JIWON: Dear Mr. Silvio No.1’s ALL friends and foes, (Music & Politics)

(Updated on DECEMBER 29, 2008).
DEAR ITALIANS who have never heard of my computer work before,

Have you never heard of rumors about Daniel Barenboim and me? I’m running two blogs, Music-blog and Knesset-blog. WHO AM I? Please check Dear Journalists and Dear-Forumites. (Please see ABOVE/LEFT.) I am who I am. I can never explain what happened to my life for the past TEN-something years in this small place. If any of professional journalists report false information about me, without reading ALL my writings in my Music-blog, The Art of Criticism. I will take everything into the legal case. Thanks.

If you go to Banana-Republic in my Knesset-blog, you will find whatever you want to know, including SEX-Scandals in Barenboim’s Israel. I just hope Italian prime minister NOT to follow Israeli case during his Political Reform. (Please see below, ♥ LAST OF ALL ♥ in one of my open mails to Italy, Howdy Partners! (Zeffirelli, Imola, Bel-Canto and Eurotrash on Dec 16-31, 2008).)

(NOTICE: Just in case Italian visitors know nothing about La Scala… Daniel Barenboim is the first Israeli, who holds an honorary Palestinian citizenship. The Knesset is the legislature of Israel.)

(Updated on FEBRUARY 6, 2009)
🙂 JIWON: My Messages in the FACEBOOK/BLOG

Who will become the first Italian blogger, who curiously accepts my invitation into this place? I know classical music means nothing for most of them. If you check all my previous messages to Italy, (see below), you know that I promised Italian 81st Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to help his Political Reform. I know nothing about Politics, but I know what an important issue his proposal of presidential system is. Below is an introductory part of my open message to Arab Countries. If I add one more paragraph, this part becomes a perfect version for PM Berlusconi’s Italian readers. Let’s make it simple. Was it normal for the Italians to have 81 prime ministers during the last 147 years?

🙂 From Talkbacks: Beinisch, Friedmann, Sex-Scandal, Corruption (Kangaroo Court from Sep 12, 2003) (This is one collection of articles, which you can find in Banana-Republic in my Knesset-blog.)
Article No. 10: Man plans, God laughs (Sep 1, 2006):
(…) This summer provided a reminder of how quickly the national agenda can be totally reshaped; how fickle even the best-laid plans can be; and how easily journalists’ predictions can be confounded. Just look at where we were only two months ago. (…) to show that the new government was serious about its plans to continue unilaterally withdrawing from parts of the Land of Israel. Other major reforms were in the pipeline. Justice Minister Haim Ramon entered his new office bullishly, issuing veiled threats of doing away with the seniority system in the Supreme Court, thereby jeopardizing Dorit Beinisch’s sure-fire chance to become chief justice and opening up the selection process to public scrutiny. Another reform, more in the background, but also directly connected to Ramon, was a radical change to the electoral system which, among other things, would make the prime minister less reliant on the Knesset and create a presidential-style government. Aside from Ramon, another supporter of the plan was President Moshe Katsav. (…) Further to the right, the settlers were planning the first anniversary of disengagement, (…) Corporal Gilad Shalit was captured in a Hamas raid on a military outpost at Kerem Shalom. Three days later, the IDF was again operating in the Gaza Strip. At this point, the government’s stalwarts still thought that nothing had yet changed significantly. At a seminar in Tel Aviv, Ramon said that what was happening was only proof of how important it had been to remove the settlements from Gaza and of the necessity of further such steps. But two weeks later, the war in Lebanon began and put an end to all that. (…) Furthermore, Netanyahu’s leadership doesn’t seem so shaky anymore. Suddenly he’s topping polls for prime minister, yet another spanner thrown into plans that were made before the summer began.

(NOTICE: Dorit Beinisch is Supreme Court President in Barenboim’s Israel. Beinisch’s media, the Haaretz, called it Sex-Crime. Please check Article No. 69. ^.* Meanwhile, Beinisch’s husband, Yeheskell Beinisch, runs Bashkirova’s Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival, and is still the subject of financial and felony investigations, for defrauding the income tax authorities. But this legal case will never be pursued.)

JIWON: Now, this is the introductory part of my open message to the Arab Countries.

🙂 From JIWON: Dear Arab Countries (From Jan 3, 2009 to Present)

My mailing started on Jan 3, 2009. Are you still in the middle of reading Dear-Arab-Readers? It will take time… so… it will be easier if you follow this order.

1. Curiously, one Jew wrote a short novel, about what kind of powerful coalition of law and media brought Israeli 12th PM Olmert down. When I found it, it was all after I finished Dear-Arab-Readers. If I organized all the possible Jewish articles, this Jew wrote a simple novel in excellent English. Why don’t you read it first? Please click this, Master of Discourse: Sages Rule.

2. Below is a format of this section, Dear-Arab-Readers. Fifth of All is where a real story starts with TWO Jewish Sex-Scandals; one from ex-Justice Minister Ramon and another from ex-President Katsav. But Seventh of All is where Israeli 13th PM Netanyahu’s porn-video appears. (Bibi is his nickname!) I hope you to enjoy this comical Jewish story. It is not a novel. If you check Banana-Republic in my Knesset-blog, you can find collection of articles and it will be easy to imagine all the stories about Dorit Beinisch without reading this part, Dear-Arab-Readers, such as Beinisch Politics has nothing to do with LAW or Supreme Court Inside/Outside Israel or Settlers are above LAW or Dorit Beinisch toward/during/after Yitzhak Rabin’s Assassination or Dorit Beinisch had a story with KACH members! So, this female jurist used Barenboim as a human shield to protect her family!! SIC!!!:

2-1. First of All: Incomprehensible collaboration between the Jewish left-Branja, Bibi’s secular right-wing guys and Religious groups, in order to attack PM Olmert’s Corruption or Winograd-Report on Second Lebanon War.
2-2. Second and Third of All: PM Olmert as Jerusalem’s inferior ex-mayor. His luxurious life.
2-3. Fourth of All: Religious Parties, Supreme Court and Mr. Netanyahu
2-4. Fifth of All: Dorit Beinisch (president of Israeli Supreme Court), Daniel Friedmann (PM Olmert’s Justice Minister), Sex-Scandal and Corruption. -> Beinisch’s Secret Society Can’t Accept Olmert/Friedmann
2-5. Sixth of All: The Identity of Commenters in Jewish Newspaper.
2-6. Seventh of All: Poverty in Israel, Netanyahu legacy, and Supreme Court (Beinisch’s left Branja) + “Benjamin Netanyahu: Sex, Lies, Videotape, & BIBIGATE
2-7. LAST of All: MY REAL MESSAGE, “in defense of Jerusalem.”

3. Unfortunately, the story didn’t end with Dear-Arab-Readers, so I had to write and write. You can find them in Banana-Republic too. As time passed, Music and Politics started to merge into one story, Bimbo-Battle, which was born in Chicago but grew up in [Berlin + Jerusalem + the entire Spain] and is now going to end up at Silvio’s La Scala in Barenboim’s Italy. Do you want to check what a similarity can be found in both cases? Please click this,
🙂 When bimbo got a power: Whoever she is, no matter how high her IQ is, bimbo was a bimbo:

3-1. JIWON: In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH (Oct 2 – Dec 19, 2008).
3-2. JIWON: Dear Germany / Israel / Palestine, FINALLY… (German Sound & Eurotrash) (Feb 17, 2008 to Present)
3-3. JIWON: Dear Palestinians, (Barenboim’s Divan-Project) (Sep 25, 2008 to Present)
3-4. JIWON: Dear Italian Government, (Barenboim, La Scala, Belcanto, Heldentenor, and Eurotrash) (Feb 12, 2008 to Present)

In between, there are quite MUSIC writings and you can find them in Banana-Republic too. I hope you Arab guys to enjoy all those comical Jewish stories. It sure sounds comical. But what are you going to do when all those disgusting stories resulted in Massacre of Palestinian Kids during Operation Cast Lead starting from Dec 27, 2008? It will happen again. Do you think it still sounds comical? Who wants to blame me when I write my wish to build the most beautiful gas chamber to burn Ahron Barak and his bimbo, Dorit Beinisch, and her Jewish Pigs?

I also hope Italian 81st Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to make a great success in his political reform, which should exist for the better future of Barenboim’s La Scala and its beautiful Italy.


Can you now understand why I was gladly, cheerfully and freely willing to strike a deal with Italian 81st prime minister, despite my scary feeling toward his nickname, ST. WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED?

I am still scared of this Italian guy. I am scared of his Italian foes too. I am a mere musician and all of them are powerful politicians. However… there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my computer work will contribute to the better future of Italy. WHY? Neither Mr. Silvio Berlusconi nor his political rivals, but YOU ITALIAN ELECTORATE will decide everything. Who knows? Barenboim’s Israel may have to follow you.

Please feel free to read ALL those comical Jewish stories and then listen to your Italian politicians. They will explain what or how or why. Then, please choose the best option for your country, ITALY. It is still my honor to write this in this open place. You are welcome to leave this place, since MUSIC will be the main theme in the rest of my writing. Thanks.


Can’t show this part until I finish all my writings. So sick of trashy media never giving up playing the game with me. It was not long ago that I realized their real reason. Please check their business. None of them has been running successful business. Not surprisingly, I find no valuable information from their Barenboim-articles, and I always have to search for other newspapers to find something important. And I did.…)
Let’s assume that I contacted ALL the Italian internet users. How many Italians do you think will accept my invitation? True that classical music is dying elsewhere and young folks feel no need to click Barenboim-related links. As long as Barenboim means nothing for them, there is nothing I can do. Who will believe me if I introduce myself as Silvio’s Asian concubine? There must be a way for my short posting to hook their attention… However, whenever I think of media’s trashy job… for a decade… if there appears a hint of playing the game with me… we’ll see.

WE HAVE another PROBLEM, SIR. To be exact, you have a problem, sir. Who do you think will become the largest beneficiary of your political reform? Silvio? Well…

According to the general plot of most soap operas, novels or even nonfiction stories,
1. Both you and I work very hard… for years.
2. Everybody, including your rival politicians, enjoys watching our hard working.
3. During the last part of your reform period, a new face suddenly emerges from behind the clouds, from your rival party of course, and the entire Italians are knocked dead.
4. Still no problem with me… because I didn’t strike the deal with Mr. Berlusconi but with Italian 81st prime minister. Especially when this new Italian face issues my looks, there is no way but to work harder for my new boss. See… Berlusconi: Left has uglier women (Apr 9, 2008). I originally belong to this group. First of all, I am a mere musician, you know.

What are you going to do in case you are left with anger, frustration and a feeling of betrayed, downhearted or dejected in this worst-case scenario? Are you going to blame me?

(Updated on or Starting from FEBRUARY 9, 2009)
Sigh… things start happening even before I embark on my new career as Silvio’s yellow concubine. Dear SIR! Are you going to blame me in the worst-case scenario? This is my only concern.

1. Berlusconi criticised for ‘pretty girl’ rape comment (Jan 27, 2009): Is this comment after my praise of La Scala’s female members? (Please check JIWON: Additional Message to Italy on Jan 23.) Oh well… It’s anyway fun to watch them. I appreciate their dress code. Whatever they wear, they look very relaxed. Then, I wonder again. This is in fact the very basic of poetic interpretation. Then why I can’t hear this music from those members? It’s OK that no one knows how to make it. But then, why NO ONE, including La Voce del Loggione, is talking about this? Where did this technical term, ‘the best opera orchestra in the world’, originally come from? Franco Zeffirelli? Or Forza Italia? Or FIALS UNION?

2. Veltroni (PD), Berlusconi wants to create institutional incident (Englaro issue on Feb 7, 2009): What the hell… Cardinal Bertone? I never want to launch Italian version of Knesset-blog! PERIOD. I am still tearing all my hair out after creating these Jewish religious sections, Kippah-I & Kippah-II!! Please check Welcome to Jerusalem, however. How many sections need to be added more until the Palestinian State is born? Sigh… It’s just my pleasure to watch all these Italian politicians, who want to become the main beneficiary of Silvio’s political reform; starting from 11th President Giorgio Napolitano (DS < PD)… or from Opposition Leader Walter Veltroni (PD)… BTW, who is the president of Partito Democratico? (Somehow, I wonder where is ex PM Romano Prodi (PD), who quickly sent me a mysterious e-mail after checking this collection, Barenboim and La Scala.) Hum…

3. The list will be added… Oops, tired! Two episodes in less than a month. Should I make another collection?

(Originally updated on FEBRUARY 6, 2009)
I worry… well… if I were you and your strategy-advisors… what about singing this song during the reform period? Too much will be too much, of course. (Whose song is it? Teddy Bears didn’t sing DA DA DA DA DA DA…)

“To know know know him is to love love love him… Just to see him smile… Yes just to know him Is to love love love him And I do… and I do and I do… DA DA DA DA DA DA…”

Whenever international media trumpet Silvio-scandals, such as Pink Spain (Apr 15, 2008). or ‘Suntanned’ Obama (Nov 6, 2008). or Pretty Girl Rape (Jan 27, 2009)…, I drop my jaw and my instant response would be, “Oh well… what a hopeless jerk…” But the moment I watch his beautiful neck muscles, a sudden exclamation springs out of my lips. “What a guy! What a joke!”

Is there a better description than this proverb? “Honestly is the best policy.” I think Ms. Marina Berlusconi inherited this character from her father. She looks cool.

(Updated on FEBRUARY 11, 2009)

Whose writing is this? Silvio or Jiwon?

Should I go to the La Scala concert tonight? Why should I? I hate this. This is called music and some even study this at school. What the hell is this? Who in the world is wasting his entire life to study this? What’s the difference between conservatory and university? Musicologists? What do they do and why? Are they also involved in the students’ strike today? I promise. There is no money for them. Entertainment is entertainment. Simple as it is.

I am busy, anyway. What a tired job Italian prime minister is. There has been no time to watch Victoria Secret’s fashion show. How can I tell X that I love this American product? This guy is not dolce. (That knife… still scary!) I want to be, should be proud of being Italian Hot Shot No.1. I am born Italian Prime Minister. I promise. I will make my ITALY the Welfare State No.1. Heaven knows… had I been less talented in my business, my life could have ended up as La Scala’s legendary Big Shot. Sophia told me so, but does she know this? 147 years later, there will be [81×2] prime ministers and countless political events to remember during the history exam. Will there be a place for my name? I need to think of a better way.

No time for tonight’s concert. I’d better stop by Silvio Research Center. Should I bring my sex-video too? I watched BIBI’s Jewish one, of course, but this is a mediocre one. Mine is real hot. Sophia reported that my neck muscles during my heydays are absolutely fantastic. Then what about my beautiful back muscles? Everybody should watch my golden butt. Brrr… When are those dummies going to prove that GERMAN HELDENTENOR is a little brother of ITALIAN BEL CANTO?

FAQ 1: Who is Sophia? (Please check JIWON: Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund / Spanish Culture / Barenboim’s Involvement in Spanish Politics) (Apr 3, 2008 to Present).
FAQ 2: Which title is better? Silvio or Berlusconi Research Center? (JIWON: Its original title was Sex Clinic. Please check SC right next to the Orchestra Hall in Seventh of All in ‘Dear-Arab-Readers’ (BIBI’s Porn-Video Part), or SC right next to Festspielhaus in JIWON: Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (Sep 10-18, 2008). Now, I think the title doesn’t have to be primitive, especially when it is funded by this artistic name, either Silvio or Berlusconi.)

For a while, I thought it was mine. But my neck muscles have never looked qualified no matter what I tried. No one knows how much I envy this Italian product whenever my computer life suffers from frequent neck aches.

I hate going to the (opera) concerts. After wasting my entire life on purchasing concert tickets with a firm belief that it will make me a qualified musician, it is now impossible to think of taking my seat there with my butt sticking like glue for two hours. Since creating Knesset-blog, I’ve had no time to watch Grammy/Academy Awards or VS Fashion Show, which is to check if my sixth sense is on the right track. My open antipathy against music schools, especially musicologists, will never fade away. My most favorite was to read legendary performers’ interviews. How many musicologists and their written works are found there? NONE. (To be exact, there is one in my Music-blog, but I also wrote the detailed story. In sum, the number should be ZERO.)

The only reason of my Music-blog was to prove my sanity. No more, no less. Everybody has been busy since then, except Daniel Barenboim. Now, I just hate talking about music. I only want to run Silvio Research Center.


Please check
🙂 Barenboim and La Scala
🙂 Zubin Mehta, Riccardo Muti, Cultral Minister Sandro Bondi and La Scala
🙂 Stephane Lissner and La Scala
🙂 Additional Message to Italy (Jan 7 – Feb 21, 2009)

1. Thanks for your article on Jan 9, 2009. Milano/ Bondi richiama Muti e Abbado alla Scala No matter what, there is no change in my previous opinion about Muti’s La Scala. Just… What are you going to do if Maestro Muti acts on behalf of Dorit Beinisch’s Zubin Mehta? This is what he did right before he got the Chicago job from someone. (I am still trying to figure out who gave it to him… because Beinisch’s media started their job on this issue… after praising Bashkirova… and then insulting Barenboim for a very specific reason… and then writing just for Muti.)

2. Could you please please ask Maestro Abbado to finish his business with me if he really wants to return to Milan? Please ask him what happened to his BPO, whose members started answering my open message. (His Mahler in particular.) Please ask him what is the reason of his Waltraud Meier at his farewell concert. Please ask him why he never played for this voice after that while he enjoyed watching Barenboim’s bottomless failing. Please ask him what kind of hatred he felt against me when I sided with BPO’s solo horn, who was sacked by Maestro Abbado. It is impossible to tell which one caused my evil ego; Meier or BPO’s solo horn, but when I heard his cancer-news, I wished him die as much as I respected him as an opera-conductor. I still believe. A real musician should stick to his gun and his choice was Waltraud Meier. Then, why doesn’t he devote the rest of his life to his favorite voice if he wants to return to Barenboim’s Milan as a great Italian ego? Should I be afraid of Abbado family while writing this? Claudio Abbado is not the only member from this distinguished family and I know how to understand other members. In fact, I’ve wondered why this top-famed celebrity didn’t take care of his family members, because in my view, a very special blood is running in this Italian family. They know what’s been happening to them since the moment Claudio Abbado sided with Zubin Mehta’s Waltraud Meier. They know better than I do.

3. Is it true that Mehta’s Italian (opera) orchestra is among the TOP-FOUR in Italy? As I wrote on Aug 7, 2008, (Please check my previous message), their performance during Mehta’s heydays was the stupidest music I’ve ever heard and this is why I used to consider Italy the most inferior European country. Zubin Mehta has been busiest since then, constantly making a deal with famed conductors, who appeared in my open analysis and enjoyed watching Barenboim’s failing after joining Mehta’s circle. Has he changed his interpretation? Yet, you still regard it as among the TOP-FOUR. I also know Accademia di Santa Cecilia. Not exactly though… What does it mean? “La fondazione deve garantire una produzione qualitativamente elevata. Bisogna competere con tutte le altre fondazioni, a cominciare dalla Scala. Il concorso pubblico è una garanzia di scelta degli elementi migliori, oltre che un obbligo di legge.”

Is Italian artistic standard that low? It was Zubin Mehta, who kindly explained how inferior his Italian public is. It was the same Mehta, who boasted how easy it is to find Jewish sponsors to support his orchestra.


Could you please check
🙂 JIWON: Dear Arab Countries (Short Web-Mail)
🙂 Music in Middle East
🙂 Music in Israel
🙂 Music in Italy

This is what I wanted to write in my open message to German Government, but decide to do in Italian part.

I feel no need to remember a number of interviews, in which a number of musicians mentioned the importance of language in the world of music. The relationship between the language and the musicians was mentioned. Should I also mention what I heard from a number of musicians; that Italian is perhaps the most beautiful language for them?

Then, I had to write how foreign pigs destroyed German pure sound and how German pigs joined them in the name of Waltraud Meier. (Please check JIWON: Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (Sep 10-18, 2008).) What about Hebrew version of English? (Please check JIWON: Dear One-Voiced Israel, (Regarding Gaza Truce).) Now that I hate writing the same thing again and again…

For the musicians, language means something, but it could also mean nothing. So does nationality. Legendary musicians exist beyond nationality or beyond language. Whether mentally or physically, they share a certain character; a triumph of human ability. Please check most cases. When we talk about nationality, this is when we want to mention its negative side. Whenever we admire a certain musician and adore his music, individuality is what we mostly think of. I’m still frequently confused. Is Maria Callas Italian or what? I always have to think twice to answer because Callas means Voice and then Opera and then Italian Bel-Canto and then something in her biography. Is Lauritz Melchior German or what? I have to study his biography instead of listening to his music. There are great members in Russian orchestras. Can we hear this same sound from foreign ensembles, in which Russian immigrants play the important role? We only hear the inferior Russian sound getting more aggressive and playing the cancerous role when they find a job in foreign countries. Then it is not Russian golden tradition but local pigs who quickly form a dear friendship with this so-called Russian sound.

A certain language means a certain AIR. It means what an attractive quality Italian or German or Jewish ensemble could boast with its string section sound. At the same time, it also means how mediocre their grouping-sound could remain. (Why should I write all the details? Before you ask me, please read ALL my previous writings first.) What I feel funny is that with Zubin Mehta, its legendary level sunk below bottomless but its members still boast its technical perfection.

In these days, you should follow Members of Bashkirova-Gang, if you want to figure out each country’s exact cultural level. German orchestras sound duller and duller AGAIN. What about X? (Please check Bashkirova’s performance schedule.) What’s wrong with them? Meanwhile, there are European ensembles, who want to make music with real musicians. The first thing I hear from its aftermath is that horn section suddenly sounds alive. We’ll see if they make further improvement, because their next steps will be on the steep upward climb.

How many Jewish Sponsors have been mocked by this charlatan, IPO’s Mehta and his Jewish lies? Due to my hatred of IPO’s Mehta, it was rather in recent years that I realized what a pure quality Barenboim’s Jewish ensemble could boast in its string section. To finish this analysis, I had to remember what I heard from young Diaspora Jews and their chamber music, which sounded very weak and therefore… (It took a week to write this simple paragraph… Hadn’t Zubin Mehta been born… Barenboim was in his fifties when I first heard his European ensemble. There were members in his BPO. The purity of their timbre was so fresh that I wanted to live there. There were lots of things Barenboim could achieve through his workaholic life. In retrospect, I’m not sure if those members welcomed my involvement because those sound usually don’t want their life to be touched or controlled. But then, can they run along other conducting style? After all, they are losing this character and no one seems to complain about it.)

When is Zubin Mehta going to die?


STILL… I have no idea who has a real power or who is the Man of Decision in this Italian Cultural Reform. But is it possible for the Cultural Minister to decide something crucial without your permission? And then, I don’t care who will read this open message and what his answer will sound like; whether Mr. Silvio or PM Berlusconi or St. Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. ALL of them are Italians while I am not.

Have you finished reading my report on Music in Israel, which is a part of JIWON: Dear Arab Countries (Short Web-Mail)? Have you compared it with my report on Music in Middle East and imagined a possible future in case foreign pigs conquer this New World?

I can’t imagine any Italian top politicians, who have no ability to imagine this comical scene. He doesn’t have to be a musician to possess this ability. Then what about Italy a few years later? In my previous message, I reported who followed Barenboim’s La Scala contract and what a mess Barenboim’s Italy has already become. As I mentioned before, (Please check Bashkirova’s performance schedule), most of Italian market were controlled by Gidon Kremer, Pinchas Zukerman and Members of Bashkirova-Gang. All together, they serve Zubin Mehta, and no one knows how Chicagoan Riccardo Muti will behave in Mehta’s Italy. Everything happened during this short period while Italian musicians suffer from lack of fund or qualified political system to protect their cultural organization.

Italy is certainly not Israel, which is isolated, is always at the risk of war and has no other way to balance its budget. While watching TV documentary about Italian cities, I was surprised at the numbers of international tourists. I was born in an isolated country and never thought of importance of tourist business in a country like Italy. All those small cities looked so beautiful. But what surprised me most was local residents, who were proud of living in their land and wanted to support their Italian culture.

You know what? Bashkirova’s performance schedule in Italy was not the first happening. It was in fact early happenings during this bimbo-battle and Bashkirova was not alone. It was as if Bashkirova and ex-BPO member planned their Italian performances to stalk Italian King, Zubin Mehta, trying to hook his attention. Or those were planned by Mehta’s Italian circle. Then Bashkirova’s IPO under Mehta’s toy-conductor appeared and it was followed by Barenboim’s involvement in those pigs’ international activities. As usual, those pigs couldn’t affect anything international music society until Barenboim allowed their international tour under his name. Though Zubin Mehta always appears as VPO or IPO’s touring conductor, this name means nothing to the professionals, because they know he has no ability. They only check Barenboim’s professional life.

Several years have passed and the same thing is happening again in Italy, but this time, Bashkirova teamed up with other members of Mehta’s gang, such as Gidon Kremer or Pinchas Zukerman, and everything is related to Barenboim’s La Scala contract and Berlusconi’s Cultural Reform. Then, those musicians are endlessly supported by Zubin Mehta’s Italian circle, who want to monopolize your limited fund, and from the Berliner Unter den Linden, which receives no national fund, has no opera house or no future.

Of course, if their music is valuable enough to rule over the Italian music society, why worry? Please check my previous report on Pinchas Zukerman and his comical young wife. This arrogant big-mouth is not receiving good reviews from the local Canadians in his headquarters despite all his politics after Zukerman-scandal in Canada.

I don’t think my job is to advise Italian top politicians what to do or how or why. I just reported Italian happenings, which were all caused by Daniel Barenboim or even Riccardo Muti. According to my observation, Italians won’t abandon their love of Italian culture, and all those foreign pigs and their companies will control Italian market, where no Italian musicians will find their job. Just like Barenboim’s Israel, Italian government officials will have to budget a certain amount of money for inviting foreign ensembles as long as tourist business takes an important part of Italian economy. Unlike Israel, Italy will be blessed by no international sponsors to serve Italian public and therefore will have to spend more, rely more on foreign pigs.

This writing is not based on one TV documentary. I heard the same story again and again from the radio program, which was to introduce Italian culture, opera in particular. As I wrote before, I missed perhaps most of them, but this program constantly emphasized that Italy is a country of cultural festivals, which made many Italian cities affluent. However… do I know better than Italian politicians?

(Updated on FEBRUARY 12, 2009)
Italy – Wikipedia
1. Also tourism is very important to the Italian economy: with over 43.7 million tourists a year, Italy is ranked as the FIFTH major tourist destination in the world.
2. The basis of the modern Italian language was established by the Florentine poet Dante Alighieri, whose greatest work, the Divine Comedy, is considered amongst the foremost literary statements produced in Europe during the Middle Ages.
3. Another information is found here. (Please keep following my writing.)

See… I spent the entire day to search for specific information… and suddenly, everything was in Italy – Wikipedia.

What’s more,

This is what happened after folks checking my Barenboim-posting:
“Truly fantastic playing. I’ll see the X again…if they ever come back here… (…) I got the impression the musicians get this kind of thing fairly often, which is a shame. Really, a concert hall is for concerts, not politics.”

Who do you think posted this? A mere concert-goer or one of Members of Bashkirova-Gang, who is called Divan?

“We need people who fit with the workshop because we don’t get any money out of it, so that means you have to really engage. Maestro Barenboim took charge of the music and Edward Said took charge of the cultural, political and education side of things. Though, actually, I won’t call it an education. It was more like putting a discussion on the table. Mrs. Said has now taken over her late husband’s role.”

This is what happened after those same Divans read ALL my writings, including my assignments for them, Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO. (None of them plans to do this work while hiring Barenboim as their paid conductor, BTW.) Surely, there are more in this article and all his opinions sound like one living in Barenboim and Said’s Utopia. But what is his exact identity as a professional musician?

“Mr. X from Mideast now studying in Germany (2005), has returned to the orchestra every summer. He hopes soon to join one of the major German orchestras, then return to Mideast to teach…”

It seems that this musician is now making a living as a film star of ‘Knowledge Is the Beginning’. It’s very interesting to read Mideastern program note, in which his Barenboim-only-biography is compared with another musician, whose biography is filled with musical praise. Anyway, he declared that he will travel all over the world as Barenboim’s musician. There are more, of course. If you follow this circle, one member is missing. After receiving heavenly review from European pro-critics, ‘sort of talent once in a lifetime…’, this musician seemed to feel that Mideast is too inferior for his music. It’s now impossible to find his career either in his hometown or in local German ensemble. (I can write the exact name of these companies, if Barenboim wants, of course.) It happened without my involvement. Basically, this was the best case of original Mehta-version of ensemble member.

(Updated on FEBRUARY 13, 2009)
Please check Berliner Staatskapelle and Unter den Linden in recent years. Then please check Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag again. Why do you think I wanted to start a joint project to train German and Arab youngsters in Barenboim’s future Divan-project under the auspices of German government? I still believe. As long as Barenboim works for the German company, German youngsters should be able to find their job in their country and Arab youngsters should be trained in their hometown. Those Jewish pigs should stick around the place, where they were born. They should find a job in a place where they received musical training. Do all those Jewish pigs, who were allowed in Barenboim’s Berlin ensemble or even Rattle’s BPO, are better than the original members there? They are not.

A decade has passed since those Jewish pigs and their Mideastern slaves stuck around Barenboim’s Berlin ensemble. What is happening to those inferior musicians, who never plan to or can’t find their job in a place, where no one heard of Barenboim’s international fame? Barenboim’s Staatskapelle has never proved its qualified performance. (Sorry about saying this, but in these days, everybody, including local youth ensembles, boasts technical perfection. Therefore, I have to judge their performance by everybody’s standard. No matter what, the audience rates foreign ensembles first by fame and secondly by sound. Matthias Glander’s Staatskapelle and its dull, dark and heavy sound neither belongs to enough-fame nor to qualified-sound. Especially when its opera-accompaniment airs on the radio, it sounds horrible.) They only got worse despite all those internationally top-famed conductors’ involvement… all thanks to this bimbo-battle. When Barenboim was announced as VPO’s maestro in New Year Concert 2009, people’s reaction was that Barenboim is not a qualified musician but more like a politician who plays for PEACE. This is what I found from private bloggers in this country. Already now, Barenboim’s Divan concerts are scheduled on the radio program and they are supposed to be compared with this country’s local ensemble, which is famous for luxurious instruments’ thorny, tensed string section sound and its dull winds. We’ll see which one sounds more inferior. It seems that they are sure of their superior performance to Barenboim’s Divans or Staatskapelle.

DEAR ITALIAN TOP POLITICIANs, for whom classical music doesn’t have to sound sexily intelligent,

Please imagine Barenboim’s La Scala and the entire Italy years later. Already now, it seems to Barenboim’s Divans that Italy is inferior to their Berlin, inferior enough for them to boast their big mouth. They will insist that they learned German sound from La Scala’s Barenboim. The entire Italians have never heard of this UNIQUE sound before anyway. For them, classical music doesn’t have to sound good anyway, because Bashkirova’s Italian musicologists will keep publishing their clever writing as long as they receive enough fund from the government.

(Updated on FEBRUARY 16, 2009)
(Simply… how many parties exist in Il Popolo della Liberta (PdL) or Partito Democratico (PD)? Then what means Lega Nord or the Movimento per l’Autonomia (Sicily’s MpA)? Who is the president of Partito Democratico (PD) and where is the headquarters of Il Popolo della Liberta (PdL)? Weird…)

As I wrote in Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO, I feel perfectly fine whether my political leader is from military junta or from democratic party as long as he is a hard working politician who uses his power to enhance his people’s welfare. At the same time… as I wrote somewhere in my Knesset-blog, I’ve never joined any groups, even during the elementary school days, because I’ve always enjoyed watching… mostly girls’ quarrel. It never hurt my private life because all those countless tiny groups also needed observers during the fight.

Time has passed and I now feel terrific as a Knesset-Watchdog in Barenboim’s Israel. Though very tired… what a fun it is to watch all those comical happenings. Israel is not like any other countries and I feel like becoming a Kindergarten teacher there. Then I fly to Italy… what the heck! I feel weird. As usual… each group has its own voice, which always has its own reason. Then, there is always a good opinion among them. Why don’t they work together to enhance their people’s welfare instead of fighting? Therefore, it will be my great pleasure/honor to watch the entire Italian politicians have a great time to have a great fight until I quit this computer work. ^.*

Dear SIR! Are you going to blame me in the worst-case scenario? This is my only concern. Let’s start.

Please check
🙂 Italian 81st Prime Minister & POLITICS
🙂 Italian 81st Prime Minister & MUSIC

As I wrote in Additional Message to Italy, (please check FEB. 14), it was an accident to find Mr. Silvio the Musician. Now, I think this tax-related information in Korean article was wrong. But does it matter? I feel no need to search for further information on this issue. I just hope the entire Italian politicians to have a great fight until the Italian electorates finally choose or abandon Lega Nord’s ultimate dream to split Italy in TWO; Padania and anti-Padania. Is it really an impossible dream to build one wealthy Italy?

Interesting comments from Youtube.
1. Comment 1: aldilà della politica va detto che Silvio è intonato ed ha una bella voce
2. Comment 2: Come te l’ho detto prima, io non sono pro-Berlusconi, o sentito la mia famiglia in Italia parlare di lui, ed ecco che m’hanno detto; certo, Berlusconi è un mafioso, ma c’è peggio (gli altri sono ancora più disonesti, e gli altri o sono stronzi o non fanno un cazzo). Quindi votano per lui perché gli altri sono peggio.

1. Terrific Silvio: Youtube: Apicella & Berlusconi – Meglio ‘na Canzone (2002 or 2003) – WOW! Just wow! Have you ever seen more terrific singing posture than this one? A perfect angle (second photo) Is this musician really hum-hum years old? WOW!

2. So-So Silvio: Youtube: Berlusconi canta in francese con Apicella – See… this guy is losing his marvelous back muscles and pure timbre in his beautiful sound is going elsewhere but You-Know-Where. Some will mention different color, but losing pure timbre is what caused it. This is not a color, to be exact. This is what happens when Italian talented voice follows inferior low voice from foreign lands. They can never make good high notes. If this is a real professional musician, I would call it Bad Silvio.

3. Bad Silvio: Youtube: Berlusconi & Apicella – Female partner is better. Much better. Please look at her singing posture. She never loses her singing posture no matter what happens to her while Silvio frequently fails to control his voice. If this is a real professional musician, I would call it Horrible Silvio. BTW, whenever I watch Italian lady, I have to look myself in the mirror again to realize who I am… sigh. Berlusconi: Left has uglier women (Apr 9, 2008).

(NOTICE: It might sound cruel… but then, it’s all because this voice is so talented that it’s very easy to analyze its dying version. It is also the same happening as what happen to talented voices when their hard-working but not-enough-mature music is cruelly criticized by so-called pro-critics, who never mind heavenly praising Meier’s never-sensitive-therefore-impeccable Wagner. This is how they killed all the talented German voices in Waltraud Meier’s German Opera Houses.)

Is it called Neapolitan Song? “A romantic ballad, which originated from early 19th century Italian opera, the Neapolitan song was then universally acknowledged as the Italian popular song.”

Or Canzone Napoletana – Wikipedia? “Many of the Neapolitan songs are world-famous because they were taken abroad by emigrants from Naples and southern Italy roughly between 1880 and 1920. The music was also popularized abroad by performers such as Enrico Caruso, who took to singing the popular music of his native city as encores at the Metropolitan Opera in New York in the early 1900s. Caruso is therefore responsible for the fact that operatic tenors since then have been required to know these songs.”

Well… I am not quite fond of ‘O Sole Mio’. Too many people sing this song with… that horrible rubato… yuck. I think this music should be sung with a real beautiful voice. I don’t like Cross-Over Music. Nor do I like Latin Pop, especially Spanish Pop. It sounds oily. I never turn on the radio when it airs this kind of World-Music. (I do like Argentinean Tango or Brazilian (perhaps) Bossa nova. And the BPO or Kremer’s Tango is (superficially) horrible.) I also don’t like Frank Sinatra. To be exact… I don’t like this kind of old-style pop, which is accompanied by classical-version of orchestra. It sounds very old. BUT… THIS MUSIC SOUNDS JUST TERRIFIC!

By the way, what is this? Is it criticism or praise? Canzone Napoletana: ‘A voce e Napule contro il Cavaliere’ (Aug 18, 2002) If this is a criticism, is it the same kind of what Shania Twain received when she debuted in Country Folk Music?

Curiously, the radio aired Wilhelm Furtwangler conducting the VPO’s Beethoven Seventh Symphony (Aug 30, 1954 in Salzburg) right after I found Mr. Silvio the Musician. They sing, sing and sing… with their natural voice. What’s the difference between Silvio No.1 and Furtwangler’s VPO’s Beethoven?

Oh yeah… I am still scared of St. Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. For a while, I never dared to analyze Silvio No.2 or Silvio No.3. First of all, all my analysis is purely based on the possible fact that this can a professional musician. But this Italian guy is not. What amazes me is that Mr. Silvio the Musician is required to spend the most of his day with talk and talk, but his singing voice is still there. What a heavenly talent or human being! Then… I wanted to do analyze three different Mr. Silvio the Musicians… because three different Mr. Silvio the Politicians were also there.


You wrote…
“I want to be, should be proud of being Italian Hot Shot No.1. I am born Italian Prime Minister. I promise. I will make my ITALY the Welfare State No.1.”

Which Silvio the Musician was this political mind from? Silvio No.1 or Silvio No.2 or Silvio No.3? Could you please look at the terrific moment of Silvio No.1? I dare to say. There is a sweet scent of flower in your face and your eyes are shining with hum… (hard to explain in my limited language.) I am JUST curious. What kind of Italy does Silvio No.1 want to rule? The Welfare State No.1 or Fascist government No.1? (When I was a high school kid, I just couldn’t understand this word, Fascism. Nazism was easy because it meant Holocaust, but Fascism? A real headache… *.* Now, I barely realize that Fascism > Nazism… hum. Then, I also realize that even Italian Mussolini could be interpreted in a different way. Just like extreme-right wing Kippahs in Barenboim’s Israel. More headache!)

Only St. Who-Must-Not-Be-Named knows the answer.

I feel that I am truly toward the end of this chapter of my life ever since I started studying Wilhelm Furtwangler in Nazi regime. Or Music and Politics.

(Updated on FEBRUARY 17-20, 2009)

NO one will know who caused all these and those Fascism or Xenophobia related articles on Mr. Silvio the Musician. This is what I found instead, when I tried to search for ONE good Italian article about Berlusconi Reforms and Mr. Silvio the Musician became my accidental discovery as a result. Silvio No.1 might be the one. What if Silvio No.3 is the one? Who knows? The Italian Politicians in Silvio No.1-3’s Opposition Party could be the one.

Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime needed Furtwangler the Musician and everybody knows why. Had Furtwangler’s MISIC changed from time to time… before and after exile?

1. While the very-professional critics criticized Furtwangler’s limited repertoire and called this conductor a charlatan, he always complained that he couldn’t sleep more than X hours because he had to study study what they called limited repertoire. (In fact, it was 3-4 hours, but I’m not sure of my memory.)
2. Wilhelm Furtwangler under the Nazi always looked tired. He looked alive only when he was on the stage leading the members of his Little Republic. He wished his MUSIC lead his German people into the better place… finally out of Nazism. His exile eventually proved his failure.
3. Maestro Furtwangler didn’t change his opinion during his denazification trial that he would remain in his Germany if his German people suffers Hitler’s Nazism again. He knew that he would fail again. He also knew that unlike internationally renowned German intellectuals, there would be no place for his German people to exile.
4. Meanwhile, it seemed clear that Adolf Hitler, while occupying the VIP seat, was very pleased and believed that there was nothing wrong with his Nazism because he couldn’t find anything superior to Furtwangler’s German Music. Some critics wrote that there exists a human being, who can’t be persuaded but should just be isolated in a mental institution.

What really means Power of Music? For whom Maestro Furtwangler played and prayed? There was no change in his MUISC and this is what Jewish musician, Yehudin Menuhin, heard. In sum, it would have been terrific if Hitler’s Nazism had been overthrown by Furtwanlger’s German politicians before the Western Allies announced its victory. Perhaps, this was his real reason of his ONE opinion during his denazification trial, wishing that his next generation never make the same mistake.

Adolf Hilter can’t answer this fundamental question, because Hitler himself had never stood on Furtwanlger’s podium. Hilter the Politician had never experienced Hitler the Musician or the Performer’s Moment. For him, MUSIC was a mere entertainment.

Furtwangler the Musician wanted to be reborn Furtwangler the Politician whenever he played for his German audience. There was no change in his MUSIC… before and after exile. I hope… Mr. Silvio the Musician to answer my curiously. Who wrote this?

“I want to be, should be proud of being Italian Hot Shot No.1. I am born Italian Prime Minister. I promise. I will make my ITALY the Welfare State No.1.”

Did Silvio No.3 write this? Then, I heartily recommend ALL his political foes never to give up throwing advices to Silvio the Musician. See… this poor guy never knows where to head for. It also perfectly proves what a mirage Barenboim’s Mideat Vision has been. Simply, a musician should remain as a musician no matter what…

If Silvio No.1 is the one, I hope him to stick to his gun. Who knows? Barenboim the Politician would want to follow his footsteps.

Daniel Barenboim & Filarmonica della Scala on Feb 22, 2009
Arnold SchönbergA survivor from Warsaw Op. 46 (for narrator, male chorus and orchestra)
Robert Holl, narrator

See… this performance schedule is what Barenboim the Politician arranged after Italian musicologist praised Bashkirova’s pianism. As I frequently wrote in my Music-blog, this is Bashkirova’s real friend and therefore the best example of Meier-Schule musician and therefore the worst cancerous role in dying opera houses.

Since Daniel Barenboim already told Italian PM all his real intentions during his Italian tour, his reason is either one:

1. Barenboim is thinking the best way to humiliate all the Italian politicians until his contract expires. Even in this situation, new faces made their energetic appearances in La Voce del Loggione in order to protect Waltraud Meier. Their main job seems to be demagogue. Who are they working for? Maestro X or Berliner Staatskapelle?

2. Barenboim is not quite content with Filarmonica della Scala, so he wants to show Silvio No.1 which members should be fired in case St. Who-Must-Not-Be-Named gives him a direct order to re-construct the La Scala. According to Loggioni’s praise of Meier’s Filarmonica della Scala, the members, especially strings, are quickly coming closer to Matthias Glander’s Staatskapelle. Mr. Silvio the Musician surely knows what means ‘dark and dull’, even in his worst situation. We’ll see… how many new faces appear again in La Voce del Loggione to report Robert Hall’s heavenly ensemble with the orchestra members?


Have you finished reading my Italian report? How old Daniel Barenboim is? Please look at what he is doing now… even in this disgusting situation. People used to say… “When Barenboim is on, he is great, but when he is off, no one can sound more disastrous than this musician.” It happened in Milan days ago AGAIN and everybody, especially gossipers, is darn busy at talking and talking. In this situation, in which even Loggione are encouraging their dying Filarmonica della Scala to learn Meier’s German dullest sound, their reasons may vary. Could you please ask Daniel Barenboim WHY? He should be the best one who knows WHY.

Is he answering that there was no problem with his heaviest schedule? Is he answering that concert hall is another practice room?

Do you think this hopeless guy can realize his Furtwangler dream? Or at least… doing his job to revitalize La Scala? There is and will be no change in my promise to you.

🙂 From JIWON: Additional Message to Italy on Jan 23
I promise. I will only castrate Daniel Barenboim and La Scala’s principal guest conductor will have to appear in his nude until his contract expires. (I really appreciate female members in your orchestra. They are the best-looking females so far. I am sure they will welcome my decision.)
Below is what I wrote and deleted and wrote and deleted… at the end of My Requests to Barenboim.
Daniel Barenboim still openly insists/interviews that he loved his late wife and still missed his old good days with this legendary musician. He still openly insists/interviews that he never gives up studying MUSIC and wants to make MUSIC at every each moment. Then, in all the behind the scenes, he never gives up supporting Zubin Mehta and those B*TCHes. FINE.
If his wish to follow Furtwangler and love of his late wife were real but he can’t just betray his human-relationship with those sh*ts for his very personal reason, Daniel Barenboim had better stick to his cigars and go to heaven as soon as possible. It will be never late for this hopeless human guy to decide whether to join Furtwangler’s Utopia with his only love.

It was years and years ago when I started writing this but just couldn’t post it in my MUSIC-blog even after finishing My Requests to Barenboim. Now, I feel perfectly fine while posting this as something official.

Well… it was quickly answered by Berlusconi criticised for ‘pretty girl’ rape comment (Jan 25, 2009). What a country!


(FEBRUARY 21, 2009)
Please check
🙂 From Dear Barenboim’s Son (Dec 8, 2008)
Dear Barenboim’s Son (This writing will appear if ‘Bashkirova+Barenboim’ refuse to take off all their clothes in their Duo concert)

🙂 From Zubin Mehta, Richardo Muti, Cultral Minister Sandro Bondi and La Scala
JIWON: Anyway, this is Zubin Mehta’s Haaretz (Israel) interview on Oct 21, 2008. As I wrote in In sum, I will travel ALL over the world and plead Palestinian Right to Targeted Killing of DORIT BEINISCH, it was Mehta’s secret message to Dorit Beinisch that Daniel Barenboim will anyway behave under his detailed instruction:
1. In Israel, 1/3 population can’t afford essential food items (Mar 31, 2008).
2. ‘In Israel, One in 5 needy considers suicide’ (Dec 10, 2008).: Latet organization warns humanitarian aid network could collapse in 2009.
3. Zubin Mehta: In Israel, Money is endless. I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’

You don’t have to take Mehta’s interview seriously to figure out what a life Zubin Mehta wants to enjoy in Spain. Fast-reading once will be enough. He easily succeeded in his Spanish plan and why do you think so? Please check all my open messages to Spanish government, in which I expressed my respect of Spanish Royal Family and its family education despite all my anger toward Queen Sofía College of Music, which is the headquarters of Members of Bashkirova-Gang.

Zubin Mehta: In Israel, Money is endless. I have a list of people who can pay for ‘Renovation.’
“Daniel Barenboim does a lot in that area,” he adds, “but he has support from the government of Spain and Andalusia, where there is a dream of reviving the Golden Age when Jews and Muslims lived together, Maimonides and Ibn Gvirol together with the major figures of Muslim culture prior to the Christian conquest. Here there’s less of that.” (…) Part of the orchestra’s financial distress, notes Mehta, stems from a decline in the number of subscribers. (…) A similar situation exists in Italy, says Mehta, who is also the musical director of the Maggio Musicale Orchestra in Florence. “We worked there for a month on Wagner’s ‘Die Meistersinger von N?rnberg,’ and 600 people came – imagine!” He holds his head in a gesture of despair. “And Berlioz’s opera ‘The Trojans’ – do you know what fantastic singers we had? And they didn’t come to that either. But give them ‘La Traviata’ with a mediocre cast and see how the auditorium will always be filled. (…)”

Last November she played before the Royal Family of Spain under conductor Zubin Mehta at the opening concert for the Sony Auditorium of the Queen Sofía College of Music on November 2008. The concert was broadcasted both on TVE Television and Classical Radio.

Of course, Mehta’s story can always go further… in terms of MUSIC…always… never goes with POLITICS nor with PEACE.

Daniel Barenboim: ‘Please Listen, Before It Is Too Late’ Feb 5, 2009
To the Editors: Your readers may be interested in the following statement by Daniel Barenboim and the list of those who have supported it. (…) Zubin Mehta, Waltraud Meier (…)

Al Ain Classics Festival partners with Abu Dhabi Classics Feb 22, 2009 / BI-MiddleEast
UAE. The ninth edition of the Al Ain Classics Festival, taking place under the patronage of HH Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan will make substantial steps towards meeting a challenging artistic future. (…) The Western contribution to this year’s festival will feature the historic Emirates debut of the world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, in an intimate chamber music evening on 11 March as well as a full symphonic programme on 13 March under conductor Zubin Mehta

Zubin Mehta & VPO Visits Beijing for 4th Time Mar 8, 2009 / By China
The Vienna Philharmonic (in German: die Wiener Philharmoniker) is an orchestra in Austria, regularly considered one of the finest in the world. (…) He has been the conductor of the Israel Philharmonic since 1991. (…) His musical career has been a long series of “firsts.” He was the youngest man to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic and the Berlin Philharmonic, the youngest to become music director of a major American orchestra, the first and, so far, the only music director of the Israel Philharmonic. His debut in London, on the night of Sir Thomas Beecham’s death, was the first time any person from the former dominion of India had appeared with a major British orchestra.

What do you think it means?

What do you think will happen to Barenboim’s son if part of my writings appears? It was already months ago when Barenboim made clear about his future relationship with this young musician, so everything was up to Elena Bashkirova. And the entire Italians saw how this human being behaved after receiving my warnings to her son. This is called mother.

As a matter of fact, this was my warning to Elena Bashkirova. Since Gidon Kremer dumped her pianism, has there been a moment of real-pianist-or-accompanist’s life for this female musician? Will there be an artistic future for this comical human being? During this decade-long bimbo-battle, has there been a moment of Bashkirova behaving as a mother, whose son should survive his professional life after father’s death? The more and more I drove Daniel and Michael Barenboim into the corner, the more and more this female proved hilarious mental state, endlessly inviting all the pigs into her circle. Even now, this sh*t is busy at planning her tour-schedule as a brilliant soloist, who is honored to play under Zubin Mehta’s toy-conductor, who has no place to go after his current contract expires; starting from Christoph von Dohnányi. (Concerning his private life, Kremer’s cat is now too old to become his favorite girl… so what is his exact reason? It will be very professional.)

Then, what about Matthias Glander’s Berlin, Spain and Mideastern circle?

Please check
🙂 From JIWON: Dear-Arab-Readers in my Knesset-blog
(…) Should I thank Ehud Barak for provoking my anger? Without his betrayal, I would have never dared to start this research. May I introduce myself again? Please check Hello, Is Dorit Beinisch talking about ME? Public Slander? (Regarding Ruth Gavison, From Jun 23 to Jul 21, 2008). No matter what, I couldn’t die without finishing this dirty business. If you check my Music-blog, the first message dated back to 2005 or 2006, up to the situation. By the time DORIT BEINISCH succeeded in torpedoing the appointment of Prof. NILI COHEN, YECHEZKEL BEINISCH also succeeded in having me give up my ten-year long computer work. By the time DORIT BEINISCH was able to beat Prof. RUTH GAVISON, I resumed this computer work. But it was to send my farewell message to my READERS. I couldn’t die without finishing this dirty business, but it was an impossible hope. So, I started writing the real names of all the characters in this dirty story and promised to meet them again in my next life. Or I could let my ghost chase them even after their death.
You know the rest of this story. And this time, the subject is neither ME nor Barenboim’s Angels, but DORIT BEINISCH, the president of Supreme Court of Israel. I just can’t believe my eyes whenever I search for more information on Beinisch’s rivals. I hope both esteemed female jurists to take advantage of this writing and to win what they deserve.
(…) Why do you think, in the novel, ‘Harry Potter,’ the characters of … had to be dressed in female’s costume while … had to appear as male characters? A female novelist created all those human characters, but her book sill lacks Beinisch’s favorite dirty method, which has nothing to do with LAW but is in fact one of typical tricks of male chauvinist’s favorite bimbo, perhaps because it is written for teenagers.
(…) Who will be the next? Why in the world is the situation exactly same as the one in my story? I used to call it a Bimbo-Battle. Why do you think this mere female pianist, Elena Bashkirova, was able to DESTROY almost all the MAJOR orchestras elsewhere? Starting from Ensemble-Wien-Berlin, ALL the male-chauvinists, including so-called maestros, joined this battle, then NO ONE improved while playing with this historically unique female pianist. Not only they hilariously proved bottomless failing, they even destroyed the last German sound, which was the only tradition having existed in European music society. Altogether, they destroyed ALL the young talents gathering around them. Curiously, their participation was in exact order. The more inferior, the busier and louder. Why do you think so? It has been more than ten years. Barenboim’s Angels have never appeared at the forefront, always hiding behind certain male chauvinists or forming the grouping. It was only toward the end of this story when those b*tches directly mention their relationship with Barenboim. This interview was in fact to protect Elena Bashkirova’s Hungarian visit, which was to prepare Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival 2008, Beinisch’s branja-party to clear his criminal record:
Waltraud Meier: Barenboim hat mal etwas Schönes zu mir gesagt (Mar 25, 2008).
This has been a case of Elena Bashkirova. What will Dorit Beinisch’s case look like? Public Slander? I have a perfect right to mention this name in this music-writing as long as Beinisch’s Jerusalem Festival and Bashkirova’s West-Eastern-Divan-Orchestra shines in Barenboim’s professional history. I even have a Humanly Possible Right to call President of Supreme Israel a B*tch, haven’t I?

This Meier’s Berlin-interview was only a starting part of their planned project. After I finished My Requests to Barenboim, EVERYBODY appeared on the front line. While introducing their exact names, EVERYBODY insists that Barenboim is the ONE who was in charge of MUSIC and therefore he is the ONLY ONE who should be blamed.

Finally, this grand plan ended up with Zubin Mehta’s Spanish fame. Or Maestro Mehta in Mideast. In sum, is Zubin Mehta threatening Daniel Barenboim that he would be able to do NOTHING, especially in Berlin, if he refuses to take care of his big-brother’s professional career? Presently, the performance schedule of Berliner Staatskapelle is run by Mehta’s musicians. Who is Artistic Director of Berlin Opera House? Zubin Mehta or Matthias Glander or Daniel Barenboim?


Still, I never plan to change anything in my previous writings, concerning My Requests to Barenboim. However… don’t you think I should change just a little bit? What if I omit Daniel Barenboim from all my previous writings and add more of Elena Bashkirova and Waltraud Meier in place of Barenboim’s nude show? I can insert Daniel Barenboim again whenever I want.

Then, I need to write something more… to woo Italian politicians.


I promise that I will keep my promise until Barenboim’s current contract as La Scala’s principal guest conductor expires.


Why don’t you give me a POWER to rule the Italian Music Society? Well… to be exact, I don’t need this power. As long as I receive an official and political PERMISSION to clean out ALL Bashkirova’s poops and pees, it’s already enough. The Italian music society will roll along all by itself. Please check elsewhere. Weather in America or in Europe, young musicians, who were able to enter the professional world after surviving local politics, share the similar characteristics. Do you know what kind of rat race they had to suffer and survived?

Elena Bashkirova did a terrific job while enjoying my miserable life. How many Italian pigs have joined this sh*t? I promise. During this decade-long bimbo-battle, NONE of those who hurried for Bashkirova’s friendship proved qualified musicianship. They were useless or eventually became worthless… even in a commercial market.

Please check
🙂 Music in Italy

Is it Italian problem only? Sooner or later, each European country will have to follow Italian case. What I feel funny during this Bimbo-Battle is that…

If you check Music-Lovers’ comments in old-fashioned places, such as Google-group, my open insulting Waltraud Meier literally united them to protect their favorite voice. Then their united opinion looks like they are living in the Heaven of the Classical Music. But when you take one step back, no one knows which orchestra will close its door tomorrow. Don’t you think those folks should fund their favorite music all by themselves instead of begging the government to support their intelligent hypocrisy? Government’s responsibility No.1 is to meet the public demand in the most economic, the most effective way. Please check their IQs. They are the best one who know it.

What do you think about this?

In order to receive governmental fund, each institution should prove a certain quality of MUSIC. Concerning La Scala’s present situation… (You still call it top.) How many do you think can prove this? I bet NONE. Then what about this? Why don’t they plan Bashkirova and Meier’s nude concert and teach their youngsters how to develop a real musicianship?

Who is Bashkirova’s favorite composer? Schumann.
For whom, Waltraud Meier used to sing ‘Frauenliebe und -leben op.42’?

Isn’t that terrific for both of them to start their career as Barenboim’s something special? Who knows? As Berlin’s Critic No.1 did, Meier’s Italian fans might fall in love with this most disgusting interpretation by Bashkirova’s ‘romantic and passionate-or-energetic(?)’ pianism, which is the best example of Meier’s definition of ‘Being Italian’. Los italianos, por ejemplo, confunden el amor con la pasión, yo no creo que sea lo mismo. Tampoco Wagner lo veía así. (Meier’s Interview) I promise. TWO Big-Mouths in Italian interview will lead them to travel all over the world. How many concert halls exist in music societies all over the world? Ten years later, they will still have to travel as top-famed musicians.


Why don’t you give me a POWER to make Daniel Barenboim work as La Scala’s Music Director?

Who says that Barenboim is bound to Berlin contract?

Please check
Germany-Heldentenor (Dear German Politicians/Pigs)

A contract means a promise. A promise should be kept. Berlin is where the promise has NEVER been kept and will NEVER be kept. Remember? It was already a decade ago when Barenboim threatened German politicians. The fact that those German pigs have no ability to keep their promise still sounds OK. If they have no money, they could have proven a qualified MUSIC. And this very fact that they kept playing the game with me NEVER sounds OK. If those guys want to ask me to fulfill my responsibility, they must keep their original promise first.

What did they learn from Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag? This writing was finished on Sep18, 2008 and I even asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel to help Barenboim’s real intention. What has been happening in Berlin since then? Do they have absolutely NO ear? Or did everybody decide to beg for Zubin Mehta’s Jewish money?

(NOTICE: Please… whenever I think of all these and those happenings in Berlin… whenever I think of Matthias Glander’s dirtiest clarinet sound and his dullest German ensemble… I just spit (out).)

With Daniel Barenboim sitting on the La Scala’s throne, we have THINGS that we can work together.


Below is what I wrote days ago and none of them was planned writing.

(Updated on FEBRUARY 13, 2009 – Too tired. Just thinking of all the garbage and sh*ts those pigs left makes me tired. I want to write my favorite first.)
Which classical music or interpretation could be best accepted in Italy?

1. Please check my previous writing on Feb 9, 2009 and Berlusconi criticised for ‘pretty girl’ rape comment (Jan 27, 2009). I wrote… “I appreciate their dress code. Whatever they wear, they look very relaxed. Then, I wonder again. This is in fact the very basic of poetic interpretation. Then why I can’t hear this music from those members?”

2. Apart from TOURISM and (poetic) LANGUAGE, This is what Italy – Wikipedia says: “Introduced in the early 1920s, jazz took a particularly strong foothold in Italy, and remained popular despite the anti-American cultural policies of the Fascist regime.”

3. What is main characteristics of American Jazz and what kind of human beings love this musical style? If you use search button, you can find one of my MUSIC writings, which is related to this word, JAZZ. Struggling Beethoven. (In fact, this writing should have started with American Jazz. But I was too tired by then and no more wanted to be a part of American music society. Hence, I didn’t write the most important sentence to finish this writing: “Why do you think American youngsters’ least favorite music is Beethoven?” There are more, of course, but I feel no need to write more on this issue.

4. Please check Zubin Mehta’s Haaretz (Israel) interview on Oct 21, 2008, in which he kindly explained how mediocre his Italian public is. Check Italians’ favorite repertoire. Is it mediocre? They followed music only when it was a real entertainment. What they wanted to hear from Italian cultural organization was not Musicologists’ favorite subjects but a real music. To be exact, who is mediocre? Mehta or Mehta’s Italian public?

5. Where can you hear this kind of music, Struggling Beethoven? If you follow Members of Bashkirova-Gang, you can never taste this music, simply because the starting point of this music is a purity in their sound. Then, you have to sing, sing and sing. And then, you have to find yourself in a real serious thought of STRUCTURE, which is the most subject of Boulez’ musicians. But do they need Boulez’ book to make it? I don’t know. In my case… Silvio Research Center was the answer. In others’ case, more qualified sound, or feedback on their own performance, or just keep questioning their own performance during the performance was what they needed.

6. Oh, yeah… I still remember Muti’s Beethoven Cycle at La Scala. It was years ago. RIGHT? And… I won’t tell what it sounded like, of course. This is not my business after all. Just… I heard it after Zubin Mehta’s stupidest Italian ensemble, and then, I used to compare it with Muti’s Philadelphia sound. Those were a bit different.

7. Basically, this was not a part of my planned writing. It just started the moment Mr. Silvio’s fantastic neck muscles hooked my attention. Then… as usual… whenever I finished something, I found something more… Anyway…

(Returned to the original date on FEBRUARY 21, 2009)

Weirdly enough, it was right on that night that I found Mr. Silvio the Musician; Youtube: Apicella & Berlusconi – Meglio ‘na Canzone (2002 or 2003) and Canzone Napoletana – Wikipedia.

Don’t you think this voice is better than its string accompaniment? Could you please imagine its qualified sound? Don’t you think this imaginary sound can go even further? Can you hear this attractive version of string accompaniment supporting your another voice… (during your prime time)? This string section sound is in fact the starting point of very classical music. Have you ever heard of this sound from La Scala?

Please… I hate mentioning real-maestro’s BPO or VPO or any major orchestras in order to compare their top-rate performance with Italian ensemble. This is my least favorite, the most inferior way of life in my view. Let’s just think of Italian version of classical music. Just think of what Italian music lovers can appreciate most.

However, I can compare, want to compare this Italian version of classical music with anything Furtwangler, because both of them will sing, sing and sing with their utmost natural sound. Then, I am more curious. Whose instrument will sound more luxurious? Both of their interpretation sound just same.

But then, my readers still have to find answers to my previous questions.

Please check
🙂 From Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (From September 10-18, 2008).
Is Bayreuth Festival Orchestra a Symphony Orchestra or an Opera Orchestra?
Time to think of Milan-Scandal again:
Then, what is the similarity or dissimilarity between the Italian opera orchestra and the German opera orchestra?
3. WHAT is SIMILARITY or DISSIMILARITY between the best OPERA ORCHESTRA in the world and the best ACCOMPANIST (PIANIST) in the world?
4. WHAT is SIMILARITY or DISSIMILARITY between the second-rate OPERA ORCHESTRA and the second-rate ACCOMPANIST (PIANIST)?
(Clue: NONE of FOLKs, who joined this Bimbo-Battle made a commercial recording with Kremer’s second-ex, Elena Bashkirova.)

There are more, of course, and this is related to my previous writing on terrific debate between Diva Callas and her Rivals; ‘Callas’s Wine-like Voice vs. her Rival’s Champagne-like Voice.’ Mr. Silvio No.1 is the starting point of this debate, because this voice looks like an Italian singing voice in non-classical music but could be interpreted as an Italian speaking voice in the world of classical music. Isn’t that terrific?

BY THE WAY… I just realize that it was Renata Tebaldi (b. 1922), who was mentioned as Callas’s (b. 1923) rival and ‘Champagne with Cognac’ was the exact description. Nothing matters… But then, I want to write one more thing. Basically, it was either Renata Tebaldi or Renata Scotto when I wanted to post Youtube-video in my previous writing, along with Daniel Barenboim and Elliott Carter. After writing German speaking/singing voice and mentality in Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag, I wanted to do the same thing with the pure Italian voice. Then, I completely forgot Callas’s nationality while watching her Bel-Canto lecture and that was what I did. My another problem was that I’ve been confused between TWO Renatas. Now, I start to know how they sound different.

Youtube: Renata Tebaldi “Vissi d’arte” 1949 (27 year-old Diva)
1. Comment 1: Renata’s diction (eg.1:10) is perfect here, in the 1961 version the mature Renata expresses this feeling with colour and warmth and understanding-Tosca-she now knows what it feels like to be spurned by men, rejected and how little men understand how a woman will sacrifice anything to be loved and wanted, even if she has become a product of the man’s desires and casts her own needs aside.
2. Comment 2: The 1961 version from Germany, (I think Suttgart) is the best for me. The best complete Tosca I heard and the sound of the DVD is fabulous

Then, what about her German diction?
Youtube: Schubert – Ave Maria – Renata Tebaldi

Then, what about Tebaldi’s one year junior rival?
Youtube: Maria Callas “Vissi d’arte” Paris 1958 (35 year-old Diva)

Whoever says whatever, I have to analyze both cases, everything about TWO great voices. There is no perfect human being, and therefore, no perfect voice and no perfect music. Furthermore, your voice comes out of your mouth, which is located neither at the bottom nor on the top of your body but somewhere in your face. Renata Tebaldi and Maria Callas… these TWO voices simply explain the two different vocal techniques, which want to maximize imperfect human ability in two different ways. If you want to fully enjoy this Italian art, Opera, you have to honor both Divas. You can’t choose one.

If you follow Zubin Mehta, you may be able to find Mehta’s Tebaldi discography. It will be worth analyzing it, since Mehta used to meddle in all these and those legendary performance schedule only to destroy their native talents. I’ve never seen any voice to prove his real level under this conductor. You only hear fame from them. Or whenever all those legendary voices follow this baton-technique, they fail. What’s wrong with them? Performers can’t ignore any cancerous roles during the performance. Then, what’s wrong with him?

Out of more curiosity, tiny information about Renata Scotto (b. 1934). Too tired to go further… especially when this internet service is frequently out of order whenever I start my new research. For a while, I wanted to pick up my favorite part, but gave up. So many valuable information in this interview. One must read the full text.

Renata Scotto Interview
BD: Tell me about the secret of singing Puccini.
RS: Oh my god. There’s no secret as long as you can sing what Puccini wrote. Often, I see young people who start their career with Puccini because they think it’s easier than other composers like Verdi. If you take the score only (just the notes), of course it’s easier. Verdi, and other composers of the romantic 19th century, need bel canto technique. So, when I see the young people sing Puccini, I know they’re making a big mistake. In order to sing Puccini, you have to know how to sing first. You have to know the meaning of being a singer who knows how to act and make a character believable. That is the great secret of Puccini – theater, words in music, but in the verismo style. Many times “verismo” is misunderstood and they think “melodrama” is the same thing. Verismo is a style, like bel canto. Verdi is his own style, as is Wagner. (…)

The fact the Ms. Renata Scotto (b. 1934) is still alive led me to one more research.

Mirella Freni (b. 1935) – Wikipedia
Together they helped establish the CUBEC – Centro Universale del Bel Canto in Vignola, where they started giving master classes in 2002. Following Ghiaurov’s death in 2004, Freni continued their work in preserving the Bel Canto tradition, and currently teaches young singers from around the world.

For Freni, 50 Years Onstage Is Prelude May 14, 2005 / By New York Times
In 1997, when the Met mounted a production of Giordano’s “Fedora” for her, I wrote that she was arguably the last in a line of sopranos with a direct connection to a great Italian operatic heritage that seemed to be dying. Plácido Domingo, Ms. Freni’s co-star in “Fedora,” agreed. “Mirella is the end of a chain,” he said.
(…) In addition, she has become a dedicated teacher. (…) But just what is the great Italian tradition that is so threatened? What does it mean to be “the last prima donna,” as Ms. Freni has been called? “I don’t know,” she said. “You tell me why I am the last of a tradition. I have done my job honestly. I have worked hard and with joy.”
Central to the tradition, surely, is a belief in the bel canto principles of singing that emerged in the late 18th century. Bel canto technique values unforced production of tone, agility, focused sound and, above all, evenness throughout the range. You should never hear the gears shift when a singer moves from low to middle to high voice. A singer must also have a feeling for the intricate relationship between words and music, with smooth legato in lyrical phrases and incisive accents when the text demands clarity. Finally, the tradition places enormous emphasis on expression, though emotion must never undermine technique.
Asked in a 2002 interview what young singers lacked, Ms. Freni said that though they often “come with good technique,” “they don’t express everything like you need to.” Their singing is “automatic,” she added. But now, having immersed herself in teaching, Ms. Freni has changed her tune. Asked the same question recently, she said that young singers lacked technique – “tecnica, tecnica.”
(…) “With Nicolai dead, I am alone. It’s only me. ” She may be more right than she knows. Mirella Freni may be the last of her kind.

See… is there any difference between Callas’s Bel-Canto lecture and Mirella Freni’s? And then, Waltraud Meier violates the very basic rule of this Italian singing. ‘Bel canto technique values unforced production of tone…’

Curiously, there is more detailed explanation about Meier’s vocal technique in this article. There is also academic course for piano accompanists in CUBEC – Centro Universale del Bel Canto. Please ask this Italian Diva the exact feeling she felt toward her Italy and its La Scala when Meier’s vocal technique boasted her Bel-Canto interview in France after dominating La Scala with all her slaves. And ask her how she felt after Italian musicologist praised Elena Bashkirova’s pianism.

I promise. There will be more Italian Voices to research and part of them are still alive. I’m tired out… but I needed this research, because…
1. Whenever I recall Callas’s scandal, ‘Champagne vs. Cognac’, not Renata Tebaldi (b. 1922) but Mirella Freni (b. 1935) approaches me as Callas’s rival.
2. I was surprised at Italian femininity while studying Italian DIVAS. (Should I call it feminism? I don’t know. I just don’t like some feminists’ hypocrite private life…)

King of the gaffe charms Italy again: Berlusconi’s ‘marry a millionaire’ advice rides out the storm – but also recruits a fascist (Mar 16, 2008).

What amazes me is that Mr. Silvio the Politician won the election despite this comment. What a country! It tells me a lot about Italian females… See, real females don’t care who says what. And then… concerning all these and those cats hanging around rich OLD/UGLY guys… is there something wrong with this sentence? Just too honest!

First of all, can you smell a hint of arrogance while collecting valuable materials about Italian Divas; Renata Tebaldi (b. 1922), Renata Scotto (b. 1934), Mirella Freni (b. 1935) and so on…? Honesty was the first criterion to join legendary Italian Divas. Please compare their everything with Waltraud Meier’s something special, something unique. Should it be called German mentality?


Do you think I am done with Youtube: Apicella & Berlusconi – Meglio ‘na Canzone (2002 or 2003) and Canzone Napoletana – Wikipedia?

Though it sounds real terrific, this information was not available on the internet in English. Don’t you think it’s worth enough to become Italian product in international market? There are more, of course.

Weirdly enough, ‘O Sole Mio’ is not what hit my sixth sense after listening to Italian prime minister’s favorite music, Canzone Napoletana – Wikipedia.

Best Of The Italian Film Music, The Composers
1. Ennio Morricone
2. Piero Piccioni
3. Armando Trovaioli
4. Luis Enr?uez Bacalov
5. Nino Rota
6. Carlo Rustichelli
7. Carlo Savina
8. Riz Ortolani
9. Mario Nascimbene
10. Nicola Piovani
11. Bruno Nicolai
12. Fiorenzo Carpi
13. Pino Donaggio
14. Manuel De Sica
15. Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
16. Piero Umiliani
17. Gino Marinuzzi Jr.

It was not an easy work to find this link. What’s the exact name for this musical style? With the keyword, ‘Italian Movie Music’ or ‘Italian Cinema Music’, I couldn’t find valuable information.

I don’t like light classic, nor old movies. But I am always willing to listen to Italian cinema music. Is there more attractive melody than Italian film music, such as La strada or Cinema Paradiso? In these days, it’s hard to find Italian products in movie theaters. (YOU KNOW WHY!) As time goes by, those old Italian films will find fewer and fewer space in people’s memory, but this music will always remain in our heart. Probably, I will not want to watch these old films again but whenever I hear this music I know what it means. Then what about my kids, for whom these films originally mean old stuffs? La strada won Academy Award before I was born.

Interesting comments from Youtube:

Youtube: La Strada
1. Comment 1: heartbreaking
2. Comment 2: ¿Alguien acaso no puede sentir el mismo mundo después de oír esta canción?
3. Comment 3: che commozione, che nostalgia, rivedere questa scena! gli attori, il regista, tutti sono morti….è come rivedere un mondo che non esiste più…che era sicuramente più brutto di quello di oggi, ma più autentico…

Youtube: Cinema Paradiso
1. Comment 1: oh my goodness i struck gold! been looking for this for a long time
2. Comment 2: A piece of music that both breaks my heart and yet fills it with joy… beautiful
3. Comment 3: I simply don’t have words to describe how beautiful this is. Every time I listen to it it brings tears to my eyes. If I could only listen to one other piece of music in my life, this would be it. Snr Ennio, grazie, grazie, grazie.
4. Those comments are originally found in another clip. I found this scene after collecting what it wanted. Impossible to read all the 859 comments on this scene. *.*

Do I have to read this book to introduce what I heard years ago and what I still remember and will remember until the last moment of my life?

Book: Between Opera and Cinema:
Discussing diverse works from A to Z, leading scholars of opera and film explore the many ways these two seemingly unrelated genres have come together from the silent-film era to today.

Why should the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra the only classical orchestra, which has its native music to boast in its internationally acclaimed annual concert? Does the basic instrumentation of Italian Film Music differ from the one of Viennese Walz? More curiously, I can’t imagine modern electronic accompaniment to make Italian Film Music reborn.

The problem of film music is that its melody is usually so simply, so sensuous, just like pop-music, that it sounds very cheap unless it is performed really, really good. Do you know how much pop-musicians, whose main language is electronic instruments, hate playing with classical musicians? (Especially during the recording session.) They say that classical musicians never heard of tuning system.

Then what’s the difference between Italian Film Music and Italian Opera?
Time to think of Milan scandal again

Please check
🙂 From Masterclass at Merkel’s Bundestag (From September 10-18, 2008).
Is Bayreuth Festival Orchestra a Symphony Orchestra or an Opera Orchestra?
Time to think of Milan-Scandal again:
Recriminations fly as crisis engulfs La Scala (Mar 3, 2005): La Scala has edged towards offering a higher symphonic content in the programme – but Franco Zeffirelli said this decision was jeopardising the uniqueness of the orchestra. “It is born to play opera. It is the best opera orchestra in the world,” he said.
Then, what is the similarity or dissimilarity between the Italian opera orchestra and the German opera orchestra?
(And so on… and so on… and so on…)

What do you think about this? Is this a mere conjecture… too much hypothesis?

Now, you go to the real world and compare the TWO. Are there any differences between them? You may have to go to Youtube and compare each individual sound to simultaneously check No.1 and No.2.

1. Zubin Mehta’s VPO hilariously playing the Viennese Walz
2. Italian local ensemble’s performance of Italian Film Music (I believe most of them are Italians…)
3. Time to remember Maestro Mehta’s interview on mediocre music/public.

Guess what? One of the greatest moments I picked up from the legendary performers was from BSO’s Pop concert (Boston). I must confess that I didn’t like most of them. (I said… I don’t like light classic or cross-over, but I watched them because there were BSO members among them.) But I promise that there was a moment and I’ve never seen greater ensemble techniques than theirs. Then, this ensemble technique led me to collect all my unique memories of the same members. I heard Furtwangler’s right instrument from one of them. I also heard the right interpretation of American Jazz from one of them. I heard the authentic sound of American very classic, Charles E. Ives, from one of them, too. The same performers played all the stuff; from pop to very classic.

Had they won Grammy award? If not, why? Is it simply because only deaf and blind professional critics choose the winners? Anyway, I can’t write more details. I promised Maestro Levine that only when he promises Barenboim’s regular performance schedule in HIS BSO, I will write all the details, which is to help his directorship. This one was part of them.

Of course, they are not the only one, aren’t they? If Italy had Enrico Caruso, there was Fritz Wunderlich in Germany. Wunderlich’s old-fashioned pop music still has a power to titillate modern listener’s ears. Except for Waltraud Meier’s bourgeois taste… Sie gilt als Diva und ist manchmal ein wenig rigoros: Popmusik zum Beispiel ist Waltraud Meier ein Gräuel. (Meier’s Interview)


Don’t you think you should ask Mr. Silvio the Musician first if you want to support La Scala? You are welcome to promise NO money until Silvio No.1 is pleased with his La Scala strings.

(Updated on FEBRUARY 24, 2009)
FOLKS KEPT PRAISING… for a decade.

“Barenboim’s Divan-project has support from the government of Spain and Andalusia, where there is a dream of reviving the Golden Age when Jews and Muslims lived together… (bla-bla-bla)… Spain was the perfect example of an intercultural exchange. Jews, Muslims and Christians had a chance to coexist.”

Quite naturally, I used to believe that Spain is where Jewish and Muslim population is more than 20 or 25%… or at least 10%… until I started my own research. The fact was that

France: Jews 606,561 (1%) + Muslims 6,371,819 (10%) = 6,978,380 (11%)
United Kingdom: Jews 350,000 (0.6%) + Muslims 2,000,000 (3.3%) = 2,350,000 (3.9%)
Germany: Jews 118,000 (0.25%) + Muslims 3,213,639 (3.9%) = 3,331,639 (4.15%)
Spain: Jews 48,409 (0.12%) + Muslims 930,308 (2.3%) = 978,717 (2.42%)
Italy: Jews 30,213 (0.05%) + Muslims 814,068 (1.4%) = 844,281 (1.45%)

Did I hear something about Barenboim’s MUSIC-project that has contributed to the Spanish Music Society by preserving Spanish golden tradition? Did I hear MUSIC from this Spanish ensemble? I only heard what a terrific job Spanish pigs did only to destroy music societies elsewhere… with their oily, dirty sound and superficial interpretation. After receiving my Barenboim-message, Spain started to play the game with me… and this local event became national and then international issue. Yet, Barenboim was still Barenboim, who remained as the lowest-paid conductor hired by Spanish government. There must be a reason. Then, I figured out WHO planned Barenboim’s UN concert.

Curiously, Arab money was the only thing that frequently appeared in Spain-related articles whenever I checked international headlines. How come Spain is the only European country, which kept wooing Arab funds?

1. Please check my writing on Spanish Economy, Spain & Quartet, Spain & USA’s Rice, Spain & UN in JIWON: Dear Spanish Government Officials, (Regarding Government Fund / Spanish Culture / Barenboim’s Involvement in Spanish Politics) (Apr 3, 2008 to Present).
2. Spain seeks Arab funds for bank package Oct 20, 2008 (For more links, please click Google: Spain + Arab + Funds.)
3. Spain Enters Recession, Worst GDP Drop in 15 Years Feb 12, 2009
4. Saudi, Spain Set Up $5bn Fund Feb 23, 2009
Abdullah praised Spain for its support for the legitimate rights of the Palestinians. (…) Spain can play a leading role in the peace process, he added. (…) King Abdullah also held talks with Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero. (…) He was referring to the accord reached between the two (Palestinian) groups in February that led to the creation of a Palestinian unity government.

So… Has Spain supported Barenboim’s Mideast Vision? Barenboim’s lowest income still sounds OK. Has Maestro Barenboim conducted more inferior ensemble than this Spanish one during his lifetime? Everybody knows what a close relationship is between President of the Junta de Andalucía and Prime Minister of Spain. I never knew Barenboim joined one particular Spanish political party, Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE). Did he? Elsewhere you go, Barenboim’s Divan-project has become nothing but Zapatero’s propaganda concerts or anything but Barenboim’s Mideast Vision.

Basically, when I had to meddle in Barenboim’s Spanish life, I never planned to criticize Spain’s pure intention to support Barenboim and Said’s pure friendship. But the result says what I see and what I hear. Just like what happened in Kippah-I & Kippah-II in my Knesset-blog, I only see Arab money pouring into Spain and I feel what I feel.

Spain has a dream of reviving the Golden Age when Jews and Muslims lived together?
Hum… I am searching for the better description than this proverb.
‘It is not the beard that makes the philosophers.’

Spain hits back at Berlusconi’s ‘too pink’ comment Apr 16, 2008

Spain must have been busy. Just one week later after my PINK mail hit Spanish First Lady, another musician, Silvio No. 1 or 2 or 3, tossed TOO PINK message to her husband. My problem is that I still didn’t get their DIRECT answer. They just said that Spanish Foreign Minister can’t read English. What did I say?

I just said that if Spain wants to be truly involved in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, she should not insult Ms. Condoleezza Rice’s hard working in the name of Daniel Barenboim. (Do those Spanish Pigs know how hard WE had to work and work? Go to hell! They should work instead of talking… and everybody knows that I was not for Bush administration. I was for Mrs. Bush and Ms. Rice.) I said that being a First Lady never means that an inferior musician has a right to destroy her country’s music society in the name of Waltraud Meier. I said that it’s not a good idea for the Spanish government to meddle in Mideat affairs by throwing the wrong advice to UN’s Ban, who is famous for dozing off during (Barenboim’s) classical music concert, which is sponsored by Female First Vice President of Spain.

And… I am going to say that the most disgusting Female Politician seems to be found in Spain. Who is the Female Principal of Queen Sofía College of Music, which is the headquarters of Members of Bashkirova-Gang? What is her exact identity? Principal or Dmitri Bashkirov’s bimbo or WHAT?

For the first time in my life, I can’t chuckle while reading Berlusconi-Joke. And I am going to ask Spanish Queen Sofia what’s wrong with my Spanish problem. Has Spanish Politicians also joined Matthias Glander’s Berlin circle, pretending that Daniel Barenboim is the ONLY ONE, who should be blamed? Mrs. Mariam Said’s Spanish Website says so and I’m still waiting for her answer. Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO


“You don’t need me. The greatest pleasure you can have as a musician is to realize that the conductor is useless.”

Who do you think said this? To whom and when?

“When this orchestra walks on stage it has the greatest success of any orchestra in the world, and why? Because people are so moved by the fact that these people, whose family members have probably killed each other, are making music together. But I tell the musicians, you can’t play on that card. One minute after you start playing, you have to make people forget you are Israeli and Arab. And if you, as Israeli and Arab, can bring something special to the music, that’s what we are here for. The worst thing we can do is to rely on this fact that we are ‘playing with the enemy’.”

It was in 2005. I just feel funny about the fact that Mr. and Ms. Who-Should-Not-Need-Barenboim still need Barenboim for their annual tour schedule, still look like playing with the enemy, and still never plan to work for their assignments, which only issue is MUSIC. Answer from Mrs. Said and WEDO

Anyway, I am done with them. I hope those Mideastern slaves in every each section, from the first violin to the percussion, to keep playing for their Jewish-or-Spanish Bosses/Pigs until the last moment of their professional life… while traveling all over the world as film stars of ‘Knowledge Is the Beginning’.

Sooner or later I will be able to be involved in Mideast affairs as their business partner and my job will be to build the bridge between this Arab and that Arab, between the Arab world and the Western golden tradition, between the real Arabs and the real Jews, and so on. I just want to build the bridge between everybody involved in Arab Music Societies and my only issue will be MUSIC. No more no less. The moment I accept their invitation, ALL those so-called divans, whose music possessed a hint of Members of Bashkirova-Gang, will be fired from their job. They will have to find the very musical job in Matthias Glander’s Berlin or Spain.

Please check
🙂 Music in Middle East
🙂 Daniel Barenboim, Tania Nasir and The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (also in Gaza…)

What really means annual workshop or tour concerts for Barenboim’s Mideastern musicians? In fact, there are many ways to run this project, because so many countries want to coexist in Arab world, where everything is changing so fast in each music society. In reality, many different versions should be practiced and performed.

In Palestine, its student orchestra alone can fill the performance schedule. Birzeit University is known as Palestinian brain. Is there more valuable project than supporting this youth ensemble until the Palestinian Unity Government is formed… until the Palestinian State is established? Until the DAY comes, this ONE Palestinian music ensemble needs united, broad support from Arab and western world.

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to know if this project could be related to Italian Muslim Culture, because I read that Movimento per l’Autonomia (MpA) is from Sicily, where one can find something, along with the third largest opera house in all of Europe. To my surprise, ‘Denunciation of Islamic Terrorism’ was my main discovery during my research with these keywords, Google: Italy + Muslim + Culture.

Italian Muslim Association was one of them. It was a real discovery, because Barenboim’s Muslim-articles used to befriend Anti-Israel-or-Peaceful-Mirage-therefore-Pro-Hamas journalism. (Especially in Britain…) Barenboim’s Peace-concert was always sold-out and therefore its great success used to result in Hamas’s terrorism in Palestine and Phoenix-Bibi in Israel. What a country!


Do we need to think of something special? Why don’t WE work together until the Italian electorates finally choose or abandon Lega Nord’s ultimate dream to split Italy in TWO; Padania and anti-Padania? Even if I spend another month of research on Italian Muslim Culture, do I know better than Movimento per l’Autonomia (MpA)? Whether ONE or TWO, wealthy Italy certainly sounds better, doesn’t it?

Are you willing to join me? I hope you are.

Whether Tourism or not, whether Muslim Culture or not, whether Arab Funds or not, whether Music or not… Please use OUR MUSICIANS in your most political way. It will be OUR honor to serve you as long as you use your power to enhance your people’s welfare.

Sincerely yours,

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