth. I know. However, I still believe that in Israeli case, THERE OUGHT BE A LAW, a certain rule to keep. Is it normal when hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians are killed whenever Phoenix-Bibi boasts his big-mouth and another Phoenix-Bibi appears years later and something another Phoenix-Bibi boasts the exactly same big-mouth some years later again, only to agitate the MOB?

(Updated on MARCH 16, 2009)
Kadima, Likud renew coalition efforts Mar 15, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) initially brokered by Likud negotiation team chief MK Gideon Sa’ar and Kadima No.4 (…) Livni was willing to compromise on the issue of a rotation for the premiership, with Netanyahu serving for three years in the top spot, and Livni completing the final 21 months of the scheduled term, Kadima officials said.

Unity unlikely as sides refuse to budge Mar 16, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Likud sources rejected Livni’s demands that Netanyahu endorse her negotiations with the Palestinians that began in Annapolis in November 2007 or openly declare support for a Palestinian state. But they said he would agree to a more vague diplomatic statement. “Bibi wasn’t a leftist and he won’t be a leftist, so he won’t say anything leftist,” a Likud source close to Netanyahu said. “If someone thinks the banner of ‘two states for two peoples’ will fly over Metzudat Ze’ev [Likud headquarters], they are wrong. But there are government decisions that can be endorsed and interpreted in one way or another, such as the road map.”

Please check
🙂 Dieharddoves-&-Settlement
5. Keep collecting articles…
4. Zvi Bar’el: If we give in to Netanyahu from the start, Israel will become a footnote Mar 15, 2009 / By Haaretz
3. Henry Siegman: Is a right-wing government the answer? This is the only conceivable scenario for a fair and sustainable peace accord Mar 14, 2009 / By Haaretz
2. Merav Michaeli: Livni, go into opposition. After all, since Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination, Israel has been subject to a right-wing policy in every way Mar 3, 2009 / By Haaretz
1. Gideon Levy: Netanyahu, put your money where your mouth is Feb 19, 2009 / By Haaretz

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In sum, I seriously recommend Kadima’s Livni to join Bibi’s Unity-Government as Likud’s puppy if she is not so sure of her ability as a Definite Opposition Leader. May I finish this part with the same article?

Zeev Sternhell: Kadima to democracy’s rescue Mar 6, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) And if it does emerge that Kadima has the potential to exist in the long term and life in a coalition with Likud is insufferable, it will always be possible to join the opposition and conduct the struggle from there. In the meantime, Israeli society must not be allowed to become accustomed to a reality in which its face is that of Lieberman and Ben Ari. Instead of relating to them and their people as legitimate partners in government, we must brand a mark of shame on their forehead. This is not a matter of our image abroad and relations with the United States, but rather of our children’s souls.

Edward Said: New history, old ideas May 21 – 27, 1998 / By Al-Ahram Weekly
(…) Although it was announced as the first time that the so-called “new” Israeli historians and their Palestinian counterparts had exchanged ideas in public, it was actually the third or fourth time; yet what made the Paris meeting so novel was that this was certainly the first time that a prolonged exchange between them was possible.
(…) So far as I know neither the work of Morris, Pappe, or Sternhell has been translated into Arabic. This absence should be remedied forthwith. Just as important, I think, is the need for Arab intellectuals to interact directly with these historians by having them invited for discussions in Arab universities, cultural centres, and public fora. Similarly I believe it is our duty as Palestinian and yes, even Arab intellectuals to engage Israeli academic and intellectual audiences by lecturing at Israeli centres, openly, courageously, uncompromisingly. What have years of refusing to deal with Israel done for us? Nothing at all, except to weaken us and weaken our perception of our opponent. Politics since l948 is now at an end, buried in the failures of the Oslo process of attempted separation between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. As part of the new politics I have been speaking about in these articles, a splendid opportunity presents itself in continued interaction with the new Israeli historians who, while a tiny minority nevertheless represent a phenomenon of considerable importance. Their work, for instance, had a great influence on the 22 part film series, Tekuma, shown on Israeli television as a history of the state produced for its 50th year celebrations. They are greatly in demand in Israeli schools as lecturers, and their work has attracted the attention of historians and others in both Europe and the United States. It seems anomalous, not to say retrograde, that the one place they have not been fully heard is the Arab world, but we need to rid ourselves of our racial prejudices and ostrich-like attitudes and make the effort to change the situation. The time has come.

Sincerely yours,

P.S. There was a short PostScript, but the recent happenings about JM Friedmann forced me to work and work and delayed all my plans. (SIC!) I now think I should make one more message.

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MARCH 12, 2009 (15:00)

All my plan is delayed. It took the entire day to make this new collection.

🙂 Supreme Court to Yaakov Ne’eman: This dog would not be allowed to leave deep scratches on the furniture.

Friedmann may be out in coalition deal (Mar 12, 2009) to please Likud’s Dan Meridor and Bennie Begin? Funny… Whenever I search for more, Beinisch’s friend, EDNA ARBEL, and Beinisch’s husband, YECHEZKEL BEINISCH, appear as HOT potatoes. Who are more mediocre? Dorit Beinisch or her friend or her husband?

JO December01.v2 September 2004 / By The Jewish Observer
The Branja Conspiracy: The Israeli Elite’s Usurping of Power September 2004 / By Yonoson Rosenblum

I remember reading this article, but couldn’t find it from my original collection. I don’t understand why this file doesn’t allow me to ‘select-paste-copy’ part of its text. I had to type every each word. SIC.

MARCH 6, 2009 (18:00)

Just out of curiosity,
Who is Shelly Yacimovich’s favorite? Did she join Likud? I must know… I have to make the exact posting on this issue. It seems that nowadays, everybody prefers to appear on the front line… just like all the garbage and sh*ts around Daniel Barenboim. Why in the world the Jewish story is exactly same as the one in Mehta’s Music Society, which has been run by bimbos and whores? Now… I know what means one of Friedmann’s reform plans. I happened to find it.

Likud cut deal with Shas to foil Livni Mar 6, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Israel Beiteinu on Friday denied demanding that Justice Minister Daniel Freidmann be kept in his post as a condition for joining a Likud-led coalition. “It was not Israel Beiteinu that turned the Daniel Freidmann issue into something personal and formal, but it was actually MK Shelly Yacimovich (Labor) who is ruling out Freidmann on behalf of someone else who is interested in the portfolio,” claimed chief Israel Beiteinu negotiator MK Stas Meseznikov to Army Radio. “[In any case,] any name that [Israel Beiteinu head Avigdor] Lieberman would have put forward would have been viewed as being done so for shady reasons due to Lieberman’s image. Yvette simply draws fire.”

Civil Fights: Whose employee is he, anyway? Mar 4, 2009
It is ironic to think of Ehud Olmert as a standard-bearer for proper governmental behavior. But he nearly became just that in the Amos Gilad imbroglio – until, as always, he got cold feet. (…)
For all these reasons, Olmert was right to dismiss Gilad and file a disciplinary complaint, and wrong to retract these decisions. Unfortunately, the negative results of these retractions go far beyond this case – because Gilad’s behavior is fast becoming the civil service norm.
Many civil servants publicly oppose government policy nowadays. The worst offender is undoubtedly Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz, who has lambasted virtually every legal reform proposed by Olmert’s government, often using vitriolic language. In one particularly egregious case, he accused Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann of “abuse of authority” and “a campaign of vengeance against the law enforcement system,” merely because Friedmann sought to probe a clear abuse of authority by that system: concealment of relevant wiretaps from a criminal defendant.
In Hebrew, Mazuz’s title is “the government’s legal adviser.” And a legal adviser who uses such language against his client and publicly opposes his client’s policies should be fired. Yet Mazuz not only remains in office, he has suffered no consequences whatsoever.
Furthermore, a growing number of civil servants seem, like Gilad, to view their job as “selling” other countries’ positions to Israel rather than vice versa.

P.S.: By the way, I recommend Kadima’s entire members to read Talkbacks in Likud-Shas article. Clearly, Bibi’s employees posted these. Do Mofaz’ girls and boys want to join Likud even after reading them? Just out of curiosity… Good Luck, anyway!

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MARCH 4, 2009 (7:00)

For a while, I tried to ignore Jerusalem Post’s articles, which were (un)reasonably blaming Livni for not joining Bibi’s unity-government or even threatening Female Politician to serve Male Government no matter how she won the national election. They are talking about Editorial: Israel’s interests (Mar 3, 2009). National interests? What did they do when Bibi was doing trashy job months ago? Was there any difference in Israeli situation by then… such as poverty rate or terrorism or Iran nuclear attack or etc…? How come they can openly depict that Bibi’s “narrow right-wing government” will soon collapse? Are those the same guys who used to encourage PHOENIX-BIBI’s “broad right-wing opposition parties”?

Of course, I’ve read quite articles explaining Truths or Lies about “Netanyahu Legacy”. Shtrasler: Crushing a finance minister was one of them. This economic issue was, is and will be none of my business. It was just fun to find Benjamin Netanyahu: Sex, Lies, Videotape, & BIBIGATE while searching for more information about Netanyahu Legacy. Then, I couldn’t understand why BOI chief rejected Netanyahu offer to be finance minister (Feb 25, 2009), because I know what an influential figure this Jew has been in this area.

Coalition negotiations: Avoiding a lose-lose outcome Mar 4, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post, GERALD M. STEINBERG
(…) inexperienced politicians (…) with the assumption that Netanyahu’s “narrow right-wing government” will soon collapse. (…)
Talkbacks for this article 3
2. Livni was outmaneuvered when Netanyahu cut a deal with Shas that prevented her from forming a government a few months ago and forced the elections. – Livni feels robbed from that too. She can’t forgive and she can’t let go. I don’t think she could ever work under Netanyahu because of it. / Skip Kelley – USA (03/04/2009 03:10)

Interesting comment. Is this, however, a real reason of Livni’s refusal?

Clinton: ‘Economic peace’ useless without diplomacy Mar 4, 2009 / By Haaretz
Clinton said, “We happen to believe that moving toward a two-state solution is in Israel’s best interests. It is our assessment that eventually, the inevitability of working toward a two-state solution is inescapable.”

Editorial: Netanyahu’s naysaying Mar 4, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Clinton’s message: President Barack Obama’s administration expects the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians to continue, with the aim of advancing a two-state solution and establishing an “independent and viable” Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Under different circumstances, there would be nothing new to Clinton’s positions, which continue the previous administration’s policy. In accepting the road map and the Annapolis process, the governments of former prime minister Ariel Sharon and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert also adopted the two-state solution. This is the internationally-accepted format for an Israeli-Palestinian agreement.
(…) Bibi says bla-bla-bla (…) There is no Palestinian partner who is going to agree to such a deal, even if Netanyahu tries to tempt him with the fruit of his “economic peace.” Netanyahu’s approach places Israel in a position of refusal, opposed to the agreed-upon grounds for diplomatic process, and renouncing the agreements made by previous governments. The Obama administration is going to demand of Netanyahu that he continue the process his predecessors have led, just as it is demanding of Hamas that it adopt the Quartet’s conditions and recognize Israel.
Israeli intransigence will have a double price: It will create unnecessary and damaging conflict with the United States and, worse than that, it will strengthen those voices calling for abandoning the two-state solution and granting the Palestinians full rights in a bi-national state. (…)

For me, even Clinton’s message means nothing. In my view, the answer from Bibi’s Palestinian partners only means something. And in this case, EVERYBODY has known that 18th Knesset should start where 17th Knesset left.

Please tell me. Has there been anything wrong with Livni’s demand? According to the very political rule,

1. Bibi should form a faithful right-wing coalition after allowing Religious parties have billion-shekel fee for joining coalition. Everybody has seen how Mr. Economics criticized anything Olmert’s Finance Minister, who had absolutely no money for religious parties, even for defense ministry.

2. Is Bibi destined to fail in his political project? Then, why doesn’t Bibi return to Kadima’s female leader only to BEG her to join his unity-government? By then, Bib should announce that Likud’s leader has no option but to “continue the process his predecessors have led”. But then, it was NOT Bibi BUT Livni who won the national election… with this very slogan. Who do you think should represent Israel as prime minister?

3. Once all those Kippahs are out of unity-government, why don’t you secular guys start a real political reform? What kind of cursed Jewish youngsters should join IDF service while hundreds of thousands of millions of XYZ don’t… in the name of GOD? They should work if they need money or food. Don’t you think so? Of course, there are always religious leaders, who don’t join the army or dedicate their whole life to study Bible-or-Koran-or-Sutra-or-What. However, their numbers are very limited and they should prove a certain quality of leadership elsewhere you go. I’ve never seen more comical situation than this Israeli case.

In sum, I heartily recommend all those religious parties to join BIBI’s Nationalist-Government with no hint of complaints.

And then… Could you guys just SHUT UP and watch how PHOENIX-BIBI succeeds-or-fail in forming a Nationalist-Government? Only then, you can send a warning-or-encouraging message to Bibi’s female rival politician. Sorry about saying this, but Tzipi Livni is not among Bibi’s mistresses, who used to fall into Bibi’s impotent sexism. To some female sixth senses, SIR Netanyahu or Mr. Economics looks like Old Same Bullshit.

Labor’s Young Guard to Barak: End coalition talks within 48 hours Mar 3, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
If Barak complies, the group said it would not act to oust him.

See… Haven’t I said that all those Chameleons or Snakes or Same Old Bullshits, who kept changing their words only to receive ministerial portfolios, should be replaced by young blood?

Sincerely yours,

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MARCH 3, 2009 (17:00)

Clinton: U.S. committed to creation of Palestinian state (Two-State Solution)
(…) saying the U.S. is ready to work with any Israeli government. “We will work with the government of Israel that represents the democratic will of the people of Israel,” Clinton said after meeting President Peres. (…) Arik’s (former) foreign minister Silvan Shalom said bla-bla-bla-tons-of-lip-services-bla-bla-bla (…) But Shalom, who spoke to Army Radio, would not say that Netanyahu supports the creation of a Palestinian state in what is now Israeli-controlled territory, the key goal of U.S.-backed peace negotiations. Netanyahu also openly opposes any division of Jerusalem, a central Palestinian demand.

Who says what? “I think that Hillary Clinton will find Bibi prepared to continue to hold negotiations, not only on economic projects but also political negotiations, a political process.”

I simply can’t understand. WHO IS THE OPPOSTION LEADER? PHOENIX-BIBI already started to act as prime minister even before Olmert’s official resignation. If he were in this situation, TONS of WORDS would gush out of this big mouth. How is Tzipi Livni going to prove her perfect job as an opposition leader when she misses every each moment of this golden opportunity?

I know what a tired job it is to pretend to be garrulous especially for an intelligent human being. But Israel is where a charlatan is frequently misunderstood as a wise mouth and SIR Netanyahu knew this very fact and tried damn hard. His only problem was that there was NONE of truth in his big mouth.

Until the next election, the ENTIRE Israelis should know the LIARS can’t lead their country in a right way. Whether National Union’s Greater-Israel-Concept or Peace Now’s Two-State-Solution, only those who tell the truth should be elected as a real leader of Israel. This is the most job of Opposition Leader, Tzipi Livni. I Wish Her Good Luck.

Sure. I can do the most beautiful job as the Opposition Leader during Bibi’s era. Why not? How much I was waiting for this golden opportunity while collecting all the garbage and sh*ts in PHOENIX-BIBI? However Kadima’s female leader? No Thanks! I never join any particular party.

Please… I want to make ONE message to Arab and European countries and update my TWO blogs. I want to finish this work as soon as possible. Let me concentrate on my work, please. Please…

Sincerely yours,

MARCH 3, 2009 (8:00)

Netanyahu desperate for Barak in gov’t Mar 3, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Barak tried unsuccessfully to persuade his faction to join the coalition in a stormy meeting on Monday. He said that he was under pressure from BUSINESS LEADERS (…) Barak told the faction that by joining the government, they could prevent controversial Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann from maintaining his post and dilute the power of the Right. (…)

Please check
🙂 From Dear-Arab-Readers
1. First of All: Incomprehensible collaboration between the Jewish left-Branja, Bibi’s secular right-wing guys and Religious groups, in order to attack PM Olmert’s Corruption or Winograd-Report on Second Lebanon War.
2. Seventh of All: Poverty in Israel, Netanyahu legacy, and Supreme Court (Beinisch’s left Branja) + “Benjamin Netanyahu: Sex, Lies, Videotape, & BIBIGATE

Things are getting Comical… Beinisch’s Barak’s Business Leaders? See, this is exactly what I wrote in First of All and Seventh of All in Dear-Arab-Readers. None of my business, anyway.

SO, how many ILLEGAL outposts will BIBI’s DM or FM or JM Ehud Barak remove? I just updated Dieharddoves-&-Settlement to publish this comical story. In sum, I am constantly in trouble to understand the exact identity of Labor Party, which is a clever mixture of Beinisch’s Bourgeois, Real-Labor or Kibbutz, and Peace Now or Arab members. They just don’t get along.

Yoel Marcus: Got something new, Madam Secretary?
Eleven years ago, White House spokesmen leaped into action to deny a slip of the tongue by First Lady Hillary Clinton in which she expressed support for establishing an independent Palestinian state (…) It is not clear whether what she said 11 years ago reflects her opinions today. (…) Jewish lobby (…)
Netanyahu’s offer to Livni is like a man who tells a woman, “first let’s get married, and then we’ll decide whether or not we’re in love.” The gulf between Livni’s diplomatic worldview and Netanyahu’s nationalist worldview is a surefire recipe for chaos. Livni says she does not intend to fall into the trap Netanyahu is laying for her. He will mutter something about two states and two peoples, but without a rotation agreement, she says, the last word will be that of Avigdor Lieberman.
Livni’s rigid stance is correct. She is following the right instincts when she says she must not participate in a nationalist government that may pay lip service to two states for two peoples, but will never make it happen. The U.S. secretary of state is coming with the same mantra. But for now, it’s not working, neither with us nor with the Palestinians. Don’t you have anything new to offer, Hillary?

RITHT!!! This has been my exact problem with SIR Netanyahu. This guy is undoubtedly from Mars and I’m unfortunately from Venus. My real problem was that music society is so full of bimbos and sonovabiches that I never want to show my respect to any bastards who are frequently lost himself between the hookers and female working partners. Then, I’ve been watching how all these and those old, inferior and impotent male politicians treat Kadima’s female leader. I know Israel is full of bimbos but I still don’t think it is a good idea for those male politicians to treat Livni a girl. In my view, their only difference seems to be that those old bastards keep changing their words while their girl Livni knows how to stick to her principal or political opinion.

I kept thinking… What should I call all those old, inferior, impotent male politicians whenever they change the words? Chameleon or Snake or Same Old Bullshit? This is what Talkbackers called Livni’s rival male politician.

Sincerely yours,

MARCH 2, 2009 (12:30)

How come I can’t find any information about Bibi’s hard working to woo ultra-Orthodox camp? Why this Likud guy is still busy behind the scenes with impotent Labor and Kadima MKs? By now, Folks should report HOW MUCH SHAS can receive from BIBI. This is where Livni failed. By now, Folks should report WHAT A SETTLEMENT PLAN the rest of Kippah guys can realize under Bibi’s perfect leadership. This is where Bibi won his election. It’s been YEARS that I heard ONE UNITED voice about IRAN issue. This is where Bibi should shut his mouth. Is there something wrong with my brain and sense?


I have a serious question. Have you heard WEDO 2008 during their summer tour? Did you like it? If you did, it’s the end of the story. I want to give up. I’ve NEVER heard more inferior, duller performance than this one. Academically speaking, I mean… As aggressive as possible and as technical as possible, this is the best example of Eurotrash. A perfect ensemble of all kinds of cancerous roles from strings to winds and brasses. This ensemble only needs Robert Hall’s male voice and Waltraud Meier’s female voice to represent Zubin Mehta’s heydays. This is exactly how Zubin Mehta destroyed golden tradition elsewhere, from New York to Vienna. How come Matthias Glander can realize his ideal orchestra during this short period?

What I feel funny about this PERFECT ensemble is that…
Just pick up one instrument and send it to any of other major or even local orchestras elsewhere. The same sound doesn’t work for normal ensemble business or it will sound the most inferior in his working place. But then, they sound perfect here. Seriously, they need to establish a professional organization to please the very specific audience, who is willing to digest their weekly ticket sales. What they need is a specific conductor, who wants to conduct just for their specific interpretation. Do those pigs imitate something, such as du Pre’s phrasing? So disgusting. .

How many Palestinians are involved in this performance? I know who joined it and this Palestinian has a fundamental problem in his basic education. He doesn’t show a proper sitting or standing posture and eve the basic bowing techniques and I used to think this is why he is just busy at his family business to run a private music school instead of jointing Palestinian national music school and its proper system.

Seriously, do any members of Palestinian Youth Orchestra want to play like them? They don’t need a good concert hall. This can sound best in the most inferior practice room. Especially, it is the easiest way for an inferior Wind Ensemble to master all kinds of repertoire during the short time. But then, whenever ONE member joins a pure orchestra, it can destroy the ENTIRE section less than a year.

I am very depressed… I expected nothing from the string section, of course. But this more than aggressive, more than technical sh*ts… this is much more than my expectation. I just can’t concentrate on my work…

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: If you are real serious about your MUSIC-project… I recommend you to study all about Venezuelan kids, who are sitting in the string section. If you try to remember its each wind and brass, which members are barely following their string friends’ grouping sound, and try to imitate them, you will be lost. Just concentrate on the string section sound and try to figure out how they make it. There is a difference from the very basic.

Wrong choice of the words: NOT ‘barely following’ BUT ‘just enjoying following’. Need to write more, anyway.

08 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

FEBRUARY 27, 2009 (08:00) Likud can ask Kadima AGAIN… why not?

Bibi against talks with a Hamas-PA gov’t Feb 26, 2009 / Jerusalem Post
‘Our gov’t not Netanyahu’s business’ Feb 27, 2009 / Jerusalem Post

Right. Each side should think of his own business only. History had shown what? Amalgamation between a moderate and an extremist party what? What I feel funny is that Bibi always talks what I wanted to tell Opposition Leader Bibi during 17th Knesset. What means FULL partnership? Please check SEVENTEENTH-KNESSET. Is there any differences between yesterday and today’s ultra-Orthodox camp?

Right-wing parties aim high in coalition talks with Likud Feb 25, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
The two religious-Zionist parties will begin coalition talks with the Likud at Ramat Gan’s Kfar Hamacabiah Hotel on Thursday by issuing demands that they know the Likud will not accept.
Habayit Hayehudi will ask for the Education portfolio, which it held for many years when it was called the National Religious Party. But in those days, the NRP was much larger than its current three Knesset seats and held the balance of power.
The National Union will ask for the Construction and Housing Ministry, despite reports that Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu promised it in October to Ariel Attias of Shas in return for not allowing Kadima leader Tzipi Livni to form a coalition.
United Torah Judaism has also asked for the portfolio, or at least to control its Israel Lands Administration via a deputy minister in the Prime Minister’s Office. (…)

Netanyahu to offer Livni full partnership in advancing peace process Feb 27, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) Nonetheless, Netanyahu wants to show that he tried every option to compromise with Livni with generous, unprecedented offers, so that Livni appears at fault for any failure to create a unity government. (…) Livni is expected, as she did in a meeting Sunday, to demand that Netanyahu announce his support for a two-state solution and for an outline for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations reached at the 2007 Annapolis Conference. Netanyahu is expected to maintain his refusal, but will suggest to Livni that they create joint teams to draft basic political guidelines. (…) Party surveys indicate that most Kadima voters are opposed to national unity.
Meanwhile, in the ultra-Orthodox camp, Shas and United Torah Judaism tried to form a “Haredi bloc,” (…) Habayit Hayehudi has also demanded that (…) National Union wants illegal West Bank outposts declared legal and permission for construction in the territories. The party is also opposed to a withdrawal from the Golan Heights or a Palestinian state.

They were always same and PHOENIX-BIBI has always expressed highest honor to be invited to become their true leader. Now, is he going to treat them as cancer in his life? How come he can treat Kadima’s leader as a full partner when he denies anything Kadima? Whether or not Obama administration will give Bibi’s Palestinian partner more should also NOT be Bibi’s business.

Netanyahu to U.S. envoy: I’ll honor Israel’s PREVIOUS commitments Feb 27, 2009


What means Israel’s previous commitments? Don’t you think you should call it Olmert or Livni’s commitments? Olmert already announced that his policy is now no different from Beilin’s. Don’t you think you should announce this very fact when you meet Livni face to fact? Don’t you think you should promise Linvi that you have a power to bring all your right-wing allies into Beilin’s real Meretz camp? Meretz MKs are called nothing or cowards or traitors or what… simply because they are telling the truth?

If you want to show that you tried every option to compromise with Live with generous, unprecedented offers, so that Livni appears at fault for any failure to create a unity government…

Don’t you think you should go to the ultra-Orthodox camp first? You can ask Kadima AGAIN if you fail to prove your ideas, which have been too great. Kadima’s voters will welcome Livni’s final decision when the entire Israeli know that Bibi’s patriotic promises were ALL LIES. Remember? Kadima’s Mofaz has been dubbed as Mr. Security.

By then, it will be my great honor to serve you. I will travel all over the world and explain what a great patriot you and all your right-wing allies have been. Killing your own Jews or slaying the entire Palestinians means nothing if you could prove your real patriotism. Doesn’t it?

I promise. I will also prove that only the liars can lead your Likud. I simply can’t understand. Likud JM-to-be Meridor openly interviewed that he opposed EVERYTHING Friedmann. Likud JM-to-be Sa’ar is Beinisch’s famous supporter. I also read an old story about JM Reuven Rivlin why he can’t serve Justice Minister. How come your Likud insists that you had supported most of Friedmann’s initiatives?

Justice minister reportedly wouldn’t be averse to staying on Feb 26, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Meanwhile, a senior Likud official confirmed that despite the fact that the party had supported most of Friedmann’s initiatives as justice minister, it would prefer not to give the portfolio to Israel Beiteinu, as Lieberman would reappoint Friedmann.
Off the record, the official said that since Friedmann was “loathed” by almost the entire establishment, it could be problematic to reappoint him. The Likud preferred not to take the risk, the official said.
The official neglected to mention the fact that Likud MKs Reuven Rivlin, former justice minister Dan Meridor and Gideon Sa’ar were interested in the job. Some sources claimed that this ambition explained why Sa’ar had made sure he was one of the Likud’s main coalition negotiators.
Kadima would only say on Thursday that its “decision to go to the opposition has nothing to do with Friedmann, and Friedmann entering Netan-yahu’s government has nothing to do with Kadima.”

Chalk one up for Olmert June 15, 2007 / By Jerusalem Post, Jonathan Rosenblum
Justice (ret.) Mishael Cheshin compared Friedmann to Sennacherib, and declared that he is not Menachem Mazuz’s boss. True enough, that would be the Supreme Court. Haaretz’s Zev Segal wailed that this week’s cabinet compromise over the selection procedure for the next Attorney-General gives a political figure (the Justice Minister) a role in appointing the Attorney-General and deprives the Court President, an “apolitical” figure, of control of the process. By what measure are justices “apolitical?” (…) The only thing that makes the Court President apolitical is that she is not elected. Woe to the democracy in which being a member of the elected branches of government is the ultimate bar to being entrusted with any decision-making authority.

I feel very weird… What happened to Liebermann after supporting Dorit Beinisch’s Elena Bashkirova? And suddenly now, why everybody is interested in his criminal record? I don’t care who will become Bibi’s Justice Minister. Just think of what PHOENIX-BIBI did even in recent days.

Netanyahu: I won’t evacuate settlements, nor keep Olmert’s promises (Jan 30, 2009)

Bibi: PM Netanyahu will resume West Bank Settlement Activity (Sep 29, 2008).
(JIWON: It was right after my report of Everyone is a target: Sternhell attack shows that far right may target anyone who holds different views (RED FLAG for the RIGHT), which was 4 days after Settler’s bombing the Jew and 2 days after Settlers’ another attack on Palestinian village. After this report, Mr. Netanyahu resumes his job. I feel that I am reading not the Jewish articles but a comic book. Still, a human life is not a toy-story for me. This is why I prefer targeted killing to suicide bombing. (Please read my life. Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (Sep 25-30, 2008).) What if Jewish Diehard-Doves were really killed by Bibi’s Settlers? IS IT SETTLER’s FAULT? While those pure spirits consider IT as a punishment, (Holy site closed to ‘punish’ settlers,) Mr. Netanyahu seems to treat himself as another-Sharon, who was ‘quickly’ elected as 11th PM after the Second Intifada. Considering the fact that there was NO Phoenix-Bibi in my Knesset-blog in those days… Hum… What if I travel all over the world, including UN, and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of THESE?

07 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

FEBRUARY 25, 2009 (06:30) Perhaps…

Yoel Marcus: Livni isn’t budging Feb 24, 2009 / By Haaretz
Maariv reported this week that sources close to President Shimon Peres are fiercely critical of the Kadima leader. “She’s acting like a political amateur,” they say, “and we’re struggling to understand what exactly she wants.” If we’re wondering who exactly are these “sources close to Peres” (his secretary or the presidential cleaner?), perhaps we should consider that the comments came from the president himself, given the coldness with which his proposal to form a unity government was met?
(…) Netanyahu understands that sooner or later such an administration is likely to transform the principle of two states for two peoples into one state for two peoples, as in South Africa. Regardless of how much we bomb Gaza, enough Arabs will remain to form the majority we fear.
(…) Kadima faces twin dangers: If it moves to the opposition, it is likely to crumble. If it joins a Netanyahu-led government, Livni risks being seen as having misled her electorate. This dead-end can be breached if the two build a rotation government (two years Netanyahu, two years Livni) on the basis of agreed guidelines that allow Kadima one hand on the whip and the other on the bridle. This arrangement would also make it easier for Netanyahu to break free of his dependence on the diktats of the rightist parties.

Hum… this is the first thought I had in my mind when I expected Livni’s victory-and-then-defeat. My problem was that Bibi’s big-mouth has NOT been a normal sh*t, and he knows how to delay EVERYTHING in the name of STEP-by-STEP and safely returns to Phoenix-Bibi only to make more mess for PM Livni. Isn’t this the most spectacular for Hamas to enjoy?

Perhaps… this is the best idea for Obama administration’s Settlement Plan until PM Livni raises Jerusalem issue. I hope everybody has a better idea. Below is my very personal opinion.

The problem in Israel is not the ‘Loser’s Final Victory’. In my view, the voters’ firm belief is the problem. What kind of voters want right-wing coalition or unity-government? The right-wing voters forever believe that their ‘right’ leader will lead Israel into the real Utopia. Everybody knows why the left-wing voters want Bibi’s unity-government with Kadima and Labor. Is this the first time in Israeli history? Has this political scheme EVER worked to bear certain fruits? It only got worse and this is why the real left-winger Yossi Beilin or Gideon Levy openly wanted to see Bibi’s extreme right-wing government.

Their reason was NEVER to see PM Bibi stumble and fall. Obama’s administration will last for years and everybody has already seen enough of Bibi’s power to persuade ALL his right-wing allies. It was the same Bibi, who has been bragging what a perfect ensemble he could perform with the new American team. It was the same Bibi, after all, who stuck to his very-principal and refused Livni’s offer to join unity-government. Who blamed Bibi at that moment? NONE. They only blamed Shas.

I thought… that president Peres was the best one to know this very fact. I never knew he has opposed the two-state solution. Did he? How old is he? Has his unity-government EVER worked even during the time when he worked as right-wing prime minister’s stain-remover? Is today’s situation similar to Peres’ old good days? Is there something wrong with Livni’s very-political opinion in recent days? In my ‘feministic’ view, today’s Livni is more suitable for Israeli President, which functions no more than Symbol of Israel, than today’s Peres. Does he worry about his foreign tour to represent extreme-right prime minister of Israel? In my ‘young’ view, all these and those old guys should be replaced by young blood. I kept thinking this while watching power-thirsty Ehud Barak or Benjamin Netanyahu. Hard-working right-wing young guys were better. Please look how young Jerusalem mayor got his wish.

In sum, in my ‘very practical’ view, ALL the Israeli electorates got drunk. Or are they just suffering from lack of right information?

I am sure… this is also what Dorit Beinisch wants. Two years will be enough for her to fill all the empty seats with so-called supporters and how many will prove Beinisch’s poops and pees? Who cares? My target has NEVER been Israeli justice system. Dorit Beinisch has been the only cancer in my life. We’ll see. I know Israeli jurists are not that stupid enough to draw no picture of post-Beinisch era. They may be very political… then they will only think of their own life. I promise. Beinisch’s poops and pees will welcome my open insult of Ahron Barak’s bimbo more than others.

‘Israelis unhappy with election results, but still voting for the same party’ Feb 24, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Israelis who voted for religious parties favored the second, more right-wing coalition option, while left-wing voters overwhelmingly preferred a Likud, Kadima, Labor partnership. (…) for their opinion on Operation Cast Lead, which ended more than a month ago. Some 33% were disappointed with the offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, 36% were satisfied, and 29% either neutral or unsure. The dissatisfaction, according to the study, stemmed from the conclusion that Israel had surrendered to international pressure to stop fighting, rather than continuing until it toppled the Hamas regime.
The question of whether Israel should negotiate with Hamas was found to be a close call, with 55% against any such talks, and 45% supporting them. Some 93% of Meretz voters backed negotiations with the Islamist group, along with 56% of Labor voters and 53% of Kadima voters.

Editorial: Livni, don’t give in Feb 24, 2009 / By Haaretz
(…) At their meeting Sunday night, Livni demanded Netanyahu accept the two-state solution and agree in principle to the establishment of a Palestinian state. Netanyahu has always opposed this, and still does. Six years ago, when he was finance minister in Ariel Sharon’s government, he abstained in the cabinet vote that approved the road map, which calls for a two-state solution. Since then, his basic position has not changed. Netanyahu supports negotiations with the Palestinians, but he believes the focus should be on economic development in the territories, not on a final-status agreement, which he views as impractical. He also opposes withdrawing from most of the West Bank and insists on continuing to expand the settlements. (…)

BIBI: ‘I won’t wait forever for unity gov’t’ Feb 24, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) Netanyahu’s associates said, however, that he had no problem with his fallback option of a coalition with the 65 MKs on the Right. They said that knowing that the coalition was so fragile would only make the MKs more loyal. They added that they were not concerned that forming a right-wing government would harm Israel’s image abroad. “We are not worried that our relations with the world will be hurt, because we have the right policies to advance peace and security, and we just have to explain them clearly,” a senior Netanyahu adviser said. (…)

Channel 1: Abbas drafts demands he plans to make to Netanyahu Feb 24, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
(…) according to a message sent to the Americans via the US Consulate in Jerusalem, Abbas said he would only resume peace negotiations if Netanyahu recognizes the principle of two states, freezes settlement activity and abides by previous agreements.

06 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

FEBRUARY 23, 2009 (06:30) Everybody is doing a terrific JOB. DO MORE! Kadima’s Mofaz, National Union, and Labor’s Barak…

Calls in Kadima to join gov’t grow; diplomatic issues divisive Feb 23, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Livni received backing for her tough stance against joining the next government from every MK except Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz and his ally, MK Ronit Tirosh. (…) Tirosh told Livni personally and reiterated in the meeting that Kadima needed to do everything possible to remain part of the government, rather than allow right-wing parties to join. “We shouldn’t wait in the opposition for Bibi to stumble and fall, because we shouldn’t want the country to have problems,” Tirosh said. Mofaz and Tirosh were “just letting off steam,” Livni’s associates said.

National Union to demand Likud ‘unfreeze’ settlement construction Feb 23, 2009 / By Haaretz
Barak reportedly lobbying Laborites to back joining Netanyahu-led coalition Feb 22, 2009 / By Haaretz

Things are getting comical and comical… See, National Union is doing a terrific job. Look what Labor’s Barak is doing now. Exactly what made Kadima’s Tirosh believe that Bibi will stumble and fall? It’s now time for both Tirosh and her boss to decide their fate.

Time to ‘finally’ write for Arik’s DM Mofaz.

I wanted to write this right after Kadima’s primary. I read Mofaz’ interview and I had to think and think. Then, I started to re-interpret this guy. Now, his connection to female MK Tirosh proves my new-analysis right.

To cut the long story short,
I was the one who was sick of Arik’s Defense Minister, who never knew how to behave as a politician. He looked like a s***** fighting-machine. Then, there seemed to be nothing wrong with my analysis until I found Mofaz’ interview.

I never knew what a sensitive guy he was. Then, I had to recollect all my previous memories about him. I mean… Arak’s DM’s constantly changing his comments since… Has this guy thought micro in a micro world? Then, I started to follow Livni’s offer to give him FM-job. I thought it would work terrific for his future life. Everybody knows what happened to Livni’s efforts to form unity-government.

Anyway, I hope this guy to live MACRO in a micro world until he is truly become Kadima’s leader. If his real intention is to follow Likud’s ideology, why doesn’t he join Bibi’s Likud again, where Beinisch’s Saar or hardworking Erdan is waiting for him to chew up?

When I wanted to write this, he suddenly wanted to join Dorit Beinisch. Hum… when Labor’s Barak joins Bibi, will his demand No.2 be Beinisch’s Justice Minister again? Everybody knows that Bibi’s DM Barak will do a great job for National Union’s Settlement plan.

Sincerely yours,

05 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

FEBRUARY 20, 2009 (18:00) Mitchell, Bibi, Hamas and Settlement
Dear EU,

Mitchell could support PA unity gov’t Feb 20, 2009
West Bank settlement gets green light for massive expansion Feb 16, 2009 / By Haaretz

I forgot to add one more article.
This is why I preferred Bibi’s Justice Minister, who will surely work for Dorit Beinisch, to Bibi’s FM Livni. I don’t care how long Dorit Beinisch can enjoy her era, because there were already Justice Ministers who tried reform. All failed, though. As long as Israel exists, the day will come when this female jurist will be remembered as a B*tch. Things are already running very fast and I feel no need to hurry. However… Palestinian Unity Government will take time. What do you think will happen in Bibi’s Livni-government during this period, where ALL Bibi’s supporters are sitting in the opposition and attacking anything Livni’s unity government? Jerusalem issue is another thing. What about Settlement issue? Only Bibi’s Nationalist Government can handle this while Mitchell and EU work for Palestinian Unity Government. Please check what Labor’s Barak did in recent days.

FEBRUARY 20, 2009 (08:00) Who will succeed PM BIBI?
Dear EU,

Do you have a better idea? I mean… to teach Israeli electorate how to choose next prime minister, who will have to succeed Bibi’s big-mouth. I hope you do. Please check what Beinisch’s Labor MKs claim…

Below will be organized in new section, Dieharddoves-&-Settlement

Gideon Levy: Netanyahu, put your money where your mouth is Feb 19, 2009 / By Haaretz

‘PA strongman Dahlan once called Lieberman key to peace’ Feb 17, 2009 / By Haaretz, Lily Galili
(…) Yossi Beilin contends that Deri (Shas) has distanced himself from the peace camp in recent years. In the wake of the election, Beilin supports a government headed by Netanyahu “with Lieberman and the Kahanists.” He says that only a right wing deprived of a left-wing fig leaf will be compelled to adopt the diplomatic initiatives of U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration.

Analysis: Does the Left really want Kadima in the opposition? Feb 17, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
Labor and Meretz members keep on publicly attacking Kadima leader Tzipi Livni for even thinking about sitting in a coalition with the Likud and Israel Beiteinu, but some observers say it may just be for show.
(…) Labor MKs Ophir Paz-Pines and Eitan Cabel harshly criticized Livni and Kadima for pursuing negotiations with Israel Beiteinu’s Avigdor Lieberman. However, no Labor MKs agreed to say on the record that Labor preferred Kadima in the opposition.
Hatnua Hahadasha-Meretz chairman MK Haim Oron, on the other hand, said his party had no problems sharing the opposition benches with Kadima and Livni.
“Kadima is no left-wing party and it doesn’t feel the need to define itself like that. I am always glad to have new partners in the opposition,” Oron said.
“I have an annoying habit of asking first what is better for the country,” he added. “I think that the right-wing bloc, which has been screaming in the past week that it won, should not look for a fig leaf to cover itself with, and simply implement the policies it claims it has and prove once and for all what it can do.
“Who knows, if they succeed, maybe we will vote for them next time,” Oron quipped.
MK Dov Henin, chairman of the left-wing Hadash Party, which actually gained a mandate last week, said that if Kadima wanted to maintain its integrity it would sit in the opposition and not join an extreme right-wing government.
“I expect Livni to be loyal to the path she has proclaimed she would follow. Otherwise the politicians will lose what little respect the public has left for them,” Henin said.

04 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

FEBRUARY 14, 2009
Dear Kadima’s leader,
As I warned you… I hope there will be no problem with you regarding Bibi’s FM Livni.
Sincerely yours,

FEBRUARY 13, 2009 (07:30) Bibi or Livni…

Tzipi Livni is right. Who are other senior Kadima figures? I want to know their exact names. When I first found those titles of Haaretz articles, which were certainly not similar to Jerusalem Post, I thought it was Livni or Mofaz, who is hunger for position. Yesterday when I found Ramon’s article, I wanted to openly support this opinion but couldn’t, because I respect his present position in his party. The only reason of my FACEBOOK work right before THE DAY was… I just wanted to help Bibi to form nationalist-government after failing his ridiculous plan to form unity-government. See… anyone who is reading all my computer work can’t just support the LIARs, whoever he is. I was speechless when Bibi kept his lies even during this hard time for his poverty-stricken country.

Foreign and defense portfolios for Livni and Mofaz in Bibi’s government? See… the more my Barenboim-message travels all over the world, the more they will identity Bibi’s FM and DM as Phoenix-Bibi. I know… Kadima MKs will perfectly prove their incapability AGAIN, won’t they?

In sum, I just can’t trust Kadima members. Don’t they remember how Bibi meddled in Kadima’s plan to form unity-government months ago? Thank to Beinisch’s media, Israeli electorate still believe that it was Shas who should be blamed. Even during the Operation Cast Lead, Bibi made it clear how his NEW government would handle Jerusalem and Settlement issues and then, his Likud has stolen Kadima voters. Who was the final winner in poverty-stricken area? It was not Kadima’s Livni. And now, what kind of Kadima dummies advise their leader what? Sharon’s Gaza what? Speechless…

Somehow, I wonder why no one is mentioning the very possible happening of justice portfolios for Likud or Yisrael Beitenu.

Kadima official says party may join coalition led by Likud Feb 13, 2009 / By Haaretz
Kadima will head for the opposition benches if Benjamin Netanyahu forms the government, Tzipi Livni said Thursday, adding that her party has no intention of accepting a right-wing, ultra-Orthodox government. However, a senior Kadima official said the party probably would join Netanyahu’s government eventually, and would demand the foreign and defense portfolios for Livni and Shaul Mofaz, or the foreign and education portfolios for Livni and Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik. (…) other senior Kadima figures believe the new government’s guidelines are less important than its conduct. “Sharon’s second government did not mention the disengagement in its guidelines,” a senior Kadima figure said.

Sheetrit: Kadima won’t join far-right government Feb 12, 2009 / By Haaretz
White House: Obama to push peace process, regardless of Israel leader Feb 12, 2009 / By Haaretz
Lieberman: I’ve made up my mind between Livni, Netanyahu Feb 12, 2009 / By Haaretz

Ze’ev Segal: Which ministerial portfolios are available to Lieberman? Feb 13, 2009 / By Haaretz
On January 28, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz announced that “serious suspicions” against MK Avigdor Lieberman were under investigation (…) The attorney general subsequently went one step further, (…) That decision led to MK Tzachi Hanegbi being forced to resign from the Public Security Ministry, (…) Lieberman’s appointment as either public security or justice minister would be unreasonable. In contrast, it would not be illegal for someone chosen by Lieberman to hold these positions, though it ought to be unacceptable from a public standpoint.

Entire political system shifting rightward: 40% of Kadima’s voters chose party in final 3 days Feb 13, 2009 / By Haaretz, Shahar Ilan
How did the right grow by 15 seats while Kadima maintained its strength? The entire political system has shifted rightward, it turns out. Labor, the Pensioners Party and Meretz lost a total of 16 seats. Many Kadima voters also moved rightward, but they were replaced by new voters from the left. That is how the right swelled to 56 seats, while the leftist Zionist parties were left with only 16 Knesset members.

J’lem votes Likud, Tel Aviv – Kadima Feb 11, 2009 / By Jerusalem Post
The capital Jerusalem tilted heavily right-wing and haredi, with the Likud garnering 24%, more than double Kadima’s 11.5%. Over one-third of the vote – 34% – went to one of the two haredi parties, Shas and UTJ. Meanwhile, Tel Aviv gave an overwhelming victory to Kadima (34%) and the best showing in any region for Meretz-Hatnua Hahadasha (8%). Labor, trailing some 2 points nationally behind the right-wing Israel Beitenu, handily defeated the latter party in Tel Aviv by a two-to-one margin, taking 15% to Israel Beitenu’s 6%. Haredi parties, by contrast, garnered less than 7.5% of the vote in Tel Aviv.

03 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*
The real message will start from this section. All below were part of In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Nov 24, 2008).

02 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

STILL PART of In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Nov 24, 2008)

P.S. on DECEMBER 17, 2008 (06:00)

I just can’t understand what’s going on both in Israel and in Palestine.
See… those IMPOTENT guys won’t accept Public Debate. What means public debate? A contestant, who receives more public attention, wins the game. Any absentees can’t win. Why doesn’t Livni start it now?

1. Livni will say, “Bibi is busy at meeting Foreign leaders. They are asking bla-bla-bla. Bibi can’t refuse Palestinian demands. Bibi made it clear that he will answer Palestinian demands by demoting Feiglin. Quartet is happy with Bibi’s sincere reaction, because his Likud sounds just like the Meretz. Bla-Bla-Bla…”
2. Livni’s Palestinian partners will ECHO Bibi’s ‘sincere’ answer to Foreign Leaders. The louder, the more effective…
3. Bibi has to choose ONLY ONE. His Nationalist-Government or Another-Meretz-Party. What means Feiglin No. 36, Ratzon No. 37, and Yatom No. 38 in the new LIKUD list? They are still in the list. Bibi didn’t demote them. He just aimed at more voters; the real Jewish voters who will choose Bibi’s LIKUD after reading my Barenboim-message. Then, he is going to ELIMINATE those guys AFTER being elected to Israeli 13th prime minister. What’s more, another Phoenix-Bibi will exercise his Bigger-Mouth during Bibi’s term and PM Bibi wouldn’t care because he still has enough time to be honored as Israeli prime minister. By the time all the Israelis realize Bibi’s great lies, Bibi will return to the opposition leader to make more mess through Phoenix-Bibi. None of Jewish millionaires will care, because they will become richer and richer, while the poor will become poorer and poorer. Already now, Likud’s Begin seems to think of this plan. What a guy…

Netanyahu ‘not afraid’ of face-off Dec 17, 2008 1:51 | Updated Dec 17, 2008 6:02 / By Jerusalem Post
“Bibi’s not afraid of a debate with anybody. Israelis know that Bibi is one of the best debaters in the country. Bibi had a set platform on education, crime, security and the economy, but he had no idea where Livni stood on such issues. So far, the only platform we have seen from her is that she is in favor of giving up the entire West Bank and east Jerusalem.”

Hum… I am not sure if this article appeared before/after my mailing to Bibi’s Knesset. Please check the time. Anyway, Palestinians already answered, in their furious voice, that they won’t accept any of Bibi’s PRESENT policies. Bibi should go further if he really wants to become Israeli prime minister. This is so far… Do all European politicians know this?

Still… updating Phoenix-Bibi was fun rather than disgusting, and I am willing to support Israeli 13th PM Netanyahu with my full heart. JUST… BIBI SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY LIEs either to Foreign leaders or to Jewish voters!

Netanyahu off to Paris to meet Sarkozy

Who will become Bibi’s next victim among European politicians? Therefore, my Barenboim-message will prepare his meeting with French President Sarkozy, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, Economy Minister Christine Lagarde and some Jewish leaders. What about French Muslim leaders?

Dear Palestinians, Jewish Media, Bibi’s political rivals, and the entire Jewish voters,

Please pay attention to Bibi’s Big-Mouth during his international tour. You’re welcome to take advantage of Bibi’s successful meeting with those Foreign leaders. Why not? Just give me the exact information about Bibi’s performance schedule during the election period. My Barenboim-message will assist Bibi. What a fun it is… I think I am born to love Barenboim’s Israel!!! ^.*

Anyway, Wish You Good Luck!
I promise. The female politician Livni can’t beat those hot Likud guys, wherever she came from. If she or her advisors have ever dreamed of winning the national election, I heartily recommend them to drink a fresh cup of coffee. Try another tactics. Make the entire Jewish voters realize that Bibi’s LIKUD is no different from Labor’s Barak’s Meretz. Meretz’s Gal-On already did a terrific job by proving that her Meretz had been no different from Bibi’s Nationalist-Government. Why not more?

Barenboim’s UN concert with WEDO members on Dec 15, 2008
Following are UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks at the concert organized by Spain to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in New York: Let me thank Her Excellency Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega and the Government and people of Spain for sponsoring this concert and continuing to give such steadfast support to the United Nations. This event is a wonderful way to celebrate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its contribution to our work for global harmony and peace.

Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega: Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party politician, since April 18, 2004 the First Vice President, Minister of Presidency and Minister-Spokerperson of the Cabinet in the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. She is the first female First Vice President.

I was following this concert, because Barenboim is not the one who can organize such a thing. See… Spanish government is behind it. If His Excellency Sonsoles Espinosa’s Husband wants to join Quartet as they did weeks ago when Spain’s Zapatero took Extra Seat at G20 Summit, those cowardly characters should appear in the front line to ZIP Bibi’s Big-Mouth, instead of being busy behind scenes and therefore destroying ALL Barenboim’s contributions to Middle East Peace between Israel and Palestine. Just sick of Zapatero’s government!!! But then… this Spanish First Vice President looks cool… SIC! Who is UN’s Ban listening to now? Just out of curiosity; I know this Korean guy is darn busy, damn tired, however… Besides, he came from the same town as my parents’ family’s, and they are famous for dozing off during the classical concerts. I am damn curious what UN Secretary-General learned during Barenboim’s Spanish concert. *.*

P.S. on DECEMBER 18, 2008 (17:00)

1. UN adopts measure backing Annapolis (Dec 17, 2008)
2. Livni praises UN for backing Annapolis (Dec 18, 2008): Kadima’s leader Livni says next prime minister must learn to “enlist the world” and recognize “shared interests.”


Please check
🙂 From Dear European Countries (From August 13 to Present).
🙂 From Dear European Countries (Short Web-Mail) (Short messages to each country to introduce this mailing, in case they only offer Web-mail.)

Dear French President Sarkozy (…) This is my third message. (…) I’m terribly sorry if this mailing bothered your busy schedule, but I must know… because I am supposed to resume my work in FACEBOOK. Could you read this article in Jerusalem Post? Bibi’s ideas for ‘Economic Peace’ are already rejected by the Palestinians, and the Thick-Skin is Bibi’s only weapon because he already knows what I am going to do in the Jewish groups in FACEBOOK. In my view, this Jerusalem issue is more important and you already made it clear during your last visit. Bibi is just lying again and again. That’s why I want to prove NOW that Bibi’s LIKUD is already no different from Kadima’s Olmert or Livni’s Meretz party. I hope French President Sarkozy to have a productive meeting with Israeli 13th prime minister Netanyahu. Thanks again.
P.S.: No sooner had I resumed my work in FACEBOOK, Bibi announced his new LIKUD list. Believe or not… So, I quit again. I must take a revenge. Therefore… if Bibi suddenly changes his plan and just keeps silent about this Jerusalem issue, I will become the loudest mouth to announce Bibi’s plan to divide Jerusalem to all his Jewish voters in FACEBOOK. See ya! ^.*

I want to sleep. I never knew what a tired job it is to assist Mr. Netanyahu’s international trip. Olmert to visit Turkey next week? Hum…

P.S. on DECEMBER 19, 2008 (06:40)

1. Haaretz: Netanyahu to Sarkozy: Israel can`t accept ongoing Gaza rocket fire
2. Jerusalem Post: Bibi to Sarkozy: Iran ‘greatest historical challenge’ facing the world: (…) Iran (…Typical Bibi, who has nothing to reply… Are there any Israelis who don’t think like Bibi?…) French Foreign Ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier, confirming some details of a report Thursday in the Le Figaro daily newspaper, said EU foreign ministers had discussed earlier this month a “working document” to ease tensions between the Palestinians and Israel. The document, which had not been previously made public, mentions the prospect of making an international force “available” for Palestinian areas if both sides agree, and setting up “an international mechanism” that could give financial help to Palestinian refugees, he said. The document raises the possibility that Jerusalem could be “the capital of two states” side by side – Israel and a future Palestinian state, Chevallier said. He said the proposal is still in the works. Netanyahu said he made his position on those issues clear to Sarkozy. “We want a united Jerusalem under Israel, with access to the religious sites, to all the three great faiths,” he said. “Our position on refugees is also unchanged:…” (…) His visit to France was his only stop in Europe this trip. France’s presidency of the European Union ends on December 31.
3. No time to check Right-wing newspapers and the Jewish voters’ reaction about Bibi’s lies about ‘united’ Jerusalem…

I hope French President Sarkozy to find this writing.

Dear guys,

Thanks. See… Have you seen a thicker skin, a bigger mouth than Bibi? When Bibi threw this answer to his French friends(?), he clearly knew that Israeli 13th prime minister can’t keep this promise, whether he is Bibi or Livni or impotent Diehard-doves. I am now curious how many HOT LIKUD guys trust this word. Or is the ‘rumor’ right that HOT guys usually are famous for their two-digit-numbered IQ? Is this why Kadima’s female leader Livni left Bibi’s Likud after the HOTTEST one-night stand?

Bibi says, “We want a united Jerusalem under Israel… bla-bla-bla…”

Anyone can say this; whether Bibi or Livni or impotent Diehard-doves. So, what Bibi the opposition leader did while 12th PM Olmert was saying exactly the same words? My firm belief is that all those HOT Likud guys should pack all their belongings and move into the real Nationalist-Party. Bibi’s Likud is not the one. This is nothing but another-Meretz. WHY… why does Bibi NEVER mention his proud SETTLEMENT Project during the international trip? WHY? Israeli 13th prime minister can NEVER reject international pressure on this issue. What is PM Bibi going to do? Shall he resign from his PM job after spending ONE miserable day as Israeli leader?

Then what about Netanyahu tells Sarkozy he will continue talks with Syria (Dec 19, 2008)? What an IMPOTENT coward! I will check THIS in Bibi’s FACEBOOK. I don’t care whether LIKUD guys are hot or not, but I’m damn curious if those guys have two-digit-numbered IQ or not. Who knows? Their IQ is even below monkey’s…

French President Sarkozy was a great source of my inspiration. How could I think of Bibi’s Voodoo dolls for Barenboim’s Palestinian kids, if without his help, without his hot fame? To honor this famed French celebrity, I am thinking to move this part to my next mail so that this message will appear in both
🙂 In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Nov 24, 2008)
🙂 JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!!

I hope French President Sarkozy, who is also a president of the European Union until Dec 31, 2008, to share this message with all his EU members so that any European government officials can forward my ‘updated’ Barenboim-message to all the EU members whenever I contact each country. By the way, while searching for information about Jewish and Muslim communities in France, I was surprise at their ability… or size… or power… or hum… what should I say…

All the information was so well organized. Hence… Though Maestro Barenboim is already busy with his Mideastern kids, what if French leaders want to start Barenboim’s Divan project in France as well? If so, please let me know. I am still awfully sorry about my directly contacting French President, concerning my social status… If his busy schedule is going to be interrupted again by my Barenboim-message, it will be through his Cultural Minister. (Somehow, I couldn’t’ send my message to French Foreign Minister.) Thanks.

Sincerely yours,

01 =*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*

PART of In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (My Knesset Mail on Oct 2 – Nov 24, 2008)

♥ PART 5 ♥

🙂 From Bibi: PM Netanyahu will resume West Bank Settlement Activity (Sep 29, 2008).
Netanyahu vows to expand settlements if elected PM (Oct 1, 2008): (…) While the Left warned that Netanyahu would outrage the international community and prevent an agreement with the Palestinians, the Right doubted he was telling the truth. (…) National Union MK Arye Eldad attacked Netanyahu from the other side, saying he would never forgive him for voting in favor of the 2005 withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, even though he later left the government to protest disengagement. Eldad said he would only believe Netanyahu’s statements about expanding settlements if he formed a right-wing government, and not the national-unity coalition that the Likud leader has repeatedly said he would lead. “If I see him form a nationalist government, I will believe him,” Eldad said. “If he forms a government with the Left, it will be clear that he will do what Ariel Sharon did and evacuate settlements, and perhaps even form a Palestinian state. I take what he says with a grain of salt because voting in favor of evacuating the Jewish communities of Gush Katif is a black stain from which he can never recover.” (…)

I perfectly agree with National Union MK Arye Eldad.

(Updated on NOVEMBER 21, 2008)
🙂 WHAT A HARD JOB IT IS TO CREATE Kippah-I & Kippah-II!!! (Please check my Knesset-blog)

While having been updating Knesset-blog since MARCH 10, 2008, my honest feeling was that I wanted to butcher this Jewish Pig, Benjamin Netanyahu… until something happened to me.

🙂 From Phoenix-Bibi
🙂 Please check September 29, 2008

I had to accept the real face of Israel. When I started to feel that I am not reading the Jewish articles but a cheap COMIC-Book, in which human life could be handled as a mere toy, I could accept everything. Then, there were something more. This writing started on October 2 and I found the two articles on the same day, on October 24. As I wrote before, (somewhere in my Knesset-blog), the Haaretz tried to hide Mehta’s article and it was a secret message to Beinisch’s Secret Society… that Daniel Barenboim will anyway behave under Mehta’s detailed instruction.

IPO’s Zubin Mehta to Haaretz: I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’ Oct 21, 2008 / By Haaretz
(…) “Daniel Barenboim does a lot in that area,” he adds, “but he has support from the government of Spain and Andalusia, where there is a dream of reviving the Golden Age when Jews and Muslims lived together.” (…) “It’s hard to believe how much money there is in this country. It’s endless. I would have no problem getting $150 million to build the new auditorium, I have a list of people who can pay for it. I could similarly find a donor to pay $80 million to have the auditorium named after him; there are quite a number of people for whom that sum is negligible.”

Not without the justice portfolio Oct 24, 2008 / By Haaretz Editorial
(…) But what strengths will Meretz have at those elections? Its consent to serve in a government with Daniel Friedmann as justice minister? That is a clear prescription for completely disappointing the party’s voters (…) In less than two years, Friedmann has caused serious damage to the legal system in general, and to the status of the Supreme Court and its president in particular. He makes every effort to slander them, he has made their daily administrative functioning intolerable and he has brought about unprecedented politicization in a place that once was mostly free of it. Friedmann is directly responsible for the declining public confidence in the legal system, and it is regrettable to see that Livni does not understand the extent to which he is endangering Israeli democracy and the rule of law. (…) Meretz is completely justified in joining the government only if it receives a mandate to repair the Friedmann era’s serious damage (…) Only under such circumstances can the justice minister, along with the Supreme Court president, take steps to develop the legal system and improve its service to citizens. Without this mandate, Meretz is better off outside.

Then, what about this?

Our World: From Tel Aviv to Teheran, with love Nov 11, 2008 / By Bibi’s Glick
Talkbacks for this article 67
28. nonsensical article – Israelis: Vote for Kadima!! – I don’t know how small is the right-wing extremism in the settler movement, but the fact is that it is a factory of Jewish terrorism. It took just one terrorist – Yigal Amir – to drastically change the course of the peace process. Israelis will soon face the choice of electing a moderate, center government under Livni-Barak or the Netaniahu-Federman-Gvir trio which will bring disaster to Israel. / IKleinman – USA (11/11/2008 14:38)
40. #28 – Learn to mind your own business – As an American Jew I, too, have strongly held beliefs regarding Israel and the course it should take in the current trying times. I also have the sense to keep them to myself. If you are unwilling or unable to leave the comfort of American exile to live in Israel and face the consequences of the course you propose than keep your mouth shut. Save your breath for the not too distant future when you will struggle to justify voting for Obama and let Israelis decide who should lead Israel. / S Chavez – (11/11/2008 21:36)
42. #40 Learn how to use your brain – Mr. Chavez – Who are you to tell me not to mind Israel’s elections. For many of us living in the diaspora, Israel is our greatest love and passion. Not only that, we have family, parents, siblings, friends etc. living there. I don’t want them to suffer the consequences of a government where the trio Glick-Federman-Gvir rules. Are you related to Hugo? That would explain why you are an idiot. / IKleinman – USA (11/11/2008 23:38)
41. I used to like Mrs. Gkick’s articles – but for a long time, now, she seems to write for a certain audience and no more in a professional way. / Luminita – Romania (11/11/2008 22:24)
43. to #41 – mrs. glick’s articles are true witness to her professionalism and sharp wits. so far, business as usual, might i add, as one who reads jpost almost every day. may i ask what is it you don’t like about her articles anymore? / canadian – (11/12/2008 00:14)

I am the one, who literally stuck to the computer and daily read Jewish articles to organize them. Talkbacker No.43 says that he is also the one. This guy is a real Jew fully armed with a real patriotism while I am not. Who should follow whom?

(Updated on NOVEMBER 22-24, 2008)
I thought. I believed… that the Jews are blessed people, who are born with far superior brain to mine. I thought that they are just too busy to follow daily incidents inside THEIR homeland. I thought that if I organize all the happenings, they will be the first one to figure out the most effective way to protect, develop their Jewish State. And this is what I got. As a matter of fact, the most Talkbackers in ALL the Jewish newspapers are covered with the similar comments. They want Benjamin Netanyahu as their leader, who should save THEIR homeland through BLOOD and WAR. They want to see Bibi’s Nationalist-Government realize the Greater Israel. I wrote and wrote… that I am not a part of rebels. Who should follow whom in this situation?

I promise. I will do my best to do this job.

Of course, there are a few Talkbackers, who rather want to exchange part of their land for PEACE. They say, “For many of us living in the diaspora, Israel is our greatest love and passion. Not only that, we have family, parents, siblings, friends etc. living there.”

I feel no need to join them. Remember? I am the one who vowed not to have my own kids. I just want all the brilliant human beings, who happened to be involved in my trashy life, to see their own kids experience the same life as mine. I just want to think of Jesus-theory again, which is about ‘Love or Forgiveness,’ only after ‘finishing’ this dirty business with Barenboim’s Angels. To forgive someone, there should be a specific reason. I am still frequently ill while cleaning all the garbage and sh*ts those b*tches left. I am not sure I can clean all those sh*ts during my lifetime.

AGAIN, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of Dorit Beinisch. I don’t plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of ‘Bibi & Co.’ How many Jewish Diaspora Millionaire/Billionaires are supporting PM Netanyahu? How many Jewish voters are willing to starve/die for their leader PM Netanyahu? Is there a better idea for the Jewish State than Bibi’s big-mouth, if PM Netanyahu can keep his promise after the election? Please, please check Phoenix-Bibi again in my Knesset-blog.

This is in fact a golden opportunity for the Palestinians. I will let ALL BIBI’s SUPPORTERs know that PM Bibi will be no different from PM Olmert. Who knows? The Palestinians can receive MORE from PM Netanyahu than from PM Olmert, who offered bla-bla-bla. Palestinian president Abbas already made it clear that he rejected 12th PM Olmert’s offer and what his Palestinian wants from Israeli 13th prime minister. If Palestinian opinion receives full support from the International community, what will be left for the Jewish side, if not WAR?

🙂 From Category: Fatah
🙂 Abbas rejects Olmert’s concessions (‘We rejected Israeli proposals that stipulated making concessions including on Jerusalem and the refugees. We either get all six points – Jerusalem, settlements, borders, refugees, water and security – or nothing at all.’)
🙂 Of course, I am also collecting Hamas-side story. Why not?

I still believe. If all those Kippah-wearers want to realize the Greater Israel, they should be at the very front to talk to their Palestinian partners on the negotiation table, instead of hiding themselves behind BIBI’s back. What are they worrying about when the Zionist Orthodox Party wants a secular guy as their leader? Please look what the Shas party has been doing. Whether I agree with their ideology or not, there is no doubt in my mind that they have been doing a terrific job.

Whether or not they treat their female voters as slaves, whether or not they teach their own kids that after the sun sets, it warms the waters of the earth because it heats them from below-ground upward, (please check Kippah-II), they don’t hide themselves behind secular guys. I promise. If the situation goes like this, not the secular guys but Shas-mothers will be at the frontline to lead their community into the better place. Who knows? The world can provide a modest, peaceful home when the people believe that the sun has nothing to do with the scientific concept of the star, just as the Shas communities do.

🙂 From Kippah-I
As settlements get Succot boost, Migron members vow to expand (Oct 19, 2008): (…) “We hope to expand over the whole mountain and connect it to the existing roads. … the civil administration came out here and confiscated everything. I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t legal,” a Yeshiva-Girl said. (…) A rabbi who spoke to the crowd for a brief lecture said that illegal settlement activity was what the entire country had been built on, and began not with the Nachal or the Palmach, but Abraham and Isaac. “We’re not doing this for ourselves, or for the right wing, or for the national religious,” he said. “We’re doing this for all of Israel, the nation of Israel. Even the leftists, who are so against us in our efforts, the holy soul inside of them, that’s connected to the Jewish people, we’re doing it for them too. They just haven’t realized it yet.”

I promise. While traveling all over the world, I will clearly let the international community know what the Kippah-wearers want from their Israel. They are willing to slain all their Secular Youngsters in the battlefield if those patriotic death could contribute to ‘their’ Greater Israel. I promise. Once the Greater Israel is established, no Jewish army would have to exist because by then, there would be none of Jewish Secular Youngsters left, but then, God Almighty’s promise would stay with them… FOREVER. Who knows? God Almighty’s promise is really alive and none of Jewish Secular Youngsters will hurt during the WAR. Time will tell.

🙂 From Dear Palestinians, (Concerning Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (My Knesset mail on Nov 17, 2008)
🙂 Please check Schalit, Palestinian Jokes, Voodoo dolls and BIBI

I am NEVER going to make Voodoo dolls wear Kippah in dark suits. They should look beautiful, handsome in all the colorful dress codes. When Bibi’s Glick is going to have a baby? Have you seen a female, who looks more attractive than Bibi’s Glick? Can you imagine ‘The Simpsons Comics’ without their cute baby? I promise. I will make the cutest Voodoo doll for her petit love. Of course, there will be more. Since I am too tired to read all the Jewish politicians and journalists, Palestinian adults will tell me how many Jewish volunteers want to be reborn through Voodoo dolls. As I wrote before, only selected Jews can enjoy this privilege.

If for this reason, I am willing to resume my work in Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK before the election. But still, I am not sure. I should be very busy to prepare everything for Elena Bashkirova’s brilliant NUDE SHOW with her lovely toy, Daniel Barenboim.

🙂 From Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
4. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ under the auspices of Ministry of Heritage and Culture (Jan 26, 2009 in Genova, Italy)
3. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ in collaboration with the teachers of Music DAMS (Jan 27, 2009 in Torino, Italy)
2. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ in central Bologna, between the historic centre and the university (Jan 31, 2009 in Bologna, Italy)
1. Please check My Requests to Barenboim (Finally Feb 1, 2009 in Salzburg)

Time to finish. This ♥ PART 5 ♥ should be the first part in
🙂 JIWON: Nationalist-Government is My Most Favorite. WHY is it a bad idea? It should exist for the better future of Israel!!!

The migraine that is Migron Nov 15, 2008 / By Haaretz
(…) Most Labor voters have no idea where the outposts are located, who lives there and whom they’re bothering. To the left, the outposts symbolize the occupation; to the right, they embody Israel’s hold on the land. (…) Predictably, the Yesha Council of settlements in Judea and Samaria does not seem too concerned about the situation. Although there is no state budget for the outposts, the army still guards their residents, regardless of their legal standing. (…)

What a comical country it is…
I started this writing on OCTOBER 2, 2008, and was supposed to say…


Sincerely yours,

P.S. on DECEMBER 2, 2008
🙂 From Supreme Court after Olmert (Beinisch should get rid of Friedmann as quickly as possible, From Sep 3, 2008 to Present)
Beinish: Court has crucial role in restraining army Nov 28, 2008 / By Ynetnews, Israel
(…) Aharon Barak on his part, insisted the time has come to complete the work on Israel’s constitution. Barak also lashed out against Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann, saying it “is unfitting for a justice minister to have a say in the shuffling of judges, appoints of judges or matters pertaining to the courts system.” He also criticized Friedmann’s position as chairman of the committee charged with appointing judges. (Talkbacks for this article 22)

JIWON: Beinisch sounds fantastic and therefore it stinks more. Now, I clearly know this is exactly why Bibi firmly believed in his Big-Mouth, which was born a Leader of Opposition Party and NEVER supported the present government’s Palestinian policy, whatever it is. To be honest, I feel very sorry for Aharon Barak, who decided to criticize JM Daniel Friedmann MORE after reading this writing; my willingness to work for his genuine ideas. And then… I found this article on Nov 29, 2008. See… I am not the only one who has been suspecting if Dorit Beinisch was behaving as Aharon Barak’s mistress. Please notice that this comment is NOT from Ynetnews nor Arutz Sheva BUT from Beinisch’s Haaretz. Hence, I will make this article as NO.1 of the same collection.

Beinish unanimously approved as new Supreme Court president Last update – 17:24 07/09/2006 / By Haaretz, Yuval Yoaz

P.S. on DECEMBER 3, 2008
Please check
🙂 PM Salaam Fayad seeks steps against settlements (The Palestinians won’t make any more concessions.)

JIWON: Thanks to almost-150 comments, which answered one weird Korean article and literally meant that ‘Israel = Worse than Nazi,’ I had to search for more. This article was dealing with ‘IJC & Israeli Separation Wall,’ but contained the similar paragraph as this. I am now very confused… What really means the settlement? What means legal or illegal and WHY? What is a real identity of Noam Federman, who poured all his private money into Israeli court-or-government to protect his legal-or-illegal outpost? A true Jewish leader or a mere troublemaker? No wonder most Labor voters have no idea where the outposts are located, who lives there and whom they’re bothering…

P.S. on DECEMBER 11, 2008 (03:00)
Tzipi Livni slams Likud list as ‘been there, done that’: Kadima chief says Likud slate reminded her of why she left party, predicts strong party list.

JIWON: Ha-Ha-Ha… ho-ho-ho… This is exactly what I was trying to figure out before joining Bibi’s FACEBOOK. I still don’t know why Kadima’s Livni looks cool, despite all my disappointment at Arik’s IMPOTENT guys. (BRRR…) What’s the difference between Tzipi Livni and me? Do I still suffer from the ‘Bad Boy/Girl’ syndrome? I promise… ‘IT’ will be done by tonight.

Please check
🙂 From Messages in the FACEBOOK
🙂 Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK, which received my invitation

P.S. on DECEMBER 13, 2008 (02:00) (It will be posted… just too tired to do now. This is a draft…)

The new, revised Likud slate for the 18th Knesset

Wow! How come a politician, a leader of No.1 party and internationally famed Jew indeed, can behave like this? I know politicians can do whatever behind the scenes, even in the voting booth. But in this public way? What a thick skin… I am literally in awe. Is it because everything is possible in the world of LAW in Dorit Beinisch’s Israel? FACEBOOK member ‘officially’ wrote that this is exactly how ‘Young-&-Fresh BIBI’ managed his government a decade ago.

Well… this is the last thing I wanted to write in the open place. No matter what, Bibi is from Mars and I’m from Venus, and my analysis of Bibi’s political strategy used to be based on ‘rumors’ of how he manipulated and succeeded in his second divorce from one terrific woman/victim. (Since I didn’t want to hurt anything about his present marriage life, I hid this information deep in Bibi’s file. After a short research, I’ve come to the conclusion that his present wife is also a victim, and didn’t want to be involved in all the rumors about her whatsoever behaviors.)

Anyway, I really appreciate my FACEBOOK work, and I can’t think of better way. I just need more time to think of ‘more effective’ way to CHURN this HOTTEST Jewish party, LIKUD, since I only received ‘limited’ power to ‘conquer’ this beautiful place. I promise. BIBI will have to PROMISE to ALL his voters that 13th PM Netanyahu SHALL give his Palestinian Kids MORE if he wants to truly behave as Israeli leader. I already resumed my Facebook-work and I can resume my mailing to EU members whenever after finishing two more ‘short’ messages to Italian/Spanish government. Then, I ‘spam’ just a part of professional musicians, then contact Ambassador of Israel to Korea… GOOD!

See you on Monday.

Yatom plans to appeal against Likud list demotion (Dec 12, 2008)
Talkbacks for this article 17
2. Anti-Feiglin Hysteria – Why all the hysteria? Feiglin is simply expressing ideas which are basic concepts in Judaism. Is there a normal Jew who doesn’t understand the need to fight for Eretz Yisrael? Jewish concepts have been forgotten but Feiglin’s ideas are very simply- just Jewish. Indeed, he is promoting the same ideas as are disseminated by Rabbi David Bar-Hayim at http://www.machonshilo.org We have to return to the basics. / Moshe Ehrenpreis – Israel (12/12/2008 12:16)
3. Glad this it being appealed. Will help Likud and Israeli democracy – Bibi seems to think that party leader is absolute dictator and can ignore the will of the people. (Give a bureaucrat a rubber stamp and he thinks he’s a government all by himself.) This is no different than Kadima. If he has this little respect for the voters of his own party, how much less does he have for the population at large. Good that Yatom and Ratzon are appealing. / disgusted american – usa (12/12/2008 13:39)
9. Feiglin should not have been demoted. What kind of “democracy” is that? It’s good to have somebody in the party that will make sure Bibi doesn’t – forget his platform as most PMs do immediately after taking office. / Eli – Israel (12/13/2008 10:39)
16. This reminds me of what they did to the Great Rabbi Meir Kahane – We should have listened to him then, all these probles from oslo and Lebbaon would never have occured. But you need a leader with guts and Bibi could have been that. Moving to the center does not do Israel any good. I have always been a great supporter of Benjamin Netanyahu, but now I question what he will do. What about They Must go do you not understand! What about Listen World Listen Jew don’t you get? When there is a time to fight, you better not talk! Hit them now, hit them often and break there will. Let th UN and the world Howl! / Jack – USA (12/13/2008 22:21)

Letters: Frankly frightening (Dec 13, 2008)
1. Frankly frightening – Sir, – I am not a Likud member and definitely no fan of Moshe Feiglin. Nevertheless, Binyamin Netanyahu’s attempt to change a reality he dislikes goes against the basic principles of democracy. It will also prove counterproductive to his party’s success in the upcoming election (“‘Post’ readers fault Bibi’s post-primary antics,” Letters, December 11). What does this say about his functioning as prime minister, should he win the vote in February? One of his failings in his 1990s tenure as prime minister was his flip-flopping on issues when new realities presented themselves. He clearly hasn’t reformed. Frankly, it frightens me to imagine a prime minister attempting to shape future, unknown realities – of any sort – to his political or personal needs. / NACHAMA KANNER- Rehovot
2. Ain’t so – Sir, – “Man bites dog!” is headline news. “Feiglin, allies win big” (Online Edition, December 10), is hyperbole. To suggest that Moshe Feiglin’s endorsement carried the day for the top of the Likud list may sell newspapers; however, it is far removed from fact. Gideon Sa’ar, Gilad Erdan, Ruby Rivlin and Bennie Begin were chosen by the members of Likud because of their hard work, integrity and devotion to principle. Whether Feiglin gave his support to them or not is of no consequence. In fact, to my knowledge, Begin rejected Feiglin’s endorsement. With that said, I congratulate Mr. Feiglin on a well-articulated statement of his position and the organizational skills needed to win the votes of a considerable number of party members. It would be a shame if Bibi Netanyahu attempted to pull a “Sharon” in this situation and ignore the will of his party, as that leader did on the referendum regarding Gush Katif. / DAVID STAR- Ma’aleh Adumim
3. And so on, and so on…

P.S. on DECEMBER 16, 2008 (02:00) (I remember to send one more message prior to this one. Where can I find this from my computer file?)

Netanyahu, Barak reject Livni invitation for political debate

Finally, Kadima’s Livni is doing the right thing. See… those male things are afraid of this public debate. Especially BIBI, who is ‘unreasonably’ adored by ‘countless’ Neither-Young-Nor-Old Female Voters in immigrant society… I never know why they think Bibi is hot. Do you know why? There are real guys in LIKUD. They look real hot. Livni can’t beat those guys, who ‘politically’ gathered around IMPOTENT BIBI. Is it my opinion? I just wrote what I observed. I was surprised at Likud or even Meretz’s list. See… Gal-On is down to No.3 despite her hard-working biggest mouth. Public should know all the truth, I believe.

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