JIWON: Additional Message to Italy

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FEBRUARY 27, 2009

Please check
🙂 https://theartofcriticism.wordpress.com/

I just started updating my two blogs. As I promised, I wanted to make Italian part a FrontPage of my Music-blog. It takes time.
It was on Feb 24 when I finished all my writings to Italian Top Politicians, but I am still NOT in a good mood… due to Spanish part. While checking all the details, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My pink message to Spain was one week prior to your too-pink one. The fact that you are from Mars and I am from Venus makes me feel disgusting about what I had to do. Perhaps… I should have written my message in RED, which is the only color in Barenboim’s life.
I wanted to finish the Italian part with one of your hilarious comments but I’m still not in a mood of joking. I will finish Spanish and German part (sic!) as soon as possible and contact Israeli Ambassador to Korea.
Guess what? I hardly know top politicians and parties in my birthplace. (Sometimes, I don’t remember whom I voted… because I always listen to someone standing next to me right before entering the voting booth. *.*) Furthermore, I am not good at memorizing the names. (I am very good at remembering the voice, though.) I frequently misspell or mispronounce. I just worry…

Sincerely yours,

FEBRUARY 21, 2009
I almost finished… (more then half of this writing was not my original plan… thanks to your marvelous singing muscles.) This page will become FrontPage of my Music-blog once I finish it.
I need to write one more thing but have to turn off the computer now.
As you may expect, this writing is related to Palestinian Unity Government and Barenboim’s Future Divan Project.
Who knows? I may have to mention one of your hilarious comments, ‘Too Pink Spain.’ (I can’t laugh on this issue. I just dropped my jaw when you exactly pointed out my Spanish problem.)
Anyway, everything is up to your decision and Barenboim will be the very person, who has to make a final decision, and this is none of my business. I will keep my plan. It was my honor to be able to finish my Furtwangler writing… Music and Politics… all thanks to your heavenly talent.
You have a beautiful weekend.

Sincerely yours,

FEBRUARY 14, 2009

Could you please check
🙂 Italian 81st Prime Minister & MUSIC

WOW! No wonder this Italian voice promised NO money for the La Scala…
I wanted to finish Italian part last night and was searching for one article in English or Italian. Months ago, I read one Korean article, which explained Berlusconi reforms. There was one very interesting information and I wanted to find its English or Italian version. To my surprise, I only found Fascism or Xenophobia related articles instead. I remember I read north-south something and tax something in this Korean article and it was rather to highly appreciate Berlusconi reforms. Hence, I started my research on Korean articles…
Guess what? I found “Scandal: Berlusconi + Christ + Napoleon” instead. Ha-Ha-Ha… Ho-Ho-Ho!!! Please… the Korean private blogger posted this to honor Italian politician’s humors. If you want, I can give you the exact address. Then… I found your CD album in 2005 too. So, I went to Youtube and heard your singing voice and then your speaking voice. Both were terrific! Very unique… Then, I had to re-interpret all those Fascism or Xenophobia related articles in my favorite way, which is up to your two different voices.
Last night was a hard day. I felt like I was reading Italian history and I am never good at politics. Then I had to search for all your songs, but found only one.
Even after reading all the different articles, there will be no change in my writing, because I always write my personality. But I don’t think I can finish it by tonight. My brain just doesn’t work. Too tired! Furthermore, I have to write something more… all thanks to your marvelous singing muscles!
See ya ^.*

Sincerely yours,

FEBRUARY 11, 2009
Could you please check this link? I don’t want to post it until I finish all my writings to German government. I skipped all my computer work and checked nothing, including Israeli election or La Scala, while writing this, but I just can’t concentrate on my work whenever I think of Mehta’s Italian music. Just sick of it. Still, my real message didn’t start. When I finish it, I will directly send the original link to your prime minister. I think I need to re-organize Italian part.

Sincerely yours,

FEBRUARY 6, 2009
I tried to contact CM Bondi this time, but NO Web-mail was found.
Could you please check this link again? Please let me know if there should be more in my present writing to introduce PM’s political reform to the normal Italian public.
Sorry for delaying my message. I need more time to finish ALL my writings. (Not only Italian but also both German and Spanish one. I need to finish them at the same time.) I watched docu-film about Italian cities and had to think and think. I am just surprised at what I saw. Is it really Italy? I’ve never seen more beautiful scene than this. But at the same time, I had to interpret the same Italy through the eyes of ‘Generazione 1000 euro’ and their prime or cultural minister. I don’t need to search for more information to write my final messages. I just need more time to organize all my thoughts, analysis and writings. I read recent articles about trashy happenings in Italian music society. And I can draw a clear picture about Italy few years later. I am not going to ask anything to Italian leaders. I just want to explain… so that the leaders can decide the best way for their people, who will still want to be proud of their Italian culture no matter what… no matter how much International pigs steal all Italian money from…
To be honest, I feel no need to check happenings at La Scala during its Tristan concerts. I promise. There will be Mehta’s Italian musicians sitting in the upper balcony and flowers and standing ovations for Waltraud Meier will appear from them. And this German whore will boast her big mouth again somewhere outside-Italy, about how much her Italian public adores Meier version of Wagner. I know… there will be no report on international media unless Meier’s Isolde is openly insulted by Italian public.

Sincerely yours,

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JANUARY 30, 2009
Dear Mr. Silvio, (This is what’s really dwelling in my heart but I know I should not…)


Thanks for this article. La Stampa (Turin) is known as Liberal and owned by Fiat Group, isn’t it? I am curious how many wealthy Italians want to join more. By then, everybody will know what means LIBEL and shall have to pay for it.

Elena Bashkirova in this photo tells me everything. Then, I have a clear plan to start. I now feel no need to hurry to contact Austrian government in this tired-out situation. I have (musical & political) things to be done before contacting German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Only then, I can contact Israeli Ambassador to Korea. But then, I need to write a real-sexy-letter to Italian 81st Prime Minister first. See ya! *.^

By the way, I’ve never seen more beautiful neck muscles than the one of St. Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. This is better than Israeli 12th PM Olmert’s. (Please check Dear-Arab-Readers in my Knesset-blog.) If this Jewish one is built by daily exercise, the Italian one is utmost natural. (Please look at his younger photo. Absolutely fantastic!) I would call it La Scala’s neck muscles. True that this Italian guy and his entire body neither belongs to Italian Bel-Canto nor German Heldentenor. (My present analysis is based on the rumor that his only love is AC MILAN, so there might be a change after I listen to his voice to analyze.) But why I’ve never seen this beautiful neck muscles from any of La Scala male voices? Just weird…

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: I am busy now. Hamas just gave me an answer, which I’ve been waiting for years. Anyway, I am literally speechless when this Russian whore doesn’t know how to listen to her ensemble partner even in this hilarious situation. Just like Waltraud Meier. I think the author is paolo.gallarati@unito.it. See… this is exactly why absolutely no one used to consider Italy a center of classical music, other than the country of Stradivarius. It’s clear that this Italian son-of-b*tch didn’t take my Music-blog seriously… then, dared to play the game with me? Speechless.

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JANUARY 28, 2009

What a Big-Shot Italian 81st Prime Minister is!
And my suspicion grows more when absolutely no report appears in Google-news or Google-blog concerning Barenboim’s recital. It is not the first time Google did its job, so I must know all the detailed story first before staring my business with you; whether they recorded Bashkirova and Barenboim’s nude show or Barenboim honored/pleased his Italian audience with all his favorite music. In either case, is there any other folks than Italian concert goers, who will love to report this historical events? One Italian blogger even dedicated a pretty poem to honor Barenboim’s rehearsal at La Scala. And there were ticket sales starting from months ago.

Could you please check Argentine media? It was on May 27, 2008 that my Barenboim-message followed Barenboim’s Argentine visit. This concert was honored by Argentinean politicians. Then, a series of Bashkirova-articles appeared and they didn’t play the game with me. They were working for Dorit Beinisch, who has a connection there.

(… deleted…)
And it flew to Argentine through Beinsich’s reporter. No matter what, I can’t post this secret message and those Jewish pigs knew this. This is why I asked your help since this is from Italian media/reporter. I can’t never allow those pigs, including Barenboim himself, to steal my hard working any more.

I am not sure I will post this message. Perhaps part of it… I had things to be done during 24-27, (Korean holidays), but I was ill; sleep and walk and sleep and walk… My eyes are not good at computer work. If I see bloody stool in morning toilet again as I did years ago, I have to give up again. I will write to you again with something official after contacting Austrian and German government. This is all I can say right now.

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: Surprised to know that 147 year-old Italian history has 81 prime ministers. It simply tells me what an important issue your proposal of presidential system is. And I know I didn’t strike a deal with Silvio or Mr. Berlusconi or Mr. Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. It was with Italian 81st Prime Minister.

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JANUARY 23, 2009 (Revised on Jan 24)

It was on Jan 7 when Ligurian, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna regional governments and mayors of Genoa, Turin and Bologna received my informal writing. It was during the Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip and I am now tired out.

1. Barenboim quiere tocar en Gaza Clarín.com – 21 Ene 2009
2. GOG: concerto di Daniel Barenboim ed Elena Bashkirova mentelocale.it – 21 gen 2009
3. E lunedì la Gog schiera il fuoriclasse della Scala il Giornale – 21 gen 2009
4. Barenboim: «La mia orchestra antimilitarista» Il Secolo XIX – 19 gen 2009
5. Musica: Daniel Barenboim Torna a Torino Per i Concerti Del Lingotto Yahoo! Italia Notizie – 18 gen 2009
7. Barenboim-Bashkirova tra classica e contemporanea Amadeus online – 9 gen 2009

Could you please check all these information? Of course, I am telling this just in case Daniel Barenboim wants to make his Italian tour on Jan 26-31 a real musical event to express his love of Italy. If so, Elena Bashkirova will never make this Italian trip and there is no reason for this disgusting information to appear as something official.

Curiously, there is no report from Bologna. What does it mean? Isn’t there simpler case than this one?

1. Everybody now knows that this b*tch will not appear in Barenboim’s Italy. But some Italians, especially pro-musicians including manager, conductor or etc, who want to hook my attention for their professional reasons, started their business. And I’ve never seen any qualified musicians among them. Just sick of it. First of all, I’ve already asked Italian government to take all these trashy media into the legal case. What’s wrong with them? In this case, it is clear that Bologna Mayor Sergio Cofferati is the only Italian politician, who knows how to rule his place. (Please check his name in Barenboim and La Scala)

2. The concerts will go as Bashkirova planned and will be recorded as I planned. In this case, these performances need to be shot with as many cameras as possible… from as many angles as possible to take Bashkirova and Barenboim’s nude sitting on the same piano. At least six cameras… and all the hidden cameras from the audience should be allowed. Thank you.

3. The concerts will go as Bashkirova planned and everybody will side with this whore. FINE. But what if no one is going to report this and just trying to play the game with me? I can never accept this. Therefore, today’s writing will start from this.


Daniel Barenboim is the one who was fed up with too much attention from international media during/after du Pre’s illness, so he is NOT the one who wants to announce different schedule unless he receives everybody’s help. This is why Elena Bashkirova was able to enjoy all the public appearances as Barenboim’s X despite the fact that Barenboim’s everybody has known me for more than ten years. Hence, I was hopelessly hoping your Italian guys to do this job if you really welcomed my willingness to work for your Italian culture. You clearly know how often I’ve been ill while doing this computer work.

Now, I start to think that I’ve been under hallucination. Still, no problem with me. I will follow your decision. However, I must tell you one thing… if you allow me.

In my previous posting, I already asked you to hire bodyguards to prepare everything for Bashkirova’s nude show. I didn’t start this game. Elena Bashkirova started it and now I can’t die without finishing this dirty business. This duo concert has been my only concern.

Where is Daniel Barenboim now if he is not found in Italy after his Milan concert? Could you please secretly summon this guy and ask him what is his real intention? If his real wish is to fill his recital with MUSIC only, please, please help him.

As I wrote in Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO, even Divan’s international tour schedule was NOT based on Barenboim’ real intention. When all those Pigs announced this schedule, they knew that there is no choice for Barenboim but to travel all over the world as Divan’s conductor, and then, the real human characters, especially Muslims, openly stayed away from Barenboim’s Divan-project. As usual, those real humans don’t open their mouth to mention or criticize Barenboim. Only the pigs, their big mouth and thick skin are getting louder and dirtier. Then international media is doing its usual job and Barenboim can never meet his real supporters. Please look what’s been happening since Barenboim’s La Scala 2007. Even after quite Italians daily followed my Barenboim-report, it only made those Pigs busier and it happened right in front of you.

My problem occurs when this performance schedule directly came from Daniel Barenboim himself, who used to enjoy my computer work to take care of his professional life and then firmly believes that no matter how much he destroys his everything by supporting Zubin Mehta’s favorite things, two b*tches in particular, I will do whatever to resurrect the dead Barenboim. I am done with this, and in this case, I need your help more than ever.

I know prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is Mr. Hot-Shot No. 1 in Italy. I know there is nothing this hottest guy can’t do during day and night as long as Barenboim roams around his territory.

I also know Barenboim can do nothing if this project directly came from Milan mayor, who received your order. If so, Barenboim will follow you and I want to strike a deal with you.

I also know how much Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi considers attending classical concerts a waste of time and consider classical music a useless trash. Since I am also the one, who never wants to waste my life any more on this issue, I know how to read his Italian mind when he announced his cultural plan to cut, cut and cut.

Please check
🙂 VPO, Daniel Barenboim, Pierre Boulez, Jacqueline du Pre, Wilhelm Furtwangler, Arnold Jacobs, Ahron Barak and B*TCHes
🙂 Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO

As I wrote in these two postings, I will make this the most luxurious commercial film. Basically, if these concerts are made into fine recordings as I planned, there is nothing I want to ask you more. But in Italian case, I am strongly suspecting if Italian politicians are involved in. I even suspect if this concert was planned after I finished certain writings in my Music-blog. If so, I have to know who planned this cultural project. And this very politician will have to appear in his/her nude in this commercial film as a host of the show. I know in Italy, nude politician is not an extraterrestrial. Don’t you think this commercial film will hit the entire Italy? I promise. It will hit the entire world. This is where I need your additional help.

I know Elena Bashkirova will boast her biggest smile when she appears in Italy. It means that La Scala sided with her after reading my Barenboim-message. I clearly remember how La Scala tried to keep back my work when I tried to send my Barenboim-message to all the participants in Italian Wagner Festival last summer. I promise. I won’t touch any of La Scala business. Barenboim’s Divan project will keep its pace and I won’t touch anything about it.

I promise. I will only castrate Daniel Barenboim and La Scala’s principal guest conductor will have to appear in his nude until his contract expires. (I really appreciate female members in your orchestra. They are the best-looking females so far. I am sure they will welcome my decision.)
Below is what I wrote and deleted and wrote and deleted… at the end of My Requests to Barenboim.
Daniel Barenboim still openly insists/interviews that he loved his late wife and still missed his old good days with this legendary musician. He still openly insists/interviews that he never gives up studying MUSIC and wants to make MUSIC at every each moment. Then, in all the behind the scenes, he never gives up supporting Zubin Mehta and those B*TCHes. FINE.
If his wish to follow Furtwangler and love of his late wife were real but he can’t just betray his human-relationship with those sh*ts for his very personal reason, Daniel Barenboim had better stick to his cigars and go to heaven as soon as possible. It will be never late for this hopeless human guy to decide whether to join Furtwangler’s Utopia with his only love.

It was years and years ago when I started writing this but just couldn’t post it in my MUSIC-blog even after finishing My Requests to Barenboim. Now, I feel perfectly fine while posting this as something official.


What kind of f*cking Italian Pigs, musicians and politicians, planned this performance schedule? I must know because those sh*ts will have to appear in their nude in my very commercial film, which is after ‘Hilary & Jackie’.

This is only thing I need. If you help me on this issue. I can…

Could you please check my previous posting about your proposal of presidential system? Thanks to Ramon’s sex-scandal in Barenboim’s Israel, I know what an important issue it is for the entire Italian politicians.

Berlusconi proposes presidential system for Italy (Dec 21, 2008).

I promise that I won’t touch any of Italian culture. If you help me on this issue, I will only contact all the possible Italians in the world of Internet and make them read this Jewish sex-scandal. I promise… to make them realize what your proposal of presidential system really means in Italian future.

If you help me…
I just hope your Italy to play the most important role in my Knesset-blog. I believe the next issue after Operation Cast Lead in Gaza will have to be Toward Palestinian Unity Government and this collection will soon appear in JIWON: Dear Arab Countries.

Of course, there will be certain reports after Barenboim’s Italian tour and I will decide what kind of Knesset-blog is best for me.

Sincerely yours,

P.S.: I never want to contact Italian media on this issue. For more than ten years, they only wanted to play the game with me. Even after my official announcement to handle them in a legal way, there is no change. What’s wrong with them? I am now tired out, and I don’t care what they are talking about. We’ll see if I am really serious about my legal decision. And I just want to make my favorite commercial film about all kinds of sex-postures of Elena Bashkirova. That’s all I need. Below are my mail recipients. I know if you pick up the phone just once, I even don’t have to do this meaningless mailing.

GOG / Genova;
info@gog.it ;
Nicola Costa presidente ; costa.nicola@fastwebnet.it ;
Pietro Borgonovo direttore artistico ; pietroborgonovo@gog.it
Monica Puppo amministrazione ; monicapuppo@gog.it

Alessia Donati Segreteria ; alessiadonati@gog.it ;
Floriana Muri segreteria ; florianamuri@gog.it ;
Elisabetta Sobrero segreteria ; info@gog.it ;
Pierluigi Togni stage management; stampa@gog.it ;

LingottoMusica.it ; info@lingottomusica.it
TorinoCultura ; redazione@torinocultura.it ;
Associazione Lingotto Musica ; sistemamusica@comune.torino.it
Corso di studi in DAMS: Prenotazioni lingotto ; dams@unito.it ;

Bologna Art Hotels, Daniel Barenboim e Elena Bashkirova ; bolognarthotels@inbo.it ;
Daniel Barenboim e Elena Bashkirova Bologna ; redazione@sfrombolone.it ;
Divento: Musica Insieme, Bologna ; orders@divento.com ;
Musica Insieme Bologna ; info@musicainsiemebologna.it ;
Comune di Bologna – Bologna Turismo ; TouristOffice@Comune.Bologna.it ;
Emilia Romagna Turismo – I CONCERTI DI MUSICA INSIEME ; emiliaromagnaturismo@regione.emilia-romagna.it ;

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Daniel Barenboim, La Scala, and Italian tour on Jan 26-31, 2009

JANUARY 7, 2009
Dear Ligurian regional government and Genoa Mayor Marta Vincenzi,
Dear Piedmont regional government and Turin Mayor Sergio Chiamparino,
Dear Emilia-Romagna regional government and Bologna Mayor Sergio Cofferati,

The mail sender is JIWON from Daniel Barenboim’s La Scala.
First of all, I apologize for this informal writing. Hope you guys to understand my poor situation.

I am sending this short message just in case Milan Mayor and La Scala’s President Letizia Moratti still pretends not to know me and didn’t forward my Barenboim-message to you. Basically, I wanted to contact all 20 Regional Governments and Mayors but please check what’s been happening in Barenboim’s Israel and Palestine. Hence, I am now contacting Piedmont (Turin), Liguria (Genoa), Emilia-Romagna (Bologna), and you know why. Throughout Barenboim’s life, Elena Bashkirova has not been a normal sh*t. So does Waltraud Meier. I know those angels will never give up. This is why I had to cross the red line, even making Maestro Barenboim a subject of dirtiest sex-show. I also know I should go further if Italian folks don’t support my Barenboim-message. Right now, I just want to say that I started my work in FACEBOOK. I just hope… next time when I contact all 20 Regional Governments, I will probably say… What a beautiful country it is. Why don’t we work together and make Italy a center of European culture? Thanks.

Please check

Sincerely yours,

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