JIWON: Howdy Partners! (Zeffirelli, Imola, Bel-Canto and Eurotrash)

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(Updated on DECEMBER 31, 2008).
Dear GUYS,
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🙂 From Barenboim and La Scala
Italian opera houses in danger (Dec 24-31, 2008).: Opera lovers are poised for a grand, near-death drama in Italy this winter. Close to a billion dollars in government cultural funds are expected to disappear in the next three years, and the Italian opera world is spinning in alarm at its prospects. (…) There is almost no private support of the arts in Italy—there are no tax incentives to drive that—and the government of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi warned months ago that every theater, museum and archeological site had become a luxury. (…)

Now that I started my mailing to Italian Music Lovers, may I ask a favor of you? I am too tired now. How many Italian members do you think can receive my Barenboim-message with my HELLO? I will contact ALL of them. I promise, but it will take time. If you help me just a little bit, I will be able to invite all the possible Italian Sponsors into the World of Italian Opera. Then, Italian government will be able to restore its interest in Italian Culture and to establish a proper LEGAL system to support Italian Arts… instead of falling into the dirtiest trick of the worst Eurotrash like Bashkirova’s Ohnesorg. (Please see below, ♥ Sixth of all, ♥) You know what? Italian PM Berlusconi is not the only one who wants to meddle in Beckham in A.C. Milan. La Scala’s Daniel Barenboim is also the one. ^.* Thanks.

MORE mails will appear in case I can’t arrive at Bashkirova’s Italian Nude-Show in time…
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🙂 Additional Message to Italy

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DECEMBER 16-29, 2008

The mail sender is JIWON from Daniel’s Israel or Barenboim’s La Scala.

Please check
🙂 Barenboim and La Scala

Howdy Partners!
Are there any Italian lawmakers, who still didn’t visit my Knesset-blog and Music-blog? I read that in Italy, not the musicians but the politicians are the kingmakers in cultural scene and EVERYBODY had a great fight during the Muti-Scandal. I heard that some members even left the party during this big fight. (Or is Senator Zeffirelli the only one? Is he still in Forza Italia? Confused…) Anyway… What a country! I am in AWE!! (Please, don’t get me wrong. It’s perfectly another form of my respect of you.) So, is EVERYBODY now enjoying its aftermath? Just out of curiosity. Please… I am not in a mood of joking. Tired out. I am just thinking… Should I ‘spam’ EVERYBODY just to say HELLO? ^.*

Please see below!


I wish to write this in your beautiful language. How many years do you think it will take for me to read Le mezogne della notte in Italian? I have absolutely no talent in language… as you know. Then, I already gave up my plan to understand Gesualdo Bufalino after checking various commenters, who highly praised the author’s profound knowledge and full of historical references. *.* I was just curious, after finding how this novel was awarded Strega Prize, if his Italian is very lyrical. *.*


I feel very weird. No sooner than I promised to work to solve the recent problems La Scala was facing than La Scala, Musicians Agreed on New Contract, Saving Opening Gala (Dec 2, 2008).. I believe… it was just a coincidental happening. I just can’t believe. What’s been happening at La Scala on my birthday? EVERYYEAR! Is this why I don’t remember anyone to celebrate December 7 since the age of TWO?

I was a mere member of professional orchestra. So, I am perhaps the best one to understand what the members want from their employer, and I definitely side with their requests or the members’ right, especially when their issue is dealing with labor/performance condition or money. I know why they want the bigger share of the opera house’s earnings from broadcasting. My only problem is… 1. What is FIALS? Not everyone in orchestra and choral staff joined it. WHY? 2. La Scala said its finances didn’t allow it to give the artists more money. What does it mean? I remember that even La Voce del Loggione didn’t approve all their requests when I first found them one year ago. WHY?

MORE in ♥ Sixth of all, ♥ Please see below.


🙂 From Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (From September 10-18, 2008).
Why don’t you contact the La Scala to figure out who made this entire situation? General Manager and Artistic Director Stéphane Lissner could be the one, because he was sure of the best way to fool Italian politicians by announcing ‘Muti dragged the theatre down, here’s how I’ll fix things.’ He knew Barenboim would accept his invitation if he could bring Boulez’ Chereau. Stage director Patrice Chereau could be the one, because he knew how to make his favorite Isolde the most attractive heroine in front of color-blind conductor, even transforming Meier’s female partner into the ugliest monster so that he could participate in all the important productions at Barenboim’s La Scala. Who knows? Daniel Barenboim could be the one.
PLEASE, DIRECTLY ASK THOSE MALE ARTISTS about who’s whose who. ISN’T THERE MORE PERFECT TIME TO FIRE THE REAL ONE, who plans to drag the theatre down more and more?

🙂 From Barenboim and La Scala
FAQ 1: The People of Freedom (Il Popolo della Libertà, PdL) = Forza Italia ? Right?
FAQ 2: The People of Freedom (Il Popolo della Libertà, PdL) > Christian Democracy for the Autonomies (Democrazia Cristiana per le Autonomie, DCA) ? Right?
FAQ 3: Democratic Party (Partito Democratico, PD) > Democrats of the Left (Democratici di Sinistra, DS) ? Right?
FAQ 4: How many political parties exist in Italy? O.o~* No wonder EVERYBODY had a great time to have a great fight during the Muti-scandal… *.*

(whisper… whisper… I can’t shout… whisper… what a shameful story it will be…)

True… that part of myself is still whispering that I should enjoy Muti-Scandal; Maestro Muti’s troublesome relationship with his country. I know I should not. This kind of business has been my least favorite. The only thing I know about Muti-Scandal is that most orchestra members wanted him out.

Well… there are stories with Maestro Muti in my past, but it has nothing to do with his La Scala. It’s rather with his VPO or NYPO. He was the first beneficiary of my analysis of the VPO members, and this is the only reason of my uncomfortable/furious feeling against him. I used to think that Maestro Muti owed me. Then my anger grew in recent days while I was suspecting if this conductor took advantage of my computer work for his Chicago job. (There are more stories about this, including the relationship between my mailing to Argentine and his sudden announcement regarding a Prison-project. I couldn’t help suspecting.)

However… I’ve known his Filarmonica della Scala for years, perhaps more than a decade, and still… there is no doubt in my mind that there are lots of great things Maestro Muti had done during his era. At the same time, I still believe that it would be better if Maestro Muti returns to his La Scala at the hearty request of his Milan ensemble members. It should be, to be honest. I hope Maestro Muti to understand what I mean. I wish him good luck, even in Chicago. (I am also damn curious… Will he be able to clean all the garbage and sh*ts Barenboim’s Angels left during Barenboim’s era? It seems that he already started to be chained to this. Part of myself is whispering… HOORAY!)

I just know one thing. Without La Voce del Loggione, I couldn’t survive. It’s beyond my ability to explain how much I owe this lovely group. I want to pay back.

La Scala had NO music director between 1956 and 1968. Does Daniel Barenboim want this job? Only when Maestro Barenboim is interested in taking this responsibility, I will go for it. (I’m very interested in administration, though, because I want to fill the entire performance schedule with Loggioni’s wish-list. And I want to introduce fresh young talents to their audience. But I am not dreaming what I don’t deserve. I already read that Lissner wants Gatti as Muti’s replacement. First of all, I still feel no need to go to the concert hall. I only want my money.)

I am willing to do everything if this work could pay off all my debts to La Voce del Loggione. However… what if GM Lissner, who is the only foreigner in this story, wants to take advantage of my computer work and engage Milanese Gatti as his servant to reign La Scala? What if these two guys have already finished their Milan deal and just pretend that Barenboim is everybody’s mentor while stealing all my hard working? This is what I can never accept. First of all, last of all and most of all, I hate dictatorship. I know what kind of characteristics La Scala’s Music Director should possess if this position should go to the pure Italian. I can’t tell who has it, of course. ^.* Of course, if this Italian guy shows a pure respect of Maestro Barenboim, I can do my best to work for his La Scala and their La Voce del Loggione. WHY NOT?

(Updated on DECEMBER 26, 2008).
♥ FIFTH OF ALL, ♥ (NOTICE: This part was written after ♥ Last of all ♥.)

Please check
🙂 Waltraud Meier’s interview in Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO

Is Mr. Franco Zeffirelli in Munity at La Scala – Muti Scandal the same Franco Zeffirelli in Meier’s Interview? WOW!!! Don’t you think this German whore did a terrific job? I’ve known this trashy, arrogant big-mouth for the past ten years, (… more than ten, to be exact…), but this sh*t… just speechless.

Did you read this b*tch’s insulting Italian public in her Spanish interview too? My real posting still didn’t appear in this Web-site of Spanish/Madrid Wagner Society. What do you think about this?

Have you checked Meier’s behaviors in Italy even after my mailing to Italian government on Aug 7, 2008?

Have you also checked my writing, Dear Barenboim’s Son (Dec 8, 2008).? Still… I am damn curious why not Barenboim but rather Barenboim’s Angels have been encouraging my computer work since I resumed it. Those Angels could do everything… except providing Barenboim further contracts with major opera/symphony orchestras, couldn’t they? Then, according to Cecilia Bartoli’s interview and Bashkirova’s getting-noisier public behaviors in front of international camera men, I was supposed to be buried as planned. What do you think about this?

Is Mr. Franco Zeffirelli still in Forza Italia? Internet says so. If so, has he just lost part of his allies? I am curious. What would happen to Italian politicians if Senator Zeffirelli starts his brutal attack on this German whore? If Italian Zeffirelli issues Meier’s public judgment of his Italians and his Carmen, will the entire Italian politicians in his rival parties flock to the La Scala in order to support this foreign whore?

NOTICE: Meier’s big-mouth about Belcanto-Interview appeared on Mar 3, 2008 in France. As I wrote to French Cultural Ministers in Dear European Countries (Short Web-Mail), France is Bashkirova and Meier’s place, so this b*tch didn’t have to sell Barenboim’s La Scala to advance her professional career in her French territory. Hence, I am now thinking to take all Meier’s French-or-German-or-Whatever articles, in which this whore is introduced as Milanese Isolde, into the LEGAL case. What do you think about this?

I hope Mr. Zeffirelli to retrieve all his lost friendship and return to his old good days. I also hope Mr. Zeffirelli and all his old good friends to invite all their rival politicians and their youngsters. I hole EVERYBODY to make all the possible endeavors in order to protect Italian cultural heritage; artistic, economic, academic, human, moral, and so on… Italy is your homeland, after all, isn’t she?

By the way, does Senator Zeffirelli know the real reason of my mentioning-or-praising his name in this open place despite my worrisome feeling against possible future, in which the stage director Zeffirelli will have monopoly on Daniel Barenboim? No.1? Yeah, it sure sounded great. Then what about No.2?

🙂 From Barenboim and La Scala
No. 1: Zeffirelli said that this decision was jeopardising the uniqueness of the orchestra. “It is born to play opera. It is the best opera orchestra in the world.”
No. 2: Zeffirelli said his sympathies concerning the present dispute were with the musicians of the orchestra – “the flesh and blood of La Scala” – whose opinions had not even been sought. “They are a very important part of the creative process. They are the crème de la crème and they expect to be treated as something more than just people on the pay roll.”

It touched me. Really…

♥ SIXTH OF ALL, ♥ (NOTICE: This part was written after ♥ Last of all ♥.)
DEAR Filarmonica della Scala,

Please check
🙂 Franz Xaver Ohnesorg, Gidon Kremer, Dmitri Bashkirov, and Dorit Beinisch (JIWON: This collection is not finished. I’ve been too tired to mention this sh*t.)
(…) In our jubilee year 2008 the Ruhr Piano Festival will award its annual prize to Maurizio Pollini. We further attempt to reveal the profound, important connection between professors and students by presenting the great piano schools of our time in a specific program series. The first of eleven portraits up until now was dedicated in 1998 to the great Dmitri Bashkirov, a master who has quite successfully trained several generations of young pianists – first in Moscow, then in Spain. We re-invited Mr Bashkirov in 2006 on the occasion of his 75th birthday, when he presented outstanding students of the younger generation who are now among the ranks of his world-class students. (…)

NOTICE: Dmitri Bashkirov in Ohnesorg’s Piano Festival is in fact to celebrate Dorit Beinisch’s appointment to the Supreme Court President in Barenboim’s Israel. More in
🙂 Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)
🙂 My Requests to Barenboim

It’s been months since Barenboim’s real fans sneaked into this place, and I am sure that all of them, including La Voce del Loggione, know why Pianist Maurizio Pollini was awarded in Bashkirov or Ohnesorg’s Piano Festival. Of course, this Italian is not the only top-famed pianist invited and treated as Ohnesorg’s VIP in his yearly event. Of course, there are other stories between Bashkirov’s 1999 and Bashkirov’s 2006 or between Bashkirov’s 1999 and Pollini’s 2008. Why don’t you imagine future happenings in Ohnesorg’s piano festival?

Daniel Barenboim, Maurizio Pollini, and so on… Are they, however, really Ohnesorg’s VIP? Elena Bashkirova has been the only VIP in this piano festival. Dmitri Bashkirov was their special guest and the rest of them were rather victims.

Are there any Italian musicians, who know Franz Xaver Ohnesorg? He was one of core members in the story of Elena Kremer’s sex-scandal in Paris. More exactly, from Paris to Munchen. If my analysis is right, this guy played the most important role to encourage Bashkirova’s prostitution in order to take care of his business partner Gidon Kremer and their professional career. I used to think that Kremer and Ohnesorg are real friends until the two split up in order for both of them to stick around Daniel Barenboim when I started my insulting Kremer’s second ex. Then, Bashkirova and Ohnesorg appeared in the front line as soul-mates to steal all my hard working and so on and so on… Please imagine Bashkirova’s role as Kremer’s pianist with Ohnesorg as Kremer’s touring manager during their international tour and in Lockenhaus Festival. I still want to find someone to tell me all the exact details about this Russian whore in Barenboim’s Paris and Munchen.

Celibidache’s Munchen (1979-1996) is where female members’ rights were crushed. (I need to know all the details about Celibidache-scandal. But the more I listen to his recordings, the more I can’t help suspecting… Celibidache-phrasing? This was already my favorite before my studying Barenboim and there are more stories about this interpretation.)

Then, what about this whore’s frequent solo-performances under Ohnesorg’s Celibidache, who is truly considered Barenboim’s mentor? Bashkirova herself didn’t appreciate her Celibidache-performance and nowadays it is impossible to find those recordings. Celibidache’s fame lives in her professional resume only.

Franz Xaver Ohnesorg. This guy is a real sh*t. I don’t want to waste my time to write more about this dirty name. Have you heard his bloody fame in New York? Should I call it bloody scandal? Americans tried to restrain their feelings and just called it European style. (I need more time to find the exact word in his American articles…)

Is it true? It’s now been years since I read European articles, but this style still sounds inferior and dirty. I find beautiful European styles as well. In this style, quantity is more influential than quality and the relationship between the employer and his workers is like slavery. But the outsiders can remember the boss’ name by the highest reputation or they even respect him with the highest honor, because he usually finds couple of STARs, who could play PR role for his job. They are treated as VIPs in his working place while the rest of members are forced to live slave’s life. Those couple of international celebrities always shine at the top of Ohnesorg’s special hierarchy. Daniel Barenboim used to be his first VIP-or-victim standing alongside Martha Argerich, and of course, this naïve performer never cares about it as long as his performance schedule is filled with something, no matter what the something is, no matter how often I mention this sh*t. I had to give up, because this happens just once a year, no matter how disastrous its aftermath is.

How can I blame pianist Barenboim for this? How many top-famed international celebrities joined this Eurotrash? People call them MUSE and this is what they usually do.

In Berlin, people called it Ohnesorg’s aggressive and abrasive managerial style and this is what had made him a Star in Koeln. Whoever says whatever, music in Koeln started to sound like a pure German orchestra after his departure. If you follow this name, Franz Xaver Ohnesorg, you always meet all the garbage and sh*ts in classical music society, in which Elena Bashkirova is appointed as Ohnesorg’s Queen.

So, it’s quite natural that Bashkirova’s managerial style to run Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival was just like this. (Its format looks like Kremer’s Lockenhaus Festival, though.) Masses of mere musicians rush to Jerusalem to work like her slaves but they still consider it the highest honor in the hope that someday they could sneak into Barenboim’s performance schedule.

Not surprisingly, this is also how Berlin/Spanish Pigs wanted to run Barenboim’s Divan-Project. Those pigs have been treating most participants as slaves of several core members, who joined Barenboim’s international fame only to realize their professional dream. This is why I promised that I will accept all the friends of ONE MERE MEMBER, if he finishes his assignments in Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO, while I’m never going to allow Bashkirova’s musicians to join Barenboim’s future Divan-project.

What’s the funniest thing in this story? Not that they were treated as Bashkirova’s slaves but that they believed that they were more talented than Elena Bashkirova. This is why their big mouths were getting louder, noisier, and trashier…

I used to call it Eurorash. What about you?

Is this merely one human trash or just a typical example of Eurotrash? While reading and analyzing Muti or Milan-scandal, I started suspecting… I was curious if Maestro Muti used to prefer to work in this ‘Ohnesorg-System’ and therefore his orchestra members had been feeling of being treated like his slaves and their cumulative anger toward their boss forced them to cross the red line. Even now…

If this is their main reason, I hope them to stick to their gun… until they receive what they deserved, including the bigger share of the opera house’s earnings from broadcasting. I know what an important issue it is for the mere members of La Scala.

The musicians of the orchestra – “The flesh and blood of La Scala – whose opinions had not even been sought, who are a very important part of the creative process, who are the crème de la crème and expect to be treated as something more than just people on the pay roll,” according to Senator Zeffirelli.

Please check Maestro Muti’s recent interview in Chicago.
Muti says he’s direct, not a dictator: “A symphony is a democracy…” (Sep 30, 2008). (JIWON: It would be better if you check the date of this article and compare it with my computer work in Beinisch’s Jerusalem or Mehta’s Israel. Since this is Maestro Muti’s official interview aiming at his Milan members, I can collect each member’s opinion about Muti-scandal and post them in this place, if they want. In case Chicago folks delete this article to support their boss, I also organized this article in Munity at La Scala – Muti Scandal.)

I know nothing about Inside-Story, of course, but it was a real shock to find Muti’s media-play against his orchestra members. This is why I’m asking Maestro Muti in this open place to return to his old good days after solving his own problems with his Milan members. If he does, his La Scala will give a dinner concert in his honor. Why not?

However, if this is not the real reason of FIALS, the union’s annual, monthly or daily strikes, everybody involved in this story, including the Italian members in FACEBOOK, needs a serious talk about the working condition at La Scala or Italian opera house. I read that Berlusconi’s Reform is gaining public support after lazy workers received yellow cards. This news appeared in international headlines of foreign media not long ago.

Well… I’m still not allowed to blame pianist Barenboim on his yearly involvement in this trashy event, Ohnesorg’s piano festival. Hence, I am just thinking to castrate this ageless oomph if this SOB falls into Ohnesorg’s trap again. I just hope the Italian music lovers to support performance schedule of pianist Barenboim if they don’t want to see Impotent Maestro at their La Scala… if they want NONE of their young pianists to fall into Ohnesorg’s slavery system. I just hope.

(Updated on DECEMBER 27, 2008).
♥ SEVENTH OF ALL, ♥ (NOTICE: This part was written after ♥ Last of all ♥.)

Please check
🙂 Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
4. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ under the auspices of Ministry of Heritage and Culture (Jan 26, 2009 in Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova Italy)
3. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ in collaboration with the teachers of Music DAMS (Jan 27, 2009 in Lingotto, Torino, Italy)
2. ‘Barenboim+Bashkirova’ in central Bologna, between the historic centre and the university (Jan 31, 2009 in Teatro Manzoni, Bologna, Italy)
1. Please check My Requests to Barenboim (Finally Feb 1, 2009 in Salzburg)
NOTICE: Please, please check performance schedule of Gidon Kremer, Pinchas Zukerman running alongside this schedule. Who wants to say that I am paranoid or maniac on b*tch-hunting? Why don’t you check them by yourself? How long will it take for the entire Italy to turn into a huge Trashbin? Waltraud Meier was sure of this when she boasted her big-mouth in her Spanish interview. By then, it will be a piece of cake for this female to rule the Italian Wagner Society or even the entire Italian Opera Houses.

It took less than one hour to figure out why part of Italian folks made a sudden decision to gather around Bashkirova’s notorious(!) fame. (Should I write all the details? Why not?) So… why don’t we start from the very beginning?

Under the auspices of Ministry of Heritage and Culture? Music DAMS? Bologna university? I didn’t mean to hook my readers with these luxurious titles. It was just coincidental happening. I was looking for the music schools in Italy whenever I search for more information about Barenboim and La Scala.

There was a radio program, in which one opera lover introduced European culture. I don’t remember its beginning and missed more than half of Italian part, because I intentionally turned off the radio. I never thought I was going to visit La Scala.

There were couple of surprising information. He explained that in Italy, there is a very good, academic music school for the singers. In this school, they hardly appreciate mentally zero artists, and the opera singers should study and should learn academic interpretation, and therefore, their Italian ego is very high. Since I missed this part and he just mentioned this school again without revealing its name, I was damn curious… Internet searching but waste of time.

Another surprise. He said that in Italian opera house, there was a tradition of training singers. Italians usually don’t take their student life seriously at music school until they get a job, (I’m not so sure of this part…), and Italian opera house used to pick up talented youngsters and train their voice. So, it is very interesting to read legendary singers’ biography.

That’s exactly what I wanted from the relationship between professional ensemble and music school. That’s exactly what I wanted to see from Barenboim’s Divan-workshop, which should exist for the better future of Mideastern music society.

In another program, I heard unbelievable fame of Imola Piano Academy in Italy.

Please watch this video, Daniel Barenboim and Elliott Carter. (I wanted to post its entire version but couldn’t… Besides, I don’t post Barenboim’s website. It was originally designed for ME when it launched its commercial campaign. Then Bashkirova wanted to steal all its content ‘during and after’ her preparation of Said’s memorial concert in Chicago. Since then, it’s literally been working for ‘B*tch & Gang’ instead of Daniel Barenboim… even after Barenboim’s real fans sneaked into this place… until quite recently. While collaborating with someone in Facebook, they were preparing all the possible future happenings. They were waiting for me to finish this work for Barenboim and then give up for Bashkirova. I need to know who is involved in this business and whom I should fire. )

Anyway, this is one of the greatest music films I’ve ever seen, alongside Youtube – Maria Callas’ Belcanto lecture. Since all Bashkirova’s pigs were busy at selling Carter’s fame, I never wanted to listen to this ‘ugly contemporary noise’ until I watched this film. Now, I think I should listen to Elliott Carter. What about you? Have you ever seen more intelligent, more gentle, more humorous RED guy than this American?

La Voce del Loggione has been doing a terrific job. What if BOO is not the only favorite voice of La Scala’s formidable upper balconies? What if they play the most important role to pick up the talented youngsters and watch their growing into real professional musicians? What if the entire Italian music schools join them? What if all these academic happenings could transform into a huge commercial success?

Following Maria Callas is a real fun. Though I only remember part of it, I’ve never heard more terrific debate than the one between Diva Callas and her Rivals; “Callas’s Wine-like Voice vs. her Rival’s Champaign-like Voice.”

Both are fine liquors, without which our human lives will be ‘brrr—boring…’ What if this debate develops into more such as ‘WineA-like VOICE vs. WineB-like VOICE’ or ‘Whiskey-like VOICE vs. Cognac-like VOICE’? What if all the great musicians are invited into Barenboim’s La Scala and have a great time to have a great fight while talking about MUSIC?

Should I write more?

This is basically what I wanted to do while… (so sick of writing this, including Henry Fogel, again and again…). Now that I am done with American orchestras and music schools… Still, I feel no need to go to the classical music concerts. Not only it sounds stupid, it sounds boring. It sounds dirty. It sounds raw. It sounds ugly. It sounds aggressive. I hate wasting my time and my money. I hate wasting my life. Thanks to all the garbage and sh*ts around Daniel Barenboim, I was forced to listen to this kind of music again and again… for more than ten years. SIC!

(Updated on DECEMBER 29, 2008).
I’m not going to ‘spam’ the Italian music schools or symphony orchestras or opera houses. I was willing to do this tired job until I found these. Please check my previous mail on Aug 7, 2008:

1. Somehow, La Scala didn’t allow me to contact music schools in this area.
2. This is what the Italian Wagner Festival posted in Italian blogger’s website. Since I need to protect this private blogger, I can post its text only. Please notice what a PR message they wrote for Meier. Did they truly know nothing about my computer work when they posted this message on Aug 6, 2008? Please check their friends-links: “Ciao a tutti! Vi segnalo una bellissima opportunità per tutti gli appasionati di Barenboim: (…) Straordinario il cast vocale messo insieme da Barenboim per l’occasione: il mezzosoprano Waltraud Meier, considerata oggi tra i massimi interpreti wagneriani (indimenticabile la sua Isolde nel “Tristano” scaligero dello scorso dicembre) (…)

Perhaps… even the Italian folks wanted Barenboim’s Angels to steal my computer work. I know WEEKs of friendship will be enough for the entire Italians, including music students, to share the same Barenboim-message. While collecting b*tch-articles of Italian newspapers-or-tabloids in Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008, I couldn’t help thinking… I am still thinking… Had a hint of pure respect of Maestro Barenboim were alive in the hearts of La Scala staffs or Milan mayor, who is also the president of La Scala… It just seemed that they care nothing if they could use all Barenboim-scandals for their successful business; commercial or political or whatever…

Therefore, I will only contact Italian members in FACEBOOK and Private-Bloggers who show their respect of Maestro Barenboim. I want to make a list of Barenboim’s Italian Fans and to say my HELLO to those pure hearts. Then, I will start my LEGAL business with those, who dare to LIBEL Daniel Barenboim with their f*chking b*tch articles. Since I promised to help Italian Prime Minister’s Political Reform Plan, in case this project can pave the way toward the better future of Italy, (Please see below, ♥ Last of all, ♥), I don’t think there will be any LEGAL problems with this. (I might post a short message in the entire Italian bloggers to fulfill my promise to PM Berlusconi, but it’s only after finishing my main job. I’m sure that it will ignite Italian public debate, which will surely exist for the better future of Italy. Who knows? This work might be able to help Barenboim’s Israel too. No matter what, Italian youngsters will find NO reason to be interested in their leader’s political message, especially when it comes from Billionaire PM. But they will be damn curious of Dorit Beinisch’s SEX-scandal in Barenboim’s Israel. Then, they will realize what an important issue their politicians are discussing. Then, the cycle will continue in Barenboim’s Israel and this time, a certain result will be born.)


Please check
🙂 From JIWON: Dear European Countries
8. Thanks to Google: Barenboim, Flimm, Berlin, Opera on Dec 22, 2008, I realized that I forgot to write one very important message. In Italy, things are getting worse despite the successful renovation at La Scala in 2004. In Berlin, it even didn’t start, (… it is to undergo for at least 3 years from 2010…), and one can’t smell stinker atmosphere than the present situation, in terms of pure artistic management and achievement. Germany has neither Money nor Cultural Minister. (Do they have IT now?) Already now, couple of PIGs rushed to join Workaholic Barenboim to publicly express their generous(?) involvement in helping Bla-Bla-Bla. However, this is in fact part of their purely political project to devour all Barenboim’s performance schedule, particularly in Milan. The more time goes by, the more Barenboim’s Berlin Opera will suffer and the more PIGs will be hurry to join Berlin Cultural scene. Hence, I decide to make EVERYTHING in PUBLIC so that those PIGs can receive public attention as much as possible and realize their professional dream elsewhere they go, EXCEPT MY PLACE. As you know, public attention has been their only concern. All you have to do is to check updated information in my Music-blog, if you want to know all about those PIGs. Thanks.

JIWON: Is it merely future happening in Italy? Please look what’s already happened in Milan, where the entire La Scala staffs have known my computer work for almost a year or perhaps more than that. Then what about happenings in its neighbor cities?

NOTICE: Barenboim’s Angels are famous for extraordinary educational records. Kremer’s second ex or German whore is not the only one. There are more. Interestingly enough, ‘Genius-or-Workaholic-Musical-Brain-Barenboim’ seemed to believe that if his international fame introduces Music or Wagner into those Cats or ‘Sehr-Kurze-Phaenomene’-According-to-Meier’s-Interview’, his hearty advice will make NO-talent a real musician. The result was that it only made those big-mouths louder, noisier, trashier, etc… I never know why. Do you know why? And then, all the academicians’ hatred of those Stars-or-Cats couldn’t become thicker… This very fact also led to another fact that this is why my student life at American music schools (plural!) had to be as miserable as possible. (Why should I write all the details? Even recollecting all those disgusting memories makes me ill.)

La Voce del Loggione
X è un mistero del concertismo mondiale. (…) Ha un suono di singolare bruttezza (…) suona come una studentessa all’esame di decimo, non come una concertista (…) c’erano idee ed espressione, pur espresse in una sola tinta: il suo colore è un grigio immutabile, che suoni piano o (più spesso) forte. (…) ma, fondamentalmente, la sua costante presenza, ai massimi livelli, nelle sale da concerto, resta un mistero.

1. Above is one voice from La Scala’s formidable upper balconies. I was so tired that I wanted to die… until I found this comment. This music is simply from Berlin, and there are too many behind-scenes-stories about this music. Of course this music is not the only one from Berlin. There are others too. What I feel funny is that this happening is even after I posted what kind of music La Voce del Loggione wanted to enjoy at THEIR La Scala. Please ask La Scala’s Power-No.1 whose idea was it. Is it from General Manager and Artistic Director Stéphane Lissner? Or from Principal Guest Conductor Daniel Barenboim? Or from La Scala’s President Letizia Moratti?

2. Please check Barenboim’s Tristan 2009 at La Scala. After Barenboim’s real fans sneaked into this place, Waltraud Meier announced her new casting of Barenboim’s singers. This is now no more story behind scenes, so this German whore can do whatever she wants to do in public places. Besides, please check Meier’s performance schedule. Who is now supporting this b*tch? Everything is related to Barenboim’s La Scala and Meier’s future commercial market, France, where this b*tch is going to be introduced as Milanese Queen. Ruling German, Spanish and Italian opera houses was still not enough for this haughty fame. Dear La Voce del Loggione, Can you now understand the reason of Meier’s big-mouth about Belcanto-Interview. This interview appeared on Mar 3, 2008 in France. Please ask La Scala’s Power-No.1 whose idea was it.

3. I am not going to be involved in Don Carlo scandal. Curiously, I have a specific opinion, but I need to know all the details first. First of all, I need to know if this singer was lying when he said, ‘I wanted to save my voice…’, because this is the most important issue for the real singer. One of Pavarotti’s voice-coaches knows what I mean. He knows better than I. He knows how to distinguish real singers from troublesome lazy workers. He also knows how to protect real singers during the heavy rehearsal. But then, even if I know all the details, I can’t express my opinion because Barenboim is just one of guest conductors and this scandal belongs to another guest conductor. I just wanted to write this purely because Barenboim’s Angels, except Kremer’s second-ex, or even all his Protégés are famous for their technical perfection, which aggressive daily schedule easily kills real musicians’ pure but weak talents during the heavy rehearsal. Is it Lissner-scandal or Gatti-scandal, by the way? Please ask La Scala’s Power-No.1 whose idea was it.

4. Let’s assume that La Scala’s gala premiere 2008 was a huge success. Still, this is one voice from La Scala’s Royal Box; “The singers aren’t all on the same level,” pointed out Milan’s former public prosecutor and current president of the Milan conservatory, Francesco Saverio Borrelli.

5. Below is from General Manager and Artistic Director Stéphane Lissner. It was after Lissner-scandal. It was also after Meier’s public announcement of her NEW casting of Barenboim’s Tristan members 2009. I am NOT going to be involved in Lissner-scandal 2008, but what should I do as long as I remember their disgusting Tristan-scandal 2007? Barenboim’s real fans still remember how much the La Scala fans expressed their disappointment at Lissner’s casting of past-prime Meier in this historical production.

Neal replaces Filianoti in LaScala opening (Dec 7, 2008).
(…) It’s our responsibility, in front of the world, to show the best. We couldn’t do anything else, Lissner said, noting the performance was being recorded by 35 radio stations around the world, as well as by several Italian and foreign television broadcasters. (…)

6. Below is the same voice from La Scala’s formidable upper balconies, who criticized unqualified music from Berlin. I wanted to post this, because this Italian sounded important but Google Language Tool was not enough good.

La Voce del Loggione
Già corrono voci di lamentele su Baremboim perché essendo (ed è vero e non è un bene) iperattivo, quando c’è li metterebbe a ferro e fuoco nelle prove. Se lo fa, fa benissimo. Se vogliono una mamma al posto d’un direttore… be’, fanno abbastanza sorridere.
(Google-Language-Tool: Already complaints are entries on Baremboim because they (and this is not true and it is good) hyperactive, when they would iron and fire in the tests. If he does, is fine. If they want a mom instead of a director … be ‘, are enough to smile.)

7. Finally, what is this? I just found out. After finishing my writing about Ohnesorg’s bloody scandal in New York or his aggressive and abrasive managerial style in Berlin, I suddenly became curious. See… I become more and more curious. Is this why FIALS, the union’s strike was getting more and more offensive wearing vampire masks, even to a degree of self-destruction?

Associazione per il Festival Internazionale della Musica di Milano
Il Sindaco di Milano, Letizia Moratti
Fondatori: Stéphane Lissner
Comitato di Patronage: Pierre Boulez / Franz Xaver Ohnesorg

OH, WELL… no wonder this B*TCH was so sure of ALL her projects…

Ho! One of Elena Bashkirova’s foremost concerns in ‘recent years’ has been to find female victims, either female pro-performers, who have enough fame but could play for her piano-sound, or female musicologists who could play the PR role for her ‘academic(!?)’ pianism, after realizing that all the male-chauvinist supporters wanted to bid farewell to her performance schedule, or after realizing that I deliberately refrain from criticizing female professionals unless they appear in a red dress code and try to hook Barenboim’s attention without ever proving their native talent. (Please check Dear-Arab-Readers in my Knesset-blog.) So, this female politician also fell into this bimbo’s trick? Is it really true that Letizia Moratti won 2006 municipal election with over 52% of votes? With this kind of female instinctive brain and this kind of professional working skill while inviting a foreign professional into her working place? All the disgusting information about Ohnesorg are still found from the Internet source. WOW…

DEAR Filarmonica della Scala or FIALS,

See… wearing vampire masks is not enough. Please contact your American counterparts and learn how they were able to overcome Ohnesorg-system. I think it was a certain sentence written with BLOOD. I believe. At the La Scala, it should be written in three languages; in Italian, German, and French. Also, please contact the BPO staff members and ask them how they solved Ohnesorg’s Legal Case. You can also contact a German Female Politician and ask HER what kind of sh*t this dirty name means. They will tell you everything-plus-MORE about this Eurotrash. I also believe. If La Scala wants to reborn a healthy private foundation, both of Filarmonica della Scala and FIALS should play the most important role to start this Italian tradition. I wish you GOOD LUCK…

DEAR Letizia Moratti’s Political Boss,

See… everybody has been doing a terrific job. Whose idea was it? Is it purely from the President of La Scala or from Someone-Above, who belongs to Anti-PD? See…. I’ve warned you that you should check all Barenboim’s belongings if you really wanted to be free from Muti-scandal, haven’t I? No matter what, have you heard of BOOMERANG EFFECT? I just wish you GOOD LUCK…

Time will tell everything. Everybody’s future behaviors will tell everything.

♥ FIRST OF ALL, LAST OF ALL, and MOST OF ALL, ♥ (NOTICE: This part was written before ♥ 5th-7th of all ♥.)


Please check
🙂 Bashkirova’s Performance Schedule after Jerusalem Festival 2008
🙂 Bashkirova’s recent interviews in Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO
🙂 JIWON: Who keeps sending me this f*cking message?

I officially ask Italian government to hire bodyguards to prepare possible happenings in case Daniel Barenboim, Waltraud Meier, and Elena Bashkirova refuse to take off all their clothes during their Italian performances.

Thanks to Phoenix-Bibi and Israeli election in February, I now start to worry that I might not be able to attend Bashkirova’s brilliant Nude-Show with Daniel Barenboim. Hence, I want to prepare all the possible happenings.

🙂 From My Requests to Barenboim:
Elena Bashkirova (…) Still… whenever I think of this concert, Memorial concert for Edward Said in Chicago University’s Mandel Hall (Oct. 12, 2003), and its aftermath, I want to grind this b*tch’s bone to make a bloody juice and want to watch Mrs. Mariam Said drink it. Still, I never plan to appreciate late Mr. Edward Said’s involvement in the CSO history. Funny to know that the detailed report about the worst performance among the CSO history was not from the local critics, according to whom the performance was just-bad, but from the Chicago University Student. How many student reviewers are working in the university paper? I also read their exact, detailed description about Kremer’s performance. In short, they didn’t want to pay their time/money for something useless. I didn’t know that Bashkirova’s WEDO’s Salzburg Festival 2007 was in fact to lay the cornerstone of Meier’s Bayreuth project, apart from Ashkar family business to open the music conservatory in Israel. What a fool I was (…) Whatever, this sh*t ignored all my warnings and went further? Then I have more. Elena Bashkirova and Daniel Barenboim will appear in their nude in Stephan Pauly’s Boulez Concert. Why nude? This one should be recorded and I shall supervise this recording procedure. With this valuable material, I will be able to make a detailed report about why (…)

🙂 From My Requests to Barenboim:
Waltraud Meier (…) This Wagnerian Heroine ignored my original request? Category: My Requests to Barenboim. Then there are more. I forgot to mention that Barenboim’s Angels, both Bashkirova and Meier, should appear in their nude in Meier’s Lieder Recital, didn’t I? And everybody knows the exact reason WHY, doesn’t he?
1. During the Rehearsals: ALL the female singers will spat at Meier’s face. They will do this in front of their maestro, Barenboim, and male partners. It will happen twice a day; before and after the rehearsal. Promise. Barenboim’s love of Meier will soar. Male things will feel more pity on their sex-symbol. Everybody will see if this sh*t still dares to destroy her female partners’ moment.
2. During the Performance: Waltraud Meier: My Original Requests to Barenboim
3. After the Performance: Maestro Barenboim will appear in his nude during the curtain call, while naked Meier will pick up her Red-Bra. Who knows, audience can watch a live sex-show on the stage.
4. After the live sex-show, ALL the female singers will spat at Meier’s face again, this time in front of Meier’s audience. I promise. Another branch of Meier’s fan-club will start after the performance.
5. When did I order Waltraud Meier to give up her pro-careers? I never did. This comical actress was boasting her fame so much that I just asked her to establish Meier-Opera-Company and enjoy all the Meier-version of Wagner Musicdramas in Meier’s headquarters. STILL, I can never understand why this sh*t is sticking around all the talents and destroying their weak purity.

🙂 From Waltraud Meier: My Original Requests to Barenboim :
Waltraud Meier can SING any proper roles in Barenboim’s future productions. Why not? This is what this female SINGER should do, however.
All the music critics said that Meier was Barenboim’s Wagnerian heroine, even though forumites elsewhere spit in Barenboim’s face insulting that an ugly, untalented conductor was leaning against their favorite diva’s fame. Even Meier herself boasted how much she respected Barenboim as her mentor. Then, she should prove her Lieder-recital the day before her opera performance under Barenboim’s baton. It should be accompanied by the best devotee of the Barenboim-Schule, Elena Bashkirova, who is also the best chamber musician in their view. I am not a Barenboim disciple, but I am the most diligent human being who wants to study music. How many times have I told you that Meier and Bashkirova are in fact the perfect ensemble partners? I just don’t understand why they hate each other so much and never play together, while both of them were simultaneously hunger for offering sex to their mentor and appear in the same Barenboim’s party at Grand Hyatt am Potsdam as special guests. Even Cecilia Bartoli, who was hand-picked by Kremer’s poop, doesn’t play with this famed, sensitive accompanist. WHY?
During the Wagner concert, this everybody’s Sex Symbol should fulfill her responsibility by dominating the stage in her nude and opening her legs in front of her audience, who paid money in the hope of being entertained by the hottest moment of Waltraud Meier’s Wagner Performance. No one calls Sharon Stone a Porn Star. Her performance is still remembered as one of her best moments as an actress. Then, SING for her conductor in this posture. Her every single performance will be recorded from various angles and I will study her every single muscles and write a dissertation about how Wagnerian Sex Symbol Proves Her Singing Orgasm. It was exactly what du Pre’s vulgar audience boasted while recalling her hottest, but most musical moment.
After the performance, I still have to protect young talents around her. I will have to analyze Meier’s ACTING, and explain it to all her juniors and critics-to-be. About why it became impossible for our generation to listen to Wagnerian voice of the Heldentenor. About the best way for a hot-looking, but limited talent to achieve her professional dream in our CLASSICAL music society. Everybody is hunger for another Waltraud Meier. This time she should look more fresh, more attractive with full of feminine characters. Meier was a bit aggressive. Maestro Mehta and his German audience are still waiting for their German Diva to keep her professional career in Mehta’s headquarters elsewhere, including Spain, Italy, and Israel. Why should I be sorry for her? I promise. Meier’s devoted fans would never read my dissertation. Instead, they would rush to the bookstore to purchase “Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm” by KC. Isn’t that wonderful for both you and me? You study sex and I study music.

All above are part of My Requests to Barenboim. Who wants to call me a B-I-T-C-H?

What happened in Chicago? I kept insisting that the orchestra members were not showman-conductor’s slaves, and therefore, not those useless baton-holders but the members should receive what they deserve; top-rate fame and money. I kept writing that what the members want from their Maestro is clear beat-beat-beat at every important moment, and therefore, those so-called-maestros should not dance nor draw romantic pictures with dreamy/drunken faces while completely destroying member’s concentration. So, what the CSO members were able to achieve, in terms of monthly salary, when Maestro Barenboim sided with their right? So, what happened to ME when Elena Bashkirova stole all my hard working? Who joined this b*tch and rushed to Jerusalem Festival? So, what happened to Daniel Barenboim as a result?

Please take a time-machine and go back to Elena Kremer’s Sex-scandal in Paris. What happened to Music Director Barenboim in Paris? This musician was dismissed by new(?) politicians. The fact that part of Barenboim’s musicians rebelled him is another story. As time passed, the first Chicago scene I’ve found in American music school was Barenboim’s angry-but-miserably-hopeless face, which couldn’t ask anything productive comments to his orchestra members. So, please ask Barenboim how and why the CSO members started to follow his musical ideas.

Also in Berlin, not only this poor guy was insulted by Bashkirova’s Berlin friends , but also this powerless musician was supposed to be ignored by then-new Berlin mayor, Herr Wowereit, because this Jew was brought by his rival politician and in the city of Berlin, politics always works better than music. (Besides, all Berliners knew Herr Wowereit’s favorite style is opposite to his predecessor’s and Barenboim’s music business was certainly not among his favorites.) Herr French President Sarkozy was not the only politician, who was extremely happy with my praise; ‘A handsome face…’ (Please check the Jewish media reporting his meeting with Phoenix-Bibi. *.*) Herr Wowereit was also the one. (I never lie, though…) So, what happened to Barenboim? The fact that du Pre’s British media and Thielemann’s German media launched their B*tch campaign to make Workaholic Barenboim Sir Rattle’s Berlin slave has nothing to do with Herr Wowereit’s love affair with another guy, Danny-boy. Then, those b*tches have stolen all my hard working. So, what happened to ME, as a result?

I just feel funny. Unlike Waltraud Meier, who was careful to avoid pregnancy during her ‘romantic’ relationship with her men, Elena Kremer was more careful at birth control between Kremer and Barenboim, then gave birth to not-one-but-two boys. Then again… throughout this whole period of Bimbo-Battle, this b*tch has NEVER shown her interest in Barenboim’s Berliner Kindergarten and kids-education despite my open declaration that MUSIC-only education has nothing to do with my favorite school for Barenboim’s kids. This Berlin whore has only been interested in traveling all over the world as a Jewish MUSE and enjoyed her luxurious gathering with her members and destroyed all the (young) talents around Barenboim.

Also in Berlin, when Peter Mussbach was introduced in Barenboim’s Berlin , (I never want to call him Herr M…), this guy was nothing; with no fame. I read his biography and supported his appointment with my open heart and wished his good luck with Daniel Barenboim. What has he done? He worked as Waltraud Meier’s darling pet No.1 and hurried to join Mehta’s commercial fame. As time passed, he wanted more and more power over Barenboim. What happened to Barenboim as a result? Where is he now? Why there is NO Mussbach in Meier’s interview?

Now, I am seriously suspecting if Herr Wowereit’s sensitive ears have been KAPUTT since my heavenly praise of his handsome face and the eardrum of both his ears and his Berlin opera house should undergo a major renovation…

Also in Berlin, Music Director Barenboim was the very first Maestro , who wanted to sit in the member’ seat during the international tour/flight, instead of enjoying his luxurious life in the first class. So, what happened in Berlin? Who enjoyed Barenboim’s generous leadership? Who joined Bashkirova’s Jerusalem Festival? First of all, who were the worst musicians in Barenboim’s Berlin ensemble? So, what happened to Barenboim’s international fame in commercial market when those members’ disgusting music was recorded, recorded, and recorded in the name of Daniel Barenboim?

Also in Vienna… (so sick of recalling all the happenings with Rattle’s BPO’s Rival in Vienna. I never knew how much Barenboim’s VPO wanted to eliminate me after recovering their artistic standard through my hard working. Just… please check updated version of Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO. There will be new assignments for Barenboim’s Divans, which will appear on Dec 29 or 30 or soon.)

Finally in Milan, according to the rule of politics,

(whisper… whisper… I can’t shout… whisper… so scared…)

Finally in Milan, according to the rule of politics, St. Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is supposed to take a revenge to his rival politicians and their choice, Daniel Barenboim. It will be a piece of cake for any Italians, since Barenboim is a mere foreigner, a powerless musician. JUST… both leaders of PdL and PD have never expected my comical involvement and both of them must have been darn busy at counting…; ‘Which decision will be better for the future of my party?’

Well… I can’t change my identity. I’m born a Knesset-Watchdog. I still believe that my job is NOT to meddle in any politicians’ hard workings BUT to report all the comical happenings inside the political parties wherever I go; whether Israel or Palestine or Germany or Italy… (so busy… *.*)

I just hope both of you just think of better future of your country. ^.*

Berlusconi proposes presidential system for Italy (Dec 21, 2008).

Weirdly enough, I found this article right after finishing draft of this part. Then more weirdly, this article suddenly reminded me of Ramon’s Sex-scandal in Barenboim’s Israel. Well… this kind of sex-scandal must have been no more than a hot item of daily joke in Italy. As far as I know, Israel is also the one. This is why this case stinks more. This is why I want to invite all the Italian females to interpret this weirdest sex-scandal. A Kiss-Scandal, much more exactly speaking.

🙂 From Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003)
Article No. 10: Man plans, God laughs (Sep 1, 2006):
(…) This summer provided a reminder of how quickly the national agenda can be totally reshaped; how fickle even the best-laid plans can be; and how easily journalists’ predictions can be confounded. Just look at where we were only two months ago. (…) to show that the new government was serious about its plans to continue unilaterally withdrawing from parts of the Land of Israel. Other major reforms were in the pipeline. Justice Minister Haim Ramon entered his new office bullishly, issuing veiled threats of doing away with the seniority system in the Supreme Court, thereby jeopardizing Dorit Beinisch’s sure-fire chance to become chief justice and opening up the selection process to public scrutiny. Another reform, more in the background, but also directly connected to Ramon, was a radical change to the electoral system which, among other things, would make the prime minister less reliant on the Knesset and create a presidential-style government. Aside from Ramon, another supporter of the plan was President Moshe Katsav. (…) Further to the right, the settlers were planning the first anniversary of disengagement, (…) Corporal Gilad Shalit was captured in a Hamas raid on a military outpost at Kerem Shalom. Three days later, the IDF was again operating in the Gaza Strip. At this point, the government’s stalwarts still thought that nothing had yet changed significantly. At a seminar in Tel Aviv, Ramon said that what was happening was only proof of how important it had been to remove the settlements from Gaza and of the necessity of further such steps. But two weeks later, the war in Lebanon began and put an end to all that. (…) Furthermore, Netanyahu’s leadership doesn’t seem so shaky anymore. Suddenly he’s topping polls for prime minister, yet another spanner thrown into plans that were made before the summer began.
NOTICE:Dorit Beinisch’s media, the Haaretz, called it Sex-Crime. Please check Article No. 69. ^.*

Dear St. Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

I have a simple question.

Does Italian government have a willingness to protect Italian cultural heritage? I believe saving or cutting budget has nothing to do with this simple, direct willingness. All of us must think of the most effective way, whatever it is. That’s what I believe.

If you do, I think that I might have a little power to help you. Who knows? Even your rival politicians prefer your political idea but can’t openly support it. You already know I started My work in FACEBOOK and there are quite Italian members in this beautiful place. Teatro alla Scala will be one of groups. I was going to ask all the Italian opera goers to read my Barenboim-message and enjoy those Angels’ brilliant Nude Show in Italy. I was going to ask all the Italian music lovers to participate in the most instinctive musical debate in case those b*tches are replaced by real musicians. I was going to ask them to think of La Scala members’ rights. If they don’t side with the musicians’ request, the government would have to disband the orchestra to establish younger, more diligent professional ensemble.

What do you think about this? Why not more?

However, don’t ever dream to follow Ramon’s fate…, please. If you are approached by a young lady in a closed room, suspect her reason first, instead of falling into your ageless oomph… ^.* Think of Cardinal Ruini, please. (I’m still trying very hard to figure out who’s whose who in Italy. See… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romano_Prodi *.*)

Should I say Merry Christmas?
I can say Happy New Year!
What a hard work it is… I never knew how tired it is to write a love letter to someone I’ve never met. But then, I also know that it can never be returned. Still OK… as long as I get all my lost fortune from this B*tch and her Barenboim.

Sincerely yours,

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