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Banana-Republic in my Knesset-blog

PEOPLE WHO RECEIVED MY INVITATION (If you want to read short messages, which were ‘directly’ sent to the members of each group, please click each link.)
🙂 DEAR FACEBOOK (Why is it so hard to follow FACEBOOK RULEs?)
🙂 Jewish Groups in FACEBOOK, which received my invitation (From Sep 8, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Palestinian/Arab Groups Elsewhere/Facebook, which received my invitation (From Dec 18, 2008 to Present)
🙂 Professional Musicians Elsewhere/Facebook, who received my invitation (From ?, 2008 to Present) (Not yet…)
🙂 Music Lovers Elsewhere/Facebook, who received my invitation (From Aug 4, 2008 to Present)

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DECEMBER 3, 2008
Dear FOLKs,

The creator of this group is JIWON.
This place is about Daniel Barenboim, Israel, Palestine, Mideast, and MUSIC.

I hate this work. Taking care of my Knesset-blog already requires too much work for me, but after receiving Spam-Warning, I had to create this group to let you know where you can find my two blogs: (Music-blog) (Knesset-blog)

Still, I don’t know how to enjoy my life in this place. I’ve just received a ‘specific’ permission from the FACEBOOK, so I am going to invite all the members, who used to join Fan-Clubs of Jacqueline du Pre and Daniel Barenboim, Richard Wagner and his Legendary Wagnerians, and ALL the Jewish Souls, whose intention is to create a real Jewish State, and ALL the Arab Souls, who deeply care about Peace Negotiation between Israel and Palestine.

In fact, this is not my first message. If you click this link, you can find my previous messages starting from August 10, 2008, along with the list of my mail recipients;

(Updated on December 3, 2008)
I almost finished all my ‘planned’ writings in my two blogs. They are found in

Let’s resume my mailing business. Who will become my first mail recipient?

Please check
1. (‘In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH’).
2. (‘Dear European Countries’)

As I promised in this writing, my Facebook-Work-Even-Before-Israeli-Election is to help Israeli 13th PM-to-be Netanyahu to form his favorite Nationalist-Government. Please let me know if there is something wrong with my conclusion.

I try to make a complete list of my mail recipients, in alphabetical order, but I’m not sure. It takes too much work and I’m already too tired. So, in case you receive my message more than once, I ask your generosity.

Please… I am too tired to answer your reply. If you happen to disagree with or be mad at my report, please contact the Jewish Media with more detailed, exact information. They will publish your opinion and I will collect them.

Dear Palestinian members in Facebook,

I don’t think I have time to ‘directly’ contact you in near future. I can’t send my mail to more-than-30 members a day, and I have to contact Bibi’s supporters and Barenboim’s Italian members first. I just hope you to find my computer work and spread this great news to all your Palestinian friends. You already did a terrific job in Hamas-controlled Gaza area. Why not more? You never know what a power a mere public/electorates can prove. Who knows? You can receive MORE from Israeli 13th PM Netanyahu.

Wish You Good Luck!

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: In case of Jewish and Palestinian members, I recommend them NOT to answer my message. I worry, because I clearly know what a power Dorit Beinisch’s ‘Secret Society’ or Palestinian militant groups, whether Hamas or Fatah or other more radical sub-groups, have had over those mere folks. You know the best way to protect your privacy. If you welcome my mailing, please forward it to all your friends. If not, simply ignore it. Thanks.

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This has been my story. (My Music-blog) (My Knesset-blog)

1. I was/am/will be NOT interested in joining FACEBOOK. I have been running my two blogs for months, and there was an urgent need to let the members of FACEBOOK visit them and learn the EXACT information about their favorite subjects, whether Israeli politicians or Daniel Barenboim. Whether Mideast politics/peace or Music…

2. Perhaps, you know better than I do, for it was you who deleted all my postings and even the group, “Barenboim, Israel, Palestine, Mideast, and MUSIC.” I had to create a new ID, ‘Daniel Barenboim,’ and you took it away.

3. For a while, I thought it was due to the content of my message. But when I spend more time to search for Jewish Groups, it was not the reason. Could you please check the groups, which were made to insult Israeli soon-to-be-EX PM Olmert? According to your rule, those groups should not exist, whereas I find all Netanyahu Groups look terrific. The more I search for FACEBOOK, the more I am speechless. I am now suspecting if you have been working for Dorit Beinisch, president of Supreme Court of Israel.

4. If it was due to my tired-out schedule, why are you making me feel more and more tired? Anyway, I received spam-warning AGAIN this morning. But this time, I never want to create another Barenboim-ID. I am done with Barenboim-groups. My legal business is the only thing left. And then, my mailing to Jewish Groups is originally not my favorite. I am already too tired. I just wanted to help Peace Negotiation between Israel and Palestine. I was just following most(?) of the Israeli Knesset MKs’ wishes. First of all, I just wanted to follow FACEBOOK rules.

5. Hence, I am creating this group again, “Daniel Barenboim, Israel, Palestine, Mideast, and MUSIC/WAGNER.” I only invite administrators of ALL the groups of Israel, Palestine, and Middle East. Administrator of several Music-groups, perhaps Wagner, will be invited.

6. I will resume my work on September 8, 2008. If you plan to meddle in my work AGAIN, please let me know BEFORE I start it. Please TAKE this group AWAY. I will just constantly change my ID and contact Barenboim’s real fans and Wagner lovers without violating FACEBOOK rules.

Sincerely yours,

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AUGUST 10, 2008

The creator of this group is JIWON.
This place is about Daniel Barenboim, Israel, Palestine, Mideast, and MUSIC.

I hate this work. Taking care of my Knesset blog already requires too much work for me, but after receiving Spam-warning, I had to create this group to let you know where you can find my blogs: (My Music-blog) (My Knesset-blog)

This ID was created only to join FACEBOOK. It will be cancelled after I finish my business with Daniel Barenboim: (My Request to Barenboim)

Still, I don’t know how to follow FACEBOOK rules. I am just going to invite all the members, who used to join Fan-Clubs of Jacqueline du Pre and Daniel Barenboim, Richard Wagner and his Legendary Wagnerians, and ALL the Jewish souls, whose intention is to create a real Jewish State, and ALL the Arab souls, who deeply care about Peace Negotiation between Israel and Palestine.

1. Dear du Pre’s fans:
I hate this work. Basically, du Pre’s private life is none of my business. I just love to analyze her music. Then, Elena Bashkirova never gave up stealing ALL about du Pre, so I had to focus on this work. If you follow both of my two blogs, you will know how things have been going, but there is still one thing that I didn’t report. Du Pre had three instruments. Mr. Ma has one, and he didn’t join Bashkirova until the last moment. You know what happened to one of two, and Bashkirova wanted to put the last one under her power. I will let you know when she resumes her du Pre project.

If you finish reading my writings, which started since mid-90s, you will know the most Barenboim’s fan-clubs in FACEBOOK is operated by “Bashkirova & Co.” and stealing all my hard work and destroying all Barenboim’s pro-life. This is why I decided to join this place and invite the members to visit my blogs. Most of them are members of Bashkirova’s West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra, and they are following the exact footsteps of Elena Bashkirova to achieve their professional dream by destroying Barenboim’s pro-careers. They won’t give up until the last member of Barenboim’s fan-club TRUST all the reports written in my blogs.

Whatever… none of my business. I will finish my business with Barenboim first, and then find a legal way to handle this case, if they still keep their work and steal Barenboim’s ID to fool Barenboim’s real fans.

2. Dear Barenboim’s fans:
While taking care of my two blogs, I never meant to insult pure hearts, who truly admire Barenboim’s music or his Mideast vision. I just hope to let everyone know that there have been two kinds of interpretation in Barenboim’s music. I just hope everyone to choose only one after reading My Requests to Barenboim,, and support Barenboim in the most effective way. Thanks.

3. Dear Wagner Lovers:
Whether or not Meier’s comical acting can be praised as Wagnerian singing-technique, it is up to individual taste in commercial market. I am just curious… What made Waltraud Meier insult Italian public and German opera house in her Spanish interview after Milan concert? What made Waltraud Meier boast that her Isolde is above the level of Kirsten Flagstad? (She deleted this sentence from her homepage when my insulting started, and years later… planned Wagner-event in Norway to prove how much her Wagner can earn a standing ovation in Norway.) I am not begging any help from Italian or Norwegian Wagner-fans. I am just thinking… the game should be fair. First of all, I want to know if there is something wrong in my Request to Waltraud Meier:

4. Dear Jewish souls:
Time will pass, and more Jewish folks, who know nothing about music, will receive my invitation. My only hope is that they exercise their real patriotism only after realizing what was exactly happening inside Israel and Palestine. Without all those terrific Jewish comments and wits, I couldn’t survive. Then, those are now considering Barenboim as a Palestinian cancer.

I hope… every each Jewish voter to support his/her favorite political leader, whether Meretz or Kadima, or Likud or Rabbi’s group, in the most effective way after visiting my Knesset blog.

By the way, This group was created with a firm support of MOST Knesset MKs, whether extremely right or left. Dorit Beinisch, president of Israeli Supreme Court, whose husband was running Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival, blamed this work for Public Slander, so I want to check what means Public Slander in this public place. If… if you ever feel pity on my life, please tell everybody to visit my blogs. I also hope someone to help me to figure out more detailed story between Rabin’s assassination and Dorit Beinisch, or so-called Raviv-case. I’m presently too-busy. I will let you know when I am ready: Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003) (It is part of Dear Arab-Reader in my Knesset-blog.

Sincerely yours,

P.S.1: I don’t think I can answer private e-mailing to me. Too-tired…

P.S.2: I try NOT to send my invitation to Bashkirova or Meier’s fans. If they happened to receive it, please ignore it.

P.S.3: As I wrote in my Music-blog, if anyone spreads false information about me, without finishing reading ALL my writings, I will take everything into the legal case. Thanks.

Additional Message
1. Dear Spanish Members: Please check my mail to Spanish Government first. The politicians want their Spanish voters to read it. Thanks.

2. Dear Members from Latin America: Why do you think Elena Bashkirova planned her tour schedule with famed(?) musicians in your countries?

3. Dear MEMBERS… When I sent my invitation message, I never intended to steal members from any group, whose administrators have been working very hard. It was just to follow Facebook rules. Since this is basically not a special group but a mere place to let you know where you can find my blogs, I really hope everyone to enjoy his/her much healthier life in his/her ORIGINAL place. Thanks, really…

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